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Reasons To Believe : Thoughts on Is Genesis History?

Shortly into the film, a sharp dividing line was drawn. According to the scientists, theologians, and philosophers interviewed, only two paradigms exist to view Earth’s history. Either the “historical Genesis paradigm” tells the history properly or the “conventional paradigm” (the standard scientific account) does. However, the documentary defines the latter as “deep time” (a 14 billion-year-old universe and a 4.5 billion-year-old Earth) and “all the complexity of life [constructed] by strictly physical processes,” with no intelligent design involved. In contrast, the “historical Genesis paradigm” includes an explicit statement that the universe, Earth, and its great diversity of life were created in six 24-hour days.

Francis becomes first pope to visit Anglican church in Rome - Premier

Pope Francis has visited an Anglican church in Rome for the first time, to help one congregation celebrate their 200th anniversary.

I’m Sorry, but Caitlyn Jenner is a Man Wearing a Dress | The Stream

I do not write these words lightly, and there is not an ounce of mockery or hatred in my heart when I say that Caitlyn Jenner is a man wearing a dress.

Watch Daisy Ridley *Not* Give Away 'Star Wars VIII' Secrets

Comedian and actor Josh Gad wants some inside information on the upcoming Star Wars Episode VIII, and Daisy Ridley—the actress who plays Rey, the character at the center of the new Star Wars films—will not tell him anything. So he gathered some of his celebrity friends to put the pressure on. It doesn't help, but it's a lot of fun.

Why the Transgender Debate Is About Redefining Reality

The fight about trangenderism is a struggle over who gets to define reality.

Press on to Know Jesus More (Sermon Clip on the Supremacy of Christ)

The supremacy of Christ is meant to be the sun at the center of our lives, keeping all the planets of our existence in orbit. Let us press on to know him.

Barbara Bush's Fundraising for Planned Parenthood Like Raising Money for 'Nazi Death Camp,' Franklin Graham Says

Franklin Graham, president and CEO of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, said the efforts of Barbara Pierce Bush, daughter of former President George W. Bush, to raise money for Planned Parenthood is like "raising money to fund a Nazi death camp."

Your Greatest Weapon Against Temptation (Sermon Clip on the Power of the Holy Spirit)

Once you come to realize the gravity of the fact that the Holy Spirit of God lives in you, it will change everything in your life.

Why the Transgender Debate Is About Redefining Reality

The fight about trangenderism is a struggle over who gets to define reality.

Honest Answers: Is suicide unforgivable?

Resources for Church Leaders

Harry Connick Jr: Americans Need to Remember 'We Are All God's Children' (Interview)

"This is an incredibly divisive time in our country, and we're all Americans, we are all God's children and we need to remember that," Connick told The Christian Post. "I need to remember that I need to work on myself and make sure that I put love first because it starts with us as individuals."

Doug Axe: Hidden Figures and the Engineering Challenge to Darwinism

Evolution News and Views (ENV) provides original reporting and analysis about the debate over intelligent design and evolution.

Listen: Signature in the Cell Is Now an Audiobook; Hear an Excerpt!

Evolution News and Views (ENV) provides original reporting and analysis about the debate over intelligent design and evolution.

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Defense spending gets big boost in first Trump budget

BP This Week: Of Potties and Pets - Break Point

President Trump has rolled back President Obama’s executive order on transgender bathrooms. John Stonestreet and Ed Stetzer talk about the implications for schools nationwide and for religious institutions subject to Title IX. They also discuss the troubling trend of younger Americans replacing children with dogs and cats, and even calling them “fur-babies.”

