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Be Strong and Courageous in Jesus

God not only encourages his people to be fearless; he commands it. God is most glorified in us when we are most dependent on his strength, not our own.

Watch Daisy Ridley *Not* Give Away 'Star Wars VIII' Secrets

Comedian and actor Josh Gad wants some inside information on the upcoming Star Wars Episode VIII, and Daisy Ridley—the actress who plays Rey, the character at the center of the new Star Wars films—will not tell him anything. So he gathered some of his celebrity friends to put the pressure on. It doesn't help, but it's a lot of fun.

Lecrae's New Song 'The River of Jordan' Explores Losing Religion and Finding God

Atlantic Records just released a song from Lecrae off the soundtrack of the upcoming film adaptation of The Shack. The rapper collaborates with Breyan Isaac on "The River of Jordan," which ends up being an intimate track about the pressure off organized religion contrasted against the freedom of actually knowing God. The song's content can feel heavy, but it keeps hopeful twist. Here's how he concludes: I lost my religion but I found God Sounds odd but I’m better at seeing how far did I come from the dark is the nights to the light irregardless of all of my many flaws

Islamic State release video calling for slaughter of Egyptian Christians - Premier

Islamic State has released a video calling for the slaughter of Egyptian Christians and featuring apparent footage of the suicide bomber responsible for the death of 29 worshippers at a church in December.

Let’s Be Rich Toward God

The movement of your money expresses the movement of your heart. Where your treasure is, your heart will be also.

Obama Unilaterally Rewrites Law, Imposes Transgender Policy on Nation’s Schools

The Obama administration explicitly rejects compromises such as single-occupancy facilities.

Why Is It Important for Young Christians to Be Able to Make the Case for Christianity? (Video) | Cold Case Christianity

J. Warner Wallace discusses the importance of Christian Case Making for young Christians who are challenged about their beliefs

What the Mortis Triad Tells Us About the Death of Jesus (Video) | Cold Case Christianity

J. Warner discusses the “Mortis Triad” and the evidence surrounding the death of Jesus on the cross.

Listen to an Excerpt from the New Darwin's Doubt Audiobook

Evolution News and Views (ENV) provides original reporting and analysis about the debate over intelligent design and evolution.

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It is Outrageous for the Government to Force Christians to Violate Their Faith | The Stream

I have an honest question based on my desire to effectively discuss this issue with people who are on the other side of it from me. The title of the article reads, “It is Outrageous for the Government to Force Christians to Violate Their Faith”. I agree! And I really appreciate this article. My question is though, what about religions that allow for polygamy? Did the government not force the Mormons to abandon polygamy against their faith? As an evangelical Christian I have no problem with that prohibition based on my understanding of marriage. Can they prohibition forced upon them be included in the outrage of what’s happening with florists and bakers etc today? I know this is not an issue of service to a customer, but does it fall into the category of a religious belief being trampled?

Resurrection of Jesus Christ Biblical Extra-biblical Evidences

The Bible is the Word of God, so it is accurate in all it affirms. Since it tells us Jesus rose from the dead, we can have complete confidence that He did. What many people fail to recognize is that even when we use the critics’ and skeptics’ own criteria, the most reasonable conclusion is the same: Jesus rose from the dead. That is, even if we did not presume biblical authority and treated the New Testament as unbelieving historians do, the bodily Resurrection of Jesus is the only explanation that matches all the accepted facts. One point will become rather obvious throughout this study: these people simply have an anti-supernatural bias, or more accurately, an anti-Christian bias. Thus, they have developed absurd positions in efforts to explain away the only reasonable conclusion that can be derived from the facts. So what are these facts?

It’s a Wonderful Time to Be Christian

Black brothers and sisters , I encourage you toward a resilient faith. Many of your forefathers endured oppression, were denied membership in white churches, and grew despite a lack of access to theological education. We need to see that resilience now. Systems of injustice will not be corrected overnight, which means that testing will continue. But as tests come, please ensure that your hearts are being purified and not petrified. White Christians are not your enemy. Jesus says they are family. The Lord calls us to “hope” all things, including the best in fellow believers, even when we hurt, confuse, or disappoint each other.


