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Are Atheists People of Faith? John Lennox refutes Christopher Hitchens

Scientific Naturalism Refutes Itself

Should we only believe in what can be scientifically proven? Is science the answer for everything? Does science conflict with religion? Dr. William Lane Crai...

God Delusion Debate 6: Atheism undermines Science

The Wit of Dr. Craig - Part 24 "Cowboys and... the Multiverse?"

Playlist: Well, what in tarnations is this? This here William Lane Craig talks about a multiverse an...

Burning Questions TV Documentary Promo

The opening sequence from the "Burning Questions" TV documentary, coming to Canadian TV and also DVD in a few months. Visit for more news about d...

Islamic Jihad and the Subjugation of Jews and Christians The Qur'an clearly commands Muslims to violently subjugate Jews and Christians (9:29). Fortunately, most Muslims ignore this ...

460. Is Doubt Just A Christian Problem?

Bobby discusses whether doubt is unique to Christians.

Allah and Muhammad Explain Where the Sun Sets (Quran 18:83-86; Sunan Abu Dawud 3991) According to the Qur'an (18:83-86), a man named Dhul-Qarnayn (whom commentators often identify as Alexander the Great or Cyru...

Beth Moore's Future Outpouring "Prophecy"

Chris Rosebrough (@PirateChristian) analyzes Beth Moore's "Prophecy" RE: a future outpouring and demonstrates that Moore is a dangerous false prophet.

Keynote speaker Lee Strobel on this year's Prayer Breakfast!

Join us at William Jessup University on Thursday, May 1 at 7am for our 9th annual National Day of Prayer Breakfast, presented by K-LOVE & the university! Vis...

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'Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus' Author Says Muslims Risk Everything to Follow Christ

A new autobiography tells the conversion story of a Western Muslim who risked everything to become a born-again Christian. The book reads like a murder-mystery novel, in which a committed follower of Muhammad researches the historic facts of Islam and Christianity to find the truth about Jesus Christ.

Counseling and the heart of Christ

His questions point out the obvious.  Of course you go looking for the lost sheep!  Naturally you initiate a search for the missing coin!  Any reasonable person knows that it is wisest and best to exert all necessary effort on the ones that are missing, and in need help rather than the ones that are fine, and intact.  Such obvious reasoning is an indictment against the Pharisees.  Their obsession with obedience has led them to lose sight of the heart of God.  They were busy feeling cozy in their righteous little group, and indicting those on the outside when they should have been moving toward hurting, sinful, and troubled people with God’s love.

Does the Big Bang breakthrough offer proof of God?

I am amused by the selective skepticism of religious people. When there is scientifically developed knowledge of a process that threatens their belief, they apply strict skepticism. They will find the most tenuous explanation to bring doubt on the results. In the next breath, they will quote scripture and assert things as fact with absolutely no objective evidence, skepticism right out the window. They don't even see it happening, it's mind boggling.

Saved by a Community for Community

The world around us longs for community, and the false sense of connectedness created by Twitter and Facebook won't fill the void. We need robust, life-on-life, in-the-trenches community. God didn't merely "text us," after all. He came. He walked with us, wept with us, rejoiced with us, and loved us in spite of ourselves. If we're embodying this self-giving posture in our churches, then, it'll draw the lonely world to us like a magnet. If this isn't the reality you experience at church, though, you're not alone.

The Most Influential Reformer You've Never Heard of

The world More was born into was one in which one's birth largely dictated the course of one's life. More's vocational options as a woman were to marry or become a teacher. Born to a schoolmaster, she (and her four sisters) chose teaching. Born to Church of England parents, More was destined to be Anglican, which she remained her whole life. But she was also born at a time when the Evangelical movement, popularized through the itinerant ministries of John and Charles Wesley and George Whitefield, was sweeping the transatlantic region, bringing with it an emphasis on personal faith that would transform More's life, and consequently, her world.

Happening Now: RELEVANT Q+A: John Mark McMillan

In case you missed our live Q+A, our conversation with singer/songwriter/great guy John Mark McMillan is right here , for you to watch whenever you like. Enjoy ...

