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Cross-Examining Dr. Stephen C. Meyer

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Christianity & Islam: What Must I Do to Be Saved?

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464. Aren't All Religions Essentially The Same?

Frank Turek highlights the differences between different faiths.

Islam and Pagan Rituals: The Pilgrimage to Mecca (Hajj) What is the Hajj? Prior to Islam, the Hajj was a pagan ritual, in which the pagans of Arabia would take a pilgrimage to Mecca...

Is Free Will Illusory If Persons Are Fundamentally Material?

For more resources visit: On Friday, February 21st, 2014, philosopher and theologian, Dr William Lane Craig, was invited by th...

Abdu Murray, author of Grand Central Question

All religions and worldviews seek to answer the fundamental questions of human existence: Why am I here? What does it mean to be human? Why is there evil in ...

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Doctrine Matters for Deeds of Mercy

We know something’s not right when 5:1 begins, “Now there arose a great outcry.” This word for “outcry” is the same one used in Genesis 18:21 when God heard the outcry about Sodom and Gomorrah, and then in Exodus 3:7 when Israel cried out about their unjust taskmasters. It’s the kind of word that we’d think has no business in the rebuilding of Jerusalem. It’s as out of place as the endorsement of homosexual practices by a “Christian” charity. Nonetheless, it’s there. And this time the outcry has nothing to do with evil outsiders. It’s coming from the family, from among the people themselves (Nehemiah 5:1–5).

On whether Christians should keep supporting World Vision - Mere Orthodoxy | Christianity, Politics, and Culture

But the effects of these sorts of organizational decisions are often slower moving than internet responses or commentary.  The  logic of the traditional marriage case depends upon a commitment to something like a “moral ecology”, but that means that the effects of certain decisions are not often known until several generations later.  Analogically, this sort of symbolic move will have a substantive effect on the moral ethos of World Vision USA, but the fruit in its own organizational life and in its relationship to the broader World Vision organization (the structure of which is not entirely clear to me) may not grow for a while. For those who are committed to supporting particular children, that delay is a benefit, as it allows support to continue while still expressing a fundamental disagreement and communicating to World Vision USA the reasons for such a disagreement and the end-point of any future support or help.  It’s a slow withdrawal, to be sure, but we are to be patient in doing good, even when doing good demands changing the recipients of our support.

Brothers, God is the gospel

In their case [the case of those who are perishing] the god of this world [that’s Satan] has blinded the minds of the unbelievers, to keep them from seeing the light of the gospel of the glory of Christ, who is the image of God. . . . For God, who said, “Let light shine out of darkness,” has shone in our hearts to give the light of the knowledge of the glory of God in the face of Jesus Christ.

Two More Thoughts on the World Vision Controversy

The argument assumes too much. If the needs of hungry children justify the acceptance of homosexual behavior as consistent with Christian witness, why disallow adulterers from being hired? Why insist on Trinitarian Christianity? Are we so overcome with Mormonophobia that we wouldn’t help the bloody man on the Jericho Road just because Mormons want to help him too? World Vision is a Christian organization which insists on certain Christian beliefs and Christian behaviors in its employees. If we are all utilitarians in the strictest sense, we ought to have been outraged with World Vision a long time ago.

Warm Yourself at the Fires of Meditation

In meditation, we pause and reflect over his words. We roll them over in our minds and let them ignite our hearts — we “warm ourselves at the fires of meditation.” We pose questions and seek answers. We go deep in God’s revelation, take it into our very souls, and as we are being changed by his truth, we respond to him in prayer. As Matthew Henry says, “As meditation is the best preparation for prayer, so prayer is the best issue of meditation.”

Leadership Is Lonely (and It Should Be)

If you seek leadership, know that you're asking for is a life of service and loneliness. It may not look like the glamorous service you suspect. It may be the simple act of looking others in the face, hearing their stories while knowing yours is ever decreasing. It may be a life of quiet prayer. It may be behind a pulpit, which may be one of the loneliest places of all.

Good vs. Bad Faith-Based Films - Acculturated

I appreciate your perspective on whether or not to see Noah. However, I’ve decided not to see it. If the whole point of the story of Noah is excluded and altered just to appeal to non-believers, I can’t support it. Aronofsky very well could have made it edgy and dark yet adhered to scripture. Having watched an interview with Russell Crowe this morning, it is clear that the message is all about “stewardship of the environment and animals and family drama.” Noah was good. God spared him and used him because he was good. From what I’ve read (from people that have seen the movie), they have turned him into a psychopath who hates people and is only concerned with the environment. I just can’t condone the altering of scripture to that degree. We can send Hollywood a message, make a good movie that sticks to scripture and people will go in droves. I get the impression that Aronofsky made this movie because he knows that biblical movies draw a crowd (if done correctly). It was all about the money for him. It’s ok to want to make a profit, but you have to know your audience.