It’s not what you don’t know that is the always the problem; the problem is often what you think you know that really ain’t so! You don’t think you need apologetics? Well, guess what people are thinking when they hear you’re a Christian: 1. Christians are intolerant hypocrites! 2. Faith is all about believing what you know ain’t true. Faith is blind. 3. The Bible is full of contradictions. 4. Christianity is the religion of No: Don’t do this, don’t do that. No Fun! 5. Christianity is just to keep people in line... ...and the list goes on. Make sure you listen to this podcast and learn how apologetics can help us be better evangelists!

Watch The Case for Christ Movie Trailer | Pure Flix Entertainment

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Defending the faith: Ratio Christi brings Christian discussion to ASU

Making the advancement from high school to college is a major change to the lives of millions of young people each year. Students are thrust into a new atmosphere, and the change can seem overwhelming.

Jews Come Home to Jesus

But neither Jesus nor his apostles taught that this priority meant Israel would be rescued from judgment in spite of turning away from Jesus. Jesus did not come as one among many ways to God. He came as the true and only Jewish Messiah and Mediator between God and man. “I am the way, and the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me” (John 14:6). And he taught plainly that to reject him was to reject God. Accepting him was the litmus test of whether anyone’s claim to know God was real. For example, he said,

The Briefing 02-20-17 -

This is an edited transcript of The Briefing podcast from early Thursday morning, January 8, 2015. The war on terror took on a savage new face…

Darwinists and the Fossil Record: Missing a Few Marbles

Neo-Darwinism leads us to expect more than just change over time in the fossil record. It anticipates a fossil pattern of very, very gradual evolution of new forms -- evolution by tiny steps. On Darwinian grounds we should expect to find this pattern even given our highly incomplete fossil record. Instead the pattern we find is sudden appearance and stasis, sudden appearance and stasis, and precious little transition. Charles Darwin himself admitted that this pattern, particularly in the Cambrian explosion, posed a serious challenge to his theory.

Case-Making 101: The Christian Worldview and the problem of doubt, evil and suffering

What do you do when you have questions and doubts about God or your faith? Questions can be good if it moves us forward to finding answers. I had a lot of questions about Christianity and I did not do anything about that for years except to become a doubtful skeptic. Doubt because of unanswered questions can be a terrible thing if it causes us to settle into apathy or worse.

How to Make America Great Again

Tomorrow is Inauguration Day here in the United States. On this day President-elect Donald Trump will become President Trump. He has promised to make America great again. Well, God’s Word tells us exactly how to do that!

Biola University (@biolauniversity) • Instagram photos and videos

Stop Calling Everything a Bible Study

Using a term too generally can cause greater misunderstanding than simply serving someone the wrong drink. Take, for example, the term “Bible study” as it is often used in the local church. On the typical church website, it’s not uncommon to find classes on marriage, finances, parenting, prayer, and books of the Bible all listed as “Bible studies.”

Answering a Prayer Meme

I will confess that I generally detest Christian and atheist memes.  More often than not, they misrepresent the view they are usually ridiculing and only serve to take cheap shots at the opposition. For example, consider the meme pictured in this post regarding prayer.  It would have the reader believe that it is absurd for the believer to pray because, after all, "God has an unalterable and perfect plan for every person...!"  So it seems to follow that there is no point in praying!  You see how dumb those believers are? Now, I wouldn't be so shocked at this incredibly shallow shot across the bow if it were not for the generally high amount of confidence I hold in the skeptic's ability to come up with creative solutions to apparent problems.  Think about it.  The skeptical community has given us such creative explanations as the multi-verse, punctuated equilibrium and even panspermia!  But when considering how God could use the prayers of a believer to accomplish His own purposes (or "unalterable plan"), the skeptic apparently loses all ability to come up with a creative solution to the apparent problem.

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The Captivating Power of a Good Family

Family is a gift to enjoy, but it makes a terrible god. And it can become a god whether one is married with kids, married and childless, or single. The church itself is rightly family-oriented, and the desire to have a family is a wonderful, God-given desire, but family does not belong on the throne of our hearts. The throne of our heart is reserved for Christ alone. The family is not the good news we need; it is not our gospel message, however many put all their hope in parents, grandparents, siblings, and children.

Famine Declared in South Sudan: Millions Are in Desperate Need of Food

Those effected in the northern region of the young country live in an area that has suffered through three years of on-going ethnic violence, with fighting between rebel forces and the government claiming the lives of thousands. In recent months there have been reports of widespread rape, war crimes and murders. The fighting has hampered communities’ ability to operate farms and provide food.