People Who Know the Bible and Christianity Better Than Christians Do | The Stream

“Bruce Metzger is one of the great scholars of modern times, and I dedicated the book to him because he was both my inspiration for going into textual criticism and the person who trained me in the field. I have nothing but respect and admiration for him. And even though we may disagree on important religious questions – he is a firmly committed Christian and I am not – we are in complete agreement on a number of very important historical and textual questions. If he and I were put in a room and asked to hammer out a consensus statement on what we think the original text of the New Testament probably looked like, there would be very few points of disagreement – maybe one or two dozen places out of many thousands. The position I argue for in ‘Misquoting Jesus’ does not actually stand at odds with Prof. Metzger’s position that the essential Christian beliefs are not affected by textual variants in the manuscript tradition of the New Testament.”

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5 The TC Apologetics Daily

Worldview and Apologetics in the News

Christian Father Shot in Head, Son Burned Alive Days After ISIS Affiliate Calls Believers 'Prey' Read more at

Stand to Reason on Twitter

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It's Time for the 'Sports Illustrated' Swimsuit Issue to Stop

The reality is that it’s incredibly easy to access porn these days. A few taps on an iPhone will have explicit videos running in seconds. There are apps and websites galore. And retailers are smart: I’ve even seen a display for the swimsuit issue placed right in the beer aisle of a grocery store. Talk about cross-merchandising. It was reported that the swimsuit issue of SI alone now generates more profit than all the other issues throughout the year combined. Safe to say that sex sells.

Book Review: Cold-Case Christianity For Kids

Introduction Several years ago cold-case homicide detective J. Warner Wallace wrote the book Cold-Case Christianity. When Wallace first read the gospels, as an atheist, he noticed that they read like eye-witness accounts that he was used to analyzing everyday. He decided to conduct an investigation of Jesus' resurrection just like a cold-case. Cold-Case Christianity takes the reader through his investigation and encourages the reader to be the "jury" to evaluate the evidence. You can read my full review of it here: Book Review: Cold-Case Christianity .

Apologetics and Ratio Christi Kept Me from Leaving Christianity

“Apologetics and RC saved me from leaving the faith after high school,” he says. “I had experienced a couple years of extreme doubt and had decided that if I couldn't find any answers with this club then I would be done with Christianity.”

Why Relationships Are Worth the Risk of Getting Hurt

What a wonderful and a straight forward spell caster that has brought back joy and happiness into my life after i saw a post on how he helped a lady called Sharon,i decided to contact him for help when i told this God sent man Dr Mojo on how my girlfriend left me for 9months without calling or texting me,When i shared this my sad experience with Dr Mojo of he said everything would be okay within 3days i was like am i sure what this man is saying is real,So i decided to give a try and what even surprised me the most at first i was also thinking he was a scam i taught he was like other spell caster who come online to add pain to peoples pain not knowing there feelings but to make money,But this great man Dr Mojo is never like that his own is for good and make people to be happy with the one they love,Am just so happy,Even before the 3days i just got a call from my girlfriend who has left me for 9months saying she is sorry and that she wants me back to her life i was so happy,she invited me for a dinner which i meant her there and we both talked and she said she wants to prove that she would never leave me for any other man, am so happy all thanks goes to this great man Dr Mojo a man who has brought back joy to my life,Please friends that needs help i would advice and swear that Dr Mojo is the right man and not those fake ones who are online to make money and not to help here is Dr Mojo private mail solutioncentre1960@gmail.

Are Questions Better Than Answers? No Question About It!

I was recently reading The Inevitable by Kevin Kelly. If you’re interested in future technological and cultural trends, this is a must-read book. Towards the end of the book Kelly has an entire chapter titled, “Questioning,” in which he talks about how culture is moving from the rigid order of hierarchy to a state of flux where new possibilities will be opened up for those who ask the right questions. Kelly got me thinking, “How can I be confident that I am asking the right questions?” How confident are you ?

Battle Hymns for the Fight of Faith

Many of us can testify of times when facing intense grief, a song lyric has bubbled its way into our minds. But what song lyrics have etched into the deepest memories of our souls? Will the songs we know help us in our fight for faith? Will they remind us of things we’ve forgotten, even re-minding us when the strength of our minds departs?

