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7 of the Best Books on the Resurrection | Mikel Del Rosario | Your Apologetics Guy℠

Easter is About Jesus’ Resurrection Want to perpare for conversations about Jesus’ Resurrection? I often find myself talking about the historicity of the Resurrection at family get-togethers around Easter. And it’s not even me bringing this stuff up. Somehow, my skeptical relatives find me! Maybe you’ll get a chance to talk with your unbelieving friends or …

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Job, Suffering, and a Game of Chess

For the second example, I want to look at the story specifically brought up at the beginning of this post- Job. We learn that Job lost all his family (save his wife), wealth, health, and his livelihood. His attitude is recorded in Job 1:21b “The Lord gave and the Lord has taken away. May the name of the Lord be praised”. After going through the profound discussions recorded in the book of Job, God restored him. We see countless testimonies of those who have found solace in suffering by reading Job’s story. God had a purpose for the suffering that Job went through. If the story of Job represents just a “game” and a nefarious and evil one, at that, then this evil game has had some pretty good consequences. If we are to acknowledge that God is in control and knows what He is doing (which is what Christianity affirms about God), then there was nothing evil about what happened to Job- God knew the good that would result. The preservation of Job’s story allows you to experience God’s comfort, but you have to willing to accept, as Job did, that the Lord has an ultimate plan for your suffering.

Was the Resurrection of Jesus a Late Church Invention?

2. Early Christian Preaching : The book of Acts records the beginning and expansion of the church. Resurrection is mentioned in most of the speeches, which make up roughly one-third of the book. In the first speech in Acts, Peter describes how God appointed Jesus to do wonders but he was killed by lawless men, and yet “God raised him up, loosing the pangs of death, because it was not possible for him to be held by it” (Acts 2:24).

Episode 457: Priscilla Shirer // Aligning Your Priorities with His In Order to Fulfill Your Calling

On this episode of the Catalyst podcast, Tyler Reagin sits down with Priscilla Shirer for a conversation about balancing the tension between ministry and family, finding the route to your calling, and her role in the new film, I Can Only Imagine.  

It’s Time to Reckon with Celebrity Power

I have joined an organization I did not found, led by a CEO to whom I report, who in turn reports to a serious, empowered, independent board of directors, and I spent 12 years before that working for another organization. I have submitted all my travel and speaking decisions to my CEO as well as to Catherine, and was finally able, gladly, to shift from a freelance speaking career, with income flowing to my sole proprietorship, to one where all fees flow to the organization. I publish my speaking fees and terms online. I minimize my use of agents who would have a financial incentive to increase my celebrity and would interpose themselves between me and the churches and ministries that wish to engage me as a speaker. (I do have a literary agent, but she is eminently and unshakably sane.) At conferences that offer speakers a “green room,” I use it only for prayer and preparation immediately before I speak. The rest of the time, I sit in the audience like everyone else. At events that use name tags, I wear one.

Cold-Case Homicide Detective J. Warner Wallace Investigates Easter

Greg’s Note: If you’re a regular visitor to The Poached Egg then you are most likely no stranger to the writings of former atheist and cold-case homicide detective, J. [Jim] Warner Wallace as he is one of the most prolific writers in the field of Christian Apologetics (or, ‘Christian Case-Making’, as he likes to call it) today and many of his blog posts (including the ones listed below) and books have been featured here. In 2016, Wallace ran a series on his website, , called Investigating Easter . This time of year when the skeptics are coming out of the woodwork, I thought you might find it handy to have the entire series gathered together in one place. Each of the seven posts are short and easily digestible, but they are not short on the critical thinking and analytical skills of a highly trained and experience detective!

The Inexplicable Fine-Tuning of the Foundational Forces in Our Universe

The appearance of fine-tuning in our universe has been observed by theists and atheists alike. Even physicist Paul Davies (who is agnostic when it comes to the notion of a Divine Designer) readily stipulates, “Everyone agrees that the universe looks as if it was designed for life.” Oxford philosopher John Leslie agrees: “it looks as if our universe is spectacularly ‘fine-tuned for life’. By this I mean only that it looks as if small changes in this universe’s basic features would have made life’s evolution impossible.” The foundational “laws of nature” are amazingly fine-tuned; there is very little room for alteration. The smallest modifications of these laws would completely destroy the possibility of life in the universe. Theoretical physicist, Stephen Hawking says the laws of physics “appear fine-tuned in the sense that if they were altered by only modest amounts, the universe would be qualitatively different, and in many cases unsuitable for the development of life…The emergence of the complex structures capable of supporting intelligent observers seems to be very fragile.

