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Muhammad on Personal Hygiene (Science and Islam) Muslims often went to Muhammad for advice on various topics. His advice, however, wasn't always sound. According to Muhammad,...

Muhammad on Personal Hygiene (Science and Islam) Muslims often went to Muhammad for advice on various topics. His advice, however, wasn't always sound. According to Muhammad,...

How Did the New Testament Become One Volume?


Does Allah Know That Mary, the Mother of Jesus, Is Not Aaron's Sister? The Qur'an claims to be the Word of Allah. Yet the author of the Qur'an doesn't know that Mary, the mother of Jesus, is not t...

William Lane Craig: What If Faith and Reason Conflict With Each Other?

For more resources visit: What if faith and reason conflict with each other? What is the relationship between reason and faith...

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Delighting in the Greater Adoption

Every February, my family remembers my adoption day. We exchange flowers, hugs, tears, good memories, and love. Like other former orphans, I consider my adoption day a cause of great celebration. But how much greater and more worthy of celebration is our salvation and the greater adoption! Praise the Father that you are his own. Meditate on the implications of this great adoption for your life, the life of the body, and for those who don't call God their father. Thank the Lord that he redeemed you, encourage your brothers and sisters with the truths of the greater adoption, and seek to share this redemption and love with those who aren't yet God's children.

Trailer for "The Pastor's Kid"

I initially looked into this because I know Ashley G. but now I am interested in your book. I am a p.k. and my husband is an associate pastor and we have four kids, three of whom are teenagers. After reading the “What People are saying” and how they say you are very open and honest in your book, I’m even more interested. On the one hand, I feel like I had a very positive experience growing up as a senior pastor’s kid, but on the other hand, sometimes I wonder if I have hidden bitterness that I am still having trouble dealing with, even as a 43-year old and even though my dad is now with the Lord.

How Complementarian Teaching Shaped My Life

So I am not surprised when people who do not know Christ do not conform their lives to God's standard for gender and sexuality. And in some sense, it is easy to understand how even young believers or confused believers, living in a sensual culture, can fail to understand God's standards for purity, gender, and marriage. It's a process for all of us as we are conformed into the image of Christ.

North Korean Dictator to Execute 33 Christians

I am not sure what the best steps are for believers who want to advocate for these 33 Christians. But I would think that in the least we could write to our local news agencies and ask them to cover the story. Some may even wish to write to their representatives in Washington. And, of course, we can pray. Churches may wish to list this situation in their prayer announcements, and small groups might wish to dedicate themselves to praying for these 33 believers on a regular basis. What else can we do? Now it’s your turn…

Prophecy Redefined

The presence of false prophets in the first-century church is a fact that is clearly attested in the New Testament (Matt. 7:15; 24:11; 2 Tim. 4:3–4; 2 Peter 2:1–3; 1 John 4:1; Jude 4). Commands to test prophecy must be understood against that backdrop. Believers were commanded to discern between those who were true spokesmen for God and those who were dangerous counterfeits. The Thessalonians, in particular, needed to be wary of false prophets. Paul’s two epistles to them indicate that some within their congregation had already been misled—both with regard to Paul’s personal character (1 Thess. 2:1–12) and the eschatological future of the church (1 Thess. 4:13–5:11). Much of Paul’s instruction was in response to the erroneous teaching that was wreaking havoc within the Thessalonian church. Perhaps that is why some of the Thessalonians were tempted to despise all prophetic utterances, including those that were true. [8]


But a few weeks ago, I sat down and thought, “I wonder if I could write a poem about Christ in each book of the Old Testament.” I sat at a blank screen thinking I’d still be there an hour later with no pixels to show for my effort. But then the “muse” descended upon me, and 30 hours later, lo and behold, I had 30 verses! It’s not exactly Robert Burns or William Shakespeare (maybe a bit limerick-ish in places), but still, I hope it gets the Old Testament’s Christ-centered message across in a slightly different way.

New Hymn, “Oh, How Good It Is”

“Oh, How Good It Is” is a call to worship inspired by Psalm 133 (“How good and pleasant it is when God’s people live together in unity!”) that reminds us of what it is to be God’s family gathered in worship and living in community.

9 Things You Should Know About Pimps and Sex Traffickers

A landmark government study commissioned by the Justice Department was recently released by the Urban Institute. Although the study covers a wide variety of topics related to the underground commercial sex economy, it provides some of the most revealing data on those who coerce women and children into prostitution. Here are nine things from the study you should know about pimps and sex traffickers.

