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Tips for Presenting the Evidence for Christianity (Cold Case Christianity Broadcast #103) | Cold Case Christianity

What can we glean from professional "evidence presenters" in criminal trials that might help us present the evidence fairly and convincingly?

Billy Graham (1918-2018): The most influential evangelist of our time - Premier Christianity

Following the news that the world's most well known evangelist Billy Graham has died, David Barnes reflects on his long life 

Billy Graham (1918-2018): The most influential evangelist of our time - Premier Christianity

Following the news that the world's most well known evangelist Billy Graham has died, David Barnes reflects on his long life 

Billy Graham (1918-2018): The most influential evangelist of our time - Premier Christianity

Following the news that the world's most well known evangelist Billy Graham has died, David Barnes reflects on his long life 

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Who Created God? | Cold Case Christianity

Richard Dawkins, the famous English evolutionary biologist and renowned atheist, revived an objection related to God’s existence in his book, The God Delusion. In the fourth chapter (Why There Almost Certainly Is No God), Dawkins wrote, “…the designer hypothesis immediately raises the larger problem of who designed the designer. The whole problem we started out with was the problem of explaining statistical improbability. It is obviously no solution to postulate something even more improbable.” In essence, Dawkins offered a restatement of the classic question, “Who created God?” On its face, this seems to be a reasonable question. Christians, after all, claim God created everything we see in our universe (all space, time and matter); He is the cause of our caused cosmos. Skeptics fail to see this as a satisfactory explanation, however, because it seems to beg the question, “If God, created the universe, who (or what) created God?”

Christian Apologetics: Who Needs It?

I am honored and deeply humbled by the privilege of being invited to give the Stob Lectures this year. Indeed, I’m a bit embarrassed by all the fuss you’ve made. There’s a temptation to try to justify one’s selection as the Stob lecturer by giving some hopefully impressive, scholarly pair of lectures. But a phone call from President Plantinga made it quite clear to me that such was consistent with neither the intended purpose nor the audience of these lectures. I had thought to speak on some key topics in Christian philosophical theology. But President Plantinga encouraged me instead to address the question of Christian apologetics, a topic apparently dear to the heart of Henry Stob but somewhat neglected in recent years. He encouraged me to draw upon my years of experience as a Christian apologist to share some very practical thoughts on this discipline. So that is what I’ve decided to do.

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“Someday you will read or hear that Billy Graham is dead. Don’t you believe a word of it. I shall be more alive than I am now. I will just have changed my address. I will have gone into the presence of God.” …

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Are you bringing your team? Learn more about #CatalystOneDay Austin -->  Join @craiggroeschel , @LysaTerKeurst and Chris Hodges as we lean in how to lead change on March 6th! Early Bird deadline for the lowest rates ends February 22nd.

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Today we mourn the loss of Billy Graham, Southern Baptist preacher and evangelist.

What Christians Are Saying about the Late, Great Billy Graham

Perhaps the most significant religious figure of the 20th century, Billy Graham (1918-2018) was the country's best-known evangelist and the founder of Christianity Today.

Premier Drive - Premier Christian Radio

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The Rev. Billy Graham, prominent Christian evangelist, dead at 99

The Rev. Billy Graham , the Christian evangelist whose worldwide crusades and role as adviser to decades of U.S. presidents made him one of the best known religious figures of his time, died Wednesday at age 99 at his home in Montreat, N.C, Todd Shearer of DeMoss Associates told Fox News.

Coming Soon! Update to The Creator and the Cosmos. Interview with Hugh Ross.

DR. ROSS: This updated edition took 2.5 years of research and writing on my part and another 9 months of editing and publication preparation on the part of our RTB Press staff. I spent a whole year surveying the scientific literature and synthesizing from what I read the latest new scientific evidences for the God of the Bible as well as objections raised by non-theistic scientists. During the subsequent 6 months, I developed several talks based on what I had discovered and delivered those talks in front of both scientific audiences and non-scientific audiences as a means for soliciting critique and feedback. The next year I spent writing the fourth edition, making frequent revisions in light of newer discoveries and comments I had received from scientists and theologians who reviewed the early manuscripts. The next 9 months I spent working with our editorial staff on enhancing the book’s readability for lay audiences and creating the book’s figures, diagrams, tables, and index.

