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Dr. D.C. Martin of Grand Canyon College: A Teacher, A Mentor, A Friend, A Christian - Alpha and Omega Ministries

I told some of my story about this great man in the description on the YouTube video, and I won’t repeat that here.  DC Martin was a great Christian man.  He truly had a heart of gold.  He passed away in December of 1995.  Shortly thereafter we had a memorial for him at the college. …

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Rachel Held Evans defends exit from evangelicalism, calls Christians to celebrate sacraments - On Faith & Culture

To all Christians : Repent of your rude comments. Jesus says the world will know you are My disciples by the love that you have for one another. He also says not to mindlessly call someone a fool. My heart broke reading some of these comments. Read your Bibles and start using your life to bring glory to God rather than to prop yourself up. There are some very good points in this article although I’m not sure I agree with all of it. For example, women have to be very careful when speaking about positions of leadership (see the letters of Timothy and Titus). Their submission to the leadership of men is symbolic of Christ’s submission to the Father and the church’s submission to Christ. Does this mean they are less capable people? Of course not. If anything, it shows a stronger understanding of their faith. Does this mean they have to mindlessly let men control them as if they are robots? Nope. There is a way to do it biblically that honors both men and women and shows reverence for God and His word. And the letter of 1st John says that of you are truly annointed by the Holy Spirit at the moment of salvation, you will not continue in a lifestyle of habitual sin (1 John chapters 2&3).


Church leaders should be tuned in and aware that most of the world spends a good proportion of their...

Older Men, Younger Men Need You

Most men already feel like failures. Be original, and be with us. Is 1 Corinthians 10:13 really true? “No temptation has overtaken you that is not common to man.” Help us to learn to practice the tension of that verse: that it is “common” — not weird or stigmatized or something to keep in the dark — and to embrace the call to “endure it,” which is nearly impossible without community. We need a place — a man — that challenges us to grow, but also makes it safe for us to confess.

Counsel the Word

Parents often feel anything but confident. They know they are shaping lives, but feel they are only learning as they go. They also know the Bible is supposed to guide them, but feel uncertain how a handful of verses help them with this years-long task. The temptation is to be intimidated by both the importance and the complexity of the task.

5 Daily Watchman

Daily Watchman, by Stand Up for Truth: updated automatically with a curated selection of articles, blog posts, videos and photos.

The Key to Being a Good Friend

We all crave community and connection. We want people who are going to have our backs no matter what. But since life-enriching friendships will never fall magically into our laps, we have to exert the time and energy necessary to enable these relationships to grow. After all, the old adage, “To have a friend, be a friend,” certainly holds true. True friendship isn’t about having a group of people we can hang out with occasionally; it’s about being surrounded by a community of people who know us deeply and love us unconditionally.

7 The TC Apologetics Daily

The TC Apologetics Daily, by TC Apologetics: The latest news and thoughts for the apologetic-minded Christian.

7 Signs Your Twenties Aren't Going as Planned

I'm only 25 and have failure down to an art form. All I can say to someone who thinks it will never get better-- it will. Not only that but I wouldn't trade my years of 'failure' (no job, living at home, no life plan, etc) for the world. The success I'm experiencing now is fun, but it's not making me a better person like my failure did. It's all about the journey. Embrace it and keep going.

Guilty as charged

We press on with the full confidence that what might appear to be simple is truly profound.  We stand on the truth of God’s Word. We shudder at the outrageous suggestion that we need to get out of “Bibleworld.” We are guilty as charged in our stalwart allegiance to the revealed Word. May we dig deeper into it daily knowing we can never begin to understand it fully. May we read, study, and meditate upon it with great expectancy as we prayerfully anticipate its instruction to us by the power of the Holy Spirit. We would be wise to “park ourselves 2,000 years in the past” in order to study Scripture — all of which is “breathed out by God and is profitable for teaching, for reproof, for correction, and for training in righteousness,” according to the God-breathed words to Paul. But we won’t stay there.  Anchored to what was given to us in the past as a priceless treasure, we are equipped to face the present and future. God, help us.

God's Not Dead: Evidence for the Resurrection of Jesus: Demonstrated and Integrated with Assured Proof

Scholars researching the resurrection of Christ should not presume the entitlements of the all-knowing God. Man is fallen. People have sinned. Acquiescing to the actuality of sin is requirement for real conversion—one must repent from sin and trust in Christ. The accurate researcher must consent to his finitude and its limitations. He must understand himself in light of who God is and what He has revealed. Nevertheless, many academics scrap both. Too often writers tackling the subject of Christ and His resurrection approach the subject with naturalistic presuppositions. Naturalism denies the fallen nature of man and effectively makes human reason the controlling authority, the rational zenith used to analyze the truth of God’s word. The positions are then reversed, for the reason that God is then at best an unnecessary idea. He is vulgarly dismissed as a superfluous invasion into naturalism's domain.

Andy Crouch: The Return of Shame

From online bullying to Twitter takedowns, shame is becoming a dominant force in the West. Thankfully, the Bible is full of language about shame. It's just that most Westerners don't see it.


