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Hillsong Church is Getting Its Own TV Network

Hillsong already has branches all over the world, but now the church is expanding its reach even farther. Hillsong Church is teaming up with Trinity Broadcasting Network to launch a new 24-hour TV network. The Hillsong Channel will launch to a global audience June 15, and will feature worship performances, messages from Christian leaders, conferences, documentaries, kids programs, talk shows and more. "This new aspect of the Hillsong global vision is unlike anything we have launched up to this point," Hillsong Pastor Brian Houston said in a statement. "It'll be a continuous, 24-7 feed that will be exalting Jesus and empowering people for every part of life."  In a statement, TBN Chairman Matthew Crouch said," This powerful new praise and worship network will offer an amazing opportunity for us to reach a whole new generation of viewers with the message of hope and grace as we partner with the most iconic and far-reaching presence in contemporary Christian music." The new network will be available through a variety of cable providers, including Direct TV, Fios, AT&T and Sky.

The Eric Metaxas Show - The Show About Everything

The Eric Metaxas Show offers compelling perspective on American culture, political life, and stories making news around the corner and across the globe.

Resources and Leadership Advice for Pastors and Church Leaders


Evolution News and Views (ENV) provides original reporting and analysis about the debate over intelligent design and evolution.

Jennifer Garner, TD Jakes of 'Miracles From Heaven' Define What Miracles Mean to Them (Interview)

Actress Jennifer Garner joins Bishop T.D. Jakes and others in describing what they believe are miracles.

Live | SBTS

The seminary community gathers to worship in Alumni Memorial Chapel on Tuesday and Thursday at 10 a.m.

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5 Lies I Used to Believe About Being A Christian

I have read some of the comments that pertains to this article, and I have to say that it's sad. First of all, each person have different experiences with the church, some positive and some negative, and I feel that sometimes we can be so apathetic when it comes to those who has had negative experiences with a particular church, such as the writer of this article. I can also relate to the writer, because I have been through similar situations when it came to church.I don't think he was trying to say that if a church isn't tech savvy or more modern then it's not a good church, but he was discussing much bigger issues such as whole idea of what Christianity is about. Too many times, we put labels in front of the words "church" and "Christian" such as "fundamentalist", "liberal", "modern", etc. I know that some churches have unbiblical teachings whether they're identified as fundamental, liberal, mini, midi, mega, black. white, modern, traditional, Protestant, or Catholic. Church is not just a building, it's a population of believers who make up the Body of Christ. I don't care what type of church you belong to, who you voted for, your political views, whether you like old hymns, Kirk Franklin, or Hillsong, whether you like wearing suits or T-shirt and jeans, whether you are introverted or extroverted, or what your skin color or ethnicity is, if we all believe that the God's word is the ultimate foundation of our lives, that God created us in His own image, that Heaven and Hell are real places, that because of Adam and Eve's sin, we're all sinners in need of a Savior, that God loved us so much that he sent Jesus to the Cross to die for our sins so that we can have life (both on Earth and in Heaven), that Jesus defeated death, hell, and the grave by resurrection, and that one day, He will return so that we can be with Him in Heaven, I don't see the reason to complain about how other churches operate or how other Christians live their lives.

Grace to You Radio

How can you be sure Jesus came out of the grave two thousand years ago? Hear compelling evidence and sharpen your understanding of Christ’s life-changing triumph over death in John MacArthur’s Easter study The Mystery of the Resurrection .

Listen Live to Premier Christian Radio

From March 2016, DAB radio is expanding and Premier Christian Radio will be moving.... More

The Greatest False Idol of Modern Christianity

So glad to see this article. This is truth, and I don't think many Christians in America realize how dominant the narrative of fear is. It literally drives almost all of the Evangelical culture. I'm saddened by it. I do think there is an argument to be made for "wisdom", but not fear. If the New Testament is correct, "perfect love drives out fear". We are to be people of love, of trust, of faith in the work of God, in the goodness of his Kingdom, and in overcoming evil with good. We are God's " new creation " that should no longer fear the primary tool of the empires of the world ---- death. Death has been defeated in and through the resurrection of the Son of God.

St. Patrick: Reclaiming the Great Missionary

While other 1,500-year-old characters in history are difficult to research because too few writings have survived time, Patrick is hard to study because so much has been written about him. The bulk of the writings on Patrick are lore, fiction, and embellishment. In uncovering the real Patrick we must sift through ten fictional accounts of his life to find one factual work.