I Lost My Dad in a Plane Crash, Too

Today, with new satellite imagery from the Brits, officials are nearly certain that  Malaysia Flight #370 crashed into the Indian Ocean . Over the next few days officials will probably be able to find some type of debris in the ocean that confirms this new satellite data. As someone who served as a Marine Air Traffic Control officer and who lost a relative in a plane crash (my father's body was never recovered in the Atlantic Ocean), I've been closely following the search and rescue efforts. I was deeply saddened when I heard about the initial loss of the aircraft, and have been perplexed by the strange, known movements of the aircraft that have been disclosed on the news networks. I know the family members are  distraught with this new information , since they were clinging onto the hope that somehow the aircraft might have landed somewhere on the possible northern route into Asia.

World Vision Reverses Decision on Employees in Same-Sex Marriages

The board acknowledged they made a mistake and chose to revert to our longstanding conduct policy requiring sexual abstinence for all single employees and faithfulness within the Biblical covenant of marriage between a man and a woman ...In our board's effort to unite around the church's shared mission to serve the poor in the name of Christ, we failed to be consistent with World Vision U.S.'s commitment to the traditional understanding of Biblical marriage and our own Statement of Faith, which says, "We believe the Bible to be the inspired, the only infallible, authoritative Word of God." And we also failed to seek enough counsel from our own Christian partners. As a result, we made a change to our conduct policy that was not consistent with our Statement of Faith and our commitment to the sanctity of marriage.

Former Mars Hill Church Worship Leader Luke Abrams to Current Members: Vote With Your Nickles and Noses

I have noted before that the current by-laws of Mars Hill Church do not give members voting privileges for anything at the church. However, on his Facebook page, another former Mars Hill leader is reminding current members that they can still have a voice. Former worship leader at Mars Hill, Luke Abrams, has joined other former leaders who have gone public with significant concerns about the current direction of Mars Hill. Abrams initially posted his thoughts on his private Facebook page, but they were quickly posted on several blogs, including this one. I contacted him to make sure he approved and he gave permission for his statement to posted more widely.

The Road Less Traveled: The Faithfulness of J.I. Packer vs. the Capitulation of World Vision

Make no mistake, this so-called “neutral” position of World Vision is a position to regard practicing homosexuals (under the guise of an imaginary “marriage”) as following an acceptable Christian lifestyle, on the analogy of choosing infant baptism over believers’ baptism.

Our Whole Salvation & All Its Parts: Calvin on Union with Christ - The Scriptorium Daily

It’s a paragraph –four sentences, actually, though the central sentence is one of those long, classical affairs with eighteen “if”s in it– in which Calvin delivers the payoff to a long, cumulative argument. The setting is Book II, chapter 16. He has just worked through the life of Christ following roughly the order of the Apostles’ Creed, which he says he has followed “because it states the leading articles of redemption in a few words, and may thus serve as a tablet in which the points of Christian doctrine, most deserving of attention, are brought separately and distinctly before us.” Then, after having analyzed how each aspect of Christ’s work is effective for us and our salvation, Calvin delivers this comprehensive summary:

How Jesus Became God—or How God Became Jesus? A Review of Bart Ehrman’s New Book and a Concurrent Response

The five international contributors to How God Became Jesus generally tackle distinct parts of Ehrman’s book, though one will occasionally comment on another’s assigned topic. (Page numbers cited in this paragraph refer to How God Became Jesus .) Michael Bird, a contributor and the general editor of the book, teaches theology at Ridley College in Australia and is the author of a recent lengthy textbook on Evangelical Theology . Bird has also written extensively on the Messiah in biblical studies. Bird authored the preface, conclusion, introductory chapter, a chapter responding to Ehrman’s two chapters on “divine humans” in ancient Greco-Roman and Jewish thought (22-44), and a chapter arguing that Jesus did view himself as divine (45-70). Craig A. Evans teaches New Testament at Acadia Divinity School in Canada. He is the author of excellent commentaries on all of the Synoptic Gospels and numerous other publications, and is widely recognized as a historical Jesus scholar of the highest caliber. Evans contributed a chapter defending the historicity of the burial of Jesus in the tomb of Joseph of Arimathea (71-93).

