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The Fine Tuning of the Universe - Reasonable Faith

Gruber Grilled By Trey Gowdy

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Living Waters Down Under

Living Waters Down Under is an agency of Living Waters Publications founded by evangelist Ray Comfort.

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The Briefing 12-09-14

ISIS fighter from Ottawa appears in video threatening Canada with attacks ‘where it hurts you the most’

The Paradox of Generosity

Researchers at Notre Dame confirm what Jesus said: It is more blessed to give than to receive. In a new book, “The Paradox of Generosity,” Christian Smith and Hilary Davidson claim that “by grasping onto what we currently have...we lose out on better goods that we might have gained..."

3 Evangelicalism Embodied

The 1950s saw the beginnings of Graham’s leadership in American evangelicalism. In 1956 he founded the flagship evangelical periodical Christianity Today. Sunoco president J. Howard Pew furnished the money, theologian Carl F.H. Henry provided the editorial leadership, but Graham lent his name and charisma. The magazine strove to chart a middle course between the liberalism of the mainline Christian Century and the fundamentalist Sword of the Lord. Three years later, Graham became a (largely absentee) trustee of Fuller Theological Seminary, another evangelical enterprise of the postwar years that was founded to provide a respectable conservative theological voice.

4 Christmas, Then and Now

Darius Rucker, an African-American country singer and former lead singer for Hootie and the Blowfish, sang "White Christmas" at the annual Christmas tree lighting ceremony at New York City's Rockefeller Square under police protection . Some protesters had said they would attack the gathering after a white New York police officer was not indicted in the death of an unarmed black man.

The Briefing 12-09-14

ISIS fighter from Ottawa appears in video threatening Canada with attacks ‘where it hurts you the most’

Wrapping Up, We Present the Latest Documentary from Discovery Institute, Featuring Biologist Michael Denton, at 20 Percent Off!

Evolution News and Views (ENV) provides original reporting and analysis about the debate over intelligent design and evolution, including breaking news about scientific research.

Charlotte Observer on Twitter

RT @theobserver : Cam Newton is conscious and smiling after crash in uptown Charlotte.

EQUIP, Christian Articles, Bible Answer Man | CRI

Was Revelation written before or after the destruction of the temple in AD 70? Just as it is common to describe Patmos as a barren Alcatraz, misidentify the great prostitute as the Roman Catholic Church, or identify the 144,000 as exclusively Jewish male virgins, so too it is common to contend that Revelation was written […]

Physicist George Ellis Knocks Physicists for Knocking Philosophy, Falsification, Free Will | Cross-Check, Scientific American Blog Network

Respect and admiration, Dr. Ellis (I assume and I will follow you now), if this is anything like an impromptu interview. I could do such an interview in a day I suppose, of open-web. My memory is such. In any case Let me criticize Aristotle as a high schooler by modern standards. I would not rely on Plato nor any of the philosophers either, for their leading thinking. Their morals win the day but their philosophy zigs in the end when it should have zagged, to put in sum. These are of course my conclusions and who am I? Certainly no one esteemed. I am a non-blip on anyone’s radar for a bit longer. I was listening to an interview from 1997 of Micheo Kaku and found him to be astoundingly sure of himself with an accuracy of his speculative landscape of some 30%. I am going to use excerpts to display the amazing jutspah over presumed and pompous sagacity – youth being no barrier to pomposity of these personalities in your line of work. I agree with you that things get dicey around the edges – but isn’t it apparent that the matter of existence could be summed up by a unity theory of teleology? These are difficult questions for social reasons.

10 The Poached Egg Apologetics Daily

The Poached Egg Apologetics Daily, by Greg West: updated automatically with a curated selection of articles, blog posts, videos and photos.

Grace to You Radio

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Prisoners' Families Need Love and Support at the Holidays - US News

Christmas is the perfect opportunity to extend our circle of love and empathy beyond our immediate family and close friends. You and I need not look far to find someone for whom Christmas seems not to be coming. Every year my wife and I deliver gifts to prisoners’ children through Prison Fellowship’s Angel Tree program, and it’s a highlight of our Advent celebrations. Other organizations do great work reaching out as well, and all rely on the time and generosity of volunteers. If you know a prisoner’s family personally, go out of your way to let them know they are welcome at your church’s worship services. Offer to watch an incarcerated parent’s children so that their caregiver can have a day off or time to run holiday errands. Buy them a tank of gas so children can visit their parent at prison. Care for them in the same way you would care for any family with a deep need, without holding them responsible for their loved one’s mistakes.

