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Woodlands Church - The Woodlands, Texas

Grace Changes Everything Lee Strobel draws upon his own journey from atheism to Christianity to explore the depth and breadth of God s redeeming love for spiritually wayward people. New Message Every Wednesday.

William Lane Craig debates Austin Dacey: Does God Exist?

Here is the video and summary of a debate between Christian theist William Lane Craig and Austin Dacey at Purdue University in 2004 about the existence of God. The debaters: William Lane Craig Aust...

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Truthbomb Apologetics: The Christian, Apathy, and Apologetics

Apologetics is derived from the Greek word apologia which means to “defend.” The overall purpose of apologetics is to not only to defend the gospel from attacks on the outside, but also to help believers in Christ see the need for defending what they claim to believe is the truth. As someone who believes apologetics is vital in today’s culture, I continue to be taken aback when I receive as many, if not more, objections to apologetics from Christians as I do from non-Christians! How can this be? After much thought and study, I have come to the conclusion that it is apathy that lies at the heart of these objections. It is my purpose here to take a look at two of the most frequent objections I have heard from Christians regarding apologetics. Objection One “If someone has decided not to believe (the gospel) it doesn’t matter what you say.” It is not our job to worry about how the person will receive the gospel, but to “go into all the world and proclaim the gospel to the whole creation” (Mark 16:15, ESV ). In this verse, Jesus makes no mention of only preaching to those who will hear.

The Unexpected Defenders

While the article is but a short introduction of a few women who have risen to national platforms, there are a myriad of women of diverse ethnic backgrounds who are building a presence in the field of apologetics. Included in the magazine is an article on the United Kingdom’s Amy Orr-Ewing of Ravi Zacharias International Ministries (RZIM) . Ms. Orr-Ewing is one of many women on staff with RZIM all over the world. Further, the International Society of Women in Apologetics boasts a numerous membership. Women are interested in thoughtfully addressing the main theological and philosophical issues of our culture, and, contra-culture, many of these women hold conservative theological views.

Trey Gowdy: Hillary’s Server Was Recently ‘Wiped Clean’

Clinton claims that she turned over all emails from her private account related to official government business. But she has not agreed to allow a third-party to verify that claim. As Gowdy indicated in his statement, the former secretary of state also did not comply with the committee’s request to turn over her private server, which was registered to her residence in Chappaqua, N.Y., to a third party for analysis.

We Complain Because We Forget

And yet that’s my heart and yours. “Where’s the dinner, honey? Leftovers again? Where’s the protein? Is that all you got done today? Can you change the dirty diaper? What’s this sticky stuff on the chair?” I can be just like the people of Israel. “I know you’ve forgiven all my sins at the cross, rescued me from eternal conscious torment, and given me everlasting joy in your presence, but all we have for dinner is Ramen or Cheerios.”

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At the age of 14, Susie Davis’ life was drastically changed when a classmate walked into her schoolroom and then shot and killed the teacher. Even though Susie was a Christian, she lost her trust in God.  This tragic event began years of struggling with extreme fear and panic attacks. She believed that fear kept her safe, but it actually was a false sense of security.  When Susie finally understood that true safety is established in the arms of God, she was able to walk in freedom and forgive the shooter.  Today, Susie and her husband, Will, pastor of Austin Christian Fellowship, help others find peace by putting their hope and trust in God.  

Georgia family wants Berghdahl held accountable

But last June she was quoted in the Walton Tribune [subscription required], saying, "I wish [Bergdahl] no ill will. I am glad he is no longer a prisoner... People lost their lives - even Mark, who no longer has the life he had before. I just think [Bergdahl] needs to face the consequences. He still needs to be held accountable for what he did."

Heaven Tourism Books Pulled from Nearly 200 Christian Bookstores

Several Christian publishers told PW that they would continue to print books in the genre. “This is a good category for us, and we’re going to continue to publish credible stories,” David Lewis, Baker Publishing Group’s vice president for sales and marketing, told PW. “As unfortunate as [Malarkey’s admission] is for Tyndale, it has had no effect on sales of heaven books that we can see, nor on our decisions to publish them.”