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Radio host Steve Deace ponders the role of evangelicals in the new Republican Party

Despierta | Pre-conferencia en Español 2016

El Dr. Miguel Núñez (MD, Th. M., DMin), sirve como el pastor titular de la Iglesia Bautista Internacional (IBI) en Santo Domingo, República Dominicana, y es el presidente y fundador del Ministerio Integridad y Sabiduría, que tiene como visión impactar la generación de hoy con la revelación de Dios en el mundo hispano-parlante. Es autor de tres libros: Jesús, el hombre que desafió al mundo y confronta tu vida, Una Iglesia Conforme al Corazón de Dios, y Enseñanzas que transformaron el mundo. Es el co-conductor del programa de televisión Respuestas: Verdades Absolutas para un Mundo Relativo, el cual es transmitido a través de toda Latino América y extendido a otros países.

Oldest ancient-human DNA details dawn of Neanderthals

“It’s fascinating and keeps us all on our toes trying to make sense of it all,” says Chris Stringer, a palaeoanthropologist at the Natural History Museum in London. Stringer says that the recovery of such old nuclear DNA gives him hope that researchers will be able to analyse ancient DNA that stretches even further back in time. “Instead of just being stuck with trying to resolve the last 100,000 years,” he says, “we can really start to put some dates from DNA further down the human tree.”

Three Gifts We Need, But Hate to Receive

Like the Israelites, we also have wayward hearts. We too run after idols and false lovers. We pursue experiences, things, and temporary pleasures we think will satisfy our longings. We seek to find our meaning, hope, and joy in things created rather than in the Creator. Though we don’t worship idols crafted of wood or stone, we do idolize money, family, work, success, comfort, and control. In grace, God often puts obstacles in our path to make our way difficult. They are not a form of punishment, but the discipline of a loving Father. These obstacles are intended to stop us, in love, so that we would repent and come back home to him.

How to Pray for the Syrian Refugee Crisis

While I read about the refugee crisis, I’m prompted to give and advocate, but I sometimes forget that prayer is a powerful way to help, as well. I can pray for peace. I can pray for protection. I can pray for our leaders to open their hearts and our borders to take in those fleeing unimaginable circumstances. I can pray for safety. I can pray for changed hearts. I can pray.

The Heart of Socialism

Few question whether those who advocate for socialistic forms of government have good intentions. They clearly seem to care about the poor. Some, like Senator Sanders, want to fight much of the corruption that is currently in Washington. But as the saying goes, “The road to hell is paved with good intentions” (though, no, I’m not here condemning anyone to hell). In other words, the good intentions of “social programs” (a term I will continue to use below) will have unexpected bad consequences in the long run.

The Theology of Donald Trump

I am not a politician, but a minister who teaches theology. As a citizen of this great republic, I have convictions about domestic and foreign policy, but none of that qualifies me to join the fray of political experts and pundits. I am qualified, however, to engage the topic of significant support among self-identified “evangelical voters” for Donald Trump and what this means, not for the country but what it suggests about significant segments of the US church.

6 Ways You Are Making Life Much Harder Than It Has to Be

Well, here are six ways you might be making life more difficult than it has to be. The first one in particular is like grabbing a 1990s box TV off the side of road, tying it around your ankle, and then trying to run at a full sprint.

Hope on the Refugee Highway: A Special Report on Christians in Iraq and Greece

As winter approached, Christianity Today traveled to Iraq and Greece to witness how Christian leaders are working along the “refugee highway” that now stretches from the Middle East to Europe and North America. The situation is so complicated, and the risks so high, that leaders are torn between two aid strategies: should they help Christians and other minorities stay in their historic homelands, or should they help them journey to safer Western democracies?

With Beards, Presidential Candidates Are 150% More Electable

Because the Internet is a wonderfully disturbing place, full of imagination and hope for a better future, someone photoshopped beards onto the presidential candidates. Warning: you will find yourself contemplating crossing party lines because nothing brings people together like a glorious beard.

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What Your Emotions Are Trying to Tell You

We are so quick to judge, squelch or bottle up our emotions. We let others see our smile, but we hide our tears. We contain our anger and we ignore our loneliness. Instead, sit still in all your feelings and ask those tough questions about why you’re feeling a certain way. Pray like David did, “Search me, O God, and know my heart; test me and know my anxious thoughts. Point out anything in me that offends you, and lead me along the path of everlasting life” (Psalm 139:23-24).