13 The Ratio Christi at UCI Daily

The Ratio Christi at UCI Daily, by Ratio Christi at UCI: updated automatically with a curated selection of articles, blog posts, videos and photos.

What are the odds there is extraterrestrial life in outer space? - HowStuffWorks

Perhaps extraterrestrial life isn't so common after all. Or perhaps extraterrestrial life that gives rise to advanced civilizations isn't so common. If only astronomers could quantify those odds. If only they had a formula that accounted for all of the right variables related to extraterrestrial life. As it turns out, they do. In 1961, as a way to help convene the first serious conference on SETI, radio astronomer Frank Drake presented a formula, now known as the Drake Equation , that estimates the number of potential intelligent civilizations in our galaxy. The formula has generated much controversy, mainly because it leads to widely variable results. And yet it remains our one best way to quantify just how many extraterrestrials are out there trying to communicate.

Why We Should Start Celebrating Advent Again

Um... I'm am American. Been a Christian most of my life with my butt in a chair or pew the four weeks before Christmas while growing up and in my early adulthood, and now leading from up front. I am also an evangelical Methodist. And I never, ever stopped observing Advent. That question, "What do you think is lost when we the American church have stop (sic) observing Advent...?" clanged in my ears when I listened to this interview on the Podcast and here again. Seems so dismissive of Catholic, Lutheran, Anglican, Presbyterian, Methodist, Congregational and other Christians who have, for centuries, observed Advent (without "stopping"). On the other hand, I'm glad to welcome free church, non-denom and others to the path. It is truly my favorite time of the year in Church life. Oh - and here's another mind-bender for those new to Advent: Christmas lasts for 12 days, and it starts on December 25 - not as a countdown to it. May you have a truly blessed Advent, friends. Peace. --jpk

Eve’s Daddy Issues and Ours

But to say they stem from these things would be making an excuse for the sin that rages in her heart. Ultimately, our trust issues don’t stem from daddy issues, broken families, or broken hearts, but from a lack of submission to the Father. Ultimately, we’re not failing to trust in the men in our lives, since we’ve never been called to trust in them (Ps. 146:3–5); we’re failing to trust in the One who gave them to us.

Can We Identify Those Who Prey on our Children?

Keep a healthy level of skepticism . As Christians, we are not to live in fear, but to live in confidence in the God of grace who wants good things for his children. At the same time, we can’t make assumptions about the schools, churches, or other organizations our kids are involved in. A healthy skepticism recognizes that we live in a fallen world where people do evil things against children. For example, take some time to ask the children’s minister at your church what he or she does to protect the children. Does your church do background checks on the folks who work with the children? Does the church have a child protection policy that defines how to create a safe environment? Are there clear sign-in and sign-out procedures? Does the church require at least two adults to be present in kids' classrooms? Does the church know what to do if a sexual offender shows up? What would the church do if someone is accused of abuse? You might be shocked at how little the children’s minister does, or in many cases, you will be delighted at how thoughtful he or she is about creating a firewall of protection around your kids.

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Read 'Unbroken: What the Movie Doesn't Say about Zamperini' …

Innovative Apologetics: The Brain and The Mind Are Not Identical

Report: Manziel Expected to Start Sun.

This decision is really not about Brian Hoyer or Johnny Manziel, it is about the Cleveland Browns. We are always going to make decisions that we feel are in the best interest of the team. Brian has done everything that has been asked of him and he has done so as a true professional. It’s never just any one position when a unit is not functioning at the level you’d like. We are trying to get the offense to perform at a higher level. Johnny has worked very hard to earn this opportunity and it will be very important for every member of the offense to elevate their play for us to obtain our desired result.


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The Skeletons in God’s Closet

Hell, then, is not so much a torture chamber for the damned as it is a containment center cordoning off sin's destructive power from wrecking the peace of the new creation. It is not a place underground, but the place outside the city where God justly places those who refuse to be healed of their sin, and so remain in their self-chosen torment. While not denying the active wrath of God, or his agency in handing us over, Butler focuses on what the Reformed tradition has called the passive wrath of God: God's handing over sinners to the consequences of their actions, which exposes the inner logic of sin leading to judgment. Like Lewis, he has a knack for getting you to see the logic of hell at work in your own heart. For example, I might hate sex trafficking, but I cultivate its damaging roots in the lust of my own heart. In a book aimed at postmoderns, this approach is at once more convincing and more terrifying precisely because it helps us understand the inherent symmetry, and therefore justice, of hell. 

