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Beyonce Says Family Ties to Civil Rights Movement Inspired Gospel Performance at Grammys as Ledisi Controversy Lingers

Beyonce recently shared the inspiration behind her Grammy performance after it sparked controversy on Sunday night.

Loving Father Transforms Son With Special Needs Into a Good Mood With This!

This father knows how beautiful his son is, inside and out. Just because Jared has special needs, it shouldn't define who he is inside and this father lets the world know.

14 Years Later, This Teen is Finally Given the Gift of Hearing – Thanks to a Revolutionary Procedure!

Most people would not know what it is like to lose hearing. It almost seems impossible to imagine living life without it. Over five percent of the world's population -- over 360 million people -- has some form of hearing loss, including Maggie Gleason. But with today's advancements something miraculous occurs for Maggie.

Anonymous Says ISIS Is Not Muslim, Hacks Hundreds of ISIS Accounts Online; Says 'We Are Muslims, We Are Christians'

The recruiting efforts of Islamic terror group ISIS was dealt a huge blow this week after hacktivist collective, Anonymous hacked into hundreds of ISIS Twitter accounts and email addresses in a major strike called #OpISIS.

'Soul Surfer' Bethany Hamilton Pregnant With Baby Boy (VIDEO)

Christian surfer Bethany Hamilton and husband Adam Dirks announced on Monday that they are expecting their first child.

Before-And-After Shots of These Homeless Men Reveals A Stunning Truth – Wow!

All over the world, homelessness has become a major issue. More than 600,000 people in the US are living without homes. The Toolbox aims to tackle this problem by questioning homeless people, in hopes of finding the real difference between those who are fortunate and those who are not.

Mike Licona: Why are there differences in the Gospels? Ancient biography, Plutarch & the Gospels

Visit the post for more.

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WORLD | Kayla Mueller to family: Give your pain to God | Lynde Langdon | Feb. 10, 2015

The gift that is each one of you + the person I could + could not be if you were not a part of my life, my family, my support. I DO NOT want the negotiations for my release to be your duty, if there is any other option take it, even if it takes more time. This should never have become your burden. I have asked these women to support you; please seek their advice. If you have not done so already, (REDACTED) can contact (REDACTED) who may have a certain level of experience with these people. None of us could have known it would be this long but know I am also fighting from my side in the ways I am able + I have a lot of fight left inside of me. I am not breaking down + I will not give in no matter how long it takes. I wrote a song some months ago that says, "The part of me that pains the most also gets me out of bed, w/out your hope there would be nothing left." aka_The thought of your pain is the source of my own, simultaneously the hope of our reunion is the source of my strength. Please be patient, give your pain to God. I know you would want me to remain strong. That is exactly what I am doing.

How Can We Believe in Naturalism if We Have No Choice?

I am a neuroscientist and so 99 percent of the time I behave like a materialist, acknowledging that the mind is real but fully dependent on the brain. But we don't actually know this. We really don't. We assume our sense of will is a causal result of the neurochemical processes in our brain, but this is a leap of faith. Perhaps the brain is something like a complex radio receiver that integrates consciousness signals that float around in some form. Perhaps one part of visual cortex is important for decoding the bandwidth that contains motion consciousness and another part of the brain is critical to decoding the bandwith that contains our will. So damage to brain regions may alter our ability to express certain kinds of conscious experience rather than being the causal source of consciousness itself. I don't actually believe the radio metaphor of the brain, but I think something like it could account for all of our findings. Its unfalsifiable which is a big no-no in science. But so is the materialist view -- its also unfalsifiable.

On Christian Music

But that is not the fault of the label, musicians, marketers or anyone else for that matter. We have the personal responsibility to make the determination. There are faults in everything and every ministry. We know or should know that and proceed accordingly. Is it perfect? No but we will never have perfection in this world. There are bands that I have come across that have the Christian label but the band’s website nor any information about them put forth a Christian message. I consider them Christians in a band but not a Christian band. I still like the music but don’t go to it for worship. The label helps so we at least don’t have to weed through the counsel of the ungodly to get to what we want. If I can support another Christian that is a bonus also. What I meant by “lighten up” is this really is not a big issue worthy of debate. The posers are revealed and changing or removing the label will not bring in secular listeners.