Teaching Outside His Comfort Zone

The students. The staff turnover rate is really high because they can speak inappropriately and be disrespectful. But we have to find ways to reach these kids in the culture they're imbedded in. We can't hold grudges when they treat us badly; we have to forgive them. Even if they've disrespected us one day, we have to teach them the next day. For me, knowing that, in Christ, I'm a forgiven sinner really empowers me to be full of grace for them. It makes a huge difference in how I approach my work.

Everything You Need: Power

Husbands and wives, you can move toward your spouse and work on your marriage. On your own, you would ruin your marriage, but because the whole fullness of deity dwells bodily, you can love your spouse sacrificially. Parents, you can move towards your children with patience and raise them in faith. On your own, you would ruin your children, but because the whole fullness of deity dwells bodily, you can raise them with wisdom.

How Churches Can Care for Their Pastor’s Children

6. Give your pastors room to deal with their children's hearts. Older children will go through some spiritual ups and downs. How will you think about those bumps? With care and affection? Or self-righteous judgment? Your pastor's children are like all of us. They are in a process of becoming like Jesus. You can embitter them with sharp comments. Or you can love and accept them even as they grow into adulthood. Pray for them regularly by name as they make this transition.

Signs That Don’t Show You Much

In general, I think everyone found the non-signs more helpful than the signs, not that the signs are wrong, but they are harder to navigate and can lead one into unhealthy introspection. I wish every denominational leader, every elder, every youth group leader, every passionate teenager, and every old saint would pay attention to these non-signs. They would help some of us be more cautious about criticizing emotional experiences. And they would help others be more careful about crediting to the Holy Spirit what he may have nothing to do with

Evangelicals Embracing (and Rejecting) Lent

For my friends who have an aversion to anything like Lent, don’t impugn the motives of those who have found spiritual benefit in setting aside a time of the year for reflection on Christ’s passion. To imply that Lent is a “Catholic thing” misses the rich Protestant history of the practice, and rejecting it for this reason ironically puts Rome front and center, with all of us just positioning ourselves in reference to the Roman Catholic Church. To forbid the practice can be just as detrimental as demanding it.

Connecting with our 2014 National Conference

During the conference we will be sharing updates, quotes, and pictures on social media using the official conference hashtag #lmnc. Please follow along and join the conversation.


But The Question of Canon , while not out of sync with previous evangelical writings, does make several contributions. First, Kruger organizes modern assumptions of the “extrinsic model” of canon formation so as to provide a nuanced, comprehensive critique. Second, he engages current non-evangelical and evangelical literature on canon so as to provide the most up-to-date apologetic resource on canon formation from an evangelical perspective. Third, Kruger occasionally offers new and stimulating arguments. For example, in discussing the way early Christians valued the written word, he appeals to the sophistication of early scribal handwriting and literary innovations, such as the widespread Christian use of the nomina sacra . I had not previously given sufficient weight to these factors in considering the early Christian approach to the written word.

Once Confused, Now Complementarian

I sat wide-eyed across the table from my new friend Courtney in our college cafeteria. I had just told her I was interested in a guy who sat near me in my freshman biology class. My plan was to go to him and inform him about my interest in dating. Courtney was convincing me to think otherwise — I was confused and didn’t understand why it mattered.


Interpreting and understanding the Bible is sometimes compared to interpreting art.  Unless we learn a few basic tools and principles, more than likely we will miss the author’s intended meaning.  In this lesson, Dr. Sproul teaches us The Science of Interpretation.

5 Steps to Teaching Your Congregation a New Song

Sometimes there is a song that would fit perfectly after the sermon, but it’s brand new. If you run into this, one option is that you could play it on the front and then again on the back. Talk through this with your pastoral team to make sure everyone is on board. I have yet to do this myself, but it has worked well at multiple Mars Hill locations recently.

‘Non-Shepherding’ Pastors: Option or Oxymoron?

"These duties are wed in Scripture," notes Bryan Chapell, pastor of Grace Presbyterian Church in Peoria, Illinois, and former president of Covenant Seminary in St. Louis. He points to Paul's instructive words: "Because we loved you so much, we were delighted to share with you not only the gospel of God but our lives as well" (1 Thess. 2:8). Like Greear, though, Chapell admits there will be different "gifts" and  "degrees of calling" when it comes to shepherding and proclamation.