‘A different worldview’: Allison discusses new book on Roman Catholic theology

GA: Let's take first the sufficiency of Scripture. Catholic theology denies that Scripture is sufficient for salvation, godly living, and so forth, because according to Catholic theology, divine revelation consists not only of Scripture but also Catholic Tradition. Yes, Scripture is obviously the Word of God written, but it is not the entirety of divine revelation that includes Tradition. So, from an evangelical point of view, when we affirm the sufficiency of Scripture we run into conflict with Catholic theology, which doesn’t deny the importance of Scripture, but argues it is insufficient for everything we need to know in order to be saved and live godly lives. Regarding the clarity of Scripture, Catholic theology holds to multiple meanings of Scripture so that not only is there a literal sense of the Bible, but also spiritual senses. And to be able to interpret the Bible correctly according to all those senses, you must be trained to be able to discern and understand all those senses. That means if you're a lay person who's never been to seminary, never been trained to understand the Bible, then according to Catholic theology you can't understand the Bible, at least in its wholeness.

The Painful Lessons of Mars Hill

There were many people who saw or personally experienced Mark Driscoll's abusive behavior over the years, but when they spoke up, they were disregarded and had their motives questioned--or worse. Most of what we're reading is not new, but suddenly people accept and believe that Mark Driscoll does, indeed, have serious character flaws. I hope a result of this is that people will begin to listen to those who know the patterns of abuse and learn from them to recognize and address destructive character appropriately. There are plenty of current big name ministry leaders who are every bit as abusive as Mark Driscoll, but their victims are still being ignored. The church still has much to learn on this topic.

Thou Didst Leave Thy Throne

The Messiah is not born in a palace, but in a stable. He lives his life as a pilgrim, denied a small luxury even animals enjoy - a home (see Matthew 8:20). He is despised and rejected, then subjected to a bloody and painful public crucifixion.

God's Not Dead: Unguided Evolution: A Modern Fairy Tale part 1

People who hold to unguided evolution believe in a fairy tale. This little fairy tale began once upon a time, billions of years ago. One small primal germ fitted and engineered itself together. It liked what it saw in the mirror and “decided” to reproduce itself. From the primordial soup and this seminal spore all living organisms evolved. These archaic bacteria decided that they would like to move up the “ladder,” and grab life for all its gusto, and evolve into a mushroom. Then after a million years, the "it" found out that being a mushroom is not all that it is cracked up to be, being a spore is highly overrated. So it gathers all its resolve, and musters up all its determination, and with its own innate force, after millions and millions of years, it evolves into a tadpole. The tadpole gets bored, and marshals up enough resolve to morph into a fish. The fish decides, after a great period of time, because it gets sea sick, to develop into a reptile, so it can experience how sand feels between its toes. The fairy tale goes on to weave its tale, and the reptile evolves into a bird.

The Role of Singing in the Life of the Church

Of course, the antidote is not to ignore those around us with little concern for how we affect them. Indeed it is God’s will that we should look out for others and endeavor to worship him only in ways that build them up (1 Cor. 14:19). But Christlike concern for my neighbor is a million miles away from a slavish fear of man—a fear that is ultimately idolatrous and self-serving, not God-honoring and others-serving. So, given that it is God’s purpose that we should praise him “with a whole heart” (Ps. 9:1; 86:12; 111:1; 138:1; Eph. 5:19), it is imperative that we regularly remind both ourselves and each other that God truly deserves our praise (Ps. 7:17; 18:3; 147:1), that he repeatedly demands our praise (e.g. Ps. 47), and that he deeply desires our praise.

Ken Ham's Noah's Ark Project Calls Out 'Intolerant Liberal Friends' in Billboards

Ken Ham's Answers in Genesis group is launching a billboard campaign in Kentucky to advertise the full-size Noah's Ark project currently being built. The billboards are addressed to "intolerant liberal friends," and read: "Thank God You Can't Sink This Ship."

Who Was St. Nicholas?

But if you have a lot of Santa Claus around, why not use him to your benefit and talk about the real St. Nicholas. We don’t know a lot about him, but we know he lived and was revered. According to legend-one of those stories that probably isn’t true, but should be–when Nicholas was little boy he would get up early in the morning to go to church and pray.  One morning, the aging priest had a vision that the first one to enter the church in the morning should be the new bishop of Myra.  When Nicholas was the first to enter, the old priest, obeying the vision, made the young boy bishop right on the spot.  But before he consecrated Nicholas a bishop, the priest asked him a question. “Who are you, my son?”  According to tradition, the child whose legend would one day become Santa Claus replied, “Nicholas the sinner.” Not bad for a little boy.

