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Video: Are the Gospels Historically Reliable? by Mike Licona

Original Text : In this video, Dr. [Mike] Licona tells us why we can trust the stories we read about in the Gospels. This talk was...

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The kalam cosmological argument defended in a peer-reviewed science journal

Here’s the peer-reviewed article. It appears in a scientific journal focused on astrophysics. Here’s the abstract: Both cosmology and philosophy trace their roots to the wonder felt by …

Embrace the Life God Has Given You (Two Minute Clip on Grief)

Grief must have its season, but it must never have the final word.

Video: Why Are the Millennials Protesting? | The Stream

There is is a common problem among millennials — but it might not be what you think.

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Christian Apologetics: When your ox gets gored

Most atheists fall into the first two categories. They don’t realize that their worldview is intellectually inconsistent. That’s the thing about cognitive dissonance, when you have it, you can’t see it. I believe most atheists fall into the first category. Most atheists reject Christianity, yet they try to keep the parts of that moral system that they like, while rejecting those that they don’t like. Take sexual morality. They reject it. It is perhaps the largest stumbling block for atheists. They want to be promiscuous or perverse and to force others to accept it, thinking that will make them happy. It makes sense in theory, but not in practice. Christians actually have the best sex lives. Funny, when you conform to God’s design, things work out better on average. Sexual morality is firmly rejected, unfortunately by many Christians as well.

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Watch some highlights from day 2 of our National Conference. #ligcon

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St. Patrick’s Day parade waffles on gay veterans group

How Does One Know What is God's Word

The Poached Egg Apologetics Daily

Don Carson on American Politics and the Benedict Option

Whereas, we need our churches that are not following the dictates of the world and its agenda and culture and entertainment modes of how you use smartphones and whatever, but at the same time is engaged with the world. We need to be different from the world, but engaged with the world. That’s not comfortable, but it seems to be essentially Christian. It’s what Christians had to do in the first century, the second century, the third century. It’s what Christians have done whenever the world has stood over against it. But the church has maintained a commitment to the gospel and to evangelism.

The Trinity: A Solution, Not a Problem - Part 1 | Stand to Reason

The Trinity: A Solution, Not a Problem - Part 1

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9 EQUIP, Christian Articles, Bible Answer Man | CRI

Does Mormonism REALLY teach that Jesus is the spirit brother of Satan? To begin with, according to official Mormon teaching, Jesus Christ is the first spirit child conceived and begotten by Heavenly Father and one of Heavenly Father’s many wives (commonly referred to as “Heavenly Mother”). Just as Heavenly Father before him progressed to godhood, […]

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Waiting for Marriage Doesn't Mean You'll Have a Great Sex Life

We often tell young men and women that they need to wait until marriage to enjoy sex, but fail to tell them why, or make them think that virginity is the one and only key to a fulfilling sex life come wedding night. But none of those things are the reasons we wait. We don’t wait so that we can we can have an evening of ecstasy on our honeymoon night—because trust me, that’s rarely the case.

12 Facebook, Politics and Christianity

God did not choose one candidate and He is not in one political party. Our God doesn’t fall within one political ideology or one government system, yet we find Him in the heart of politics. For His heart is for the people. We may disagree on abortion policies, but all Christians should agree on valuing life. We may disagree on taxes, but all Christians should agree resources should be well stewarded. We may disagree on foreign policy, but all Christians should agree peace should be sought out.

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Lay Aside the Weight of Discouragement

A famous biblical example of discouragement is when the twelve spies returned after scoping out the Promised Land. They reported the land indeed “[flowed] with milk and honey,” but the inhabitants were “strong,” some were giants, and the cities “fortified and very large” (Numbers 13:27–28). Ten of the twelve spies said, “We are not able to go up against the people, for they are stronger than we are” (Numbers 13:31). This so discouraged the people that they refused to trust in God’s promises and power. As a result, they wandered in the wilderness forty more years. Only Joshua and Caleb, the two faithful spies, lived to see those fears defeated.

Richard Dawkins Really Does Believe in Design

Given Dawkins’s atheism, there is something odd about his lament, for it seems to require that Dawkins accept something about the nature of human beings that his atheism seems to reject. Dawkins harshly criticizes Wise for embracing a religious belief that results in Wise not treating himself and his talents, intelligence, and abilities in a way appropriate for their full flourishing. That is, given the opportunity to hone and nurture certain gifts—for example, intellectual skill—no one, including Wise, should waste them as a result of accepting a false belief. The person who violates, or helps violate, this norm, according to Dawkins, should be condemned and we should all bemoan this tragic moral neglect on the part of our fellow(s). But the issuing of that judgment on Wise by Dawkins makes sense only in light of Wise’s particular talents and the

How Not Letting Your Children Ask a Question Leads Them to Atheism

Time and time again, I hear the story of one who has left their belief in God in the bin of their childhood memories alongside Santa Clause and the Easter Bunny. And more often than not, I’m given one reason that is quite strange. Well, its not strange to me anymore because of how often I’m given this answer. Too often, I have people tell me that the reason they do not believe in God anymore is because no one ever let them ask a question.

