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Was The Gospel Of Mark Forged?

By Mikel Del Rosario| Was the Gospel of Mark really just an old forgery? That’s something you might hear liberal scholars say about a lot of books in the New Testament. For example, Timothy Freke and Peter Gandy wrote this in a book called the Jesus Mysteries: In the first four centuries, every single [New Testament] document was at some time or other branded as heretical or forged! (p.224). In a more popular book called Forged, Bart Ehrman said that “the vast majority of these apostolic books were in fact forged” (p.218). For example, he says The Gospel of Mark really wasn’t written by Mark, but

SBTS Preview Day — April 21, 2017

Preview Day is the best time for you to visit the campus of Southern Seminary if you’re considering joining us as a student.

7 Times Colbert Talked Theology and God with His Guests

With Chris Pratt, Oprah, Joel Osteen and others ...

Should Christians Judge Others? (Cold Case Christianity Broadcast #81) | Cold Case Christianity

J. Warner discusses an often-misunderstood verse of Scripture: “Do not judge so that you will not be judged” (Matthew 7:1).

Watch the Intro to ‘Stranger Things’ Reimagined as a Cheesy ‘80s Sitcom

Netflix’s hit sci-fi series Stranger Things manages to capture the style and charm of ‘80s cinema while avoiding all of the goofy cliches that have made some of the decades most popular pop-culture relics not age so well. But that hasn’t stopped a YouTube genius named Tim Bennett from reimagining the series as a corny ‘80s sitcom. This new and improved intro perfectly captures everything you love to hate about ‘80s TV: Cheesy theme songs, overly long intros that feel the need to introduce every single character and lots of jump cuts. And just in case you need a refresher on the source material for this work of mash-up nostalgia brilliance, here’s two of the ‘80s best/worst openers.

Watch Social Club Misfits Talk About Faith, Church and Christ on ‘Sway in the Morning’

Rap duo Social Club Misfits were recently guests on the radio show Sway in the Morning to discuss their new album The Misadventures of Fern & Marty and the deeper purpose behind their music. The show is one of the most influential radio shows in the hip-hop community—and pop culture in general—regularly drawing some of music and Hollywood's biggest names, and Marty and Fern took the opportunity to talk about their upbringings, church faith and the importance of the message of their music. The segment is about 25 minutes long, but it’s definitely worth the watch. (Just a heads up, the beginning show promo contains so bleeped out profanity from a previous guest.)

No Words, No Gospel

God uses everyday people to advance his mission. But he calls us to speak, not just live well and do good deeds.

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Exclusive trailer: Lee Strobel's 'The Case for Christ'

Exclusive trailer: Lee Strobel's 'The Case for Christ' The film is based on the 'Chicago Tribune' reporter's best-selling investigation. Check out this story on

2 The Poached Egg Apologetics Daily

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Senate confirms Jeff Sessions as attorney general on 52-47 vote

Parenting Teens Summit

It's Coming Too Quick! For Parents of Pre-Teens:  You're preparing for the teen years. It's coming very quickly and you want to be ready. You're preparing your pre-teens to be teens who will grow into God-loving, Earth-renewing, responsible adults. This Summit will give you great preparation for how to start cultivating thoughts and habits for the near future when your pre-teens will become teens and beyond. This Virtual Summit can help you now.

Are Apologetics and Faith Opposed to One Another?

I’ve been blessed in that both of the local churches I’ve been involved with as an adult Christian have provided some exposure to apologetics.  It may not have always had as forefront a focus as I’d have preferred, but it was always addressed.  After one of these lessons, however, one of the other members made this observation (paraphrased):

Christian campaigners set to protest Fifty Shades Darker premiere - Premier

Natalie Collins, the founder of The Fifty Shades is Domestic Abuse campaign told Premier: "It adds yet another layer of normalising to abusive behaviour and that can't be a good thing to our society. And yes it's great if people can separate the fact from the fiction but actually when the fiction is talking about something that affects 25 per cent of women I don't think we can separate it."

Colson Center on Twitter

What were they thinking? An embarrassing article reveals much about the state of the pro-choice movement.

8 My Response to the Atheist Critics of My Book (From First Things) | Larry Alex Taunton

O n December 15, 2011, Christopher Hitchens died of esophageal cancer. Some remember him as a man of the left who, after 9/11, converted to a kind of neoconservatism; others remember him as an atheist provocateur and serial blasphemer. For me, Christopher Hitchens was much more than either of these things. He was, as he put it, my “debate partner” and friend. This relationship, largely hidden from view, was a surprise to no one more than me. I am, after all, an Evangelical Christian. Even so, after his diagnosis of cancer in 2010, it was my privilege to take two lengthy road trips with the celebrated atheist. The first was from his home in Washington, D.C., to mine in Birmingham, Alabama. The second was through Yellowstone National Park. In both instances, we studied the Bible together and discussed the Great Questions. This relationship is the subject of my recent book The Faith of Christopher Hitchens: The Restless Soul of the World’s Most Notorious Atheist.

