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WORLD | Leviathan | Emily Belz | March 7, 2015

Leviathan, nominated for the Oscar for Best Foreign Film, falls easily in the lineage of spiritually infused Russian art: from the novels of Fyodor Dostoyevsky

With Richard Dawkins's Descent to a Figure of Fun, Atheism Has Lost Its Champion

Evolution News and Views (ENV) provides original reporting and analysis about the debate over intelligent design and evolution.

Russell Brand on the problem of porn | Think Christian

It’s not every day that a celebrity known for shocking behavior, tight pants and over-the-top comedy crafts a homily on the catastrophe that is modern-day porn culture. The fact that Russell Brand…

Truthbomb Apologetics: Movie Trailer: Mining for God

Welcome! It's been wisely stated that the way one answers the question, "Is there a God?" defines a life. Here at Truthbomb Apologetics we strive to offer apologetics resources to encourage and challenge both believer and unbeliever. Critical thinking is strongly encouraged, reason is a must, and all are welcomed!

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1 Book Review: Stealing from God: Why Atheists Need God to Make Their Case by Frank Turek - Apologetics 315

It was with great anticipation that I began reading Frank Turek’s latest book, Stealing from God: Why Atheists Need God to Make Their Case . It was just this past October I had the opportunity to hear Dr. Turek speak in Mt. Airy, MD on the topic of “Is Jesus Intolerant?” I walked away from that talk impressed with Turek’s ability to address culturally “hot button” issues with razor sharp logic coupled with winsome grace. I hoped that Turek’s book would offer more of the same and I wasn’t disappointed. Introduction From the very onset of the book, it is clear that Turek has the so-called “new atheists” in his crosshairs and his main contention is that “atheists are using aspects of reality to argue against God that wouldn’t exist if atheism were true. In other words, when atheists give arguments for their atheistic worldview, they are stealing from a theistic worldview to make their case. In effect, they are stealing from God in order to argue against Him.” [p. xviii] Strengths of the Book This reviewer found Stealing from God to be an absolute treat to read and I feel the space here inadequate to fully demonstrate the breadth and depth of topics covered in its pages.

2 Critical Questions | Reasonable Faith

Where am I coming from? I believe that the Christian Gospel of God's redeeming love is the greatest news ever announced, the only hope for a sick and dying world. I do not believe for a second that what I do creates division and anger. I find that many people are already angry quite independent of me, and an appeal to sweet reason to settle these important questions promotes constructive dialogue among persons of good will. If some people react to my arguments angrily and hatefully, that is their problem, not mine. As for concern about creating division, this becomes all too easily an excuse for mass-think and conformity. Christians are called not to conform to this world but to have the courage to stand up and be different. I am far more concerned about a church which is cowed by secularists into silence and cultural acquiescence than I am fearful of being divisive by standing up for the truth of the Gospel. I consider it to be a tremendous privilege to be alive and working at this time of a renaissance of Christian philosophy. It provides real hope of cultural change for the better as its influence filters down to popular culture in coming generations.

671. What Does It Mean To Be Spiritually Rich In Christ?

Bobby helps us to see how rich our spiritual inheritance is in Christ.

Truthbomb Apologetics: Article: “My Genes Made Me Do It”: Is Ethics Based on Biological Evolution? by Paul Copan

Article: “My Genes Made Me Do It”: Is Ethics Based on Biological Evolution? by Paul Copan

Faithful Thinkers: Homosexuality, Intolerance, and Mozilla

"Inclusivism" In The Tech Industry The last couple of weeks have seen some interesting controversy in the technology industry. Its not over technical standards or best practices, but rather over politics and worldviews. Recently Brendan Eich (former CTO of Mozilla- the creators of the Firefox web browser) was promoted to the position of CEO. Shortly after that it became known that he made a donation a few years ago to support the passing of Proposition 8 (a proposal to ban gay marriage) in California. This, of course, stirred much controversy around Eich and his political views. He and Stephen Shankland (CNET) discussed the potential effects this controversy could have on the Mozilla company here . Eich was careful to hold his ground while explaining that Mozilla has historically held inclusivism in high value. He pointed to the fact that Mozilla has international offices in parts of the world that generally disagree with the pro-homosexual position. Throughout the conversation Eich implied that Mozilla's inclusivism included those who dissented from the pro-gay lobby. He even said: "If Mozilla cannot continue to operate according to its principles of inclusiveness, where you can work on the mission no matter what your background or other beliefs, I think we'll probably fail.

Free Twitter Management Dashboard | Twitter Marketing Tool |

“Kiva uses to measure its impact and engagement on Twitter. But the service goes far beyond that. It gives us all the tools we need to listen to our most influential fans and followers..”

