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The Neediness You Need to Be Strong (Two-Minute Clip on Faith)

Without faith, all your virtues become vices, and all your victories are losses. If you are not firm in faith, you will not be firm at all.

Memorize Paul Revere’s Ride Contest! - The Eric Metaxas Show

Memorize Paul Revere’s Ride Contest! Memorize and upload your video to youtube and send us an email with the link to: The top winners will be selected to receive Eric Metaxas prize packs.  The contest ends 4/18 at midnight!

Who Is the True Israel?

The promises of God are, and always have been, for the children of promise born by the miracle of God.

Audience Question and Answer Session - Part 1 (Cold Case Christianity Broadcast #74) | Cold Case Christianity

J. Warner Wallace takes questions from an audience at a Fearless Faith seminar

Classic Lecture: Blind Watchmaker? A Skeptical Look at Darwinism by Phillip Johnson

Here is a lecture by Phillip Johnson, one of the founders of the intelligent design movement.  In this talk, Johnson explains how he be...

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Westminster attacker not a typical terrorist, says Christian expert - Premier

The age and background of the man behind Wednesday's terror attack in Westminster presents fresh challenges for police and security services, a Christian academic has told Premier.

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UPDATE: More arrests as London terror attack probe expands …

Don’t Force Your Spouse Into Gender Stereotypes

My husband and I sometimes fail to comply with the gender stereotypes presented to us by society. For example, one evening a few years back, he practiced the piano while I installed our new dishwasher. He didn’t offer to help and I didn’t ask. He deeply appreciates my willingness to take on home-improvement projects and feels no compulsion to rescue me or take over. Frankly, he’s relieved.

The Doctrine of Justification and Social Justice

The doctrine of justification is a doctrine about our glorious salvation. It is an essential part of the message of the Bible. This doctrine, although is directly about Christ atoning for our sins, is foundationally built on the justice of God. God is an infinitely holy God, and there is nothing and no one on earth or in Heaven like Him (1 Samuel 2:2). God is a completely righteous God and can’t even look upon sin or have sin in His presence. When sin entered the world, we offended the rule and reign of God, and we followed our own way and trusted in our own ability for life and happiness. (Romans 1:22-23). For this reason, our disobedience to God must be punished eternally because our sin was against an infinite and holy God. God is a God of justice, so justice must be sought out by God for His glory (Psalm 89:14) in order for sin not to go without punishment. By the grace of God, God is not only a just God, but simultaneously a merciful and gracious God. All throughout the Bible God displays His mercy and justice as He intervenes in the world. The best display of this was on the cross where Jesus, the Son of God, went to bear the sin of world bringing justice to God, but also bringing mercy to a wicked people (1 Peter 2:24).

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Live | RZIM

For Such A Time As This: A free, live streamed symposium with Ravi Zacharias, Os Guinness, and Edmund Chan, as part of the dedication of our new Zacharias Institute. This is the first public event streamed live from the new Zacharias Institute and begins at 7:30pm EST on March 23.  Add this event to your calendar or join the Facebook event  so you don’t miss watching the live stream. Edmund Chan – “The Heart of Success Re-defined” Os Guinness – “The Heartbreak of Our Nation” Ravi Zacharias – “Our Heaven-Sent Message”

3 Lies Students Believe About Freedom That Will Ruin Their Lives - Jonathan Morrow

“In the “modern” condition, feeling will come to exercise almost total mastery over the individual. This is because people in that condition will have to constantly decide what they want to do, and feeling will be all they have to go on. Here lies the secret to understanding contemporary Western life and its peculiar proneness to gross immoralities and addictions. People are overwhelmed with decisions and can only make those decisions on the basis of feelings.”

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Drowning in a Drop of Water

These realities should have us trembling when we remember how Jesus didn’t drown. The Incarnate Creator Word (John 1:3) was in such comprehensive command of the math and the molecules that they were literally “in subjection under his feet” as he walked upon a sea (John 1:14; Matthew 14:25; Hebrews 2:8; John 6:1) — a sea ironically renamed after the reigning Roman emperor. This molecular miracle was metaphorical, for the sea would never so acknowledge Tiberias’s lordship. And when Tiberias’s government executed Jesus, the imperially ordered death also prostrated itself under the feet of the Lord of glory (1 Corinthians 2:8; 15:20, 27).

