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The Dinosaurs: Life from Death

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Dr. Richard Land, SES Inaugural Address 10-10-13

A Father's Sacrifice

Thomas S. Vander Woude gave his life for his youngest son, Joseph. In this video, members of the Vander Woude family remember their husband and dad. They als...

What is Truth?: A Response to Pontius Pilate

Pontius Pilate, before allowing the crowd to sentence him to death, asked Jesus, 'What is truth?' Was Pilate asking a sincere philosophical question or simpl...

Bridge Over Troubled Water

Bridge Over Troubled Water is a great, caring song for us when we hurt. We all hurt at some time, so everyone should like this. May God bless you to find the...

Man signs up for Obamacare and goes into debt $50,000 paying for treatment

Story from Washington Free Beacon.Excerpt:Cancer patient Tony Angran has quite the fighting spirit: he is battling Stage 3 cancer and trying desperately to find funds to pay for his new Obamacare p...

459. What Is The Future Of The I.D. Movement?

Dr. J.T. Bridges shares his recommendations for the future of the Intelligent Design movement.

Islamic Jihad and the Subjugation of Jews and Christians The Qur'an clearly commands Muslims to violently subjugate Jews and Christians (9:29). Fortunately, most Muslims ignore this ...

Pirate Mythbusters: You Can't Put a Prophet in a Box

Chris Rosebrough (@PirateChristian) tests the myth, created by Jennifer LeClaire, that says that you can't put a prophet in a box.

How to Explain the Gospel in Five Minutes

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1 Millennial isn't liberal: Column

The report explains that "the Independent label isn't just a hipster, counter-cultural 'whatever' signal from apathetic youth." Millennials are dissatisfied with their options. That, says Third Way, "translates into less reliable partisan voting and more opportunities for individual candidates to win over their support." Including Republican candidates.

Principal who told kids not to speak Spanish will lose job

Hempstead Middle School Principal Amy Lacey was placed on paid administrative leave in December after reportedly announcing, via intercom, that students were not to speak Spanish on the school's campus. The Hispanic population of the rural area, roughly 50 miles northwest of Houston, is growing quickly, and Latino advocates say that it's important to allow Spanish in public schools.

Coffee with Facepalm Jesus Calling - The Scriptorium Daily

Wilkie generated Clip-Art Jesus as a way to mock inferior Jesi, and is clearly concerned, in his own way, to present a believable, lovable, real Jesus to his readers. This intent comes across in the book, but also in the deletion of some strips from the website’s archive, where he says “some of the cruder, earlier ones we’ve removed as they seem to have given license to mockers and imitators who’ve abused this concept.” This is a far cry from Facepalm Jesus: comic strips can do more than memes can, and Wilkie is not only a good script writer but a person intent on actual ministry. But in spite of the more complex medium and the more skilled writer, some of the same limitations apply to the basic, underlying decision, which is to compose new dialogue for the character Jesus as a way of broadcasting your criticisms. And then when coffee Jesus gets the mic, he’s only interested in a fairly limited circle of things. Mainly, he wants special, relationship-building coffee time with you. The main theology he is pushing is a theology of quiet times, of daily devotions, of remembering that Jesus is in charge and keeping your eyes open for where he is at work in your life.

The New Calvinism and the New Community

Last week I gave the “Gaffin Lecture on Theology, Culture, and Mission” at Westminster Seminary. This was a high honor because of the esteem I have both for Richard Gaffin and the school. Gaffin’s book, By Faith, Not By Sight , which just appeared in a new edition , came at a time when I needed help and encouragement in dealing with the New Perspective on Paul.

Deep Before Wide: A Vision for Returning Discipleship to the Church

Pope sat down with Mark Mellinger to discuss his vision for and experience with church-anchored discipleship over the past 25 years. "Discipleship is laboring in the lives of a few to give away your life and the gospel," explains the founding pastor of Atlanta's Perimeter Church and author of  Insourcing: Bringing Discipleship Back to the Local Church   (Zondervan, 2013) [ written interview  |  TGC13 workshop ].  "If you want to see lives change, you've got to do it life-on-life." 


Can God Really Be Happy?

How you think about God will effect how you relate to him. If he’s mainly disappointed, you’ll avoid him because of shame and insecurity. If he’s too busy, you won’t want to bother him. If he’s angry, you’ll stay away because of fear. But what would happen in your life if you knew, truly knew, that God is profoundly happy?