You Can Forgive Your Parents

Perhaps a brother or sister (or father or mother) could do worse to you, but most of our family members are not capable of horrors like these. They plotted to murder him, then left him in a hole to die, then pulled him out of the pit, opting instead to make a little money by selling him into some unknown, lifelong slavery. They had no idea where they were sending their brother. They simply rejoiced that they were finally rid of him, despite how devastating the news would be to their father.

Live | RZIM

“Is Faith Wishful Thinking?” | Open Forum with Abdu Murray and Nathan Betts Oct. 4 at 7:30PM EDT. Click here for more info.

A Look at the Apologetics of Paul

In this post, I want to examine some of the methods and apologetic approaches that Paul used in reaching his culture for the Gospel. There has been a lot of debate on the topic of apologetic methodology.  Which approach should we take in following Paul’s example? Presuppositional or Evidential? We need to look at various approaches Paul used before declaring there is only one approach to use in our present culture. I have noted elsewhere about the educational background of Paul.

Where is Culture Headed in the Next Decade...and Beyond?

What is our attitude toward these changes? Do we fear them or embrace them, and why? How can we best use these technological trends to communicate the gospel? How will we defend the faith in the next decade? How will we think theologically about these new technological changes? And how can we trust God when the world around us is changing fast?

How Do We Make Theology Come Alive for Students?

Second, use cultural examples . Students today are engrossed with the prevailing culture. The movies they watch, the music they listen to, and the technology they use are all influenced by our wider culture. Sometimes we need to critique culture and other times we need to show how Christ is within culture. But using cultural examples of theology not only makes theology interesting to students, it also helps them make connections from their theology to the “real” world. For instance, recently I was talking with my students about the biblical view of sex. And so I used an example from the movie Passengers, which I wrote about here .

Resource Alert! Cold-Case Christianity for Kids

Cold-Case Christianity for Kids is an outstanding resource for children in the upper elementary and middle school age range (approximately 9 to 13, I’d say, but that’s probably being a bit conservative). The cover design is appealing, and the text is saturated with the type of helpful sidebars and fun graphics found in the grown-up version. I particularly like that the book is written as a story in which the reader is immersed as a participant; this is engaging in the best sort of way–it’s encouragement to really think about the body of evidence for yourself rather than simply read what the other characters conclude from it. All along the way, as the book covers various areas, such as science and the reliability of the Gospels, it explains the proper way to analyze evidence using detective techniques. So, not only does the reader get a taste of the objective evidence for Christianity, they also get some entry-level training in good critical thinking.

Are You Paralyzed by Pride?

If you’re paralyzed by thinking of how inadequate you are, or the greatness of your sins, or how weak you feel, or how small your impact in the world is — if you’re undone by a negative view of yourself, you don’t have a bad enough view of yourself. The greatest obstacle to enjoying the freedom of the gospel is not acknowledging how bad we are, but pridefully insisting that we are so bad that God can’t save us. The gospel is the news that we are so bad that we can do nothing to save ourselves, and God is so good that he will do everything to save us.

Do We Have to Prove Christianity Beyond a Reasonable Doubt?

Many Christians believe that for faith to be authentic, it must be free from any doubt. While this may be an ideal, it’s far from realistic. Many characters in God’s Word—including Abraham and John the Baptist—experienced episodes of doubt. Though hopefully such experiences are the exception rather than the norm, the truth is, most Christians occasionally struggle with doubt—even apologists .

Seven Costs of Disciple-Making

And yet we live in a day in which everything else in life seems to be going in some direction other than life-on-life disciple-making. Let’s be honest, disciple-making isn’t rocket science. The vision is simple enough. Our need isn’t for more information but to do what we already know we should do, and in some ways want to do, but simply haven’t or aren’t yet. Most of us know enough; we’re just not doing it. Because we haven’t yet been willing to embrace the costs. We intuit the costs, but we haven’t embraced them.

