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Dr Craig Responds to the Objection that God Provides No Predictive Contribution to Science

For more resources visit: On February 1st, 2013 at Purdue University, Dr William Lane Craig participated in a debate with Dr A...

Dr. Richard Land: Public Leadership to Protect the Vulnerable

Why Atheism Is Nonsense - Part 3 "Don't Know the Definition of Atheism"

It's easy: A = "No" Theos = "God" Hence, atheos = "no God" Ergo, atheism = "belief in no god." Despite all of this, fake atheists have been redefining the te...

The Corruption of the Quran According to Islamic Sources Muslims often claim that the Qur'an has been perfectly preserved from the time it was revealed to Muhammad. History tells a c...

461. What's Wrong With The Word Of Faith Movement?

Frank Turek addresses the issues wight he Word of Faith movement.

Stairway To Heaven - Bold For Jesus style

I have not played the real Stairway To Heaven song since 1981. You can hear me talk at the end about slamming a pie on top of a teacher's head. I had fun. I ...

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Counseling and the heart of Christ

His questions point out the obvious.  Of course you go looking for the lost sheep!  Naturally you initiate a search for the missing coin!  Any reasonable person knows that it is wisest and best to exert all necessary effort on the ones that are missing, and in need help rather than the ones that are fine, and intact.  Such obvious reasoning is an indictment against the Pharisees.  Their obsession with obedience has led them to lose sight of the heart of God.  They were busy feeling cozy in their righteous little group, and indicting those on the outside when they should have been moving toward hurting, sinful, and troubled people with God’s love.

10 Tips on Preparing and Preaching for Easter

Those who are entrusted to preach or teach are often so busy that they miss out on deep encounters with God the Holy Spirit. In the week before you preach, you will be busy with all the details of services for Good Friday and Easter Sunday, plus the family plans you must juggle with your ministry responsibilities. So, intentionally set aside some sacred silence and solitude time to get with Jesus and remember his death, burial, and resurrection in place of sin for salvation. And make sure not to neglect making Easter special for your family with all the busyness of the season. Make sure your kids grow up loving the Easter season because their dad was as devoted to them as he was to the church.

The Wintry Soul: Four Lessons from Suffering

In the not so distant past, God let a blizzard of pain hit my home that drained our fuel and tried our faith. While the season of deep sorrow covered months, not years, the grief was real and the scars permanent. The suffering was part of our journey of adoption –– with one child lost, declared unadoptable, and another secured, but only after an arduous battle among the visible and invisible realms. Beautiful creations can be shaped from ice. Below are four lessons learned in the cold.

4 Justices may decide if vendors can snub gay weddings

The Supreme Court may hear a case that tests whether businesses can refuse to be involved in same-sex weddings. The case pits two constitutional rights against each other: freedom of speech and equal protection.

T4G: UNASHAMED (Louisville, KY)

Together for the Gospel began as a friendship between four pastors—Ligon Duncan, R. Albert Mohler Jr., Mark Dever, and CJ Mahaney. These friends differed on issues such as baptism and the charismatic gifts. But they were committed to standing together for the main thing—the gospel of Jesus Christ.  Their friendship has produced a biennial conference to serve one main purpose: to encourage other pastors to stand together for the same gospel.

Southern Seminary Expeditions | Israel & Jordan

Southern Seminary Expeditions offer on-site lectures from experts in biblical, theological and historical studies. We will travel to historical sites such as Petra, Masada, and King Herod’s tomb. We will stand on the steps of the temple mount where Jesus would have stood and taught. We will study the Scriptures on the Sea of Galilee and in the Garden of Gethsemane. While on the trip, you will also learn about the culture of the Middle East and be introduced to gospel-centered ministries there. It is our prayer that this Expedition will further equip you for ministry and continue to cultivate in you a heart and mind for Christ.