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The Moral Argument for the Existence of God - Cross Examined - Christian Apologetic Ministry | Frank Turek | Christian Apologetics | Christian Apologetics Speakers

1. If God does not exist, objective moral values and duties do not exist. 2. Objective moral values and duties do exist. 3. Therefore, God exists. Premises 1 and 2 “What makes this argument so compelling is not only that it is logically airtight but also that people generally believe both premises. In a pluralistic age, people are afraid of imposing their values on someone else. So premise 1 seems correct to them. Moral values and duties are not objective realities (that is, valid and binding independent of human opinion) but are merely subjective opinions ingrained into us by biological evolution and social conditioning. At the same time, however, people do believe deeply that certain moral values and duties such as tolerance, open-mindedness, and love are objectively valid and binding. They think it’s objectively wrong to impose your values on someone else! So they’re deeply committed to premise 2 as well.” –WLC Read this two or three times until you fully understand what’s happening here. If you impose your moral values on someone else (admitting objective morals), you have committed yourself to Premise 2.

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Our @CRJournal article ~ The Martyrdom of Joseph Smith by Eric Johnson | … #Apologetics

Faith schools urged to rethink pupil selection over segregation concerns - Premier

Schools run by the Church of England and other religious groups are being encouraged to change the way they select their pupils after a new report found many faith schools are still segregated.

15 The TC Apologetics Daily

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17 The Poached Egg Apologetics Daily

Four Problems with Evolutionary Morality | Stand to Reason

One of the greatest problems of philosophy is the relationship between the realm of knowledge and the realm of values. Knowledge is what “is” and values are what “ought” to be. I would say that all traditional philosophies up to and including communism have tried to derive the “ought” from the “is.” This is impossible. If it is true that there is no purpose in the universe, that man is a pure accident, you cannot derive any ought from is. [2]

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Join #JohnStonestreet for his lecture on "The Image Restored: The Gospel in a Culture of Identity Crisis".  .

Evidence for the Historical Jesus in Non-Christian Sources - Christian Research Institute

I love this question because there is really historical archeological evidence for Jesus the Christ. But, I also think this question is astute in that it evidences the fact that there is spin that has been produced by second and third century documents as well as credible evidence. In fact, from early external evidences provided by credible historians, historians like the Jewish Josephus, or the Roman Tacitus, or Suetonius, or Plinius, through those evidences, it is actually possible to piece together highlights of Christ and Christianity completely apart from the internal biblical evidences themselves. But, the contrast between these credible first-century external evidences and then later less credible sources could not be more stark.

Resurrection of Jesus Christ Biblical Extra-biblical Evidences

The Bible is the Word of God, so it is accurate in all it affirms. Since it tells us Jesus rose from the dead, we can have complete confidence that He did. What many people fail to recognize is that even when we use the critics’ and skeptics’ own criteria, the most reasonable conclusion is the same: Jesus rose from the dead. That is, even if we did not presume biblical authority and treated the New Testament as unbelieving historians do, the bodily Resurrection of Jesus is the only explanation that matches all the accepted facts. One point will become rather obvious throughout this study: these people simply have an anti-supernatural bias, or more accurately, an anti-Christian bias. Thus, they have developed absurd positions in efforts to explain away the only reasonable conclusion that can be derived from the facts. So what are these facts?

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Are Christians Too Intentional in Dating?

On the opposite side of those that are too intentional are those that are not intentional enough. They flit from relationship to relationship, chasing the infatuation high. Each interaction is just one more in a string of experiences intent, consciously or unconsciously, on pursuing a personal sense of euphoria, with no regard for its longevity or for who might get hurt along the way. If they cannot cry out with the woman of Song of Solomon, “I am sick with love!” (Song 2:5), then they want no part of the relationship. They do not think about what makes love likely to last, or how they could better care for the person they are with, but simply seek a neurochemical re-up on their drug of choice.