North Korea Update: All Male Students Required to Have Kim Jong-un's Haircut

These days, the news that comes out of North Korea is about 10 percent bizarre and 90 percent devastating . This falls into the "bizarre" category, with recent reports that Kim Jong-un has determined that all male students must have his haircut. It may not be all that much of a transition for North Korea, where men have traditionally only been allowed to choose from one of ten "approved" haircuts. But, even that limited amount of individuality is now out the door. However, in what seems to be an extremely rare move, North Koreans are actually voicing some dissension over this one.

Memphis, Miami, Milan and Mumbai: Why every Christian needs to be globally minded

The greatest threat to the missionary endeavor of the Southern Baptist Convention is not an absence of young people willing to go. The greatest danger is that there will not be sufficient support to send them. Because the Great Commission is sustained by the financial support, prayer support, and sending support of gospel-minded churches here, we need a generation of preachers who will go to cities like Memphis in order to build great missionary churches that have a high level of gospel intensity. We need a generation that is ready for Memphis.

Is It True That Natural Man Cannot Do Any Good?

The “goodness” in view in Romans 3:12 (citing Ps. 14:3) is goodness as God sees it. The Bible is asserting that even acts of civic kindness done by an unbeliever fail to meet the requirement of God’s law—namely, that all our actions must be done with a view to glorifying God. In that sense, even the unbeliever’s good acts are evil. These actions “cannot please God” (Rom. 8:8). In the language of The Book of Common Prayer (1662), “there is no health in us.”

Alumni Academy | Spring

“Pop” atheism is on the rise, and it’s taking many college campuses by storm. The popularity of atheistic authors such as Richard Dawkins, Christopher Hitchens, and Sam Harris has led many young adults to abandon the Christian faith as an outdated and uneducated belief system. Seeking to counteract this disturbing trend, Dan DeWitt, dean of Boyce College, has crafted a compelling address to America’s youth, explaining the startling implications of the atheistic worldview. This book—written in an accessible, conversational style—uses the fictional journey of a young man named Zach to illustrate how the gospel provides a rock-solid foundation for life and offers an explanation for our existence, grace for our guilt, and meaning for our mortality.

Echo | Open Biola

At ECHO 14, we believe King Jesus has brought us into God’s Story. The biblical narrative from Abraham (Genesis 12:1-3) to the Great Commission by Jesus (Matthew 28:18-20) proclaims in what way the nations will be gathered. Through making disciples and being rooted the local church, the culmination of the nations gathered to King Jesus will be accomplished (Revelation 5). As discipleship begins in the local context, global realities will be birthed (Acts 1:8). It is our prayer and deepest desire that Biola students would leave the 2014 Missions Conference with a deep longing to be a disciple and to make disciples in the context of the local church as they are captivated by the grand story of God (Genesis 12:3; Matthew 28:16-20; Revelation 5). In this Grand Story, students will realize they have been called to make disciples in the Acts 1:8 model from a local context rippling to the global context. As students leave conference they will resonate with three main ideas: Story “I have a unique role in God’s global story and I can have a global impact through my local reality.” Discipleship “I have been called to be a disciple and to make disciples both in a local and global context.

Exercise Influence

You see, our primary problem is not that we don’t know how to exercise influence. Our primary problem is that something else is eating us up and taking our influence away. Could it be, perhaps, that your influence is exercised in pursuit of the wrong kingdom?

Molinism and Free Will | Reasonable Faith

Is there a tension between Molinism and free will? How can one consider a person’s choice between two entities to be free when an omniscient God would foreknow what that choice would be? Dr. Craig corrects this charge, explaining that on a Molinist account God would know how the person would choose given any set of circumstances. His middle knowledge would be true, but His knowledge that certain future events will obtain is only a result of His choice to create a specific world where free choices would lead to that outcome. Thus, there is no contradiction within Molinism and free will is upheld.

Freed for Evangelism: The Story of Former Slave Amanda Berry Smith

However, when she arrived at the prestigious address, she grew nervous. Amanda prayed to God to give her the courage to attend the white gathering. "I always tried to avoid anything like pushing myself or going where I was not wanted," she explained. When she arrived, a woman told her the meeting was full and to come back another time. She slipped quietly inside and stood at the back.

Studies Find Religion Promotes Healthy Body Image for Young Women

Being part of a community that lifts up the message "God made me, and he doesn't make anything bad" appears to help moderate the impact of the "body loathing" promoted by popular culture, said sociologist Andrea Henderson of the University of South Carolina, lead researcher in the study.