Counsel the Word

HEATH LAMBERT ( @HeathLambert ) is the assistant professor of Biblical Counseling at the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary and also serves as the Associate Dean of Applied Studies at Boyce College. Dr. Lambert currently serves as the Executive Director of the Association of Certified Biblical Counselors (ACBC), one of the largest biblical counseling organizations in the world with certified members in 18 countries.  He is also a founding council board member of the Biblical Counseling Coalition (BCC), and is a frequent conference speaker. He is the author of The Biblical Counseling Movement After Adams and Finally Free: Fighting for Purity with the Power of Grace .

Leveraging Globalization to Serve Communities

I majored in computer science and economics at university, but I enjoyed ministry more than academics. After graduating, I wanted to go overseas, but the agencies I met said I'd be most helpful working on their websites. Being pragmatic, I couldn't build just one website, so I built a tool for making lots of websites. Then commercial companies started using Liferay, too, and that's how the business got started.

The Most Influential Reformer You've Never Heard of

The world More was born into was one in which one's birth largely dictated the course of one's life. More's vocational options as a woman were to marry or become a teacher. Born to a schoolmaster, she (and her four sisters) chose teaching. Born to Church of England parents, More was destined to be Anglican, which she remained her whole life. But she was also born at a time when the Evangelical movement, popularized through the itinerant ministries of John and Charles Wesley and George Whitefield, was sweeping the transatlantic region, bringing with it an emphasis on personal faith that would transform More's life, and consequently, her world.

SBTS Madness

Southern Seminary and Boyce College are joining the madness of March by giving away books from our world-class faculty. We love our professors and want you to have their publications.

Contrary to What You May Have Heard, the Chocolate Chip Cookie Was Not Invented by Accident

Part of the reason for Wakefield’s relative obscurity is that her main focus during her lifetime was on her restaurant, not her personal brand. Ruth Wakefield’s Toll House was one of Massachusetts’ most beloved restaurants, renowned for its classic New England food, colonial decor, and exceptional service. Wakefield ran a tight ship: She and her husband, Ken, were almost always on the premises to greet customers and oversee the multibuilding operation. Waitresses trained for three months before getting their full workload of two tables, which might not seem like much unless you know that Wakefield’s expectations included silverware placed one thumbprint away from the edge of the table, orders memorized, uniforms “neatly pressed, stocking seams straight, shoes clean,” as laid out by the restaurant’s seven-page service manual. “No military machine or factory production line was ever geared to more smooth-running cohesion,” the restaurant’s post-war promotional booklet intoned. “Long-range planning and constantly studied personnel are reflected in an operating teamwork flawless in its unrolled perfection.


Ehrman begins his assault on the Jesus burial tradition by discussing the famous pre-Pauline tradition we find in the first letter to the church in Corinth (1 Corinthians 15:3-7). This letter was likely composed approximately 20-25 years after Jesus’ time on earth. Ehrman rightly acknowledges the antiquity of the tradition found within this passage. He asks an excellent question: “Does it go back even to before the time when Paul himself joined the movement around the year 33 CE, some three years after Jesus had died? If so, it would be very ancient indeed!” (pg. 138). Ehrman makes a big deal of the fact that in 1 Cor. 15:4 it doesn’t say who buried Jesus but only that Jesus was buried. Ehrman wonders why the creator(s) of this ancient creed didn’t provide the name of the person who buried Jesus? He answers his own question by saying: “My hunch is that it is because he knew nothing about a burial of Jesus by Joseph of Arimathea.” (pg. 142). I find this line of reasoning odd. Because Paul does not specifically name Joseph as having buried Jesus this is evidence that Paul probably didn’t know Joseph buried him? In that case, we would have to say that Paul likely didn’t know about Jesus’ mother Mary either because he doesn’t name her explicitly (Paul only says he knew Jesus was born of a woman in Galatians 4:4).

