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I’m Sorry, but Caitlyn Jenner is a Man Wearing a Dress | The Stream

I do not write these words lightly, and there is not an ounce of mockery or hatred in my heart when I say that Caitlyn Jenner is a man wearing a dress.

Don't submit to Trump's 'terrorism', urges Mexico Catholic Church - Premier

The Catholic Church in Mexico has accused the country's government of adopting an attitude of fear over Donald Trump's crackdown on illegal immigrants, labelling his measures as an act of "terrorism".

This New ‘Kong: Skull Island’ Trailer Is Bananas

A new trailer for the upcoming sci-fi action flick Kong: Skull Island has dropped and with non-stop explosions, a ton of insane-looking monsters and John C. Reilly, it’s completely bonkers. The movie drops on March 10.

You Can Relive Last Night’s Super Awkward Oscar Mistake

Last night at the Academy Awards, audiences witnessed the most awkward moment in Oscar history: Somehow, the wrong film was announced for Best Picture. Evidently, presenters Faye Dunaway and Warren Beatty were given a card that said “Emma Stone, La La Land” (she won Best Actress moments before), and in the confusion, thought La La Land had won Best Picture. As the La La Land team began acceptance speeches, producer Jordan Horowitz was informed of the mistake, and took the mic to explain that Moonlight had actually won. Both of the teams behind the films handled the moment with graciousness and good senses of humor, despite all of the awkwardness and confusion playing out on live TV. Host Jimmy Kimmel had the best reaction though: He blamed Steve Harvey. You can watch the entire thing unfold below.

Francis becomes first pope to visit Anglican church in Rome - Premier

Pope Francis has visited an Anglican church in Rome for the first time, to help one congregation celebrate their 200th anniversary.

How Do We Know The New Testament Documents Were Written In the First Century?

Dr. Frank Turek of explains in simple term why we know that the N.T. documents must have been written in the first century. He is one of our keynote speakers at this year’s …

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Are Your Kids Ready for Apologetics?

My children are still young, so it’s easy to spend little time thinking about teaching them apologetics. We get lost in the hustle and craziness of homework and baseball and tests and “Do I have any clean socks?”, and well, just getting dinner on the table each night is a challenge. Yet as they are getting older, I want to teach them the Biblical truths that will equip them to withstand spiritual attacks and answer the tough questions that they might someday face from their peers.

Tim Keller Announced That He Is Stepping Down as Redeemer’s Senior Pastor

Though he will no longer be Redeemer’s senior pastor, Keller will still be deeply involved in ministry. After stepping down, he will teach full time through a program at Reformed Theological Seminary. He will also work with the City to City network, which plants churches and will speak at various church events—including the “Questioning Christianity” series.

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BP This Week: Of Potties and Pets - Break Point

President Trump has rolled back President Obama’s executive order on transgender bathrooms. John Stonestreet and Ed Stetzer talk about the implications for schools nationwide and for religious institutions subject to Title IX. They also discuss the troubling trend of younger Americans replacing children with dogs and cats, and even calling them “fur-babies.”

Cold-Case Christianity for Kids: Investigate Jesus with a Real Detective: J. Warner Wallace, Susie Wallace: 9780781414579: Books

"J.Warner and Susie Wallace have succeeded in writing a book that is the perfect trifecta - drawing kids into the story of Jesus, encouraging them to investigate and learn about Jesus' story, and giving them the tools they need to stand by their Christian faith. This book offers our youth a solid foundation for their faith, which is a priceless commodity and raises up a generation of Christian leaders for our communities." - Jordy and Emily Nelson , Parents and Wide Receiver for the Green Bay Packers " Cold Case Christianity for Kids is a great family read-aloud, but don't be surprised if your kids want to read ahead. Cold Case Christianity for Kids will inspire them to seek truth, to love Jesus, to have a new fascination with the Bible,and to become the kinds of truth detectives who can make a difference in our world."- Jeff Myers , Ph.D., President, Summit Ministries "Here'sa creative, clear, and compelling primer that will sharpen the reasoning skillsof kids. They'll love the detective approach to the evidence for faith!" - Lee Strobel , best-selling author of The Case for Christ "J.