How to Preach Books of the Bible You Don’t Like

"If I don't like a passage it's usually because I either don't understand it or don't see how I'm going to preach it," Mike McKinley explains in a new roundtable video with Bryan Chapell and J. D. Greear. Yet time and again, the pastor of Sterling Park Baptist Church in northern Virginia observes, "I've learned God is pleased to use things that don't impress me."

Answering Muslims: Stealing Christian Quotes for Allah

Islam was founded on stealing in the name of Allah. Muhammad used to support his religion by robbing the Meccan caravans, and he encouraged people to join his religion in exchange for a share of the spoils of war. Muhammad and his followers stole food, women, land—whatever they could get. Muhammad stole the Kaaba and the Black Stone from the pagans of Mecca, and made them part of his religion. Muhammad stole a variety of stories from Christians and Jews (stories that are now part of the Qur'an), he stole the Shahada from the Sabians, and he stole his view of a hedonistic paradise (complete with houris ) from the Persians. Just when you thought all the stealing was done, Muslims are now stealing quotations from famous Christian authors and using them for Islam. Here's the Islamic version of a famous quote by C. S. Lewis ("I believe in Christianity as I believe that the sun has risen: not only because I see it, but because by it I see everything else"): So creative!

News | Reasonable Faith

Copyright Reasonable Faith. All rights reserved worldwide. Reasonable Faith is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

Former Executive Pastor Repents for Culture of Fear at Mars Hill Church

Throughout my life I have never been quick to repent of my sins. I have hidden some sin for years, and quite frankly have just started to see and experience what grace and forgiveness looks like. Shortly after starting employment at Mars Hill in 2006, I noticed that there was a culture of fear that I had never seen in the prior six years of attending Mars Hill. That fear I believe was the result of the leadership style of Mark Driscoll. You were a valuable asset on staff at Mars Hill if you were tough, a high producer, dedicated to the growth of the church, and equally dedicated to Mark Driscoll himself. If you are not those things, you live in constant fear of being discarded.

When the Bible Is Hard to Understand

Or I could trust that he might have something for me and that I should keep scratching and digging with my limited tool set. Even if that “something” doesn’t come in this life, it is still worth pursuing. I read and re-read passages and asked the Holy Spirit to help me see. Sometimes I walked away from those passages for weeks or even months. Sometimes I forgot about them entirely for a season. But I kept being drawn back to them, with a prayerful hope that God might help me. And by grace, I trusted that they were meant for my good no matter my current understanding.

NRB Network

The NRB Network broadcasts quality, Biblically-balanced television programming that equips Christians to better understand, share, and defend their faith while helping seekers find faith. The channel is seen on DIRECTV channel 378 and select local affiliates. Live video streaming is available on mobile devices, Roku players, and online at The NRB Network mobile app allows you to watch 24/7 live video streaming, explore upcoming broadcasts, discover new shows, connect with us, or even make a contribution. Enjoy programs from a variety of genres including apologetics, creation science, biography, Church history, teaching/preaching, news/talk, and much more! For more information about the NRB Network, visit our website at Connect with us today on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or LinkedIn for regular programming updates and other valuable information. The NRB Network App was created with the Subsplash App Platform.


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The Bible describes a number of temporal and local customs that are no longer relevant to us today.  For example, we need not carry packs for Roman soldiers (Matthew 5:41), because we are not living in the Roman Empire.  Yet underneath the biblical customs lie unchanging principles that still apply to us.  In this message, Dr. Sproul teaches us to discern between customs and principles.

SBC Luncheon

Join friends and fellow Southern Seminary alumni from around the country at this year’s SBC meeting in Baltimore, Maryland. The luncheon will be held in room four on level four in the Baltimore Convention Center. This will be the biggest Alumni event of the year, don’t miss it!

Connecting With Millennials

But if we want to respond to this opportunity and actually reach this unattached generation, we're going to have to connect them with something they really value. We're going to have to refine our message and our ministry-no more half-hearted Christianity. And by the way, half-hearted Christianity, in case you were wondering, is actually not Christianity.

Does Your Wedding Have a Social Media Concierge Yet?

It's 2014. Things are different. People are posting selfies. Dogs are wearing America Eagle clothes . It's a different time, and a different time calls for a different wedding. Sure, you've got to have dresses and flowers and cakes and all that—but you've also got to take into account the changing needs of the next generation, and what that generation needs is social media updates . And who are you going to trust to handle all that at your wedding? Your guests? Your bridal party? Your grandma? Get real. There's only one way to get the social media coverage your special day deserves , and that is with a social media concierge , right now available only at New York City's W Hotels, but surely soon to be everywhere.

