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Some Genius Remade Smashmouth’s ‘All Star’ Using Only Windows XP Sounds

There are people in this world who have some much time on their hands that they are capable of feats of creative brilliance that most of us couldn’t even fathom. One of those individuals is a man named James Nielssen, who fired up an old PC equipped with Windows XP, and remade the ‘90s pop song “All Star” using only sounds made by the operating system. It’s the video you never knew you wanted and you can never unhear.

Productivity and Leadership in the 21st Century: A Live Interview with Tim Challies and Chris Larson Today at 2:30pm

Today 2:30pm ET, we will be joined by Tim Challies, pastor, blogger, and author of Do More Better, and Chris Larson, president and chief executive officer of Ligonier Ministries. Together, we will discuss a Christian understanding of productivity and leadership to help us better serve and glorify God in our vocations.

Live – The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary

The seminary community gathers to worship in Alumni Memorial Chapel on Tuesday and Thursday at 10 a.m.

The Story Behind John Piper’s Most Famous Attack on the Prosperity Gospel

More than 1.2 million people have seen author and speaker John Piper's passionate strike at the prosperity gospel. Here's what happened that night.

Never Abandon Hope

In God’s gracious design, the Christian life spirals upward in ever-increasing joy, peace, and hope despite all the trials we face.

D2D Conference New York Apologetics April 29th SGT

This is a speaker profile for the new york apologetics dare to defend conference on april 29th at smithtown gospel tabernacle

How to Engage in Spiritual Conversations - Darrell L. Bock and Mary Jo Sharp

In this episode, Dr. Darrell Bock and Mary Jo Sharp discuss defending the faith, focusing on spiritual conversations and tolerance.

7 of Our Favorite Moments From the 2017 Grammys

From Chance the Rapper to Beyonce

Can I trust the Bible? — Southern Equip

Resources for Church Leaders

SBTS Preview Day — April 21, 2017

Preview Day is the best time for you to visit the campus of Southern Seminary if you’re considering joining us as a student.

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Fake News and Other Traps Damaging the Church

How does it help us that today’s church events are branded and marketed as if they were products to be consumed? If we need the stage design, the lights, the eye candy and the app to keep our attention on the Lord, then what is the point? We don’t consume God, He consumes us. There are at least eight references in the Bible to Him being a “consuming fire,” but do we allow His fire to burn us? Because that would mean allowing every part of us to be placed under His Lordship and held accountable to His Word. Fire doesn’t consume discriminately. God wants all of us, but as long as we go through the Christian walk expecting it to be about us and what God can do for us, we’re missing it.

The case for Christianity gets better

Prognosticating about the future is risky business. One can really only be right, wrong or perhaps close enough that it still counts. Ever since the enlightenment, certain irreligious prognosticators have predicted that the faithful will finally “see the light”; that there is no God. The thought was that with the rise of modern science and modern thought, Christian claims will be seen as antiquated and therefore abandoned. Old theories are almost all false. Christianity is an old theory, therefore, it should be dropped as well, right?

4 The TC Apologetics Daily

9 Big Myths About Forgiveness

If you go tell someone this (I haven’t heard this, but have heard something similar), first ask yourself why you need to let them know they unknowingly wronged you. Is it possible that saying, “You never knew I was angry with you, but I was because you were terrible … but I forgave you, so it’s cool!” is really one last attempt to get back at them for hurting you? You can forgive someone without ever telling them because forgiveness is about your freedom, not about theirs.

Watch Chance the Rapper’s Worshipful Grammy Performance

Tonight, Chance the Rapper took home Grammy’s for Best New Artist, Best Rap Album and Best Rap Performance, but he was also responsible for one of the night’s most memorable performances .

Greg Bahnsen: The Man and Apologist

8 EQUIP, Christian Articles, Bible Answer Man | CRI

Did Jesus make a crucial historical blunder in the Gospel of Mark? One of the reasons cited by famed New Testament scholar and best-selling author Bart Ehrman for his transition from fundamentalist Christian to fundamentalist agnostic is that the gospel of Mark is riddled with factual and historical errors. A prominent example is that David […]

9 The Benedict Option: A Conversation with Rod Dreher -

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Greg Bahnsen: The Man and Apologist

Your Valentine's Day Candy May Be Contributing to Slavery

Maybe not. Buying Fair Trade chocolate is a fairly easy option with ethically conscious brands available at most stores. Look for the Fair Trade label that ensures that farmers receive a fair price and strictly prohibit child labor. See’s Candy, Green & Black’s and TCHO are all examples of brands where child slavery is not involved in sourcing. A simple search on Amazon for Fair Trade chocolate will give you a host of options, many of which also happen to be better for you. Many boutique chocolate stores also promise “bean to bar” products, purchasing directly from the farmer. While you may be able to find chocolate that’s cheaper, it comes at a heavy cost.

