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A Liberty U. Board Member Is Now Speaking Out Against Falwell’s Trump Endorsement

Donald Trump may have done well in yesterday’s Super Tuesday primaries (he won seven states), but an influential member of Liberty University's leadership is now speaking out against him. Trump made national headlines when Jerry Falwell Jr.—the president of the large Christian college and the son of its founder—officially endorsed the controversial GOP hopeful. Falwell even recorded a robocall, encouraging Virginia residents to vote for Trump in yesterday’s primaries. But now, LU board member and executive community chair Mark DeMoss is speaking out. DeMoss, who was a close advisor to Falwell’s late father, told The Washington Post yesterday, Donald Trump is the only candidate who has dealt almost exclusively in the politics of personal insult. The bullying tactics of personal insult have no defense—and certainly not for anyone who claims to be a follower of Christ. That’s what’s disturbing to so many people. It’s not Christ-like behavior that Liberty has spent 40 years promoting with its students. DeMoss said that he’s been “concerned for Liberty University for a couple of months” but “held [his] tongue.” He referenced Trump’s recent scandal involving the KKK, in which he was slow to disavow support from its former leader David Duke. DeMoss said, “Watching last weekend’s escapades about the KKK, I don’t see how an evangelical backer can feel good about that.” Trump later claimed the confusion was because he couldn’t hear the interviewer’s questions clearly. As for Falwell, he told The Post he was puzzled by DeMoss’ statements and “was disappointed” in him. Falwell's endorsement didn’t seem to have too much of a positive effect among the actual student body though. According to The Hill, Trump finished fourth (behind Rubio, Cruz and Carson) in Liberty’s district.

I spent Super Tuesday with Donald Trump

I spent Super Tuesday with Donald Trump. No, he didn’t come over to my house for dinner or anything like that, but he did come to Louisville for a campaign rally. A friend invited me to go wi…

From the Cambrian Explosion, a Remarkably Preserved Image of a Nervous System

Evolution News and Views (ENV) provides original reporting and analysis about the debate over intelligent design and evolution.

Share the Evidence for the Resurrection This Easter (Video) | Think Christianly

Jonathan Morrow Posts Twitter Facebook Google+ Jonathan Morrow (D.Min) is a sought after speaker and teacher who has a gift for explaining challenging topics in ways the rest of us can understand. He is the author of several books including Questioning the Bible and Welcome to College and is an adjunct professor of apologetics at Biola University. Jonathan has earned master’s degrees in Philosophy of Religion and Theology as well as a Doctorate in Worldview and Culture from Talbot School of Theology at Biola University. As the founder of and Director of Cultural Engagement for Impact 360 Institute, Jonathan speaks nationally on worldview, apologetics, and culture and is passionate about seeing a new generation of Christ-followers understand why they believe, what they believe. Follow on Twitter: @Jonathan_Morrow

Watch the Trippy Short Film Stephen Colbert Made with Spike Jonze

Filmmaker Spike Jonze was recently a guest on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, and even though he was there to promote the launch of the Viceland network, he also had an idea for the show: Kick things off with a weird, contextless short film involving the search for meaning, Grover and hosting The Late Show. Watch below, and ponder the deeper questions in life.

The Tree of Life as a Challenge to Darwinism -- Denton on the Distinctness of Types

Evolution News and Views (ENV) provides original reporting and analysis about the debate over intelligent design and evolution.

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RZIM on Twitter

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Chick-fil-A Will Give You Free Food If You Just Put Your Phone Away

Chick-fil-A has come up with an awesome new way to get family members to actually talk to each other at the dinner table.

Grace to You Radio

Scripture says there is a narrow way that leads to heaven—and a broad road that goes the opposite direction. John MacArthur helps you know which path you’re on in his study The Road to Nowhere .


The Supreme Court’s swing vote remains mysterious through oral arguments in case challenging Texas abortion…

Marriage Shouldn't Be 'Fair'

Remember that marriage is not about being in love but an agreement to love. Those who believe that God IS love will want to model their love by his love for us. I'm sure glad that God didn't choose to do what was "fair" and that Jesus didn't say, "Hey, it's not fair for me to have to die so that sinners can be given eternal life!" And he gave me a great pattern when he was unjustly treated - "He kept entrusting himself to the one who judges justly" as he was "bearing our sins in his own body…: (I Peter 2:23-24). Practicing God's love and all our relationships will change. (see: "What if I don't feel love for my spouse?" )

FREE Social Media Management Dashboard | Twitter/Facebook Marketing Tool |

“..I started using to be more efficient on the way I manage out Twitter communities. My favorite features? The prioritized feed to focus on the relevant members of the community..”