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Resources for Evaluating "The Shack"

Movie Review: The Shack by Focus on the Family's Plugged In Should Christians Boycott the Film? I saw that some Christians are considering a boycott of the film based upon it's heretical content.  I believe this is wrongheaded.  I see films like "The Shack" as a wonderful opportunity to talk with unbelievers about the true nature of God and the gift of salvation He offers in Jesus Christ.  My suggestion is that you take the time to read some of the resources above and see the film.  Then, when others are talking about it at the water cooler or at family gatherings, you will be ready to offer theologically accurate thoughts that the Holy Spirit can use to point them toward the one, true God. Courage and Godspeed, Chad Related Posts Article: Lex Luthor's Lousy Logic by Tim Stratton Apologetics Fun with Movie Clips Movie Reflection: Exodus- Gods and Kings

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When it comes to not judging others, we moderns are so far advanced over our forebears. Umm. Not quite.

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Here's what the early feminists had to say about abortion. #InternationalWomensDay

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Park Geun-hye's impeachment 'good opportunity to renew' South Korea, says pastor - Premier

A South Korean pastor has said the impeachment of its first female president provides a "good opportunity to renew" the country after the corruption that's been going on there.

Facebook development based on Rick Warren's church - Premier

Mark Zuckerberg has revealed that his new vision for the future of Facebook is based on creating a community similar to that of a church.

Six Reasons to Read the Bible Every Day

In this segment, John Piper outlines six reasons why the Bible earns our effort. The Bible is God’s gift to us so that we can fulfill the purpose for which we were made. As humans, God calls every one of us to bring him glory as the one who made us with every part of our being — our minds, our hearts, and our actions. This can only happen by seeing the glory of God and enjoying him in it. For this to happen, we need to see God as he truly is.

27 Ligonier Ministries

Ligonier Ministries’ 2007 National Conference, Contending for the Truth, will equip believers to answer the false claims of postmodernism, naturalism, and our culture’s other atheistic theories.  Dr. Sproul is joined by other Christian scholars, pastors, and leaders, including John MacArthur, … Learn More

BBC studios to stop making Songs of Praise - Premier

Mark Linsey, director of BBC Studios, which pitched to continue making the programme, said: "We are disappointed with the outcome. Songs Of Praise is a much-loved programme and we take great pride in how we've nurtured and developed the series over many years, which continues to delight audiences.

29 William Lane Craig in Ireland 2017 - Apologetics 315

At long last, William Lane Craig will be visiting Ireland as part of the Reasons for Hope 2017 Tour . This tour includes stops in Cork, Dublin, and Belfast with debates and talks by William Lane Craig and John Lennox. All the events are listed here , so get your tickets now to avoid disappointment. Of note are two debates in Ireland which will be LIVE STREAMED: March 21:   Does God Exist? debate: William Lane Craig vs Michael Nugent March 23 :  Does God Exist? debate: William Lane Craig vs Daniel Came Talks by William Lane Craig include "Is Christianity Credible?", and talks by John Lennox include "Do God & Science Mix?" Keep an eye on the Facebook page here , so you can get updates on the Live Streaming debates, as well as find details for getting tickets. See you there!

Female priest: It was wrong to push Bishop Philip North out of Sheffield - Premier

A female priest says that Rt Rev Philip North would have made a "supportive" and "passionate" Bishop of Sheffield after news emerged that he turned down the role on Thursday evening.

Farewell, Jesus Junk? Christian Retail Finds a Deeper Purpose

When America’s biggest Christian chain, Family Christian Stores, announced last month that it would be shutting its doors, a small number of Christian bookstore cynics brought up similar critiques over the shallower content its stores promoted alongside Bibles and Christian classics. The speculated silver lining: Did Family Christian’s closure mean consumers were turning away from the celebrity books, inspirational titles, and “Jesus junk”?

How Natural Theology Helps Strengthen the Authority of the Bible | Stand to Reason

Talk of persons, intelligence, commands, and authority puts us in the neighborhood of divine revelation. Why? Because no text has authority divorced from its author. Otherwise, one is left with locutionary acts (a linguistic statement) having no illocutionary force (the purpose or intent of the statement) whatsoever. A top-down approach that starts with natural theology provides the proper context in which to consider inspiration and inerrancy. A bottom-up approach starts with the phenomena of scripture and then moves to those issues. Liabilities abound with this approach, not least of which is the difficulty of getting past human authors to the divine author. However, by starting with natural theology, we start with the author of divine revelation, rather than the revelation itself. The authority of the Bible is grounded in the authority of the triune God. Thus, bibliology is not our starting point, theology proper is.

What Is Revival and Where Do We Find It?

In the history of the church, the term revival in its most biblical sense has meant a sovereign work of God in which the whole region of many churches, many Christians has been lifted out of spiritual indifference and worldliness into conviction of sin, earnest desires for more of Christ and his word, boldness in witness, purity of life, lots of conversions, joyful worship, renewed commitment to missions. You feel God has moved here. And basically revival, then, is God doing among many Christians at the same time or in the same region, usually, what he is doing all the time in individual Christian’s lives as people get saved and individually renewed around the world.