How Your Habits Show and Shape Your Heart

The power of habit not only keeps us from the folly of bad decisions; it can also transform spiritual exercises, like Bible meditation and prayer, from exhausting ourselves with Martha’s tiring exertions to coming alive through Mary’s life-giving receptions of grace (Luke 10:38–42). If we had to learn Bible meditation and prayer all over again each time we engaged, we’d be continually distracted, anxious, and troubled by our own doing. But forming good habits can make Bible intake and prayer into opportunities to sit at Jesus’s feet, and listen to his voice, and choose the good portion that will never be taken away.

The Root of Mental Health

I hope you can see and feel the world in which my thoughts orbit. The issue is: What is the root of mental health? My answer is, God. Or seeing God as God and enjoying him as God, which involves being forgiven by God and welcomed with utterly free grace. I personally believe that these truths are hijacked when they are used to make self-esteem the root of mental health. The minor evangelical adjustments to the world’s way of making people happy on the way to hell are not radical enough for me.

Think Christian - Seeing God in Science

In Seeing God in Science , we've collected a group of articles that sets a framework for engaging with science from a Biblical standpoint. Written by theologians, pastors and biologists who are among Think Christian 's regular contributors, these pieces help us reconsider the notion of a conflict between faith and science.

Does Same-Sex Attraction Disqualify Someone from Ministry?

Fourth, Paul makes it clear that there remains a place for people who experience same-sex attraction in the church. In fact, he says that there are many who not only were attracted to the same sex but who practiced same-sex relations that are now washed in the blood of Christ. This probably does not mean that their attractions have totally faded away (any more than it might mean heterosexual attraction completely ceases to exist for those in Christ), but rather that they now fight any temptation stemming from these attractions by the power of the Spirit because they have been washed in the blood of Christ.

23 5 really bad reasons Christians avoid apologetics

Congratulations. You passed the first hurdle. Having seen the word 'apologetics' in the title, you still managed to read this far! To put it mildly, apologetics has a bad image. Indeed, such a bad image that at Solas we prefer to use the term 'persuasive evangelism' because apologetics either carries the notion of saying sorry for being a Christian, or of some male geeky nerd pontificating on the teleological argument. Like all caricatures there is some element of truth in this, but it is overall grossly unfair. It's time to rescue apologetics from this particular cul-de-sac and instead realise the usefulness of the apologia (defence) of the Gospel, in proclaiming the Good News in today's needy world. So lets look at some of the objections that stop Christians even considering apologetics in the first place.

12 Hollywood Presidents You’d Probably Rather Vote For

There’s just something about your childhood church. It’s lodged into your memory for the rest of your life. Maybe it was the Bible lessons you learned, maybe it was that familiar smell, or maybe it wa... Read This

It’s Officially Time to Redefine 'Evangelical'

While certainly, evangelicals have exerted influence on whatever society they find themselves in (think Luther, William Wilberforce, etc.), the politicization of American evangelicalism seems to have formalized in the early 1980s with the founding of the political group "The Moral Majority." The group’s purpose was to consolidate voters who share an ethical outlook similar to the judeo-Christian tradition in order to influence the moral direction of the U.S. through the political process. It’s tough to tell exactly when the term “evangelical” itself began melting, but this election season, it's clear the the word means little more than a lazy demographic category for non-progressive people who aren’t atheists.

26 Love No Matter What - Biola University

Jesus challenges his followers to do something that is never easy and always countercultural: love your enemies (Matt. 5:44). And in today’s polarized world, where entrenched battle lines are drawn on issues ranging from sex to politics to race, the call to love the “other side,” no matter what, is harder than ever.

As Predicted, Here Come the Gay Bullies

Little by little—no, quite rapidly and aggressively—we are seeing this come to pass in front of our eyes. Unfortunately, many conservative Christians are still sleeping while others, like the proverbial frog boiling in water, are spiritually dull, having become accustomed to our world being turned upside down.

Award-Winning Hip Hop Artist Da’Truth Reveals New Single ‘Religion’ Featuring Ravi Zacharias | RZIM

Grammy nominated hip hop artist Da’ T.R.U.T.H. has just released his highly anticipated new single, “Religion,” which features a real-life discussion with Christian apologist and author Ravi Zacharias about key questions surrounding faith, belief, and absolute truth. The single is available nationwide starting today via and iTunes ® platforms.