Doctors urge schools to ban tackling in rugby - BBC News

If you are happy to be contacted by a BBC journalist please leave a telephone number that we can contact you on. In some cases a selection of your comments will be published, displaying your name as you provide it and location, unless you state otherwise. Your contact details will never be published. When sending us pictures, video or eyewitness accounts at no time should you endanger yourself or others, take any unnecessary risks or infringe any laws. Please ensure you have read the terms and conditions.

Should Christians Vote for the Lesser of Two Evils?

That said all political issues are not equal. I’ve voted for candidates I disagreed with on issues like immigration reform or family medical leave because I’ve agreed with them on the sanctity of human life. I could not, though, vote for a “pro-life” candidate who is also for racial injustice or war crimes or any number of other first-level moral issues. While I agree with certain candidates on issues like economic growth or national security, I could not vote for them because they deny the personhood of the unborn or restrict religious freedom for all people. (I could not vote for Barack Obama, particularly because of his stance on abortion. Even if he’d run unopposed—and I had no other choice—I still could not have marked his name.)

Did Jesus Rise from the Dead?

Did Jesus Rise from the Dead? Is there good historical evidence for the resurrection of Jesus? Are miracles really possible? Explore the evidence for yourself in this video from Impact 360. For more videos like this visit .

Good Marriages Sometimes Say No to Good Things

This couple’s testimony ten months into marriage and ministry together is that when we prioritize well, we spill over more eagerly and effectively into the needs outside our home. Having created rhythms of caring for one another, we have felt fresh wind in our sails to dream about investing in others and welcoming them into our home more. As we’ve learned to say no to good things, God has begun to multiply the opportunities (and energy) to do good.

The Doctrine of Election Saved Me from Depression

Paul felt zero tension between the doctrine of election and desire to win the lost. For Paul, God’s electing love didn’t squash his passion for gospel-proclamation; it motivated it! Imagine for a moment: You’ve been given the inside scoop by God that no matter what people group you visited, no matter what distant island you sailed to, you were promised there would be people there who would eventually respond to your message about Jesus. O, how this would awaken an excitement to go and tell, to see some respond everywhere you went, fulfilling God’s unbelievable promise.

4 Ways to Worship—Not Worry—This Election Season

The election season is just another opportunity to battle the world, the flesh, and the Devil that entice us to believe lies and worship idols. Misplaced trust will lead to disappointment sooner or later, but “he who believes in [Christ] will not be disappointed” (1 Pet. 2:6). We must examine our hearts and pinpoint the sin that takes us captive with extreme election-related emotions. Here are some sins you may need to confess:

Rome and New Testament Christianity

For more resources visit: The Reasonable Faith Roots of Christian Civilization Cruise was May 27th through June 7th 2013. Throughout the cruise, Dr William Lane Craig gave lectures on the roots of Christianity as the travelers made their way across the Mediterranean Sea. In this lecture, Dr Craig focuses on the growth of the Christian faith in and around the city and empire of Rome. We welcome your comments in the Reasonable Faith forums: Be sure to also visit Reasonable Faith's other channel: Follow Reasonable Faith On Twitter: Add Reasonable Faith On Facebook:

Lament on a Hospital Bed

Hospital patients need to be reminded that complaining with the psalmist does take faith. We don’t make God look weak or foolish when we join the psalmist in asking, “How long, O LORD? Will you forget me forever?” Instead, we express hope in God’s promises when we wrestle with them in faith. When hospital patients feel their plans for their life and family dissolving before them, they need not pretend that all is well. Rather, they need to move onto a path—of crying to God in lament, a complaint made on the basis of an ongoing trust in God’s promises.

The Church Is Not a Political Institution

I’m not saying we have to go to extremes, but we ought to be doing things that get us out of our comfort zones. Because growth happens in discomfort. We should be participating in missions that stretch us. We should be giving up more of ourselves than we feel safe doing. Because that’s where God is able to use us the most, and that’s where we draw closer to God. If a church is comfortable, it probably isn’t doing much that’s worthwhile.

