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Live Action, Snopes and Planned Parenthood's "Prenatal Care"

Introduction Recently, I shared the following video on social media from Live Action : For those who haven't seen the video, it fea...

11 Movies Not Up For An Oscar This Year

That you should totally see anyway.

Jimmy Fallon's "Puppy Predictor" Determines Super Bowl Winner

Last night on The Tonight Show, Jimmy Fallon released an army of puppies to determine who would win this year’s Super Bowl. Oddly enough, this wasn’t the first time Fallon used his “Puppy Predictions” segment to decide the winner. In years past, The Tonight Show host has attempted to predict the winners of The Final Four, The Kentucky Derby and even the Oscars. So what did the little dogs have to say about this year’s football extravaganza? According to the little furballs the Atlanta Falcons would be taking home the Super Bowl LI trophy. Obviously, we have to wait until Sunday to know for sure if the cute little pups were right or not. Regardless of whichever team you find yourself cheering for, we should all be able to agree that puppies are the real winner here. Just look at how cute they are:

LEGO Batman Shows Off Wayne Manor in This 'Cribs' Style Spoof

The people behind the LEGO franchise are at it again with another hilarious teaser for The LEGO Batman Movie. Yesterday, Warner Bros. released a clip to promote the new and much anticipated movie the only way we could expect them to: with a special Batman parody of MTV’s Cribs. The clip, “Gotham Cribs,” displays some of the finest features of the Wayne Manor such as sky-high ceilings, an insane kitchen cooking up lobster thermidor and swimming pool with dolphins freely swimming about. Batman also takes a minute at the beginning of the tour to clear the air, “And yes, the rumors are true. I am Bruce Wayne … ’s roommate.” Take a look:


Responding to Critics, Seekers, and Doubters

Pope releases 'Mannequin Challenge' message to highlight refugee plight - Premier

Pope Francis has released a 'mannequin challenge' video to encourage Catholics to respond to the refugees and the marginalised.

Were Jesus' Disciples Illiterate Peasants?

Skeptics say many New Testament books must have been forged--that the people who wrote them probably weren’t Jesus’ disciples because Jesus’ disciples were illiterate peasants. In this post, I'll help you respond to this challenge and fill you in on the rest of the story that skeptics aren't telling you about...

Where to Stand When All Is Shaking

Looking for a 25-minute alternative to the Super Bowl halftime show? Watch John Piper celebrate his favorite verse in all the Bible.

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Brits support government backing for churches - Premier

A poll's found most Britons believe the government should keep providing financial support for churches in order to preserve them for future generations.

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8 Ways to Know You're in a Healthy Relationship

Most of us desire to end up as part of a happy couple one day. We want relationships that will last and bring us real joy. And God wants that for us, too. Therefore, it’s important for us to know what a healthy, lasting relationship looks like. We may need to assess the one we’re already in—or we may want to know what to look for in the future.

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Metallica's James Hetfield Exposes Dangers of Porn Addiction in New Documentary Film

Once seduced, a man's addiction to pornography doesn't only affect his relationship with his wife, but his children, too, especially if he's trying to be an example of morality in the family and at church, Pastor Jay Dennis, creator of the "One Million Men Porn Free" program, told The Christian Post in a previous interview. 

God Knows What You Need in Worship

As a worship pastor, I feel acutely our need for the Holy Spirit’s work. After all, I am just one man and a sinner at that. I think to myself, “There is no way on earth that I could hope to minister to each individual need represented by all those people out there. I wouldn’t even know where to begin.” But God does. His Spirit is dwelling in each believer gathered every Sunday. So, we sing — to God and to each other — in order to be filled with his influence and changed by his truth. Thank God that this miraculous work is not left in the hands of mere men!

7 The Poached Egg Apologetics Daily

Christian charity issues famine warning for Somalia - Premier

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How Do You Super Bowl?

“Living as a Christian doesn’t happen in a vacuum. We live in the world, but not of the world. If you don’t use ‘real life’ situations to teach people how to live a Christian life, then you aren’t being a teacher. All teachers explain the rules then give you examples on how to apply those rules. The best examples are the ones people can understand because it relates to their life. Everyone watches the Super Bowl, so using it as an example to teach discernment is a good choice. It’s an example of knowing your audience” (Melissa Clarke).

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Sean McDowell and John Stonestreet believe in a thoughtful approach to God's design for marriage. #SameSexMarriage

Is It Intolerant to Claim Christianity Alone Is True?

A couple of years ago I visited Canada to record television interviews about my book Christian Endgame . Prior to the recording, some of the Christians in the green room told me to be cautious about saying that Christianity is the exclusively true religion. When I inquired why, I was told that it is considered intolerant in Canadian society to claim Christianity is the only way to God. The Christian program executives were concerned about receiving legal reprisals from the Canadian government for broadcasting “intolerant” religious statements.

