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Answering Muslims: Dozens More Burned to Death by ISIS

Criminals do not have code of ethics. Killing non-believers are acts of criminal, acts of evil, everybody knows it. It is all the same to kill by fire or by sword. Islamic history proves that brutality and terrorism among Muslims faith came not from few terrorists in modern time, who are poor, illiterate, unemployed and uncultured, as President Obama, Osama Abdullah and so called moderate Muslims believe. It is rooted in core value of Islam. Until world leaders especially American Administration acknowledges the truth, they are playing with innocent blood of you, me and everybody. There is no security walking on the street of America or in European countries except in Muslim countries. Jihadists will ask your religion first before they stab or burn you. Europe and America are wasting time trying to win hearts and minds of Muslims before they defeat ISIS. ISIS are not sitting idle, they are now drawing hearts and minds of young Muslim women. Recently three teenage girls from UK headed to join ISIS in Iraq to boost up their morale. Evil is not so easy to defeat, otherwise Jesus Christ would have not to die in the cross to save us from evil. Islamic history speaks volume for Muslims heart and mind, which is won not by love but by sword alone. Ignoring truth about Islam’s core value is nothing but helping ISIS to be ready for next big move in America and Europe and put us into more trouble like 9/11 tragedy. Thank you David Wood for exposing truth and hope somebody in Obama Administration watch your video and learn from Islamic history.

An Interview with Wesley J. Smith on the Culture of Death and Legalized Suicide

Dead Reckoning TV has a conversation with Wesley Smith, a critic of euthanasia and assisted suicide.

WORLD | Christian leaders unite in call to prayer for persecuted church | Lynde Langdon | Feb. 20, 2015

An interdenominational, multicultural group of religious leaders is calling on Christians to set aside time for silence and prayer on Sunday in memory of Egyptian

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The Briefing 02-20-15

‘Relationship with Jesus’ doesn’t justify florist’s refusal to serve gay couple, judge rules

2 The Dirty Dozen

The National Center on Sexual Exploitation has just published its 2015 “Dirty Dozen” list, a lineup of the companies and agencies that contribute to sexual exploitation. Whether they're corporations using sex to move merchandise or government agencies turning a blind eye to illegal activity, the list is designed to apply pressure and bring change.

John Locke's Argument for the Existence of God

If, nevertheless, any one should be found so senselessly arrogant, as to suppose man alone knowing and wise, but yet the product of mere ignorance and chance; and that all the rest of the universe acted only by that blind haphazard; I shall leave with him that very rational and emphatical rebuke of Tully, to be considered at his leisure: “What can be more sillily arrogant and misbecoming, than for a man to think he has a mind and understanding in him, but yet in all the universe beside there is no such thing: Or that those things, which with the utmost stretch of his reason he can scarce comprehend, should be moved and managed without any reason at all?”

666. Should Christians Do Good Works?

Bobby explains how the Christian doesn't do good works for salvation, but from salvation.

5 Along Came Poly.

Now you can go out and form many relationships with many people on a sexual level and just never really get to know them but have a time of pleasure with them, but as for me, I have decided already I have no desire to go wading in the shallow waters of multiple women. I have decided to dive deep into the ocean of my one. The key to real sex, I am convinced, is not going to be some technique or your physique or anything like that. Now these are all fine in and of themselves. If married people want to try a new technique in the bedroom that they both agree to, that’s fine. If they want to get in better shape to please their spouse and be able to do more, that’s fine. But you know what will make it best? It will be the raw unbridled passion that each person has for the other as a passion. It is knowing that the other person wants you for you and not just for sex. Sex is the icing on the cake of having one another.

Why Islam Is More Violent Than Christianity

Christianity has a tradition of being an introspective religion, one that is about plumbing the depths of one’s soul—and about struggling with one’s faith. In the Bible and in Christian lore, there is a long tradition of openly talking about struggles with doubt, the sense that faith is something that can be difficult to maintain, so that lapses or skepticism or a crisis of faith are understandable and to be tolerated. The put-upon Job debates with God. Even Jesus struggled with temptation and doubt in the Garden of Gethsemane as he faced the prospect of crucifixion. That’s why the typical piece of Christian “hate mail” I get is annoyingly non-hate-filled. They mostly tell me that they’re praying for me so I will one day see the light.