How Do You Motivate People to Care about Apologetics? Part 2 -

Churches need to be reminded of why they are here. Evangelism and apologetics, which is the handmaiden to evangelism, are not optional activities. They are at the very core of our mission, which is to reach our world with the gospel. That’s why Jesus spelled it out so clearly: to go into all the world (including next door or down the hallway) to reach everyone we can for him (Matthew 20:18-20). This Great Commission wasn’t one choice among many options. It’s what we’re here to do.

Introducing The Babylon Bee -

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God’s Love Isn’t Neat and Tidy

Whatever you think of Oord’s proposal, you have to admire his consistency, at least compared to some other “open theology” advocates. He rejects their view that God doesn’t “decree, cause, or will” evil, but merely “permits” it. Because if this is true, then God is still, in some sense, to blame for those evils he could have stopped by his power but voluntarily chose to allow. Why prefer a God who permits pointless evil to a God who only decrees evil for good—if unfathomable—purposes? He’s still responsible on either account. Here, Oord sensibly agrees with John Calvin, who asks, “What else is the permission of him who has the power of preventing and in whose hand the whole matter is placed but his will?”

Stuff Atheists Say: You’re Almost an Atheist

Stuff Christians Say: God’s ways are higher than ours. I’m not saying Chritians are stupid, I’m just saying some of the things they say are stupid. Using this dodge to excuse themselves from explaining such biblical atrocities as the Caananite genocides needs to end. And by the way, you’re not just almost an athiest, your almost a polytheist too. If Father, Son and Holy Spirit are one how does the son sit at the right hand of the father? Confusing. This too must be a mystery.

Reasons To Believe : The Lab

Sharing: Students will have multiple opportunities to share what you are learning and hearing about others’ experiences. In general, we have found that the more that students choose to participate, the more value they will receive from this experience. The scholars or participants may offer points of view about different subjects. Whether you agree or disagree is your choice. Be willing to discuss and explore your perspective with others in the group. The value will be in getting clear about what you really do believe and testing what you believe. The scholars will speak about things that relate to the dual calling of being a Christian and a research scientist. The main standard to measure how to interact in these realms is 1 Peter 3:16. This will be our starting place, a foundation for us to learn how to explore our world and love others.

1 Peter 3:1–6, Part 5: Husbands Should Be Heads, Not Idols

Submission is a controversial and sensitive subject in our society. As we define what it is, it is just as important for us to clarify what it is not. In this lab, John Piper walks carefully through 1 Peter 3:1–6 one more time to address potential objections to Peter’s radical vision for submission.

The Gospel: 2016 National Conference by Various Teachers

In 2 Peter 1:16, the Apostle tells us that he and the other Apostles “did not follow cleverly devised myths” when they proclaimed “the power and coming” of Christ Jesus. Rather, the Apostles were “eyewitnesses of his majesty.” These men saw something take place in space and time that altered the course of human history. The incarnation, ministry, death, resurrection, and ascension of Jesus are not legendary events in a fictional tale. They are firm historical realities on which the Christian faith stands or falls.

An Apologetic for Apologetics in Cyberspace - Christian Research Institute

Once your blog or Web site is online and you have begun publishing, you will need to get the word out to others that it exists. Start by seeking out blogs or Web sites with similar interests, and write to the owners asking for a link exchange, or a mutual agreement to post each others’ URLs on your respective Web sites. This kind of agreement is common and helps a new site owner establish an online presence and reputation with other site owners and their readers. Also register your site with free indexing services such as CrossDaily (a Christian site) or Yahoo (a secular site). You can promote interaction with your material by posting your site URL in various places, like your e-mail signature line, or by starting your own forum, which can be done for free through indexing sites. (There are also ways to promote your site through paid advertising, but this is not necessary and is often seen in a negative light.) Here again, be wary of whether you are able to invest the time required.

So far, Trump wins open primaries and Cruz wins closed … and the calendar is starting to change toward more closed primaries

As an aside, it seems sort of peculiar that open primaries play such a disproportionately large role at the outset of the Republican nomination process. I understand the historical reasons for why Southern states have open primaries and why they are at the beginning of the campaign process. And I’m not saying that it is necessarily wrong to have so many open primaries at the beginning of the process. But it just seems peculiar to have so many open primaries front-end loaded and the closed ones disproportionately later in the process, given the importance of the early primaries in culling the field. I’m not sure whether the Republican National Committee would have intended that had it thought of it.