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Is Britain waging a war on girls? Many worry that parents, abort girls because of a cultural preference for boys.

Church allows gravestone of Jewish pilot to be marked with Star of David - Premier

The Church of England says the grave of a Jewish Second World War hero, which was mistakenly given a Christian cross, will be given a Star of David.

Indonesia: Police fire tear gas at protesters outside church - Premier

Indonesian police fired tear gas in order to disperse a group of hard-line Muslim protesters outside a church in Bekasi, Indonesia.

How BJ Thompson Shoulders the Burdens of Other People's Marriages

Early in his ministry, BJ Thompson wouldn’t have guessed he’d ever be a marriage counselor. As an early member of the 116 Clique (a hip-hop collective that includes such well-known rappers as Lecrae and Trip Lee), Thompson admits that he had his heart set on being “this cool, nifty leader and speaker,” able to keep the messiness of others’ private home lives at arm’s length.

Welby and Nichols join religious leaders at vigil outside Westminster Abbey - Premier

Most Rev Justin Welby and Cardinal Vincent Nichols joined other faith leaders at a vigil for the victims of Wednesday's terrorist attack outside Westminster Abbey this afternoon.

Greg Bahnsen: Epistemology and Ontology

Ligonier Ministries

The mission, passion and purpose of Ligonier Ministries is to proclaim the holiness of God in all its fullness to as many people as possible. Your gift enables our worldwide outreach. Donate Now

There’s No Crying on Social Media!

In her interviews, Freitas found that college students have an overwhelming urge to present themselves as successful and happy. Many reported that it was nearly unthinkable to present themselves in any other fashion. They were all shockingly aware of the watchful eyes of their peers—and of the corresponding need to routinely spiff up their profiles. Freitas’s concern is that young adults too rarely experience anything like genuine vulnerability. Like anyone else, they endure stretches of suffering, fear, and failure, but they’re afraid of discussing them candidly.

The Calling

One church leader, one calling, one honest conversation. An interview show about the nature of church leadership, the inherent struggles that come with that calling, and the many different ways God has shaped individuals to work within his church.

Quick To Listen

Each week the editors of Christianity Today go beyond hashtags and hot-takes and set aside time to explore the reality behind a major cultural event

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36 Renewing Your Mind | Assurance and Trust | Mar 24, 2017

When one looks at his or her performance as they try to live the Christian life, they can become disheartened; many even to the point of doubting their salvation. For most, the dream of perfectionism is a nightmare. Today, R.C. Sproul will show how one's assurance is all a matter of where we place our trust.

Should We Baptize the Dead?

That’s the kind of thing Paul was constantly wrestling with — circumcision and days and months and seasons and so on. Baptism has a crucial place in the demonstration and the symbolic reenactment of the spiritual death and spiritual burial and resurrection that takes place in faith, but it’s not a saving act in and of itself. Which also means that if a person truly believed in Christ, the way the thief on the cross did, just before he died, and through no rebellion of his own failed to be baptized, that physical act would not be required for his eternal salvation. When Jesus said to the thief on the cross — who was never baptized because he just believed and then died on the cross — when he said, “Today you will be with me in paradise” (Luke 23:43), the word “today” is meant to signify that he is safe in fellowship with Christ from now on.

The Death of Greek Life?

While our new president isn’t pushing gender ideology like the last one did, it’s hard to stop this train in its tracks. Too many institutions that receive federal funding continue to misapply Title IX to include gender identity as well as sex.

Decoding the Jesus Myth

Decoding the Jesus Myth by Stephen Bedard CNN recently republished a 2012 article Decoding Jesus: Separating man from myth , written by John Blake. It is another rehashing of the Jesus myth, the theory that Jesus never existed. There is nothing much new in this article but it is worth responding to because these questions keep coming up. I’m not going to answer every statement in the article but I will tackle the ones that stood out for me. Fringe Scholarship Blake comments: “Some Jesus mythicists say many New Testament scholars are intellectual snobs.” What is meant by this is that mythicists resent the fact that by far the majority of scholars reject the theory and don’t consider it worth responding to. The same kind of comment could be made by flat earthers. Is the problem with those who see the logical conclusions of the evidence or those who hold to a radical skepticism that doesn’t take the evidence seriously. It is worth noting that it is not just evangelical scholars who accept a historical Jesus. Conservatives, liberals, Christians, Jews, Muslims and atheist scholars almost universally accept the evidence for Jesus.

