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Out of the NFL, Tebow Builds His Lasting Legacy

Tebow’s dream of returning to the NFL is unlikely to materialize, I know. But his generosity in the name of Jesus Christ will be remembered forever.

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Breaking the Cross, Killing the Swine: Truly Thinking About ISIS and the Murder of 21 Copts | Alpha and Omega Ministries

To my Muslim readers : I know you see Roman Catholics prostrating before crucifixes and praying and lighting candles.  And you think that represents Christianity.  Please, think with me: what represents Islam, if not that which is truly and fully in accord with the Qur’an?  Look at the Christian scriptures: you will never find them invoking worship of anyone but God—and remember, we do NOT associate a mere man with God, the Bible is clear in telling us Jesus was MORE than just a mere man, He was the Word made flesh.  We worship only one God, and we do not worship the cross.  We glory in what God the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit did on that cross.  All of time before the cross looked forward to it—all time will forever look back to it.  It is the center point of time. There the God-Man gave Himself utterly freely, voluntarily, becoming sin in the place of every man, woman and child who would ever put their faith and trust in Him as their sin-bearer, as their Savior.  God joined His people to the Messiah there on the cross, which is why He had to be so much more than a mere prophet.  He bore in Himself the wrath justly due to their sin, so that they could have forgiveness.  How can we not, I ask you, Muslim friend, glory in the cross?  For there the God of Abraham fulfilled what He had pictured on the mountain when Abraham offered his unique son, so long ago.  God gave us life at the cross, and we rejoice.  And our deepest desire is that you, too, come to know that life, through Him who gave Himself so freely there.

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The Briefing 02-16-15

1) Copenhagen attacks horrifyingly parallel Paris attack as European terrorism threat grows

Crossway on Twitter

"Live in the atmosphere of the Word of God.​" :

3 50, 40, and 21: The Numbers that Defined a Weekend

As believers, all of these events should register on our personal radar screens. But, they are not worthy of equal attention. The least of all of my concerns is Saturday Night Live . It has been standard programming for most of my life. Its seasons come and go with little notice for me any longer. But I must recognize that it is the force that normalized satirizing our American culture as a whole. SNL has paved the way for people like Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert, and Jimmy Fallon. It took satirical critique of politics and culture to a new level. Sometimes I’ve laughed and sometimes I’ve cringed. But, over the last few years, mostly, I’ve simply ignored it. SNL tries to make itself relevant and profitable and popular all at the same time.

Couples Who Choose Not To Have Children Are 'Selfish,' Pope Says

Pope Francis said that couples who opt not to have children are being "selfish" as he spoke of a "greedy generation" that's choosing not to procreate. The pontiff's remarks come just weeks after he seemed to send a contradictory message, telling Catholics that they don't need to breed "like rabbits."

WATCH: The Sun Like You've Never Seen It

The SDO was being designed and built while Plait was working at NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center. The astronomer says he remembers discussing with colleagues how much data would be sent back to Earth and how much would be seen by the probe.

6 The Poached Egg Apologetics Daily

The Poached Egg Apologetics Daily, by Greg West: updated automatically with a curated selection of articles, blog posts, videos and photos.

Grace to You Radio

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Renown Youth Conference

To be a Christian is to be a disciple. Jesus said that anyone who would be a disciple of Christ must “deny himself and take up his cross and follow me” (Mark 8:34). Nobody, however, does this perfectly. All Christians face struggles and obstacles in their walk with Christ. And yet, the New Testament calls disciples of Jesus to “grow in grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ” (2 Peter 3:18).