Pulling All-Nighters Can Kill Brain Cells

We’ve all had to pull an all-nighter for school or work (or maybe an occasional Netflix binge), but according to new research , missing out on sleep can actually damage your brain. By studying mice who slept regularly and others that were kept awake, researchers found evidence of brain cell damage in the non-sleeping subjects. The research also calls into question the idea of “sleep debt”—meaning you can’t really “make up” sleep because the damage is “irreversible.” Though the team from UPenn’s Perelman School of Medicine hasn’t reproduced the test on humans, the study author told US News, “You’re at a time in your life when you really have to pull a couple of all-nighters to sustain that edge academically or professionally, but by cutting our sleep times short then do we end up losing that edge in the long term because we lose those neurons that are so critical for attention?” Just something to think about next time you want to stay up until 5 in the morning watching The Walking Dead ...

D3 Youth Ministry Blog

First, I want share the story of Rakesh and Ganesh. We all regularly attend the Nepali church known as Asha Church (Asha means Hope). Rakesh’s family is humanist and Ganesh’s family is Hindu. Seeing them coming to Asha Church gave me the desire to take them to D3. I did not know what to expect from them. One thing I knew was that the work we do in Christ is not in vain, so I brought them anyway. After the conference, the youth group shared all that they had learned. Rakesh and Ganesh shared first. They shared how their view of Christians had changed. Before D3 they thought Christians were the boring people. After D3 they understand Christians to be the people who do not only know the truth but also know how to have lot of fun- the kind of fun that they never experienced before. They also told the group that they knew Jesus as their Savior but are scared to accept Jesus as Lord and Savior publicly because of their family.

9 Things You Should Know About Fred Phelps and Westboro Baptist Church

4. Phelps established Westboro Baptist Church (WBC) in Topeka, Kansas, in 1955. The church describes itself as "an Old School (or, Primitive) Baptist Church." (The Baptist World Alliance and the Southern Baptist Convention have each denounced the WBC over the years, as have many Primitive Baptist congregations.) The church subscribes to a form of hyper-Calvinism and claims to subscribe to three confessions of faith: The First London Baptist Confession of Faith (1646), The Savoy Declaration of Faith and Order (1658), and The Philadelphia Confession of Faith (1742). At its peak, the church had approximately 40 members, almost all of whom were related to Phelps by blood or marriage. (Phelps has 13 children and approximately 45 grandchildren.)

ANALYSIS: Fred Phelps' hateful legacy may be the opposite of all he intended - Religion News Service

As an aside: you declare that there are no gay rights in holy books. If we can agree that three thousand year old texts are going to need to be understood in their historical contexts, that’s not quite true. The biggest negatives in the Bible against explicit sexual activity between two people of the same sex are, the scholars tell me, best understood in the context of violence and dominance — perhaps best to understand it as prison rape. If we look beyond the strictly sexual to look for examples of two people of the same gender binding their lives together, declaring their love for each other higher than for all other persons, and for the element of simple tenderness that we celebrate in heterosexual marriage, there are actually two examples at hand — David and Jonathan, and Naomi and Ruth. There is nothing recorded about sexual activity between them, but as gay marriage activists have been insisting for years, marriage is far more about love than it is about sex, although the two are ideally intertwined.

The Final Trailer for ‘The Amazing Spider-Man 2’ Is Pretty Epic

Here’s the final trailer for The Amazing Spider-Man 2 . Obviously, the job of a trailer is to make you want to see the movie, and though it’s hard to know for sure if the latest installment will be any good, at the very least, it will have some pretty impressive visuals. The comic book epic opens on May 2 ...

The 20 Best Conservative Colleges in America | The Best Schools

Conservative colleges provide an important counterbalance to the progressivism and liberalism that pervade so much of American higher education. For students raised with traditional moral values, who favor limited government, who adhere to free-market economic principles, entering the world of higher education is too often an alienating experience.