Eric Metaxas on Twitter

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Muslim Actor: 'It's An Honor to Play Jesus'

In terms of the film itself, I thought it was beautiful. I always thought from the script it was beautiful, and the intention that they had for it, so seeing the film was not in any way an exception, and I just loved the idea of telling the story in the most humanly way possible, and the final product didn't in any way disappoint in that sense. And that's the most important thing for me. A lot of these productions make it sort of ethereal and otherworldly and not relatable almost, and I think in this production, we were able to somehow hopefully make the movie relatable—I think we did—and I'm really proud of that.

The brutal reason Boko Haram just took 500 ‘young women and children’

Consider what happened next, according to Zenn. “On April 19, May 5, June 10, 2014, the militants took more than 40 girls from the towns near Chibok, and on October 20, 2014, took 45 more girls from Wagga, Adamawa State and ‘married’ the young ones. … [It is] estimated that Boko Haram may have abducted between 500 and 2,000 women since 2013, but most incidents go unreported.”

The Jointly Ordained Lesbian Couple Making History For Presbyterians

Scott Taylor45:Pastor Ra'Shawn Barlow-Flournoy was born August 1, 1985 in Spartanburg, South Carolina, the son of Bobby & Alice Tanner. Radical, Revolutionary, Innovative, Anointed, and Cutting Edge are some of the words often used to describe Pastor Ra'Shawn. His ministry has inspired many believers around the nation. He has an unprecedented prophetic mantle that distinguishes him as a remarkable visionary who has made a powerful impact in the Christian Arena. Stepping out on faith and the support of 12 people who believed that God was going to do the unexpected, Pastor Ra'Shawn founded Freedom Worship Church November 2008. In 2010 Pastor Ra'Shawn stepped down as Senior Pastor of Freedom Worship to gain a deeper walk with Christ and focus on self. During that time he met Kelvin Barlow at a convocation in Atlanta, GA. May 22, 2011 he married his best friend and the love of his life Minister Kelvin Barlow- Flournoy at the Community Church of Washington, DC. At that moment God spoke to them to ReBirth the vision they thought would never come to past. Together Pastor Ra’Shawn and his partner lead a flock of growing believers at ReBirth Church.

Japan's Navy Unveils 'Aircraft Carrier in Disguise'

The ship can carry nine helicopters , in addition to 470 personnel. However, in theory, the ship can carry over twenty aircraft. According to reports , while the Izumo “does not have a catapult necessary to launch fixed-wing fighters, a planned vertical-take-off-and-landing (VTOL) variant of the F-35 could fly from the Izumo's flight deck.” This basically makes the Izumo—which gives Japan its largest naval flat surface since the Second World War—an “aircraft carrier in disguise.”


Getting along through disagreement is never easy. Preserving the freedom to think and learn and grow comes with a cost. But what if the disagreement itself is valuable for us? What if the cost of freedom isn’t what we expect? And how can we all become the kinds of citizens who know how to disagree without it destroying us?

Keeping Hope in the Midst of Bad Headlines

We see this truth throughout the biblical narrative. Suffering is rarely mentioned in the New Testament without a mention of the blessings that accompany it. One of my favorite quotes is by Archbishop Desmond Tutu, a man who knew of the coexistence of joy and pain all too well as he encouraged South Africans in their struggle for human rights. He says, “There is no such thing as a totally hopeless case. Our God is an expert at dealing with chaos, with brokenness, with all the worst that we can imagine. God created order out of disorder, cosmos out of chaos, and God can do so always, can do so now—in our personal lives and in our lives as nations, globally. Indeed God is transforming the world now—through us—because God loves us.”

