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Holiness Is the Fight for Happiness

If you try to make God happy but don’t care about being happy in God, you’re preaching to the world a God who is harsh and unsatisfying.

Video appearing to show North Korean anti-Christian propaganda leaks online - Premier

A video which alleges to show anti-Christian propaganda broadcast on North Korean state television channel has been leaked online.

Book Review: The Case For Life

Introduction I have been quite excited to read Scott Klusendorf's "The Case For Life: Equipping Christians to Engage the Culture" ( pa...

The Pastor, the People, and the Pursuit of Joy

Your joy in God multiplies exponentially as you seek the good of your brothers and sisters in the body of Christ.

Trailer for Pixar’s New Movie ‘Coco’

Jesus Died for More Than Forgiveness (Four-Minute Clip on Why Jesus Died)

Jesus died so that we could find our ultimate delight in God. To prefer anything else over him is the ultimate essence of evil.

How can I improve my prayer life? — Honest Answers

Resources for Church Leaders

Unrelenting Sorrow and Relentless Joy

Even as Paul’s heart broke for his unbelieving kinsmen, his hope and joy was in the God of indomitable promise.

Giving Days – The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary

For the Truth. For the Church. For the World. For the Glory of God.

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CrossExamined Radio | Was Jesus offensive?

In this show, Frank and his guest J. Warner Wallace discuss the following topics: • What does it mean to be Christ-like? • Was Jesus a pacifist? • Are Christians ever permitted to be angry? Paul says be angry yet do not sin? • Jesus says if you’re angry with you brother you will be judged. Yet Jesus got a whip and drove out the moneychangers… Twice! So there’s some tension there. Show is rebroadcast Sunday at 5 pm ET | It is also archived on iTunes.

Objections to Apologetics: Just Evangelize

Some see a sharp divide between apologetics and evangelism. Here, I’m using evangelism to mean people “gossiping the Gospel,” sharing the good news. Abraham Kuyper referred to it as “witnessing.” Why do apologetics? It’s the Gospel that saves, isn’t it? Just share the simple good news. That’s all we need to do. Why get caught up in all these other questions about Christianity? Just stick to telling them about Jesus. That’s what the unbeliever needs, not all these other issues.

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Roof friend gets prison time for silence over church shooting plot

BreakPoint on Twitter

How do Christians carry on and live out the faith in this “new Dark Age”? #TheBenedictOption by #RodDreher

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Kirk Franklin Revives Hip-Hop

Other tracks that talk about drugs, girls and a “worldly lifestyle” is what Christians tend to demonize about hip-hop. But being honest about those topics too, Franklin thinks, ultimately makes those artists more accessible for wider audiences—which exposes the listeners to the spiritual moments as well.

12 Evidences for the Resurrection of Jesus, Part 2

Is (talking about death and Jesus’ resurrection) a probative philosophical way of approaching evangelism? Yes, asking someone their thoughts about what happens when we die can provide information on how to best present the Gospel to them. If they believe death is the end of our existence, you can try to appeal to our innate longings for love, purpose, and justice, and how death (and the eventual expiration of the universe) don’t resolve mankind’s longings. If they believe there is some type of afterlife, the discussion can move into the nature of God and His power to create, and how we as imperfect finite beings can possibly be unified to that eternal purity. If they have a working knowledge of the Bible, you can hone in on their willingness to believe all of it, the evidence in support of it and the progressive revelation it contains regarding the history of Israel leading to the arrival of Jesus, finalizing God’s message of salvation by grace alone through faith in Christ alone.

Is Apologetics Really Needed? Answering Objections to Apologetics

Apologetics, the study and practice of defending the Christian faith, has always been a part of the historical church. In fact, it dates back to the New Testament when the Apostle Paul entered the Greek city of Athens and debated the Epicurean and Stoic philosophers (see Acts 17). The Apostle Peter even commanded his readers to always be “ready to make a defense to everyone who asks you to give an account for the hope that is in you” (1 Pet. 3:15; NASB). Defending the faith continued on after the apostolic era with Christian theologians and philosophers developing arguments for God’s existence, defending miracles, and providing good reasons to believe that Jesus is the Son of God and that he was raised from the dead. Even today, especially in the last several decades, Apologetics continues to thrive as apologists like William Lane Craig and the popular Lee Strobel develop and write about the arguments and reasons for faith in God and Christ.