The Forgotten Final Resting Place of William Borden

Ultimately, it is not Borden’s words but rather his life that have had the greatest impact. His life of unreserved service to God and the way it was tragically cut short inspired countless missionaries to carry the Gospel across the globe during the twentieth century. William Borden’s testimony continues to inspire, and his gravesite is open. “Are you willing to be made willing?” Borden once asked a student reluctantly considering missions. Come to Cairo and have a look.

Amy Hall on Twitter

. @BrettKunkle gave me his phone to take pics at #AMP2017 and I just discovered it's not password protected. What should be done?

Tim Keller Announced That He Is Stepping Down as Redeemer’s Senior Pastor

Though he will no longer be Redeemer’s senior pastor, Keller will still be deeply involved in ministry. After stepping down, he will teach full time through a program at Reformed Theological Seminary. He will also work with the City to City network, which plants churches and will speak at various church events—including the “Questioning Christianity” series.

Does the Earliest Gospel Proclaim the Deity of Jesus?

2. MARK 2:1-10 : In this passage, Jesus heals a paralytic brought to him by four friends. When Jesus first sees him, he says, “Son, your sins are forgiven.” The scribes instantly object, “He is blaspheming! Who can forgive sins but God alone?” They believed the man was paralyzed because he had sinned against God, and yet Jesus had the audacity to claim that he could personally forgive these sins. The scribes are right that only God can forgive sins (Exodus 34:6-7; Psalms 103:3). Not even the Messiah could forgive sins. In this instance, however, Jesus bypasses the normal route of how forgiveness was received (Leviticus 4:20) and claims to speak with God’s authority. Why? Because he understood himself to be God.

The Ontological Argument and an Evil god

I shared a video about the ontological argument that gives the absolute bare-bones of the argument on my Facebook recently. A friend came along and raised a point that that friend said had bothered them for a while. The objection was that could not such an argument be used to argue for the existence of an evil god just as much as for a good God? I typed up a response I would like to also share here.

The Dark Side of Small Group

I noticed in your last letter that you have been trying to separate the rodent from his little pack with whom he does “accountability.” Your reasoning, although sophomoric, tends towards rational thought. Men and women, walking together in that unbearable “light,” tend to be just beyond our dagger’s reach. Often an entire month’s work is undermined by the Enemy dragging the patients out of our shadows through the intervention of one of his fellow vermin.

'Moonlight' Is a Flawed, But Rewarding Exercise in Christian Empathy

Moonlight , which brought home Best Drama Motion Picture at the Golden Globes, takes up both of these issues and has garnered significant attention not only for focusing on them but also for doing so in a compelling way. The film functions more as an exploration into social identity than a commentary on our cultural moment, but it nevertheless paints a compelling picture of what it looks like to be gay, poor, and black through the story of its protagonist, Chiron. For Christians seeking to engage with the film, this premise naturally creates both some challenges and some opportunities.

21 The TC Apologetics Daily

All 240 Family Christian Stores Are Closing

More than two years ago, suppliers forgave Family Christian Stores $127 million in debt so that it could remain open. Today, the chain—which bills itself as “the world’s largest retailer of Christian-themed merchandise”—announced it is closing all of its stores after 85 years in business.

Unique Evidence for the New Testament: Interview with Lydia McGrew about "Unintended Coincidences"

MCGREW: Sure, I'm just going to sneak in two here: In John 13 we're told that Jesus got up after eating the Last Supper and washed the disciples' feet. It just sort of happens out of the blue. Reading only John, you might think that Jesus thought of this idea for no special reason, and it does raise the question, "Why did he do that just then?" If you go over to Luke 22, though, there is an explanation: It says that the disciples had been bickering at that very meal about who would be greatest in the kingdom. So the foot-washing in John is explained. Jesus was giving them an example of humility and service when they had just been competing and fighting. Luke never mentions the foot-washing, and John never mentions the argument. Those same two passages have a coincidence in the other direction. In Luke, Jesus scolds the disciples for bickering and says, of himself, that though he is their master, "I am among you as the one who serves." This is a slightly weird expression in Luke, because he hasn't done anything especially servant-like. But if you read about the foot-washing in John, you see that he has just dressed himself like a servant and washed their feet.

