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Why It's Important for Christians to Pick the Right Jury Before We Share What We Believe (Video) | Cold Case Christianity

Trial attorney Mark Lanier and cold-case detective J. Warner Wallace describe why it's important to pick the right jury before sharing the truth of Christianity

Video: The Ontological Argument

Here is the latest animated video from Reasonable Faith .  The focus of this video is the Ontological Argument. The other videos i...

Teaching Your Kids the Absurdity of Life Without God

I once heard philosopher J.P. Moreland share how he often would talk to his own children about what life would be like if God did not...

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Apologetics in the Manner of Jesus

The picture presented in the context of I Peter 3:15 is that of disciples who are devoted to promoting what is good, but are being persecuted for it. Their response, as Jesus had taught them, was to "rejoice and be glad." And that led those looking on to inquire how the disciples could be joyous and hopeful in such circumstances. This question would, of course, be inevitable in an angry, hopeless and joyless world. So the disciples were charged by Peter to "be ready to help people understand the hope that is in them, but with gentleness and fear" (vs. 15), and always with a clear conscience that one has done what is right. (vs. 16)

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#TheSift : @realDonaldTrump meets with Rwandan president to ease ties with Africa … @EvanWilt_

Q & A with Dr. Craig: Why Bother?

Q: I am a very open minded person and consider all possibilities. I am open to the possibility of a God and an afterlife. I am also open to the possibility that this God could be one who demands and expects that I obey and serve him or that I would be condemned to a horrible afterlife. I have been doing some open-minded research on the subject of life after death. As of right now, it doesn't matter what anyone says to me or what claims other people present to me in regards to God's character, if he is real or not, or if I am a blind sinner or not.

Wow! The Power and Proof for the Resurrection of Christ

5 The TC Apologetics Daily

Did Man Invent God?

The historical record does indeed reveal a history of error on man’s part. It should be troubling that such error is by no means limited to his speculations regarding the divine, the heavens, and the creator of all things, but also extends to his speculations regarding natural science. For thousands of years men have devised countless research programs, programs that facilitated numerous irreconcilable forms of scientific investigation, that each yielded radical discrepancies of results: Aristotelian natural science yielded the conclusion that reality is teleologically organized by countless intelligible species that we may come to know inductively through a process of abstraction. Lucretian natural science supposed all reality to be organized by particles each possessing substantial reality and existence, which organize themselves as if by magic into composite structures, such that atoms are the only ‘true’ things that exist. Plato supposed all material reality to be undergirded by radically transcendent Forms. Descartes supposed there to be a duality in substances that inform two mutually exclusive classes of ‘things’: Thinking things, and material objects.

Justice Is Served: The Sentencing of Dr. Lawrence Nassar

The Apostle Paul tells us in Romans that the state has the God-given "power of the sword" (Romans 13:1-7). When just laws are broken, guilty people must pay. Justice ought to be served. Dr. Lawrence Nassar belongs in prison. But the final and perfect justice is only served by the Judge of all the earth. This Divine Judge is also merciful and he summons us to show mercy and to leave vengeance to him.

Why Your Children Do NOT Need Apologetics: Correcting Misconceptions

This weekend, a blog was released titled “ Why Your Children do NOT Need Apologetics .” In it, apologetics was characterized as a fear-based recitation of doctrines which “denies the realities of human experience.” I suspect that it was written in response to the blog and podcast that Rebekah and I did the last week critiquing their Easter article. The article we critiqued was written by a children’s pastor, and it discouraged teaching children about the literal death and resurrection of Jesus, or the concept of original sin. (You can see our podcast response with extensive summary notes here .) We definitely didn’t mince words in the podcast, but neither did we throw any punches.

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#STRask - January 25, 2018 | Stand to Reason

Greg is on a four-minute timer and answers questions about whether 2 Timothy 3:16 can be used to show the New Testament is inspired and whether or not things just happen that aren’t ordained by God.

