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Holiness Is the Fight for Happiness

If you try to make God happy but don’t care about being happy in God, you’re preaching to the world a God who is harsh and unsatisfying.

This ‘Church Hunters’ Reality Show Parody Is the Perfect Send-up of Church Shopping

Unrelenting Sorrow and Relentless Joy

Even as Paul’s heart broke for his unbelieving kinsmen, his hope and joy was in the God of indomitable promise.

Book Review: The Case For Life

Introduction I have been quite excited to read Scott Klusendorf's "The Case For Life: Equipping Christians to Engage the Culture" ( pa...

The Bible and Gosnell's House of Horrors

Dr. Brown is shocked that convicted abortion doctor Kermit Gosnell is trying to use the Bible to justify his crimes. (Includes excerpt from the documentary '3801 Lancaster')

Death Is a Doorway to Paradise (Two-Minute Clip on Eternal Life)

Followers of Jesus have had the sting of death removed. Death has become a doorway to fullest life we can know.

How John Piper’s Seashells Swept Over a Generation

In May 2000, John Piper gave a message that nobody forgot—even those who weren’t there.

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U.S. bans electronics on flights from 10 airports

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How do Christians carry on and live out the faith in this “new Dark Age”? #TheBenedictOption by #RodDreher

CNN religion quiz needs to take Christianity seriously

In what has become an annual tradition of television programming claiming to reveal the real Jesus of Nazareth, it seems that CNN is off to an early start. Every Easter season, cable networks fill their lineups with specials featuring biblical and historical experts who often represent only the skeptical side of the longstanding debate about the historical Jesus.


The seminary community gathers to worship in Alumni Memorial Chapel on Tuesday and Thursday at 10 a.m.

6 Westminster at the Movies

“'He is risen!’–three words that change everything. This wonderfully good news that was first announced to the women at the Empty Tomb is still being declared boldly in the Middle East by the Risen King’s messengers! Dispatches from the Front goes into this region of centuries-old darkness and division that is now overshadowed by the fierce violence of ISIS terror. Yet, the Gospel is powerfully at work in the Middle East, and Christ is building His Church there just as He said He would. Neither the gates of hell nor the gates of Islam can withstand the work of our Risen King! From mega-cities in Arabia to refugee camps left in the wake of ISIS terror, The Fourth Man goes beyond the headlines to showcase the Gospel’s power to save, the mercy and love of believers, and their abiding joy as Christ walks through the fires of persecution with them”

The Resurrection of Jesus Christ: Infallible Proofs

Christians can have the utmost confidence in the death, burial, and Resurrection of Jesus since God’s Word accurately tells us about these historical events. These central truths of the Christian faith were also witnessed by hundreds of people. Jesus was publicly executed on a Cross, buried in Joseph’s tomb ( Mark 15:42–47 ), and seen alive again by more than 500 people at the same time. The post-Resurrection appearances of Jesus are infallible proofs that He conquered death and God’s Word the infallible proof of the event in our world today. Our next article in the series will look at several other pieces of evidence related to the Resurrection, which will be followed by several articles examining many of the alternative views developed by critics and skeptics to explain away the Resurrection.

8 The TC Apologetics Daily

Here’s Why Lent Still Matters

Part of what you’re doing in Lent is giving up something that’s desirous in your heart so that you might in a very real way begin to get your mind around Christ giving up His life for us. It’s such a small thing but I think it can be such a profound thing, like fasting itself. As we feel hungry in our bellies, our hearts are reminded that we have a greater hunger and we take those moments of breakfast, lunch, dinner or whatever and use them to cry out—much life David does in the Psalms—for the Lord to be our portion, for a desire to seek Him and know Him like a deer pants for water, to have a soul that longs for Him and hungers for Him.

Is the Millennial Debt Crisis a Stewardship Crisis?

Now imagine what would have happened to that servant if he actually spent the talent carelessly and went into debt? Yikes! That would have been really bad. The point I am trying to make here is that as Christians, God is expecting us to be good stewards of the material blessings he has released into our lives. God has not called His children to be in debt rather to be lenders to nations (Deuteronomy 28:12). With this understanding, we must find every way to get out of debt and increase in wealth to become a blessing to others.