She Smiles at Tomorrow

Preparing Our Firstborn One of the things Brent and I have been up to around here is getting Jude’s big boy bedroom ready to go.  We’ve got big boy furniture for him and most importantly, a big boy bed.  He has been so content sleeping in his crib this whole time and has never tried to climb out, so we’ve never transitioned him to a twin bed.  (He’s 2.5 years old).  But we definitely need to start that process soon.  Once Brent and I get our stuff out of there (books off of Jude’s shelves, Brent’s Star Wars collectibles from Jude’s closet, etc, etc…) we’ve got to move all of Jude’s toys over and get him sleeping in there.  I definitely want him to feel like and know that this new room is HIS room, and that when baby brother comes, he’s not just taking over Jude’s space.  So… must start that this week!!  I’ve gotta admit, though, I’m a bit nervous.  I just hope he doesn’t crawl out of bed a million times in the learning process.  God, help!  As you can see from the picture, we’re n

Your Options in Infertility

4. Subsequent to diagnosis it's increasingly common for the couple to receive a recommendation to go straight to Assisted Reproductive Therapy (ART) treatment rather than to try treating the underlying problem. At this point I'd particularly urge Christian couples to stop, pray, collect information, think carefully, and not just agree to anything that will help them achieve their desire for a baby. Ethical problems are avoided by looking ahead. In some ways, the advent of assisted reproductive therapies—in vitro fertilization (IVF), for example—has increased the anguish of infertility since these treatments can prolong the struggle for years. Moreover, pressure from other family members, such as potential grandparents, can make it even harder to choose. Someone familiar with the process needs to be involved in order to make sure decisions are based on facts. Costs are not just medical but also emotional, relational, and spiritual.

‘Divergent’ Lesson in Human Depravity

Not only was it human evil that nearly destroyed the world in some great war, but now it is human depravity that threatens to undue it all again. They sought to guard against this very thing when they divided society into five factions: Abnegation to counter human selfishness, Erudite to stand against ignorance, Amity against aggression, Candor against duplicity, and Dauntless against cowardice.

How Pastors Can Care For Their Children

7. Guard your special family times.  Special times like vacations and dates are a chance to build family identity and make emotional deposits in your children. They connect your hearts together. Guard those times carefully. Are special family times written on the calendar first? Do the elders have a plan to handle the inevitable emergencies that will come up during those times? God has given many gifted ones to minister to the church body. He has only given your children one father and mother.

Fred Phelps and the Anti-Gospel of Hate — A Necessary Word

Fred Phelps is dead. The fire-and-brimstone preacher, who for many years was pastor of the institution known as Westboro Baptist Church, died late Wednesday in a hospice in Topeka, Kansas. The announcement was made on his church’s website. The wording was simple: “Fred W. Phelps Sr. has gone the way of all flesh.” Thus brings to an end one of most bitters lives in modern history — and one of the most harmful to the Gospel.

Intellectual Discipleship?

The biblical master narrative serves as a framework for the cognitive principles that allow the formation of an authentically Christian worldview. Many Christians rush to develop what they will call a “Christian worldview” by arranging isolated Christian truths, doctrines, and convictions in order to create formulas for Christian thinking. No doubt, this is a better approach than is found among so many believers who have very little concern for Christian thinking at all; but it is not enough.

The New Monasticism Gets Older | Web Exclusives | Daily Writings From Our Top Writers | First Things

The new monasticism, characterized by Robin Russell as individuals and families who “commit to follow a ‘rule of life’ . . . and they immerse themselves in community life and service,” is without a doubt an important movement in the North American Protestant church, and there is much to commend in it. The name, though, in some ways obscures our impression of historic monasticism—the diverse worlds of the Benedictines, Cistercians, Franciscans, and Dominicans. Though scholars and practitioners of monasticism debate, at times, the very definition of “monasticism,” there is general agreement that married and single people living in some form of close (or even loose) community, even if they follow a rule, is not quite the historic monasticism of the Christian Church, being closer to “intentional community.”

How a Too-Friendly Jesus Can Lead to Universalism

That's a rather banal and uncontroversial claim, yet it's surprising how often it's overlooked or disregarded. We can forget that in our rush to defend Jesus and make him more palatable to our culture we can unwittingly lead people to accept soul-destroying beliefs. For example, I was reminded today of how an incorrect version of the claim "Jesus is a friend of sinners" can lead people to embrace universalism.

Cross Examined

I have listen to Dr Frank Turek for several years now on NRB network channel 378 on directv, but I don't get his radio program. I love the convenience of this app and getting more material from a great apologist.