Hundreds attend Ash Wednesday drive-through - Premier

We're Called to Serve Immigrants Regardless of Their Legal Status

I don’t presume easy answers to any of the above, but I am proposing that the gospel requires Christians to wrestle with these questions. Regardless of personal or political views, none of us can escape the reality that we’re talking about our neighbors, and Jesus’ command regarding our neighbors is clear. As long as immigrants, documented and undocumented, live around us by God’s sovereign design—see Acts 17:26-27, we’re compelled to consider how to love them as we love ourselves—see Luke 10:25-37.

The Dark Side of Small Group

I noticed in your last letter that you have been trying to separate the rodent from his little pack with whom he does “accountability.” Your reasoning, although sophomoric, tends towards rational thought. Men and women, walking together in that unbearable “light,” tend to be just beyond our dagger’s reach. Often an entire month’s work is undermined by the Enemy dragging the patients out of our shadows through the intervention of one of his fellow vermin.

5 Ways Porn Lies To You - Tim Challies

T here’s a lot of porn in the world. When I first began to write the articles that would become Sexual Detox , this sin was still lurking in the shadows. Few people knew just how deep and deadly it was. Nearly a decade later, we get it. We know now that nearly every boy and a great many girls will be exposed to it, struggle with it, and even become addicted to it. So every now and again I like to return to the topic, hoping to offer hope. Today I find myself considering porn’s ugly lies. Sponsor Show Your Support Become a Patron

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Should kids be thinking about death? You’ve heard about sex-ed, but what about #DeathEd ? #JessicaZitter

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Lord, Prepare Me to End Well

Whatever it takes, Lord, increase my love for your supremacy and my trust in your wise purposes so that, when it’s time for me to step out of something to which you had appointed me for a season, I will receive the decrease in personal influence with joyful faith.

Does the Earliest Gospel Proclaim the Deity of Jesus?

2. MARK 2:1-10 : In this passage, Jesus heals a paralytic brought to him by four friends. When Jesus first sees him, he says, “Son, your sins are forgiven.” The scribes instantly object, “He is blaspheming! Who can forgive sins but God alone?” They believed the man was paralyzed because he had sinned against God, and yet Jesus had the audacity to claim that he could personally forgive these sins. The scribes are right that only God can forgive sins (Exodus 34:6-7; Psalms 103:3). Not even the Messiah could forgive sins. In this instance, however, Jesus bypasses the normal route of how forgiveness was received (Leviticus 4:20) and claims to speak with God’s authority. Why? Because he understood himself to be God.

The Conflict Thesis-An Excerpt from The Dictionary of Christianity and Science

I am privileged to be one of the general editors of the upcoming Dictionary of Christianity and Science (Zondervan, April 2017).  Paul Copan , Tremper Longman , Michael Strauss , and I–along with our excellent team at Zondervan–have endeavored to create a reference work that tackles the most important terms, concepts, people, and debates at the intersection of Christianity and science, from an evangelical perspective.  Over the next few weeks I’ll be featuring sneak-preview excerpts from the dictionary, available exclusively here at the CAA blog.

Men, Intimacy Begins with Good Listening

Sometimes knowing someone at this level means simply being there with them in an important moment. It means laughing together at life’s oddities, and crying together at life’s cruelties, and being anxious together in life’s mysteries. This kind of intimacy happens freely and easily when a relationship first starts. But as time goes on, and familiarity sets in, the desire that once nearly consumed us begins to wane. It no longer just happens anymore. Being truly and deeply known takes hard work.