Martian meteorite may contain evidence of extraterrestrial life - CNET

Tissint landed in the desert of Guelmim-Es Semara, Morocco, on July 18, 2011. It was thrown from the surface of Mars by an asteroid collision some 700,000 years ago -- and there is no other meteorite quite like it. The 7-11 kilogram grey rock -- seared glassy black on the outside by the heat of entry, called a fusion crust -- showed evidence of water. It was riddled with tiny fissures, into which water had deposited material.

A Powerful Commercial With Kids Reciting John 3:16

The memorable commercial brings new life to John 3:16. These beautiful children understand what this important Bible verse means, and SHARE it with the world. "For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life." At the end of each and every one of them saying a part of the Bible verse, you will want to throw your hands up in joy!

The Man Who Humanized War

Dunant was a natural organizer. As a teenager, he formed a Bible study group that worked for the poor. At age 22, he founded the Geneva chapter of the Young Men’s Christian Union (parallel to the English and American ymca). When some planned to create a federation of European Ys, he argued instead for an international ymcafederation. So, at age 25, he went to Paris to represent ...

The Everyday Lives of Nuns

It’s one thing to decide to create a photographic series about an enclosed contemplative monastery; it’s another to make it happen. Determined to create a series about a world that seems almost otherworldly,  Ibolya Feher  went the modern route and did a Google search to find the monastery closest to her home in Southwest England. That turned out to be the Sisters of the Carmelite order, who live in Sclerder Abbey, about a three-hour train ride away. The Carmelite order is one of the oldest contemplative orders in which the sisters live and work primarily in silence and rarely allow outsider visitors.  

Is updated Band Aid charity song demeaning to Africans? - Religion News Service

Fredrick Nzwili Fredrick Nzwili is a journalist based in Nairobi, Kenya. For more than 15 years, he has written about religion, politics, peace and conflict, development, security, environment and wildlife. His articles have appeared in international media organizations among others; The Tablet, The Christian Science Monitor, The National Geographic and Kenyan local newspapers; The Standard and the People Daily. Author RSS Feed

When and How Did the Grand Canyon Form?

The Kaibab Plateau now stands some 3,000 feet (900 m) above the adjacent Marble Platform, both part of the Colorado Plateau (figure 5). But the lack of erosional cliffs on the north and eastern sides of the Kaibab Plateau suggests that the southern end of the plateau continued to be uplifted after the rest of the region had stabilized. If this uplifting occurred just prior to, or even during, the channelization phase of the receding Flood waters, it would account for the lack of cliffs. It would also account for the direction of the side canyons eroded into the Kaibab Plateau. For example, some of the side canyons carved into the Marble Platform that join to form Marble Canyon, drain to the northeast, which seems to be the wrong direction. But that would have been the direction in which the receding waters flowed as the Kaibab Plateau was uplifted. Since the Kaibab Plateau is higher at its southern rim, this would also account for the longer and deeper side canyons carved into the North Rim of the Grand Canyon, which also follows along that southern edge of the plateau.

7 Prominent Christian Thinkers Who Wrestled With Doubt

Along with his legacy of being a reformer and a father of Protestantism, Martin Luther is also remembered for a less grand—and a much more relatable—trait: Doubt. Luther’s primary doubts about faith didn’t necessarily rest on the question of God’s existence, but His character.

37 The TC Apologetics Daily

The TC Apologetics Daily, by TC Apologetics: The latest news and thoughts for the apologetic-minded Christian.


“The much misunderstood notion of the presence of God is central to the Bible’s story from beginning to end. Ryan Lister explains how it is both God’s goal for us and the means by which God accomplishes his redemptive mission. This fresh approach to biblical theology is presented as an unfolding drama, with many practical and pastoral implications. In particular, it shows that a sound and scripturally mature analysis of the presence of God can help answer this world’s deep-seated spiritual desires.” —David Peterson , Former Principal, Oak Hill College; Senior Research Fellow and Lecturer in New Testament, Moore Theological College

Colson Center on Twitter

There is only one answer to the racial divide in this country & the Church needs to supply it

Christian Groups Join New Coalition to Mobilize 90 Million Americans Against the Death Penalty

WASHINGTON —The National Coalition to Abolish the Death Penalty announced on Tuesday the launch of a new coalition uniting human rights organizations, religious groups, and pro-liberty advocacy groups to pressure state governments to put an end to capital punishment.