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Why Christian Apologetics Is Not A Discipline

Years ago at an apologetics conference I heard Winfried Corduan say, “Apologetics is not a discipline, it’s a practice.” This was something I had been saying for a while, so it was refreshing to hear him say it. It was similar to what Gary Habermas had told me a few years before. I asked him if he could recommend a school or program for getting a Ph.D. to do apologetics. He said to get a Ph.D. in a discipline, like history, and then do apologetics from that field. This made sense. However, it seems that many apologists today want to just “do apologetics” without being a specialist in a field. Being an expert just in apologetics is to not be an expert at anything.

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Your One Best Answer to People Who Say Jesus Never Existed (And Other Skeptical Claims) | The Stream

On he first day of class for the semester she was trying to get to know the students. She asked them each to name the one historical figure they would most like to meet. One student said Jesus. The prof down the student’s answer big-time. She didn’t exactly say Jesus never existed, but just as bad: “No one knows if he ever really existed, and if he did, who knows, he might have been a druggie.” That’s a pretty much direct quote.

A Case for the Bible 101: Manuscript Evidence Part 1, A Few Important Facts

If you put 10 people in a room and gave them a subject to write about what would you expect the outcome to be? Would you expect them to have the same theme, ideas, storyline, and conclusions? Would they have the same personal beliefs and views on the topic and write with the same convictions? The odds fall strongly in favor of no, but that is not what we see in the Bible:

Bill Hybels Accused of Misconduct by Former Willow Creek Leaders

This small group of former staff members has articulated outright to several people that they believe Bill does not deserve to finish his ministry tenure at Willow well, despite the thorough and conscientious investigative process that has cleared his name. It has become clear to us that they have decided to spread this sentiment through rumors and now through the media. They aggressively shopped the story to multiple media outlets. These actions fail to live up to biblical standards, and they have caused much pain for many people. We have deep sadness over the broken relationships with people we have respected and people we love. We are grieved for Bill and his family. After 42 years of faithfully pastoring you and me, our congregation, and after his family giving sacrificially, this has been painful beyond words for them.

What Fewer Christians in America Means for Christian Parents

Study after study shows the trend of fewer people identifying as Christians, and more people identifying as atheist, agnostic, or “nothing in particular.” Frankly, I don’t think most of us even need the studies to find that out. It’s blatantly obvious in the media, in the government, in schools, and online.

Why the Appearance of Design in Biology Is a Problem for Atheistic Naturalism

As unlikely and unexpected as it may be, life exists in our universe , and just as researchers stipulate to the appearance of fine-tuning in the cosmos , scientists also stipulate to the appearance of design in biological organisms . Richard Dawkins would be the first to agree: “Biology is the study of complicated things that give the appearance of having been designed for a purpose.” Many other scientists affirm this observation and extend it to include the larger ecosystems in which many symbiotic organisms are dependent on one another for their survival. Smith College professor of biological sciences, Robert Dorit says, “The apparent fit between organisms seems to suggest some higher intelligence at work, some supervisory gardener bringing harmony and color to the garden.” For scientists looking for an explanation within the “garden” to avoid the inference of an external “supervisory gardener,” this appearance of design is difficult to explain.

The Seven Last Sayings of Jesus from the Cross

The editorial team at the Colson Center has compiled our reflections on Jesus’ last words in a booklet that we’d like to make available to you for free.

The Resurrection of Jesus is still the most reasonable inference from the evidence

In order for the Resurrection of Jesus to be a late legend, the story would have to be both late and a legend. It is neither. The earliest New Testament documents include the Resurrection story, and the record of the early Church fathers demonstrates that the story was not altered over time. The truth of the Gospel accounts and the Resurrection of Jesus is still the most reasonable inference from the evidence.

8 Things to Remember During Resurrection Conversations

“How does the death of a guy, even if he is God, do anything for me now?” A friend asked me this a short time ago. This person didn’t doubt that God raised Jesus from the dead. They doubt how it could have any effect on them today. It wasn’t “Good News” if it didn’t really matter. On one hand, I understand this person’s question. I understand the desire to connect the Resurrection to our life today. On the other hand God has revealed to us His purpose and plan in raising Jesus from the dead. Simon has outlined some evidence that gives us confidence in the historicity of Jesus’ Resurrection.    Simon then drew from the biblical stories and concluded ‘Jesus is risen, therefore you have work ahead of you’ here. Part of the work is to share the Hope that is found in this event. Even though it is ancient history, it has present day effects. Let’s get plugged into leadership and see how we can relate the Resurrection to our conversations today.

Tendons Are Irreducibly Complex | Evolution News

We’ve seen seven to eight levels of hierarchy in a tendon’s structure — enough to begin thinking about irreducible complexity (IC). Add to that the physical constraints of ability to withstand rupture while storing energy, the crosslinks, and the repair options, and the case for IC grows. It becomes overwhelmingly persuasive when we consider that the fibers are coded by genes and built by ribosomes using two independent codes: the genetic code and the protein code. On top of that, consider that the fibrils must be sent to the proper location in the body and wrapped with others at the proper angle by other molecular machines.

