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If All The Bible Translations Had A Dinner Party

English Standard Version (ESV): Hey everybody, can I have your attention? Great, thanks. Look, I'm so glad that you're all here for this reunion of sorts. It sure is great to have all of us transla...

Our Laws Come, Ultimately, from Nature's God | The Stream

This morning, CNN’s Chris Cuomo interviewed/grilled Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore for 25 minutes about the same-sex marriage controversy. Based on Alabama’s definition of marriage, Moore had forbidden probate judges from issuing marriage licenses to people of the same sex. As...

WORLD | In the Footsteps of St. Peter | Juliana Chan Erikson | Feb. 21, 2015

Watching the BBC documentary In the Footsteps of St. Peter, it’s hard to tell if host David Suchet is himself a Christian—and that’s a good thing. A host

William Lane Craig lectures on naturalistic alternatives to the Big Bang

Here's the lecture, which was given in 2004 at the University of Colorado, Boulder. This lecture might be a little advanced for beginners, but if you stretch your mind first, you shouldn't tear any...

Stephen C. Meyer: does the Big Bang cosmology support the existence of God?

Here's the 66-minute video featuring Dr. Stephen C. Meyer, who holds the Ph.D in philosophy of science from Cambridge University, and other degrees in the hard sciences. The lecture starts really, ...

WORLD | SpongeBob soaks up 90 minutes, giving little in return | Bob Brown | Feb. 14, 2015

SpongeBob SquarePants is the ninth longest-running cartoon series in television history. It first aired on Nickelodeon in 1999 and has been a staple of cable

WORLD | Plenty of strange but little magic in latest animated fairy tale | Bob Brown | Feb. 14, 2015

At the end of Strange Magic (rated PG for some action and scary images), the Fairy King admonishes his subjects: “Never judge something by how it or he or

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1 How to Help Transgender Children - Stand to Reason Blog

Your child needs psychiatric or psychological help, not a change of wardrobe or hairstyle. Anyone working with a transgender needs to look for, and treat, comorbid disorders. Biologically, it is impossible for a doctor to change a boy into a girl, no matter how much surgery is performed or how many hormones are administered. I know; they tried it on me.

Hilbert's Hotel and Infinity - This is part of the "Defending the Cosmological Argument" series. Table of Contents: Dr. William Lane Craig proves Al Ghaz­a­li's premise that an ac­tu­al in­fi­nite num­ber of things is ab­surd by us­ing Hilbert's Ho­tel (if you're an atheist listen carefully: Dr. Craig did not say actual infinites are non-existent). The following clip comes from Dr. Craig's lecture: Related: Atheist Jeffrey Shallit deliberately took William Lane Craig out of context on Hilbert's Hotel. Craig responded: We welcome your comments in the Reasonable Faith forums:

Ask Anything: Weekend Edition 02-14-15

2) What is the difference between Sheol and Hell in the Bible?

4 Book Review: Miracles: What They Are, Why They Happen, and How They Can Change your Life by Eric Metaxas - Apologetics 315

“History,” writes Eric Metaxas in the introduction to his book entitled Miracles , “comprises subjective accounts of human beings, and from those subjective accounts we arrive at an ‘objective’ truth” (xii).  He asserts that we need to ask ourselves whether those subjective accounts are reliable by sifting through the information and considering the witnesses as one would do in a court of law. This, he says, is what we must do when we hear accounts of miracles.  We must “examine (them) with the greatest rigor possible” to determine whether something is truly a miracle.  Otherwise, we could deserve the label of “gullible” that those who reject the very idea of supernatural events sometimes use to describe us. In the first half of the book, Metaxas explores the basic question of what constitutes a miracle.  While he notes there is no standard definition, he essentially concurs with that given by philosopher David Hume who defined a miracle as “a transgression of a law of nature by a particular volition of the Deity, or by the interposition of some invisible agent (11).

'Pale Blue Dot' Images Turn 25

Taking these images was not part of the original plan, but the late Carl Sagan, a member of the Voyager imaging team at the time, had the idea of pointing the spacecraft back toward its home for a last look. The title of his 1994 book, "Pale Blue Dot," refers to the image of Earth in this series.

