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Mitt Romney not a Christian says Dr. Richard Land President Southern Baptist Ethics Commission

Mormon Mitt Romney not a Christian says Dr. Richard Land President Southern Baptist Ethics Commission

The Holy Trinity: Jew vs Christian

Rabbi Tovia Singer and William Lane Craig debate the Trinity on Lee Strobel's "Faith Under Fire." We welcome your comments in the Reasonable Faith forums: ht...

Doctrine of Salvation Part 11: Imputed Righteousness

For more resources visit: To download an outline of Doctrine of Salvation:

Islam Corrupts the Gospel According to the New Testament, the Gospel is a message about Jesus' sacrificial death, his resurrection from the dead, and h...

Islam Corrupts the Gospel According to the New Testament, the Gospel is a message about Jesus' sacrificial death, his resurrection from the dead, and h...

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1 Baptism is not enough

More about this issue of covenant and my actual move to come. Let’s talk for a moment about the current cultural context in which I made such a move.  The majority of the current evangelical world lives with a faith that is disjointed. Why? Because we have answers to how someone’s soul is saved but we lack comprehensive answers about what changes when they leave their old life and follow Christ. Sure, we let them know to pray more, read their bible when they can and worship in church on Sunday, but when we get out of the four walls of the church things get a little fuzzy. In fact, they get real fuzzy. For a while this was easier to deal with. But what we have begun to witness all around us, starting in the last century is the failure of humanism’s promises. The church had begun for at least a century to believe that the humanistic pagans would do fine setting up a neutral world in which we could conduct life and do church. Government, business, education, recreation, and a number of other areas could all operate for the pagan and Christian in much the same way. They were neutral and they would work just fine.

Southern Seminary Expeditions | Israel & Jordan

Southern Seminary Expeditions offer on-site lectures from experts in biblical, theological and historical studies. We will travel to historical sites such as Petra, Masada, and King Herod’s tomb. We will stand on the steps of the temple mount where Jesus would have stood and taught. We will study the Scriptures on the Sea of Galilee and in the Garden of Gethsemane. While on the trip, you will also learn about the culture of the Middle East and be introduced to gospel-centered ministries there. It is our prayer that this Expedition will further equip you for ministry and continue to cultivate in you a heart and mind for Christ.

Is a Beginningless Past Actually Infinite? | Reasonable Faith

Strictly speaking, I wouldn’t say, as you put it, that a “beginningless causal chain would be (or form) an actually infinite set.” Sets, if they exist, are abstract objects and so should not be identified with the series of events in time. Using what I would regard as the useful fiction of a set, I suppose we could say that the set of past events is an infinite set if the series of past events is beginningless. But I prefer simply to say that if the temporal series of events is beginningless, then the number of past events is infinite or that there has occurred an infinite number of past events.

The long and winding road: collected wisdom on maturing in seminary

“That’s a tragedy and it puts inhumane expectations on pastors who are limited to 24 hours a day, seven days a week, just like you are — and who you don’t want to neglect their families to be with you all the time, too. So I would not deny the immense riches that have come to me from one-on-one meetings. ... Those are sweet. We should pursue that; pray that God would open those up for us in significant portions of our lives. And yet every time you hear a man behind a pulpit open up his heart, and especially the Word of God, you are being discipled. When godly men place structures in place — those structures didn’t just randomly happen — so that they would be for the edification of the saints. … I think you can grow a long way through the programs your church lays out and through the ordinary means of grace in the church.”

2014 National Conference — Questions and Answers

Earlier this month we held our  2014 National Conference  on the theme,  Overcoming the World.  This conference sought to consider what Scripture says about confronting worldliness, defending the faith, living as a faithful remnant, and understanding biblical ethics.

Hamilton Strategies News

Dr. Richard Land has taught as a visiting or adjunct professor for several seminaries and has authored or edited more than 15 books. He earned his Doctor of Philosophy degree from Oxford University in England and his bachelor’s degree from Princeton University. Land also earned a Master of Theology degree from New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary, where he received the Broadman Seminarian Award. He is the 2013 Watchman Award recipient for his leadership on moral and cultural issues and has dedicated his life to being a “watchman on the wall.” Land served as president of The Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission, the Southern Baptist Convention’s official entity assigned to address social, moral and ethical concerns, with particular attention to their impact on American families, from 1988 to 2013.


“ Apologetics” is the science of rationally defending the Christian faith.  But recently, some Christians have claimed that apologetics are no longer necessary in a postmodern culture.  In this lesson, Dr. R.C. Sproul explains why we need rational arguments for Christianity today more than ever.

8 Why Do Christians Care about World Vision's Marriage Policy? - Stand to Reason Blog

At Stand to Reason, we usually focus on the publicly accessible, non-religious reasons to oppose changing the definition of marriage , as there’s no need to appeal to the Bible in order to make a good case. But the question “Why do Christians care how an organization that self-identifies as Christian views marriage?” and “Is this something worth dividing over?” requires an answer from within Christian doctrine.

Ask Anything: Weekend Edition 03-29-14

1) How should we understand the “Baptism of the Holy Spirit?”

Why God Loves People Who Hate Each Other

There are rich and poor, old and young, male and female. We have families with fifteen children and fifty-year-old unmarrieds. There are Republicans and Democrats, executives and janitors, athletes, artists, and teachers. And the differences get even deeper — American, African, Asian, Latin, and Middle Eastern.