MP praises 'significant' work of Christian charities overseas - Premier

James Wharton, Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for International Development, was responding to a question from fellow Conservative MP Theresa Villiers about whether the prime minister would make it a policy to encourage church groups and Christian organisations in the delivery of overseas development projects.

Christian judge slams heterosexual civil partnership ruling - Premier

A former High Court judge and Christian is urging civil partnerships to be extended to straight couples as well as gay ones.

Crossway on Twitter

Instead of demanding that we try (in vain) to make our way to God, he has come down to us.

1 Peter 5:8–9: Kept by God Day by Day

In this lab, Pastor John reminds us of the freeing reality that it is God who keeps us day by day.

Cardinal chosen as pontiff may not be the smartest, says Pope Francis - Premier

Cardinals do not always choose "the most intelligent" of their lot to be pontiff, according to Pope Francis.

Why I Oppose Capital Punishment

Retribution can at best form only part of punishment’s purpose. It is equally essential that punishment tell the truth about the crime, and with pedagogical purpose. That’s Augustine’s position. He argues punishment should both tell the truth about the crime and also discipline the accused in formative, proportionate ways. The death penalty is unique among punishments in that it is incapable of exactly this pedagogical purpose. The dead do not learn from their mistakes or from the discipline imposed. Suggesting that capital punishment somehow expresses our sincere respect for human life—the image of God—is, on its face, far too paradoxical to accept. For this reason and reasons offered below, I do not believe Genesis 9:6, which refers to shedding blood for shed blood, is morally applicable. The fact of our being co-executioners of Christ is ample enough reason to adjust our hermeneutic on this point.

28 A Curious Clue About the Origins of the New Testament Canon

Although most discussions about the development of the canon focus on the patristic period (second century and later), there is much canonical gold yet to mine from the pages of the New Testament itself.  Unfortunately, this step is often skipped.

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Is It Reasonable to Believe in Minds Even If We Can’t Explain How They Interact with Brains? | Cold Case Christianity

But even without certainty related to the specific way in which the mind relates to the brain, this objection alone fails to exclude dualism from consideration. Our lack of understanding about how the mind interacts isn’t prohibitive evidence against this interaction. If dualism is true, we must look to a source external to the physical universe to explain the existence of the mind. This opens the door to the reasonable existence of God and, as a result, extra-natural explanations for the interaction between mind and brain.

How 'Simplifying Your Life' Can Be a Problem

I can see the point you're making but I don't think it needs to be as divisive as it's presented. Minimalism and the donation of worldly possessions is rooted in Christ's teachings and there's significant benefits to practicing it as a modern Christian. Is it the end-all and be-all? Of course not, having possessions doesn't make you a 'bad' Christian, but using minimalism as an exercise to help loosen the grip of money can be a spiritual exercise. Put in another way, minimalism should be used like fasting - to achieve a more realistic outlook on the successes and goals in your life. It doesn't mean you have to commit your life to 100 items or less, just that you keep it in mind when you find yourself longing for that new iphone. At least give a fair explanation of the benefits of minimalism before scaring people away from trying it.

Justice, Prayer and Outrage Fatigue

And the Lord said, “Listen to what the unjust judge says. And will not God bring about justice for his chosen ones, who cry out to him day and night? Will he keep putting them off? I tell you, he will see that they get justice, and quickly. However, when the Son of Man comes, will he find faith on the earth?” (Luke 18:1-8)

Milo Yiannopoulos' Controversial Comments Reveal Hypocrisy Within LGBT Community | The Stream

Finally, the LGBT movement has been born, grown up, and turned rotten. Forget homophobia. It is time to call them out on it. I was targeted and slammed by the gay movement for speaking honestly about “intergenerational sex” and how harmful it is to children. They want to pretend this isn’t happening or it’s just like what happens in the straight world. But it isn’t so. So much of youth happens in sex-segregated spaces like locker rooms, boys’ clubs, summer camp, and the Boy Scouts. The opportunity for male mentors to get into boys’ intimate spaces without triggering alarms is infinitely higher. Plus, the gay community’s history is much more entangled with pederasty than is the straight world. So this is a gay issue that needs to be dealt with as such, and that means revisiting many of the claims of the LGBT movement with skepticism.

Fox and Queen Latifah Are Developing a Show About Modern-Day Bible Stories

"The Scroll" will reimagine some of the Bible’s most popular stories in present day through a group of friends and colleagues that are modern-day versions of some of the Bible’s most notable characters.