The Briefing 03-13-14

1. Obama, Putin, and the naivety of the West’s “hope against reality”

I Reject Christianity Because _______________

Nickles gets it exactly backwards. God is by nature good; if God isn't good, he isn't really God. Or to be more precise: if there's no good God, there's no God at all. I agree that there's horrific evil and suffering in the world, which can strain our faith in God to the limits, but as a Christian I have to reject the assumption that it's senseless. It may appear senseless to us, but we don't have God's comprehensive perspective on events. If there is an all-good, all-knowing, and all-powerful God, then he must have good reasons for permitting the evil and suffering that exists—whether or not we ourselves can discern those reasons. The Bible gives us some insight into God's reasons for permitting evil and suffering, even if it doesn't answer all our questions.

Why Nehemiah?

I thought of Nehemiah this week, as my husband and I chatted with our driver on a traffic-filled trip to a dinner on the other side of the island where we were staying. Not only did our friendly driver want to practice his English; he also enjoyed talking about his Hindu faith. We asked him lots of questions, and lots about various religious figures, including Jesus—all of whom, he confidently asserted, are manifestations of the one god. Do the gods ever fight with each other, we asked? "No no no . . . they never fight," he said. "They live up in the mountains where it is all peaceful." As we talked, my husband and I found ourselves sending up "bullet prayers," the kind Nehemiah reports praying in the midst of his interchange with the king (2:4). Those prayers are incredibly comforting, as you're searching for the next comment, the next available opening to point to the Lord Jesus.

5 Parenting Opportunities When Our Kids Sin

As parents, there are times when we feel like we’re in a similar wrestling match with our kids. The only problem is, we shouldn’t be—and we know it (Eph. 6:12). We must remember that the battle already took place. The attack Satan mounted to crush God is the very action God leveraged to seal Satan’s doom. As Christian parents, we have the great joy of a victory already secured at the cross.


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Kitty Genovese

The murder of Kitty Genovese left a moral stain on the city of New York. In the aftermath of the incident, local police expressed how easy it would have been to intervene. "A phone call would have done it," a detective said. Lieutenant Bernard Jacobs, who led the investigation, commented, "We can understand the reticence of people to become involved in an area of violence...but why didn't someone call us that night?" 1

The Power of Words, and Q&A - Christian Research Institute

Hank discusses Joel Osteen’s influence on American Christianity including his unbiblical emphasis on the power of words, in which Osteen wrongly asserts that both positive and negative words are the cause of good and bad circumstances in our lives.

7 Books on Jesus That You Should Read (plus one)

My background is New Testament studies. Even when it comes to apologetics, I always try to bring it back to Jesus. Many of the attacks on Christianity are fought on the nature of Jesus. It is important to read good solid books about Jesus. Here are seven books about that I think  you should read.


Who or what is the Antichrist? Is the Antichrist a man or an institution? Is he a person who is presently alive? Like so many things incorporated in the last-day teachings of the Bible, there is little consensus in the church today as to the identity of the Antichrist. How can we find the identity of the Antichrist? Considering these questions in this message, Dr. Sproul explores the different scriptural passages that describe the Antichrist.

See Through the Sour Wine

We don’t know exactly what this bystander had seen. Presumably he had at least heard that Jesus worked wonders. Thousands had eaten when there wasn’t any food. Real people who once could not walk, or see, now could. Whether witnessed or heard, this bystander knew the dying man on the tree had a reputation for the miraculous. And here, in the intensity of Jesus’s passion, just before he breathed his last, the bystander wanted to squeeze him just one more time for some good glitz. He didn’t really think Elijah would come, but maybe. Jesus had done some amazing things. But now, the bystander didn’t really hope for his rescue, he wanted his dazzle. He didn’t want a suffering Savior, he wanted a spectacular stunt. He didn’t want Jesus, he wanted his show.

Q&A: Framework View of Creation, Zeitgeist, and T. D. Jakes - Christian Research Institute

Hank reads a letter of testimony from a listener who has been blessed by the ministry of the Christian Research Institute and the Bible Answer Man broadcast.

5 Reasons I am No Longer an Atheist

During my late teens and early twenties, I was an atheist. I will admit that I was not much like the new atheists. I did not attack people of faith. I was content to just sleep in on Sundays. But I was still an atheist. I am no longer an atheist and there are reasons for that. This is not a list of reasons of why I am a Christian (you can find that here ) as I did not move directly from atheism to Christianity. Nor is this an attack on atheism or an attempt to get all atheists to convert. It is simply why I am no longer an atheist.