7 National Geographic Books | 1,000 Facts About the Bible

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You keep using that word.

"You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means."

End of the Earth

There are actually a few signs of habitation on the Greenland ice sheet. I chanced upon deserted radar stations like this one—a former missile-detection site—sitting below the snow line.

Obama's Escape from Planet Reality Just minutes after defending Islam in a speech about the beheading of James Foley by the Islamic State (ISIS, ISIL), President Barack Obama was back on the golf course. Reality doesn't seem to mean much nowadays.

Banjo-Free Mumford & Sons Plan Big Announcement for Monday

The Table of the Nations, the Tower of Babel, and the Marriage Supper of the Lamb: Part 2

“Then I saw in the right hand of him who was seated on the throne a scroll written within and on the back, sealed with seven seals. And I saw a mighty angel proclaiming with a loud voice, ‘Who is worthy to open the scroll and break its seals?’ And no one in heaven or on earth or under the earth was able to open the scroll or to look into it, and I began to weep loudly because no one was found worthy to open the scroll or to look into it. And one of the elders said to me, ‘Weep no more; behold, the Lion of the tribe of Judah, the Root of David, has conquered, so that he can open the scroll and its seven seals.’ And between the throne and the four living creatures and among the elders I saw a Lamb standing, as though it had been slain, with seven horns and with seven eyes, which are the seven spirits of God sent out into all the earth. And he went and took the scroll from the right hand of him who was seated on the throne. And when he had taken the scroll, the four living creatures and the twenty-four elders fell down before the Lamb, each holding a harp, and golden bowls full of incense, which are the prayers of the saints.

"I Feel Like Kony Won"

3 Things No One Told You About Trying to Succeed

4 Tips to Memorize (Almost) Anything

Tip #4 – Incorporate the “nook and cranny” method: This is a method for expanding the capacity of your memory palace without adding extra rooms. Rather than placing only one peg in each location, you’ll identify three to four areas – which we’ll refer to as “nook” – where you can place your images. For instance, if you use your kitchen as a location you could use the refrigerator (either inside or in front of), the pantry, and a counter space as a nook. Keep in mind that because you will be applying the Rule of Out of Proportion, the mental images will often be larger than would actually fit in the space of your nook. Don’t let that physical constraint concern you: unlike in the real world, your imaginary space will expand to fit the object. The important consideration is not what you choose as a nook, but that you’ve identified several areas in your location where you will be able to place your images. Be sure that you have a minimum of three nooks for every location. 


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CPAC 2015 Report Card: Walker Shines, Palin Fizzles

Overall: Passed on giving a speech in favor of pure Q. & A. with Laura Ingraham. Gingerly set up a contrast with Jeb Bush by casting his rival as a creation of the establishment, and poking him on immigration. In words and tone, conveyed a sense that he would be a warrior against Hillary Clinton, thus presenting a convincing case that the Bushes and the Clintons don’t scare him one bit. Also effectively made the claim that he isn’t daunted by his recent run of hard times by citing his past political successes against the odds and promising to fight for the nomination. Some might doubt, however, that Christie (former RGA chair) can carry the message of an outsider, anti-establishment figure. Despite a mostly conservative record, Christie is always playing an away game at CPAC. He left stronger than he came in, although—make no mistake—he’s still in a deep hole with the grassroots and most of the establishment.

More, But Not Less, Than a Carpenter

Think about it for a moment. The very One who was the master craftsman of the universe spent a great deal of time during his 33 years on earth crafting things with his hands. The One who had masterfully fashioned humans from the dust of the earth was making chairs for people to sit on in their houses. No doubt Jesus had strong, well-worn, callused hands. It is all too easy for us to overlook the fact that Jesus knew what it meant to get up and go to work every day. Jesus experienced both the exhilaration and exhaustion of putting in a hard day’s work. Jesus faced work and a workplace profoundly affected by sin. I am sure Jesus dealt with difficult and demanding people in the workplace who complained about this and that. I am also confident that the sinless Son of Man not only modeled humility in the workplace, but also maintained a teachable spirit as he served under the tutelage of Joseph, his human guardian father. I doubt if Joseph was the perfect boss. I have yet to meet a perfect boss, and when I look into my mirror each morning, I see anything but a perfect boss.


The mission, passion and purpose of Ligonier Ministries is to proclaim the holiness of God in all its fullness to as many people as possible. Your gift enables our worldwide outreach. Donate Now

Prominent Chinese Christian Convert Accuses Another of Rape

Four years ago, Chai Ling, a leader in China's 1989 democracy movement, accused Yuan Zhiming, a dissident and a doctoral student at People's University, Beijing, in 1989, of raping her in her Princeton, New Jersey, apartment in 1990. Neither was a Christian at the time of the alleged assault, which occurred while Princeton University hosted them under an initiative for Chinese student dissidents.