The traditional Chinese New Year celebrations focus heavily on Buddhism, superstition, and ancestral worship

Payday Lenders Escaped Regulation, but Now They Face the Church

In a confrontation that clergy cast as God vs. greed, religious leaders and consumer advocates in such U.S. states as Alabama, Kentucky, and New Mexico are trying to limit annualized interest on short-term loans that can reach 456 percent, more than 35 times higher than the average fixed-rate credit card.

9 The Poached Egg Apologetics Daily

The Poached Egg Apologetics Daily, by Greg West: updated automatically with a curated selection of articles, blog posts, videos and photos.

10 Grace to You Radio

Below is a listing of the resources we've offered free of charge on our radio broadcast recently. For more information and to request your free item, click the button below.

Rob Bell Trashes the Bible on Oprah

For those who had any questions, Rob Bell has now made himself totally clear: He is willing to trash parts of the Bible as "letters from 2,000 years ago" when God's Word contradicts his views on same-sex "marriage."

Gay and Christian? Revisiting the Question of 'To Judge or Not to Judge'

If you look in 1 Corinthians, Paul writes that the spiritual man makes judgments about all things (2:15), he tells us not to judge anything before the appointed time (4:5), instructs us to judge those within the body who claim to believers but are walking in open sin (5:12) but reminds us that we are not to judge the world in that same way (5:13), tells us we are to judge disputes in our midst since one day we will judge angels (6:1-3), encourages the Corinthians to judge what he writes (10:15), asks them to judge whether it was right for a woman in their meetings to pray with her head uncovered (11:13), and then tells them they must judge themselves when partaking of Communion so they will not be condemned with the world (11:31-32).

Michael Brown - An Open Letter To Moderate Muslims

But there are certainly many Muslims who claim to uphold the Five Pillars of Islam and who feel that they, and not the radical Muslims, are following in Muhammad’s footsteps. And they would explain that while it is true that their prophet engaged in violent acts of war and that the Koran calls for harsh treatment of the enemies of the faith, this is no different than the book of Joshua in the Old Testament – something that happened in the past but is not to be repeated today.

Does Islam Inevitably Lead to Violence?

A better question to ask is whether or not there is a legitimate place for violence within Islamic tradition. The answer is yes. The primary means of determining this right in Islam is power. According to Islamic thinking, if you are in power and succeeding, then God is clearly blessing and supporting you. If you are not, then God has chosen not to bless you. Of the first four caliphs after Mohammed, three of them were violently murdered, either by assassination, mob, or in battle, all by “fellow” Muslims who supported other leaders. The first two Islamic dynasties came into power by slaughtering those who held power before them. Islam’s history only gets bloodier from there, since might makes right in a way that is foreign to the Judeo-Christian world. Despite the shocking number of Christians or secular Westerners being killed by Muslims, Muslims are killing even greater numbers of other Muslims.

21 Martyrs

Join thousands of churches for a moment of silence on SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 22nd and play this video before offering a prayer of reflection. For more information visit: --- Since the first century, Christians have endured persecution. Yet in the midst of death, the Church remained alive and hopeful remembering Jesus’ promise, “Blessed are those who are persecuted because of righteousness, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.” {Matthew 5:10 }

The Hard Truths Prepare Kids for Suffering

My theoretical rumination about preparing kids to suffer became far more personal near the end of 2013. I often worried about whether I was prepared to suffer. As a white American male from an upper class family, my life had been relatively easy, and I feared that one day something awful would happen that would shatter my faith. What would happen, if I, a person who had led hundreds of students during a 10-year youth ministry, walked away from Christ? What was bad enough to demolish my faith? 

The Behemoth

The Behemoth is a small magazine about a big God and his big world. From the editors of Christianity Today , this ad-free, digital biweekly aims to help people behold the glory of God all around them, in the worlds of science, history, theology, medicine, sociology, Bible, and personal narrative.