25 The Future of IMB

David Platt will cast vision for the days to come and respond to questions and comments submitted live via twitter using the hashtag #IMBLive.

Celebrating 10 Years of Theological Famine Relief

My dream is not for TGC IO, per se, but for the indigenous pastor in Africa, Asia, or South America who will never go to seminary. He has little training and few resources for leading his flock. As a result, he may easily fall prey to false teaching or lack a firm grasp of the gospel. I want him to have at least a handful of theologically solid books in his heart language that provide a basic foundation from which to preach and disciple his flock. Of course, this dream entails Christians sharing the Holy Spirit’s burden for this cause—through their labors and giving .

How Do I Forgive My Dysfunctional Family?

I had a lot of bad things happen to me when I was young. Then, two years ago, my mother died, and her death seemed to bring out a lot of my family’s buried dysfunction. I just can't seem to forgive my father and brother for everything. I'm a Christian and I know I need to forgive, and I desperately want to forgive! I'm scared that God is mad at me for not forgiving my family. How can I forgive all the hurtful things that have happen?

What Stories Do You Tell Your Hairdresser?

My most rewarding project was helping my sister’s mother-in-law shave her head when she was preparing to go through chemotherapy. But I also see a lot of tangible examples of our lives and bodies being broken in my work—from seeing my sister’s mother-in-law broken by cancer to hearing about my clients’ struggles. They tell me about their problems with parenting, struggling marriages, and difficult lives. In that sense, I see how our sin affects others on a daily basis.

Ligonier Ministries

Although many Christians claim to want genuine community, many want it only on their own terms, when it’s convenient, and when it demands nothing from them. What they want isn’t the church community, but a country club where they pay their dues for services rendered. They want to be served without having to serve anyone else. Real community forces us to die to ourselves and get over ourselves so that we might love one another as ourselves. Francis Schaeffer observed that “the early church practiced two things simultaneously: orthodoxy of doctrine and orthodoxy of visible community.” Such orthodoxy of visible community is grounded in the “one another” passages of Scripture, which provide us with the essential elements of authentic community. They strike at the root of our self-centeredness, and they lead us to take our eyes off ourselves and to deny ourselves so that we might love one another, encourage one another, confess our sins to one another, forgive one another, and not slander one another, gossip about one another, devour one another, or envy one another.

Supreme Court Weighs Why Abortion Clinics Are Closing at Record Rates

That Gonzales v. Carhart ruling paved the way for states to propose abortion restrictions of their own without much concern that they would be struck down by the court, said Forsythe. A decision in favor of Texas would send a similar message; clinics in Louisiana are pushing to wait to see what the justices say before their state enacts its own version of the Texas law. Across the country, 8 other states have introduced similar restrictions, and 23 states signed a brief sent to the Supreme Court in support of the regulations.

31 The New Atheism and Five Arguments for God | Reasonable Faith

Dawkins does have a bit more to say about the kalam cosmological argument. He asserts, “it is more parsimonious to conjure up, say, a ‘big bang singularity,’ or some other physical concept as yet unknown. Calling it God is at best unhelpful and at worst perniciously misleading.” 14 I take it that the objection here is that something else of a purely physical nature can be regarded as the cause of the universe reached in the argument’s conclusion. But as we’ve seen, this objection won’t work. For the initial singularity is just the beginning point of the universe. So our very question is why the singularity came into being. It would be a fundamental misunderstanding to think of the singularity as some sort of super-dense pellet that has been lying dormant from eternity and that blew up a finite time ago. Rather, according the Big Bang theory, the singularity is the point at which physical space and time themselves, along with all matter and energy, began to exist. So there can be no physical cause of any sort of the Big Bang singularity. So what brought the universe into being? The principle of parsimony (or Ockham’s Razor) advises us not to multiply causes beyond necessity; but the principle of explanatory adequacy requires us to posit such causes as are necessary to explain the effect, otherwise we would never seek any causes for anything.