11 The Poached Egg Apologetics Daily

BreakPoint on Twitter

Strangely enough, BreakPoint made a list published by Harvard library. Even stranger is the list itself. #FakeNews

Forthcoming Book to Explore Christianity and Science from Multiple Perspectives | Evolution News

The editors intentionally sought out divergent perspectives on a variety of science and faith topics, including human evolution, the interpretation of Genesis, theistic evolution, the adequacy of Darwinian mechanisms, and much more. As part of the mix of views, the volume will feature many prominent scholars and writers who have been affiliated with the intelligent design community, including Michael Behe, William Lane Craig, William Dembski, Michael Flannery, Ann Gauger, Guillermo Gonzalez, Bruce Gordon, Michael Keas, Casey Luskin, Stephen Meyer, J.P. Moreland, Paul Nelson, John Mark Reynolds, Wayne Rossiter, David Snoke, and John G. West.

Russia’s Plan to Ban Jehovah’s Witnesses Puts Evangelicals in a Tight Spot

“A ban on Jehovah’s Witnesses is just the beginning in a series of repressions. Society needs an internal enemy to which the government can point in full cooperation with the Russian Orthodox Church,” Cherenkov said. “The silence of Protestants with regard to repressions against Jehovah’s Witnesses will merely unleash a new wave of restrictions and repressions.”

God, The Shack, and the Christian Mind

For many years now emotion has trumped the intellect for both Christian and non-Christian alike. Christian stories/testimonies that elicit particular emotions are used over and over to draw out particular responses in people (not that that is necessarily always a bad thing). Sadly, it is often only when these emotions are stirred that someone thinks God is actually working through a particular missionary, ministry, or church. Our feelings have become the arbiter of truth, and more times than not, it is the missionary, ministry, or church that makes the most emotional impact that gets the most encouragement and support (whether verbal, prayer, or financial support). Make no mistake, we are emotional beings, but we are not merely emotional beings. We are in fact rational beings with intellects and wills, and this, I would argue, is what it means to be made in the image of God. The trend about which I am concerned is the way otherwise discerning and grounded believers, who obviously love God and desire to see others come to Christ, so easily celebrate emotionalism at the expense of the necessary, and biblical, art and science of critical thinking.

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Why I Have Mixed Feelings About Rod Dreher’s Benedict Option | The Stream

I’m not a biblical or any other kind of scholar but I retain the impressions and impacts of my reading and hearing. I don’t know this journalist but these reports are leading me to investigate. I have to say I agree with you about the fall and rise of America. I know the truth of Americans having let the mission creep of the radicals tear away the fabric of unity of these United States, but I believe that God is the greatest power, not these angry lemmings. I, like hopefully thousands of others like me, have overcome the abuses of the religions of my childhood and returned to God to find many churches have turned from the old condemning judgmental ways to kindness, forgiveness and espousing the true love; the grace of God. I know saving America seems like a long shot, but if not America then who? We are the only nation in the world founded on religious liberty for all. I remember hearing stories in the Bible besides the obvious David and Goliath about God evening the odds for His chosen outcomes by miraculous wins on the field of war against His children. Insurmountable just means God gets to show off a little and when He flexes His muscle; then there will be no doubt where the miracles come from.

The Christian Reason to Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day

We’ve all heard the phrase “When in Rome, do as the Romans do.” But in this day within the Church, it was more like “When anywhere, do as the Romans do.” At a time when a priest’s primary job was to serve those within the faith, Patrick made it his focus to spend time with, love and influence those who were outside the faith. Ultimately, Patrick was brought to trial for his unconventional methods and missionary approach.

Alexander Vilenkin: 'All the evidence we have says that the universe had a beginning'

At a meeting of scientists – titled “State of the Universe” – convened last week at Cambridge University to honor Stephen Hawking’s 70th birthday, cosmologist Alexander Vilenkin of Tufts University in Boston presented evidence that the universe is not eternal after all, leaving scientists at a loss to explain how the cosmos got started without a supernatural creator. The meeting was reported in New Scientist magazine

Love Isn’t the Same As Infatuation

Many people have this idea that relationships come easy, that being single is some sort of disease and that the cool thing to do these days is to find your “person.” I believe that a relationship will come naturally to you when you are ready for it—for a completely new change and growth. Relationships are rewarding, especially when you get through obstacles together as a couple. It’s the greatest experience to go through, but if it is not the right timing for you, it is not worth it. You need to be ready to lay down a selfish life of your own for someone else. You need to be ready to take on the challenges and insecurities that come your way. You also need to be ready to learn the flaws about yourself that will most likely change.