What ISIS Really Wants

One way to un-cast the Islamic State’s spell over its adherents would be to overpower it militarily and occupy the parts of Syria and Iraq now under caliphate rule. Al‑Qaeda is ineradicable because it can survive, cockroach-like, by going underground. The Islamic State cannot. If it loses its grip on its territory in Syria and Iraq, it will cease to be a caliphate. Caliphates cannot exist as underground movements, because territorial authority is a requirement: take away its command of territory, and all those oaths of allegiance are no longer binding. Former pledges could of course continue to attack the West and behead their enemies, as freelancers. But the propaganda value of the caliphate would disappear, and with it the supposed religious duty to immigrate and serve it. If the United States were to invade, the Islamic State’s obsession with battle at Dabiq suggests that it might send vast resources there, as if in a conventional battle. If the state musters at Dabiq in full force, only to be routed, it might never recover.

PewResearch FactTank on Twitter

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True adulthood doesn't begin until age 25 - Telegraph

The trend has been dubbed ‘kidulthood’ by commentators who in recent years have noticed a shift towards irresponsibility in the behavior of young adults.


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Religion's week from hell -

The violence in northeast Nigeria, Boko Haram's home base, has caused more than 157,000 people to flee into Niger, Cameroon and Chad, according to Adrian Edwards, a spokesman for the U.N. High Commissioner for Refugees.

The FAQs: Islamic State Beheads 21 Egyptian Christians in Libya

Islamic State is the name of the group formerly called ISIS (aka ISIL) that currently controls about a third of Syria and Iraq. They are the group that during the Iraq War was often referred to as “Al-Qaeda in Iraq.” Islamic State is an abbreviation of “The Islamic State in Iraq and Syria” (the group is actually called “The Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant” but most western media translate “Levant” as “Syria.”). The group claims it is an independent state with claims to Iraq, Syria, and Lebanon. It was established in the early years of the Iraq War and pledged allegiance to al-Qaeda in 2004. IS has been responsible for the persecution of Christians and other minority religious groups in Iraq and Syria.

Counter Culture

In this new book we see many of Platt’s most compelling characteristics on display even as we marvel at how he has become one of America’s most popular preachers with such a challenging message. Platt inspires Christians because he doesn’t apologize for Jesus and the Bible. We expect the new president of the International Mission Board of the Southern Baptist Convention not to back off Jesus’s claims to exclusivity in salvation. As Platt so memorably writes, “If there were 1,000 ways to God, we would want 1,001” (14). He speaks against abortion as one who practices a consistent life ethic by adopting. And he condemns sexual immorality without finding all the faults in people unlike himself. He says, “I represent the class of people responsible for the vast majority of sexual immorality in the world today: male heterosexuals” (165). The book lacks the full effect of hearing Platt teach in pleading tones, but it still carries his characteristic urgency, emotion, and compassion.

Inspiration from John Owen to Diligently Preach the Gospel

Authority comes from the Spirit. Owen explains that ultimately it matters not if one has the proper “office.” “Unction” is needed. “The scribes had an outward call to teach in the church; but they had no unction, no anointing, that could evidence they had the Holy Ghost in his gifts and graces.” For example, in Mark 9:28 and Matthew 7:29, the scribes questioned Jesus, asking him on what authority he did these things. His authority is not in an external or formal office, nor is it by the power of man; rather, it is an authority from God himself, one that the scribes lacked. Therefore, Owen insists, pastors must preach with this unction from God. Such unction comes not from us, but from the Holy Spirit. And one only has as much authority, Owen says, as that which is given to him by God. He can preach the Word all day long, but if it not be accompanied by the Spirit, and if it not be through the Spirit, it is done in vain.

Rev. Graham: ‘Imagine the Outcry if 21 Muslims Had Been Beheaded by Christians? … The Storm is Coming’

The Islamic State beheaded 21 Egyptian Christians over the weekend, propping the severed heads on the victims’ backs, a barbaric slaughter that led Reverend Franklin Graham to ask, “Can you imagine the outcry if 21 Muslims had been beheaded by Christians?”