32 The Bible Does Not Approve of Everything It Records - Stand to Reason Blog

Therefore, it is mistaken to think that God approves of all that the Bible records. So going through the Bible and marking off every instance of murder, animal or human sacrifice, rape, slavery, and misogyny will not tell you if the Bible is a good book or not.

The Lent Project

The Lent Project is a daily devotional series celebrating the Lent season through art and Scripture. Our goal is to help individuals quiet their hearts and enter into a daily routine of worship and reflection during this meaningful season.

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Pluck Out Your Eye

“Some of us need to make some drastic decisions so that we can have abundant life, instead of letting death continue to sit at our door and wait to consume us.” — Léonce Crump

Renewing Your Mind | Inspiration, Infallibility, and Inerrancy | March 3, 2016

For example, one Gospel writer tells us that there were two angels at the tomb on the day of the Resurrection, and another mentions only one. Now the critical word that's absent from the text is the word "only." If one writer says there were two angels at the tomb and the other one comes along and says there was only one, there you have a bona fide contradiction between the two. If one says there were two angels at the tomb and the other says we came and saw an angel, obviously if there are two angels, there has to be one angel— there's no contradiction. There is a discrepancy; that is, they don't say exactly the same thing. The question is, Can the two accounts be harmonized—are they logically compatible with one another? A good friend of mine in seminary was very troubled by these issues and quoted one of our professors who said, "The Bible is filled with contradiction." And I said, "Why don't you go home and I'll meet you here tomorrow at one o'clock. You come back with fifty contradictions. If the Bible's full of them, then that should be an easy task." The next day at one o'clock I met him and I said, "Do you have your fifty?" He'd been up all night and he said, "No, but I found thirty.

The just way to appoint a Supreme Court Justice | Think Christian

I would be interested to know where you find a requirement in the United States Constitution that the Senate provide a “fair hearing and timely vote” on any presidential nominee for any position, Supreme Court or otherwise. The wording in the Constitution states that the President “shall nominate, and by and with the Advice and Consent of the Senate, shall appoint Ambassadors, other public Ministers and Consuls, Judges of the supreme Court, and all other Officers of the United States, whose Appointments are not herein otherwise provided for, and which shall be established by Law.”  The President nominates, and the Senate advises and consents. The Senate’s power of advice and consent is meant to be a real check and balance, an important feature (not a bug) of the Constitutional scheme to separate powers and require them to work together and not have one branch run over the others. So it is entirely appropriate (as our own Vice President Joe Biden argued when he was a Senator, and as our currently President Barack Obama doubtless would have when he, too, was a Senator) for the Senate, under the control of the other party, to put on the brakes in an election year.

A theology of winning (and cheating) | Think Christian

Those of us familiar with the Christian doctrine of total depravity will likely see more novelty in the particularities of this finding than the generalities. Christian theology notes that humans can be selfish and petty as part of our sinful nature. Stories in the Bible also lend support to this idea that social comparison might lead to unethical behavior. Even King David, one of the more admirable characters in the Bible, felt entitled to another man's wife, perhaps because his position as king and role as spiritual leader of the Israelites put him in this "social comparison" frame of mind. Lately, I've been coming back to the story of Herod and John the Baptist, because it's so striking to me the way Herod's position of power and his need to defend that power were actually his downfall — they caused him to feel he needed to do something he didn't want to do and murder John the Baptist.

A Hobbit, a Wardrobe, and a Great War

And Loconte gives us the background we need. Ironically, Joe says, it was the Myth of Progress—the widely held belief that “science . . . could perfect human nature and thus human societies”—that laid the ground for a war that reached an unprecedented level of destruction. Darwinism, eugenics, industrialism—all these gave rise to a firm belief in “the upward flight of humankind.” Even many Christians went along with this foolish utopianism; those who resisted found the “tide turning against them.”


