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Stand Fast Through Faith

God saves us not on the basis of our ethnicity or status, but by his grace alone.

Case-Making 101: Human Evolution or Creation?

Human Evolution or Creation – Whose image do we bear? With the advent of Darwin’s Theory of evolution humankind was given another critical choice: Trust God’s Word or believe in a…

The Truth Will Set You Free

Self-justification won’t work. Only Jesus can free you from Satan’s chains.

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CNN religion quiz needs to take Christianity seriously

In what has become an annual tradition of television programming claiming to reveal the real Jesus of Nazareth, it seems that CNN is off to an early start. Every Easter season, cable networks fill their lineups with specials featuring biblical and historical experts who often represent only the skeptical side of the longstanding debate about the historical Jesus.

Why I’m Done ‘Preparing for Marriage’

Of course there’s an added element of marriage that I can’t and won’t diminish here. I don’t share children and a home and a bed with my friends. But I do walk through difficulties with people I care about. I get sick and people take care of me. I call mentors for advice. I squabble with family. I share meals with friends. I experience conflict and make compromises. I honestly don’t consider this “preparing for marriage.” I consider this being a person.

C.S. Lewis: Nazi Morality

If no set of moral ideas were truer or better than any other, there would be no sense in preferring civilised morality to savage morality, or Christian morality to Nazi morality.

5 Things to Do When God Seems Distant

God honors and often uplifts the quietly faithful, and what's more: He often comes in the quiet. When God tells Elijah to wait before Him on the mountaintop, we witness something remarkable: God doesn't show up where we think He'd appear. He's not in the snapping windstorm, or the earthquake or the blaze. Elijah can't find God's voice in any of them. Then comes a gentle whisper, and it is so divinely flooded that Elijah covers his face with his cloak.

Doctors and Evolution

In an almost charmingly naïve article, Francie Diep at Pacific Standard wonders, " Why Do Some Doctors Reject Evolution? " Her news peg is Republican presidential hopeful Ben Carson, a neurosurgeon who has expressed reservations about Darwinian accounts of evolution -- though I don't know that anyone has questioned him sharply and in an informed way about his ideas on the subject.

Did Darwin Promote Racism?

God, who made the world … has made from one blood every nation of men to dwell on all the face of the earth, and has determined their preappointed times and the boundaries of their dwellings, so that they should seek the Lord … Truly, these times of ignorance God overlooked, but now commands all men everywhere to repent, because He has appointed a day on which He will judge the world in righteousness by the Man whom He has ordained. He has given assurance of this to all by raising Him from the dead. ( Acts 17:24, 26–27, 30–31 )

We Have a Revolution to Continue — The Jesus Revolution | The Stream

Fully agree Michael — can’t help but smile and think ‘there is nothing new under the sun.’ A Jesus Revolution for our generation along with a ‘revelation’ from the timeless truths in God’s Word fits the bill perfectly. Biblical Christianity is under attack for the most part today and the ‘sheep’ and many of the ‘shepherds’ in the body of the Church could use a radical regeneration of like minds and purpose to finally stand up and shake off fear, tolerance and apathy so prevalent today. It’s time to firmly (but gently) push back on the progressive liberal, leftist, politically-correct ‘ravenous wolves’. It’s time to be the salt and light of the world and be an advocate for the good news. It’s time to speak up and prevent the unraveling and erosion of the proven and stable cultural (biblical) norms that have been pushed aside or abolished. The brushoff of moral values for the most part has reaped the consequences many of us are unhappy with. If we all ‘practiced what we preached’ to freely reach out with love to comfort many hurting people all around us, we will bear much fruit and it will potentially revolutionize our world too.

A Dialogue on the Relationship of Apologetics and Philosophy to Evangelism

Biblical apologetics is a form of evangelism (1 Pet 3:15), and not a form of polemics. Also, Biblical apologetics technically has nothing to do with philosophical argument. However, in practice, the term apologetics is traditionally used to refer to principles and arguments for defending the faith. But more precisely, these are two separate categories. The first (Biblical) is simple evangelism, and the second (arguments) is more philosophical.

Transgender Identity—Wishing Away God’s Design

Third, we should recommit ourselves to training our children. The bodily differences between men and women are real. They speak to differences in our makeup, specifically designed by our Creator. In practical form, we must teach these differences to our children. They must see that being a boy or a girl is a matter of God’s glory. There should be no shame in boys liking boyish things or in girls adopting girlish behaviors. Christians should encourage this kind of awareness. Many parents will find that their children genuinely enjoy being a boy or a girl, a future man or a future woman. We should regularly remind our kids that it was God who made them as they are. We should encourage them to embrace and assume manhood or womanhood.