Two Favored Sons

But the story of Joseph doesn’t end there. While the bad stuff in his life points out our sin, the good stuff points out our Savior—and how he works to rescue sinners out of slavery and death. Within the story of Joseph, we hear whispers and see snippets of a new and better Joseph. Over and over again Joseph’s story illustrates that life comes out of death. He gets thrown in a pit to die but comes out and is spared, rising through the ranks of Potiphar’s household. He gets thrown into prison—is forgotten and forsaken—but is eventually rescued by the King and put in a place of power and honor. He relives the pain of his brothers’ betrayal when they come to him for food years later, but uses his new power to save them rather than kill them—assuring them that what they meant for evil God meant for good. And as a result of his mediation, a world on the brink of death is saved. All of this points us to Jesus.

Roots At Church Everyday

Roots Flickr

The End of the World | Reasonable Faith

The key to physical eschatology is the Second Law of Thermodynamics. About the middle of the nineteenth century, several physicists sought to formulate a scientific law that would bring under a general rule all the various irreversible processes encountered in the world. The result of their efforts is now known as the Second Law of Thermodynamics. As first formulated by Clausius, it stated that heat only flows of itself from a point of high temperature toward a point of low temperature; the reverse is never possible without compensation. But heat is only an instance of an even more general tendency toward levelling in nature; the same is true, for example, of gases and electricity. Without this general tendency toward levelling, life would be completely impossible. For example, because of such levelling, the air in the room never suddenly separates into oxygen at one end and nitrogen at the other. It is also why when we step into a bath we may be confident that the water will be pleasantly warm instead of frozen at one end and boiling at the other. It is easy to see why life would not be possible in a world where the Second Law of Thermodynamics did not hold.

Correcting the Record for Associated Baptist Press

My blog post from last week had absolutely nothing to do with the non-loading article in question. I was referring to previous debates and to a standing tendency on the part of a small group of anti-CBMW folks to misconstrue our motives. Though I wrote those comments last week without reference to the ABP story, they ironically apply to the matter at hand. As I said above, had Allen followed what I (no journalist myself) understand to be journalistic due diligence and contacted me before running his story, I would have gladly and promptly informed that our website had a small glitch. My hope is that Allen (a genuine practitioner of the journalistic craft for many years) will publish a correction to his original story on this and other points.

Pope Francis Meets Russell Crowe, But Didn’t Watch ‘Noah’

Despite an offer for a private screening, Pope Francis has not watched Darren Aronofsky’s biblical epic Noah . He did however finally meet the director and star Russell Crowe, offering a blessing to the filmmaking team. The group was invited to an “invitation-only section of St. Peter’s Square” where they briefly met with Pope Francis and stayed to hear his message to the crowd gathered at the Vatican. For weeks, Crowe had been lobbying the pope on Twitter to watch the film, but even though that seems unlikely, Crowe was appreciative for the encounter, tweeting that it was “a privilege” to be introduced Pope Francis in person and hear him speak ...


“ He is not here, for he is risen as he said.” This message from the angel at the tomb on the first Easter morning is central to the Gospel. The Apostle Paul could not be any clearer when he tells us that if Christ is not raised, our faith is in vain. The doctrine of the resurrection of Christ has been attacked and mocked for two thousand years, but Christians dare not compromise on this truth.

4 Questions to Ask Yourself When Talking to a Skeptic

Hopefully we all have opportunities to talk to non-Christians. But having effective conversations require more than just opening your mouth and letting the words fly. There are guidelines for what you should say. But this post is more about the questions you should ask yourself as you enter the conversation.


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The Briefing 03-20-14

2) Obama rightly awards 24 Medals of Honor which had been denied – 21 posthumously

28 Peter Broetzmann New Zealand Tour Announced - Music News at Undertheradar

German saxophonist Peter Br�tzmann is known worldwide for his pioneering, unprecedented and ear eviscerating technique - exemplified by his classic 1968 album Machine Gun which threw down the gauntlet for a high decibel, politically charged approach to free jazz & improvised music. With nearly five decades of performances and recordings under his belt, he's played with such pivotal figures as Cecil Taylor, Keijii Haino, John Zorn, Derek Bailey, Bill Laswell and many more, regularly headlining festival appearances around the globe. This will be Peter Br�tzmann's first solo tour of New Zealand, and is sure to be a hugely exciting and crucial event!