35 No Neutral Ground for World Vision - Stand to Reason Blog

Their decision was to not define marriage at all, but to allow the employees and their churches to define the word “marriage” for themselves (which actually renders their requirement of marriage meaningless, just as it would be meaningless to require a belief in Jesus' resurrection while leaving the definition of "resurrection" up to the employees). If a church marries a same-sex couple, World Vision will recognize the marriage as being in line with their conduct policy.

Is Bradley Cooper Going to Be Your Next Indiana Jones?

The big rumor coming out of Hollywood today is that Disney is planning to go the James Bond route with the Indiana Jones franchise, bequeathing the fedora and leather jacket to a different actor every generation, so the world can have Indiana Jones forever and ever. On the one hand, the idea is a little nerve-wracking—filling Harrison Ford's shoes is no mean feat. On the other hand, Bradley Cooper's name is rumored to be at the top of Disney's list, so how bad could it possibly be? He seems as capable as anyone of bull whipping around the world, hunting down lost artifacts and facing down snakes. Why does it always have to be snakes ...

Why You Must Pursue Church Unity

There are a few outstanding implications of the church's oneness. First, we should be leery of the kind of unity that lays claim to oneness at the expense of doctrinal substance. John Calvin said, "Those who wish to build the church by rejecting the doctrine of the Word build a pigpen and not the church of God." Authentic unity is based on specific content. For evangelical Protestantism, it is the evangel: the good news of Jesus death and resurrection, resulting in new life for those who believe, informed and applied by the whole counsel of God. Dialogue with other Christian traditions is valuable only so long as we don't forget that genuine unity is grounded in the gospel.

The Briefing 03-26-14

1) One of the most important religious liberty cases in recent history now before Supreme Court

Marcus Mumford, Elvis Costello and Others Working on an Album Inspired by Bob Dylan Lyrics

This could be interesting. Mumford and Son’s Marcus Mumford, Elvis Costello, My Morning Jacket frontman Jim James, Carolina Chocolate Drops' Rhiannon Giddens and Dawe’s Taylor Goldsmith are among the artists contributing to a new album utilizing lyrics from Bob Dylan’s “basement tapes.” In the ‘60s, the rock legend recorded 30 songs with members of the Band, though they were officially released until mid ‘70s. For the new, T-Bone Burnett produced record, Lost on the River: The New Basement Tapes , the artists are writing their own songs using lyrics from the classic Dylan tapes. In an interview with the Los Angeles Times , Burnett said, “These are not B-level Dylan lyrics. They're lyrics he just never got around to finishing." The album, and a Showtime documentary about its production, are due out this fall ...

Pastors Need Grace

The personal and ministerial security of a pastor do not rest in his knowledge, experience, or skill. No, his place of rest and hope is exactly the same as everyone to whom he ministers: the rescuing and transforming grace of Christ Jesus. That grace will never fail to pursue him and will again and again rescue him from himself, often at times when he has no idea he needs any rescue at all. With diagnostic honesty and eternal hope and written from a pastor to pastors, it is that grace that this weekly column is written to celebrate.

Darwin on Trial (Anniversary)

In this edition of Phillip Johnson's classic book he responds to critics of the first edition and maintains that scientists have put the cart before the horse when it comes to evolution, regarding as scientific fact what really should be regarded as a yet unproved hypothesis. Also included is a new introduction by noted biologist Michael Behe.  Key Words: Darwin on Trial (Anniversary) - Phillip Johnson,Darwinism, Evolution, Apologetics, Phillip Johnson, 9780830838318

J. Warner Wallace: how can you trust Christianity if you haven't tested all the alternatives?

I’ve had the privilege to speak on university campuses across the country, making a case for the reliability of the New Testament Gospels and the truth of the Christian Worldview (I’ll be at Rutgers next Monday night). One of the most common questions asked in the Q and A is something similar to: “Have you taken the time to apply the same approach with all the other religious worldviews?” Sometimes people ask this question because they are curious about how well other ancient religious claims (or alleged eyewitness accounts) hold up under investigative scrutiny. But many times this question is followed by a more pointed objection: “How can you trust Christianity is true if you haven’t examined all the alternatives?”