SalesForce CEO: I Can Do Business With Communist China, But Not Indiana

If SalesForce CEO Benioff is going to be consistent, he’s not only going to have to lay off everyone who works out of his Chicago, Indianapolis, Tampa and Northern Virginia offices, but he can’t even do business in Alabama, Connecticut, Idaho, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Texas.

Love to the Uttermost

Love to the Uttermost: Devotional Readings for Holy Week begins on Palm Sunday, ends on Easter Sunday, and aims to focus our attention on Jesus as he displays his love to the uttermost (John 13:1). These meditations on the self-giving love of Christ are all excerpted from the preaching and writing ministry of John Piper.

Indiana's Religious Freedom Restoration Act, Explained

On Thursday, Indiana governor Mike Pence signed the Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA) into law, and some celebrities, politicians, and journalists--including  Miley Cyrus , Ashton Kutcher, and Hillary Clinton, just to name a few--are absolutely outraged. They say the law is a license to discriminate against gay people: 


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20 Establishing the Gospels’ Reliability | Reasonable Faith

Notice that these “criteria” do not presuppose the general reliability of the Gospels. Rather they focus on a particular saying or event and give evidence for thinking that specific element of Jesus’ life to be historical, regardless of the general reliability of the document in which the particular saying or event is reported. These same “criteria” are thus applicable to reports of Jesus found in the apocryphal Gospels, or rabbinical writings, or even the Qur’an. Of course, if the Gospels can be shown to be generally reliable documents, so much the better! But the “criteria” do not depend on any such presupposition. They serve to help spot historical kernels even in the midst of historical chaff. Thus we need not concern ourselves with defending the Gospels’ every claim attributed to Jesus in the gospels; the question will be whether we can establish enough about Jesus to make faith in him reasonable.

What God Might Say to Atheist Stephen Fry

Fry was outraged that an allegedly loving and compassionate God could allow such terrible suffering among His creation, stating that he would say to the Deity, "bone cancer in children, what's that about? How dare you. How dare you create a world where there is such misery that's not our fault? It's not right. It's utterly, utterly evil."

19 states that have ‘religious freedom’ laws like Indiana’s that no one is boycotting

Pence has begun to feel the fallout from his decision. But while Indiana is being criticized, the NCAA didn't say it was concerned over how athletes and employees would be affected by Kentucky's RFRA when games were played there last week, there aren't any plans to boycott states like Illinois or Connecticut, and Miley Cyrus has yet to post a photo of President Clinton or any of the 19 other governors who have also signed RFRAs.


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Boyce graduate changing lives one sermon and one sandwich at a time

Even though the restaurant is a business, which Washington eventually wants to franchise, it is ultimately a ministry that strives to impact people through God’s Word. Washington trains the staff to be sensitive and willing to pray with people, and teaches the staff to serve God through serving other people. Other ministry opportunities come through the Scripture that decorates the restaurant.

Benghazi chairman: Clinton wiped private email server ‘clean’

He said while it’s “not clear precisely when Secretary Clinton decided to permanently delete all emails from her server, it appears she made the decision after October 28, 2014, when the Department of State for the first time asked the Secretary to return her public record to the Department.”

Josh McDowell on Twitter

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Hegel's Deity: How Evolution Gave Us Postmodernism, Deconstructionism, and Political Correctness

What reason does Barthes give for accepting such a theory? As Alan Jacobs writes, "As soon as deconstructionists get in the business of providing reasons, they are perforce in the business of making claims and thus are subject to their own critique." What happens if we subject Barthes's views to his own critique? We have to conclude that he, too, is merely a mouthpiece for social forces such as race, class, and gender. His "own" writings do not offer original or creative insights but are merely collages of conflicting quotations absorbed unconsciously from the communities to which he belongs. The "death of the author" must include Barthes himself.

Attempt to Market Anti-Porn Ministry to Mark Driscoll Fans Goes Bad

The list showed up on a new website called this past month, on sale for $1,500—or $1,350 with a coupon. Craig Gross, founder of, bought the list in order to promote his anti-porn ministry's book and accountability software. His ministry had sponsored the 2013 Resurgence conference for "a lot of money," but felt the group remained one that his ministry was "least connected with."