The Wintry Soul: Four Lessons from Suffering

In the not so distant past, God let a blizzard of pain hit my home that drained our fuel and tried our faith. While the season of deep sorrow covered months, not years, the grief was real and the scars permanent. The suffering was part of our journey of adoption –– with one child lost, declared unadoptable, and another secured, but only after an arduous battle among the visible and invisible realms. Beautiful creations can be shaped from ice. Below are four lessons learned in the cold.

New study: 39 percent of private employers will cut workers if minimum wage is raised

“As with any such policy change, there are upsides and downsides. But based on this survey, there’s no denying that raising the minimum wage will result in layoffs, reduced hiring, and higher prices at a large chunk of American companies,” Bob Funk, CEO of Express and the former chairman of the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas, said. “How severe will those effects be? That remains to be seen, but policymakers will certainly want to be mindful of this reality as they legislate.”

Doctorado en Misiología (D.Miss.)

Gracias por su interés en el Doctorado en Misiología del Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. El Doctorado en Misiología es un título profesional en misiología para ministros en la obra misionera. El propósito del programa es preparar al estudiante para ministerio intercultural por medio de estudios avanzados en las misiones y disciplinas afines.  La duración del programa es de 48 horas y se termina en tres o cuatro años. Los cursos y coloquios se cumplirán mayormente por el Internet durante cada semestre, terminando el semestre con dos semanas intensas en el campus en Louisville, KY. El programa culmina con una tesis de investigación en el contexto misionero del estudiante. Nuestro deseo es que los participantes en este programa salgan a predicar el evangelio con preparación avanzada y más pasión para la gloria de Dios en el mundo.

Your Options in Infertility

4. Subsequent to diagnosis it's increasingly common for the couple to receive a recommendation to go straight to Assisted Reproductive Therapy (ART) treatment rather than to try treating the underlying problem. At this point I'd particularly urge Christian couples to stop, pray, collect information, think carefully, and not just agree to anything that will help them achieve their desire for a baby. Ethical problems are avoided by looking ahead. In some ways, the advent of assisted reproductive therapies—in vitro fertilization (IVF), for example—has increased the anguish of infertility since these treatments can prolong the struggle for years. Moreover, pressure from other family members, such as potential grandparents, can make it even harder to choose. Someone familiar with the process needs to be involved in order to make sure decisions are based on facts. Costs are not just medical but also emotional, relational, and spiritual.

Why Pro-Lifers Are Losing Legal Battles, But Winning the Larger War

I agree with Culp-Ressler that the pro-choice lobby is winning in federal courts while losing the larger war. But I don’t think the battleground is primarily in legislatures. Instead, we’re locked in a battle for the consciences of the American people.

God’s Scissors and the Cloth of Creation

The cloth of creation, cut into man and woman, was the medium through which the infinite God chose to display his image. We cal this craftsmanship our sexuality: our anatomy, our functions, our physical appearance, even some modes of thinking. As the generations progressed throughout history, there would be countless combinations of hair and eyes, skin, noses, mouths, body shapes, and personalities. But when he snipped out male and female, he put down his scissors. They were the patterns God designed for oneness and for procreation throughout the earth's generations of every race and in every place.

Profiles of women in apologetics: Letitia Wong

I have always felt concerned because I meet many women who are not interested in apologetics, and especially not the evidential kind that Letitia likes. I really love the way that she has thought through her responsibilities as wife and mother, and realized that apologetics is needed for her to do her jobs. I know that she has been involved with organizing apologetics conferences, her pro-life podcast, and her blog. So clearly, she has a need to be good at defending her faith. I think that’s the right way to become interested in apologetics – you want to be able to talk to people about these things, and have an influence. That means having the knowledge, so that you are leading others, not just expressing your opinions.