Philosophy: What’s the Use?

Dr. Craig explores an article by philosopher of Science Gary Gutting concerning the practical use of philosophy and an apparent resistance of philosophy among cosmologists and physicists.

Southern Seminary Expeditions | Israel & Jordan

Southern Seminary Expeditions offer on-site lectures from experts in biblical, theological and historical studies. We will travel to historical sites such as Petra, Masada, and King Herod’s tomb. We will stand on the steps of the temple mount where Jesus would have stood and taught. We will study the Scriptures on the Sea of Galilee and in the Garden of Gethsemane. While on the trip, you will also learn about the culture of the Middle East and be introduced to gospel-centered ministries there. It is our prayer that this Expedition will further equip you for ministry and continue to cultivate in you a heart and mind for Christ.

The next anti-LGBT export target: Peru

The sad trend of American anti-LGBT activists traveling across the globe in order to "warn" them from making the pro-LGBT "mistakes" of America continues. The latest example comes from Peru, where vehemently anti-LGBT activist Michael Brown  recently spoke to local members of congress, as well as passed out copies of his propaganda book, A Queer Thing Happened to America .

D3 Youth Ministry Blog

First, I want share the story of Rakesh and Ganesh. We all regularly attend the Nepali church known as Asha Church (Asha means Hope). Rakesh’s family is humanist and Ganesh’s family is Hindu. Seeing them coming to Asha Church gave me the desire to take them to D3. I did not know what to expect from them. One thing I knew was that the work we do in Christ is not in vain, so I brought them anyway. After the conference, the youth group shared all that they had learned. Rakesh and Ganesh shared first. They shared how their view of Christians had changed. Before D3 they thought Christians were the boring people. After D3 they understand Christians to be the people who do not only know the truth but also know how to have lot of fun- the kind of fun that they never experienced before. They also told the group that they knew Jesus as their Savior but are scared to accept Jesus as Lord and Savior publicly because of their family.

Real forgiveness

At this point, the victim faces another difficult task.  The rebuke wasn’t easy.  It required much death to self.  So does forgiveness, and probably more.  Here’s why.  The offender is simply unable to make up to you all that his sin destroyed in your life — perhaps years of hardship, many sleepless nights, losses of money and reputation and opportunity, lost friendships because of misinformation and even lies that have been spread, and more.  A serious sin pushes dominoes of consequence over in many directions.  And now the offender finally sees the impact of his destructive foolishness.  Hopefully, he is devastated.  That will lead him deeper into God’s blessing, which is your desire.  But a big part of the mercy God intends for the offender will come now through you.  So here is your next hard assignment.  You must accept that you’re not going to recover everything that that person’s sin cost you .  A big part of the tragedy of this life is that we do things to one another we cannot later remedy, no matter how penitent we become.

Should a Parent Attend Their Atheist Daughter’s Wedding?

It seems to me that in this situation, you have a couple who are doing the right thing: not living together, but instead committing themselves to one another and marrying. If, Mom, you don't have any other objection to this guy other than his atheism, and if your daughter is an atheist too, I would see this as a creation ordinance, and I would not have one qualm at all in going to that wedding, in having the sister serve as a bridesmaid. I wouldn't have any problem financially contributing to that wedding.


With regard to Paul’s writings, Lincoln observes that the apostle speaks of Jesus as “born of a woman” (Gal. 4:4) and “born of the seed of David according to the flesh” (Rom. 1:3). Lincoln notes Mark’s silence concerning the virgin birth. He acknowledges John’s attribution of deity to Jesus but contends John didn’t assume the virgin birth in passages such as John 1:13 or 8:41. However, it’s precarious to contend, in an argument from silence, that John’s omission of the virgin birth proves his ignorance of it or disbelief in it. John omits references to many events in Jesus’ life, most likely because he assumes his readers’ familiarity with them from oral tradition or the earlier written Gospels. The relationship between Paul and the Gospels, likewise, is considerably more complex than one would know from reading Lincoln’s cursory treatment (see, for example, the work of David Wenham and Stephen Stout). After a mere five pages of discussion, Lincoln concludes neither Paul, Mark, nor John likely believed in the virgin birth, thus leaving “no other possible New Testament witnesses to the virgin birth apart from Matthew and Luke” (26).