Yes, Childhood Sexual Abuse Often Does Contribute to Homosexuality | The Stream

Dr. Brown, I kind of adore you but you may be missing something. Numbers may not lie, but people do and numbers rely on true reporting for accuracy. I doubt you have ever been sexually abused. I certainly hope you never have been. I don’t want to burst any bubbles or maybe I do, but from someone who has been very inside all these issues and been very inside these alphabetical splinter groups of Americans, I can tell you I never met an actual homosexual who had no abusive past from their childhood. I did meet many (most) who would never tell those truths to anyone outside the community or any psychology or ministerial professionals. I would give anything to bring these confused people to the healing hands of Jesus and the pure love of The Father, but so far, that does not seem to be one of my gifts of communication. I do know that excluding the possibility that abuse is the root of perversion is to allow wiggle room for the victimized to think that maybe they are the ‘normal’ God-created homosexuals. God created men and women. Not gays and straights and certainly not one sex inside a different sex’s body.

The Stone and the Snake

My Father bade me come, and said,     “Ask me for what you need. And spread Before me all your heart. Seek me     For ev’ry true desire, and see If I will ever fail to love     You perfectly with treasures of My boundless store, my heart. And keep     On knocking. Though I do not sleep, I have my reasons for delay,     And I delight to hear you pray.

God Shines Most in Our Messiness

The gospel helps us to move from risk-adverse and messiness-avoiding people to those who lean into one another when the pain and confusion come. The gospel transforms naturally self-centered people into those who selflessly serve others. The gospel transforms, over time, a proud and arrogant man into a humble man willing to ask for help. The gospel turns an ingrown, self-absorbed group into one welcoming to the spiritual seeker. The gospel generates generosity in a community to help make the dream of adoption a reality for a couple. The gospel motivates a group to fold a widow in and become her new family. The gospel slowly mends a broken marriage through consistent Bible study, prayer, and encouragement.

Archbishop Welby: Church of England will let struggling cathdrals fail - Premier

In a letter to Guildford Council before their decision to reject the cathedral's development plans, the Archbishop said: "It is sometimes said that cathedrals are the Church of England's equivalent of the big banks - 'too big to fail' - and that the very serious financial straits that are one of the motivating factors for Guildford pursuing this application are not so serious because the central church would 'rescue' them before total collapse.

Christian aid worker freed in Sudan; pastor still behind bars - Premier

Christian aid worker Petr Jasek, who had been sentenced to 24 years in a Sudanese prison, has been released.

Is It OK for Married People to Text the Opposite Sex?

Now, if you want to get into the concept of intellectual or spiritual infidelity, the first thing you should be asking yourself isn't whether or not you should be texting members of the opposite sex, the first thing you should be asking is, "why did I put myself in this position?" Nine times out of ten, the answer is going to be that the relationship you're in with the person you're cheating on isn't what you thought it would be. It's not easy finding the type of person God meant for you to match up with. I'm 32 and I'm still looking (and no, my best friend isn't it; we'd rip each other's throats out). And the root cause of that is, you jumped in too early, thinking that this was going to be "the one," and as time has passed, you've realized that all the warning signs you ignored before are no longer ignorable. That's why the divorce rate is over 50%. Everyone wants someone to love, but no one is willing to wait for the RIGHT someone. My own parents found that out the hard way, so I've seen it firsthand. I wouldn't know what I'm talking about if that weren't the case, so I'm rather well-informed on the topic.