Ses Apologetics

bakslashr: That is the argument that Dr. Richards puts forth here. Nobody makes something moral bc they "say it is." Morality is not created by humans, it is merely recognized. Jay Richards points out that all people recognize morality regardless of their theistic or atheistic world view. Having considered that, does atheism or theism suit to explain that fact best? Jay Richards thinks (and we do as well) that atheism falls fatally short. Theism is the best explanation.

A Survey of Church History, Part 1

Many committed, knowledgeable believers still know little about the history of the church. As a result, they’re missing a testament to God’s steadfastness over the centuries. Now, a monumental new teaching series sheds crucial light on church history, demonstrating God’s promise to build and preserve his church so that “the gates of hell will not prevail against it” (Matt. 16:18). Join Dr. Robert Godfrey as he takes believers through the first twelve lectures of what will be a sixty-lecture series covering theology, apologetics, notable church fathers, and much more.


Logos 5’s smart tools and features help you dig into Scripture and connect your life to God’s Word. You can explore a vast theological library, dig into original languages, craft powerful messages, and conduct scholarly research. Your resources are all connected, so you get the most out of your study.


Wow. My wife and I have been through and are still in the adoption process, but it started by getting foster parent training. This has me in tears before the beginning title. It's an incredibly accurate depiction of how things can go in the Foster Care system, but as someone already said, it shows the hopeful side of it. What an amazing portrayal.

The Briefing 03-21-14

1) Fred Phelps Sr’s life was one of the most bitter and harmful to gospel in modern history

A Singing Church

Zephaniah’s only recorded sermon helped bring spiritual revival to God’s people after the long and disastrous reign of Manassah. For three chapters Zephaniah has detailed the “day of the Lord,” a day when he would, according to chapter 3, “Pour out upon them [His] indignation, all [His] burning anger . . . all the earth shall be consumed.” The picture is bleak. It’s as though God announces that His storm of judgment is coming and His people stare at a sky swelling with rolling and thunderous clouds. And just before judgment bursts forth in power, a single ray of sunshine breaks through and shines down. Zephaniah says sadness and depression isn’t the order of the day for everybody. The sun of salvation is going to burst upon the earth because “ The Lord your God is in your midst, a mighty one who will save. He will rejoice over you with gladness; he will quiet you by his love; he will exult over you with loud singing. ” (Zeph. 3:17) Our God is a singing God!

God's far from dead in the global South

So as we celebrate our splendid made-up version of Chris-Dawali-Kwanza-ka, it’s worth remembering that the Christian God, merciful and frightening, is very far from dead. He may not mean much to us any more. But, in large parts of the world we seldom think about, he’s more powerful than ever.

Christian Bale Wanted for Upcoming Steve Jobs Biopic

Though Sony, the studio behind the film had no comment, the story notes that Bale’s resemblance to Jobs (not to mention his acting chops) make him a prime contender for the role. This may be enough to make us forget that Ashton Kutcher movie ever happened ...

Resurgence Roundup, 3/21/14

The weekly Resurgence Roundup brings together some of the most interesting content we’ve found online, as it pertains to the church and the people God has called us to reach. Keep in mind, we don’t endorse or agree with everything you’ll see included in the roundup.


In a pluralistic and relativistic age, Christians must stand firm in proclaiming the one living and true God who is revealed in Scripture. The one true God is one in being or essence and three in person: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. The Triune God is holy and sovereign. These biblical truths are often attacked, and Christians must, therefore, be diligent to defend them.

God’s Scissors and the Cloth of Creation

The cloth of creation, cut into man and woman, was the medium through which the infinite God chose to display his image. We cal this craftsmanship our sexuality: our anatomy, our functions, our physical appearance, even some modes of thinking. As the generations progressed throughout history, there would be countless combinations of hair and eyes, skin, noses, mouths, body shapes, and personalities. But when he snipped out male and female, he put down his scissors. They were the patterns God designed for oneness and for procreation throughout the earth's generations of every race and in every place.

Can Christian Theology Save the Family?