How Humility Helps Us Hear the Gospel

I’ve been writing recently about jury selection . If you are interested in making a case for what you believe as a Christian, you probably already recognize the importance of preparation. You know how important it is to investigate the issues and evidences diligently and to train yourself to articulate the arguments and philosophical premises. You may even envision yourself as a character in a courtroom setting: a detective or prosecutor who cleverly and powerfully makes the case for Christ. To further this vision, you may try to sharpen your investigative skills or your ability as a presenter, hoping your excellence in these areas will make you a better case maker. But as a cold-case detective and part of a three generation law enforcement family, I’ve got a secret I’d like to share with you: the majority of criminal (and civil) cases are won or lost well before the opening statements or closing arguments. Most cases are decided at jury selection .

6 Podcasts for Your Spiritual Rut

If you have not yet jumped in to the world of podcasts this is a great time to take the plunge with some great shows that can give you a spiritual shot in the arm, encouragement and pique your curiosity. The best way to start is usually by checking out the following podcasts’ past episodes to see what stands out to you or seems interesting.

Frank Turek tells Hitchens that He is Stealing from God

Can atheists be moral? Yes indeed. But how can atheists justify their morality with a purely materialistic world view? On what basis can Hitchens call God "not great" if he doesn't believe in objective right and wrong? Frank tells him that he is sitting in God's lap to slap His face. Please subscribe to our channel and go to for more info

Discovery Institute on Twitter

In the evolution debate, Darwinists interpret time as automatically favorable to themselves. Not necessarily so.

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A Tribute to Mark Noll, by Nathan Hatch

My greatest debt to Mark, and his wife Maggie, is being able to learn from how they live. They have gone about their calling in winsome and compelling ways, sustaining commitments and friendships, investing deeply in church communities, and reaching out to others in quiet but effective ways. There is no pretense or posturing. In academe, persons of great talent often carry the baggage of giant egos with which their colleagues have to contend. In Mark’s case, I have never known anyone who accomplished so much but wanted so little attention drawn to himself. He has always reckoned his achievements as good gifts. Mark’s talent and his demeanor have meant that he has been at the center of many intellectual networks. And in this engagement, many friendships have been forged. In fostering real intellectual community, like-minded friends, Mark Noll has advanced the quality of historical work and made that work a delight for many.

Seven Things to Pray for Your Children

Some years back a good friend shared with me seven Scripture texts that he and his wife prayed for their two daughters from the time they were infants. The girls are now grown. And it’s beautiful to see how God has answered and still is answering the faithful, specific prayers of faith-filled parents in the lives of these young, godly women.

Why Those "Lost Books" of the Bible Don't Cut It

What is it that separates those sixty-six ancient texts that we call collectively The Bible from the many other ancient texts which have existed over the centuries? How did the early church decide to follow only certain books and not others? Is there something that unifies all the biblical texts that is missing from, say, the Gospel of Thomas or the Gospel of Judas?

Book Review: Tactics: A Game Plan For Discussing Your Christian Convictions

Introduction I was introduced to the apologetic work of Greg Koukl almost ten years ago. I remember when his book "Tactics: A Game Plan for Discussing Your Christian Convictions" ( softcover , Kindle , Quotes ) was released I could not wait to get my copy. I was still trying to get my footing on how to defend the Christian worldview, and this book provided a foundation for my approach that has lasted since then. Because it was so important and vital to my confidence in sharing the reasons for the hope that I have, I decided to bring it out again and do a review for those who are not yet aware of the value of this book for, not just apologists but, every Christian. This review will be a chapter-by-chapter summary of the contents of the book. I have deliberately left out many details but given enough to hopefully pique your curiosity enough to get your own copy to read and be blessed by. Part One: The Game Plan Chapter 1: Diplomacy or D-Day? Koukl introduces his book by describing a situation that seems all-too-common for Christians: even though we have been called by Christ to tell people about Him, we do not out of fear of not being able to defend what we believe.

Youth Apologetics with Questions and Answers on the Bible

Many young adults are seeking answers to various questions on the Bible, Christianity, Doctrines, Religions, Science, etc.  If you are a youth, teenager, older adult, feel free to ask questions or request for something to be written.  It is healthy to be a seeker of God’s Word, to learn Christian Apologetics, to grow in the grace and knowledge of the Lord Jesus, whether you are younger or older.

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Eric Metaxas on Twitter

I'm preaching @TSCNYC here in Manhattan today at the 3PM service. You can watch it LIVE here... …

When Words Are Wind

In grief and pain and despair, people often say things they otherwise would not say. They paint reality with darker strokes than they will paint it tomorrow when the sun comes up. They sing in minor keys and talk as though that is the only music. They see clouds only and speak as if there were no sky.