Amidst backlash, Dawkins doubles down on Down syndrome: ‘moral’ choice is to abort

Results reveal that, on eight out of twelve psychometric measures, the risk of clinical emotional problems, developmental problems, or use of mental health treatment services is nearly double among those with same-sex parents when contrasted with children of opposite-sex parents. The estimate of serious child emotional problems in children with same-sex parents is 17 percent, compared with 7 percent among opposite-sex parents, after adjusting for age, race, gender, and parent’s education and income. Rates of ADHD were higher as well—15.5 compared to 7.1 percent. The same is true for learning disabilities: 14.1 vs. 8 percent.

Taking Human Trafficking Awareness to the Next Level

The Word-less "Church"

What has gone wrong? At the heart of the mess is a simple phenomenon: the churches seem to have lost a love for and confidence in the Word of God. They still carry Bibles and declare the authority of the Scriptures. They still have sermons based on Bible verses and still have Bible study classes. But not much of the Bible is actually read in their services. Their sermons and studies usually do not examine the Bible to see what it thinks is important for the people of God. Increasingly they treat the Bible as tidbits of poetic inspiration, of pop psychology, and of self-help advice. Congregations where the Bible is ignored or abused are in the gravest peril. Churches that depart from the Word will soon find that God has departed from them.

Fireworks And Brimstone: The Personal God Of Katy Perry

Perry regularly incorporates her religious background into her public persona, whether she’s performing or on the red carpet or writing song lyrics. Rather than run from questions of faith, she embraces them in the same way she responds to queries about her family — with nuance. Her songs often point to what evangelicals would call “a hunger for something more,” whether it be the deep questioning from “Lost” (“So if I pray, am I just sending words into outer space?”), the Biblical reference in “Who Am I Living For?” (“So I pray for a favor like Esther/ I need your strength to handle the pressure”), or the sexual overtones of “Spiritual” (“Lost in sweet ecstasy/ Found a nirvana finally”). She has managed to integrate prayer and meditation, speaking in tongues and singing to arenas, support for LGBT rights and an open line to a personal God.

Shining a Light on Slavery at RZIM and Wellspring | Wellspring International

“Human trafficking is ultimately a reflection of the darkness and even the horrors found within the human heart. Until that issue is addressed, I think we will be at battle with its tragic symptoms, including various forms of modern slavery.” Naomi Zacharias, Director of Wellspring International, the humanitarian arm of Ravi Zacharias International Ministries.

Michael Brown - My Gender Is 'Fill In The Blank'

Now that Time Magazine has told us that transgender is the new black , I’m going to say something politically incorrect: Your gender is not whatever you think it is. Put another way, there is no such thing as, “My gender is ‘fill in the blank.’”

We Are More Than '21'

To be quite honest, we share far more in common with Latin American and African American believers in this country than we do with the Coptic church. Our theologies are more aligned, and we are physical neighbors with one another. So if we can rightly offer our full-throated support for the “21,” then I implore us to also stand with believers in our own country, not because we are culturally or politically identical to them, but because we are spiritually connected with them. In truth, we are not just the “21.” We are the “22” and the “23,” the “100” and the “100,000,000”. Persecution reminds us that the eternal family of Christ is unified not by uniformity, but by the name of “Jesús,” “Yeshua,” “예수,” the name which we hold above all other names. We should never forget this important, and costly, lesson.

Fazale Rana on Twitter

Why the retina is wired backwards:  Maybe it isn't such a bad design after all, Richard Dawkins

Christianity Today Announces Redeeming Work Portland, Pittsburgh, and LA

The Redeeming Work events are a result of a nationwide listening tour that uncovered an important fact—millennials are increasingly postponing marriage and look to their work for a sense of identity. At the same time very few millennials felt that the church saw work as an emphasis of the Christian life. Each event lays out a biblical vision for work and speaks directly to what pastors and leaders can do to incorporate faith and work into the life of their church.