How to Stay Christian in Seminary

Seminary is not a decision to be made all at once and all by yourself. If God is stirring in you some burgeoning desire for vocational ministry, don't rush to change your current major or abandon your present job. Test the desire over some weeks, even months, sometimes even years. Make it a matter of regular prayer. Stay engaged in ministry in your local church and make your investment there go even deeper. See whether the aspiration for vocational ministry deepens and grows. Draw others in, especially your close friends who know you well and share your love for Jesus and his church. Seek their counsel. And look for confirmation from other adults, not just your friends, as you serve and minister in the church. Look for objective confirmation in others about the subjective calling God seems to be putting on your heart, and then look for God's open door in terms of timing and place. There's usually no need to rush the process. Move deliberately, but keep moving forward.

‘Digital dementia’ for our screen-addicted kids

AUSTIN, Texas — The national obsession with all things digital, from smartphones to online games, has some health experts worried about kids today — especially their brains.

You Asked: Does God Harden a Believer’s Heart?

So how do you know if God has hardened your heart? Well, have you hardened your heart to God (Heb. 3:7-19)? The beauty of God's divine drama is that we don't immediately know who is a vessel of mercy and who is a God-hardened vessel of wrath. The Jewish man who currently rejects Christ may eventually come to faith in Christ by an act of God's sovereign grace overriding his self-hardened heart. And the practicing homosexual sinner may turn from her sins and live by an act of God's sovereign grace overriding her self-hardened heart.

Jared Wilson on Writing and Pastoral Ministry

Every pastor should write, even if he does not pursue publication, because besides the weekly exercise of composing a sermon, writing in a journal, writing letters, writing pieces for a church blog or newsletter or other internal resources helps a pastor develop his own voice for the sermon and other teaching. Writing is a great impetus for learning and research, as well as critical thinking and creativity. It would be helpful for pastors to exercise those muscles regularly, even if they don't think of themselves as "writers" per se.

A Christian at the New York Times shares his story

Michael Luo wants us all to know that he is, unlike the Religious Right types, a safe, non-threatening, non-judgmental Christian. He is no Culture Warrior, no sir. This is the type of timid faith that the New Moralists would like all Christians to have. Maureen Dowd, Frank Rich, Linda Greenhouse, Bill Keller, Tom Friedman, and David Brooks are bolder and more confident about proclaiming their destructive ideas than Luo could ever be in publicly proclaiming eternal truths. The same holds for any reporter there as well. This is the flip side of “cultural engagement” that certain Young, Restless, and Reformed types have chosen as the alternative to Republican Conservative activism. The engagement becomes a long and winding road that ends with frightened Christians afraid of losing their “cultural influence.”

Is the Big Bang biblical? - Christian Research Institute

The Big Bang postulates that billions of years ago the universe began as an infinitely dense point called a singularity and has been expanding ever since. Though the Big Bang is not taught in the Bible, the theory does lend scientific support to the scriptural teaching that God created the universe ex nihilo (out of nothing).

Has Science Buried God? John Lennox @ CLA

John is a well known author and has participated in notorious debates with the likes of Richard Dawkins and the late Christopher Hitchens. He is Professor of Mathematics at the University of Oxford, Fellow in Mathematics and the Philosophy of Science, and Pastoral Advisor at Green Templeton College, Oxford. He is also an Adjunct Lecturer at Wycliffe Hall, Oxford University and at the Oxford Centre for Christian Apologetics and is a Senior Fellow of the Trinity Forum. In addition, he teaches for the Oxford Strategic Leadership Programme at the Executive Education Centre, Sa ï d Business School, Oxford University.

Leveraging Globalization to Serve Communities

I majored in computer science and economics at university, but I enjoyed ministry more than academics. After graduating, I wanted to go overseas, but the agencies I met said I'd be most helpful working on their websites. Being pragmatic, I couldn't build just one website, so I built a tool for making lots of websites. Then commercial companies started using Liferay, too, and that's how the business got started.

Persevering as a Pastor

In many ways, remaining on as a pastor in the midst of suffering and discouragement is much like being a faithful father in a struggling home. You stick it out for the sake of your kids.