Priest urges Italy and Romania to act over Sicily migrant exploitation - Premier

A priest in Italy is urging his government and the Romanian one to act over the continuing exploitation of migrant workers in Sicily.

Why Shouldn't We Trust the Non-Canonical Gospels Attributed to Bartholomew? | Cold Case Christianity

How Does It Corroborate the Life of Jesus? The Book of the Resurrection of Christ by Bartholomew the Apostle acknowledges a number of details related to the life and ministry of Jesus. Jesus is described as “all-powerful” and identified as the “First Born of the Father”, “the Saviour”, the “Son of God”, the “Holy Lamb” and the “Shepherd” who came from Heaven. Judas Iscariot is identified as the man who betrayed Jesus, and the crucifixion and the death of Jesus are acknowledged, along with the piercing of His side. The resurrection of Christ is also described, along with several details of the narrative paralleling the Biblical account. Jesus’ body is recovered by Joseph of Arimathea, laid in a new tomb, wrapped in linen and anointed with oils and perfumes. An earthquake is describe and the tomb is visited by the women who followed Him during His ministry (including his mother Mary, Salome, Mary Magdalene, Mary and Martha). Jesus appeared to this group and His disciples after the resurrection and He ascended to Heaven, sitting at the right hand of the Father.

Trump’s Policies Are Keeping Hispanics Away from Church

Among Latino Christians, the concerns are highest among green card holders (71% worry about deportation) and undocumented immigrants (68% worry). Even among Hispanic Christians who were born outside of America but have become US citizens, more than half (55%) fear deportation for themselves or someone close to them.

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Heaven and Hell: How to Explain God's Love AND Justice to Kids

We had talked about this topic on many occasions before, but of course it’s something hard for kids to understand. At that moment, God placed it on my heart to use the example from the morning to explain the concepts in a more tangible way. I saw the lights really go on in her eyes through our conversation, so I want to share it with you today in dialogue form. I hope it will help you have this discussion with your own kids…

Instagram post by J Warner Wallace • Mar 19, 2017 at 4:49pm UTC

Here's How the New Christian Left Is Twisting the Gospel

What will surprise you is how much young evangelicals actually crave honest discussions about abortion, sexuality, sexual exploitation, feminism and radical Islam. My friend and Evangelical Action adviser Richmond Trotter has two non-negotiable topics when addressing youth: creation and life. Having volunteered in church youth ministry since 1996, Richmond is not afraid to have serious discussions about what Scripture says about abortion, evolution and homosexuality. Make no mistake: The trend away from biblical truth is not concentrated in the hipster city limits. It is unfolding in the crevices of America's plains, hills, mountains and swamplands. All across this nation, "old-fashioned" conservative evangelicalism is being traded in for a bright and shiny, mediocre Christianity.

God as Therapy in The Shack | Connor Grubaugh

There is neither sin nor suffering in The Shack —only the psychotherapeutic notion of “pain,” which encapsulates them both. Suffering-pain takes the form of irrational self-hatred stemming from unwarranted guilt for tragic events that were never truly under one’s control. Both Mack and his teenage daughter, for instance, blame themselves for the murder of six- or seven-year-old Missy. The cure for this kind of pain is straightforward therapeutic reassurance—“there, there, it wasn’t your fault”—that exculpates the sufferer by transferring guilt from his own person to the world in general. Sin-pain, on the other hand, is more subtle in its equivocation. It proposes a twofold theory of human nature that cannot but stand in contradiction to Christian doctrine: first, that all evil acts are essentially caused by some negative experience in the agent’s past, usually by another’s hand, that brought him unjust suffering; and second, that this causal link between suffering and sin not only mitigates the guilt of the sinner, but entirely exonerates him. Sin is not a disordered act of the human will; it is a System.

Importing hope into North Korea, one USB drive at a time

“It started with the South Korean soap operas and the big budget Hollywood hits, but the market for that sort of thing has almost become saturated,” Alex Gladstein, chief strategy officer for the New York-based Human Rights Foundation, told The Post of Flash Drives for Freedom. “At this point, they’ve seen the bigger entertainment stuff. Now they want to see the documentaries – they want to watch about the fall of the Soviet Union, the Arab Spring. That’s the kind of direction they’re going in.”

Sean McDowell on Twitter

My 4-year old asked me how to draw a "6." So I drew one and then he drew two more next to it. I hope this isn't a sign

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Stop Expecting Non-Believers to Act Like Christians

All of this is to say that we should not be surprised when interacting with non-Christians that they act in a … wait for it … non-Christian way. We lose our platform and the ability to be taken seriously when we react in a morally superior or surprised manner at the sins of others.