Paul David Tripp (DMin, Westminster Theological Seminary) is a pastor, author, and international conference speaker. He is also the president of Paul Tripp Ministries, professor of pastoral life and care at Redeemer Seminary, and executive director of the Center for Pastoral Life and Care, under the auspices of the Association of Biblical Counselors. He has written a number of popular books on Christian living, including What Did You Expect? , Dangerous Calling , Sex and Money , and New Morning Mercies . He lives in Philadelphia with his wife Luella and they have four grown children. For more information and resources visit

Mistaken Objections that Seek to Trivialize Fine-Tuning

About 5 years ago I had the opportunity to engage in sort of a friendly debate with the head of the science department at the high school where my daughter and son attended. She was taking a “Theory of Knowledge” class as part of the International Baccalaureate curriculum and the instructor needed to provide an example to students of presentations of opposing viewpoints. He had heard that I was an advocate of Intelligent Design and wanted each of us to make presentations supporting our viewpoints. He is an excellent teacher and heads the science department and I was somewhat nervous to be engaging in my first public debate of this type – this was before I had read a dozen or so books on fine-tuning and taken a graduate course on Cosmology. However, the instructor gave a surprisingly weak response to the fine-tuning evidence that I had presented. He set up an analogy for the students of dealing out a set of 5 cards from a set of 10 packs of cards with different backings. The odds of dealing out any particular hand were extraordinarily low but he argued that since any set of cards was just as likely as any other set, no inference could be made that the cards were not dealt at random.


The Why? Series - Suffering

Lunch is NOT included. You are welcome to bring a packed lunch and eat this in the church during the lunch break, or alternatively there are plenty of cafes and sandwich shops within a 5-10 minute walk of St Mary’s if you would prefer to go out and buy something. Tea, coffee and other refreshments will be provided throughout the day and are included in the cost of your ticket.

Q & A with Dr.Craig: My 7 year old is an atheist -

Kevin Harris: Dr. Craig, the moms have been on a tear lately. We did a podcast about an atheist mom in Texas and why she wasn't going to raise her children with a belief in God. Another article has caught our eye from Carolyn Castiglia. She writes on (it's a place for moms, it's for women). It got some attention, and the article is “ Why My 7 Year Old is an Atheist and Why I'm Okay with That .”[1] She says,

562. What Is The Cost Of Following Jesus?

Bobby unpacks what Jesus meant by counting the cost before following Him.

Ashers Bakery legal costs top £50,000 in gay cake row - premier

Ashers Bakery in Northern Ireland has accumulated legal costs totalling £50,000 as it fights a discrimination ruling for refusing to make a cake with a slogan supporting same-sex marriage.

Doug Stephens IV on Twitter

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When searching for 'evangelical' voters, maybe journalists should start with folks in pews?

Clearly, if journalists (and pollsters) are actually interested in what is happening in this year's bizarre Republican race for the White House, someone is going to have to come up with questions that probe the gap between people who self-identify as "evangelicals" (or who say they are part of evangelical churches) and those whose beliefs and lifestyles have anything to do with mainstream evangelicalism.

49 Why We Haven’t Endorsed a Candidate

Here we have a clear window to look at our candidates and their grandiose promises. Pay close attention to what they say is broken and who they say is responsible for fixing it! Beware of any candidate promising to “fix” everything. They can’t—and it’s a problem if they try. Utopian thinking always fails, and very often results in tyranny.

The 10 Times Ted Cruz Voted to Stop Abortion and Defund Planned Parenthood

As voters head to the polls today on Super Tuesday, pro-life Texas Senator Ted Cruz is one of the candidates they will consider supporting for president. When it comes to the issue of abortion, Cruz has compiled a 100% pro-life voting record during his tenure in the Senate. On 16 total votes on pro-life issues taken while has has served in the Senate, Cruz voted pro-life every single time.

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57 J.D. Greear to be SBC president nominee
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59 The FAQs: The Supreme Court Case on Texas Abortion Clinics
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66 Trump donated to group that promotes homosexuality to 5-year-olds
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69 The Ligonier Statement on Christology
70 I AM: The Being of God by R.C. Sproul | March 3, 2016
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81 The 'Making a Murder' Lawyers Are Going on Tour
82 WORLD | Abigail Santamaria: More about the Jack and Joy relationship | Marvin Olasky | March 3, 2016
83 Disney Is Making a 4th High School Musical
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87 Gullibility, the Great Sin of the Charismatic Church
88 Truthbomb Apologetics: You Might be a Hyper-Skeptic of Christianity of Christianity Bill Pratt
89 Sports Authority Files for Bankruptcy
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91 Super Tuesday Results: Hillary Takes 7 States and Bernie Wins 4
93 The Vatican Praised ‘Spotlight,’ Seriously
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