Marie Harf Wrote Thesis on How Conservative Support for Israel Complicates US Foreign Policy

State Department spokeswoman Marie Harf wrote her college honors thesis on “how conservative evangelical support for Israel complicates U.S. foreign policy,” according to Indiana University records .

JNCO Jean Company Is Relaunching

P repare yourself, JNCO jeans are getting ready for a comeback. The maker of comically large jeans that were all the rage among suburban middle schoolers in the '90s, have launched a new website , have new investors and are ready for a second cultural invasion. From The Huffington Post : “The brand will reportedly, thanks to the help of a Chinese investor, relaunch in the fall with a range of styles including slouchy 'knit jeans' and joggers, in addition to its signature jeans featuring leg openings ranging from 20-23 inches.” Once again, the Onion has proved to be a predictor of the future ...

Trailer: The Party's Over: Mad Men: Season 7

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Michael Brown - Is Radical Islam Normative Islam?

I am sometimes criticized for using the term “radical Islam” when describing acts of Islamic terror, the argument being that this is really normative Islam. In contrast, the more peaceful expression of the faith is understood to be a liberalized, non-representative form of Islam. Could this criticism be valid?

Watch Aerial View of Icy Niagara Falls

The bitter cold temperatures have turned Niagara Falls into a beautiful series of frozen falls.

RZIM Summer Institute

For the RZIM Summer Institute, we bring together our most highly acclaimed speakers, as well as an outstanding group of adjuncts.

What You Watch Determines What You Want

One would not allow alcoholics to have the last word on liquor licensing laws or crack addicts on drug policy. Yet when it comes to sexual morality, that is the kind of world in which we now live. The availability of pornography and the near universality of its consumption are today facts of human existence, at least in the West, and are likely to remain so. That means that moral thinking is thus at the mercy of an industry whose interests do not lie in promoting the common good unless that common good is understood in terms of unfettered sexual license. Even worse, we are seeing the creation of a hardwired ethic of supply-side immorality to which the principle of consent will not be able to set meaningful boundaries. Indeed, if the only practical ethical standard left is the principle of consent, then in a world pervaded by pornography, society’s sexual ethics are likely to be as plastic as our neural pathways.


CROSS exists to mobilize students for the most dangerous and loving cause in the universe: rescuing people from eternal suffering and bringing them into the everlasting joy of friendship with Jesus.


The  ESV Reader’s Bible  was created for those who want to read Scripture precisely as it was originally written–namely, as an unbroken narrative. Verse numbers, section headings, and translation footnotes are helpful navigational and interpretive tools, but they are also relatively recent conventions. In the  ESV Reader’s Bible  they have been removed from the Bible text. The result is a new kind of Bible-reading experience in a volume that presents Scripture as one extended story line.

A Simple Guide to Reading the Bible with Jesus as the Hero

In most biblical texts we can identify a heroic person or a heroic action that points to Jesus, but we must also notice that none are just like Christ, the ultimate hero. Just as we personally identify with the bad guys in the text, we should identify the heroic action in the text with Jesus. Who in the text is walking in line with the purposes of God and brings him glory? It is important to remember though, as we seek to understand Scripture, the person or people displaying the heroic actions are also sinners who also need the ultimate hero and savior Jesus. As Paul urges, we want our conduct to be in step with the truth of the gospel (Gal 2:14), but we must never think our conduct can take the place of the gospel. One of the glorious things about Scripture is the way it reveals the flaws of key figures in redemptive history. The temporal saviors and heroes in the biblical narrative all need the ultimate Savior and Hero in order to be adopted into God’s family, forgiven, and saved from the penalty of their sins.


Jesus himself said that for every person who does not believe, the wrath of God remains on him (John 3:36). And for the peoples of the world who have no access to the gospel, the wrath of God does just that. World missions is the marvelous venture of crossing cultures to rescue unreached peoples from eternal suffering, renovate their broken lives, and see them reflect God’s glory through joy in Christ.