Mark Burnett and Roma Downey Talk A.D.

Burnett doesn’t see this as niche programming. “It’s as broad as the nightly news,” he says. “It’s as broad as the NFL. It’s Christianity.” Most Americans, after all, identify as Christian, and that makes us a pretty huge demographic—even though Burnett suggests that we often seem like a fringe group, what with our bewildering array of denominations (and not an insignificant amount of infighting). And he believes it’s only right that a show based on the Bible should air on a broadcast network like NBC, designed to reach the broadest possible audience.

30 When the Real Jesus Is Preached - Stand to Reason Blog

Life, righteousness, holiness, and redemption are found in Jesus, and found by those—and only those!—who look to him. Perhaps I should be clearer: It is not that we look, get some sense of what Christ is like, and then go away and strain to make ourselves similar; we become like him  through the very looking . The very sight of him is a transforming thing. For now, contemplating him by faith, we begin to be transformed into his likeness (2 Cor. 3:18), but so potent is his glory that when we clap our eyes upon him physically at his second coming, then “when Christ appears, we shall be like him,  for we shall see him as he is ” (1 John 3:2). 

Southern Seminary Magazine | Spring 2015

Southern Seminary Magazine | Spring 2015

Crossway on Twitter

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@leestrobel shares his story of struggles with his father and tells stories of God's grace.


Will Oh and Tip put aside their differences to learn the true meaning of friendship? Will Tip be reunited with her mother? Will Oh's alien brethren learn to accept his eccentricities as lovable, rather than annoying? And will maybe—just maybe—everyone come out of this with a deeper, more profound understanding of the fact that Family Isn't Just the People You're Related To?

What Christianophobia Looks Like in America

As this survey illustrates, animosity toward Christians involves racial, educational, and economic factors; the people most likely to hold negative views of conservative Christians also belong to demographic groups with high levels of social power. Rich, white, educated Americans are major influencers in media, academia, business, and government, and these are the people most likely to have a distaste for conservative Christians.

Innovative Apologetics: The Movie 'Killing Jesus' Avoids the Essentials Regarding The Day Christ Died

680. Why Don't We Have The Original Scriptures?

Christian apologist Nel Brace explains why we don't have the original copies of scripture.

Southern Baptists Seek Racial Reconciliation - Juicy Ecumenism

The Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission (ERLC), the policy entity of the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC), is currently hosting its annual Leadership Summit in Nashville, Tennessee. Reportedly, over 500 Southern Baptist pastors and church leaders are gathered to discuss what the gospel means for racial reconciliation.

My Visit to Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary (March 26, 2015)

Several weeks ago I received a nice letter from President Paige Patterson of Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Fort Worth, Texas—the largest seminary in the world. (It is one of six seminaries officially affiliated with the Southern Baptist Convention.) The letter expressed appreciation for some of my writings. Dr. Patterson also expressed a desire to meet me sometime, so I responded cordially and said I would be happy to come to SWBTS to meet with him and, if he wished, to speak in any venue he deemed appropriate. To make a long story short, last evening (Thursday, March 26, 2015) I dined with Dr. Patterson and his wife at their home on the SWBTS campus and then participated in a forum with Dr. Patterson attended by about two hundred students, faculty and pastors. The subject of the forum was “Soteriology” but it was promoted around campus as a discussion of Calvinism and alternatives.