Fifty Shades of Shame — The Evolution of Pornography

For this reason the Christian worldview insists that the face of a child with Down syndrome is infinitely more beautiful than an airbrushed model on the cover of a fashion magazine. The model may be pretty, but every human being is beautiful, simply by virtue of being made in the image of God. That grounding of human dignity points to the fact of our creation by a loving and merciful God, who made us in his image, and revealed this truth in our very existence and in our capacity to know him. He revealed this truth explicitly in Holy Scripture, and this means that every single human being, at every stage of development, possesses full human dignity.

7 The Poached Egg Apologetics Daily

The Poached Egg Apologetics Daily, by Greg West: updated automatically with a curated selection of articles, blog posts, videos and photos.

8 2015 The Gospel Coalition National Conference April 13-15, Orlando FL

TGC's 2015 National Conference, Coming Home: New Heaven and New Earth, seeks to stir longing for our ultimate home in heaven as we explore the sweep of redemption from creation to consummation, Genesis to Revelation. Our plenary speakers will unfold the Bible's teaching on eschatology, a topic of burning importance today. Along with these nine plenary sessions we've planned more than 50 workshops and focus gatherings led by speakers addressing topics including evangelism, homosexuality, student ministry, sexual abuse, faith and work, and much more. Join us as we worship God together in word and song with joyful hope that Jesus is returning soon. We hope you can join us April 13–15 in Orlando, Florida

Fifty Shades of Nay: Sin Is a Needle, Not a Toy

Before you buy a ticket and some popcorn — or before you talk to a friend who wants to read the books or see the movie — I want to put ten of God’s promises before you. My hope and prayer is that the clarity and power of God’s words will convince many of you to save your money and your heart, and help you do the same for others.

Islam: Inherently Violent or Peaceful?

Given the growth of terrorist groups such as ISIS, what is the true nature of Islam—violent or peaceful? President Obama says that the terrorist group, the Islamic State, ISIS, or ISIL, is “not Islamic.” But others insist that the entire religion founded by Muhammad is inherently violent. Where does the truth lie? Stan Guthrie, a CT editor at large and author of the new book God’s Story in 66 Verses , interviewed Warren Larson—professor emeritus at Zwemer Center for Muslim Studies at Columbia International University and author of Islamic Ideology and Fundamentalism in Pakistan: Climate for Conversion to Christianity? —to shed new light on this question.

Seeing My Son’s Murderer

Søren Kierkegaard was right when he contended that life has to be lived forward but can only be understood backwards. In life some things happen that are not immediately perceived as beneficial. Following our son's murder, which did not seem to have any redemptive value, the question God asked me was "Do you really believe what you preach?"


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God's Not Dead: Distant or Bad Fathers May Lead to Atheism

Koster documents that the ranting and ravings of atheists such as Nietzsche, Freud, Huxley, Darwin, Ingersoll, Darrow, Hitler, and others were the consequence of an unhealthy relationship or lack of a relationship with their earthly father--this void fueled their wishful thinking. He goes on to establish that this led to mental illness in many of them, hence the "Atheist Syndrome." He brings this point to our attention with the following: "Materialists and atheists will, of course, be offended if we suggest that their heroes were actually insane, and their attack on God... was a deranged fantasy and not an explanation of scientific knowledge. But ... Darwin, Thomas Huxley, Friedrich Nietzsche, and Sigmund Freud - had many hallmarks of mental illness stamped on their personality. In point of fact, a careful study of their biographies in light of improved scientific knowledge may reveal not only that each man was mentally ill, but that each man suffered the same form of mental illness. It was this mental illness that led each of them to pervert science into an attack on God." Koster goes on to present how atheist Shelley rebelled against God because he was "tormented and beaten in a religiously oriented school.