Argument from Desire and Abductive Reasoning

One way human beings clearly differ from the animals is in their inner existential longings. Many people describe experiencing an innermost yearning for a deeper meaning and purpose to life, and sometimes even a secret desire for God and eternal life. But why do people experience such longings? And do such existential yearnings reflect something more than mere human subjectivity?

Episode 057: The Handmaid's Tale - Christian Research Institute

“Fans of The Handmaid’s Tale , Hulu’s television adaptation of Margaret Atwood’s 1985 dystopian novel, have taken to donning the red handmaids’ attire to protest current cultural and political threats to reproductive freedom, specifically abortion rights. If those rights go, they surmise, then so will all of the progress feminism has achieved to this point, and America will soon resemble Atwood’s imagined “Gilead,” where women have no rights save for those granted by corrupt men in power. Those claiming that the television adaptation created by Bruce Miller is more documentary than fiction may be closer to the truth than they realize, but the similarities between Gilead and 2017 America do not stem from Christianity. Both worlds teeter on a functional view of human value, a system brought about in today’s world in large part by secular feminism, the availability of abortion on demand, and the idolization of sexual freedom. Instead of Atwood’s provocative prose depicting a caste system distinguished by colored clothing, however, today’s “handmaid’s tale” is told in terms of wealth, performance, and status, as well as in the language of artificial reproductive technologies that cross moral boundaries.

How to Turn a Conversation Toward Spiritual Things

So, you’re hanging out with your friends and you would really like to share something about your faith…do you chicken out or do you take the plunge and, in a break in the conversation, dive right into the “Romans Road” or the 4 spiritual laws? Many people choose to chicken out because they assume that there are only two possibilities: remain silent or share the full Gospel with someone. Fortunately, there are easier and more natural ways to have a spiritual conversation with a friend.

3 Reasons Every Christian Should Know the Moral Argument

Christians today are facing more challenges than ever. The Poached Egg exists to equip Christians to meet those challenges and be more confident in their faith and become more effective witnesses for Christ. If you find these articles and posts useful, please consider partnering with me in 2018 to continue this work that God has laid on my heart. As someone once said, the Gospel is free, but someone has to pay for the plumbing. You can become a monthly partner for just as little as $5 a month (that’s only $60 a year), the price of a gourmet cup of coffee. Special one time gifts are welcome and encouraged as well. Will you help?

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#TheSift : Greeks stage mass protests over Macedonia name dispute … @onize_ohiks

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From What happens to a person who has never heard of Jesus?by @HankHanegraaff | … #Apologetics

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Philadelphia Eagles QB and Super Bowl MVP Nick Foles' WWJD wristband is drawing comparisons to Tim Tebow’s “John 3:16” eyeblack. …

Conflict vs. Conversation

In Joshua 22, there’s a fascinating account of a literal civil war being avoided through conversation. The nation of Israel was separated by the Jordan River, with some tribes on the east side, and others on the west.  The western tribes had heard that the eastern tribes had constructed a huge altar just on the western side of the Jordan, and they assumed it was built to honor a foreign god. Fearing that their countrymen’s actions would bring God’s judgment on the whole nation, they geared up for civil war. But, seemingly at the last minute, they sent a group of men to express their concerns to the other tribes. The eastern tribes were shocked at the accusation, informing the delegation that the altar was actually built to remind future generations that tribes from both sides of the Jordan had the right to worship in the Tabernacle. In the end, a simple conversation prevented a conflict.

When to Introduce Your Kids to Evolution

Our children should acquire an understanding of evolutionary ideas, particularly as it contrasts with a biblical creation viewpoint. Here are a few essential ways in which evolutionary ideas and biblical creation present a different narrative of life:

Who Wrote the Letters of Peter?