29 10 Commandments of Apologetics | New York Apologetics

When I first began my apologetic ministry, I learned the hard way—as probably many of you did—that possessing apologetic knowledge and the ability to answer the tough questions does not qualify someone as a good apologist. It’s also necessary to engage unbelievers in such a way that they will give us a fair hearing—that they will listen, understand, and seriously consider our perspective. In this article, I’ll lay out the do’s and don’ts of good apologetics. On the “do” side are the principles of sound apologetic tactics. On the “don’t” side are the pitfalls of poor apologetics—things to avoid. Together they provide the ground rules of effective apologetic evangelism. I call these principles the ten commandments of apologetics. 1

Kerry Charges ISIS With Committing Genocide in Iraq and Syria

In that case, the lawyers decided that the 1948 U.N. Convention against genocide did not require countries to prevent genocide from taking place outside their territory. Powell instead called for the U.N. Security Council to appoint a commission to investigate and take appropriate legal action if it agreed with the genocide determination.

Call It Genocide--Finally

Of course, even if they did meet the deadline and agreed with the House resolution, it’s not clear what the practical consequences would be. The last time Congress declared something genocide was in 2004, specifically Sudan’s actions in Darfur. The Bush administration agreed, but as the Washington Post put it, didn’t conclude that the designation required any specific action.

32 Prayer’s Exclamation Point

To make sure we see it, let’s turn the two halves around: When we pray, we say Amen to God through Christ, because God has said Amen to all his promises in Christ. Prayer is the confident plea for God to make good on his promises of future grace for Christ’s sake. Prayer links our faith in future grace with the foundation of it all, Jesus Christ.

The Gospel Isn't a Rule Book

I wouldn't have admitted it to anybody at the time (especially myself), but I was miserable, and I'm pretty sure I made a lot of other people miserable, as well. I had become like the minister who had tried to shame me. I had become like the religious people who couldn't understand why Jesus would want to be around “scum.”

34 The FAQs: #Prayforrefugees and the Syrian Civil War

Syria, which is about the size of North Dakota, is located north of the Arabian Peninsula at the eastern end of the Mediterranean Sea. The country is bordered by Turkey on the north, Iraq on the east, Jordan on the south, and Lebanon, Israel, and the Mediterranean on the west. Its biggest cities are Aleppo (pre-war population 2,301,570) and Damascus (pre-war population 1,711,000).

3 Dating Myths Christians Need to Kiss Goodbye

Hopefully, there will come a time when there is someone that emerges as a favorite, someone who it is apparent is becoming more than just a potential life partner. Hopefully, this feeling will be mutual. This is the tricky stage, where one does not want to push things along too fast, but where one must also avoid dragging things along for too long as well. In this day and age, most people at this stage are likely to be at their mid-twenties or older, which is prime time for starting a family. It is very inconsiderate for either person to string the other along; if marriage is not going to be the outcome, and reasonably soon, then the other person really does need to be freed to resume their search for a partner. What is needed at this stage is a "pre-engagement", although I don't know if it should be called that. What I would suggest is that a couple that have reached this stage agree to enter an intensive four-month period where they will date each other exclusively and spend a lot of time with each other. They need to be working through books or Bible studies together, praying with and for each other regularly, trying a variety of activities with each other - including some things which may not be super-romantic or super-fun but that are representative of what life together on a daily basis will be like.

1 Peter 3:7, Part 1: Love Your Wife for the Lord’s Sake

Husbands are called to love their wives differently than wives love their husbands, but not completely differently. For instance, the Bible calls husbands to submit in marriage, too. In this lab, John Piper lays the groundwork for several labs addressed to men about marriage.

Mark Driscoll's new church to meet for first time on Easter Sunday - premier

"Even though it's last minute, as the ink on our rental contract is still wet, we look forward to meeting you at our modest open house and prayer meeting. Pastor Mark will be sharing our church vision as we begin gathering our launch team."

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Obama Supreme Court NomineeHas Anti-Gun Record

“With Justice Scalia’s tragic passing, there is no longer a majority of support among the justices for the fundamental, individual right to own a firearm for self-defense,” said Chris Cox, the head of the NRA’s lobbying arm. “Four justices believe law-abiding Americans have that right—and four justices do not. President Obama has nothing but contempt for the Second Amendment and law-abiding gun owners. Obama has already nominated two Supreme Court justices who oppose the right to own firearms and there is absolutely no reason to think he has changed his approach this time. In fact, a basic analysis of Merrick Garland’s judicial record shows that he does not respect our fundamental, individual right to keep and bear arms for self-defense.”