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Egyptian Exodus: 100 Christian Families Flee ISIS in Sinai Peninsula

Adel Shukrallah, responsible for youth ministry in the Evangelical Church of Ismailia, is heading the Protestant relief effort locally. Four compounds have been prepared to provide immediate shelter, while 28 families have been settled in furnished apartments rented by the church.

Am I Really Ready for Heaven?

The major question of life is: What must I do to be in Christ so that his life, his death counts for me? What must I do to be saved from my sins like this? What must I do to enjoy the hope of heaven and eternal life and joy in God’s presence like this? And the glorious, biblical, New Testament, gospel answer is: You don’t do anything to earn it. You don’t do anything to show yourself good enough to have it. Christ has already done what needs to be done. What we must do is stop doing in order to earn anything and, instead, receive. That is the key word. Receive Christ who did all the doing that had to be done as the foundation of our acceptance with God. Any doing that God expects of us now — and he does — any doing that God expects of us now is because we are accepted one hundred percent, not in order to be accepted one percent or any percent. We live out of our acceptance with God, which is through faith in Christ.

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The Case for Christ Simulcast Event - Powered by Infusionsoft

We hope you’ll join us by hosting this extraordinary free simulcast event or hosting it in your home for friends and family!

5 Ways Porn Lies To You - Tim Challies

T here’s a lot of porn in the world. When I first began to write the articles that would become Sexual Detox , this sin was still lurking in the shadows. Few people knew just how deep and deadly it was. Nearly a decade later, we get it. We know now that nearly every boy and a great many girls will be exposed to it, struggle with it, and even become addicted to it. So every now and again I like to return to the topic, hoping to offer hope. Today I find myself considering porn’s ugly lies. Sponsor Show Your Support Become a Patron

Tim Keller Stepping Down as Redeemer Senior Pastor

“I am honored to take my place in that strategy as a teacher and trainer, while also continuing to have a presence and teaching role in the three Redeemer churches,” Keller said in his statement. “The gospel is a living force, always sending and giving—and as I am sent in a new way now, so is every member of Redeemer, to love and serve this great city.”

37 931. The Chris Date Interview

Bobby interviews apologist Chris Date about his belief in annihilationism.

Religion NewsService on Twitter

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5 Things I Wish Christians Would Admit About the Bible

I totally disagree with the author of this article.The Bible is God in written form.Psalms 138:2 says,You have exalted your word above your name.Isaiah 55:11 says "so is my word that goes from my mouth:it will not return to me empty but will accomplish what I desire and achieve the purpose for which I sent it."If the Bible was just a collection of books why has it withstood the test of time?do you know of any other collection of books that makes men cry and women burned at the stake leaving their children behind?As an African believer this article appalls me.Part of the Bible was dictated by God.For this reason there are specific areas where God says'This is the word of the Lord that came to the prophet Isaiah etc.At the end of it all this article is just another opinion but the Bible ,is God's word whether you agree or not is irrelevant.

Netflix Just Announced Tracy Morgan's First Comedy Special Since His Huge Car Wreck

Now Netflix has announced a new stand-up special from Morgan called Staying Alive . This will he his first special since his brain injury and having to learn to walk again. His previous special, Bona Fide , premiered on Comedy Central less than two months before the accident. Staying Alive was filmed at the Count Basie Theatre in New Jersey, and it hits Netflix on May 16.

Word of Faith Fellowship (WOFF) | Apologetics Index

A local man is detailing what he says it was like to be a member of a large, controversial mountain church. Former Word of Faith Fellowship member John Huddle says that the church is a cult, which he escaped in 2008. “Locked In ” was released last week and gives Huddle’s account of moving his family from South Carolina to Spindale to become a member of WOFF in 2002. He says for the next six years church leaders used mind control and thought reform to keep he his family and other church members in line. Huddle also says that WOFF leaders created a list of 145 rules detailing what church members were not allowed to do. The list bans celebrating Christmas, wearing black tennis shoes, playing ping pong and drinking Cheerwine. “When you’re inside the group, you don’t concentrate on what you’re giving up, you concentrate on what you think you’re gaining, which is a relationship with God and God’s people and salvation,” said Huddle. “A lot of the restraints are out of fear, fear that you will lose your family, fear that you will lose your job, fear that you will lose your house.