Click here to support DFW Life Church Planting Campaign by Mike Robinson Apologetics

Vision & Purpose Statements Purpose Statement DFW Life Church is committed to helping people know God as disciples, in order to love and disciple others, and change the world (Mark 12:30-31; Jer. 29:11; 1 John 4:7-11; 2 Cor. 5:18-21). Vision DFW Life Church endeavors to be a discipleship-oriented congregation taking the Gospel to the world; equipping, defending, planting, reproducing, and sending God’s people to make disciples of all nations—to love God and to love others (Mt 28:19-20; 2 Tim 2:2; 1 Pet 3:15).                         Unique Vision - Church Planting Fulfill a Great Need in Dallas Fort Worth & the World [We need $9600 for a Full Years Rent: only $800 a month for the building] Hi – this is Pastor Mike Robinson. I had the privilege to work on college campuses as an evangelist and minister for many years--I also had the honor of serving as pastor for Christ Covenant Church for 17 years and Abundant Life Church in Granbury for the last 2 years. It has been a joy to serve Christ, plant churches, and raise up new leaders. Additionally, I have been blessed to be able to author numerous books on biblical truths, apologetics, theology, cults, and the Bible.

Catalyst Track: The Unreasonable Leader // Day Two

Have you tended to take the easy road in your leadership? In this 3-day track, Craig encourages you to think about how big you’re willing to dream, what risks you’re willing to take and what adventures you want to embark on. Over the next few days, Craig will outline four mindset shifts to help transition from a leader who plays it safe, to one who is willing to step out in unreasonable faith.

Fear and Shame Shouldn’t Keep You From God

It would do our souls a great and glorious good to meditate on this parable when we’re overcome with fear and shame, too nervous to return to God after a season of being gone. Rest in knowing your Heavenly Father is waiting each and every day to embrace you with joy, not burden you with guilt and condemnation.

Putin’s War on Christianity Is the Russia Issue That Can’t Be Ignored

The amendments also say that these providers would be forced to cut off service from users who refused to comply with an investigation into their identity. They will also be required to give law enforcement officials any information “which is necessary for these authorities to achieve their statutory goals” on someone who’s being investigated. Because these laws will technically require a lot from service providers, they won’t come into effect until July 2018.

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Does ‘Purity’ Still Matter?

Living a life of purity sets us free to love God with our whole hearts and to enjoy the fullness of friendship, relationship and godly sexuality. And no matter what the numbers say, it is important to remember that God’s way is best and that we are never as alone as it seems in our stands for righteousness. The percentages in the survey were significant, but they also clearly showed something else: Not all millennials are following this pattern.

Princeton Seminary Reforms Its Views on Honoring Tim Keller

Because the PCA conflicts with the seminary’s denomination, the Presbyterian Church (USA), on women and LGBT clergy, leaders agreed not to award Keller the prize and thus affirm his differing stance. However, the school has still scheduled the Redeemer Presbyterian pastor to speak on mission at an annual conference hosted by its Kuyper Center for Public Theology in April.

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Fresh calls for the release of Christian pastor in Sudan - Premier

There have been fresh calls for a presidential pardon for two men - including one pastor - who are facing a twelve year prison sentence in Sudan.

Premier Christian on Twitter

Fears of a Christian exodus in northern Iraq if aid dries up …

Why Do You Want to Be a Christian? Idols We Smuggle into Church

Are you pursuing church performance or good behavior as a means to self-improvement and making your own life great? This is a heavy, leaden cloak that you can wear all the way to judgment. But in his grace, God has provided another cloak. By his grace, we can put on the robes of Christ (Job 29:14; Romans 13:14). We can take up the easy yoke of true worship if we simply turn to the beauty of Jesus.

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