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What Distinguishes Monotheisms From Other Religions?

For more resources visit: In 2011 Dr William Lane Craig spoke at the Forum of Christian Leaders (FOCL) in Hungary. While they ...

Craig Evans Discusses Bart Ehrman's Book "How Jesus Became God"

~~ Bird et al, How God Became Jesus. (Canada: ) ~~ Ehrman, How Jesus Became God. (Canada:...

Real Marriage Bayside Promo

Real Marriage & The Truth About Sex, Friendship and Life Together by Pastor Mark Driscoll and his wife Grace will be an event that will encourage, enlighten,...

Islam and the Deification of Muhammad Our Muslim friends tell us that Islam is the religion of submission to Allah alone. But when we open the Qur'an, we find that...

466. What Is Unique About Christianity?

Frank Turek explains the uniqueness of Christianity.

Everyday Opinions on Apologetics - Sean McDowell

In our ongoing effort to understand how regular Christians respond to apologetics, we ask an apologist a series of questions about their experience with defe...

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1 How to Overcome Temptation

Meet Ben Stuart. He leads Breakaway , a campus ministry at Texas A&M University. Over the past decade, Ben has taught the Bible every week to thousands of students in the throes of college life, often speaking practically into their sins and struggles.

¿Podría Dios hacer una roca tan grande que ni Él la pueda levantar?

1. La pregunta asume que “omnipotente” significa que Dios puede hacer todo. Este es un tremendo error. Una definición sencilla y bíblica de la omnipotencia, es que el poder de Dios es ilimitado e infinito, y capaz de hacer toda Su santa voluntad. Esto no significa que Él puede hacer toda cosa que la mente humana depravada pueda concebir. 
Siendo Dios, hay cosas que Dios NO puede hacer. Él no puede ir en contra de Su naturaleza. Por ejemplo: siendo perfecto, Él no puede equivocarse ni contradecirse; siendo justo y santo, Él no puede pecar; siendo inmutable, Él no puede cambiar. Siendo omnisciente, Él no puede ignorar algo que sucede en el universo. Siendo omnipresente, Él no puede estar en un solo lugar a la vez. Siendo omnipotente, Él no puede cansarse ni fatigarse. Siendo el “Yo Soy”, totalmente auto existente, independiente y eterno, Él no puede dejar de existir…ni existir y no existir al mismo tiempo. 

Todo esto de ninguna manera niega la realidad de la existencia de Dios.

The Danger of ‘What This Really Means’

Humility does the hard work of actually listening to others. What's more, humility teaches us to question ourselves. Martin Luther wasn't afraid of calling out the self-serving interpretations of the medieval indulgence-sellers and pretensions of papal power. Yet he wisely said, "I am more afraid of my own heart than of the pope and all his cardinals. I have within me the great pope, Self."

Echo | Open Biola

At ECHO 14, we believe King Jesus has brought us into God’s Story. The biblical narrative from Abraham (Genesis 12:1-3) to the Great Commission by Jesus (Matthew 28:18-20) proclaims in what way the nations will be gathered. Through making disciples and being rooted the local church, the culmination of the nations gathered to King Jesus will be accomplished (Revelation 5). As discipleship begins in the local context, global realities will be birthed (Acts 1:8). It is our prayer and deepest desire that Biola students would leave the 2014 Missions Conference with a deep longing to be a disciple and to make disciples in the context of the local church as they are captivated by the grand story of God (Genesis 12:3; Matthew 28:16-20; Revelation 5). In this Grand Story, students will realize they have been called to make disciples in the Acts 1:8 model from a local context rippling to the global context. As students leave conference they will resonate with three main ideas: Story “I have a unique role in God’s global story and I can have a global impact through my local reality.” Discipleship “I have been called to be a disciple and to make disciples both in a local and global context.