Innovative Apologetics: The Trinity: The God Scripture Reveals


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I’m Single. Stop Pitying Me on Valentine’s Day

So if you are one of the lucky ones who have found their “one,” as much as you want me to experience the same kind of love and joy you possess, please don’t pity me today. Don’t feel sorry for me as I go and see a chick flick with my girlfriends, hang out with my married friends, or go about my life as normal. I’m actually OK with being single, because I know that my self-worth isn’t defined by a Valentine’s Day card.

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God Does Exist: Applied Apologetics: Theism Succeeds Where Non-theistic Empiricism Fails

Ask Pastor John

Daily audio clips of John Piper answering tough theological and pastoral questions.

Celebrate Valentine’s Day by Fighting for Purity (and Not Watching Fifty Shades of Grey)

Do you know what this passage means? It means that if you go to see  Fifty Shades of Grey  you might just go to hell. Seriously. If that sounds harsh then consider what Jesus is saying. His point is that heaven and hell are on the line in our fight against lust. He is saying that a true follower of his eventually is on the winning side of lust. This reality does not require perfection. We all stumble and fall in our fight against purity. What it does mean is that—over time—a Christian is characterized by an aggressive fight against lust rather than repeated giving in to lust. It means that if you’re repeatedly giving yourself over to lust you are in trouble. With all my heart I do not want this for you. Please, if you’re trying to find a way to see  Fifty Shades  then now is the time to fight. Consider that your eternal destiny is on the line in whether you take up this fight. 

God Talk Is Not Enough Anymore, by Maggie Gallagher, National Review

In recent years candidates have assumed that they can win over evangelicals by learning Christian slogans, by masking political rallies as prayer meetings, and by basically producing a long-form new birth certificate to prove they’ve been born again. This sort of identity politics is a luxury of a past era when evangelicals were part of a silent majority in the U.S., with our First Amendment freedoms assumed and guaranteed. That is not the present situation.

NBC, ABC Gush Over Obama's 'Unprecedented,' 'Captivating' Selfie Video

NBC and ABC on Friday gushed over a new video of the President taking selfies and making silly faces in order to promote ObamaCare. Only CBS This Morning wondered if the President was diminishing the office. Good Morning America 's Amy Robach parroted the White House spin as just another fun, viral video. The journalist enthused, "Trending this morning, the President is presiding on Facebook with an unprecedented video from Buzzfeed with more than 20 million views in less than a day." 


“All Christians believe in the Trinity, but most Christians, if we’re honest, don’t like to think about the Trinity that much. The doctrine seems abstract, dry, and distant from everyday life. This book will change that for you. Joe Thorn points us to the joy of a God who is Father, Son, and Spirit, showing us how this truth should prompt us to worship, pray, and trust. He applies this great doctrine without putting us out of its mystery. This book can better equip you to praise the God from whom all blessings flow.” —Russell D. Moore , President, The Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission; author, Tempted and Tried

Innovative Apologetics: Even With all the Time in the World - Monkeys typing aimlessly Results in No Shakespeare

Dancing With Cancer

This is life: blessing and suffering, joy and sadness, the mulberry and the wisteria. Learning to accept this comingling is to learn how to live fully. It is to find that you are in a painful place, but that small but precious blessings are still to be found, even in a wasteland. It is to be lonely but happy, sick but at peace, filled with joy and compassion, hopeful yet sober. Christians are often loathe to adopt this mentality, believing that acknowledging human brokenness and pain somehow diminishes the victory of God. But we forget our church history, how saints would suffer terribly and then praise God in the very same breath. They did so because they understood that God is present in all moments of our lives, valleys and mountaintops alike. God’s presence and power are not confirmed through one positive moment but then invalidated by a negative one.

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27 The TC Apologetics Daily

The TC Apologetics Daily, by TC Apologetics: The latest news and thoughts for the apologetic-minded Christian.

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2009 Graduation Film

Then Again Maybe Don't Be My Valentine

One story is that Valentine was a priest who secretly performed marriages when Emperor Claudius II reportedly forbade marriage (in an effort to ensure he had soldiers without family ties). Another story says that he was a Christian imprisoned for his faith, and cured his jailer's daughter of blindness. The day before his execution (supposedly Feb. 14, 269), he sent a farewell message to the daughter signed "From your Valentine."