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Tune in to #InspirationalBreakfast with @rosiewright99 ! Today our "Taboo or To Do?" series continues... Listen live:

5 Practical Ways to Support Immigrants and Refugees Today

This means to move beyond our fear of national security, beyond the arguments, and find a refugee, a minority, an immigrant to love. It's highly unlikely that you will fight for someone you've never had a relationship with. Get to know someone vastly different from you. Hear their stories and perspective. Choose to not fear what you don't know or don't understand and challenge those in your church or around you to respond with open arms to welcome refugees. These choices don't have to be so polarized. You can want to protect your nation, and still not want refugees to be banned.

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Can We Investigate the Universe Like A Crime Scene?

When a dead body is discovered, detectives must investigate the evidence to determine the most reasonable explanation. Did the deceased die naturally? Did he suffer some kind of accident? Did he commit suicide? Was he murdered? These are the four possible explanations at any death scene. Homicide detectives are concerned only with the last one. Of the four explanations, the first three do not require the involvement of anyone other than the victim. If his or her death was an accident, the result of some natural cause, or the result of a suicide, all the evidence we might find related to the victim’s passing will ultimately come from the very room where he or she died. Every death scene involves evidence of one kind or another, but intruders turn death scenes into crime scenes . For that reason, every death investigation begins as an intruder investigation. Without evidence of an intruder, deaths are likely to be the result of natural causes, an accident, or a suicide. One simple strategy in death cases, therefore, is to ask a foundational question: “Can I account for all the

Happily Ever After

Marriage between sinners has its inevitable messes. If you’ve been married longer than a week or two, you know how the hard realities of life in a fallen age can come crashing in. Perhaps you had a season of “once upon a time,” but soon enough you realized that this marriage, in this world, is not yet your “happily ever after.”

18 The Briefing 02-15-17 -

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Is Religion the Practice of Avoiding Truth?

A month or so ago, I came across an interesting challenge to Christianity. A skeptic told me that religion was an exercise in avoiding truth- a willful delusion. He observed that many Christians (and religious people, in general) tend to believe the claims of their "holy" books over what has been discovered about nature, history, or the very nature of reality. He noticed that many religious people have a precommitment to a particular understanding of the world and no amount of evidence provided will persuade them otherwise. He, as an intellectual, does not want to make this same mistake. In this post, I want to explore the possibility that he is making the same mistake based upon the philosophical foundations of the claim he makes for rejecting religion, and Christianity specifically. 

You Don’t Have to Get Married to Be Happy

You don’t have to get married be happy, but you do need to fall in love. When Jesus was asked about the most important command in the Bible, he answered, “You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength and with all your mind” (Luke 10:27). To find the love your soul longs for, you give your heart first to God, not to a husband or wife. The best way to pursue the marriage you want today is to pursue God with all your heart, mind, soul, and strength.

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Chance after winning Best New Artist: ‘Glory Be to God. I claim this victory in the name of the Lord’

The Sexual Exploitation Crisis in the Philippines You Need to Know About

So while change needs to come from the systemic macro level of Philippine law, economics and social welfare, it also needs to start at the most basic level of human connection and values. Relationships in families and communities need reconciliation. Children need greater knowledge of their rights and understanding of their value. Seeking mental health support must be accessible and de-stigmatized. Value systems fueling exploitation need to shift so that humans are loved instead of used and are taught that they have worth and value—no matter what their past looked like or how bleak their future might seem.

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The Resurrection of Jesus Christ: Infallible Proofs

Christians can have the utmost confidence in the death, burial, and Resurrection of Jesus since God’s Word accurately tells us about these historical events. These central truths of the Christian faith were also witnessed by hundreds of people. Jesus was publicly executed on a Cross, buried in Joseph’s tomb ( Mark 15:42–47 ), and seen alive again by more than 500 people at the same time. The post-Resurrection appearances of Jesus are infallible proofs that He conquered death and God’s Word the infallible proof of the event in our world today. Our next article in the series will look at several other pieces of evidence related to the Resurrection, which will be followed by several articles examining many of the alternative views developed by critics and skeptics to explain away the Resurrection.

Washington Supreme Court rules against Christian florist in same-sex marriage case

“The Washington Supreme Court's ruling shortchanges our nation's most fundamental freedom in favor of ideological conformity,” said ERLC president Russell Moore in response to the ruling. “Barronelle Stutzman followed her genuinely held beliefs without hostility toward any, and yet finds herself the target of a government that wants to steamroll her constitutional rights. The Court held that the government can force citizens to use their creative gifts and expressive speech to participate and endorse acts they believe to be immoral. This decision is a loss not only for Barronelle Stutzman but for every American who values liberty and civility over coercion by the government. My prayer is that this ruling would be overturned and that the U.S. Supreme Court would recognize the crucial importance of religious liberty.”