The Gnostic Gospels: Are They Authentic? - Christian Research Institute

In the first installment of this two-part series, I outlined the stark contrasts between the gnostic Jesus and “the Word become flesh.” These respective views of Jesus are lodged within mutually exclusive world views concerning claims about God, the universe, humanity, and salvation. But our next line of inquiry is to be historical. Do we have a clue as to what Jesus, the Man from Nazareth, actually did and said as a player in space-time history? Should such gnostic documents as the Gospel of Thomas capture our attention as a reliable report of the mind of Jesus, or does the Son of Man of the biblical Gospels speak with the authentic voice? Or must we remain in utter agnosticism about the historical Jesus? Unless we are content to chronicle a cacophony of conflicting views of Jesus based on pure speculation or passionate whimsy, historical investigation is non-negotiable. Christianity has always been a historical religion and any serious challenge to its legitimacy must attend to that fact. Its central claims are rooted in events, not just ideas; in people, not just principles; in revelation, not speculation; in incarnation, not abstraction.

What did MLK Jr. say about Billy Graham? He called his ministry a crutch to his own.

King once said of Graham, “Had it not been for the ministry of my good friend Dr. Billy Graham, my work in the Civil Rights Movement would not have been as successful as it has been.”

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What made Billy Graham one of the most significant Christian evangelists? "He was able to use technologies that simply weren't available at any other time in history...he was always a step ahead of everyone else but always getting back to that old time message," says @drmoore

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Billy Graham (1918–2018) died this morning at the age of 99. He once told us how we should think when we hear that news about him. …

12 Tributes to Billy Graham: 'The Finest Man I Ever Knew'

"Billy Graham was a great man because he understood that every person who ever lived was a sinner in need of a Savior. And with love and compassion for lost people like we all are or were, Billy Graham told us the Good News that Jesus came to save sinners."

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Today is a special edition of #InspirationalBreakfast as we celebrate the life and legacy of Rev Billy Graham. Hear from friends, family & colleagues across the show and tributes from @Canonjjohn & @stuartbriscoe . Tune in 7.30 @PremierRadio

Rethinking Our Apologetics: Does Atheism Take More Faith?

This is a rhetoric that many apologists use when confronting atheists. The idea is that since the atheist lacks evidence for his position, he needs more faith to make up the difference. But I think this portrays faith in a confusing and unhelpful way for three reasons.

Does Evidence Take Away from the Bible's Authority?

Christians have always been extremely wary of holding anything, such as philosophy or “reason” or evidence, as an authority over Scripture. It is sometimes argued that if one appeals to something as a reason to believe Scripture, then that thing becomes one’s authority. But, for the Christian, nothing can stand in authority over Scripture. Thus, we cannot use reason and evidence as our basis for believing the claims of Scripture.

Midweek Apologetics Hit & Misc: Truths on The Human Right

Christians today are facing more challenges than ever. The Poached Egg exists to equip Christians to meet those challenges and be more confident in their faith and become more effective witnesses for Christ. If you find these articles and posts useful, please consider partnering with me in 2018 to continue this work that God has laid on my heart. As someone once said, the Gospel is free, but someone has to pay for the plumbing. You can become a monthly partner for just as little as $5 a month (that’s only $60 a year), the price of a gourmet cup of coffee. Special one time gifts are welcome and encouraged as well. Will you help?

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Chuck Colson: "It turns out the man who witnessed to me, Tom Phillips, had been converted at a #BillyGraham Crusade in New York City in 1968... Phillips shared his faith with me at the darkest moment of my life... This is how the Gospel spreads, Graham to Phillips to Colson."

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#TheSift : Former @realDonaldTrump campaign aid plans guilty plea in Mueller probe …

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#TheSift : Photos show Myanmar razed Rohingya villages to the ground … @onize_ohiks

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Nigerian officials dispute rescue of kidnapped girls … #TheSift @onize_ohiks

18 Reasons Christian Leaders Should Be Apologists

1. Just as theology flows naturally from worship and confession, apologetics is the natural outcome of evangelism. At some point the Christian moves from proclaiming the Gospel to persuading the unbeliever; once this move takes place, the Christian has moved from evangelism to apologetics. In any case, the unbeliever will soon ask “why should I take anything you say seriously?” The Christian will have to state some reason for the hope that is within him; so his answer had better be good.

In Memory of Billy Graham

Famed preacher and evangelist Billy Graham passed away yesterday. Rev. Graham had dealt with a number of illnesses in his last years, including prostate cancer, hydrocephalus (a buildup of fluid in the brain) and symptoms of Parkinson’s disease.