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Axis has an incredible Parenting Teens Summit featuring interviews with 40+ experts. Sign up and get FREE access @

19 EQUIP, Christian Articles, Bible Answer Man | CRI

Did Jesus make a crucial historical blunder in the Gospel of Mark? One of the reasons cited by famed New Testament scholar and best-selling author Bart Ehrman for his transition from fundamentalist Christian to fundamentalist agnostic is that the gospel of Mark is riddled with factual and historical errors. A prominent example is that David […]

Christian OAP charged with blasphemy in Pakistan - Premier

Premier consists of Premier Christian Media Trust registered as a charity (no. 287610) and as a company limited by guarantee (no. 01743091) with two fully-owned trading subsidiaries: Premier Christian Communications Ltd (no. 02816074) and Christian Communication Partnership Ltd (no. 03422292). All three companies are registered in England & Wales with a registered office address of 22 Chapter Street, London, SW1P 4NP.

Pastor who led Mugabe protest is bailed - Premier

An evangelical pastor who led a wave of demonstrations against Zimbabwe's President Robert Mugabe has been released on bail, pending subversion charges.

Valentine's Dance cancelled because it is 'too near a church' - Premier

The organiser of a Valentine's dance in Oklahoma has cancelled the event because the venue is too close to a church; breaking a little known law.

‘The Young Pope’ Takes an Anxious Look at the Danger of Doubt

Worst of all, Lenny simultaneously satisfies his pride and the feelings of abandonment he’s harbored since childhood by frequently equating himself with God. He struggles to hear the Father’s voice, so he overcompensates by filling the chair himself. While some decisions seem to depict humility—in one scene, for instance, he bans all images of his face—even these become a way for Lenny to cloak himself in a Sinaic cloud divine mystery. At one point, even the power-hungry Cardinal Voiello (Silvio Orlando) rebukes the him, “You may be as handsome as Jesus, but you’re not actually Jesus.” Lenny coldly replies, “I might be more handsome.”

York Minster Cathedral police regain power of arrest - Premier

York Minster Police - the world's oldest police force - has been given back powers of arrest after 80 years.

Say ‘Thank You’ to Someone Today

Likely we all could stand to grow in recognizing all the reasons we have to be thankful — they are all around us. But simply becoming more grateful in our hearts is just the beginning. If gratefulness rises up in our hearts, but never spills out of our mouths, we are only experiencing the beginnings of joy. Gratitude is only fully enjoyed when we share it with others. As C.S. Lewis said, “We delight to praise what we enjoy because the praise not merely expresses but completes the enjoyment; it is its appointed consummation .”

New cash to help belfry bats and churches coexist - Premier

New funding looks set to help congregations at 100 churches across the country where bats have been causing problems, such as disturbing outreach activities and damaging historic artefacts.

Sir Cliff Richard's agonising illness revealed - Premier

Sir Cliff Richard has been advised to put his winter holiday plans in the Caribbean on hold and rest after he suffered severe abdominal pains.

Archbishop Justin Welby condemns Government decision to end refugee programme - Premier

The Government’s decision last year to take in vulnerable children was the right thing to do and was further evidence of the UK’s leadership on the response to the Syrian and wider migration crisis. Our Government’s leadership on financial and technical support in the region, and its leadership in resettling refugees from UNHCR camps is to be commended. However, I fear that this week’s decision does not meet the spirit of the commitment that was given during the passage of the Immigration Act last year.

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1 Peter 5:7–9: Are You a Passive Christian?

How Jesus obeyed commands and how we ought to might not always be the same (because he is God and we are not). But thinking about Jesus’s life and how he fulfilled commands can help us gain clarity on how to do likewise. Searching for intersections between what God expects of us and Jesus’s life gets us thinking more about his amazing life (as opposed to merely about principles to obey), and inclines us to give glory to the God-man for his perfect obedience on our behalf.

The Musical Theology of Spirituals

"By these they could sing themselves, as had their fathers before them, out of the contemplation of their own low estate, into the sublime scenery of the Apocalypse. I remember that this minor-keyed pathos used to seem to me almost too sad to dwell upon, while slavery seemed destined to last for generations; but now that their patience has had its perfect work, history cannot afford to lose this portion of its record."

Lady Gaga Speaks Out on Body Shaming

I heard my body is a topic of conversation so I wanted to say, I'm proud of my body and you should be proud of yours too. No matter who you are or what you do. I could give you a million reasons why you don't need to cater to anyone or anything to succeed. Be you, and be relentlessly you. That's the stuff of champions. thank you so much everyone for supporting me. I love you guys.

The Art of Christian Listening

Both in my personal life and related to apologetics, I’ve been thinking a lot about the importance of hearing and listening to people. A mark of God-pleasing thinking is our willingness to cultivate Christian listening. This means non-aggressively hearing them and even welcoming their potential insights. Here I’d like to suggest some practical steps toward better listening. But first, unpack the Christian in Christian listening.