Top Ten Memories of OneDay 2000

Sarah Zylstra has a really fun piece over at The Gospel Coalition about John Piper’s famous “seashell” sermon from the 2000 Passion Conference called “OneDay.” I was at OneDay, and I had a great time recounting my memories of that event in a brief interview with Sarah several weeks ago. Of course there was a lot that we talked about that did not make it into the article. For that reason, I thought would briefly jot down some of those thoughts here. So here are my top ten memorable memories of the memorable occasion known as OneDay 2000.

Eric Metaxas on the Living the Christian Life

"We need to seek the mind of Christ, to think and to act as Christians, to know our Bible and to live by it in the power of the Spirit, 'making the most of your time, for the days are evil.'  We must commit anew to forming a biblical worldview and evaluating everything in our lives in light of it. We must recommit our time and our treasure to evangelism, missions, and Christ’s command in Matthew 25 to feed the hungry, clothe the naked, heal the sick, and visit the prisoner. Christian faith is not a nice add-on to our agendas, it’s the very marrow of our lives." 1 Courage and Godspeed, Chad Related Posts D. James Kennedy on Living with IntegrityArticle: The Frustrating Fallacy of Friendship Evangelism by J. Warner WallaceQuote: J.C. Ryle on Godly LivingHT: The Poached Egg

The Fearful and Wonderful Art of Flirting

Yet for all its potential dangers, flirtation is a gift from God worth celebrating, protecting, and mastering. God created it for a beautiful purpose, to build one woman and one man together into a marriage union to mimic the Son’s bliss in his Bride. It is a gift for this age only, yes. But if God intends for you to marry, make flirting with your husband or wife an art. Invest in it. Send handwritten notes in lunches. Use the digital gifts of technology and send discreet texts. Create your own emoji combinations that only your lover can decode. Draw from the encrypted language of your shared intimacy, and connect with your spouse throughout the day.

Andy Bannister: Everyone has an apologetic, it's either a good one or a bad one

For any Christian, when someone says to you “why are you a Christian?”, what you’re going to respond with is an apologetic. Everyone has an apologetic, it’s either a good one or a bad one. One of the challenges I think in the Church–especially the Western Church–is that we often answer that question in terms of a narrative. You say “well I never used to be, but then I met a guy at work, he was quite friendly, we became good mates, we played squash together and then one day he invited me to church, I went along and they were doing this thing called Alpha, it was great, the food was lovely, I asked a few questions and hey it was great, I became a Christian!”…That sounds lovely but you could run the same script again but this time your friend is a Buddhist: “he invited me to his temple, the food was lovely, he invited me to a course on Buddhism, became a Buddhist.” They’re exactly the same. If our answer to the question of why we became a Christian is simply how you became one we have a problem


But love started with God. He loved us first, and that gives us the ability to love others (1 John 4:19). The only reason you can love God or love anybody else is because God first loved you. And he showed that love by sending Jesus Christ to Earth to die for you. He showed that love by creating you. He showed that love by everything you have in life. It’s all a gift of God’s love! 

The Story of Reality: An Interview with Gregory Koukl

Gregory Koukl: First, I wanted to offer a kind of primer on Christianity’s basics—the essential elements—but I didn’t want to write a theological textbook. Rather, I wanted to show how the important pieces fit together in a fascinating drama—a story, of sorts. I also wanted the reader to enjoy the journey, so I adopted a storytelling “voice” for the narrative. I wanted anyone who picked up the book to feel I was talking directly with them; that I was personally walking them through the account of how the world began, how it ends, and everything important that happens in between.

World Happiness Report: Norway Tops the List, U.S. Places 14th

In the United States, Americans seem to be saying that they are increasingly less happy even though incomes have been rising. According to the report, the data shows that some level of monetary wealth is necessary to be happy, but at a level of wealth, extra money doesn’t equal extra happiness. The countries at the bottom of the ranking are ones that live in an extreme state of poverty.

Persuasive Reasons: Thoughts on Fine-Tuning

Persuasive Reasons: Thoughts on Fine-Tuning By Dr. Jeff Zweerink Recently, I wrote about what I find as the most persuasive argument (scientifically speaking) for the truth of Christianity . Big bang cosmology reveals a marked correspondence between the biblical description of the universe and our best scientific explanation. The fine-tuning argument ranks second on my list of most persuasive arguments, but only because it has a less-direct connection to the Bible. What Is Fine-Tuning? Before getting into the details, it’s worth noting that a great wealth of scientific knowledge demonstrates the fine-tuning required for life to exist. By fine-tuning, I mean that (1) life requires some parameter to have particular value, and (2) the parameter in question has an unusual or atypical value. For example, life requires that the universe contains sufficient carbon and oxygen as well as hydrogen . When scientists assess what strengths of the electromagnetic and strong nuclear forces lead to sufficient quantities of these three elements, only a small range of values meet life’s requirements.