Craig Keener on Miracles

"Not only the Majority World today but also the history of Christianity, including in the West, is replete with supernaturalist claims.  The modern Western prejudice against acknowledging or exploring miracle claims rests not on a total lack of evidence for such claims, even in Western history, but on an a priori insistence that they be screened from consideration.  Yet such claims belong not only to earlier history or to non-Western cultures; countless examples can be offered today, including in the West." 1 Courage and Godspeed, Chad For those interested in learning more about this topic, you may want to checkout Keener's 2 volume set, Miracles: The Credibility of the New Testament Accounts . Footnote: 1. Craig Keener, Miracles, vol. 1, p. 213 as quoted by Is Reality Secular? by Mary Poplin Related Links Saints and Skeptics: Six Poor Reasons for Rejecting the Miraculous Common Objection #32- "The hypothesis 'God rose Jesus from the dead' is miraculous. Therefore, it is the least probable." Video: Are Miracles Even Poss

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So Many People Are Overdosing on Opioids That Morgues Are Running Out of Room

A new report in The New York Times found that so many people are overdosing on opioids that the Montgomery County Coroner’s Office has run out of room. They’ve had to ask a nearby funeral parlor to hold some of the bodies. At one point last year, they had to use refrigerator trucks. The director of the coroner’s office told the paper, “We’ve never experienced this volume of accidental drug overdoses in our history.”

Americans Agree: God Blesses Super Bowl Athletes, not Their Teams

Around an earlier Super Bowl, theologian William Lane Craig told CT how God’s providence rules all of life’s details, but not all rise to equal significance. “Christian virtues will be of overriding importance,” the Biola apologist said. “Lower in priority will be, for example, the number of wins that you get in a season or the number of passes you catch or complete.”

Is Most of Our DNA Garbage?

Biochemist Fazale Rana provides an assessment of the "Junk DNA” wars taking place within the scientific community. Is most of the human genome junk? Or is most of the human genome functional? Two factions are squaring off on this issue in the aftermath of the publication of the ENCODE project results in the fall of 2011. ENCODE “skeptics” lampoon the ENCODE conclusions, rejecting them because they don’t match the predictions of the evolutionary paradigm. The response of the ENCODE skeptics makes it evident that some scientists have a religious-like commitment to the evolutionary paradigm, refusing to abandon key aspects of the theory, even when the data overwhelmingly contradicts predictions made by the evolutionary model.

9 Things Everyone Should Do When Reading the Bible

The only thing that matters when reading any ancient document is context. Context. Context. Context. Learning Greek and Hebrew will not really help you if you still don't understand context. And number 8 is the only one that even touches on context? Out of a list of 9 things?? Who writes this stuff? This reads more like a superficial Huffpost article than a guide to Bible study.

A Tweet About Paying the Debts for Kids Who Can't Afford Lunch Went Viral

The Associated Press reported, “In Minnesota, an online fundraising effort has paid almost $100,000 in lunch debt in Minneapolis schools and $28,000 in St. Paul's. Donors, mostly anonymous, erased $6,000 in debts in Topeka, Kansas, $2,000 in Bellevue, Washington, $1,200 in Wilmington, Delaware, and $900 in Herminie, Pennsylvania.”

2 Ways Apologetics Can Help You as a Pastor

If you scan the pages of Scripture looking for a list of “offices” (leadership positions within the Church), you’re likely to find eight roles described in the New Testament: Apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors, teachers ( Ephesians 4:11 ), elders, deacons and bishops ( 1 Timothy 3:1-7 ; 1 Timothy 3:8-13 ; Titus 1:5-9 ). One thing you’ll never find in any biblical list of leadership positions is the office of “apologist”.

A Children’s Book About Homosexuality

Homosexual relationships of the sort portrayed in The Best Man are now normal in contemporary Western culture. For Bible-believing Christians, however, they remain something we can’t in good conscience affirm as morally good. But whereas many Christian parents will have lived through a cultural change on this, our children are growing up never having known any other world. We may be migrants to a gay-affirming culture, but they are natives. Many of them, in fact, may be more accustomed to some of these new dynamics than the generation raising them. It’s simply part of the cultural oxygen they breathe growing up today. How best to encourage our kids to navigate the new normal with faithfulness and grace is a responsibility for every Christian parent. It’s also quite a challenge.

The Church Must Preach Christ

The church of the twenty-first century faces many crises. One of the most serious is the crisis of preaching. Widely diverse philosophies of preaching vie for acceptance among contemporary clergy. Some see the sermon as a fireside chat; others, as a stimulus for psychological health; still others, as a commentary on contemporary politics. But some still view the exposition of sacred Scripture as a necessary ingredient to the office of preaching. In light of these views, it is always helpful to go to the New Testament to seek or glean the method and message found in the biblical record of apostolic preaching.