Four Questions that Show Christianity is True | Frank Turek, PhD

First Baptist Owasso (January 2017) - Does truth exist? Does God exist? Are miracles possible? Is the New Testament true? Frank Turek shows how answering these questions can lead to the truth of Christianity. Buy Turek's books: I Don't Have Enough Faith to be an Atheist: Stealing from God: Why Atheists Need God to Make Their Case:

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Your relationships all have the same problem. Here's how to fix it:

40 Percent of America's Food Is Thrown Away. That's a Stewardship Problem

I think the issue is deeper than not knowing what we are doing. I think we have or at least I know I have an entitled mindset when it comes to food. OK I can't talk for you but I seem to have this idea that if it's food and I want it I'm going to go get it and eat it. Since I have never really known true food insecurity, we had some times when things were tight, but we never were truly hungry; I don't think I appreciate all the abundance that is available. So rather than appreciate it I expect it and refuse to accept anything less. How do I change that?


Egypt's President orders assistance for fleeing Sinai Christians - Premier

Egypt's president has ordered the government to "take all necessary measures" to help resettle hundreds of Christians fleeing North Sinai after a recent spate of deadly attacks on believers.

Our urgent need today is to reunite evangelism and apologetics

Almost all our witnessing and Christian communication assumes that people are open to what we have to say, or at least are interested, if not in need of what we are saying. Yet most people quite simply are not open, not interested and not needy, and in much of the advanced modern world fewer people are open today than even a generation ago. Indeed, many are more hostile, and their hostility is greater than the Western church has faced for centuries…Our urgent need today is to reunite evangelism and apologetics, to make sure that our best arguments are directed toward winning people and not just winning arguments, and to seek to do all this in a manner that is true to the gospel itself.

My Review of The Case for Christ Movie (Spoiler Alert: I loved it!)

So how do I decide what a good movie is (apart from the moral content and worldview?) I have a simple rule of thumb: If I forget that I'm in the movie theater and get caught up in the story for two hours or so then it was a great movie. If I keep looking at my watch then it was either mediocre or flat out lame.

Convicted preacher vows to return to the streets - Premier

An evangelist has vowed to return to the streets, one day after being convicted of public order offences in Bristol.

The Globe Is Warming, But It’s Not Your Fault!

Though it is relatively easy to estimate the amount of heat that greenhouse gases absorb and emit back toward the earth (climatologists call this “forcing”), it is much more difficult to determine how the planet will adjust to the additional heat (climatologists call this “feedback”). Essentially all the current climate models have overestimated the global temperature in the past and future. Many climatologists believe that there are stronger positive feedbacks within the climate than negative feedbacks. In other words, they believe that the climate amplifies warming caused by greenhouse gases rather than moderating it. If that were true, why hasn’t the global temperature already gone out of control? Negative feedback systems, like the thermostat in your house, are known to lead to stability; whereas positive feedback systems often lead to instability, like the deafening audio feedback when a speaker and a microphone are put too close together. It seems more likely that our climate is dominated by negative feedbacks since Earth’s temperature has been amazingly stable for at least 2,000 years with only a 1.

Instagram post by J Warner Wallace • Feb 27, 2017 at 6:49pm UTC

Please Don’t Tell Me Trump’s Speech to Congress Was Racist | The Stream

During the Republican primaries, when I was most critical of candidate Trump, I still didn’t believe he was a racist (in general) or an anti-Semite (in particular), yet charges of racism and even anti-Semitism persist against him to this day. After his speech last night, it seems to me that only his most cynical critics can lodge such charges against him. Will you really say that his address to Congress was racist?

What to Give Up for Lent 2017? Consider Twitter’s Top Ideas

Giving up a favorite food or beverage is more common out West (62%) than in the Northeast (42%). Young Americans—those 18 to 24—who observe Lent are more likely to choose this option (86%) than those over 65 (43%). Catholics (64%) are more likely give up a food or drink than Protestants (43%).

Charity slams council for loosening Christian assembly requirements - Premier

A charity's criticising a council in London for allowing its schools not to provide children with a form of Christian worship every day.