Catalyst Track: Divine Direction // Day One

So what’s your one thing? What one discipline do you need to start so that you can write the story God wants you to write? Maybe you know you need to grow spiritually. Don’t just think about it and feel bad about it. Do something about it. Perhaps you will commit to worship at church every week. Or maybe you’ll decide to read through the Bible every year. Or you might join a small group or start serving in your church or start volunteering with a local missions group.

The Sin of David by R.C. Sproul | February 16, 2017

What can we learn from a man who committed adultery, conspiracy, and murder? It is not what we learn from his sin that has any value, it is what David did after his sin that is so essential for us today. In this message entitled “The Sin of David,” Dr. Sproul revisits the time when Nathan the prophet confronted his king with his sin.

Making Friends in a New City Is the Worst

Months passed as I stared at the ceiling in my childhood bedroom in Minnesota, researched dozens of companies and applied for more than a hundred jobs. When one finally responded and offered me a full-time position—on the West Coast—I had already spent eight months building a new routine and reconstructing friendships in my hometown to ease the drudgery of my unfulfilling post-graduate career. At that point, I wondered: Should I leave my friends and stability here? Or should I take the biggest risk of my life, move across the country and start a job in an industry I don’t even know if I like?

The Prayer That Changed Everything for Chance the Rapper

While I think it's awesome that God is praised, his lyrics leave a lot to be desired. He sometimes uses the f-word in the same song that he is praising God in, to me that's mixing the sacred and profane and that's bordering on blasphemy. I'll be praying for the man and that God continues to work through him but will not pick up his album, a lot of his lyrics could potentially hinder someone in their walk and that's never a good thing. We are called to be set apart not talk about f---ing b---s and praising God in the same song, what is that? May God continue to mold him as He does the rest of us...

My Home Has ‘Murder’ in Its Name

G rowing up in San Francisco, Russell Jeung didn’t have much love for Oakland, his struggling neighbor across the East Bay. Yet Jeung has made his home in Oakland for more than 20 years, with much of that time spent ministering in Murder Dubs, a neighborhood riven with poverty and violence. He first moved there during a graduate school ethnography project focused on Southeast Asian gangs.

Where Is God When Things Keep Getting Worse?

I remember years of crying out to God, thinking my faith would get back on track when life got back to normal. But as the pain grew more intense, I realized I needed to find God in the present, and not wait for my circumstances to improve. God wanted me to find him sufficient in the midst of trouble rather than just demanding that he deliver me from it.

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You Are My Joy: The Deep Reward in Discipling Others

How can he say that? Because this is precisely how Jesus himself would have it. This is what joy in Jesus does — it grows and expands to draw others in. “No greater joy” does not mean that Jesus himself is less than our greatest treasure, but that the way in which he is our greatest joy is not inward and sequestered from others, but that such joy ripens and extends and draws others in — that our joy becomes greater as we invest at depth in particular individuals for an extended period of time, and see God work to give the growth.

Hillsong announces Israel church plant - Premier

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Book Review: “The Message of Spiritual Warfare” by Keith Ferdinando

The Message of Spiritual Warfare  by Keith Ferdinando is an exploration of spiritual warfare throughout the Bible. The topic immediately conjures sensational images to mind of demons vying with pitchforks against a frightened mob. Searching the book’s title brings up all sorts of strange books on the topic promising to teach Christians the exact method for fighting their inner and outer demons. In other words, Ferdinando has plunged into a topic that, if he were me, he would have stayed away from. So much disinformation and sensationalism is out there that the task of sorting through it all seems monumental. Ferdinando, however, does this in seemingly the exact right way: by taking readers back to Scripture.

SES Offers New Concentration | SES

Land has taught as a visiting or adjunct professor for several seminaries and has authored or edited more than 15 books. He earned his Doctor of Philosophy degree from Oxford University in England and his bachelor’s degree ( magna cum laude ) from Princeton University. Land also earned a Master of Theology (Honors Program) degree from New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary, where he received the Broadman Seminarian Award as the Outstanding Graduating Student. Dr. Land was the 2013 Watchman Award recipient from the Family Research Council for his leadership on moral and cultural issues. He also received the Phillip E. Johnson Award for Liberty and Truth from Biola University in 2010. Land served previously (1988-2013) as president of The Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission, the Southern Baptist Convention’s official entity assigned to address social, moral and ethical concerns, with particular attention to their impact on American families. In 2014, he was appointed as a Senior Research Fellow of the ERLC’s Research Institute, and in 2015, he was named in the top 15 of Newsmax’s “Top 100 Christian Leaders in America.

Archbishop Welby clarifies Brexit 'fascist' remarks - Premier

The Archbishop of Canterbury has clarified remarks he made which were perceived by some as comparing Brexit voters to far-right fascists.

Are You Serious Enough About Happiness?