Imagine if there was a way that people could grow in their knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ—a way that returned gospel growth to the everyday fabric of personal relationship, rather than relying on church-run programs. That guided people in a deeper, more meaningful way than an event, program or class could possibly do—guided on an individual basis by someone who cared for them personally.

Marriage in the Age of 'Conscious Uncoupling'

So what follows isn't about trashing "gp," as she refers to herself on her website, but about exploring what I think her now-infamous "conscious uncoupling" message gets wrong about marriage. (By referring to her as "gp," I'm acknowledging that her statements are hewn with the help of publicists and probably represent the bone she felt obligated to toss at a barking, celebrity-crazed culture. I expect that what the real woman – Gwyneth Paltrow – is experiencing right now is likely very different.)

Three Final Reflections

First, we should give credit where credit is due. It’s incredibly hard for any of us to admit our mistakes, let alone for a billion dollar organization to publicly admit theirs. While I still have plenty of questions I would ask if I were a World Vision insider (which I’m not), I think it is the better part of charity in this instance to take the humble, heartfelt statement from Stearns and World Vision at face value. They put themselves in an incredibly difficult situation. In reversing their decision they’ve angered a whole different group of people. We should commend them for listening to wise counselors, reconsidering who they are, realizing their mistake, and making it right.

Noah | Movie Review | Plugged In

We repeatedly see a silhouette replay of Cain killing Abel with a rock. And at one juncture, the sequence morphs into warlike conflicts throughout the ages, with the killer and victim becoming soldiers from ancient to modern times. In ditches and valleys piles of dead bodies and/or skeletons are seen multiple times. We watch men pull down and kill the giant Watchers. A fiery cataclysm decimates a throng of warriors. Fire from heaven kills even more. People are bashed and stomped and trampled and stabbed and hacked and, of course, drowned. Tubal-cain kills Noah's father with a hatchet blow to the head, with blood-squirting results. Noah kills quite a few assailants, showing himself to be pretty handy with a blade. Angry that hunters have shot an animal, he plucks the sharp projectile from the beast's bleeding side and uses it to fight the four men responsible, killing at least a couple of them. Other animals have their throats cut or their guts grotesquely spilled. In a bloody marketplace, live animals are torn apart and eaten raw. Noah has visions of countless drowned humans and animals, and he walks on ground saturated with blood.

What Does the Phrase "All Things" Mean in Romans 8:32?

Who is the Substitute? He is Jesus, my Savior. Because Paul saw the cross as central to the gospel, he could say, “We preach Christ crucified” (1 Cor. 1:23). And again, “I decided to know nothing among you except Jesus Christ and him crucified” (1 Cor. 2:2). And again, “I delivered to you as of first importance what I also received: that Christ died for our sins in accordance with the Scriptures” (1 Cor. 15:3). The cross was of “ first  importance.”


The doctrine of justification by faith alone was at the center of the Reformation debates. The Reformers declared that justification is by faith alone, not by faith and works. The biblical doctrine of justification by faith alone is absolutely essential to the Gospel, and Christians must beware of ever compromising any element of it.

Same-Sex Marriage: A 'Truth Serum' for Evangelicals

Now, in less than a week, as the result of much prayer and importuning by Christian brothers and sisters World Vision has reversed its original decision. World Vision's board has discovered an essential truth: the same-sex marriage issue is a truth serum for Evangelical Christianity. Same-sex marriage CANNOT be squared with the traditional, historic, Evangelical view of biblical authority.

Christ the Dragon Slayer

This cosmic victory over deception transforms our fight for holiness. Why? Christ’s substitutionary death enables his righteousness to apply to those who have fallen under the devil’s temptations. Jesus can deliver us from the dominion of the devil’s deception since he “is able to help those who are being tempted” (Heb 2:18). We can find victory over sin because the cross has conquered Satan’s power of deception.

Is Church Membership Really Required?