Thefts force royal chapel to close – Premier Radio

Thefts have forced the royal chapel in St Giles' Cathedral in Edinburgh to be shut off from the public for the first time in more than a century.

Josh McDowell on Twitter

When you tweet with a location, Twitter stores that location. You can switch location on/off before each Tweet and always have the option to delete your location history. Learn more

Michael Brown - When The Supreme Court Rules On Same-Sex "Marriage"

How should we respond if the Supreme Court rules to redefine marriage in June? What do we do if same-sex “marriage” becomes the law of the land?

Faithful Thinkers: Observational Science vs. Historical Science?

Reliability of the Bible We Have Today If historical science cannot be trusted to give us knowledge about the past, then (the supporter of the distinction between observational and historical science will conclude) we must rely upon the "Word of God, who was there." Unfortunately, we have a serious problem here. If current phenomena cannot be extrapolated into the past and the past cannot be known, then all evidence that we have for the reliable transmission of the text of scripture (especially the earliest portions of it) cannot be known to be what was actually written. This actually is a problem for two reasons. If past events necessarily cannot be known (and thus must be doubted) simply by definition of being "in the past," then so should every event that led to the reliable transmission of the Bible through history be doubted. However, there is another reason that it fails. The critique above undermines any knowledge of how physical processes work (in the present and the past), thus all dating methods used for the manuscripts cannot be trusted. So we would have no idea of where to place the different manuscripts on the historical timeline to even come close to a chain of events to build a case for reliability of the proper transmission of the text that we have today being what was originally recorded.

Duke University, Religious Liberty, and Islamic Supremacism

As Baptists, our commitment to religious liberty for all is rooted in the teaching of Scripture. We believe that all humans are created equal in God’s image. This is an equality that transcends race or religious affiliation (Genesis 1:26–27). But we are also responsible human agents who will give an account for our response to the gospel. Part of ensuring that humans are given the freedom to respond to the gospel is the establishment and protection of a constitutional guarantee of religious liberty for all. Such a guarantee is rooted in the teachings of Jesus himself (Matthew 22:21) and forms the foundation for any society committed to protecting freedom of faith and conscience.

Free Twitter Management Dashboard | Twitter Marketing Tool |

“Kiva uses to measure its impact and engagement on Twitter. But the service goes far beyond that. It gives us all the tools we need to listen to our most influential fans and followers..”


Are You Fighting the New Greed?

He helped me understand by applying the Word to me: “Your greediness means you're trusting in uncertain riches and not in me. It also slices your mind in a million pieces, taking you out of your present life and causing stress. This stress gives the illusion that you don't have time to give to others; that you're busy in ways that you're not; that you don't have enough when you have all you need, and that you must be stingy with yourself. Going somewhere else in your mind takes away time and energy that could be given to the good works right in front of you. You are rich—in love, in time, in energy, in gifts—but you act as if you're not. Keep reading.”

12 The Poached Egg Apologetics Daily

The Poached Egg Apologetics Daily, by Greg West: updated automatically with a curated selection of articles, blog posts, videos and photos.

13 Pastor Craig Groeschel Says God Doesn't Want You Happy

Two, God doesn't want you to be happy when it's only based on the things of this world, Groeschel said, based on 1 John 2:15-17, "Do not love the world or anything in the world. If anyone loves the world, love for the Father is not in them. For everything in the world—the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life—comes not from the Father but from the world. The world and its desires pass away, but whoever does the will of God lives forever."

Grace to You Radio

What do you need to be the same person in private that you are in public? The same person Monday through Saturday that you are in church on Sunday? John MacArthur shows you in his look at The Integrity Factor .