Saved by a Community for Community

The world around us longs for community, and the false sense of connectedness created by Twitter and Facebook won't fill the void. We need robust, life-on-life, in-the-trenches community. God didn't merely "text us," after all. He came. He walked with us, wept with us, rejoiced with us, and loved us in spite of ourselves. If we're embodying this self-giving posture in our churches, then, it'll draw the lonely world to us like a magnet. If this isn't the reality you experience at church, though, you're not alone.

The Sources of Systematic Theology

The third discipline is systematic theology. The systematician’s job is to look at the source of biblical data; the sources of the historical developments that come through controversies and church councils and their subsequent creeds and confessions; and the insights of the great minds with which the church has been blessed over the centuries. The New Testament tells us that God in His grace has given teachers to the church (Eph. 4:11–12). Not all teachers are as astute as Augustine, Martin Luther, John Calvin, or Jonathan Edwards. Such men do not have Apostolic authority, but the sheer magnitude of their research and the depth of their understanding profit the church in every age. Thomas Aquinas was called “the doctor angelicus,” or “the angelic doctor,” by the Roman Catholic Church. Roman Catholics do not believe that Aquinas was infallible, but no Roman Catholic historian or theologian ignores his contributions.

26 The Bibliographical Test and the Hunt for the Latest Numbers | Clay Jones

The reason I say it is almost impossible, if not impossible, to update the bibliographical test very often is because although apologists may wait breathlessly for the next new NT MSS update; the scholars of Homer, Sophocles, Herodotus, etc., are not breathlessly waiting for their MSS numbers to be updated. And since the NT’s competitor’s MSS aren’t being updated all that often, to only update the NT MS numbers fails then to provide an accurate comparison. The bibliographical test is, in essence, a snap shot of the numbers of the NT and other authors at a particular time . Now, when the Iliad MS numbers are updated again, then it might be a good idea to update the bibliographical test but that’s probably not going to happen very soon or very often. The Iliad numbers provided by the world’s expert on Homeric MSS, Martin West of Oxford, were done in 2001 and there may not be another official update for years to come because, as I said, it just isn’t a burning issue for Homer scholars.

Genuine Repentance

A few verses before Jesus’ instruction in Matthew 18 about church discipline, he provides us with help for determining whether an individual is characteristically repentant: would the person be willing to cut off a hand or tear out an eye rather than repeat the sin (Matt. 18:8-9)? That is to say, is he or she willing to do whatever it takes to fight against the sin? Repenting people, typically, are zealous about casting off their sin. That’s what God’s Spirit does inside of them. When this happens, one can expect to see a willingness to accept outside counsel. A willingness to inconvenience their schedules. A willingness to confess embarrassing things. A willingness to make financial sacrifices or lose friends or end relationships. (p. 72)


The veracity and authority of Scripture is basic to the Christian faith, but it is not a “given” in the modern world. Not only is it directly attacked by skeptics inside and outside of the church, it is undermined by claims of authority for other alleged “holy books” such as the Qur’an and the Book of Mormon. In our skeptical and multicultural world, it is necessary for Christians to draw a line in the sand when the authority of Scripture is challenged.

3 questions with Nancy Pearcey

Christians often think we can avoid being “conformed to the world” (Rom 12:2) by avoiding worldly ideas. But as G. K. Chesterton said, ideas are more dangerous to the person who has not studied them. He has no mental filter, so a new idea will “fly to his head like wine to the head of a teetotaler.” And where do most people pick up those intoxicating ideas?  From books, music, movies, advertising. That’s why Christians must learn how to “read” worldviews when they come to us not in words, where they’re easier to recognize, but in image, plot and characterization.

Sofia Coppola Is Directing a New Version of ‘The Little Mermaid’

Filmmaker Sofia Coppola will reportedly be directing a dark, live action version of the Hans Christian Andersen novel The Little Mermaid . And according to some sources, this won’t be a Disney movie—the script is being described as “exquisite and painful”, and The Independent says the film may focus on the story’s utter bleakness. Either way, it should be interesting to see how Coppola’s indie aesthetic—she’s known for visually dramatic films like Marie Antoinette and Lost in Translation —jives with a movie that is in large part an underwater romance. All we can say is that if there’s not an extended musical segment dedicated to “Under the Sea”, then we boycott ...