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Restoration is the Fruit of Rest

We all need rest. We may try to deny or ignore it, but it’s part of our intricate design. God modeled rest for us when He created for six days, and then rested on the seventh. He didn’t need to rest, but He wanted us to see that rest is good. It’s restorative. However, as leaders, rest is often the last thing on our to-do list and the first thing to get pushed to the back burner when something more pressing arises. We are quick to fill our downtime and schedule our Sabbath with “just a few things that need to be done.”

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The fact that God knows everything is a tremendous motivator for me to live a godly life. I realize that nothing in my life is done in secret, nothing I face will hinder his ability to help me, nothing that is to come will catch him by surprise, nothing I fear will be too big for his strength, and nothing I do in his name is ever done in vain. God says, “I know what I’m doing. I have it all planned out — plans to take care of you, not abandon you, plans to give you the future you hope for” (Jeremiah 29:11 The Message).

Alike: Joseph Smith,Muhammad, Jim Jones, Koresh

Many false prophets have much in common - see the interesting similarities of Jones, Koresh, Smith and Muhammad. See book

Yet Another Reason to Believe Our Finite Universe Points to the Existence of God

According to these theories, the expansion of the universe would eventually slow under the gravitational attraction of its own mass, resulting in matter flying past itself in close proximity as the universe contracted to a region of incredible concentration. The universe would then appear to “bounce back” from this gravitational cycle, beginning yet another period of expansion. This would therefore explain the expansion we observe in our universe without having to acknowledge this expansion as evidence of a universe with a single origination event (known as a cosmic singularity). Instead of a universe that is expanding from its single point of origin, oscillating models describe a universe that is cycling between expansion and contraction (we simply happen to exist in an expansion period for the universe).

How to Become a True Student and a Better Apologist

Understand that when you stop listening you do so because you have assumed something, and living in a land of assumptions is dangerous. You have either assumed that you perfectly understand the position being talked about or that you perfectly understand the way someone holds the position. Both are likely not to be true. And this is quite arrogant. This kind of arrogance is the luxury of the expert, not the student. And I suppose that is the problem. Everyone today thinks they are an expert. But the true expert only became such because of their ability to be a true student.

Another Transition Regret Story | Stand to Reason

“One of my biggest struggles is that due to the medical procedures I underwent, I have difficulty with dating, am unable to have children, and still having problems finding a good hormone balance. And it is difficult being part of the psychological community that is so pro-transition right now and being one of the few critics”….

The Gospel from Womb to Tomb

Every age and stage of life has its own special trials and temptations. The young are called to flee youthful lusts (2 Tim. 2:22). The middle-aged are warned about the choking cares of this life (Mark 4:19).

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The trailer is out for the new book THE CASE FOR MIRACLES by @LeeStrobel - I was able to endorse this book and it may be his best yet!

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Lord, Keep Me from Wasting My Life

But, again, Paul would say the same thing about “civilian pursuits.” There’s not enough time to do everything we’d enjoy doing. Even as soldiers, there’s not enough time to do all the very good, spiritually helpful things we’d like to do. But there’s sufficient time for us to do what God gives us to do (2 Corinthians 9:8).

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Last month, an anonymous handout alleged that Taylor University was becoming more liberal on sex, immigration, and race. Here's what happened next …

The Resurrection Comfort of Easter

As with most redemptive elements of the Christian religion, the resurrection of Christ confers upon its beneficiaries a present and a future status. Presently and spiritually, the resurrection raises Christians to newness of life (Rom. 6:4) and seats them in the heavenly places with Christ (Eph. 2:6). His vindication serves as the foundation for the judicial status of righteousness received by those who trust Him alone for salvation (Rom. 4:25). This is what theologians define as the “already/not yet” tension that characterizes the New Testament, or what Herman Ridderbos defined as Paul’s inaugurated eschatology. In the Old Testament sense of redemptive history, the “day of the Lord” was a one-step event bifurcating the old age and the new age. In one sense, Paul splits the day of the Lord in half and applies it to the first and second comings of Christ. At the first coming, the new age was inaugurated. For Christians, the judgment aspect of the day of the Lord has already passed, God’s wrath having been poured out on Christ, who died in place of His people. In another sense, however, the day of the Lord remains not yet for us—it is still a future event to be fulfilled in the second coming of Christ.