Libya's 21 Christian Martyrs: ‘With Their Blood, They Are Unifying Egypt’

“There has been a very strong response of unity and sympathy,” said Andrea Zaki, vice president of the Protestant Churches of Egypt. “People are describing Copts as Egyptians, first and foremost, and with their blood they are unifying Egypt.”

Evidence for God: Key Arguments for a Reasonable Faith | William Lane Craig

For more resources from Reasonable Faith visit: For more resources from Unbelievable? visit: In July of 2014, Dr Craig flew to the United Kingdom to participate in the Unbelievable? Conference. Now in its 4th year, Unbelievable? is the UK's leading apologetics and evangelism conference. The conference host, Justin Brierley, hosts the popular UK discussion show and podcast Unbelievable? on Premier Christian Radio. He is also the Senior Editor of Premier Christianity magazine. Other conference contributors included Os Guinness, Tim McGrew, Craig Hazen, Tanya Walker, Ruth Jackson, Jeff Zweerink, Clay Jones, and David Robertson. For more information on the event visit: We welcome your comments in the Reasonable Faith forums: Be sure to also visit Reasonable Faith's other channel which contains short clips: Follow Reasonable Faith On Twitter: Like the Reasonable Faith Facebook Fan Page: https://www.


“The desperate need today is not for a greater number of intelligent people, or gifted people, but for deep people.” Richard J. Foster,...

15 Martin Luther Quotes That Still Ring True

“To find Christ in such poverty, and what his swaddling clothes and manger signify, are explained … that his poverty teaches how we should find him in our neighbors, the lowliest and the most needy; and his swaddling clothes are the holy Scriptures; that in actual life we should incline to the needy; and in our studies and contemplative life only to the Scriptures; in order that Christ alone may become the man of both lives and that he may everywhere stand before us.”

All in All, Not a Great Day for neo-Darwinism

The major finding in the Nature article to which Casey Luskin referred earlier -- "widespread evidence of interspecific gene flow" among the Galápagos finches -- is, if anything, evidence AGAINST neo-Darwinian evolution, not evidence for it (neo-Darwinian evolution being the idea that living things change over time and become different species because of changes in DNA sequences).

Ligonier Ministries on Twitter

Voices that say the age of the church is over are voices who haven't listened to Jesus. —W. Robert Godfrey #ligcon

On My Shelf: Life and Books with Bryan Chapell

On My Shelf  helps you get to know various writers through a behind-the-scences glimpse into their lives as readers. I talked with Bryan Chapell about what’s on his nightstand, books he regularly revisits, and the biographies that have most shaped him.

Family Christian Stores Declares Chapter 11

Remember that FCS did not carry either breadth or depth in their book inventory. So it may be that your books were not being carried in their inventory and will not be affected. If however, you are a top level bestselling author you may see some negative activity. But, if you are a top level bestselling author it is unlikely that FCS’s sales were more than small percentage of the total books sold. Or, as is the case with one of our clients, last Fall FCS placed a very large special order print run for one book (100,000 copies) and the publisher sold it to them at a very low price so they could offer it to their customers at a high discount. The concern is that the bill for this sale will not be paid because it is one of those unsecured debts and thus our client will not be paid either.

McFarland, USA

At a tiny high school in the mostly Hispanic southern California town of McFarland, California, Coach Jim White (played by Kevin Costner) starts a cross country program from scratch. He takes a handful of boys—all from impoverished families of migrant workers from nearby Mexico—and, in a matter of months, puts together a cross country team that wins the 1987 state championship. And then they go on to win a string of state titles, becoming a dynasty in the sport.

Apologetics to Islam | Open Biola

Nabeel Qureshi unpacks the culture, history, major teachings, beliefs, and attitudes of the Islamic faith. Beyond providing an incredible amount of factual information, Qureshi uses his personal conversion from Islam to Christianity in order to demonstrate tangible considerations for understanding this people group. In this seven part series, listeners can expect to learn about the deepest roots of a major modern religion.

Time For GOP To Go Nuclear And Abolish Filibuster

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Move over hookup culture: 'Bring Dating Back' campaign launches on campuses

Romance trumps the hookup culture, and this Valentine’s Day season on more than 30 college campuses nationwide, students are taking to the quad with posters to remind their peers of that in a #BringDatingBack campaign.