God Is the Best Explanation for the Origin of the Universe

For more resources visit: On February 1st, 2013 at Purdue University, Dr William Lane Craig participated in a debate with Dr Alex Rosenberg on the topic, "Is Faith In God Reasonable?" Over 5,000 people watched the event on the Purdue University campus along with tens of thousands streaming it live online from around the world. This clip is the second of eight arguments that Dr Craig presented in his opening statement. We welcome your comments in the Reasonable Faith forums: Be sure to also visit Reasonable Faith's other channel: Follow Reasonable Faith on Twitter: Add Reasonable Faith on Facebook:

Today's Kindle Deals in Christianity and Apologetics: 10 Titles from $0.99 to $2.99!

Read the Bible for Life aims to improve biblical literacy in the culture and the church by simultaneously moving readers toward greater skill in reading the Bible well and toward a deeper commitment to applying Scripture to everyday life. Through a series of down-to-earth conversations with some of today’s brightest scholars, author George Guthrie discusses the basic tools and attitudes needed to read the Bible more effectively. Chapters focus on the various types of literature in Scripture and how to read them well. For instance, how should we read a psalm differently than we read a parable? How should we read a story of the Old Testament differently than we read a letter from Paul? The book also discusses issues such as reading the Bible in context, and choosing and reading a Bible translation. As we better understand how to read the Bible skillfully, we begin to see how every person of the Bible, every psalm, and every teaching fits into the Bible’s powerful, overarching story, and we begin to realize our place in the story that God is still writing in the world.  ORDER YO

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Polls are closing in Fla., Ill., and Mo.—visit Election Center ’16 for real-time results

The Lent Project

The Lent Project is a daily devotional series celebrating the Lent season through art and Scripture. Our goal is to help individuals quiet their hearts and enter into a daily routine of worship and reflection during this meaningful season.

Sweetness in Suffering

“Your great danger is not the loss of any good thing in this life; it's the loss of your soul through unbelief.” — Joe Thorn

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"Apologetics may seem to fall outside the context of corporate worship, since many consider it part of personal evangelism. However, when the church gathers to worship through Word and song, this time is for the instruction and edification of the saints. We cannot expect that congregants are not influenced by our culture or that they do not battle with doubt. When the people of God gather together, they do so to have their confidence in God’s Word confirmed and strengthened. Moreover, regardless of whether we recognize it, most Christians adopt their pastor’s interpretation and application of Scripture as their own. Therefore, if we model an apologetic-free approach to the biblical text, that is what our people will practice. If pastors assume that their listeners know the foundation of a Christian truth claim, like Christ’s deity, their congregations never see those claims unpacked so that they, too, can defend them and build on them. We should not assume that our congregation is in agreement with whatever scriptural propositional claim we are addressing. Thus, in an effort to edify and build up the body of Christ, we must 'contend earnestly for the faith' (Jude 3) from the pulpit so that the pew will be a place of confidence and a place of preparation for cultural engagement.

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The Gender Conversation We Aren’t Having

Secondly, the church. While complementarian/egalitarian labels can be helpful when discussing women’s ordination, in the pragmatic realities of ministry, these labels aren’t clear-cut either. I am a female priest, so my church may rightly be called “egalitarian.” Still, according to some—like Anglican priest John Stott, for instance—my ordination fits in a complementarian view since I serve under the authority of a male bishop. Other complementarians see female pastorship or priesthood of any sort as impermissible. But the categories become more complex and blurry if we ask about women teaching adult Sunday School, leading worship, writing books, preaching at conferences , speaking at church gatherings, or heading parachurch groups.

Mark Driscoll’s New Church Kicks Off on Easter Sunday

[The church] ill host its first ever gathering at 5pm on Easter Sunday March 27, 2016, at the Glass and Garden Drive-In Church in Scottsdale, Arizona. In time, we look forward to launching The Trinity Church. In time, we look forward to launching The Trinity Church. In the meantime, we did not want to pass up this historic opportunity to gather for the first time on the 50-year anniversary of the landmark building, which opened on Easter 1966. Even though it’s last minute, as the ink on our rental contract is still wet, we look forward to meeting you at our modest open house and prayer meeting. Pastor Mark will be sharing our church vision as we begin gathering our launch team.

50 Send Your Child to Summit

And please know, your child does not have to be one of those “on fire for the Lord” kids to attend.  In fact, many students who attend are questioning their faith, they’re struggling to discover their purpose in life, and are asking those very tough questions.  And why shouldn’t they? The culture, many of their peers, and even some of their teachers openly question Christianity or deny that there’s such a thing as truth.

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