Second, it's not biblical. Every letter in the New Testament assumes Christians are members of local churches. The letters themselves are addressed to local churches. They teach us how to get along with other members, how to encourage the weak within the church, how to conduct ourselves at church, and what to do with unrepentant sinners in the church. They command us to submit to our elders, and encourage us to go to our elders to pray. All these things are impossible if you aren't a member of a local church. (See 1 and 2 Corinthians, James, Ephesians, 1 and 2 Timothy, and 1 Peter for references.)

The long and winding road: collected wisdom on maturing in seminary

“That’s a tragedy and it puts inhumane expectations on pastors who are limited to 24 hours a day, seven days a week, just like you are — and who you don’t want to neglect their families to be with you all the time, too. So I would not deny the immense riches that have come to me from one-on-one meetings. ... Those are sweet. We should pursue that; pray that God would open those up for us in significant portions of our lives. And yet every time you hear a man behind a pulpit open up his heart, and especially the Word of God, you are being discipled. When godly men place structures in place — those structures didn’t just randomly happen — so that they would be for the edification of the saints. … I think you can grow a long way through the programs your church lays out and through the ordinary means of grace in the church.”

Carter vs. Starke on Jesus in the Movies

At the same time, such movies depend on a certain level of engagement in order to be meaningful. Shocking art is trying to catch our attention, and the viewer can either just walk away from the shock with distaste in his mouth or ask what the artist is trying to say. Whenever an artist uses biblical themes to say something, he's always trying to say something about ultimate reality (God, self, or the world). I think, for Christians, it's worth sticking with a film long enough to understand his purpose. It will either give us a surprising perspective about God that we don't ever consider or gives us insight into how our society views God (or what we want him to be like). I think Last Temptation gives us both.

The Message of God

But that's not God's response. Instead, He sends a prophet. That makes no sense to me - it's as if I'm in a terrible car accident and instead of sending a police officer or EMT officer, the 911 dispatcher sends a reporter! My illustration is imperfect, but here's the point - when God sends a prophet, it tells you that He's after something more than just situational relief.

Tough Questions Christians Face: 2010 National Conference

Christ has redeemed us to be a light that directs others to Him. Fulfilling this call requires us to be able to deal with the most difficult questions asked about the Christian faith. If we are unprepared for the darkness around us, it will be harder to counter it with the truth of God’s Word.


Jesus was not a mere man who only later became God; rather, God took on humanity in the person of Jesus of Nazareth. Within a short decade or two, the early Christians understood Jesus’ identity was intrinsic to the identity of Israel’s God and that he wasn’t a second or lesser god but instead part of God’s own being and identity and thus a fitting object of worship. Also, the types of Christology Ehrman discounts as contradictory are found side by side, even intertwined, in individual New Testament books like John and Colossians. Apparently, these biblical authors held both views simultaneously without considering them contradictory. This evidence calls into question Ehrman’s trajectory from exaltation to incarnation Christologies, then, as many New Testament authors would have to be internally conflicted for his thesis to be correct.

Resurgence Roundup, 3/28/14

The Gospel Coalition: Who are the “Millennial generation”? New data from two of the country’s leading social research organizations provide an invaluable window into their thinking and experience. So far, the discussion of these findings has centered on the disastrous collapse of marriage, work, and religious practice among Millennials (ages 18 to 29). But the most dire social problem is that Millennials don’t trust their neighbors. The deepest question our culture will be facing in the coming generation is not what to do about jobs or single parenthood, but whether we are still capable of loving our neighbors.

'BaneCat' Is Necessary Evil

This shouldn't work. The idea of putting a Bane mask on a cat sounds so Internet-y and obvious that it's almost boring. And yet Rob's Rants, the creators of the video, actually infuse it with some great lines. It is not the cat video we need. But it is the one we deserve ...

