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Did Paul Stop Using Arguments After Leaving Athens?

For more resources visit: The Reasonable Faith Roots of Christian Civilization Cruise was May 27th through June 7th 2013. Thro...

Does God Exist? // Debate - Frank Turek vs Dennis Nørmark

Have you ever pondered about why you exist? Where does everything we can see come from, and what is the purpose of life? The answers to these questions look ...

Doctrine of Salvation Part 9: Justification

For more resources visit: To download an outline of Doctrine of Salvation:

"The Kalam Cosmological Argument" - William Lane Craig at Georgia Tech

For more resources visit: On March 3rd, 2014 Dr William Lane Craig gave a lecture on the Kalam Cosmological Argument at Georgi...

Is evolution compatible with God's existence?

William Lane Craig answers this controversial question concerning evolution and God's existence? Are they compatible with one another? Related: http://www.yo...

Does Allah Love Christians and Jews? Does Allah love unbelievers? Or does he only love Muslims? One of Allah's 99 Names is al-Waddud, "the Loving." Allah is calle...

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God Is with You in Depression

Depression is often illusive. Some dark cloud gathers and hangs overhead. You feel constantly ill at ease. Whether triggered by negative events, or some undefined cause, you know despondency when you experience it, even if you find it hard to describe.


 will be earth-shatteringly new in terms of content. Wells continues his social critique of modern culture straightaway in chapter 1, “God Our Vision, Culture Our Context.” And if you stop reading after this chapter, you will certainly close the book with the gnawing sense Wells is merely regurgitating his previous work—discussing God’s weightlessness in our lives, the inside versus outside God, primacy of the self, and so forth, while updating some of the pop culture references. There’s nothing groundbreaking here, and you’d be tempted to treat the remainder of the book casually, thinking you fully know where he’s going.


We all wonder what heaven will be like.  When the biblical authors give us descriptions of eternity, they typically use symbolic and metaphorical language that’s hard to decipher.  So, what can we know for sure about the Christian’s ultimate destination?  This is the final lesson in the series, Foundations:  An Overview of Systematic Theology.

Why Nehemiah?

I thought of Nehemiah this week, as my husband and I chatted with our driver on a traffic-filled trip to a dinner on the other side of the island where we were staying. Not only did our friendly driver want to practice his English; he also enjoyed talking about his Hindu faith. We asked him lots of questions, and lots about various religious figures, including Jesus—all of whom, he confidently asserted, are manifestations of the one god. Do the gods ever fight with each other, we asked? "No no no . . . they never fight," he said. "They live up in the mountains where it is all peaceful." As we talked, my husband and I found ourselves sending up "bullet prayers," the kind Nehemiah reports praying in the midst of his interchange with the king (2:4). Those prayers are incredibly comforting, as you're searching for the next comment, the next available opening to point to the Lord Jesus.

Answering Muslims: Muslim Converts Rebekah Dawson and Royal Barnes Jailed for Videos Glorifying Murder of Lee Rigby

Michael Adebolajo and Michael Adebowale were converts to Islam . After studying what Islam teaches, they concluded that they should brutally murder a British soldier in the streets of London. Lee Rigby was the victim. Following Rigby's death, husband and wife Royal Barnes and Rebekah Dawson, both converts to Islam, made videos praising the attacks and encouraging fellow Muslims to commit further acts of violence. Now that Dawson and Barnes have been sentenced, they will be treated as heroes by the Muslim populations in their prisons, and, like Adebolajo and Adebowale, they will continue to recruit more Muslims for acts of terrorism. How is the British government handling this violent epidemic? The only response British politicians have been able to come up with is to say, over and over again, that real Islam promotes peace and tolerance. The problem, of course, is that Muslim converts like Adebolajo, Adebowale, Barnes, and Dawson aren't learning about Islam from cowardly British politicians; they're learning Islam from the Qur'an and the Hadith. And the Muslim sources are perfectly clear on how Muslims should deal with British soldiers.

5 Things We Learn From Acts 17

One of my favourite passages, when it comes to apologetics, is Paul’s experience in Acts 17:16-33 . This is so much more than Bible trivia. This passage contains principles that are timeless. I see in Paul’s interaction with the Athenians something that is especially helpful in our generation. Here are five principles we can all use.

2014 National Conference — Day 3

Our 27 th National Conference has come to a close. Over three days, thousands of Christians enjoyed teaching and fellowship as they were encouraged to live as Christians in a post-Christian culture. You can go back and browse the official conference hashtag #lmnc on Twitter , Facebook , Instagram , and Google+  for some of the updates, but here’s a summary and several highlights from this final day.


The period between the Old Testament and the New Testament is one of the most overlooked eras of biblical history. During that era, Aristotle developed his system of thought and logic that are still with us today, and his most famous student, Alexander the Great, laid the groundwork for the New Testament to be written. In this message, Dr. Sproul examines this intriguing time of biblical history, focusing on the coming of Christ.

The Edge of Evolution

I will admit that I am fairly new to the subject of intelligent design. I have been interested in it for some time, but my area of specialty is more biblical studies than science. So my reading in intelligent design is quite limited.