On a Christian Philosophy of Education

To what can we attribute this change from what we might call a “classical view” of education to a constructivist view? There is a clue to the cause of this change from Gilson’s quote above. He says, “The highest reward of teaching is the joy of making other minds similar, not indeed to ourselves, but to the truth which is in us.” If the teacher’s goal is to help the students discover and understand the truth that is in the teacher, then one will only hold to the classical view to the degree that one holds to an objectivity of truth. A constructivist philosophy of education, one might argue, is the direct result of the Academy largely rejecting objective truth.

If God Is ‘Good,’ Why Is The World So Messed Up?

What if God mourns with us and hates the pain and evil more than we do? What if He could stop it all with a whisper, but doesn’t—because He is good? Remember when Noah was commissioned to build a boat and save his family and two of every animal? The world was evil and needed a restart. And God made a promise. He said :

Were Adam and Eve Really Historical Figures?

Challenges to the historicity of Adam in evangelical settings make it essential that we discuss the necessity of our first parents’ existence and origin according to the biblical record. Listen to Albert Mohler and Bryan Chapell discuss the importance of Adam to our understanding of humanity, our world, and salvation, as well as the “field and fences” of what should be considered consistent with Scripture.

Spring Open House

Deciding to pursue a seminary degree will be one of the most rewarding and challenging educational decisions of your life. Bring your questions about Christianity and Seminary education to our Spring Open House on March 18th so you can learn what is required to make the most of your SES education. Lunch will be provided by SES, and students, alumni, and professors will be in attendance so that you can gain a clear understanding of the ministerial and academic excellence we expect from our students. We look forward to meeting you.

Uber’s Self-Driving Cars Are Headed Back to California

It’s a big win for Uber, but we won’t be seeing self-driving cars on the roads right away. The company’s spokeswoman anonymously disclosed, “Uber will not make the autonomous cars immediately available to passengers” seeing as, “the company needs time to build up its fleet from the two cars it has now and go through the various regulatory requirements such as getting the vehicle’s smog tested and registered.”

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3 Life Hacks Against Fear

I have some friends who are working through a big decision in their life, which may change the place where they do ministry. They’re struggling because they have a hunch that once they leave, others will speak badly about them, misrepresent their actions, and tarnish their legacy. My friends are also struggling to step out because they’re afraid of what will happen to the people they’ve loved and served once they’re gone. They feel responsible for those people, which is very normal.

Has Science Ever Caused you to Doubt Your Faith? | Bernard Palmer

Dr. Fuz Rana and Dr. Bernard Palmer Bernard trained as a doctor at Cambridge University and the London Hospital and later became the Senior Surgeon at the Lister Hospital, Stevenage. In 2000 he and Dr Tom Holland established Christchurch Baldock as many felt North Herts had a need for a contemporary Bible teaching church with a focus on evangelism, families and young people. Bernard is the author of ‘Cure for Life’ which has now been translated into many languages and has helped many to understand the evidence supporting Jesus’ claims and what he taught. Bernard is married to Rosy, with whom he has four children. Follow RTB_Official for updates! Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Website:

Mind Battle: Engaging the Challenges

Prayer for the Troubled Mind - Personal Challenges, Sadness, Anger - People

Why Does God Ask So Much of Moms?

Whatever your duties, extraordinary or mundane, they require more strength than you have. And that is for your good. Why? Because when you know you don’t have enough strength, you will call on the Lord for his. Whoever said, “God will never give you more than you can handle,” did not know what they were talking about. God often gives us far more than we can handle, which is why we need more strength than we have. He hears our prayers, and loves to give us his strength. And those are the times when we feel ourselves loving the Lord with all our strength.

1 Peter 5:12: We Get Grace, God Gets Glory

God’s grace turns rebels into citizens, orphans into children, an adulteress into a sinless bride. In this lab, Pastor John reminds us that we receive the grace, he receives the glory.

Mark Zuckerberg Is Finally Getting a Degree

It looks like Harvard dropout Mark Zuckerberg will be getting a degree after all. The CEO of Facebook originally attended the university back in 2005, but left to grow his then-budding social network. Twelve years and $400 billion dollars later, Zuckerberg will be going back to Harvard to not only deliver the

46 The Briefing 03-09-17 -

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Why Did Wall St. Install a Statue of Girl Staring Down the Bull?

a statue of a little girl firmly standing her ground in front of Wall Street’s famous charging bull. The powerful visual display sends a strong message of gender equality and according to Fortune  “is intended to mark International Women’s Day and the firm’s push for gender parity.”

Report: Switzerland Is the Best Country in the World

U.S. News & World Report conducts a survey to determine the “best” countries in the world, and on Tuesday the research revealed that

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The Point: Shut Up and Act

“Dear Hollywood celebrities, you exist for my entertainment.” That’s an actual line from a viral rant that was shared and reposted by conservatives all across Facebook—including Christians. The post’s message was, in essence, “shut up and act, you’re not paid for political opinions.”

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