The letters of Peter are quite powerful and important for modern Christians. Believers are reminded of the call to moral living in Peter’s letters. In addition, we are reminded of the importance of truth. It is in 1 Peter 3:15 that we are given what has become the mantra for apologetics. Peter teaches that the believer must “regard Christ the Lord as holy, ready at any time to give a defense to anyone who asks you for a reason for the hope that is in you. Yet do this with gentleness and respect, keeping a clear conscience, so that when you are accused, those who disparage your good conduct in Christ will be put to shame” (1 Pet. 3:15-16).

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Today we have part 1 of cold-case detective J. Warner Wallace’s “Embracing Your Duty as a Christian.” Using arguments from his outstanding book “Forensic Faith,” he drives home the importance of developing a more reasonable, evidential Christian faith.

Instagram post by Louie Giglio • Jan 29, 2018 at 4:04pm UTC

Bishop slams 'archaic' marriage certificates - Premier

Mothers' names will be included on marriage certificates "as soon as possible" if a new law is approved, the Government has said after the Bishop of St Albans raised the matter in Parliament.

Can Cecile Richards Live with All the Ghosts? | The Stream

Some beg to differ. They insist that life is only good when it measures up to our standards. When it falls into a narrow range of experiences — say, when we’re young, and free, and rich, and healthy (not handicapped) and strong and self-assertive. At those times, yes, life is good. In a limited sense, since we know that it’s all fleeting, and all is shadowed by death. But if you can keep your mind off that, you can splash around in the kiddie pool of comfort, youth, and health until you’re really too old, or sick, or sad. What you never want to do is take the risk of diving into the deep end of the pool, where suffering, sacrifice, and spirituality wait — for all you know, like sharks in the water, prepared to rip you apart.

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The fear of the Lord is to hate evil... Proverbs 8:12-14

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What Does the Bible say about Homosexuality? My conversation with Matthew Vines is up on YouTube:

This Is Apologetics: 30 Questions for Non-Christians

I like where you’re going with this. It’s important to ask questions. My only bit of advice would be that you clean up some of the grammatical and punctuation errors in your post. Like it or not you’re often judged harshly by those looking for a reason to dismiss what you’re writing and they’ll zero in on that very quickly. Example: you wrote “… your five, physical, senses?” There’s no need for commas in there. “… your five physical senses?” is sufficient. Hope you don’t find this nit picky.

3 Failed Naturalistic Attempts at Explaining Consciousness

Consciousness is the most conspicuous obstacle to a comprehensive naturalism that relies only on the resources of physical science. The existence of consciousness seems to imply that the physical description of the universe, in spite of its richness and explanatory power, is only part of the truth, and that the natural order is far less austere than it would be if physics and chemistry accounted for everything. If we take this problem seriously, and follow out its implications, it threatens to unravel the entire naturalistic world picture. Yet it is very difficult to imagine a viable alternative

When Christian Artists Learn Apologetics

During the first class of the morning at the small Christian college, our professor stopped the lecture and used his walking stick, curiously similar to a wizard’s staff, to step from behind the podium to the front of the class. He did this when he really wanted us to listen.

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Today we have part 1 of a presentation by Emily Colson. She gives a moving appeal to the church to welcome every individual—especially those with disabilities—and tells us how God has changed her life, and the life of her church, through Max. #Autism

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#Live #Event : Tune in tomorrow to watch #JohnStonestreet #live on Facebook at 7pm MT / 9pm ET! John will discuss #Gender #Identity & #Human #Sexuality and unseen undercurrents that are shaping twenty-first-century #culture .

Is Apologetics Training 'Highly Overrated'?

I recently received a comment on one of my blogs from a sincere and deeply committed Christian who stated that she saw some uses for apologetics, but said she thinks it’s “highly overrated.” She based her opinion on the understanding that Christianity is not reasonable to fallen man, since spiritual truths are spiritually discerned, and “the man of the flesh (an unredeemed person) cannot know the things of the spirit.” She also said that she doesn’t “believe faith has any more to do with the intellect than with the emotions.” This is true for some people with a tendency to be feelings-oriented. Other people, however, are not feelings-oriented. Some folks are more logical while others are more emotional. We must remember that we were all seekers once, starting out with different tendencies. God doesn’t favor one over the other.