Christ offers the family hope.  God did not leave the family in defeat. In fact, he still had big plans for it. After the fall, God promised Eve that her offspring would conquer evil (Genesis 3:15). As Bavinck writes, "In the Son born from her, the woman and the man once again attain to their calling." Jesus Christ is the only human being to never sin against his Father in heaven and his family on earth. His death for our sins offers hope for forgiveness and reconciliation not only with our earthly families but also with God our Father. Although earthly marriages remain imperfect, they represent the love between Christ and his people more than anything else in creation. Bavinck concludes his book with these hope-filled words: "The history of the human race" also "ends with a wedding, the wedding of Christ and his church, of the heavenly Lord with his earthly Bride." In Christ, the family finds significance, purpose, and hope.

Meet the Woman Raising 32 Street Children

Meet Annmaire Richards, a woman in Jamaica who takes in street children and raises them in her own family. Richards says that she “saw herself” in the children who are “fearfully, and wonderfully made,” and her story is a powerful reminder of the average person’s capability to change the lives of those in need. The video was produced by GoBoka Play in partnership with the Make Life Better Foundation, who will donate a computer lab for the children’s education if the video receives 50,000 views by April 10. So, let’s all do our part and watch the video repeatedly for extra doses of inspiration from Annemarie ...

Fred Phelps and the Anti-Gospel of Hate — A Necessary Word

Fred Phelps is dead. The fire-and-brimstone preacher, who for many years was pastor of the institution known as Westboro Baptist Church, died late Wednesday in a hospice in Topeka, Kansas. The announcement was made on his church’s website. The wording was simple: “Fred W. Phelps Sr. has gone the way of all flesh.” Thus brings to an end one of most bitters lives in modern history — and one of the most harmful to the Gospel.

How to Get Your Mind Back on Track

So, if you are struggling today, walk up the line of your train of thought. Where is your trust engine taking you? If you are on the wrong track, the Bible has provided you a track switcher: “Set your minds on things that are above, not on things that are on earth” (Colossians 3:2). Set your mind on them and then “think about these things.”

Three Ways Catholic Tradition Bolstered My Protestant Faith

I attend an evangelical church in the Anglican/Episcopal tradition. Every Sunday, I process to the front of the sanctuary for the sacrament of communion. A priest offers a torn piece of bread, which I dip in a chalice of red wine, and then he lays a hand on each of my children and says a blessing. If it were possible to cheat and go through the line a second time, I would. Strangely, communion means the most to me on Sundays when I sit in church and struggle to understand what the atonement even means . At precisely the moment when I can't make sense of it intellectually, I am called forward to physically receive God's redemption from the hands of a priest.

Why Is Planned Parenthood Working To Unseat Gosnell Victim's Cousin?

No, Planned Parenthood doesn’t care about women like Semika Shaw. But why not? It can’t be some kind of mass psychopathy—though it wouldn’t be surprising if the hardness of heart that must accompany the killing of the unborn metastasized to other areas of life. Perhaps it’s a commitment to the ideology of abortion that sees the procedure and its proliferation as a positive good in society. This is surely part of it, and it helps us to understand why Big Abortion never took action to squelch Gosnell—he was to them a necessary evil, someone willing to take the hard cases and get his hands a little bloody.

Crimea Has Officially Been Annexed (According to Russia)

Today, Russian President Vladimir Puntin signed documents that formally annexed the region of Crimea, officially making it a part of Russia—at least according to Russian officials. The United States and other Western nations have said that the move was a violation of international law. In a speech prior to the signing, European Council President Herman Van Rompuy said, “Frankly speaking, I don't care about Russia signing this deal; I care about Ukraine, Ukrainians and our European future.” He also reiterated the position that, “We strongly condemn the unconstitutional referendum in Crimea. We will not recognize the annexation, nor will we recognize it in the future.” The Obama administration announced new economic sanctions against Russia, which appear to already be having a dramatic effect. The S&P lowered the countries credit rating in light of the sanctions, and according to this report , “ $60 billion left Russia in the first three months of this year” ...

SBC Luncheon

Join friends and fellow Southern Seminary alumni from around the country at this year’s SBC meeting in Baltimore, Maryland. The luncheon will be held in room four on level four in the Baltimore Convention Center. This will be the biggest Alumni event of the year, don’t miss it!