Sixth-Grader Suspended For Taking Razor Away From Self-Harming Student

A school with a zero tolerance policy for weapons is being absolutely absurd this week by suspending Adrionna Harris for razors she'd taken away from a friend who was using them to cut himself. Yes. If Adrionna's story is true—and school administrators aren't denying it—then things are getting a little out of hand. Adrionna says she threw away her friend's razor blades and tried to talk him out of harming himself. She then told school officials what happened, and as reward for her foresight and honesty, was smacked with a 10-day suspension and possible expulsion. "I was shocked and surprised. I was very shocked that a student would get suspended for saving another child," Adrionna's mother told local news . "The school system over-reached absolutely."

'Parks and Rec' Has Been Renewed for Season 7

This is literally the best news we’ve heard all day. NBC has officially renewed Parks and Recreation for a seventh season. Back in January an executive from the network hinted that the series would return for the 2014-2015 season, but they’ve now officially made the great decision. Long live Leslie Knope! ...

How Pastors Can Care For Their Children

7. Guard your special family times.  Special times like vacations and dates are a chance to build family identity and make emotional deposits in your children. They connect your hearts together. Guard those times carefully. Are special family times written on the calendar first? Do the elders have a plan to handle the inevitable emergencies that will come up during those times? God has given many gifted ones to minister to the church body. He has only given your children one father and mother.

3 Ways to Stop Being an Ineffective Youth Leader

An effective youth leader passes on their experience to adolescents in two important ways. First, by incarnating into the rhythms of their student’s lives in order to love, encourage, and serve them and their parents (who by the way, are the primary disciplers in their child’s life). Second, by inviting students into the weekly rhythms of their own life and family, a practice particularly important for the myriad of young people in our churches who love Jesus, but whose parents do not.

Wisconsin House passes Scott Walker's tax cut bill, headed to governor's desk

I think that in 2016 we should be looking at candidates who will take the fight to the Democrats. We don’t need another Mitt Romney. I want to see a candidate who sticks his neck out for what he believes in and comes out on top. Real accomplishments, this time. Not rhetoric. Why do we always have to care what our opponents think of us? Why not just beat them up and then be magnanimous in victory? If he runs for President on the platform of zeroing out manufacturing income tax, he will win. Every union worker will vote for him.


The Bible contains chapters, and even whole books, that are made up of historical narrative.  That is, they tell the stories of God’s people, but they do not necessarily explain what these stories mean.  This forces us to ask, “How are we to apply narrative passages to our lives?”  In this lesson, Dr. Sproul teaches us a rule of thumb for interpreting and applying historical narrative.

Happy Birthday, Twitter. Let's All Find Our First Tweets

Today marks eight years since Twitter opened its digital doors—tomorrow will mark the eighth anniversary of the first actual tweet ever sent (from Twitter creator Jack Dorsey: "just setting up my twtr." Humble beginnings.) To celebrate, Twitter has launched a service called that will take you all the way back to where it all started for you, or anyone else's Twitter origins you're interested in unearthing. And then, once you find that tweet, you can tweet about it, and the circle of life rolls on ...


Casino gambling has become increasingly more predatory because of the popularity of slot machines. Unlike the old Vegas-style resorts, the new regional casinos depend decisively on attracting gamblers who live in the region, who return frequently, and who play modern slot machines. In 1978, outside of Nevada, there were virtually no legal slot machines in the United States. By 2010, there were about 947,000. In 2013, the percentage of casinos' total gambling revenue deriving from slot machines is estimated at 62 to 80 percent, with racinos (racetrack casinos) getting 90 percent of their take from slots.