Catholic Church criticises Philippines President's 'war on drugs' - Premier

Catholics across the Philippines will hear criticism of President Rodrigo Duterte's 'war on drugs' at mass this weekend.

You're Probably Overthinking Your Prayer Life

And as our Father, He already knows what you and I need, when we need it. If this is true, how could we not pray simply? Therefore, prayer is more about who we are praying to than what we are saying. It’s about trusting in who God is rather than trying to convince God with our many words. This is precisely what Jesus says in the verses leading up to the Lord’s Prayer.

Foster Care as the Way of Christ

Foster care means playing by the government’s rules, which requires a lot of flexibility. Are you ready to be told you can’t discuss the sexuality of a teenager in your care, or “force” the child to come to church with you? Are you ready to work with government agencies and workers who are burnt out? You may be the only evangelical they have ever met. You may be yelled at or mocked or derided by your state worker because they are having a bad day. Are you ready for visitations with birth parents who cannot be counted on to show up? People sign up to take care of children, but often end up spending a fair amount of emotional capital on the state workers and parents.

Poor Theology Could Be Keeping You From a Real Faith

In fact, I think this hunger to experience the presence of God in real time has been the unwitting motivation behind some unfortunate practices and some derailed doctrine. The music as worship mindset through which we often hear, "I so felt the Spirit of God during that last song" may very well (at least at times) provide counterfeit moments in which people believe they've experienced God since they were "swept away" emotionally. Some church practices, like charasmatic events or emotionally charged calls to service, may very well fall into this trap. There are others. They all have something in emotionally satisfying something that we believe is the presence of God. It may be. It may not be. It's just not something the Bible points to as the evidence of the Lord's presence. However, in John 14 and John 16, Jesus pointed to a real time experience with the Spirit of has to do with illumination. In the Psalms, David pointed to something similar..."I will hide your word away in my heart that I might not sin against you." And in real time, God's word became a light and lamp to his feet and path.

Fresh abuse revelations from Christian summer camps - Premier

Details of alleged abuse at Christian summer camps have been revealed in a letter sent by John Smyth to parents.

Muslims outnumber Christians at over 30 church schools - Premier

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Lord Carey defends Trump and says critics guilty of 'staggering overreaction' - Premier

Lord Carey's defence for Donald Trump comes in a week in which his policies were criticised by current Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby and the leaders of Catholics in England and Wales Cardinal Vincent Nichols.

Carol Burnett Could Be Returning to TV With Amy Poehler

Carol Burnett is getting closer and closer to making an iconic return back to TV, according to reports . The comedy legend is set to star in a new sitcom appropriately titled Household Name where Burnett will play an older actress who tries to more or less give her home away to a family under the condition that she can still live there—which sounds more like a privilege than a stipulation.


The Bible, on the other hand, was written by 40 different people, at every age and in every stage of life, on three continents. And they all wrote the same story: Jesus’ story. Prophets and poets, princes and kings, and sailors and soldiers all had the same story. Some were written in homes, others in prisons, and others on ships. You couldn’t have put together a more diverse group of authors.

Are Christians Arrogant? Rethinking the Definition of Humility

One of the most common objections made to the absolute claims of Christianity is that Christians are arrogant.  Christians are arrogant to claim that they are right; arrogant to claim others are wrong; arrogant to claim that truth can be known.

Nun receives death threats for saying Mary was not a virgin - Premier

"The belief that Mary was a perpetual virgin forms part of the faith of Church from its beginnings and that this truth of faith was collected and proclaimed by the Second Council of Constantinople, being the primary Marian dogma observed by Catholic and Orthodox Christians. Such statements do not conform to the faith of the Church."

Southwell Minster trumps the rest in gargoyle look-a-likes - Premier

A gargoyle at Southwell Minster has been found to have an uncanny likeness for the new president of the United States.

35 Man at centre of holiday camp abuse allegations was linked to death of boy in Zimbabwe - Premier

The former leader of a Church holiday camp who has been accused of abusing teenage boys had also been linked to the death of a 16-year-old, it has emerged.

Stem Cell Research—Lifesaving Alternatives

Given these advances, it’s no wonder Ian Wilmut, who cloned Dolly the sheep in 1996, has abandoned using embryonic stem cells in his research. Likewise, Bernadine Healy, former director of the National Institutes of Health (USA), pronounced embryonic stem cell research “obsolete” and pointed out its dangers, such as an embryonic stem cell experiment that caused tumors in a patient. Even President Obama has cautioned, “The full promise of [embryonic] stem cell research remains unknown.”