Heath Lambert Addressing Parenting in a Hyper-Sexualized Culture

The issue of how you shepherd your children in a hyper-sexualized culture is what keeps me up at night, quite literally. I have three kids: a nine year-old boy, a four year-old boy and a six year-old daughter. I walk into their rooms and pray for them almost every night before I go to bed. And there are many things I pray for them. I pray that they will love the gospel, will love the Bible, will walk with Jesus; yet the thing I pray for almost every night is that the Lord would protect them from this pornographic culture that has a bull’s-eye on their head. I think the first thing you have to do is pray for your kids. There are so many forces after our kids and we have no control over most of those forces. As far as ministering to our children is concerned, there are a few things my wife and I do. And I don’t think I have all this figured out, so ask me again in ten to fifteen years and maybe I’ll have something more to say.  But, here are the main things we are doing:

Sean McDowell on Twitter

Quick pic of a Harvard bathroom stall door with some commentary about God. Sent to me by a friend.

Now Head Transplants? Onward and Upward with Transhumanism

It's unclear what the indication for the surgery would be, and cutting off a person's head and grafting it onto a body would create a quadriplegic. I know of no medical condition, even terminal conditions, in which the deliberate imposition of quadriplegia on a person would be acceptable. For example, if a patient has a malignant cervical spinal cord tumor that can't be selectively removed, the condition could be treated with removal of the entire spinal cord, but that is never done, because it is generally agreed that making someone completely paralyzed deliberately is never medically indicated, even if ostensibly to save life.

TGC Spotlight 02.27.15

Samantha Elauf was apprehensive to interview for a sales job at retailer Abercrombie & Fitch in 2008 because the 17 year old wore a headscarf in accordance with her Muslim faith. But a friend of hers, who worked at the store, said he didn’t think it would be a problem as long as the headscarf wasn’t black because the store doesn’t sell black clothes.

Evangelical Syncretism: Seeker vs. Sinner

send to a friend #13  Posted by Misty Groves  |  Saturday, February 28, 2015at 2:52 AM I attend a church of Christ congregation and so as you may be aware, the idea of man's total depravity is not a theological point that our congregants focus upon. But I am trying to more fully understand what God's Word says and so I appreciate the Grace to You website. I guess you could say that I am a seeker, but just a different kind of seeker than what this article is describing. Within the church of Christ, our children learn what has been labeled as "The Plan of Salvation" which is hear, believe, repent, confess, and be baptized. If I understand correctly, I think that is more of a response to the question, "What must I do to be saved?" But personally, I feel that John 3:16 is truly God's plan of salvation. I believe God's plan of salvation is all about what Jesus did on our behalf (his substitutionary atonement) because we can not save ourselves.

35 Can We Prove God Without the Bible?

But if the universe were just a random cosmic accident, there is no reason for it to follow certain laws, nor should there be any reason we could understand any of it. There is no way for a naturalist to explain why these laws exist or where they came from. And to just say, “That’s just how it happened” is to take a great leap of blind faith. Thus, both the Christian and the non-Christian must place their faith somewhere as a starting point; we choose to put our faith in God’s revealed, perfect Word. For more information on this topic, see Atheism: An Irrational Worldview ; God & Natural Law ; and A Reader Challenges Our Claim of a Logical, God-Created Universe .

Can Busyness be a Key to Christian Spirituality? |

Of course, busyness for the sake of busyness, or busyness as spiritual performance, is a problem adversely affecting many people’s spiritual lives. Some of what we call busyness is actually idleness. I am not completely sure what Farmville is, but I am confident that raising fake computer crops should not be understood as being busy. But, it is also true that thinking spirituality is exclusively cultivated in solitude and rightly evaluated by our feelings is a problem as well. Jesus told his disciples, “Take up your cross and follow me.” The pattern of teaching we see in in Jesus’s instruction involves both missional activity that leads to reflection and gospel reflection that is lived out in the real world. Learning to walk in line with the gospel involves a reciprocal relationship of reflecting and doing.

The Gospel Coalition on Twitter

John Piper: “Oh, how rare are the Christians who speak with a tender heart and have a theological backbone of steel.”

38 Is the Cause of the Universe an Uncaused, Personal Creator of the Universe | Reasonable Faith

6. Finally, your use of the Islamic principle of determination, which states that only a libertarian agent (or particularizer) willing the creation of the universe from eternity can explain why the universe began to exist rather than not exist, to prove that the cause of the universe is personal is flawed. First and foremost, we parsimoniously should accept by Occam's Razor the initial big bang singularity as the cause of the universe rather than extending the causal chain further to God. Now, you cannot appeal to the principle of determination to refute the singularity's being the ultimate cause of the universe because it does not operate as a mechanical set of necessary and sufficient conditions. Rather, it is, to quote Greg Scorzo, "a lawless and indeterministic point which can potentially emit any configuration of particles at any time with equal likelihood." To be fair, though, you reject the existence of the singularity, saying in your book with Quentin Smith that it is ontologically equivalent to nothing and that "an object that has no spatial dimensions and no temporal duration hardly seems to qualify as a physical object at all, but is rather a mathematical conceptualization" (199).