A Universe From Nothing?

Could the universe spontaneously come into existence from nothing as the astrophysicist Lawrence Krauss has proposed in his 2012 book, A Universe From Nothing: Why there is something rather than nothing ? And what is this "nothing" that Lawrence Krauss has proposed? Is it actually no thing? Does Krauss's proposal eliminate the theists' claim that the Big Bang beginning of the universe requires a transcendent cause that is not bound by space and time? The publication of this book generated a significant dialogue that dealt with these questions. Although initial publication of the book was five years ago I still consistently get asked questions about its content and the scientific validity of its proposals. I think it is important and valuable to address these issues from both a scientific and Christian perspective. First, I'd like to provide a short synopsis of the major conclusions in the book. Like many other books that ultimately deal with issues concerning cosmic origins (e.g. Stephen Hawking's A Brief History of Time ), Krauss's book has a nice discussion and synopsis about some of the discoveries of modern science.

Why It’s Important to Guard Against Your Presuppositions | Cold Case Christianity

Detectives have to work in the real world, the “natural world” of material cause and effect. We presuppose a particular philosophy as we begin to investigate our cases. This philosophy is called “philosophical naturalism” (or “philosophical materialism”). Most of us in the Star Trek generation understand this philosophy, even if we can’t articulate it perfectly. Philosophical naturalism rejects the existence of supernatural agents, powers, beings, or realities. It begins with the foundational premise that natural laws and forces alone can account for every phenomenon under examination. If there is an answer to be discovered, philosophical naturalism dictates that we must find it by examining the relationship between material objects and natural forces; that’s it, nothing more. Supernatural forces are excluded by definition. Most scientists begin with this presupposition and fail to consider any answer that is not strictly physical, material, or natural. Even when a particular phenomenon cannot be explained by any natural, material process or set of forces, the vast majority of scientists will refuse to consider a supernatural explanation.

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What Does The Shack Really Teach? 'Lies We Believe About God' Tells Us

The Shack has sold twenty million copies and along the way generated at least twenty million conversations. Many of these have been attempts to discern the fact behind the fiction, to interpret what Paul Young means to teach through his story. Some have read the novel as a fresh expression of Christian orthodoxy while others have read it as rank heresy. In the end, only Young knows what he really believes.

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Seeking Unity in the Southern Baptist Convention

When I look out across our denomination, we have too much at stake, and too much for which to be grateful, to be divided. The gospel wins over everything in the end. I pray that the gospel would win in our denomination, in our churches, and in my own heart. The same gospel that reconciles us to God is the same gospel that allows us to be reconciled to one another. I learned that from y’all. That’s why they gave me those Southern Baptist missions offering envelopes. I pray that our quarters, and more importantly our gospel unity and clarity, go out to our first-rate Southern Baptist missionaries and church planters and evangelists and seminary students for the sake of what will outlive our ministries and will outlast the Southern Baptist Convention—the glory of God and the souls of those redeemed by the blood of the Lamb.

God's Feminist Ideals

God’s feminist ideals of justice and the full humanity of women tweak our weaker Western ones. If we value the God in whose image woman was made, we will value the woman herself. Though God doesn’t write a story that supports woman’s complete independence from man, he does write one with a much stronger sense of justice for the weak than the traditional American view of justice offers. In America, we refer to blind justice, and we often see outside courthouses a statue of a woman blindfolded holding a set of scales. The blindfold represents objectivity. But a blind statue weighing pros and cons is not the best illustration of God’s justice.

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Frank Turek Dialogue 2- Does God Exist? // Debate - Turek vs Nørmark

Have you ever pondered about why you exist? Where does everything we can see come from, and what is the purpose of life? The answers to these questions look radically different, whether you add or remove God from the equation. We, Skywalk (a youth church from Randers, Denmark), are therefore very excited to have had the opportunity to host a debate with the title 'Does God Exist?', between Frank Turek and Dennis Nørmark. Frank Turek is an award-winning author, having written the books 'I Don't Have Enough Faith to be an Atheist', 'Legislating Morality' and more, and is an international speaker. He has previously debated atheists like Christopher Hitchens and Dave Silverman. Dennis Nørmark is an anthropologist, author and one of Denmark's leading atheists. He is the co-founder of the Humanist Society and known from Danish television.