Chuck the Flannelgraph: Jared Wilson on the Gripping Glory of Jesus’ Parables

The most common answers to this first question are that Jesus taught in parables to make his teaching easier to understand—to serve as "sermon illustrations," in other words—or to draw people in with well-spun stories and the like. There are shades of truth in both of those answers, but they don't quite get at what Jesus was really doing teaching in parables. In Matthew 13, Jesus himself explains that he teaches in parables in some way to fulfill the prophecy of Isaiah that "seeing they will not see, and hearing they will not hear." This means the parables of Jesus work in a parallel way to the gospel itself—they open eyes and ears to see and hear the truth, or they further harden people against the truth. The parables reveal or conceal Christ's glory, depending on the quality of the spiritual senses of those hearing them.

5 Strategies for Ministering in a Cretan Context

I love the pastoral epistles. I ought to; I’m a pastor. I love them for their clear-sightedness, practical usefulness, and rich reliance on Jesus Christ and His work to save us. Any pastor that doesn’t regularly dip into the pastorals is likely a pastor trusting too much in his own wisdom or burned out from using worldly techniques.

Wesley J. Smith - Cloning Succeeds Using Destroyed Embryos

If successful, the development would allow the use of “excess” human eggs that are retrieved and fertilized during in vitro fertilization treatments, but never used.Senior study author Shoukhrat Mitalipov, a cell biologist at Oregon Health and Science University, says his lab now wants to reproduce their success, “first in a monkey and later with human embryos.”

The Briefing 03-28-14

1) Despite Obama’s “retrenchment” the world is becoming a more dangerous place

25 How Can You Trust Christianity Is True if You Haven't Examined All the Alternatives? - Stand to Reason Blog

@Crews Giles: I can sense your compassion and love for those who are of other faiths and see your concern for their salvation. I'm wondering about some of the theology behind your thinking and hope you will clarify some of it for me. You remarked that you hold to and defend the justice of God--and, indeed, He is all just! You mention those who are "trying to find God" and I'm a little less clear on that point. Is it not God who draws US to Himself? He is not hiding where He cannot be found, surely. So are you making a reference to those who have sincere hearts and want to be good folks but don't have a relationship with Christ--that they are the ones you believe that Christ will welcome into His kingdom? Since that seems to contradict the words of Christ that, "No one comes to the Father except through me", I'm wondering how you square the two. Then, in your final statement, I'm concluding that you are defining those same people who are "trying to find God" as just, and that they will be welcomed by Christ into His kingdom.

Moore, Lynn debate Hobby Lobby's liberty -

WASHINGTON (BP) -- Southern Baptist ethicist Russell D. Moore defended America's longstanding religious liberty in a debate with church-state separationist Barry Lynn on C-SPAN Friday (March 28). Appearing on the network's "Washington Journal," Moore, the leading religious liberty advocate for the Southern Baptist Convention, and Lynn, executive director of a strict church-state separationist organization, expressed disagreements on the free exercise of religion and on a case argued before the U.S. Supreme Court only three days earlier. The disparity between their views seemed to become most evident when they began discussing the Obama administration's abortion/contraception mandate, which requires employers to provide drugs and devices that have the potential to cause abortions. The Supreme Court heard arguments March 25 from the federal government in support of the requirement, as well as two family owned businesses -- nationwide retail chain Hobby Lobby and Pennsylvania-based Conestoga Wood Specialties –- that contend the federal rule violates their owners' free exercise of religion rights and a 1993 law protecting religious liberty.

Answering Muslims: Saudi Red Crescent Refuses Medical Treatment to Woman for Having No Male Escort

Gulf News —Health authorities in Saudi Arabia have launched an investigation into a claim that a woman had been refused medical assistance in the absence of a male relative. Dr Salma Al Shihab reportedly made an urgent call requesting a Saudi Red Crescent ambulance to take her to hospital, but the operator upon learning that she had no male relative with her told her that they could not send her the vehicle. The patient said that she felt an acute pain early in the evening, but she thought that it would gradually disappear. However, by 4am, she could no longer stand the pain and had difficulties speaking or moving her head, local Arabic daily Okaz reported on Tuesday. Unable to go out at that time to look for a taxi, particularly that she lived alone, she called the Red Crescent Society. The operator asked a series of questions about the symptoms and the location of her home. When she informed him that she lived alone, he reportedly told her that they could not send an ambulance to a woman who did not have a male relative with her. Salma added that the operator asked her to wait for some time before he resumed the conversation to tell her there were no instructions to dispatch ambulances to women without male relatives.