The Church Must Stand Up for Immigrants and Refugees

All people are made in God’s image. Private conversation or public rhetoric that dehumanizes a group of people demands prophetic voices to stand up and speak out. Our integrity testifies to our love for our neighbors as we seek to speak with respect toward others at all times. Lively debate about policies is different than targeted declarations that devalue God’s image in another. After all, “[God] ensures that orphans and widows receive justice. He shows love to the foreigners living among you and gives them food and clothing. So you, too, must show love to foreigners, for you yourselves were once foreigners in the land of Egypt.” (Deuteronomy 10:18-19)

Top 5 Books For Ethics and Politics

Questions of the Day Who are you to judge someone else?  Who's ethical system are we to abide by (if anyone's)? Isn't it wrong to legislate a specific morality?  Isn't morality relative to each individual, anyway?  These are questions that we often find in today's politically charged culture. One side says that morality is objective and should be legislated, while the other side says morality is relative and government should stay out of it. There is also in-fighting on both sides and a whole range of views between the two extremes. Many skeptics get caught up in all the different views that Christians hold and use that as a reason to not believe the Christian worldview and the ethical implications of it. How do we think logically about this and how do we discuss it in a calm but persuasive manner. I have put together my Top 5 Recommended Books to prepare you for these discussions in every encounters, whether you plan to engage others or merely listen and analyze. For your convenience I have linked to my chapter-by-chapter reviews of the books and provided a short reason why I chose the books for this list, but if you really want the details and wish to engage the content of the books, you will need to pick up a copy.

We're Over the Millennial Hate

At this point, the millennial stereotypes have become exhausting, frustrating and are often times incorrect. Each generation has generalizations that can be made about it and most revolve around what that generation is doing wrong. One conversation that isn’t had very often is what millennials are doing right. What they have going for them and how they, as a group, are making our world better. We can look to the Bible for wisdom about this. Acts 2:17 says that each generation has their place in life—young men are to prophesy and the old men will dream dreams.

5 Books That Will Challenge Your Ideas About Race in America

The answer to the title’s question is explained as a normal step in young black Americans exploring and developing a racial identity, and as that’s happening, they are able to see how racism has personally affected them and begin to oppose whiteness and are immersed deeper into blackness and black people. Developing a cultural identity doesn’t just split between black and white people, but also includes other marginalized groups. Tatum also addresses what developing a racial identity looks like for white people and how productive conversations can happen with people from different races to understand each other.

Army Gives the Green Light for the Dakota Access Pipeline

The Trump administration ordered a review of the pipeline not long after the inauguration. The environmental impact part of the decision—arguably, the part that the controversy is based on—will be put on pause because the Army's acting secretary feels he has enough information to approve the pipeline otherwise.

39 131 Christians Everyone Should Know eBook: Mark Galli: Kindle Store

The good, the bad, and the ugly, they're all here: Preachers, theologians, scientists, philosophers, writers, artists, musicians, martyrs, mystics, 131 Christians (or people who have identified themselves as Christians) in all who have impacted history. And believe me, calling some of these people Christians is a stretch. (Will I see King Henry VIII in heaven when I get there? I guess its not for me to judge, but...) Indeed, not all of these people would be considered saints as some would define sainthood, but there is a certain comfort one can take in the flaws found in many of these individuals. And, of course, many are saints in every sense of the word. In reading about these people one cannot avoid becoming acquainted with the great events of Christian history and the history of the world. But history is about people, and that's where this book shines. Of course, there are some omissions (the omission of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. borders on inexcusable), but for a good reference on figures you've heard about but didn't know very well if at all, this book is hard to beat.

Why the Church Should Care About the College Campus (Part 2)

In part one of this series , we looked at the important role college has in influencing culture for good or bad, how the first universities were profoundly affected by their intimate connection with the church, and how that connection has been severed. In part 2, we’ll explore how church-led prayer movements positively impacted the campus and society, where we dropped the ball, and why I believe there is a biblical mandate to pick it up again.

Here's Why So Many of Your Relationships Are Failing

These moments falsely reassure us that we’re right and the other person is wrong. Satan uses our hurt feelings as a platform for sinning against others causing more rifts in our relationship. Pastor Rick Warren put it best: “He whispers in our ear and gives us little thoughts, suggestions, and ideas. When you’re in the middle of an argument, he starts whispering things in your ear, like ‘You don’t have to take this kind of stuff. Retaliate. Who do they think they are? Get even. Assert yourself. Don’t put up with this kind of stuff. Show ‘em who’s boss.’ He tells you all the things your pride would love to hear.”