Book Review: God's Crime Scene

Introduction "God's Crime Scene" ( Kindle ,  Paperback , GoodReads ,  Promo Video ) is the highly anticipated "sequel" to J. Warner Wallace 's " Cold Case Christianity: A Homicide Detective Investigates the Claims of the Gospels ". In his first investigation Wallace looks at the evidence for the claim that the Gospels were eye-witness accounts of the life of Jesus. In his latest book, he investigates the existence of God. He takes his experience and skill-set as a homicide detective to bring together the evidences and present them in a coherent and convincing manner for the jurors (readers) to decide. God's Crime Scene is 204 pages divided into eight chapters. He has also included nearly 80 additional pages of case files for digging deeper into the cases he investigates in the book. This review will provide a chapter-by-chapter summary of the book but it cannot be substituted for reading the full text. I've included short interviews with J. Warner Wallace and Bobby Conway from The One Minute Apologist at the end of chapter summaries so you can hear a synopsis of the chapter directly from the author.

Just Gospel - TGC Live

2:05 PM – Why Both Justice & the Gospel Are Essential? Tony Carter, Mike Leach, Vincent Bacote, Marold Melton

This Kickstarter Is Raising Money to Create a ‘Goodnewspaper’

Southern Seminary on Twitter

"Good risk always has the glory of God and the good of others in view." — @DanDumas #RenownYouth

43 CrossExamined Radio | Was Jesus offensive?

In this show, Frank and his guest J. Warner Wallace discuss the following topics: • What does it mean to be Christ-like? • Was Jesus a pacifist? • Are Christians ever permitted to be angry? Paul says be angry yet do not sin? • Jesus says if you’re angry with you brother you will be judged. Yet Jesus got a whip and drove out the moneychangers… Twice! So there’s some tension there. Show is rebroadcast Sunday at 5 pm ET | It is also archived on iTunes.

Should the Apocrypha Be in the Bible? | Stand to Reason

Therefore also the Wisdom of God said, “I will send them prophets and apostles, some of whom they will kill and persecute,’ so that the blood of all the prophets, shed from the foundation of the world, may be charged against this generation, from the blood of Abel to the blood of Zechariah, who perished between the altar and the sanctuary. Yes, I tell you, it will be required of this generation.” Woe to you lawyers! For you have taken away the key of knowledge. You did not enter yourselves, and you hindered those who were entering. (Luke 11:49–51)

Premier Christian on Twitter

. @DarleneZschech on her regrets, and making changes after beating cancer. Hear more, Monday at 3pm on #PremierDrive

Eight Steps to Christian Maturity

When they come around, edify and minister to your church family like you would if your non-Christian friends were not there. Just be you. Don’t put on a show. Be edifying. Love one another. They will see something noticeably different from what they’re used to. They’ll witness a heavenly love. They’ll get a little taste of the powerful effects of the gospel. No other community on earth shares life like the Christian church.

Catholic priest allows faithful to eat traditional beef on St Patrick's Day despite Lent - Premier

Congregation members at an Irish church in London are being allowed to eat meat on St Patrick's Day, even though the national saint's day falls on a Lenten Friday, when consuming meat is prohibited.

Christian MP praised for using sign language in Parliament - Premier

"I can also say to the House that the Department for Education does now plan to accept British Sign Language as an alternative qualification to functional skills in English within apprenticeships and I hope that that will be one step forward towards giving opportunities to more people who live with deafness to play a full part in the labour market."

4 Bad Reasons Christians Call Each Other ‘Heretics’

The mob in Monty Python lacks any evidence as to why the woman is a witch. She wears a pointy hat, but they must reconcile with the fact that they were the ones who put it on her head. All they know is they want her gone, and any reasonable refute only confuses them. So, what’s the easiest way to deal with the situation? Call her a witch.

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64 Kevin Sorbo to Tackle Attack on Religious Freedom in 'One Nation Under God' Film
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67 Brian McLaren Breaks up with Evangelicals
68 Here we go again: Will someone please explain Christianity to the Associated Press?
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70 The Omniscience of God by Steven Lawson | March 21, 2017
71 The Necessity of God’s Existence: Ontological Arguments Worth Considering
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73 Missionaries Dreamed Of This Muslim Moment. Trump’s Travel Ban May End It.
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75 Six Ways to Pursue Spiritual Intimacy in Marriage
76 Hugh Ross: Purposeful Cambrian Explosion Argues for God's Existence
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