Answering Muslims: Al Qaeda Calls for Car Bomb Attacks on New York City and Other Targets

Fox News —Al Qaeda is calling on terrorist affiliates to detonate car bombs in major U.S. cities, including New York, Washington, D.C., and Los Angeles, in the latest edition of its Inspire magazine. The issue comes nearly a year after the Boston Marathon bombing, and as the city readies new security measures for this year's race, being held next month. Inspire is the same magazine that included instructions for how to make pressure cooker bombs, which were used in last year's Boston attack. The magazine’s Spring 2014 issue urges jihadists to target heavily populated events such as political rallies and sporting events, both in the United States and abroad -- including in Great Britain, France and other “crusading” countries. “Choosing the place and time is a crucial factor to success in any operation,” the magazine reads. “Choose targets in your own country. You know the enemy better, you are within … The important thing is that you target people and not buildings.” Would-be bombers also are urged to consider launching attacks during “election seasons” and between Christmas and New Year’s Eve.

Haim, Civil Wars, Broken Bells and Tons More Will Release New Music on Record Store Day

Put it on your recycled paper calendars, hipsters: Record Store Day is April 19. In all seriousness, Record Store is great. It's a day in which tons of bands (or estates, in some cases) release exclusive albums to local brick and mortar record stores around the country to encourage people to support the local music industry. Great day. Great cause. Really great music, as we can now confirm, because Record Store Day's official site has released the list of who will be releasing new music, and there are just too many to name. Broken Bells, Built To Spill, Chvrches, Coldplay, Creedence Clearwater Revival, The Civil Wars, Cults, Devo, The Cure, Disclosure, Jake Bugg, The Flaming Lips, Haim, Kings of Leon, Nirvana, Of Montreal, Tame Impala, The Velvet Underground—and, well, we could go on for days. You can check out the whole list here , but regardless, you'll definitely want to set aside time for your closest local music vendor ...

How to Replant a Church, Part 7: Inviting People to Join the Mission

I just wanted to send you a note with some great news from our community group. A faithful couple in our group heard that a younger couple (non-Christian) who they had befriended was struggling. They told our group about it and we started praying for the couple. The couple from our community group began investing in the young couple and sharing the gospel with them. At one point, the young couple asked if they could visit our community group. The wife became a Christian outside of the group while meeting with the faithful couple in our group. God saved the husband on the couch at community group some time later! What is also cool is that now the younger couple is inviting friends and family to church and community group and telling people about Jesus. God is good. Hope this note is encouraging.

RELEVANT Q+A: John Mark McMillan

In case you missed our live Q+A, our conversation with singer/songwriter/great guy John Mark McMillan is right here , for you to watch whenever you like. Enjoy ...

The Death of Fred Phelps and Christian Compassion

I think we need to respond with compassion. The story of Fred Phelps is a sad one. He went from being an effective civil rights lawyer to a pastor filled with hate. I have no idea what caused him to go in the direction he did but now he has to answer to God for his actions. We need to keep his family in our prayers. Not only have they lost a father and grandfather, that family is split over the approval or opposition to Westboro Baptist Church. We need to pray for that church. This is a major turning point in this church. Perhaps God can use his death as a way to completely change the direction of the church or even bring it to an end.

Australian Authorities Think They May Have Found Missing Plane in Indian Ocean

Officials in Australia say that satellite images may show evidence that Malaysia Airlines Flight 370, which recently vanished with 239 people on board, crashed over open water. The images show what appear to be large pieces of debris in the Indian Ocean. According to CNN , though a Royal Australian Air Force plane was unable to spot any signs of Flight 370 during a surveillance fly-over of the spot, they noted that weather hampered visibility. An official from the Australian Maritime Safety Authority told reporters the images may not be the plane—and could be containers that fell off a cargo ship, cautioning that the photos “do not always turn out to be related to the search even if they look good, so we will hold our views on that until they are sighted close-up." Malaysia's interim Transportation Secretary Hishammuddin Hussein said that a ship from the Australian navy is “some days away” from location of the satellite image ...

Escape from Reason: A Penetrating Analysis of Trends in Modern Thought

Tracing trends in 20th century thought, Schaeffer shows that Christianity offers meaning where there is purposelessness, and hope where there is despair.  Key Words: 9780830834051, modern thought, postmodern, post-modern, apologetics, Francis Schaeffer, Cultural apologetics, history of ideas, Escape from Reason: A Penetrating Analysis of Trends in Modern Thought  - Francis Schaeffer

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