Keep Praying That Prayer

The connection between her praying and ours is not the cruel judge and our God, but that righteousness will be given for God’s people — even if by the hands of a bad guy. “Hear what the unrighteous judge says,” Jesus tells us (Luke 18:6). What is right will happen for us as it did for her — and we don’t have to badger God like she did the judge. The answer — the vindication — of our prayer may not look exactly like what we’re wanting or turn out with all the specifications of our request, but God will do the right thing and we pray with faith unto this end.

Here Are All The Winners From This Year's Grammys

The biggest night in music belonged to Sam Smith. At the 57th annual Grammy Awards on Sunday night, Smith won four awards : Record of the Year, Song of the Year, Best New Artist and Best Pop Vocal Album. Beyoncé, Pharrell Williams and Roseanne Cash all won three awards, as did Beck's "Morning Phase," which took Album of the Year honors.

17 2015 National Conference

God's people must cry out for His revival and a restoration of the light. Ligonier Ministries is seeking to help people do just that. On February 19–21, 2015, we will be hosting our annual national conference in Orlando. Alistair Begg, Rosaria Butterfield, Tim Challies, Kevin DeYoung, Sinclair Ferguson, Robert Godfrey, Peter Jones, Steven Lawson, Russell Moore, Stephen Nichols, and R.C. Sproul Jr. will join me in considering our theme, "After Darkness, Light." We will explore our need to be revived and restored to a high view of God, His law, His people, and His plan for the world.

18 2015 The Gospel Coalition National Conference April 13-15, Orlando FL

TGC's 2015 National Conference, Coming Home: New Heaven and New Earth, seeks to stir longing for our ultimate home in heaven as we explore the sweep of redemption from creation to consummation, Genesis to Revelation. Our plenary speakers will unfold the Bible's teaching on eschatology, a topic of burning importance today. Along with these nine plenary sessions we've planned more than 50 workshops and focus gatherings led by speakers addressing topics including evangelism, homosexuality, student ministry, sexual abuse, faith and work, and much more. Join us as we worship God together in word and song with joyful hope that Jesus is returning soon. We hope you can join us April 13–15 in Orlando, Florida

Should ISIS Be Burning Captives? (David Wood) On January 3, 2015, the Islamic State (ISIS) set fire to Jordanian pilot Muath Safi Yousef al-Kasasbeh. ISIS released a video of the execution a month later. Since al-Kasasbeh was already dead when ISIS was negotiating his release, the negotiations were a sham. Following the execution, many politicians, reporters, and Muslim spokesmen have condemned ISIS for burning a captive to death. According to Ibn Abbas, Muhammad at some point ordered his followers not to put people to death by burning them: Sahih al-Bukhari 6922—Some Zanadiqa (atheists) were brought to Ali; and he burnt them. The news of this event reached Ibn Abbas who said, “If I had been in his place, I would not have burnt them, as Allah’s Apostle forbade it, saying, ‘Do not punish anybody with Allah’s punishment (fire).’ I would have killed them according to the statement of Allah’s Apostle, ‘Whoever changed his Islamic religion, then kill him.’” We know from Muslim sources, however, that Muhammad, Abu Bakr, and Ali all punished people with fire. So how can we make sense of this? In this video, David Wood discusses what Islam teaches about burning captives.

The Gift of a Shattered Life

These six months were one of the hardest waits of my life. But in the wait God teaches and grows you. However, I had many professing Christians (tainted by a false gospel) saying things to me that I did not expect: they blamed me for the tumor. These people meant well, I think, but they had a distorted view of God and suffering. Some said I had the tumor because of unconfessed sin. But didn’t Jesus take all of that sin on the cross (1 Pet. 3:18)? Some said that I did not believe enough about God’s healing power. But doesn’t God require faith the size of a mustard seed (Matt. 17:20)? These popular false beliefs are not helpful to the sufferer and are sinful because God rebuked Job’s friends for saying similar things during his time of affliction (Job 42).