What ‘Abstract’ Teaches Us About God’s Intention for Design and Art

In the series, Scher describes her creative process as starting from a point of breaking down her own self-awareness and allowing subconscious to take hold. That design occurs only in a space of play implies a need for some sort of carving out of one’s daily routine—or, as Eugene Peterson writes, an “uncluttered time and space in which we can distance ourselves from our own activities enough to see what God is doing.” Jesus describes this time and space, Sabbath, as a gift from God to mankind:

31 The TC Apologetics Daily

What We Get Wrong about Worship

Worship is indeed a lifestyle. But, looking at the early church, they had a practice of singing together. And it wasn't just so that they could feel happy. It also wasn't an act, or just something they had to get through. The author of this article indicates that singing has been used as a tool to bring the Body of Christ together in faith and in love. I think that if these times of singing are used for other things such as self promotion, or if they come across as coercive, then it is actually counterproductive. We don't edify ourselves, we don't edify each other and we don't give glory to God.

33 Security Check Required

This is somewhat embarrassing, isn’t it? It seems we can’t find what you’re looking for. Perhaps searching, or one of the links below, can help. Search Recent Posts A statement Christians should stop saying: “It’s all Part of God’s Plan” Do you actually know how they do abortions? OH NO! Other Plane...

Prime Minister: I'm giving up crisps for Lent - Premier

Theresa May has revealed during a meeting with various Christian leaders on Shrove Tuesday that she is giving up crisps for Lent.

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Special guest host @BrettKunkle will take your calls live today from 4-6pm PST at (855)243-9975. #wisdom #knowledge #Character

The Difference Between Christian Grace and Mormon Grace

What Do We Mean When We Use the Term, “Heaven”? Let me try to describe the difference between “Christian grace” and “Mormon grace” with an illustration that I’ve used hundreds of times training Christians to discuss their faith with Mormons. Before we begin, however, we need to define a foundational term: “heaven”. Christians sometimes ask their Mormon friends, “If you died today, would you be in heaven?” or “What do you have to do to go to heaven?” Unless we define the term “heaven” this approach will not help us understand the differences between the two faith systems. I never use the term “heaven” when talking to my Mormon friends and family. Instead, I focus on “the greatest gift that God can offer us after death”. For Christians, this is, in fact, heaven; the realm of god we will share for all eternity. But the Mormon heaven is divided into three levels and virtually everyone is going to get into one of these levels. Any of these heavenly “ranks” could accurately be called “heaven”. So we need to be more specific with our Mormon friends; for them, the “the greatest gift that God can offer us after death” is not just “heaven”, it’s exaltation in Celestial Kingdom.

Here’s What Saved Kirk Franklin’s Marriage

I think that as a culture we kind of shy away from counseling and therapy, but it's important. It says that you love each other enough, love yourself enough to get the help that you need. And so we've done counseling; it has saved our marriage. We pray together and I'm not only his wife, but I'm his girlfriend. When you have a girlfriend and [you all] are at odds with each other, it just [doesn't] feel right, it just hurts you. But sometimes we're not like that with our spouses, but if you have a friend in your spouse, then my heart aches when we get into it. I'm like, "OK I'm ready to talk through this, let's get back."

Watch Carl Lentz Preach a Mini-Sermon on ‘The Dr. Oz Show'

As part of his “Faithful Friday” series, TV’s Dr. Oz recently invited Hillsong New York pastor Carl Lentz on his daytime talk show. The host and Oprah protege—who is known for his sometimes controversial medical advice—told his audience that Lentz would “not talk so much about the rules, but the energy behind religion.” Lentz took the next four minutes to preach a mini-sermon about Jesus.

The Curious Rise of Religious TV

Religion is part and parcel within our culture. Because of this, media will always use religion as a means to entertain us because we are so easily connected to it. Whether the critiques provided are correct or wrong, religious TV and media gives us the opportunity to reflect on our way of life and talk with others about religion. It more easily opens up the door for the conversation to be had, if only we first take the time to listen.

Egyptian Exodus: 100 Christian Families Flee ISIS in Sinai Peninsula

Adel Shukrallah, responsible for youth ministry in the Evangelical Church of Ismailia, is heading the Protestant relief effort locally. Four compounds have been prepared to provide immediate shelter, while 28 families have been settled in furnished apartments rented by the church.