The Poached Egg Apologetics Daily

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Alexander Vilenkin: 'All the evidence we have says that the universe had a beginning'

At a meeting of scientists – titled “State of the Universe” – convened last week at Cambridge University to honor Stephen Hawking’s 70th birthday, cosmologist Alexander Vilenkin of Tufts University in Boston presented evidence that the universe is not eternal after all, leaving scientists at a loss to explain how the cosmos got started without a supernatural creator. The meeting was reported in New Scientist magazine

Why I Have Mixed Feelings About Rod Dreher’s Benedict Option | The Stream

I’m not a biblical or any other kind of scholar but I retain the impressions and impacts of my reading and hearing. I don’t know this journalist but these reports are leading me to investigate. I have to say I agree with you about the fall and rise of America. I know the truth of Americans having let the mission creep of the radicals tear away the fabric of unity of these United States, but I believe that God is the greatest power, not these angry lemmings. I, like hopefully thousands of others like me, have overcome the abuses of the religions of my childhood and returned to God to find many churches have turned from the old condemning judgmental ways to kindness, forgiveness and espousing the true love; the grace of God. I know saving America seems like a long shot, but if not America then who? We are the only nation in the world founded on religious liberty for all. I remember hearing stories in the Bible besides the obvious David and Goliath about God evening the odds for His chosen outcomes by miraculous wins on the field of war against His children. Insurmountable just means God gets to show off a little and when He flexes His muscle; then there will be no doubt where the miracles come from.

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Church Discipline - Christian Research Institute

Practical Tips. Discipline is, of course, a difficult process, for several reasons. For one thing, we don’t like to talk about sins, especially the specific sins of our friends. Another problem with discipline is communication. In the early church, a person (such as the heretic Marcion) could be expelled from one congregation only to show up at another, pretending to be a believer in good standing. The second church just wasn’t aware of what the first church had done. The aged apostle John instructed an “elect lady” that when preachers came through town asking her for hospitality, she should not welcome them if they denied the true humanity of Jesus (2 John 10–11). Evidently the elect lady was not fully knowledgeable about the theological debates going on in far distant Christian bodies. John’s letter gives her that knowledge. It also enlists her help in the disciplinary process. She must carry on something of a theological examination of people who come by offering to preach and teach in her area. We see how this passage makes it necessary for individual believers (both men and women) to participate in the evaluation of teachers in the church and in the discipline of false teachers.

The Point: Paper-Thin Propaganda

Brawny paper towels has launched a new “Strength Has No Gender” campaign. The packaging features a flannel-clad woman in place of the brand’s iconic lumberjack. It goes along with a commercial that highlights female pioneers in science, civil rights, suffrage, aviation, and the like, all “breaking barriers.”

The Gathering Storm: Religious Liberty in the Wake of the Sexual Revolution -

These are days that will require courage, conviction, and clarity of vision. We are in a fight for the most basic liberties God has given humanity, every single one of us, made in his image. Religious liberty is being redefined as mere freedom of worship, but it will not long survive if it is reduced to a private sphere with no public voice. The very freedom to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ is at stake, and thus so is the liberty of every American. Human rights and human dignity are temporary abstractions if they are severed from their reality as gifts of the Creator. The eclipse of Christian truth will lead inevitably to a tragic loss of human dignity. If we lose religious liberty, all other liberties will be lost, one by one.

The Moral Argument for the Existence of God (Podcast) | Cold Case Christianity

In this podcast re-post, J. Warner examines the axiological argument for the existence of God. Do objective moral truths exist, and if so, how can these truths be grounded? Does God’s existence best account for objective moral truth claims?

No Mere Bike Messenger, RNA Code Surpassing DNA in Complexity | Evolution News

The concept of a “DNA Code” has a long pedigree in genetics. But what about the other nucleic acids — the RNAs that use ribose instead of deoxyribose? Are they just simple conveyors of the library of genetic information in DNA, a humble bicycle messenger of the cell? Or do they have their own code? Last month, Nature published a Technology Feature by Kelly Rae Chi with an intriguing title, “The RNA code comes into focus.”

There’s a Difference Between Allegory and Heresy

The argument I’ve heard most often about Young’s work is that he is a universalist trying to make universalism look like real theology. Universalism is the belief that when Christ went to the cross, the need for judgment and eternal punishment went out the window. Since Christ died, everyone is reconciled, and no one goes on to be eternally separated from God. According to Young’s friend Wade Burleson, in a post published on Young’s own website, Young’s universalism is much more of a “hopeful” one: “Paul Young is ‘hopeful’ that the fire of God’s love will eventually and effectually persuade every sinner of God’s love in Christ.” That doesn’t sound like radical universalism to me. If all who profess belief in Jesus as savior don’t hope that the fire of God’s love will persuade every sinner to know Him, then we have no business calling ourselves followers. We have no business evangelizing. In fact, if we aren’t certain that the fire of God’s love is an incomparable, transformative force, then we have no business crediting it with changing our own hearts.