Lawrence Krauss: The Flavors of Nothing (YouTube Geek Week!)

Theoretical Physicist Lawrence Krauss explains the different types of nothing. Or something. SUBSCRIBE to Big Think: Watch more YouTube Geek Week videos at Krauss' latest book is "A Universe from Nothing" - Transcript-- when you think about nothing you have to be a little more careful than you normally are because, in fact, nothing is a physical concept because it's the absence of something, and something is a physical concept. And what we've learned over the last hundred years is that nothing is much more complicated than we would've imagined otherwise. For example, the simplest kind of nothing is the kind of nothing of the Bible. Say an infinite empty space, an infinite dark void of the Bible. You know, nothing in it, no particles, no radiation, nothing. Well, that kind of nothing turns out to be full of stuff in a way or at least much more complicated than you might have imagined because due to the laws of quantum mechanics and relativity, we now know that empty space is a boiling bubbling brew of virtual particles that are popping in and out of existence at every moment.

Discipleship Works—What a Lot of People Miss About Our Role in Our Discipleship

When we are surrendered to God’s hand and will, we are in a posture that accepts intentional spiritual change. God opposes the proud, but will exalt the humble. When we are submissive to the Lord, he involves us in a work that is much greater than any we could accomplish on our own. Our surrender opens up the door of opportunity.

Next Witness: Will The Yellow Smiley Face Take The Stand?

"The ideal situation would be that if I wrote a text, and my text was admitted as evidence in trial, then the attorneys could ask me what I meant by that. This is also the same thing that happens, for instance, when slang is introduced into evidence. Not everybody uses the same words in the same way, and it's up to the attorneys, in presenting their cases, to be able to clarify that."


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Tell Them About Me

Into this horrible, humanly impossible famine God sends preachers — preachers in pulpits, preachers on street corners, preachers at the family table, preachers in living rooms and hospitals and Bible studies and prisons. He wants the preachers to feel the gravity that hell is real (Luke 12:5) and the gladness that heaven, the fullness of joy and forever pleasures in God (Psalm 16:11), is the free gift (Romans 6:23) to all who will believe (John 3:16).

Inventing the Crusades

R iley-Smith describes the profound effect that Sir Walter Scott’s novel The Talisman had on European and therefore Middle Eastern opinion of the Crusades. Crusaders such as Richard the Lionhearted were portrayed as boorish, brutal, and childish, while Muslims, particularly Saladin, were tolerant and enlightened gentlemen of the nineteenth century. With the collapse of Ottoman power and the rise of Arab nationalism at the end of the nineteenth century, Muslims bound together these two strands of Crusade narrative and created a new memory in which the Crusades were only the first part of Europe’s assault on Islam—an assault that continued through the modern imperialism of European powers. Europeans reintroduced Saladin, who had been nearly forgotten in the Middle East, and Arab nationalists then cleansed him of his Kurdish ethnicity to create a new anti-Western hero. We saw the result during the run-up to the Iraq War, when Saddam Hussein portrayed himself as a new Saladin who would expel the new Crusaders.

Huckabee: Why Is Christianity the Only Religion That Can Be Openly Mocked?

"I would like to think that there's room in America for people who have different points of views without screaming, shouting and wanting to shut their businesses down," he said.

28 Prayer and Fast Update | Reasonable Faith

Reasonable Faith features the work of philosopher and theologian Dr. William Lane Craig and aims to provide in the public arena an intelligent, articulate, and uncompromising yet gracious Christian perspective on the most important issues concerning the truth of the Christian faith today, such as:

Atheists Are Right That Christianity Sounds Absurd, but I Believe in It

Think about it. We believe in an invisible man who lived over 2,000 years ago in a series of backwater towns in the Middle East, was killed by some religious zealots, and then was magically raised from the dead three days later, after which he floated up into the sky and disappeared, thus becoming the invisible man we now believe in and pin all our hopes to. Oh, and on top of that, we believe in other invisible beings: angels and demons—who are all around us, helping and influencing us. Meanwhile, another invisible Spirit (the Holy Spirit) is constantly at work behind the scenes around the earth, keeping the whole thing straight and intervening whenever He can.