Away from the Body and at Home with the Lord

My son went to Heaven when he was 11 years old. Even more comforting than knowing I will be in Heaven some day is knowing that he is in Heaven now. Just as I would have never allowed him to stay in a home with which I was unfamiliar when he lived here, I could not bear for him to be living in an unfamiliar place now. I am so thankful of this sweet comfort from God’s Word. And, still more, for this: When I reach Heaven, my son will be there and my broken and hurting heart will be restored. But it will be healed and restored, not because I am reunited with my Caleb, but because I am in the presence of my Lord. I will be overcome with joy, not by the sight of my son, but by the sight of my Savior! I get the other stuff — the rescuing and renewing stuff — and it is amazing and astounding. But it is not the stuff that comforts me and encourages me during my dark moments.

NEW RESEARCH: How Americans View Islam

Forty-five percent of 1,000 senior Protestant pastors surveyed say the Islamic State, also known as ISIL or ISIS, "gives a true indication of what an Islamic society looks like." Forty-seven percent disagreed with the statement, according to LifeWay, a Nashville-based, non-profit Christian research group. LifeWay surveyed only clergy who identified themselves as the top pastoral officials in their organizations.

Eleven Books to Help You Embrace the Snow

The snow brings out the jerk part of my personality, but I’m trying to let the admittedly hyperbolic best-mom-in-the-world part come out. I’m trying to embrace the snow. I have decided to order some snowshoes and foot warmers. I’ve asked a writer/pastor friend who says she’s loving winter to write a guest post for next week. And I’ve been thinking about ways to combine the activity I love best with the snow. So here’s a book list of picture books, kids chapter books, and grownup books to help you finish the winter well and let the snow bring out the best parts of you:

Witness, Winsomeness and Winter

In Tim Keller’s Center Church , he identifies four “seasons” in the cycle of the church’s relation to the culture. In winter, the church faces hostility from the culture, is weak or even underground, and sees very limited evangelistic fruit (as in much of the Islamic world today). In spring, the church is embattled but growing, and signs of life are beginning to break through (as in China). In summer, the church is highly regarded in the public square, and Christians are involved at the centre of cultural production (as in parts of South America, sub-Saharan Africa and the Pacific). And in autumn, the influence of the church is declining, and believers are increasingly marginalised in a post-Christian context (as in Europe and North America). Though not biblical, I see Keller’s model, adapted from Niebuhr’s The Church Against the World , as an obviously helpful one.

Why Your Church Should Be On Social Media Right Now

One of the ways I've seen Facebook put to great use by churches and other ministries is in the area of prayer. Today, it can be pretty tough to make sure you have everyone's most current email address, which makes emailing major church issues or announcements and asking for prayer somewhat difficult. Through Facebook though, your church can share a major prayer request or physical need someone may have, and instantly, church members or people in the community can respond and help in any way they can.

WORLD | George Washington’s moral leadership | Marvin Olasky | Feb. 14, 2015

That time was long in coming because Washington remained the country’s gold standard for over a century, and Americans expected their presidents to be sober, upright, and proper both in their private and public dealings. Washington had been able to control his impulses and to show that he saw himself as under God’s control; Americans came to demand at least that appearance in their leaders. Much is masked concerning Washington’s interior. It seems that he acted in such a virtuous way primarily because he loved God, but his characteristic self-restraint in expression leaves an opening for those who say he primarily loved his reputation. Whatever the reason, the public result was magnificent: George Washington was not only the father of our country but also the father of high expectations concerning the presidency, expectations that each of his successors for many years tried to meet.

Experiencing The Trinity Giveaway

Experiencing the Trinity comes out this month and I am praying that God uses it as an encouragement to the body of Christ. It is another collection of daily readings and is aimed at showing how God and the gospel overcome out fears, anxieties, afflictions, temptations, and doubts. 

Making teeth tough: Beavers show way to improve our enamel

Beavers don't brush their teeth or drink fluoridated water, but a new study reports beavers do have protection against tooth decay built into the chemical structure of their teeth: iron. This pigmented enamel, the researchers found, is both harder and more resistant to acid than regular enamel, including that treated with fluoride. This discovery is among others that could lead to a better understanding of human tooth decay, earlier detection of the disease and improving on current fluoride treatments.