#58, I agree with your choice of films, though I would add Excalibur, which I consider the definitive Arthurian film, and I've seen a few. It's a pity that at the time when it was in the cinemas there was a coffee commercial that used O, Fortuna, so when it came on, there was a burst of laughter. And there is that scene in which Uther Pendragon has violent sex with Ygraine without taking off his armour! The actor himself cringes at the memory. But it was a beautiful film. I would have put The Princess Bride on top, myself.NES is lovely, but PB is the one from which people are still quoting after all these years, while NES is only of interest to 1980s fantasy film enthusiasts. I adore Ladyhawke! And the music. I have the DVD at home and played it while I was completing the edits on my mediaeval werewolf novel, and it helped! :-)

Americans Continue to Pray—And That’s a Problem

The stability of prayer contrasts sharply with erosion on other measures of religious commitment. Since 2006, the percentage of people describing themselves as “very” or “moderately” religious has declined eight percentage points, from 62 percent to 54 percent. The share affiliating with a particular faith has fallen from over 90 percent in the 1980s and 1990s to 79 percent in 2014. Just over 4 in 10 report attending worship services at least once a month, down roughly 10 points from three decades ago. All are record lows.

Bill Nye, Nicholas Wade, and the Origin of Human Color Vision

In other words, calculations made based on standard evolutionary assumptions and mathematical models show that there is likely not enough time for the sequence of mutations necessary to produce the human eye protein to have occurred by random mutations (starting from the ancestral eye protein). Such independent mathematical assessments ought to cast doubt on our confidence that the human eye proteins arose by random mutation and selection. But because the researchers (and Wade) simply assume it must have happened that way -- and because they are unwilling to consider the possibility that it arose by design -- they conclude that these experiments favor their conclusion, when in fact they don't.

Matthew 22:15–21: Render to Caesar

Jesus does not always give us every answer explicitly. Sometimes he wants us to think and come to the right answer for ourselves, like when the Pharisees tried to trap him over taxes. In this lab, John Piper helps us understand how we relate to the government by highlighting God’s governing of all things.

Innovative Apologetics: Refuting Peter Boghossian and the New Atheist's Comparisons of Zeus, the Easter Bunny and Jesus

The 12 Tech Nuisances That Annoy Us Most

Talk about casting stones. The WSJ website is plenty buggy itself. Don't get me started. Just one example: when you go to "today's paper" site, and you want to read the corrections in that day's edition, after you have done so, you have to go back to the original "today's paper" page because, while you're in "corrections," you don't have access to the various newspaper section buttons. Stupid. Then there are the section buttons at the bottom of a page that are dead links. Just try hitting the "New York" button at the bottom of the page after reading, say, the Weekend Arts section. No, you have to scroll back to the top and hit the "New York" button there to actually get to that section. Again, stupid. You would think the WSJ tech folks would have corrected these sorts of things years ago, but, to quote the late John Belushi, "But NOOOOO..."

Love Tells The Truth

Matt and Sara have a marriage with minimal conflict. Their evenings are filled with some casual conversation about the day, the children, household decisions and friends. But to keep the peace they avoid telling each other what is happening inside their hearts. Neither wants to admit that they are lonely in their marriage. And so they continue to pretend and wish for a different life. And the separation widens…

Every Story Casts His Shadow

The primary difference is the starting point. Both “Explore the Bible” and “The Gospel Project” contain textual study, theological reflection, and personal application. Explore the Bible starts with and emphasizes book-by-book Bible study. The Gospel Project starts with and emphasizes theological reflection (how all Scripture points to Christ, basic doctrines of the faith, etc.). Also, Explore the Bible’s study plan is designed to give participants extended time in all the biblical genres, while The Gospel Project is designed to give people the broad sweep of the Bible’s story line (which is why it is chronological).

"Killing Christ: Contesting Trendy Critics Regarding the Death & Resurrection of Jesus" book

In present-day literature, of all the themes written about the life and death of Jesus Christ, none have recurred more frequently than the "historical Jesus." [On Amazon at ] Naturalistically inclined authors claim the New Testament picture is not reliable, we've been told again and again. But this snubs the obvious truth. Christ's life and death are best known through first century Jewish accounts (the New Testament) and not contemporary occidental scholarship. The truth flows from one's core convictions and makes no sense if severed from the presuppositions that give it force. To understand the historical content of Christ's death and life, start with the writers of His period who spoke His language within His culture. On Amazon at Bill O' Reilly, author of "Killing Lincoln" and "Killing Kennedy," declared that Jesus merely started "a philosophy" and much of the biblical narratives are allegorical and symbolic—not real history. He also suggested that Christians do not worship Jesus Christ but worship the "spirit of Jesus.