1 Corinthians 15: the earliest source for the basic facts about the life of Jesus

Paul is clear that this material was not his own but that he had passed on to others what he had received earlier, as the center of his message (15:3). There are many textual indications that the material pre-dates Paul. Most directly, the apostle employs paredoka and parelabon, the equivalent Greek terms for delivering and receiving rabbinic tradition (cf. 1 Cor. 11:23). Indirect indications of a traditional text(s) include the sentence structure and verbal parallelism, diction, and the triple sequence of kai hoti Further, several non-Pauline words, the proper names of Cephas (cf. Lk. 24:34) and James, and the possibility of an Aramaic original are all significant. Fuller attests to the unanimity of scholarship here: “It is almost universally agreed today that Paul is here citing tradition.”[4] Critical scholars agree that Paul received the material well before this book was written.[5]

36 Think of the Mosaic Covenant Like a State Law - Stand to Reason Blog

The NT talks about the "New Covenant" in terms of it being a virtue ethic. There are no laws in the NT, only principles. Thus, the only people able to perceive right and wrong are those who have received God's Spirit and who walk according to that ethic on a continual basis. For example, the principle in the NT is "one woman with a man forever", and that is the main idea about God's plan for marital and sexual relationships. Could there be some sort of exception to that, such as an exception where it wouldn't be wrong to divorce? Well, yes (Jesus himself gives us an exception). It was never Jesus' intention that anything he teaches be set in stone, but it takes a Christian walking in a virtue ethic to understand ethics. This has all sorts of implications in that those who do not believe in Jesus or who do not walk "according to the Spirit" (do not apply the Christian virtue ethic in their lives) will be unable to discern right from wrong in every situation correctly. This is basically what the NT teaches, especially Paul

Court rules university violated conservative professor's freedom of speech

However, there is definitely a warning for conservatives here. If you are thinking that the university campus is fair to Christians and conservatives, you really need to re-think that. On the modern secular leftist campus, you can expect to have your views ridiculed and attacked, not just by the professors, but by the students, too. After a little indoctrination, the students are just as likely to ridicule and attack you as the professors are. It’s not a place for free speech and rational discussion, especially outside the sciences. Young Christians and conservatives headed to the university – BEWARE.

The Distrustful Generation

Who are the "Millennial generation"? New data from two of the country's leading social research organizations provide an invaluable window into their thinking and experience. So far, the discussion of these findings has centered on the disastrous collapse of marriage, work, and religious practice among Millennials (ages 18 to 29). But the most dire social problem is that Millennials don't trust their neighbors. The deepest question our culture will be facing in the coming generation is not what to do about jobs or single parenthood, but whether we are still capable of loving our neighbors.

Are Christians responsible for making plans and making good decisions?

Wintery Knight – I think you’re being too severe to say that it doesn’t matter if you’re happy or not. God is most glorified when we are most happy in Him. So if you have a choice between 2 activities that are moral and wise, God won’t love you more if you do the one you like least. He’s a good father. And sometimes resting and reading or going for a walk or sharing a good meal with friends is the best activity. Jesus was a lot of fun to be with. He hung out with his best friends Martha, Mary & Lazarus. You don’t have to EARN anything. Jesus said, “It’s finished!”

God's Not Dead, Movie Trailer | Eye on Apologetics

Today is the opening day for the Movie God’s Not Dead . I have not seen it yet, but it looks like an interesting watch for anyone interested in the arena where apologetics and the entertainment industry intersect.

The Lens of Leadership

It came to a breaking point when he said, on national television, “I’d like to have my life back.” Here he was, making millions, living away from the spill, and he makes that comment. That is the inability to zoom out and get the big picture and respond rightly. 

Platt: gospel requires cultural engagement — especially on unpopular issues

While recognizing individuals have limits of involvement, Platt asserted, “In our belief, let’s be consistent. In our proclamation, let’s be complete. In our leadership, let’s be clear. This gospel of Christ compels contrite, compassionate, courageous action on a multiplicity of cultural issues, and to engage with the gospel on the battlefronts across our culture as we give our lives to taking the gospel across cultures,” he said.

43 The Overuse of Solitary Confinement

The over-reliance on solitary confinement is especially troubling when you consider the effects of isolation on the psychological well-being of inmates. Citing findings in the American Journal of Psychiatry, Aeon Magazine described the effects of keeping men in their cells 23 hours a day without human contact.