Watching 'Saturday Night Live' in the Age of ISIS

In the end, there are two temptations. One is to get so overcome by the world's cruelty that we forget to laugh. We might even judge others for laughing while we're in pain. Who hasn't been there, sitting in a hospital room, wondering how other people can go on with their lives when things are so unbearable in our own? It's a terribly hard lesson to learn, but we've got to learn it: there is a time to weep, but that time will be different for different people.

Military Wife Confessions: What Happens When You Can’t Plan for Anything

The everyday rhythms of military marriage rarely get portrayed in the media. (Instead, it’s often the heavy patriotism of star-spangled holidays or emotional drama of surprise homecomings.) Shana’s remarks sum up a real-life struggle for military families: With constant cycles of moves, deployments, trainings, and schools, they can’t really plan for anything.

28 The TC Apologetics Daily

The TC Apologetics Daily, by TC Apologetics: The latest news and thoughts for the apologetic-minded Christian.

Endure: Five Challenges Facing Southern Church Planters

Church Planters in the southeastern United States face similar challenges as the seek to plant Gospel-centered, missional churches. At Endure, planters can hear from five men who have planted churches or are currently planting churches. They will share from God's word and wisdom they have gleaned in the trenches of church planting.

Following Jesus When You Want to Give Up

To be honest, I was shocked to hear him say that. The reason I wouldn’t drink is because I made a promise to my parents that I would not have even a sip of alcohol throughout my high school career; nor would I let someone who had consumed any alcohol into my car. But I had never thought how my choices could influence someone else, let alone the captain of the football team! While this story worked out for good, I could tell you stories of when I failed to live up to what I believed too. I have made poor decisions at time that I know reflect poorly on me, my family, and my creator. But this experience taught me a profound truth—we can have a powerful impact on people’s lives even when we don’t realize it. Trust me: people are watching your life. If you decide to live for Jesus you will make a difference—even if you don’t realize it.

ERLC's agenda includes religious liberty, life

Copyright (c) 2015 Baptist Press. Reprinted from Baptist Press (, news service of the Southern Baptist Convention. The original story can be found at ERLC's agenda includes religious liberty, life by Staff, posted Monday, February 16, 2015 (12 hours ago) Tags: ERLCreligious liberty2015 agenda Tweet WASHINGTON (BP) -- Measures to protect religious freedom and the sanctity of human life top the 2015 legislative agenda for the Southern Baptist Convention's public policy entity. The Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission (ERLC) unveiled Feb. 11 its goals for the new congressional session. Unlike last year, the new Congress will be controlled by one party, the Republicans.


I saw the souls of those who'd been beheaded because of their testimony about Jesus & ... the word of God. -Rev 20:4

WORLD | Digital detox | Mary Jackson | Feb. 21, 2015

Nearly three decades ago a Harvard study first linked children’s television habits to obesity. Now researchers have connected kids’ screen time to poor sleep habits and declining social and academic performance. A recent UCLA study found that sixth-graders who spent a week unplugged from electronics were able to read facial emotions and other nonverbal cues better than those with access to devices. Last year the American Academy of Pediatrics warned parents to limit screen time to two hours for kids older than 2 and advised keeping younger ones totally off screens.  

A New Book on Orthodoxy and Heresy in Early Christianity

Eighty years ago, Walter Bauer promulgated a bold and provocative thesis about early Christianity. He argued that many forms of Christianity started the race, but one competitor pushed aside the others, until this powerful ”orthodox” version won the day. The victors re-wrote history, marginalizing all other perspectives and silencing their voices, even though the alternatives possessed equal right to the title of normative Christianity. Bauer’s influence still casts a long shadow on early Christian scholarship. Were heretical movements the original forms of Christianity? Did the heretics outnumber the orthodox? Did orthodox heresiologists accurately portray their opponents? And more fundamentally, how can one make any objective distinction between ”heresy” and ”orthodoxy”? Is such labeling merely the product of socially situated power? Did numerous, valid forms of Christianity exist without any validating norms of Christianity? This collection of essays, each written by a relevant authority, tackles such questions with scholarly acumen and careful attention to historical, cultural-geographical, and socio-rhetorical detail.