14-Year-Old Has Plan to Save Government $370 Million with New Typeface

Suvir Mirchandani is just 14-years-old, but that hasn’t stopped him from coming up with a way to potentially save the U.S. government hundreds a of millions of dollars. After noticing the number of print outs used at his own public school, Mirchandani began experimenting with different typefaces, charting their size and calculating how much ink they each used. Because ink is ridiculously expensive, minor changes to typeface can equal big savings when applied to high volumes of work. He calculated that if both federal and state government offices switched to Garamond font, it could save more than $370 million each year. After submitting his findings to the Journal for Emerging Investigators (JEI)—a group that recognizes the research of young students—his work is starting to get national attention. Unfortunately, even though he’s offering a remarkably simple solution that could save taxpayers millions of dollars, CNN said a representative from the Government Printing Office was, for some reason, “noncommittal on whether the GPO would introduce changes to typeface.” Don't worry Suvir, at the least, you have a bright future in the fast-growing printer industry .

Did the divinity of Jesus emerge slowly after many years of embellishments?

On this topic, one of the most helpful authors is a fellow named Larry Hurtado. He has written several works that deal not so much with the doctrinal teaching of the early church, but instead with the degree and depth of devotion that the early church gave to Jesus, placing him on a devotional level that had prior to their time been reserved only for God Himself. Thus in their level of devotion and worship that they directed toward Jesus, they effectively raise him to the level of deity virtually from day one after the resurrection.

Appeals court upholds Texas' tough pro-life laws

A panel of three judges in the US Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit released its ruling upholding HB2, Texas’ Pro-Life law, which took full effect in October of last year.  The opinion affirms the constitutionality of the legislation passed last summer and rejects Planned Parenthood’s argument that HB2 places an “undue burden” upon abortionists, abortion facilities, and women seeking abortion.

Happiness Is Not the Goal

According to science, what we feel when we feel happy is actually the release of two hormones, Dopamine and Oxytocin. And though this rush is a beautiful gift to us, it’s also proven to not stick around for very long. Not only are our bodies unable to handle this chemical reaction consistently over long seasons of time, but we eventually fall victim to what scientists have called “Hedonic Adaptation.” In other words, the things that most thrill us in one particular season tend to be short-lived and do little for us in the next.

When Worlds Collide

In the course of history, tragedies occur, and we ask why. In this series, Dr. R.C. Sproul explains why the Christian worldview is unique. In addressing the character of God, Dr. Sproul explores how God has providentially worked throughout history.

Whistleblower Leaks 148-Word ‘Essay’ that Earned UNC Athlete an A-

What does it take to earn an A- in a course at a major American college? If you’re an athlete at the University of North Carolina, apparently a few poorly punctuated sentences on a historic topic will due. As an academic scandal at the ACC college continues to unfold, a former learning specialists named Mary Willingham, who worked at the UNC Academic Support Program for Student Athletes, showed ESPN an essay (that’s under 150 words) that earned a student-athlete an A- letter grade. The school is being accused of offering fake classes to athletes—that require very little work—so that they could maintain their NCAA eligibility. Willingham told the sports network, “I feel let down and disappointed that something like this could take place. I feel angry at myself for allowing it, for having these blinders on" ...

