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Reasonable Faith with Dr William Lane Craig TV Program

For more information and resources visit: Reasonable Faith features the work of philosopher and theologian Dr. William Lane Cr...

Missions Conference 2014

Biola University Missions Conference 2014 Main Speakers: Afshin Ziafat Megan Fate Marshman Mickey Klink Rodrick Gilbert More information at: http://biolamiss...

Is Satan (Iblis) Islam's Hidden Hero? According to Muhammad, Allah wants human beings to sin so that he can show us mercy. Islam even teaches that, if human beings...

Islam's Hidden Hero? According to Muhammad, Allah wants human beings to sin so that he can show us mercy. Islam even teaches that, if human beings...

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How to have a rich seminary journey

If seminarians will learn the habit of thinking about God’s truth as a means of enjoying him, then they will not waste their theological education, said John Piper during a special, pre-convocation chapel service, Jan. 23, at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary.


Pastoral residents get hands on church experience to help equip and prepare you for faithful and fruitful future ministry. Residents will be prepared in a gospel-saturated, revitalizing local church where the nuts and bolts of ministry are on display. Great opportunity for students or those freshly called to ministry to be trained up in the local church. More information at

RELEVANT Podcast: Erwin McManus

This week we talk to a man of many talents - artist, entrepreneur, founder of MOSAIC, and author of the new book, "The Artisan Soul," Erwin McManus. Plus, we introduce a new internet correspondent, the week's news and entertainment, your feedback and much

Predestination: Should We Even Talk About It?

I’d like to begin a series on—get ready—predestination. Yes, I said that word. I know this is not the most popular topic to bring up among polite company; in fact, it’s downright divisive, isn’t it? In the fifth century, Augustine recounted in his letters that some said, “The doctrine of predestination is an obstacle to the usefulness of preaching.” And who wants an obstacle? In the sixteenth century, John Calvin had to go out of his way to state that preachers should preach no less on the deity of the Son, the deity of the Holy Spirit, or the creation of the universe than on predestination.


There are many reasons to consider a job at Southern Seminary; a rich legacy of serving students, faculty and staff, excellent employee benefits, a team environment and a challenging & rewarding job.  Southern has a major library, an onsite health clinic, a full service fitness center, easy access to the interstate network and downtown Louisville.

The Story of Biblical Complementarity: Scripture Is Good for Us

That’s what we’re really excited about: connecting excellent exegesis and sound theology to the fiber of life and discipleship. We’ve been promoting this perspective with lots of passion for a good little while now on our website. There are so many challenges to biblical and natural complementarity today. We’re fully locked and loaded to give good answers to them. But what really gets us excited is seeing theology become doxology. Exegesis turned into a narrative. Truth shaping life. That’s what you get a taste of in the pieces by Brittany and Grant. That’s what you get a ton of at

St. Patrick Comics & Stories!

Treasure Chest  is on my list of Top Five Christian Comics ever, not so much because it was well crafted, but because of the sheer volume of faith-based cartooning that saw print there. This is not deathless literature by any means. Some of it is awkward enough to veer into the unintentionally funny range (my favorite panels below are “we’ll have none of their kind here,” which may have sounded right to Irish immigrants in the late 1940s, but is rather odd dialogue for a military invasion; and of course the “perhaps the shamrock will teach you” panel). But there’s some solid storytelling in here, too, and if you’re starting with no knowledge of the Patrick story, this comic will get the educational job started.

Christians, We Are Repenters

Ten years later, the necessity of repentance has become a watershed issue in the fading days of Christendom in the West. Contrary to popular belief, the evangelical church is not dying. Declining, perhaps. But wherever grace-driven repentance is preached and an out-of-the-mainstream lifestyle expected, people are still coming to faith.

Mike Adams - Win Lose or Draw

Today, as most of you sit in your offices pretending to work while reading my column (thanks, by the way) I'll be taking the stand in federal court in a First Amendment lawsuit against my employer, UNC-Wilmington. The trial will be over in three days, thus ending a seven-year legal battle with important implications for academic freedom. Some have asked how the outcome of the trial will affect my work in the campus free speech movement. I'm writing this column in response to those inquiries.

Remember Saint Patrick

You might say it that way, and then carefully wash your Christian hands of all the carousing and empty revelry that makes all things Irish into an excuse for a godless spring party. But you might say the same thing, and mean it not as a call to circle the wagons, but to charge the hill.


The Bible is a divinely inspired work of literature and includes many different literary forms, such as poetry, letters, narrative, and wisdom sayings.  In order to take the Bible literally, we have to ask how these genres should affect our interpretation.  In this lesson, Dr. Sproul equips us to properly understand literary forms.

These Newscasters Handled an LA Earthquake Like a Bunch of Pros

You think you're professional, but you're never going to be KTLA news anchors Megan Henderson and Chris Schauble professional. As the team reminded us during Monday morning's quake, news media isn't dead—it's just getting better ...

Bible study: on the importance of truth in religion

I think it is is going to be difficult for Christians living today to be able to tell people their dreams like that. But what we can do is talk about God’s miracles as revealed by science and history. We can study astrophysics, biochemistry and history and we can explain what God did in creating and fine-tuning the universe for life, in sequencing amino acids into functioning proteins, in creating brand new body plans in the Cambrian explosion, in raising Jesus from the dead as a matter of historical record, and so on. We have to show how great God is to people who do not even think he exists, and without assuming that they believe in the Bible.