Baby daughter gets life-saving heart transplant moments after church prayer - Premier

Nine Reasons You Can Face Anything

Any peace and hope we have in our lives right now can be traced back to the fact that God alone is God, that he is the sovereign power behind everything. And this has future-creating wonder. God’s sovereignty, John Piper explains, is not mainly a theological problem with the past, but an invincible hope for tomorrow.

Frank Turek Closing- Does God Exist? // Debate - Turek vs Nørmark

Have you ever pondered about why you exist? Where does everything we can see come from, and what is the purpose of life? The answers to these questions look radically different, whether you add or remove God from the equation. We, Skywalk (a youth church from Randers, Denmark), are therefore very excited to have had the opportunity to host a debate with the title 'Does God Exist?', between Frank Turek and Dennis Nørmark. Frank Turek is an award-winning author, having written the books 'I Don't Have Enough Faith to be an Atheist', 'Legislating Morality' and more, and is an international speaker. He has previously debated atheists like Christopher Hitchens and Dave Silverman. Dennis Nørmark is an anthropologist, author and one of Denmark's leading atheists. He is the co-founder of the Humanist Society and known from Danish television.

41 Reasonable Faith

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Jesus Created The Universe: The Deity Of Christ

By Steven Bancarz | Those who deny the deity of Christ will often say that he never claimed to be divine, and that his divinity is something that was ascribed to him later by the early church.  This is not historically accurate.  Not only did Jesus claim to be divine in a variety of different ways during his earthly ministry, he claimed to be the creator of the universe specifically.

Australia priest stabbed in neck during church service - Premier

Churchgoers told police the man allegedly said to Rev Tomy: "You are Indian, a Hindu or Muslim, you cannot say mass... I will kill you." He then produced a kitchen knife from his trousers and stabbed him in the neck before fleeing.

Moms Need Theology Too

When you are drop-dead tired and your child is sick and your husband is out of town for work and you don’t think you can make it until he returns, it is your theology that tells you that God will provide you with the grace you need in the moment (1 Corinthians 10:13). It is your theology that reminds you that you can’t do life on your own and that, without Jesus, you can do nothing (John 15:5). It tells you that your rest and hope is found in Christ alone and that you can trust him to sustain you.

45 Five centuries on, Martin Luther should be feted as hero of liberty and free speech

He was thus challenging the entire late medieval way of doing things and the result was strikingly modern. For Luther championed conscience, informed by reading the scriptures, over the dictates of church rules and regulations. Read scripture and make your own mind up. This, in its turn, opened the door in the 17th and 18th centuries to Enlightenment notions of human liberty, free speech and even human rights, all of which today shape Europe. Our ability to read the word of God and reject it out of hand comes from Luther – an outcome he could not have foreseen and which would surely horrify him.

The Man in the Women's Room, and Why He Can Stay There | The Stream

A MESSAGE TO THE FAKE FEMINISTS, ACTUAL, PRETEND,MALE OR FEMALE: Some of we REAL WOMEN know what we have to do if this happens when we are around…unfortunately for the poor women and children at Disneyland they won’t find us there supporting companies with these agendas. I guess it’s time for us cowgirls to get dressed for battle and saddle up. Let’s ride, ladies! Maybe we’ll even show up accidentally on purpose at a Target or two (just for target practice, you understand) and maybe make a mercy stop at one or two amusement park powder rooms. You are on notice, bully perverts! Not all of us are willing to stand by and advocate the sexual abuse of ourselves or our children and we know you when we see you by the lust in your sneers! We are not fooled by how expensive your lipstick is! You can, and all will, go straight to hell and if we hasten it a little remember, you radical alphabet insisters brought this on!

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An FAQ on Shaping Your Ministry Culture Around Disciple-Making

In this conviction, we dig deeper into the idea that it is the joy and privilege of all God’s people to be involved in the four Ps. The Bible teaches that God by his Spirit opens the mouths of all disciples to speak the one word of Christ, in a richly varied way. Speaking the word of God to others for their salvation and encouragement is an expected and necessary component of the normal Christian life. And correspondingly, a healthy church culture is one in which a wide variety of word ministries are exercised by a constantly growing proportion of the membership.

Christian record label joins tributes to Chuck Berry - Premier

A Christian record label's paid tributes alongside some of music's biggest stars after Chuck Berry died aged 90.

Ligonier Ministries

Dr. Sproul relates the account of who was Barabbas and then the extent of Pilate's scourging of Jesus. The descriptive explanation continues concerning the crown of thorns and the mocking of Jesus with a purple robe. Dr. Sproul explains the phrase "Behold the Man" and the revealing of the true intentions of the Jews which cause Pilate to confront Jesus again. Whatever Pilate did to try and get out of his dilemma he was blocked by the Jews lust for Jesus death with the cry "Crucify Him."

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