Resolute Collegiate Conference

If you are part of a group, your group leader has been contacted. In addition to this email, individuals who are not part of a group are being contacted with the phone number provided during registration.

Aristotle on Friendship with Self

This seems to me a fascinating thesis, calling for a level of careful introspection seen very rarely, as in Augustine’s Confessions, for instance, which has so many rich commonalities with Aristotle’s thought in this regard. One way this thesis would seem to work is negatively, allowing us to do retrospective work based on failed relationships: what do my failures and weaknesses as a friend tell me about the failures and weaknesses of my friendship with myself? For someone who has experienced significant pain in friendships and relationships this would seem to offer an important avenue for self-understanding and growth in self-friendship and self-love. On the other hand, this thesis opens a variety of more purely constructive opportunities. A question Aristotle would want us to ask ourselves would be: given my desire to better love my friends, what are some of the ways in which I can be a better friend to myself, that I might extend this friendship I have with myself to others?

ISIS and the Imprecatory Psalms

Christians today, however, do not live in a holy realm (yet), but sojourn in a world that is not their home (Phil 3:20; Heb 4:11). This means that, by God's ordaining, Christians, who themselves were once God's enemies (Rom 5:10), are surrounded by those who are his enemies now, enemies who will hate them (Matt 10:22; Luke 21:17; John 15:19) and will do them harm (Matt 5:10-12; John 16:2). The final judgment typologically meted out in Israel's context (and expressed in the imprecatory Psalms) is yet to come for today's Christians. Through this "day of salvation" (2 Cor 6:2; cf. Heb 4:7) between Christ's first and second coming, no matter how horrendous the assaults on Christians may be, the marching orders for Christians includes having fellowship in Christ's sufferings (2 Cor 1:5; Col 1:24), a fellowship that should subdue every vestige of our impatience for visible eschatological triumph today: "Bless those who persecute you; bless and do not curse them" (Rom 12:14).

45 The TC Apologetics Daily

The TC Apologetics Daily, by TC Apologetics: The latest news and thoughts for the apologetic-minded Christian.

4 Ways to Involve Everyone in Evangelism

Many people have slipped into the mindset that evangelism is a gift that some believers have and others do not. The reality is that when someone becomes reconciled to God, He sends them out to reconcile others. That’s not a gift—we all have the responsibility to take Christ to others.

Why does the government consider this grandmother public enemy No. 1?

Meet Barronelle Stutzman -- who is being treated as Washington State’s Public Enemy No. 1.

What Is the Role of Confession in the Christian Life?

Throughout the  Confessions , Augustine takes our notion of confession and raises it to a new level, replacing our emphasis upon sin with a much more appropriate accent: the grace and mercy of God. His confession of sin, in other words, is only the harmony to a far greater and more powerful melody: the saving work of God. It is only the latter which provides the context in which the former has its place and meaning. But such a reworking of confession suggests the possibility of yet higher levels within that doctrine, the highest of all being: in what ways, if any, is confession related to the being and act of God, and the Gospel of Jesus Christ?

3 Things You Can Do to Encourage Apologetics in Your Church |

To be honest, there probably was a time when you weren’t interested in apologetics. It does no good to get frustrated. As someone said, “Instead of cursing the darkness, light a candle.

Practical Advice for Christian Writers

Being a Christian writer means, on the one hand, no more and no less than to be a Christian who writes; we are called to honor God in any and all work that we do. But there is something special about writing as a Christian vocation. Language, both spoken and written, is part of God’s creative action and His interaction with humanity. In the beginning, God said , ‘let there be light,’ and the first work God gave Adam to do, before the Fall, was to name the animals. God inspired the writers of the sacred Scriptures – which include a great deal of poetry. Jesus is the Word made flesh, and he taught in parables. To be a creative writer is to imitate, in our own way, God’s divine creative action. As J.R.R. Tolkien put it, “we make in our measure and in our derivative mode, because we are made: and not only made, but made in the image and likeness of a Maker.”

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