Democrat who has served 38 years in Congress down 14 points in latest poll

Here’s an astonishing poll: David Freddoso at Conservative Intelligence Briefing links to a report by the Washington Post’s Aaron Blake that West Virginia 3rd district incumbent Rep. Nick Rahall trails Republican challenger state Sen. Evan Jenkins by a 54-percent to 40-percent margin. The poll was conducted by the Tarrance Group, a Republican firm which, like several Democratic and other Republican firms, has had a good record for reliability over the years.

Is the Argument from Fine-Tuning Presumptuous? | Reasonable Faith

You might say that the argument surreptitiously smuggles in this assumption. For example, when the argument’s proponent says that the universe is fine-tuned for intelligent life, doesn’t that mean designed for intelligent life? The answer is, no, otherwise the argument would be patently question-begging. It would be saying, in effect, that the best explanation of the universe’s being designed for intelligent life is design! Rather fine-tuning concerns the narrow range of values which the fundamental constants and quantities must fall into if intelligent life is to exist. The argument is that the best explanation of those parameters’ all falling in the life-permitting range is design.

"The Song of Worship" with N.T. Wright

This week we talk to a man of many talents - artist, entrepreneur, founder of MOSAIC, and author of the new book, "The Artisan Soul," Erwin McManus. Plus, we introduce a new internet correspondent, the week's news and entertainment, your feedback and much

The Courage to Speak: Responsibility, Accountability, and Community - The Scriptorium Daily

It is true that we are responsible for our own moral failures, but one’s moral failures can have catastrophic results that often affect not only ourselves, but those around us. Yet so often we watch others within our sphere of influence dive headfirst into a moral wasteland because of our systemic disregard of our communal responsibility to be speakers of the truth to each other.

Biola University swimmer tops in the nation, breaks records

Biola University swimmer Christine Tixier broke several records at the NAIA swimming and diving championships March 6-8 in Oklahoma City, becoming a national champion for the third consecutive year. keith durflinger — staff photographer

About the ex-SBCers: It’s complicated

“It’s complicated” doesn’t move the meter, sell the books, pack the pews. It doesn’t get you on the Colbert Report, Fox News or MSNBC. It defies the sound bite and is relegated to obsolescence for its inability to make it plain in 140 characters. Still, I’d like to reclaim “it’s complicated” because my own faith is complicated. And I want to be part of a people who are having a conversation about how complicated and contradictory they are as well. It may not get a press release or a pamphlet length pocket-edition identity statement, but I believe it will engender honesty and perhaps a bit of genuine humility.

News | Reasonable Faith

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21 You Should Know the Bible From Genesis to Revelation

The reason I wrote this book is that I am very concerned about the lack of biblical literacy in our churches. Christians need more than half an hour of Bible on Sunday mornings. At the same time, I know that many people will not read the Bible from cover to cover. Frequently people get lost in the sea of genealogies. This book helps people to discover that there is interesting and helpful passages in every book of the Bible. My hope is that this book will not satisfy the need for biblical knowledge but rather deepen the hunger. Here are some suggestions for how it can be used:

Can Christians Drink?

Finally, the decision to stop having sex is really difficult one. And the temptation will be to tell yourself that because you’ve already put the cart before the horse, there’s no reason to try and reverse things now. This is a lie. Doing things that are difficult, for the betterment of your marriage, is something that will be a part of your whole life. If you and Mr. Donna commit to not having sex—and then you don’t—imagine how much stronger you’ll be in 10 years when you all are faced with another challenge. Because of the decision you make now, you’ll have a deeper knowledge that you can: a) keep your word to each other and b) keep your word to God, even when it’s tough.

Democrats in California want to pass laws to penalize Asians

[...]Liberals talk a great deal of mindless rot about what they like to call “privilege,” the supposedly omnipresent advantages that accrue to the white, the male, the heterosexual, those whose sense of self is more or less congruent with their biological genitals, etc. But it is worth keeping in mind that progressive social-engineering programs such as the use of racial criteria in university admissions do not hurt only hurt well-off white people sporting penises. (Not that we should shortchange the interests of well-off white penis-sporters.) They also hurt poor people and immigrants, in this case a group of immigrants that we as a country should count ourselves lucky to have. It is important to remember why race-based admissions are such an important issue for progressives: The Left lives in the public schools, which do a terrible job of teaching black, Hispanic, and poor students, who consequently show up in embarrassingly small proportions at elite institutions. Asian students, on the other hand, do a tremendous amount of work outside of school, spending ten times as much time as non-Asian students do on organized non-school activities ranging from music lessons to tutoring to test-preparation courses.

America's Most Popular Bible Translation Is a Bit of a Surprise

Well, this comes as a little surprise. A recent, lengthy study says that when Americans read the Bible, 55 percent of them are reading ye olde King James Version—dwarfing the percentages of those who read the New International Version (19 percent) and far outpacing the numbers of other versions. The study is coming as a shock to booksellers, who had long considered the NIV the most popular Bible out there. In terms of sales figures, they're right. But when it comes to actually reading the Bible, the KJV is the hands down winner. That's all according to the study , which was done by Center for the Study of Religion and American Culture at Indiana University–Purdue University Indianapolis (some research studies should consider studying ways to cut down on the length of their names) ...

7 Aspects of Discipleship

“Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them inthe name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit,teaching them to observe all that I have commanded you. And behold, I am with you always, to the end of the age.”