31 Another Claim to Deity? - Stand to Reason Blog

As [Jesus] was setting out on a journey, a man ran up to Him and knelt before Him, and asked Him, “Good Teacher, what shall I do to inherit eternal life?” And Jesus said to him, “Why do you call Me good? No one is good except God alone. You know the commandments, ‘Do not murder, Do not commit adultery, Do not steal, Do not bear false witness, Do not defraud, Honor your father and mother.’” And he said to Him, “Teacher, I have kept all these things from my youth up.”

The Briefing 03-19-14

1) Cultural left wonders if they made right decision on religious liberty in Arizona

The Accidental Complementarian

I think egalitarianism is plainly taught in Scripture when it is read in context, and I might suspect the motive of someone who claims power over another adult based on their interpretation; doing this has a bad track record as most of us no longer believe in the supposed divine right of kings or the supposed right to own slaves, for their own good, of course. The point is the idea of bad motives shaping one’s understanding goes for both groups, so my take is neither group should ascribe bad motives to the other, as this involves seeing into another’s heart, which mere humans cannot do.

New ‘Star Wars’ Movie Will Take Place Three Decades After ‘Jedi’

At a recent Disney shareholder’s meeting, CEO Bob Iger revealed a few more details about JJ Abrams highly anticipated new Star Wars sequel. Iger said that episode VII will be set 30 years after the events of Return of the Jedi , and though he didn’t give away too many casting details, Iger hinted that some of the original cast may be back. In addition to the playful robot R2D2, Iger said that the sci-fi epic would star“a trio of new young leads along with some very familiar faces.” The movie hits theaters in December, 2015 ...

Here’s What It Would Look Like if Superman Used a GoPro

The special effects wizards at Corridor Digital have created this video imagining what it would look like if the Man of Steel used a GoPro camera during his daily Metropolis adventures. As you’d expect, the results are pretty epic ...

Pulling All-Nighters Can Kill Brain Cells

We’ve all had to pull an all-nighter for school or work (or maybe an occasional Netflix binge), but according to new research , missing out on sleep can actually damage your brain. By studying mice who slept regularly and others that were kept awake, researchers found evidence of brain cell damage in the non-sleeping subjects. The research also calls into question the idea of “sleep debt”—meaning you can’t really “make up” sleep because the damage is “irreversible.” Though the team from UPenn’s Perelman School of Medicine hasn’t reproduced the test on humans, the study author told US News, “You’re at a time in your life when you really have to pull a couple of all-nighters to sustain that edge academically or professionally, but by cutting our sleep times short then do we end up losing that edge in the long term because we lose those neurons that are so critical for attention?” Just something to think about next time you want to stay up until 5 in the morning watching The Walking Dead ...

SBC Luncheon

Join friends and fellow Southern Seminary alumni from around the country at this year’s SBC meeting in Baltimore, Maryland. The luncheon will be held in room four on level four in the Baltimore Convention Center. This will be the biggest Alumni event of the year, don’t miss it!

Selfie Fail: Student Breaks Statue While Snapping Pic at Museum

No matter how impressed you are by the work of 19th century Greek sculpted art, climbing onto its lap and taking a selfie is not a good idea. Why? Because you might just break the leg off of the statue. Unfortunately, there are people out there who have to learn this lesson the hard way. A student visiting a museum in Italy was captured on security camera sitting on the “Drunken Satyr” sculpture to take a selfie, destroying the work in the process. The good news, the statue was apparently just a copy that was in the hallway leading to the actual exhibit. The actual selfie is yet to surface online ...

Catholic school being pressured by government to teach that all religions are equal

The Canadian Supreme Court is set to decide whether teachers at private religious schools in the province of Quebec will be allowed to share their faith with students, in a case concerning a Catholic high school that is being forced to teach students in an ethics and religious course that all religions are the same.


The strongest section of the book is the nine chapters focusing on the history of Western philosophy. Beginning with the pre-Socratics, Bartholomew and Goheen march the reader through the periods of Greek philosophy, medieval philosophy, modern philosophy, and postmodernity. The authors do an excellent job of highlighting the main ideas from each philosophical era. If any Christian wants to understand the history of thought and ideas, these chapters will provide a solid foundation. Even though philosophy has been misused during the course of Western history, much can still be learned. They write, “Thus we will continually need to ask, given [non-Christian philosophers

Noah and the flood: Was God evil?

The truth is, we're not in a position to judge God. I think that as a Christian I accept that what God does is right and just and fair, and I look at the account of Noah and I say 'Wow, was the world in that much of a mess?' Sometimes I look at the world today and I can see how it was.