Why “50 Shades” is not the same as biblical submission

Related to this is the issue of abuse. Like I said, I haven’t read 50 Shades , but from what I’ve read about it there is abuse involved between the central characters of the story. Biblical submission does not condone or allow any form of abuse. In scripture, no human authority is an ultimate authority. The only ultimate authority is God. When we are confronted with a human authority that contradicts God’s authority, we are required to recognize and submit to God’s ultimate authority. That is why the apostles defied the human authorities when those authorities forbade them from preaching the gospel. In defiance, the apostles replied, “We must obey God rather than men” ( Acts 5:29 ).

TGC Spotlight 02.13.15

The Gospel Coalition is a fellowship of evangelical churches deeply committed to renewing our faith in the gospel of Christ and to reforming our ministry practices to conform fully to the Scriptures.  We yearn to work with all who, in addition to embracing our confession and theological vision for ministry, seek the lordship of Christ over the whole of life with unabashed hope in the power of the Holy Spirit to transform individuals, communities, and cultures.

05. Why is the Bible against sexual freedom?

Nathan Betts ( ) of Ravi Zacharias International Ministries answers the question "Why is the Bible against sexual freedom?". Want to read more widely on this question? Check out "Sex And The iWorld: Rethinking Relationship beyond an Age of Individualism" by Dale Kuehne ( ). This video is episode 5 of the "Short Answers to Big Questions" series, in which we take 50 of the most common questions and objections about Christianity and attempt to give short, succinct answers to each of them. In such short videos, we realise we can only often scratch the surface—nevertheless, we hope to give you lots of food for thought. Do feel free to download each video, circulate it to friends, or share it on social media. More about "Short Answers to Tough Questions": More about RZIM Canada:

04. What does it really mean to be human?

Dr. Andy Bannister ( ) of Ravi Zacharias International Ministries answers the question "What does it really mean to be human?". Want to read more widely on this question? Check out C. S. Lewis' two books "The Abolition of Man" ( ) and "The Weight of Glory" ( ). ** You might also want to check out the 2015 RZIM Summer School taking place in Toronto from 28 June to 3 July 2015. The theme this year is "Reduced or Redeemed: What Does It Really Mean To Be Human?". Visit for more information. Andy Bannister is one of the speakers.** This video is episode 4 of the "Short Answers to Big Questions" series, in which we take 50 of the most common questions and objections about Christianity and attempt to give short, succinct answers to each of them. In such short videos, we realise we can only often scratch the surface—nevertheless, we hope to give you lots of food for thought. Do feel free to download each video, circulate it to friends, or share it on social media.

How Jesus Became God in the Flesh - Apologetics Book: Christian Analysis Defeats the Skepticism of Bart Ehrman: How Jesus Became God in the Flesh

"There is no conflict between religion and science; Only the conflict between two sciences, that of the 4th century BCE and the science of 2014." Joseph Campbell. Your thesis irresponsibly confuses evolution and human progress with God-- with a fallacious Post Hoc ergo Propter hoc rationale. Since there is vast scientific proof of the former and none of the latter, we can readily dismiss it as just more sciolistic confirmation bias. A third grade understanding of the tens of thousand of years of human progress from the paleolithic, Iron age, Bronze age to the high Neolithic more than proves the evolution of human reason from the Hunter gatherers to Planting societies, to the stargazing Zigurat builders and the early foundations of the "good society". Sadly, what you are arguing requires an astonishing campaign of ignorance, or denial of history, science, and logic -- again negating the very point of your thesis. Belief in god presupposes nescience, not reason. Ironically, by arguing for the opposite you undermine your entire premise: Reason is not born of god, but of MAN and we have the entire anthropological record of man to prove it.