Lettuce pray: Christian farmers concerned about veg shortage - Premier

A Christian farmer has said that we should reconsider how much fresh produce we import from abroad after bad weather in Europe has led to a shortage of vegetables.

Christians show solidarity with Muslims following Quebec Attack - Premier

Londoners of all faiths have formed a human circle outside a mosque at Friday prayers as a sign of solidarity with Muslims.

Everyone Loves Sex. So Why Wait?

A century ago, young people courted and married in their late teens. This took care of that hormone thing. The culture we live in, with getting through college, trade school, or being financially able to support a spouse, marriage has been more and more delayed. In my faith, we also send our young off to college in hopes that they will find a life partner before graduating, this puts and incredible stress on young people. I'm not saying I'm all for pre-marital sex, but we are all to human and I get why it happens.

'We are all failing children', says Christian charity amid sex offence rise - Premier

A Christian charity has said "we are all failing children" as new figures reveal the number committing alleged sexual offences on other young people has nearly doubled in the last three years.

The Briefing 02-03-2017 -

This is an edited transcript of The Briefing podcast from early Thursday morning, January 8, 2015. The war on terror took on a savage new face…

Paris priest remains defiant in the face of another terror attack - Premier

A priest in Paris has told Premier that the city has been left with a sense of "despondency" after yet another terror attack in the city.

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Imagining Bill Belichick analyzing film of the Left's strategy

4. Tacitus. Was this a famous coach or quarterback from a previous era? No. It turns out that Coach Belichick is an educated man. He went on to explain that Tacitus, a Roman historian, had spoken of a principle called “divide and conquer.” The Left knows that evangelicals, 26 percent of the U.S. population, pose the greatest threat to their game strategy. So the Left tries to run a spread offense, to get evangelicals running sideline-to-sideline. And getting evangelicals off their assignments is easy. Relying on misdirection, the Left simply finds a verse in the Bible that appears to support its agenda. Failing that, it finds a Christian — or someone who at least says he’s one — and quotes him liberally against other Christians.

Learn How To Do Apologetics in the Twenty-First Century with Ravi Zacharias — Let’s face it — having faith in God raises a lot of questions. No one seems to have answers anymore. Even the most basic questions facing our generation often go unanswered. But you don’t have to be left with unanswered questions when you are faced with doubt. In this message at Saddleback Church, author, speaker, and world-renowned apologist Dr. Ravi Zacharias shares strategies for answering faith questions in the twenty-first century. You’ll walk away with fresh insight on how to share the hope you have with skeptics. Don't go through life alone. We have a Saddleback Church family we'd love to connect you with, no matter where you live. For a location near you, visit or join our Online Community at (Saddleback Church) (Ravi Zacharias) (Apologetics) (Apologia) (Religious Pluralism) (Christian Values) (Christian Culture) (Truth) (Relevance) (Origin) (Meaning) (Morality) (Destiny) (Worldview) (What is your worldview) (Questioning Culture) (Up and Down) (Left and Right) (S


• Philip Ball (Physicist, 10+ years editor for Nature ): “Our universe is so unlikely that we must be missing something… the incomprehensibility of our situation even drives Susskind's team to ponder whether an ‘unknown agent intervened in the evolution [of the Universe] for reasons of its own’…” [“Is Physics Watching Over Us?” Nature, Science Update, 2002.] (Ball here is referring to Dyson, F., Kleban, M. & Susskind, L. Disturbing implications of a cosmological constant. (2002).) • Brad Lemley (Senior correspondent for The Washington Post and Discover Magazine ): “The universe is unlikely. Very unlikely. Deeply, shockingly unlikely.” [“Why Is There Life?” Discover (November 2002)] • Steven Weinberg (Outspoken atheist, Nobel laureate in high energy physics): “…how surprising it is that the laws of nature and the initial conditions of the universe should allow for the existence of beings who could observe it. Life as we know it would be impossible if any one of several physical quantities had slightly different values.” [“Life in the Universe" Scientific American (Oct.

Historical Reliability of the New Testament

The Historical Reliability of the New Testament - Dirk Jongkind

SBTS Chapel — Spring 2017

The seminary community gathers to worship in Alumni Memorial Chapel on Tuesday and Thursday at 10 a.m. All offices will be closed during this time.

A Simple Way to Pray Every Day

Luther exhorts us to let each petition guide our prayer. So, after praying, “Our Father in heaven, hallowed be your name,” we may continue to pray, “Yes, Father, it is our great desire that your name would be feared and revered for who you are: our God, our Creator, the Holy One who, in unthinkable mercy, gave your only begotten Son to save us from your wrath upon our sin.”

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Metallica's James Hetfield exposes the harms of porn addiction in new documentary film "Addicted to Porn:... 

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