The Excuses We Make for Sin

These kinds of situations are precisely the best ones for fostering in your patient a deliberate accusation against God for his own sin. In fact, Paul, that cursed apostle, can actually be twisted to our use. His words about no man being tempted beyond his ability and God always providing a way of escape can be very useful to our plots. One of my own patients, whose soul is now swirling in agony in a bottle on my shelf, used to indulge lustful fantasies in his mind day after day. After a few minutes of drinking from my draught, he would catch himself and resolve to “do better next time.” He might even pat himself on the back for his “noble resistance.” But he’d never repent of the little sin.


To understand your life’s purpose and calling, you have to begin with God’s nature. God is love. Love is the essence of his nature. The only reason there is love in the universe is because of God. Ants and snails do not love, but you were made in God’s image, so you can love.

22 The TC Apologetics Daily

I Like Big Bibles: Episode 476

"I like...big...Bibles and I cannot lie." So goes the popular song parody. But where's the truth in it? Are women overachievers when it comes to faith and religious practice? Studies say yes, but the men on our panel are blowing the proverbial whistle. Maybe it's just how men practice their faith, they argue. Is there room in the middle to recognize our differences and grow together? Listen to this week's spirited discussion.

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Historical evidence for the death of Jesus' disciples and very early Christians

Now, 2 Timothy is not held by scholars to be a genuine Pauline epistle, but rather a letter written by someone else other than Paul. In the above verse we see that whoever authored it had knowledge of Paul’s death. If one holds that someone other than Paul wrote this after the fact, I then think that makes it more reliable as a reference to his martyrdom. By the time a pseudo-Pauline author would have written that, they would open themselves up to being discovered if what they wrote didn’t fit with the facts of Paul’s demise. On that end we can be sure that Paul died for his belief in a flesh and blood Jesus. A common reply here would be that Paul doesn’t count because he never met Jesus in person. Again, Paul knew of the historical Jesus by referencing events of his life on several occasions, and even met his brother James and closest disciple Peter. Paul clearly knew what he was willing to suffer and eventually die for.

Just Gospel - TGC Live

2:05 PM – Why Both Justice & the Gospel Are Essential? Tony Carter, Mike Leach, Vincent Bacote, Marold Melton

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How the Bible Says to Treat Foreigners in the Age of Travel Bans

This is immensely freeing for the evangelical Church. Instead of pursuing some blend of patriotic evangelism, which has led the Church into toxic places, we can freely and simply humanize the stranger in our midst for the purpose of demonstrating Christ’s love. This is the mission of the Church: not to act as an acculturating institution for American “values,” but to be a community of people concerned with the Gospel.

Should the Apocrypha Be in the Bible? | Stand to Reason

Therefore also the Wisdom of God said, “I will send them prophets and apostles, some of whom they will kill and persecute,’ so that the blood of all the prophets, shed from the foundation of the world, may be charged against this generation, from the blood of Abel to the blood of Zechariah, who perished between the altar and the sanctuary. Yes, I tell you, it will be required of this generation.” Woe to you lawyers! For you have taken away the key of knowledge. You did not enter yourselves, and you hindered those who were entering. (Luke 11:49–51)

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. @DarleneZschech on her regrets, and making changes after beating cancer. Hear more, Monday at 3pm on #PremierDrive

UK's first three-parent babies expected next year - Premier

Newcastle University has been granted Britain's first licence to carry out IVF using the DNA of three people.

Trump's GCHQ spying claims 'foolish', says Christian expert - Premier

A Christian journalist and security expert's called Donald Trump's claims that a British intelligence agency spied on him "foolish" and an attempt to distract people from his government's failures.

5 Things Healthy Couples Do When Life Gets Busy

In today’s highly digital world, entertainment is literally at the tips of our fingers at all times. How many times have you seen couples sitting at a table together, more engaged with their phones than with each other? Now for an even harder question—how many times has that been you? If you’re not present, it doesn’t matter that you’re spending time together; you might as well be on two different planets. Remember, one of the most important presents you can give your spouse is to be present. Try to plan activities that allow you to experience the world together, rather than simply being entertained together.

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The Necessity of God's Existence: Ontological Arguments Worth Considering

Before we look at some arguments for the necessity of God’s existence, we must first define a necessary being. A necessary being is a being whose existence is mandatory due to a result of that being’s existence (i.e., contingency). For example, I exist only because of the necessity of my parents’ existence. My existence is contingent (based upon) the necessity of their existence. My parents’ existence is contingent (based upon) the necessity of their parents’ existence (my grandparents). The logical line of necessity continues until one finds the necessity of a maximally great being—a being that is transcendent, omnipotent, omniscient, omnipresent, and omnibenevolent. We know that maximally great being as God. Let’s look at three or four modern ontological arguments that make the case for the necessity of God’s existence.