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A Grateful Mother Does Something Extraordinary for Those Who Saved Her Son's Life

Coming up to the 10-year anniversary of a tragic car accident that claimed the life of a father and placed a baby in intensive care, a woman decided to do something for those who helped. Although her husband didn't make it, these heroes saved her little boy Eli. This story will bring tears to your eyes.


If you were to go to the Louvre in Paris or to the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam and peruse the history of art, you would see that it’s dominated by a religious orientation, and specifically, a Christian orientation. Ever since the people of God have existed in community, art has been a significant concern. When we go to the Old Testament, for example, we see there that the first people filled with the Holy Ghost were the artisans and craftsman that God selected to prepare the objects for the tabernacle. That’s divine inspiration—these artists were inspired by God the Holy Spirit. He inspired them for their craftsmanship of the tabernacle and its furniture, for the metalworking in the tent, and for the making of the gowns and robes for Aaron—which were to be made for glory and for beauty. God was concerned not only to use artists in the building of His sanctuary in the Old Testament, but also to endow those very artists with the power of His Holy Spirit to ensure that what they were doing met with the standards of beauty He set.

Why Christian Discipleship Is Critical to Christian Survival - Cross Examined - Christian Apologetic Ministry | Frank Turek | Christian Apologetics | Christian Apologetics Speakers

Just before leaving the disciples, Jesus gathered them together and commissioned them with an important task. He told them, “All authority has been given to Me in heaven and on earth. Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all that I commanded you …” (Matthew 28:18-20). Jesus understood the importance of discipleship (the process of making disciples). In fact, it was so important, He made sure it was His last directive to those who followed Him. What precisely is discipleship and why is it so important? Is it simply a matter of making converts? No, it’s much more. The process of making disciples is often misunderstood and neglected in the Church today, and as a result, we are in danger of losing our identity as Christians. Christian discipleship is critical to Christian survival.

Appeals Court Hears Nuns' Birth Control Mandate Lawsuit; Aid for Elderly Poor Would Go to IRS if They Lose, Little Sisters Say

The 10th Circuit Court of Appeals heard arguments Monday on behalf of the Little Sisters of the Poor who've challenged the Department of Health and Human Services' mandate that they cover birth control and abortifacients for their employees.


כל הזכויות שמורות - - | יצירת קשר

Jesus' Birth: How undesigned coincidences give evidence for the truth of the Gospel accounts

OK, I apologize to the author for getting a little off topic here. I will do my best to defend the perpetual virginity of Mary and I am open to any debate as long as everyone (including myself) is charitable. Here goes:As I stated in earlier responses the interpretation from the original text can be confusing due to cultural circumstances as well as language restrictions. For example, there is not a Greek or Aramaic precise word for cousin. The Greek word is “adelphos” which could include “brothers” in a tribal manner, a national meaning, community or common interest all could mean “brother” though not in the literal blood brother manner. As a Christian, I consider you my “brother” in Christ or “sister” as the case may be. In the Old Testament, Abraham refers to Lot as his “brethren” even though he is really his nephew. Our use of modern language can be confusing. Also, some believe it is possible that Joseph could have children from a previous marriage and the “brothers” are his stepbrothers but that would not change the perpetual virginity of Mary.

Raise Them in His Image, Not Yours

What’s your most paradigm-shifting moment as a parent? In a new roundtable video, Jen Wilkin sits down with fellow moms Melissa Kruger and Kristie Anyabwile to discuss key lessons they’ve each learned over the years.

The Church and Mental Illness Part 2: Medicine and Therapy

The information in this next graph surprised me. There seems to be a fairly heated debate in the Christian community and the greater culture as a whole about the use of medication. The prevailing thought is that we are, as a society, overmedicated, and that carries an even greater stigma for those inside the church. Many of you reading the blog today would say that people too often rush to medication in many situations, particularly as it pertains to children. I share some of those concerns (that we medicate people, particularly children, too quickly).

Southern Seminary graduate compiles Bible reading plan paired with Hamilton text

Dendy, who also serves as minister of discipleship and college ministry at Rich Pond Baptist Church in Bowling Green, Kentucky, said it is the first reading plan he knows of that is paired with a substantial and accessible theology book, and he hopes the plan will stretch people in the local church to understand the Bible better.

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61 15-Y-O Cancer Survivor Wows Crowd at Madison Square Garden With Thrilling Rendition of the National Anthem
62 'Selma' Named Top Film of 2014 by AAFCA; Slated for Christmas Day Release
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