09. How can you believe in God without evidence?

Nathan Betts ( ) of Ravi Zacharias International Ministries answers the question "How can you believe in God without evidence?". Want to read more widely on this question? Check out the book "The Reason for God" by Tim Keller ( ). This video is episode 9 of the "Short Answers to Big Questions" series, in which we take 50 of the most common questions and objections about Christianity and attempt to give short, succinct answers to each of them. In such short videos, we realise we can only often scratch the surface—nevertheless, we hope to give you lots of food for thought. Do feel free to download each video, circulate it to friends, or share it on social media. More about "Short Answers to Tough Questions": More about RZIM Canada:

5 Reasons Why the Resurrection of Jesus is Important | Hope's Reason

We do not have to look far to see suffering. It is in our world, in our community, in our life. Why does God allow this? Where is God when there is pain? It is at these times that we need to look at what happened to Jesus. All the questions we ask about pain could have been asked of Jesus on the cross. Jesus felt God-forsaken but he endured because the resurrection was just over the horizon. How do we endure? Same reason. We long for the resurrection, but like Jesus, we only get there through the cross. The cross and resurrection is the lens through which we must look at all suffering.

Two Animals - EP

Violents is a series of collaborative EP's written and produced by composer Jeremy Larson, featuring a different female vocalist on every release.

God Redeems Fernando

But then Fernando had the opportunity  to join Prison Fellowship’s InnerChange Freedom Initiative, an intensive faith-based reentry program at the Carol Vance Unit in Houston, Texas. The program staff and volunteers introduced Fernando to his Heavenly Father, and to a group of young men who were living for the Lord. These men showed Fernando that he could still have fun while honoring God.


Jonathan Morrow is passionate about seeing a new generation of Christ-followers understand what they believe, why they believe it, and why it matters in life. He speaks nationally on issues of worldview, apologetics, and culture and is the author of several books including Welcome to College: A Christ-Follower’s Guide...

United Through Disability

Might God destroy this massive work of the devil — separating us by ethnicity, social class, and income — through the so-called weakest members among us? Perhaps God might allow brothers and sisters experiencing disability to build pathways for spanning our other divides.

The Incomprehensibility of Naturalism (Quote) | Come Reason's Apologetics Notes

This is the fundamental fact of our time, from which reason must be redeemed: the incomprehensibility of reason and knowledge in naturalistic terms. Reason and knowledge are not to be found in the sense-perceptible world. It’s just that simple. If you have to understand everything in terms of the sense-perceptible world, reason and knowledge are gone. That is why you have the many strained and forced interpretations of knowledge and consciousness and reason, including all of the creative arts, and all of the areas of expression of the human spirit that we study in the academy—the forced interpretations of these as sociological, as behavioral, or even chemical. Even the interpretation of love has to be put in a naturalistic mold. I’m reminded of a man who said "Sawdust is wonderfully nourishing if you will substitute bread for it." When you try to put truth into the naturalistic mold, it’s gone. It is the same when you try to put evidence, when you try to put logic, logical relationships, probability, all of these fundamental things into a naturalistic mold. There are many dimensions of evidence, and many of them fall in a very variegated way within what we would call "sense-perception," but not sense-perception in the narrow sense that the naturalist wants to take it.

WORLD | A show-and-tell family | Kathy Rosenow | March 28, 2015


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Derek Thomas: A Book In His Hand, A Burden On His Back

Pilgrim left the City of Destruction crying, “Life, life, eternal life!” He had a sure guide—his Bible—and he had a burden that needed to be lifted. Pilgrim knew that he needed a Savior in a dark world doomed for destruction. In this session, Dr. Derek W.H. Thomas describes the importance of the Bible in the life of the Christian while considering what it means to be a pilgrim in this world. This message is from our 2015 Regional Conference, Pilgrims in Progress: Purchase this conference as a digital download:

The Selfishness of Digital Life ‘On Demand’

School assignments will engage them for at least a while, but if they decide they’re irrelevant it will be challenging for them to put forth much effort. Teachers tell me about their students’ constant complaints, quick boredom, and how quickly they disengage. This lie that they are the center of their own universe and the priority that everything must be personally relevant are among the causes of high school and college dropout rates being as high as they are. Sometimes students are apathetic because they expect their teachers to serve them and their specific interests and desires; they’ve lost the ability to realize that their teachers have a whole classroom of other students to tend and that they must step up to the plate and take initiative to create forward momentum academically.

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