Colson Center on Twitter

Almost nobody knows what’s happening to the Christians of Nigeria—but even fewer care. #OpenDoorsUSA #WorldWatchList

This Creepy Doll Is Listening to Your Conversations

There is a doll in Germany that has been eavesdropping on conversations and providing hackers with personal information. The doll’s name is Cayla and she was designed to accurately answer simple questions, but according to Germany’s Federal Network Agency, the Bluetooth that allows Cayla to respond with precision also allows hackers to record private conversations in order to steal personal data. As a result, the telecommunications monitors have pulled the dolls from toy stores in Germany.

Reports: More than 100 ‘Day Without Immigrants’ Protesters Have Been Fired

According to additional reports , 25 people were fired at a restaurant and catering company in New York for joining the strike, along with 21 people at a boat company in South Carolina, 30 masonry workers in Denver and a dozen restaurant employees in Oklahoma. There were also other cases around the country.

The Gospel of Chance the Rapper

Both the new believer and lifelong followers of Jesus can share the good news of Jesus Christ by sharing their story—including the times in life they ran from God. Too often, it is our tendency to try to tidy up our stories when sharing our faith; it is a vain attempt to show others a cleaned-up portrait of Christianity that simply isn’t true. The way Chance uses reminds us of the value of sharing our stories, telling others the ways in which we have hidden from God, and how we came to embrace “ faith of pumpkin seed-size mustard seed .”

Palestinian Bishop receives peace prize - Premier

A Palestinian bishop has been awarded a peace prize in recognition of his work encouraging dialogue between religious groups in the Middle East.

Survey: 76% of ‘White Evangelical Protestants’ Agree With the President’s Refugee Ban

Race and age factor heavily into people’s perspective on the ban. About 84 percent of black respondents disapprove of the ban, 79 percent of Hispanics and 50 percent of whites. By age group, younger Americans most consistently disapprove of the executive order (76 percent among ages 18 to 29), but even the oldest group polled opposes the ban by a majority. It seems race and age are factors, but still most people disapprove of the policy.

Catholic priest fired after admitting he'd fallen in love with a woman - Premier

A French priest has lost his job after admitting he was in love with a woman and saying he believed God wanted him to marry her.

Steve Chalke and Bishop Angaelos installed as Ecumenical Canons at Southwark Cathedral - Premier

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Salford church arson attack: Vicar moved by 'extraordinary response' from public - Premier

The vicar of the Salford church gutted in an arson attack last week has said he has been overwhelmed by the response of the public.


Hank answers a question about whether or not there is evidence to refute the idea that primitive man evolved intellectually.

God Is Working in Your Waiting

Most parents would agree that their children don’t want to wait for anything. The last thing kids want to hear is Mom say, “Not now.” It can prompt anger, frustration, even hopelessness. This “dis-ease” of waiting follows most of us into our adult years. We may not respond with the same emotional outbursts as children, but most of us still hate waiting for what we want.

A Stroke Freed Me from Fleeting Beauty

On April 21, 2008 at the age of 26, Katherine Wolf experienced a brain bleed from a massive brain stem stroke that nearly killed her. She survived but was left unable to walk, talk, or swallow and with severe double vision, right ear deafness, and right-side facial paralysis. The former beauty queen, model, and mother to a then-six-month-old baby boy had to redefine her life.

Christian charity highlights difficulties for savers - Premier

Putting money into a savings account every month is getting more difficult for low income families in the UK.

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Perspicuity of Scripture in the Lutheran Reformers: Reformation 500

2017 marks the 500th anniversary of what is hailed by many as the start of the Reformation: Luther’s sharing his 95 Theses. I’ve decided to celebrate my Lutheran Protestant Tradition by highlighting some of the major issues that Luther and the Lutherans raised through the Reformation period. I hope you will join me as we remember the great theological (re)discoveries that were made during this period.

Christian charity warns thousands of civilians are trapped inside western Mosul - Premier

Premier consists of Premier Christian Media Trust registered as a charity (no. 287610) and as a company limited by guarantee (no. 01743091) with two fully-owned trading subsidiaries: Premier Christian Communications Ltd (no. 02816074) and Christian Communication Partnership Ltd (no. 03422292). All three companies are registered in England & Wales with a registered office address of 22 Chapter Street, London, SW1P 4NP.

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