35 Tactical Faith Today

Tactical Faith Today, by Tactical Faith: updated automatically with a curated selection of articles, blog posts, videos and photos.

May We All Find Something That Makes Us as Happy as a Thundersnow Makes This Dude Happy

T his is Jim Cantore, a meteorologist for The Weather Channel and a thundersnow enthusiast . A thundersnow is just like a thunderstorm but with snow instead of rain, and it must be very rare or something, because Cantore reacts to the phenomenon with jubilation generally reserved for a winning Powerball ticket. May we all be so fortunate as to find something that makes us this happy, and may we encounter that thing often ...

Lent Begins This Wednesday: Here Is a Great Book to Help You Meditate on Christ's Path to the Cross

Immediately, large fish filled their nets. When the men tried to haul the nets back into their boats, they couldn’t. They had caught too many. But as the disciples strained and pulled at the nets, a wave of familiarity broke over Peter. This had happened before. It was a morning not unlike this one. Peter and his brother were fishing without any luck when a man they did not know well asked to borrow their boat so he could put out a bit from the shore to teach the pressing crowds. The rabbi told them to push out a little deeper and let their nets down for another try. When they did, their nets filled so quickly and so fully that when they tried to pull them into the boat, the nets began to break under the strain.

Grace For All

In the midst of that muddled mental state, I became convinced that everyone had abandoned me and that I had lost everything, including my reputation, my finances, and my house. Worse yet, I imagined God had walked away from me. It was my son, Kyle, a professor of theology, who walked me through an extraordinary prayer experience to reconnect me with Jesus. I came to realize that even if I did lose everything in this world, it was okay—because I would never lose Christ. I’m grateful God restored my health and that this condition will never recur, but I’m even more thankful for the lessons learned from being at the gate of death.

WORLD | Accomplices arrested in Copenhagen shootings | Lynde Langdon | Feb. 16, 2015

UPDATE: Two suspected accomplices of the gunman behind Saturday’s deadly attacks in Copenhagen were jailed for 10 days Monday as Danes mourned the two victims of Saturday’s shootings, which authorities believe were inspired by the Charlie Hebdo attacks in Paris last month.

The Christian Post on Twitter

@ChristianPost Pls read carefully.The res. calls on officials to resist/oppose legalization.It doesn't say to disobey if it becomes law!

Problem 8: Differences Between Vertebrate Embryos Contradict the Predictions of Common Ancestry

But most embryologists who acknowledge that vertebrate embyros start development differently will still claim embryos pass through a highly similar stage midway through development, called the "phylotypic" or "pharyngula" stage. These theorists propose an "hourglass model" of development, where it is claimed that similarities between embryos during this midpoint stage provide evidence for common ancestry. One critical biologist explains how this concept is viewed: "It is almost as though the phylotypic stage is regarded as a biological concept for which no proof is needed." 133

William Lane Craig Interview | Highfield Church | United Kingdom 2014

For more resources visit: In 2014 Dr William Lane Craig visited the United Kingdom. While there, he was interviewed at the Highfield Church. You can listen to an audio recording of the Highfield Reasonable Faith group's hour-long Q&A time with Dr Craig here: We welcome your comments in the Reasonable Faith forums: Be sure to also visit Reasonable Faith's other channel: Follow Reasonable Faith On Twitter: Add Reasonable Faith On Facebook:

Hoping to Inspire London With the Gospel

When we became friends in school at the age of 13, it would be fair to say that neither Mark (Jackson) nor I (Pete Nicholas) envisioned doing a church plant together. After growing up not knowing Jesus Christ, both of us came to faith at university. However, after working in the city, we increasingly felt drawn to the idea of planting a church. Both of us enjoyed our jobs but felt a call to pastoral ministry. In time we became passionate about being involved in a city church that was on the one hand accessible to unbelievers, and on the other, keenly committed to integrating faith into city life. We had a shared vision to inspire London with the gospel, and to do this we believed that there is a pressing need for churches faithful to the gospel and creative in connecting it with life today. Of course, there’s a sense in which this effort is required in every generation. But today in the UK, the links between church and state are being redefined, so preaching Christ and living for him needs to be re-imagined for a fast-changing culture.  