These verses are not against joy, but against folly. Those who have experienced deep joy have discovered a strange thing: that, in its poignancy, it is closer to sorrow than it is to mirth. The deepest joy carries with it a pain and a longing that truly make the heart better, whereas the laughter of fools in the house of mirth undoubtedly makes the heart worse. Deep seriousness is not at all an enemy to joy, only to folly. The thoughtful consideration of the end of all men is also likely to produce sobriety, a quality in which the professing church today seems lacking. (39)

Watch The Case for Christ Movie Trailer | Pure Flix Entertainment

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Making Music and Babies: Christian Singers Open Up About Motherhood

Many popular female artists spend their 20s focused on their careers in ministry, releasing albums, going on tour, and picking up Dove Awards and Grammy nominations. But around 30, these Christian singers confront the dilemma that women across industries face: deciding when to start a family and figuring out what their jobs look like after motherhood.

Pope Francis asks victims of clerical sex abuse for forgiveness - Premier

In the book, Pope Francis wrote: "How can a priest, at the service of Christ and of His Church, come to cause such evil? How can one who has consecrated his life to leading the little ones to God, end up instead devouring them in what I have called a 'diabolic sacrifice,' which destroys both the victims and the life of the Church?"


The Bible is your bread and water and will sustain you for a lifetime of faithful service. But you have to do more than just read God’s Word! In this series, Pastor Rick walks through the steps of effective Bible study and application so that you can build your life on the solid foundation of God’s Word and let it change the way you live.

Iraqi Christians demand resettlement at Beirut protest - Premier

Iraqi Christians launched a protest outside the UN regional headquarters in Beirut yesterday, demanding a quicker resettlement process.

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Valentine’s Day for Single Christians

Valentine’s Day is not an easy or light thing to face as a single person. The chick flicks, charming cards, and chocolate hearts can easily make us feel sad and tired — and tired of feeling sad. But for Christians, this is no excuse to wallow in our loneliness or discontentment. This year, I will not celebrate Valentine’s Day, but it is not simply because I’m frustrated or lonely. It’s because I would rather enjoy God’s gifts of contentment, fulfillment, and hope — gifts that Christ died to purchase for us, whether we’re single or married.

#4: Are Christians Judgmental? [Podcast] - Jonathan Morrow

In this episode of Your Worldview Minute, we’ll be talking about how to respond when people say that Christians shouldn’t be judgmental. What did Jesus mean (and not mean) when he tells us not to judge? What was Jesus against? As you will see, context matters!

No, the Church Shouldn't Just Care About Spiritual Things

Acts of mercy and justice should never be used as a manipulative way of getting people's eyeballs to focus on our presentation of a spiritual message. Jesus doesn't want to be reduced to Secretary of Afterlife Affairs. He wants to be King. Of everything. Here and now. I submit to you that the early church, the ones who had received their teaching directly from the Big Boss Himself, did not understand their mission in this limited "spiritual" way. In fact, they were so serious about their radical new way of life that they sold their possessions—their actual investment properties and townhouses to redistribute cold hard cash to the poor. (Acts 2:45)

Chris Pratt Says a Wooden Tray with Phil. 4:13 Burned Onto It Is His Favorite Possession

But then I thought a lot about being homesick. I'd like having a touchstone that I could take with me as I travel on the road for work … So I though about this great bible verse Philippians 4:13 which I've relied on for strength from time to time. And he knocks this thing out in like a day!! Reclaimed wood and a wood burner. All by hand … He's a unique individual and my best friend.

Why Sufjan Stevens Is Right About Nationalism and Christianity

I agree with this column. But, it does amaze me that there's been a huge out cry over something that was going to be a temporary hold. Many on the left and some on the right have lost their minds thinking we were shutting our doors for good to these unfortunate. Anyways, here's something to think about... God has blessed America for one reason, to spread the Good News! We can talk about all the bad and immature problems we've been and going through, but God is the Author, He's in control Romans 13. Our call of obedience is a personal one, not a National one. But since our Nation has been consistently obedient to His principles then the Nation receives His blessings. Back in November we voted for a president not a King or a Pope. After all the good this country has done in the name of Jesus and all the people around the world that have heard of the Gospel, we as Christians owe our thanks to God for America. He is responsible for America just like He's responsible for the believer because its His plan, not ours. We are to love and forgive like Him, so lets love and forgive this Nation like Christians, and let God handle our problems like He always has.

Apple’s Tim Cook Says Fake News Runs the Risk of ‘Killing People’s Minds’

The CEO of one of the world’s most powerful and influential tech brands is speaking out against fake news. In an interview with The Daily Telegraph , Cook addressed the trend, in which websites fabricate stories and headlines in an effort to draw large amounts of Internet traffic and sway political opinions. He said that fake news is “killing people’s minds” because it hampers our ability to discern fact from fiction.

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