Get more out of God's Word! The Bible is your bread and water and will sustain you for a lifetime of faithful service. But you have to do more than just read God’s Word! In this series, Pastor Rick walks through the steps of effective Bible study and application so that you can build your life on the solid foundation of God’s Word and let it change the way you live.

Legislators Are Right: Porn Is a Public Health Crisis don't see the connection between 2 hyper religious states, who refuse to put money into sex ed, and push the "sexual pleasure = sin" narrative, being huge porn consumers? Like, Xians made sex into something socially filthy, even though it's natural, so it only makes sense that when people start having natural urges they'll turn to filthy resources. If sex was addressed reasonably you wouldn't have people getting addicted to "DDD MILF'S Gone Wild" or whatever.

Company That Made Zyklon B for Nazi Holocaust Made RU 486 for Abortions |

Did you know? The company that provided Zyklon B for the Nazi holocaust later provided RU-486 for the American Holocaust.

What ‘Abstract’ Teaches Us About God’s Intention for Design and Art

In the series, Scher describes her creative process as starting from a point of breaking down her own self-awareness and allowing subconscious to take hold. That design occurs only in a space of play implies a need for some sort of carving out of one’s daily routine—or, as Eugene Peterson writes, an “uncluttered time and space in which we can distance ourselves from our own activities enough to see what God is doing.” Jesus describes this time and space, Sabbath, as a gift from God to mankind:

6 Organizations Helping Immigrants

And let’s not forget about one of the greatest organizations of all: community. Relationships with immigrants and refugees don’t always need to be brokered by a charitable organization. Look into your own neighborhood and reach out as an individual, family, church or workplace. You don’t need a program or accreditation to be a good neighbor.

How to Not Be Just a Consumer at Church

We all have times when we are searching for a church home. Our desire is that you find a place where you can connect, grow and engage with the Gospel. The Bible teaches the Church is for everyone. People say: “You don’t have to go to church to be a Christian.” Just like a fish doesn’t have to be in water to be a fish. What happens to the fish when it’s out of the water for very long? The same thing that happens to the Christian. The idea that you can be a Christian and not go to church is also wildly unbiblical. The Bible doesn’t just expect Christians to be devoted to the community of believers, the Bible assumes it.

Courts Split on US Christians Caught Up in Turkey's Crackdown

Brunson’s case is the most severe in a string of recent government actions against expat pastors—among thousands of journalists, teachers, and others arrested for suspected dissidence. Over the past year, multiple Christian leaders in Turkey faced deportation or were denied re-entry, including American street evangelist David Byle, as CT reported last year.

Dan Harmon Will Appear on the Season Finale of Ken Jeong’s ‘Dr. Ken’

The season finale of Dr. Ken is going to be so meta they should just title this episode, “Inception.” Except, instead of a dream within a dream, the episode titled “Ken’s Big Audition,” will be a show within a show.

Jesus Is Precious Because He Removes Our Guilt

First, all human beings are personally accountable to God for their sin (verse 19). Second, the resulting guilt of man and righteous indignation of God cannot be made right by works of the law (verse 20). Third, God, on his own initiative, set about to accomplish our justification by grace and offer it as a free gift (verses 21–24). Fourth, the way he did this was by sending his Son, Jesus, to redeem us by his death and to demonstrate the righteousness of God (verses 24–26). Finally, this gift of justification, the removal of our guilt and God’s wrath, comes only to those who trust in Jesus (verses 22, 25–26). I urge you on behalf of Christ, be reconciled to God (2 Corinthians 5:20). Turn away from all the intellectual, physical, and religious tactics the world uses to evade its guilt, and rest in Jesus. Jesus is precious because he alone removes our guilt.

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