Prayers at the Museum of Modern Art

Gober’s creative journey to the sinks began when he was supporting his early artistic career through carpentry, welding, and casting—skills he had learned in sculpture classes. Growing tired of working for other people, he decided to make things he could sell. “And immediately, without belaboring it, dollhouses popped into my head.” As he built them, “it was really becoming clear to me that these weren’t dollhouses—what I was interested in was the symbol of the house.”

Now That They’ve Bought the Ticket

However, if your newsfeed and life are like mine, it’s also filled with people who are now holding a ticket stub . . . people who daringly told us they loved it, and people who may know enough not to check-in when they entered the theatre so no one knows they were there. They’ve all seen our stance. They know how we feel about it. But I wonder if they also know how we feel about them, and whether or not we have an answer that will satisfy them more than what they’ve found in those scenes. Sometimes I wonder if we even believe we have it and if we understand why they’re still thirsting. Sure, some will go just for the thrill of the sex scenes, but other movies filled with sex haven’t garnered the same buzz. Why this one? Salvation.

Faithful Thinkers: Frozen- The Eyewitness of "No Greater Love"

Before I go into any content about this movie, I want to warn the reader that there are major spoilers in this post. A thorough examination of the message behind the movie is not the intention of this post, rather I want to focus on one important detail in the movie that has value for understanding the force behind the eyewitness testimony of Jesus' disciples. If you have not seen Frozen yet, please do. The main force behind what is written below is best read in the context of having seen the film first. The SPOILER!!!! Allow me to quickly set the stage: The viewer is taken on a journey. It is stated early on that only an act of true love can restore a frozen heart. The viewer is led to believe that this will be the typical Disney fairytale movie: something happens to the girl (in this case, Ana is on the path to being frozen, thus killed), and the kiss of her "true love" fixes it. However, the frozen heart that was the real focus of the movie is Elsa's emotional heart, not Ana's physical heart. Ana's giving her life for Else's is the act of true love that restores Elsa's emotionally frozen heart.

Is There Extrabiblical Evidence About Jesus' Life?

For more resources visit: In 2001, John Ankerberg interviewed William Lane Craig on on the subject of, "Jesus of Nazareth." In the interview, Dr Craig was asked a number of questions about the historicity of Jesus, the evidence of the resurrection of Jesus, the reliability of the gospel accounts, and much more. Read more: We welcome your comments in the Reasonable Faith forums: Be sure to visit Reasonable Faith's other channel which contains full-length clips: Follow Reasonable Faith On Twitter: Like the Reasonable Faith Facebook Fan Page:

Christian & atheist debate the purpose of suffering // Unbelievable?

Christian thinker Vince Vitale and atheist thinker Julian Baggini debate suffering with Justin Brierley. For the full debate visit For more faith debates and unbelievable? resources | For more video and audio content: | Like us on Facebook | Tweet us @TogetherPremier

Really Recommended Posts 2/13/15- Sci-fi, Genesis 1, Professor Snape, and more!

Whew, burning the midnight oil to get this one written by Friday! I ask for your prayers for uninterrupted sleep, dear readers. Still sleep training little man and boy is he stubborn! Anyway, I have here an assortment of great reads for you. We have a biblical look at the length of the days of creation, an interview with the great sci-fi author (and woman of faith!) Kathy Tyers, a response to  50 Shades of Grey , a look at companies who profit off porn, and Harry Potter. Oh yeah, that’s all right here for your perusal! As always, let me know what you think–I love to read your thoughts. Be sure to let the authors know your appreciation as well.

Defiling the Undefiled - Christian Research Institute

Revisiting what Driscoll allows with this understanding, we see God’s relation to His people is in spirit and truth (John 4:24), precluding role-playing and fantasy. Glorification of God surely includes fidelity to created intent. The unifying fit of male and female genitalia are glaringly obvious, and digital or oral stimulation of the genitals, provided both parties are comfortable with and desirous of the practices, seems a legitimate and loving form of reciprocity. Conversely, the rectum, whose intended excretory function is likewise obvious, can hardly be viewed as a receptacle of life-giving seed. And since intimacy with Him trumps intensity of experience in importance (Deut. 6:5; John 15:4; Phil. 3:10), the fact a behavior delivers high pleasure cannot of itself legitimize the behavior. One wonders, then, how sex toys or masturbation fit the concept of sacred union, since both enhance the individual’s pleasure apart from unity with the other. Here the priorities of Real Marriage seem the most askew, because the quality of the union meant to represent Christ and His church should be judged by the oneness experienced by both, not just the pleasure.