A closer look at the Islamization of schools in the UK

The UK was under Labour Party rule for a long time, and under the Labour Party, huge numbers of unskilled immigrants from Muslim countries were let into the country in the name of multiculturalism. The Labour Party is gone from office now, but the damage is still being felt today. Under Labour rule, the country seems to have taken a turn towards moral relativism and radical feminism, so that people seem to be terrified of making moral judgments or standing up to a centralized, powerful government. Even many Christians in the UK seem to struggle with holding to conservative morality and theology, and they even vote for the Labour Party and worse, the Liberal Democrats. There just seems to be a suspicion of individual liberty and personal responsibility that has weakened the country so that it is a shadow of its former self.

Deeper Waters Podcast 3/29/2014: How God Became Jesus.

Last week, my guest was Dr. Charles Hill. This week, he’s going to be back again and he’s got some friends with him. The others will not be here for the whole show but will be here for part of it. Those will be Chris Tilling and Michael Bird. Do those three names sound familiar? They should. All three of them are some of the co-authors of a book called “How God Became Jesus”, a response to Bart Ehrman’s “How Jesus Became God.”

RELEVANT Q+A: Dustin Kensrue

This week we feature an in-studio performance from Us and Our Daughters. Plus, we talk to Rachel Cruze about money (she's Dave Ramsey's daughter), a terrifying new creature, the week's news and entertainment, your feedback and much more ...

Watch Noah Perform a Killer Johnny Cash Cover with Fallon and the Roots

Not only can he portray Biblical heroes on the big screen, but Noah -star Russell Crowe also knows his way around a Johnny Cash tune. Last night he stopped by The Tonight Show and preformed a pretty great cover of the Cash classic “Folsom Prison Blues” with Fallon and The Roots. Rock on gentlemen ...

03 20 Newsflashes from the Persecuted Church

Open Doors USA President/CEO Dr. David Curry states: “Christianity Today has a long history of articulating the story of persecuted Christians and advocating for religious freedom in countries around the world. CT has continued to write about persecution in a very accurate, professional and timely manner. There is no doubt that it has raised awareness in the West about persecuted Christians. Open Doors, and of course members of the Persecuted Church, are thankful for its commitment to keeping believers informed from a Christian worldview.”

Lent: Did Jesus Really Die on the Cross?

In order to try and explain the resurrection, some claim that Jesus did not actually die on the cross. This is often called the swoon theory. Why do I believe that Jesus really died on the cross?

RELEVANT Podcast: Us and Our Daughters Performs Live

This week we feature an in-studio performance from Us and Our Daughters. Plus, we talk to Rachel Cruze about money (she's Dave Ramsey's daughter), a terrifying new creature, the week's news and entertainment, your feedback and much more ...

When the Pressure is On

You’re wise if you handle these tough situations the same way Jesus did. He prayed, “Please take this cup of suffering away from me.” It’s okay to ask God to change the unpleasant circumstances you face. Jesus did. But he also added, “Yet I want your will, not mine.” He told God that more than anything he wanted to obey.

He Descended into Hell, and Q&A - Christian Research Institute

Hank explains the misconceptions surrounding Jesus’ death and supposed descent into hell. He refutes the error communicated by Joel Osteen who teaches that Jesus finished the work of redemption in hell, and further gives some historical background on the phrase found in the Apostles Creed.

The Battle Plan of God

You're not strong enough to defeat sin on your own. You can't find an army within the body of Christ to defeat it for you. And no battle plan you draw up will be your source of victory. Certainly, you should pursue the body of Christ and strategies for assistance, but your only source of victory is found in the One who said those five words to Gideon - "I will be with you."

Drawing Lines

Thirdly, John refers to the emotional deadness of the mainline churches as evidence that emotional abuses exist in the cessationist camp as well, namely, the lack of emotion. However, mainline liberals are emotionally dead not because they are cessationists but because they deny fundamental doctrines of Scripture. By cutting themselves off from the gospel and the Savior, they forfeit the theology that gives life and brings joy. When mainline churches deny the inerrancy of Scripture, penal substitutionary atonement, and the deity of Christ, it’s no wonder they don’t have renewed spiritual affections—they are unregenerate. Their emotional deadness has nothing to do with their cessationism. And though there are doctrinal, emotional, discernment, and financial abuses in all kinds of churches—charismatic and cessationist, liberal and conservative—you cannot draw a straight line from those problems to a theology that insists on the sole authority and absolute sufficiency of the Scripture (i.e., cessationism). 