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Why We Shouldn’t Forsake the ‘Forgotten American in Turkey’

The Story: A pastor and North Carolina native is being held in Turkey on unsubstantiated charges of terrorism-related activity. Here’s why Christians shouldn’t forget this “forgotten American in Turkey.” The Background: Andrew Brunson had served almost half his life as an evangelical missionary in Turkey when he received a summons to the local police station in Izmir . Brunson assumed he was getting a long-awaited permanent-residence card. Instead, the pastor was imprisoned on October 7, 2016 and notified he was being deported because he was considered a “threat to national security.” For 63 days he was detained without access to an attorney—or even a Bible. Brunson was then moved to a counter-terrorism center in Izmir and then taken to court, where he was accused of having ties to an American-based cleric, Fetullah Gulen, who is being blamed for a coup attempt in July 2016. Andrew Brunson According to the American Center for Law and Justice (ACLJ), an organization representing Brunson’s family, the Turkish court had the option to deport Brunson, release him with the condition that he sign-in with local authorities weekly, or imprison him.

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Preacher's Toolkit: How Do I Teach Difficult Doctrines without Splitting the Church?

The history of Christianity and of virtually every denomination is a narrative of spats, splits, and schisms. Many churches and denominations were born not of an intentional tactic to reach more people, but in response to personal or doctrinal conflict. Doctrine does not have to divide, however, if a pastor will employ a few basic strategies when he encounters a difficult or controversial doctrine in the Bible. 1. Make It Textual Christians will never understand doctrine apart from grasping the warp and woof of Scripture. A steady diet of exposition teaches both the metanarrative of the Bible as well as the underlying truths. Narrative passages were “written for our instruction” (Rom. 15:4; 1 Cor. 10:11) and as examples to us. They generally hold some sanctifying truth to emulate or sin to avoid, but even behaviors exhibited in the text fit within a doctrinal framework that reflects the character and will of God. Jonah 4, for instance, is fascinating and has an incredible narrative appeal. You might expect the story to conclude with chapter 3. After initially defying the Lord, Jonah undergoes God’s chastisement in the belly of a great fish, cries out for deliverance, relents, and goes to Nineveh, where he delivers a message of judgment.

The Answer Is the Resurrection

We don’t have to believe in the resurrection in spite of the facts. Instead, we believe in the resurrection in light of the facts. If you can defend your belief in the resurrection, then you are already positioned to respond to other questions people may have about your faith. In fact, you can respond to objections by asking, “Do you believe in the resurrection of Jesus?” If the answer is no, then you may want to focus on the evidence for the resurrection as a foundation for addressing their other concerns.

Book Review: The Creator and the Cosmos

Several years ago, when I was struggling with science/faith issues, I stumbled upon astrophysicist Dr. Hugh Ross' book " The Creator and the Cosmos ." He had released the third edition of the book, and many people were recommending it for those with science/faith concerns. I was already somewhat familiar with Dr. Ross' name since I had read "The Fingerprint of God" in the mid-90s but had not pursued much more investigation (most of the content was way over my head at the time). I decided to pick up a copy of that new book in the mid-2000s and took the time to read through it carefully. I was astounded at the strength of the scientific case Dr. Ross presented for the existence of the God of the Bible.

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Now More Than Ever, It's Time for the Church to Be a Thermostat | Cold Case Christianity

Light guides and exposes. Jesus’ command to be “light” assumes two things. It assumes the world around us is dark and needs light, and it assumes the practices and beliefs of the culture are misguided and need correcting. That’s why we need to be thermostats rather than thermometers. We are called to set the tone, add truth to the culture, shine a light on the darkness and guide people to something better. The Church is at a crucial point of decision. We can acquiesce, shrink in silence, or stand tall in spite of the consequences. Jesus called his followers to do the latter. That’s why he did his best to prepare them for the reaction they would surely receive from the culture:

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For those believers who die before the second advent of Jesus Christ, their souls will experience a blessed reunion with their bodies, albeit without the corruption and decay felt so acutely in this life. 

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BreakPoint Podcast. The topic today: John Stonestreet talks about "Faith: Personal, not Private." John looks at the very public claims made in Scripture about Jesus, especially the events of Holy Week leading up to His death and resurrection.

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Our dying friends need to know we know we’re dying too. They need to see this solidarity in death so they can savor our solidarity in Christ. …

Did Jesus Say He Was God? | Mikel Del Rosario | Your Apologetics Guy℠

Jesus claimed to be God in ways that were pretty clear to the people He was talking to. Our problem as 21st century readers, is that we might not easily get what some of Jesus’ sayings actually meant to the people who were part of the conversation. For example, Jesus also claimed to be divine when He said He was the “Son of Man.” I’ll admit that the first time I heard this title, I thought it was kind of like Muhammad saying, “I am but a man like you” (Qur’an 41:6)—Now there’s a religious figure who never claimed to be God! But this isn’t what Jesus meant at all. Let’s take a look at the term, “Son of Man.”

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After reading “Gentle Ben,” with the great fifth graders at @zacharytaylorel . Fun to watch a great teacher, Lisa Grimes, masterfully at work. Also glad to be with @jeffhsmith2 , assistant principal.

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