The New Calvinism and the New Community

Last week I gave the “Gaffin Lecture on Theology, Culture, and Mission” at Westminster Seminary. This was a high honor because of the esteem I have both for Richard Gaffin and the school. Gaffin’s book, By Faith, Not By Sight , which just appeared in a new edition , came at a time when I needed help and encouragement in dealing with the New Perspective on Paul.

Vatican Hosts Anglican and Muslim Leaders for Anti-Human Trafficking Initiative

Catholic Church head Pope Francis, Anglican leader Archbishop Justin Welby and a Sunni Muslim representative from al-Azhar University in Egypt recently joined together on an initiative to fight human trafficking and slavery around the world. The interfaith group recently met at the Vatican to launch the Global Freedom Network, a campaign to help the millions of people worldwide who “are enslaved into forced labor and sexual exploitation” developed by Australian billionaire Andrew Forrest. The campaign seeks to work with corporations and governments to implement anti-trafficking programs. In a statement , Welby said, “We are now being challenged in these days to find more profound ways of putting our ministry and mission where our faith is; and being called into a deeper unity on the side of the poor and in the cause of the justice and righteousness of God" ...

School Forbids Boy From Carrying 'My Little Pony' Lunchbox Because of Bullies

Grayson has been harassed for his lunchbox. As he told Asheville ABC affiliate WLOS, bullies are "taking it a little too far, with punching me, pushing me down, calling me horrible names, stuff that really shouldn't happen." Well, yes, the bullies do seem to be taking it a little too far. And, apparently, the school thinks that if Grayson would just cut it out with being himself, the bullies would lay off. But Grayson's mom, Noleen, disagrees. As she told local news, "saying a lunchbox is a trigger for bullying, is like saying a short skirt is a trigger for rape. It's flawed logic, it doesn't make any sense" ...

Why Didn't Jesus Write a Book?

I suspect that real reason that Jesus didn’t write a book is that Christians would worship the book rather than the author. Many Christians have trouble not doing that the way the Bible is. If Jesus had written the New Testament it would be almost impossible to keep our eyes on Jesus. Having a Bible that is divinely inspired but written is a symbol of how God uses us for ministry.

Could There Be a Complete Explanation for Everything? | Open Biola

One must remember the fundamental laws of physics. for any event to happen, there must be some preexisting force to act to cause that event to happen; otherwise how would any chain reaction of any kind began from a condition of absolute nothing. the very notion that creation itself sprang forth into existence on its own is a mathematical impossibility,and irrational and illogical premise.

Counseling and the heart of Christ

His questions point out the obvious.  Of course you go looking for the lost sheep!  Naturally you initiate a search for the missing coin!  Any reasonable person knows that it is wisest and best to exert all necessary effort on the ones that are missing, and in need help rather than the ones that are fine, and intact.  Such obvious reasoning is an indictment against the Pharisees.  Their obsession with obedience has led them to lose sight of the heart of God.  They were busy feeling cozy in their righteous little group, and indicting those on the outside when they should have been moving toward hurting, sinful, and troubled people with God’s love.

Big McDowell Loop - James White's 133.2 kilometers bike ride

Book Plunge: Jesus and His World

Craig Evans is a favorite writer of mine and I quite appreciate the style he has with taking to task the opponents of Christianity. (For a clear example of this in this book, just look at him going after Tom Harpur. It gives the impression of using a tank to kill a spider.) Evans is also fluent with the world of archaeology and the Dead Sea Scrolls and uses that knowledge in this book to explain further the life of Jesus and show some misconceptions.

I Beg to Differ by Tim Muehloff

EXCERPT - How do we communicate with people who disagree with us? In today's polarized world, friends and strangers clash with each other over issues large and small. Coworkers have conflicts in the office. Married couples fight over finances. And online commenters demonize one another's political and religious perspectives. Is there any hope for restoring civil discourse? Communications expert Tim Muehlhoff provides a strategy for having difficult conversations, helping us move from contentious debate to constructive dialogue. By acknowledging and entering into the other person's story, we are more likely to understand where they're coming from and to cultivate common ground. Insights from Scripture and communication theory provide practical ways to manage disagreements and resolve conflicts. We can disagree without being disagreeable. And we can even help another see different points of view and learn from one another. Find out how.

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