BreakPoint on Twitter

When you tweet with a location, Twitter stores that location. You can switch location on/off before each Tweet and always have the option to delete your location history. Learn more

SAE and the Lynching Tree

Multiple viral YouTube videos show members of the Oklahoma University fraternity Sigma Alpha Epsilon (SAE) chanting racist remarks about African-Americans. The videos show a young white male proudly smiling as he leads several members in this chant: “You can hang them from a tree but they’ll never sign with me; there will never be a nigger in SAE.” As this young man and several others joked and repeatedly sang these lyrics, they invoked several offensive racist images from this country’s troubled racist past. The young men used the kind of racist rhetoric that continues to affect this country’s tumultuous present on the race issue. Below, I mention these two images and I point to the hope in the gospel of Jesus Christ.


RT @ jwarnerwallace : Enjoying Mining for God tonight. Glad to have been a part of it -

God's Not Dead: God Exists: Knowledge and a Discussion on the Gettier Problem

Herein is the problem resulting from the lack of omniscience: one cannot know at a particular moment that one’s belief is true knowledge and not just JTB. In contrast, God is omniscient, He knows all things; men lack omniscience, so real JTB cannot be solely based on empirical observations, one must know some truths based on God’s nature and His revelation. This is a presupposition that furnishes the ground for true truth arrived in a non-erroneous manner. So truth is located in God’s unflawed, utterly precise omniscience.

Does the Big Bang Fit with the Bible?

The big-bang model by itself can only account for the existence of the three lightest elements (hydrogen, helium, and trace amounts of lithium). This leaves about 90 or so of the other naturally occurring elements to be explained. Since the conditions in the big bang are not right to form these heavier elements (as big-bang supporters readily concede), secular astronomers believe that stars have produced the remaining elements by nuclear fusion in the core. This is thought to occur in the final stages of a massive star as it explodes (a supernova). The explosion then distributes the heavier elements into space. Second- and third-generation stars are thus “contaminated” with small amounts of these heavier elements.

Hope and Encouragement for Stepmoms (Part 1)

John: Yeah, there's such complications that have to be dealt with. There's a lot of guidance and support that moms, stepmoms are looking for. And we've got some help for you. As I mentioned, our guests are Kathi Lipp and Carol Boley. Kathi is a popular speaker and author and she and her husband, Roger have four children. And Carol and her husband, Jim have three grown daughters. She's a stepmom, as well and is the co-author with Kathi of the book by Focus on the Family called But I'm Not a Wicked Stepmother , which is a pretty descriptive title.

Innovative Apologetics: 'God's Not Dead' Author Supplies Proof for the Divine Inspiration of the Bible: So Do You Believe?

Government "struggling" with extremism, says Archbishop of Canterbury – Premier Radio

The Archbishop of Canterbury has accused the Government of "struggling" to come to terms with the radicalisation of young people in Britain, in a speech before the Communities Secretary Eric Pickles.

Fake Love, Fake War

You know the guy I'm talking about. He spends hours into the night playing video games and surfing for pornography. He fears he's a loser. And he has no idea just how much of a loser he is. For some time now, studies have shown us that porn and gaming can become compulsive and addicting. What we too often don't recognize, though, is why.


“The pastor’s wife bears unusual responsibility. Though the Bible is completely silent about her role, churches tend to load her with unfair and unrealistic expectation. Gloria Furman brings both sense and hope, showing from the Bible what God does and does not expect from her. And because she looks constantly to the Bible, this is a book that transcends both time and culture. I happily commend this book to pastors, their wives, and their churches.” —Tim Challies , author, The Next Story ; blogger,

Eric Metaxas on Twitter

“ @ericmetaxas : Look what's coming in September -- and available for pre-order NOW! #SEVENWOMEN ” @PaigeReauxGeter yes

The Christian Post on Twitter

@ChristianPost @ChristianRep wait...what? All the guy did was say "have a blessed day." It's sad how this country is turning from God.

A Catalogue of Mercies | HeadHeartHand Blog

When I grew up, Catalogues were the Internet. We waited every quarter for 2-3 inch thick tomes in the mail, packed with thousands of color pictures of every possible kind of item. I can still smell the paper as we kids rushed to the toy pages in the Christmas issues. I suppose it was Amazon in paper form – an innumerable number of goods for sale, organized and presented in such a way to ensure as big a spend as possible.

About evolution...

“There are no detailed Darwinian accounts for the evolution of any fundamental biochemical or cellular system, only a variety of wishful speculations. It is remarkable that Darwinism is accepted as a satisfactory explanation for such a vast subject—evolution—with so little rigorous examination of how well its basic theses work in illuminating specific instances of biological adaptation or diversity.” James Shapiro , molecular biologist (“In the Details…What?” National Review

New study: outstanding student loans reduce a woman's odds of marrying

So what do I recommend to a woman? I recommend she do a STEM degree, pay off her debts, guard her chastity, marry young when she is fertile, have a few years of work to pay off student loans and get used to the workplace, demonstrate ability in apologetics and mentoring others, etc. A wife needs to have a lot more skills than just being pretty and young. There are things she has to do in the marriage – things that take preparation. The more accustomed she is to hard work and self-sacrifice, the easier she will take to her role in the marriage. Women who are used to having to do hard things that they don’t feel like doing make the best wives and mothers. It’s something that a woman can grow into, if she lets herself be challenged to grow.