8 Things I Wish Jesus Had Never Said

I would like to add for aesthetic purposes. The mark is of the hand , to be exchanged , and most all of you know of the number in your head. Exactly how much your worth is. Loving money means that you're loving of the world. Which is accepting its mark. This does not mean in bartering with it , and leaving it simply to be another means to an end. I.e. To cloth a homeless person. You're then denying the beast its purpose. You're saying i've no need of this , and in that act reject the mark.The difference of loving each other. To clarify , is that we're of god. Not of the world. Our sins are of the world , and thus just another beast. The beauty of loving each other so encompassing. Is that you're like the servant whom's master gives 5 gold bags. By showing others whom may think they are sinners that are doomed. That they too are loved. You're multiplying those bags of money. You're in very much effectively giving faith to others. To deny anyone , gay , lesbian , murderer , thief , child-molester or even those of other religions. Any kind of chance at salvation. Is to be anti-christ. You're only making it harder and harder for gods mercy , and Jesus loving sacrafice to spread as the wild fire it was meant to be.

7 Things to Consider When Looking for a New Church Leader

How do you decide when is it the right time to move on to another church? When we moved to this city, it took several months of visiting churches to find one that seemed like a good fit and that was preaching the Gospel. I would say the pastor at that time fit with the criteria of this article. But he left. And now there is a new pastor that I just struggle with. And I think, ok, we were all praying for God to send us the right new pastor for our congregation, so this must be the guy. And I think it's not good practice just to give up and leave because things are a little difficult; I should hang in there. But my gut is telling me maybe it is time to move on. He seems to be self-centered and not care much about the congregation who was there before he came. His sermons barely touch on scripture. He does have a tendency to lay guilt trips (I noted this from the article). He has a doctorate, but I've had much more engaging and moving conversations with less educated people who just love and read and study the Bible. Maybe he's right for this church, this city, but not right for me? I still don't feel like this city is "home".

The Deadly Deceit in Material Desires

She gave evidence for how smoothly her life was moving along, like dominoes falling perfectly in order. As I sat there listening, I couldn’t help but feel troubled. I knew that not a few women around us were following Christ through troubled marriages, battles with cancer, or the grief of lost babies. Some faced the drone of unceasing financial hardships — the exact opposite of how some of us define God’s blessing on our lives.

Why It Took 5 Years to Give Away This Free Christian College Campus

“Northfield was once a premier destination for Christian leaders and conferences,” stated the NCF’s Emmitt Mitchell, who helped with the deal. “[T]hrough this transition of ownership, The Moody Center has the opportunity to again re-establish the property as a preeminent location for teaching and training biblical scholars.”

Instagram photo by Ravi Zacharias • Feb 8, 2017 at 11:56pm UTC

When God Fights Idolatry with Unconventional Weapons

And don’t neglect the fact that these young men are coming from Bethel. In Elisha’s day, Bethel was one of two key centers of idolatry in Israel. Jeroboam had established golden calf worship there (1 Kings 12:26–29), and the whole story of 1 Kings and 2 Kings unfolds beneath God’s promise to wipe Bethel’s altar off the face of the earth (1 Kings 13:1–10). Young men coming out of Bethel and immediately taunting the Lord’s prophet are likely associated with the city’s idolatrous shrine. In other words, this is not a story about little kids having playground banter. This is a story about the clash between true and false gods, and true and false prophets.

Why an incredible new discovery proves that the Dead Sea Scrolls belong to Israel

Our friend and colleague, Cary Summers , president of the Museum of the Bible in Washington, D.C. which will open later this year, was volunteering at the dig site for this historic discovery in January of 2017, where no less than six Scroll jars were discovered in what is now being called “the twelfth Qumran cave.” The discovery and publication of the Dead Sea Scrolls historically is part of a continuing saga, full of drama fit for the big screen (the scrolls were once sold on the black market and the Judean desert continues to attract treasure hunters). This latest discovery will likely be no different. Why?

NEW eBook: Sex, Submission and Singleness - Premier Christian Radio

Premier consists of Premier Christian Media Trust registered as a charity (no. 287610) and as a company limited by guarantee (no. 01743091) with two fully-owned trading subsidiaries: Premier Christian Communications Ltd (no. 02816074) and Christian Communication Partnership Ltd (no. 03422292). All three companies are registered in England & Wales with a registered office address of 22 Chapter Street, London, SW1P 4NP.

Pakistan police accept 12-year-old Christian girl was murdered - Premier

Police in Pakistan have accepted that a twelve year old Christian girl was murdered more than three weeks after declaring she had committed suicide.

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