3 Less-Than-Obvious Ways to Care for Widows & Orphans

God’s call to help both orphans and widows can appear to be a daunting task and one that leaves many of us feeling immobilized. But by the grace of God there are some very practical ways we can move towards expressing love and support for orphans and widows. Here are three less-than-obvious ways we can care for those so dear to the Father’s heart.

6 Tips for Apologetics Bloggers

Many of these tips are relevant to all bloggers, but in this post I am writing specifically for apologetics bloggers. These come from my experience as an apologetics blogger. I enjoy blogging and I hope that these tips will be helpful to you.

Outkast, Kings of Leon and Lorde Will Headline Lollapalooza

Lollapalooza—Chicago's melting pot of a music festival—has announced this year's lineup and, in keeping with Lolla's recent grab to be the go-to party fest, it's chalk full of crowd pleasers. Kings of Leon, Lorde, Eminem, Skrillex and this year's reunited festival headliners of choice, Outkast, are at the top of the bill. It's not quite the jaw-dropping headline coup that Coachella and Pitchfork mustered, but just below them is where things get a little weirder and hipper, with bands like Broken Bells, Avett Brothers, Chance the Rapper, Portugal the Man, Bombay Bicycle Club, Jenny Lewis, Warpaint, Nas, the Head and the Heart, Grouplove, Foster the People, Phantogram, Manchester Orchestra, Cage the Elephant, Childish Gambino, the 1975 and Chvrches bringing those cats who are too cool for school ...


There are several other helpful chapters and appendices on such themes as: the practical and moral relevance of eschatology; the vision of a restored temple in Ezekiel 40–48 (which Menn understands as a symbolic portrait of Jesus, the church, and ultimately the New Jerusalem of Revelation 21–22); Daniel 9:24–27 and the “Seventy Weeks” prophecy; Zechariah 14; and Romans 11. As for Romans 11, he does not believe it teaches that a mass conversion among ethnic Jews will occur in conjunction with the second coming of Christ, but he does not rule out the possibility that other texts might support such an expectation. Following Hoekema, he is open to the possibility that large numbers of Jews might convert to Christ at the end. He simply doesn’t believe that is what Romans 11 is asserting.

Court awards permanent custody of girl to Mass. Department of Children and Families

The problem here is that the inalienable right of the parents to raise their child is being violated. The state has no right to remove a child from their parents’ custody without bearing the burden of proof that the child’s inalienable rights were being violated by the parents. If a child is being harmed and is in danger, the state must step in to protect the child’s rights. But in such a case, the state also has a duty to prosecute the parents for child abuse. If there is not enough of a case to convict the parents of child abuse and put them in jail, there isn’t enough of a case to remove their custody over their child.

Report: 1-in-8 Deaths Are Caused By Air Pollution

According to a new report from the World Health Organization, air pollution is responsible for 7 million deaths around the world each year. Though half of those were linked to indoor smoke resulting from improperly ventilated stoves, millions also died because of outdoor pollution. Among the risks of prolonged exposure to air pollution are issues that include “heart disease, stroke, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and lung cancer.” Along with the millions whose premature deaths are attributed to the outdoor pollution, in many poor and rural areas unsafe cooking conditions are a constant source of danger. A WHO official wrote in the report, “Poor women and children pay a hefty price from indoor air pollution since they spend more time at home breathing in smoke and soot from leaky coal and wood cook stoves” ...

Why is the political left trying to force moral and religious people to fund their immorality?

The Left may be morally illiterate, but it is not blind. The effects of the pathologically delusional tendency that once styled itself “the sexual revolution” are everywhere to be seen. In the 1960s and 1970s, our cultural discourse was dominated by the benefits side of that revolution’s ledger; since then, we’ve had sufficient time to have a good long look at the cost side, too, and the tradeoffs are more severe than our bell-bottomed Aquarian prophets had predicted. It reads like an Old Testament genealogy: Sexual chaos begat family chaos, family chaos begat social chaos, social chaos begat economic chaos, economic chaos begat political chaos. And so the generations unfold. The relevant political reality is that those costs and benefits are not distributed equally: The benefits of license accrue mainly to the well-off and educated, who have the resources to make the most of their enjoyment of them; the costs accrue mainly to the poor, who cannot afford to live, economically or morally, beyond their means. Kate Moss can afford to be a single mother in her $20 million London townhouse.

A Moment-by-Moment Friend

Instead of getting stuck in one way of reacting to a friend – always whipping out a joke, showing insincere sympahy, or going into detail about your personal experience – take a few seconds to think through some better options.  Being a loving helpful friend means being alert to what your friends are going through and figuring out exactly what they need at that moment.

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