Is There Evidence that ‘Breaking Bad’ Was a ‘Walking Dead’ Prequel?

In season two of The Walking Dead , blue meth—like the kind Walt and Jesse made—can clearly be seen in a baggy containing Merle’s illicit substances. This season on The Walking Dead , Daryl describes Merle’s drug dealer, who sounds an awful lot like Jesse Pinkman. The theory suggests that Jesse and Glenn fled New Mexico at the start of the zombie apocalypse, and ended up in Georgia where Jesse sold his drug (which may have caused the outbreak) to Merle. Yes, it’s really far-fetched, and seems unlikely. But, the creators of the series, at the very least, like doing call backs to Breaking Bad . Maybe they are trying to tell us something ...

First 7.5km Run - James White's 7.6 kilometers run

Run First 7.5km Run

The long and winding road: collected wisdom on maturing in seminary

“That’s a tragedy and it puts inhumane expectations on pastors who are limited to 24 hours a day, seven days a week, just like you are — and who you don’t want to neglect their families to be with you all the time, too. So I would not deny the immense riches that have come to me from one-on-one meetings. ... Those are sweet. We should pursue that; pray that God would open those up for us in significant portions of our lives. And yet every time you hear a man behind a pulpit open up his heart, and especially the Word of God, you are being discipled. When godly men place structures in place — those structures didn’t just randomly happen — so that they would be for the edification of the saints. … I think you can grow a long way through the programs your church lays out and through the ordinary means of grace in the church.”


Not sure how so many Christians can sit back and say this movie is not for them (based on what some movie critic or pastor says) and lose all credibility in their discussions with non believers that do go see it. This would be totally missing the opportunity to use this movie as a bridge instead of a wall. The Lions share of movies that I have seen in my life are not biblically accurate, this includes most "bible based" movies. (ie: Richard Gere as a super feminine King David, Bruce All Mighty, or almost a dozen Jesus movies that I own.) There is NO way that this or ANY Noah movie is going to be biblically accurate, but it will still come closer than most of the flannel graph images that I saw in Sunday School. I have heard some critics say they did not like it because Noah seemed to "dark". Can you imagine a world where people are so corrupt that all they do is think of sin and ways to sin all day long? A world that is so defiled that God is actually sad he even made man? This does not even go into the whole idea of the Nephilim and all of the possible versions of corruptions that idea makes possible.

Rob Bell Joins Oprah’s ‘Life You Want’ Tour

Rob Bell will be out on the road as part of a new speaking tour. But unlike the intimate theater shows he used to host, his new platform will be in arenas around the country. Oprah has announced that Bell will be among the guests on her eight-city “The Life You Want Weekend” tour, kicking off this fall. In a press release , Oprah said, “All of my life I have wanted to lead people to an empathy space. To a gratitude space. I want us all to fulfill our greatest potential. To find our calling, and summon the courage to live it." Along with the former Mars Hill pastor and best-selling author, a group of “handpicked thought leaders and pop culture icons” will be speaking along with Oprah during each “transformational weekend.” Eat, Pray, Love author Elizabeth Gilbert, “spiritual life coach” and reality star Iyanla Vanzant and Deepak Chopra are also among the speakers schedule to make appearances at select dates. On her website, the TV mogul has posted an epically-scored video describing the tour if you want to learn more about finding a, ummm, “gratitude space” ...


If a wealthy man leaves to attend a wedding feast, and pays servants to watch over his house while he’s gone, what happens when he returns to find that they have fallen asleep on the job?  And how does this apply to our lives?  Hear the answers in this message from Dr. R.C. Sproul, on Luke 12:35-48. 

51 The Briefing 03-28-14