Hypocrisy on the left: do the actions of liberals match their words?

Schweizer: Yes, self-contempt is a big part of it. Dietrich Bonhoeffer, the great German pastor who stood up to Hitler, wrote a book about “cheap grace.” Liberals are guilty of cheap grace in the political sense. They feel guilty and their form of penance is embracing the destructive ideas of the progressive faith. But it’s cheap grace because as I show it the book, they don’t actually change the way they live. I think that the religious comparison makes sense because in many respects the modern day left represents a religious movement. They are motivated by a sense of sin, guilt, and the need for salvation and absolution in the political sense. Socialism offers salvation to them. Of course, they don’t actually plan to live like socialists.

Review of evidential apologetics book by pastor shows where church needs to improve

That is a textbook definition of fideism – that belief is somehow more pious and praiseworthy the less evidence we have. And the best way to have less evidence is to study nothing at all, but to just make a leap-of-faith in the dark. Of course, a leap-of-faith can land you anywhere – Islam, Mormonism. Presumably this pastor is like the Mormons who eschew all evidence and prefer to detect the truth of Mormonism by “the burning of the bosom” which happens when people read the all-sufficient, all-powerful Book of Mormon. His view of faith is identical to theirs, and 180 degrees opposed to the Bible. He has made his leap-of-faith, and that leap-of-faith is not accountable to arguments and evidence. His faith is private and personal, based on his own feelings. He considers it blasphemous to have to demonstrate what he believes to those who disagree with him. Where is this in the Bible? It’s nowhere. But it is everywhere in anti-intellectual Christian circles.

Christ as Radiance

What does this mean? It means that this Bright Morning Star (Rev. 22:16) will be the sun of the new heavens and the new earth. We won’t need this old sun, we will have the Lamb as our Lamp (Rev. 21:23). And it means that even now, the sun of righteousness who has risen with healing in his wings (Mal. 4:2) must be the center of our spiritual solar system or everything else goes out of whack. Indeed, if we were to kick our sun out from the center of our system, we wouldn’t just have chaos, but death. Life would be unsustainable. So it is with Jesus. If he is not the center, we die.

Are You or Aren’t You?

If you see yourself as someone who loves Jesus totally, don’t settle for being known as a Christian only when it’s easy. Ask Jesus to give you the power to step forward and speak wisely for him in every area of life. Step by step, word by word, God wants to give you the power to act and speak with holy boldness!

Book Review: A Reasonable Response

Is question-asking inherent to human nature? Gorra asserts it is one of the aspects of being made in the image of God.  In other words, we are designed to be curious, to reason and discover reality.  This makes sense from my experience.  I have always thought the best part of a speaker event was the Q&A session afterward.  I suspect this is also true for others because the university students at our Ratio Christi [3] events seem to never tire of asking questions during Q&A time.  In fact, I depend on this ‘curiosity’ aspect of humanity in our Ratio Christi meetings.  One of our goals for our skeptical atheist friends is to challenge them to question certain aspects of their worldview that do not correspond to reality.  The Holy Spirit can then use a nagging question that needs an answer to bring a skeptic closer to Ultimate Reality, God Himself. Gorra sets the tone for the Q&A sections of the book with this thought, “ Apologetics is not a sport: a kind of intellectual Ping-Pong.  It is intentional answering for the sake of growth .”  [4]

Rio Verde/Sonoran Desert - James White's 151.0 kilometers bike ride

2nd fastest time on 9-mile (Rio verde to 152nd)

Answering Muslims: Mariam Yousif Stabbed 14 Times in Brutal Honor-Killing after Converting to Islam to Marry a Muslim

Daily Telegraph —Mariam Yousif, who converted to Islam to marry her husband at 16, was stabbed 14 times in a “brutal and frenzied” attack inside her Wiley Park unit in 2012. Her 54-year-old husband, Yassir Hassan, was found guilty of manslaughter instead of murder because he told the court he was provoked by his wife during an argument when she “questioned his manhood”. Ms Yousif’s mother Hanan Zaki said provocation was a “ridiculous” defence for her daughter’s killer. She is angry the state government has taken almost a year to act on recommendations from a parliamentary inquiry that would ensure the provocation defence was not used to escape murder charges. “How many women need to die before this law will change?” Ms Zaki said. “I need it to change and I need change now. I could not save my daughter but I want to save the life of another woman.” The parliamentary inquiry was launched after Sydney man Chamanjot Singh was sentenced to six years in prison for slitting his wife’s throat with a box cutter.


If it were left up to you, what would your plan of redemption look like? Would you send your son into the world as a baby? Would you send him at all? Dr. Sproul considers the gracious gift the Father has given to us, as he looks at “The Birth of Jesus.”

Apologetics Roundup 03/22 - 03/29

How Can You Trust Christianity If You Haven’t Examined All of the Alternatives?

Ask Anything: Weekend Edition 03-29-14

1) How should we understand the “Baptism of the Holy Spirit?”

From Belief to Knowledge

In this final section, John sums up what he has been trying to do. He talks about a transition from those who believe to those who know. There are many people who believe things, religious and non-religious. Belief is a good place to start, but knowledge should be our goal. John was one who knew and he expected that his audience (including us) could know about eternal life as well.

Does God have a prayer in Hollywood?

Does God have a prayer in Hollywood?