Drawing Closer to God and Each Other (Part 2 of 2)

Gary: An intimate marriage requires an intentional pursuit of each other. Many couples would never think of being reckless with their money. You know, they're saving up. They're stacking dollar bill after dollar bill. Now that can be a responsible thing to do. But they're being reckless with their relationship. They think their marriage can exist on an infatuation that was there 15 years ago, while they never take time to date. They never take time to get away. They never take time to be together. They don't build intimacy apart from their kids, keeping the house running, setting up a home. And I call that reckless with their relation[ship]. A relationship has to be fed. Here's the analogy I use, at the start of A Lifelong Love .

Eric Gillette - Afterthought Music Video

Music video for Afterthought off of Eric GIllette's debut album. Available March 2013. Will be available via iTunes and

Faithful Thinkers: Observational Science vs. Historical Science?

Reliability of the Bible We Have Today If historical science cannot be trusted to give us knowledge about the past, then (the supporter of the distinction between observational and historical science will conclude) we must rely upon the "Word of God, who was there." Unfortunately, we have a serious problem here. If current phenomena cannot be extrapolated into the past and the past cannot be known, then all evidence that we have for the reliable transmission of the text of scripture (especially the earliest portions of it) cannot be known to be what was actually written. This actually is a problem for two reasons. If past events necessarily cannot be known (and thus must be doubted) simply by definition of being "in the past," then so should every event that led to the reliable transmission of the Bible through history be doubted. However, there is another reason that it fails. The critique above undermines any knowledge of how physical processes work (in the present and the past), thus all dating methods used for the manuscripts cannot be trusted. So we would have no idea of where to place the different manuscripts on the historical timeline to even come close to a chain of events to build a case for reliability of the proper transmission of the text that we have today being what was originally recorded.

46 Does "50 Shades" reveal some unspoken longing for gender hierarchy?

A major difficulty with the article is the premise that women’s desire to be dominated somehow reveals a more basic gender hierarchy ingrained into human nature. One difficulty with this is that it is not only women who desire such things. There are men also who are “into” things like being dominated. Thus, should we draw the conclusion that there is a basic hierarchy of women over men in human nature? Clearly not. Moreover, what response could the author of the article on First Things say in response to this? That human nature is broken? Obviously! But it is clearly special pleading to say that women’s desires in this realm point to intrinsic human nature while that desire of men is a reflection of the opposite. The standards need to be the same.

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Truthbomb Apologetics: Ravi Zacharias on Love

“Love is a commitment that will be tested in the most vulnerable areas of spirituality, a commitment that will force you to make some very difficult choices. It is a commitment that demands that you deal with your lust, your greed, your pride, your power, your desire to control, your temper, your patience, and every area of temptation that the Bible clearly talks about. It demands the quality of commitment that Jesus demonstrates in His relationship to us.”   [1] Courage and Godspeed,

How much do we pay as a society for removing the rules around love and marriage?

Now I blog a lot about the kinds of behaviors that cause marriages to break down – all of which are pushed by radical feminists. We have the sexual revolution, recreational premarital sex, no fault divorce, single mother welfare, and so on – all of these things make it easier for people to break up and harder for them to see relationships as self-sacrificial and permanent. Opening the door to gay marriage is just another redefinition that will remove marital norms like permanence and exclusivity. The more unstable marriage is, the more it creates expensive litigation. The more children grow up without fathers and/or mothers, the more we have to pay in social programs.

On Being a Christian, On Being a Writer

About the book: Writing is both a significant and intimate activity. Acclaimed novelist Bret Lott reflects on his life as a writer through five essays exploring everything from the importance of literary fiction to the pain of personal loss.

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