Here’s the Brand New Trailer for ‘Cars 3’

The new, action-heavy trailer for Disney/Pixar’s Cars 3 shows that you don’t have to be a kid to enjoy the latest installment in the franchise. And, with themes like aging, millennial entitlement and cultural changes, it also looks like the heaviest Cars movie to date.

Brown signed to a new five-year contract 

There is no question Antonio Brown is a key piece to the Steelers’ offensive puzzle, and that piece will be in place for a long time as Brown has been signed to a new five-year contract. Brown made it clear this offseason he wanted to stay put when he said he is a ‘Steeler for life,’ and the new deal shows it’s something both sides wanted. “Antonio is a good guy, a good person,” said Steelers’ President Art Rooney II after the season. “I enjoy our personal relationship. His teammates like to have him on the team. He is a hard worker.   “AB is a big contributor to our success, has been for several years now, and I think he’s capable of continuing to be that kind of player. I think he’s someone who wants to be a great player and works hard to be that. Hopefully, he’ll continue to evolve as a player and as a person.” Brown's trademark smile was brighter than ever as he talked about what it meant to stay with the Steelers, and how his hard work paid off. “It means everything,” said Brown. “It’s the team that gave me an opportunity from Day 1. You put the helmet on you have the chance to do something special.

No, Married People Shouldn't Text With the Opposite Sex

While I agree that it's a bad idea for a married person to carry on long personal and intimate conversations with someone who is not their spouse (in any form of communication), especially if the conversation is happening without their spouse's knowledge, I largely disagree with not texting at all. The key to fidelity is not simply avoiding texting the opposite sex, but rather honest and frequent communication with one's spouse. When I receive or send texts from or to anyone, be they male or female, I let my husband know. Typically these messages are either work or church related, someone texting to let me know about an upcoming audit, or to ask me to add this or that to the church announcements. This is one of the less thoughtful and thought-provoking articles I've seen from Relevant. My thoughts on texting the opposite sex are the same as my thoughts on phone calls, in-person conversation, or Facebook messaging (communication is communication), know your intention, keep it professional, keep it purposeful, and share messages with your spouse. Being self-aware is more important to me than simply avoiding a form of communication, because when you are self-aware, if you find that you have a desire to converse intimately, you can then return to that original intention and purpose, prayerfully examine that desire, and communicate with your spouse about it so that together you can come with a plan for how to deal with that.

Vatican summit warns half of species could be extinct by 2100 - Premier

World-leading experts attending a conference at the Vatican are warning 50 per cent of the world's species could be extinct by the end of the century.

How the Church can stand firm in a post-truth culture

It was chosen in the context of Brexit and the Trump victory as both campaigns displayed the hallmarks of post-truth campaigning. But the reaction to both world changing events has also been a demonstration of the post-truth society we live in. The prevailing opinions of the mainstream media and career politicians have been held as absolute truth while dissenting voices - even when in the majority - have been mocked.

Bishop 'appalled' by foreign spouses ruling - Premier

A bishop has spoken out against the Supreme Court decision to uphold the Home Office's ruling on foreign spouses.

This Year's Oscars Broke Records for the Number of Black Winners

For Davis and Ali, they also broke individual records with Davis becoming the first black woman to win an Emmy, Oscar and Tony for acting and Ali becoming the first black Muslim to win an Oscar.

Does ‘The Image of God’ Extend to Robots, Too?

As Orr points out, storytellers from books and film have wondered about intelligent robots for at least a century. What is changing now, though, Orr notes, is the perspective: The former instrumental view of artificial intelligence is being replaced with a much more personal view. Like the iPhone-esque tricorder first popularized by James T. Kirk in 1967, the intelligent robot—predicated on rapid advancement in AI—is no longer a figment of scientific imagination, but a developing reality poised to take center stage in our rapidly changing world. Indeed, just this month, the European Union began discussing the establishment of “electronic personhood” to ensure rights and responsibilities for the smartest AI.

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