Do We Really Need Musical Worship?

So, it doesn’t seem at all surprising to me that over the centuries Christians would come together to corporately express the infinite value of God by lifting their voices and lifting their hearts in song about his worth, and that they would crave to hear the voice of God heralded from his word. Of course, lots more could be said about why we do what we do in worship. But that is pretty much why I feel so at home today in worship services like this, provided — this is a huge provision — provided the preaching and the singing are radically God-centered, Christ-exalting, gospel-rich, Bible-saturated, singable, and authentic through and through.

Regular church attendance eases unemployment blues - Premier

Attending church services may help to alleviate the difficulty of unemployment, new research suggests.

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The Briefing 03-17-17 -

Delivered daily to your inbox, this is one of the best ways to stay on top of current events from a Christian worldview perspective.

The Big Lie Everyone Believes About Having Kids

About a week before I found out that I was pregnant with my first child, one of my college roommates and best friends asked me to be the maid of honor in her wedding. I was so touched and gave her an enthusiastic yes. Then I learned my due date. It was literally the day of her wedding, which unfortunately, was 1,000 miles away. She was gracious and understood, of course, but that experience was a crash course in a truth that I have learned over and over again since: Having a baby changes friendships. For better or for worse, it just does.

Who Was St. Patrick?

We now celebrate St. Patrick’s Day each year on the anniversary of his death, March 17. Originally, this was strictly an Irish feast day in the Roman Catholic Church to commemorate the patron saint of Ireland. However, Irish immigrants coming to North America brought the tradition with them, and it is now widely celebrated each year. Sadly, few people remember the devoted missionary who stands behind the St. Patrick’s Day tradition.

TGC 2017 National Conference

Canal Walk The Canal Walk is part of the Indiana Central Canal, which was dug in the early 1800s, in an effort to facilitate interstate commerce. Today, the refurbished Canal Walk (stretching north through White River State Park to 11th Street) serves the downtown community as a waterside promenade for walkers, runners, bikers and sightseers (while the canal itself includes a steady stream of pedal boats, which may be rented west of the Indiana State Museum).   Children's Museum Located just minutes from downtown, The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis features five floors of fun and interactive learning that have the power to transform the lives of children and families across the arts, world cultures, sciences, and humanities.   Eagle Creek Park & Marina One of the nation's largest city parks, Eagle Creek Park covers over 3,900 acres of land on the northwest side of town. As the park's trails beckon to hikers and birders, its 1,400-acre lake--a frequent host of U.S. Rowing's National Championship--welcomes fishermen and sailors. As well as picnic areas and a swimming beach, the park offers rentals for canoes, kayaks, Hobie Cats, sailboats, pontoon boats, wind-surfing and pedal boats--as well as lessons for the aforementioned.

Study questions eventual death of Christianity - Premier

A new study is casting doubt upon the idea that Christianity will eventually die out.

Open Arms to the Muslim World

This was seventy years ago. It reminds us that there never has been an ideal time for a great missionary movement. The time is always now. Into this setting, Zwemer spoke the only message that he believed could carry the day in such a world: the message of the cross.

London Terror Attack Latest News 2017: 4 Dead, 'At Least A Dozen Injured' Outside British Parliament

London Terror Attack Latest News 2017: 4 Dead, 'At Least A Dozen Injured' Outside British Parliament

Moral Relativism Is Dead

Many Christian preachers, apologists, evangelists, and writers have taken heed of the declining numbers, but decades of pitting “Christian worldview” against “moral relativism” left habits that are hard to break. You’ll still hear Christians assume that the reason for so much rampant immorality in our culture is because people reject objective right and wrong. Many still assume that discussions over morals are likely to end with, “Well, that’s your truth, but I have mine.” Make no mistake: Disputes over morality are as strong as they have ever been. But if we view these disputes through the lens of “moral relativism,” it’s not only our understanding of our culture that will suffer. Our evangelistic witness will also be severely blunted.

3 Lies Students Believe About Freedom That Will Ruin Their Lives - Jonathan Morrow

“In the “modern” condition, feeling will come to exercise almost total mastery over the individual. This is because people in that condition will have to constantly decide what they want to do, and feeling will be all they have to go on. Here lies the secret to understanding contemporary Western life and its peculiar proneness to gross immoralities and addictions. People are overwhelmed with decisions and can only make those decisions on the basis of feelings.”

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