Friday, February 23, 2018 — The Briefing

27 The TC Apologetics Daily

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So members of the public can pay their respects, the late Rev. Billy Graham will lie in honor in the U.S. Capitol Rotunda from Feb. 28 to March 1. For more information: 

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What was Billy Graham's best trait? His daughter, Anne Graham Lotz shares her thoughts.  #RevBillyGraham #BillyGraham #BillyGrahamCrusade #RIPBillyGraham

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Join us for Westminster’s 2018 Missions Conference featuring keynote speaker, Dr. Lloyd Kim, Coordinator of Mission to the World. Early bird discount ends March 1. Register today: 

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Welcome home Billy! Well done good & faithful servant

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God raised Billy Graham up at a specific time and specific place to exalt Jesus. This Christian hero came to Jesus “just as he was,” and he dedicated his entire life to telling others that, really, that’s the only way for any of us to come to Jesus:

Someday You Will Read or Hear That Billy Graham Didn’t Really Say That

Some day you will read in the papers that D. L. Moody, of East Northfield, is dead. Don’t you believe a word of it! At that moment I shall be more alive than I am now. I shall have gone up higher, that is all; out of this old clay tenement into a house that is immortal—a body that death cannot touch; that sin cannot taint; a body fashioned like unto His glorious body.

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Christianity Today shares an in-depth look at the incredible life of faith Billy Graham led and the global impact of his lifelong service and leadership: … #BillyGraham #Leadership #Service

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The late Billy Graham preached the gospel to more live audiences than anyone in history—nearly 215 million individuals in more than 185 countries and territories …

Why Faith in God Is Not Stupid

How do we know God exists? The go-to Sunday School answer is faith, but is that really a legitimate way to know? Is there any difference between having faith in the God of the Bible or faith in the Flying Spaghetti Monster? Is faith just choosing something to believe in even if there is no evidence or logic to prove it? These and similar questions are often posed as a challenge to Christianity. To answer these questions, I want to go behind these objections and begin by tackling the underlying question: how can we know anything? Many men and women have wrestled with this question throughout history. Generally speaking, responses can be lumped into one of three categories.

Fear Not Ecclesiastes

Fourth, Ecclesiastes must be understood within its genre. It is wisdom literature , along with Job and Proverbs. [ii] These books read differently than a Gospel or a letter of Paul. See for yourself. Wisdom literature gives us personal reflections rather than a systematic account of a subject. It is usually written in the form of poetry. Much is expressed in memorable proverbs or sayings, such as “the more words, the less meaning and how does it profit anyone? (Ecclesiastes 6:11)” and “better a live dog than a dead lion” (9:4). However, wisdom literature is never false or misleading. I simply must be read in the right way. For example, when the Preacher of Ecclesiastes says, “So I hated life, because the work that is done under the sun was grievous to me. All of it is meaningless, a chasing after the wind: (2:19),” he is voicing part of his quest for wisdom. He is not advocating that everyone hate life! The Preacher is not done with his quest for wisdom. Ecclesiastes should be experienced within its proper genre. In fact, we should be glad that God revealed truth through so many genres.

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Silly Atheists Shredded by Numerous Proofs for God's Existence

A list of Numerous Proofs for God's Existence with an exposition on two potent proofs. Discover how easy it is to defeat atheism.

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"Billy Graham was perhaps the most significant religious figure of the 20th century, and the organizations and the movement he helped spawn continue to shape the 21st." @CTmagazine …

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The new youth Evidence for Faith 6-part apologetics series is now available online with @DownloadYM


Lydia McGrew's stunning, refreshing, rigorous, and powerful 2017 book, "Hidden in Plain View," is worth the read for anyone who cares about New Testament historicity:  #theology #apologetics #gospels #BookOfActs #NTScholars

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Why am I skeptical of the claim that evolutionary mechanisms can explain the origin, design, and history of life? Because of failed predictions. For example: How are Sea Slugs a Failed Prediction of the Evolutionary Paradigm? …

Knock 'Em Down Brown in Action at Brownsville!

In this historical footage from the Brownsville "Revival" we see Dr. Michael Brown literally pushing people's heads down in order for them to collapse under the weighty presence of the Holy Spirit. Is it any wonder why Dr. Brown doesn't speak out against Toronto, Benny Hinn, Rodney Howard Brown, Jennifer LeClaire and others?

A Tribute to Billy Graham

On February 21, 2018, God called Billy Graham home at age 99. Mr. Graham once said, "When we reach the end of our earthly journey, we will have just begun." Now, he is in the presence of the Lord. Watch and share this tribute to his life and legacy. You can also follow updates at Thank you for your thoughts and prayers.

Colson Center on Twitter

One of the great questions people have about Christianity is why a good God allows suffering. Victor Marx has a personal answer to that question. “The worst things in my life,” he says, “the greatest injustices, have actually been turned around for good.” 

50 Alleged Bible Contradictions Refuted

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