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What's So Special About Christianity? | Cold Case Christianity

Christianity is the Mona Lisa in the room. It stands alone, bearing the unique, singular quality of grace (the undeserved free gift of Salvation). All other belief systems and worldviews share a common logical flaw: they are “works based” and fail to offer the grace of God. And, like my Mona Lisa copies, they are alike in their imperfection. You can spot the truth about eternity the same way you can spot the true Mona Lisa. The Christian offer of Salvation stands out from the rest; it possesses a property of “singularity” marking it as true. The other worldviews display common imperfections, each having been created by people who are far less gifted than the inspired Artist. One worldview – Christianity – reflects the nature of this gifted Artisan and Creator, the others reflect the nature of an ordinary men.

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A lot of talk about culture leans heavily towards the monocausal. We construct models that offer solutions to complex problems that are, as H.L. Mencken famously said, “neat, plausible, and wrong.”

How Can I Trust the Gospel Accounts When Some Are Missing Important Details? | Cold Case Christianity

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What to Pray For Today: 1) #Pray for #God ’s #Provision , 2) Pray for ProLifers in the Public Square, 3) Pray for Legal Covering. #ProLife #PriestsForLife #CouncilForLife #Students4LifeHQ Download 21 Days of Prayer for Life!

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Join me in Israel next year! A unique trip of a lifetime! …

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How does the truths from Psalm 139 empower your daily leadership? Read our latest #CatalystArticle “You Are Known” // 

Wycliffe Associates appeals for release of pastor jailed in Iran - Premier

Wycliffe Associates has appealed for the release of one of its contacts whose Christian work has led him to be jailed for two years.

'My Faith in the Lord Means Everything': How These Eagles and Patriots Are Using Super Bowl LII to Glorify God

"I feel like my purpose here in the National Football League and on this earth is bigger than the game of football. I firmly believe I've been given the platform of football to build relationships, build bridges, and connect with people, and show them the love of Christ. And that's something that I've enjoyed doing since I got here to New England and something that I continue to enjoy doing," said Patriots Wide Receiver Matthew Slater.

5 friends every pastor needs — Southern Equip

However, if you spend time with a non–seminary friend, you’ll be reminded that the pastorate is far from the only profession that steals sleep. For example, your businessman friend might tell you about the list of people corporate told him to lay off a couple weeks before Christmas. And not unlike some of the burdens you carry, he can’t seem to shake their faces or situations while sitting at the dinner table with his family. Or if you think that former denominational worker was difficult to deal with, wait until your banking friend tells you about the manipulative tactics a group of unbelievers came up with in their ongoing office wars.

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Congratulations to the Eagles. Nick Foles told me last week that he felt the Lord had him in Philadelphia for a special moment and he played like it tonight.

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There’s no reason to doubt that Holland isn’t headed in the same direction as the case of “2016-85” shows. The “right to die” is morphing into the “duty to die” even if it requires drugged coffee and being held down while the executioner finds a vein.

The Character Gap

Christian Miller, a philosophy professor at Wake Forest University , has written an excellent small book about the big idea of character. The Character Gap is an insightful and wonderful book. The book is based on some of his own scholarship on character, as well as the findings of a good deal of psychological research concerning it. In it, Miller offers much food for thought for those interested in what character is, what our character is, and how to develop it. He argues that our character is a mixed bag. We have the potential to do great good, but great evil as well. Most of us, at the core, are a mix of good and evil. There is a gap, a character gap, between who we are and who we should be.

In a tough sports town, baptisms and Bible studies fuel many of the Eagles’ stars

Wentz, Nick Foles and several members of the Eagles are among a number of NFL players appearing in the video. It is scheduled to be shown in thousands in churches on Sunday, the day the Eagles face the New England Patriots in the Super Bowl.

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