Faithful Guide To Philosophy 8: Moral Argument - Peter S. Williams Video Description

"A Faithful Guide to Philosophy" is available from Amazon, paperback: and Kindle: Philosopher and author Peter S. Williams takes us on an overview journey of each chapter from his new book "A Faithful Guide to Philosophy", in seventeen parts: 1) Faith & Philosophy: 2) Making a Good Argument: 3) Making a Bad Argument: 4) Cosmological Arguments I, A Dependent Cosmos: 5) Cosmological Arguments II, Kalam Argument: 6) Teleological Arguments I, Paley, Hume & Design: 7) Teleological Arguments II, Intelligent Design: 8) Moral Argument: 9) Ontological Argument: 10) Religious Experience: 11) Mind Body Problem: 12) The Mind & Its Creator: 13) Freedom & Responsibility (The Stone Story): 14) Objective Beauty: 15) Beauty & Divinity: 16) Science & Theology: 17) Problem of Evil: A playlist for this chapter can also be found here: Visit Peter S. Williams' website: Follow Peter S. Williams on twitter: "A Faithful Guide to Philosophy" International Standard Book Number (ISBN): 978-1-84227-811-6

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