Jeb Bush's bussed-in supporters applaud driver's licenses and in-state tuition for illegals

He faced questions about his tenure as governor of Florida, when he tried to provide driver’s licenses to illegal immigrants and, later, supported letting undocumented students pay in-state tuition at state colleges.

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A love letter for you The words of this letter come from the Bible and have already changed thousands of lives all around the world. They come directly from the heart of God, the Father who loves you. The Father’s love letter  »

God Does Exist: Applied Apologetics: The Bible or the Qur’an: There's No Comparison

Weakness is the Way by J. I. Packer

J. I. Packer helps Christians to embrace weakness as he shares about his own struggles in this book of meditations on 2 Corinthians. Ultimately, Packer directs us to the ultimate source of strength and power: Christ himself.

Conference Scholarships Boyce/SBTS Campus Students

As a Boyce/SBTS student taking classes on campus, you have the opportunity to attend one of these conferences for free each semester. These are called “conference scholarships” and are renewed each semester a student is enrolled on-campus during the regular semester (this includes D.Min. students but excludes extension center and online students). The scholarships are limited in number and are first-come, first-serve.


Under the editorial oversight of pastor John MacArthur, this anthology of essays in defense of inerrancy features contributions from a host of respected twentieth century evangelical leaders.  The Scripture Cannot Be Broken stands as a clarion call to all who love the Bible and want to see Christ’s church thrive in our increasingly secular world. It is a call to stand alongside our spiritual forefathers with wisdom, clarity, and courage—resolute in our confidence that Scripture is the very Word of God.


Selenium (Se) undergoes redox transformations and isotopic fractionations at relatively high redox potentials and could therefore provide insight into changes in oceanic and atmospheric O 2 levels over Earth’s history. We test this idea with Se data from the 2.5 Ga Mount McRae Shale (Hamersley Basin, Australia), which records temporary enrichments in abundances and isotopes of other redox-sensitive elements indicating a “whiff of oxygen” in Earth’s atmosphere before the Great Oxidation Event. Se isotopic ratios expressed as δ 82/78 Se and abundances relative to crustal background show significant positive excursions of up to 1.1‰ and an enrichment 13 times above background, respectively, overlapping with excursions in Mo and N isotopes and abundances. Because Se has a relatively high redox potential and photosynthetic oxidation pathways are unknown, our data thus suggest that Se was mobilized by free O 2 during this interval. The isotopic fractionation likely occurred during transport of Se oxyanions from the site of weathering to the outer shelf.

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What have great theologians taught about God's Church? Download a free e-book sampler:


The genesis of continental collision-related porphyry Cu deposits (PCDs) remains controversial. The most common hypothesis links their genesis with magmas derived from subduction-modified arc lithosphere. However, it is unclear whether a genetic linkage exists between collision- and subduction-related PCDs. Here, we studied Jurassic subduction-related Cu-Au and Miocene collision-related Cu-Mo porphyry deposits in south Tibet. The Jurassic PCDs occur only in the western segment of the Jurassic arc, which has depleted mantle-like isotopic compositions [e.g., ( 87 Sr/ 86 Sr) i = 0.7041–0.7048; ε Nd(t) as high as 7.5, and ε Hf(t) as high as 18]. By contrast, no Jurassic PCDs have been found in the eastern arc segment, which is isotopically less juvenile [e.g., ( 87 Sr/ 86 Sr) i = 0.7041–0.7063, ε Nd(t) < 4.5, and ε Hf(t) ≤ 12]. These results imply that incorporation of crustal components during underplating of Jurassic magma induced copper accumulation as sulfides at the base of the eastern Jurassic arc, inhibiting PCD formation at this time.


Moderate to large earthquakes can increase the amount of water flowing in streams. Previous interpretations and models assume that the extra water originates in the saturated zone. Here we show that earthquakes may also release water from the unsaturated zone when the seismic energy is sufficient to overcome the threshold of soil water retention. Soil water may then be released into aquifers, increasing streamflow. After the M8.8 Maule, Chile, earthquake, the discharge in some headwater catchments of the Chilean coastal range increased, and the amount of extra water in the discharge was similar to the total amount of water available for release from the unsaturated zone. Assuming rapid recharge of this water to the water table, a groundwater flow model that accounts for evapotranspiration and water released from soils can reproduce the increase in discharge as well as the enhanced diurnal discharge variations observed after the earthquake.

Christian Thinkers Society with Professor William Lane Craig and Dr. Jeremiah Johnston

Christian Thinkers Society with Professor William Lane Craig and Dr. Jeremiah Johnston

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