Such comments show the need for a closer reading of Scripture, for there are many cases where seeing great miracles didn’t move observers to faith. For example, John 11 records Jesus’ raising Lazarus from the dead—a convincing sign if there ever was one. Yet the authorities took the miracle as a reason to oppose Jesus, not to believe in Him (vv. 45-53). Scripture also records occasions when even God’s people experienced disbelief after seeing many miracles. Consider Joshua 7, which records what happened at Ai not long after the Israelites conquered Jericho. After the conquest of Jericho, when a shout brought the walls “tumbling down” (chap. 6), you can imagine what the feelings were among the people of Israel. God had delivered them in a dramatic, supernatural way, removing from their path the most formidable obstacle to the conquest of Canaan. He had delivered on His promise that He would give them every place where Joshua set his foot. So, you would think there would be nothing but elation and confidence among the troops and especially in the heart of Joshua.

Catalyst on Twitter

Every time @shelenebryan is around, good things happen. Who's ready for #CatalystWest !?

Lost Jobs, Found Church

Why Your Church Should Be On Social Media Right Now

One of the ways I've seen Facebook put to great use by churches and other ministries is in the area of prayer. Today, it can be pretty tough to make sure you have everyone's most current email address, which makes emailing major church issues or announcements and asking for prayer somewhat difficult. Through Facebook though, your church can share a major prayer request or physical need someone may have, and instantly, church members or people in the community can respond and help in any way they can.

Millions of Girl Scout Cookies arrive in Houston

Millions of Girl Scout Cookies arrive in Houston It's a big tasty delivery! The annual Girl Scout 'cookie drops' have started in Houston. Check out this story on

Innovative Apologetics: Seeing the Powerful Patterns of Evidence for the Exodus

American Apocalypse

How to Quickly Debunk the Horus-Jesus Myth | Come Reason's Apologetics Notes

I remember the first time I heard the story of the Las Vegas vacationer who took a girl back to his hotel room but passed out, only to awake the next morning in a bathtub filled with ice and a kidney missing—the victim of organ harvesters. I had heard it from a co-worker who said it happened to the friend of a shared friend. Since this was before the age of the Internet, there was no Snopes–type web sites to check out such tales. In fact, I hadn't been acquainted with many urban legends up to that point, so in my youth they were more believable. I should have known better. While the name of our shared friend lent some credence to the tale, it's obvious that the whole this is too sensationalistic and improbable to be true. It's what used to be called a tall tale, a yarn, a cock-and-bull story. Yet, even though I found it fascinating, the legend didn't spread much beyond our conversation. However, now that social media has been implanted into our circulatory systems, we're much more apt to spread such fertilizer in our interactions with others. The Horus-Jesus Myth: What's the Connection? Such is the case with the "Jesus is a copy of pagan myths" trope that seems to be gathering steam in many atheist circles.


This smiley face hovering in space looks like it was beamed into the heavens by a celestial keyboard. Captured by the Hubble Space Telescope, it was in fact created by a quirk of general relativity known as gravitational lensing.

‘Fresh’ Faces: When Families Like Mine Go Primetime

The show isn’t perfect. Critics note the actors’ accents, the depiction of the “Tiger Mother” against the emasculated Asian male, and the use of the word “chink” in the pilot. Despite these concerns, we see an Asian American cast addressing everyday experiences specific to minority families in the US. Given the absence of such stories from mainstream entertainment, how could this perspective be a trope?