Prophecy, "the Perfect," and the End of What?

send to a friend #9  Posted by Natan T  |  Friday, March 21, 2014at 9:05 AM @#8 Guymon Hall All of these arguments that you have presented DO NOT prove that MIRACLES have ceased. There is NO WHERE in the Bible where it says that miracles have ceased. Are you better than Paul who said "Now I know in part"1 Corinthians 13:12. Even Paul, who was one of the pillars of Christian faith said "I know in part." John MacArthur is not saying that we have reached that 'perfect' state, as you are assuming in your verses. I think you misunderstand what he said. He is saying that when Jesus comes, the prophetic and sign gifts would be unnecessary because we would have comprehensive knowledge. WE ARE NOT THERE YET! But even if you say you have a comprehensive understanding of the scriptures and say that this portion of the scripture prove the cessation of prophetic and tongue gifts, that's only two of the nine gifts! Tell me where you can find anywhere in the scripture that the gift of miracles have passed away? Why do you impose your understanding of scriptures on others? This is not right because you are standing on the door of the kingdom of God and you are preventing many of your followers from experiencing God's spiritual gifts.

What criteria do historians use to get to the minimal facts about the historical Jesus?

Notice that these “criteria” do not presuppose the general reliability of the Gospels. Rather they focus on a particular saying or event and give evidence for thinking that specific element of Jesus’ life to be historical, regardless of the general reliability of the document in which the particular saying or event is reported. These same “criteria” are thus applicable to reports of Jesus found in the apocryphal Gospels, or rabbinical writings, or even the Qur’an. Of course, if the Gospels can be shown to be generally reliable documents, so much the better! But the “criteria” do not depend on any such presupposition. They serve to help spot historical kernels even in the midst of historical chaff. Thus we need not concern ourselves with defending the Gospels’ every claim attributed to Jesus in the gospels; the question will be whether we can establish enough about Jesus to make faith in him reasonable.

YouTube Announces ‘DoGooder Award’ Winners

YouTube has announced the winners of this year’s DoGooder Awards. The program recognizes the viral video efforts of nonprofits with the winners receiving $3,000 from Nickelodeon and visibility at the 2014 "Lights. Camera. Help Festival." You can go here to see other winners, like the one below from “Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation,” group that helps children fighting cancer ...

Exercise Influence

You see, our primary problem is not that we don’t know how to exercise influence. Our primary problem is that something else is eating us up and taking our influence away. Could it be, perhaps, that your influence is exercised in pursuit of the wrong kingdom?


Ending the war will involve repentance on all sides, [Wood] thinks. “I can’t make somebody else repent of what he is doing wrong. I can only repent of what I am doing wrong. If I do that publicly enough, maybe I will inspire others. The quest stops being about saving the church and exposing heresy. It starts being about serving the Creator, which is what it was always supposed to be.” (45)

Turkey Bans Twitter After User Exposes Gov. Corruption

Turkey's Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan has ordered that Twitter be blocked in his country after an anonymous user posted audio recordings that appear to prove government corruption. Before the outage, Erdogan told supporters “We will wipe out Twitter. I don't care what the international community says,” because that sounds like something someone who has nothing to hide would say. Just weeks ago , when Turkish citizens posted protest messages against his administrations, he threatened to ban both YouTube and Facebook. The government released a message following the Twitter ban that said that the social media company would not remove certain tweets and "as long as Twitter fails to change its attitude of ignoring court rulings and not doing what is necessary according to the law, technically, there might be no remedy but to block access in order to relief our citizens." Twitter has responded by instructing users in Turkey on how to access the platform using SMS ...


Dr. Mike Adams was hired by UNC-Wilmington as an assistant professor in 1993. The criminology professor, who was an avowed atheist when hired, became a Christian in 2000. His conversion impacted his view on political and social issues, topics which he addressed frequently in opinion columns.

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52 Answering Muslims: Sixty Percent of Girls in Afghanistan Are Forced into Marriage as Children
53 Don’t Worry, ‘This American Life’ Isn’t Going Off the Air Despite PRI Breakup
54 Justin Timberlake Is Looking for a Mystery Engagement Couple
56 The Briefing 03-21-14
57 The Return of Cosmos, and Q&A - Christian Research Institute