44 Transcending Transgenderism

Writing at Public Discourse, Carlos Flores articulates clearly and winsomely why the push for social acceptance of “transgenderism” is a bad idea. Ignoring biological reality to reassign gender through surgery or medication is being touted as the human rights issue of our time.

WORLD | A healthcare plan we can get behind? | Janie B. Cheaney | Feb. 16, 2015

One of President Obama’s jibes at members of the opposition party is that all they can do is obstruct. “The Party of No,” according to him, has fine-tuned its complaints, but where are its solutions? It’s all well and good to badmouth Obamacare, but where are the ideas? 

Awesome God in a Boring Church

But is it possible that our worship services have become so much about ourselves that we find it difficult to “get outside” our “petty concerns,” as Haidt says? Church leaders look with disdain on the member who chooses a day at the lake or a day of mountain climbing instead of gathering with the body of believers. But when you talk to the church-skippers, you’ll hear them say they have a hard time resisting the “awe in nature” Haidt referred to. And even if we don’t support the decision to skip church for a nature walk, perhaps we should ask why some of our church members discover “awe” outside of the church, but not inside.

Podcast: David Baggett on Four Ways God Best Explains Morality

On this week’s episode, we have a lecture by David Baggett entitled, “Four Ways God Best Explains Morality.” Dr. Baggett begins by assuming the position of moral realism, the idea that there are various moral facts in need of explanation: moral values, moral obligations, moral knowledge, the convergence of virtue and happiness, and the reality of moral transformation. He then explains why theism generally and Christian theism particularly provides a better explanation of these facts than does naturalism.

Can You Answer a Childs Question?

Dr. Craig: That is one of the goals in this ten-booklet series, is to expand children's concept of God to make them have a larger image of God so that their God is a big God. And our president of Reasonable Faith, Chris Shannon, has been using these – the manuscript, not even with the pictures, just the manuscript – that I sent him with his two little girls. And he said these little girls just love these stories about Brown Bear and Red Goose and their children, and their dialogues about what God is like. And he said that every night when they put them to bed they'll read them one of these stories. And one night they decided that they didn't have time for a story and they were just going to put the girls to bed, and he said, “You wouldn't believe the outcry there was at our household.” He said, “They began shouting 'Attributes of God! Attributes of God!'” They wanted to hear the story about the attributes of God. So I'm really hopeful that these booklets will be a big help to parents in teaching their children about God and then also serving as a springboard for conversations with their children about God.

Star Trek: TNG Season 4 "Devil's Due" and "Clues"

I’m going through “Star Trek: The Next Generation” and reviewing every episode, complete with commentary and a grade from A-F. I’ve also included a score and comment from my wife, who has never seen the show before. There are  SPOILERS  for each episode below.

Another Pro-Choice Meme - Does it Succeed?

There is a marked difference between fetuses and toddlers not just in principle of dependence/independence but practicality that is essential for this legal definition… a difference that you are willing to wave away in order to support forced birthing while conveniently overriding the individual rights of the mother in this quest to impose your choice in law on others. A toddler is not dependent on the mother alone to survive. A fetus is. And that’s why a parent can’t simply kill a born child (like Isaac had every intention of doing with your god’s blessing) without facing the charge of murder… a charge that does not apply to a woman who aborts a fetus (an event that occurs naturally in about 70% of all pregnancies let us not ignore). The difference is not trivial, JW nor is it one that can be waved away in law without dire consequences for all of us.

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79 Tough review of N. T. Wright’s 2-volume work on Paul
80 Scientism in the Age of Obama
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