The History of the Conversation Heart

People loved conversation candies (they weren’t available in heart shapes until 1902) and their witty messages, which could stoke the flames of love or warn off flaky suitors. Daniel’s candies were bigger than today’s version and had phrases like “MARRIED IN WHITE YOU HAVE CHOSEN RIGHT” and “HOW LONG SHALL I HAVE TO WAIT? PLEASE BE CONSIDERATE” emblazoned on a pastel, scalloped wafer.

Spider-Man Is Teaming with the Avengers in the Marvel Movie Universe

J ust when you thought it wasn’t possible to cram even more superheroes into a single film, Hollywood has found a way. Sony—the studio behind the Spider-Man franchise—has inked a new deal with Marvel to have the famous web-slinger join the larger comic book universe now inhabited by the Avengers. They’ve also shifted their release schedule to make sure Spidey has his Marvel debut sooner rather than later, the summer after next, on July 28, 2017.

Revitalizing Denominations Through Church Planting

There’s no way to deal with all the questions related to dwindling denominations and their need for renewal through church planting in one short article. This was the answer I gave to one denomination in one meeting, but hopefully it will help others consider the issues.

Christian Parents on the Run From CPS Helped by Donors to Evade Police in 1,000-Mile Chase

A Christian couple who fled their Washington home with three small children in tow to evade Child Protective Services were eventually tracked down by police in California last week, but not before they had managed to elude authorities for more than a week after receiving donations from various anti-CPS supporters throughout their 1,000-mile journey, a source close to the family has said.

When Adam Plays God: Why Transhumanism Won't End Well

For a long time, transhumanism was thought to be a kind of fringe movement, the stuff of science fiction movies. But now you have Venter, who is as significant as it gets in the field of genetics, talking about "changing the software." Transhumanism is not fringe anymore: It's mainstream. In fact, just last week the British Parliament approved a procedure to create babies with genetic material from three different parents!

Unicorns in the Bible?

The importance of the biblical unicorn is not so much its specific identity—much as we would like to know—but its reality. The Bible is clearly describing a real animal. The unicorn mentioned in the Bible was a powerful animal possessing one or two strong horns—not the fantasy animal that has been popularized in movies and books. Whatever it was, it is now likely extinct like many other animals. To think of the biblical unicorn as a fantasy animal is to demean God’s Word, which is true in every detail.

Controversial 'Bishop of Bling' Who Spent $42 Million on Luxury Residence Gets New Job at Vatican

Germany's controversial "bishop of bling" Franz-Peter Tebartz-van Elst has reportedly been handed a new job at the Vatican, where he will advise the Pontifical Council for Promoting the New Evangelisation on catechesis. The bishop, who spent $42 million on a luxury residence and caused an uproar for the Roman Catholic Church, was suspended by Pope Francis back in October 2013.

How to Approach Issues That Divide People

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Bobbi Kristina Brown's Family Holds Prayer Vigil: 'God is in the Healing Business,' Friend Says

People came together at The Amphitheatre at Riverdale Town Center, which held special meaning for the family given that Bobby Brown was its first performer in 2010. The Riverdale resident's vigil was attended by members of her family as well as the public, who had been invited by the family. Her uncle Tommy offered thanks to those who came out to offer prayer.

49 The TC Apologetics Daily

The TC Apologetics Daily, by TC Apologetics: The latest news and thoughts for the apologetic-minded Christian.

WORLD | Black & blue | Feb. 21, 2015

CAMDEN COUNTY Police Lt. Richard Verticelli was a SWAT commander in Camden, N.J.’s worst days: when it was the poorest, most violent city in the country. At the peak of violence in 2012, someone shot someone every 32 hours on average. The city of 80,000 across the Delaware River from Philadelphia reportedly had the purest heroin in the country. That year a Camden mom beheaded her 2-year-old while high. Veteran officers recall wrestling criminals high on drugs, along with shoot-outs, and responding to one homicide only to hear another shooting in progress a block away. Verticelli and his fellow officers remember viewing themselves as a military organization in a war with Camden.

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