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It's A Wonderful Life (1946) - James Stewart - George Bailey's Speech to Potter & the Loan Board

The famous speech from George Bailey (Jimmy Stewart) to Potter (Lionel Barrymore) and the loan board from Frank Capra's movie It's a Wonderful Life.

The Quran, the Bible, and the Islamic Dilemma The Quran affirms the inspiration, preservation, and authority of the Christian scriptures (including the Torah and the Gospe...

Trinity or Tawhid? (Part One) The Quran commands Muslims to say to Christians: "Our God and your God is One, and unto Hi...

Passion 2015 | ACCLIMATE DAY 1 | Prepare The Way

Day 1: Prepare the Way Isaiah 40 Join the journey as we prepare our hearts to be with God and in expectation for what God is going to do in the days of #Pass...

If God Is Perfect Must His Design Be Perfect?

For more resources visit: On March 22, 2001 Dr William Lane Craig debated Dr Massimo Pigliucci on the topic, "Does the Christi...

Trinity or Tawhid (Part Two) The Quran commands Muslims to say to Christians: "Our God and your God is One, and unto Hi...

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What Is It Like Serving as a Missionary in a War-Torn Country Dubbed the 'Worst Place in the World to Be a Woman?'

At first it looked like we were going to Ethiopia, but by the time our application process got into workings, that position was filled. That's how we started in Tanzania, five years. Then two years in what was first Zaire and then turned into Congo. In our time, we were evacuated out twice. By that time we had three young children, so the church decided that it wasn't the right place to be at that point as a young family. Then in discernment with the church and again looking at what various requests had come in from partner churches of the PCUSA, it was decided that we would then be assigned to Cameroon. That's where we served for 14 years. Our children are now all grown up and studying. So the church asked whether Jeff and I would consider returning to Congo and that's how we are now since a year.

Science Increasingly Makes the Case for God

In 1966 Time magazine ran a cover story asking: Is God Dead? Many have accepted the cultural narrative that he’s obsolete—that as science progresses, there is less need for a “God” to explain the universe. Yet it turns out that the rumors of God’s death were premature. More amazing is that the relatively recent case for his existence comes from a surprising place—science itself.

Top 10 YouTubes of 2014

It’s time for my annual posting of the Top 10 YouTube Videos of the Year (see last year’s list here ). This ranking is totally unscientific. Only one person was polled to compile this list—yours truly (although my wife helped a little this year). This year’s slate of videos ranges from profound and poignant to downright silly. I have put the three serious videos at the beginning. The rest of the videos (numbers 4-10) are humorous. They’re not all actual YouTubes. They’re just internet videos. If you think I’ve left something out, let me know. I’ll think about adding it to the “Honorable Mention” category at the bottom.

How can we be sure of the resurrection of Jesus?

So, the evidence of the resurrection of Jesus is found in the eyewitness' accounts recorded in the Gospels. The writers were not evil people who wanted to deceive anyone. They claimed to have seen the risen Lord. As a result, their lives were changed because of the resurrection of Jesus, the risen Lord! They risked life and limb for what they saw--not for what someone merely told them.

We Wish You a Merry Christmas

BreakPoint will be officially closed between now and New Year's -- but unofficially, we'll still be posting some articles on the Features page, so keep an eye out! (And don't miss our Christmas columns from Kevin Belmonte and Stan Guthrie .) Below the cut is a little Christmas treat from me to you: video of a flash mob that my church choir and orchestra performed at Springfield Town Center last weekend. Hope you enjoy it! God bless you all this Christmas.

Religious People Much Happier Than Others, New Study Shows - Breitbart

The correlation between religiosity and happiness is clear, but explanations of the connection and possible causal relationship are less clear. One theory suggests that the social support that religious communities can provide may be a key factor contributing to increased happiness, since “religious Americans are more apt to be involved in their communities.” Yet even here, the study found “that those who attend religious services often are happier than their peers with similar levels of involvement in the community.”

Why the Smart Reading Device of the Future May Be ... Paper | WIRED

“We should be wary of saying, ‘That’s the way we’re going to read in the future anyways, so why resist?'” said Mangen. “There is something to deep reading and deep thinking that is worth making an effort to preserve.” Whether we need paper to do that remains to be seen. For now, though, there’s still plenty of life in those dead trees.

Relatives Gather From Across The Country To Stare Into Screens Together

OAK CREEK, WI—Turning on the television while unpacking tablets, iPhones, and laptops from their suitcases, members of the McPherson family communed from across the nation this holiday season for several straight days of staring into electronic screens while in the same room together, sources confirmed Friday. “Nothing puts me in the Christmas spirit more than sitting down on the couch with my parents and siblings, turning on the TV, and then proceeding to either look at the screen or gaze down into my glowing tablet display for hours on end,” 28-year-old Andrew McPherson told reporters, adding that he always felt most connected to his relatives when they were both silently gazing into glowing screens of some kind. “It’s just great to get home for a while and spend some quality time not speaking a single word to my relatives, whether that’s by sipping hot cocoa with my sister while we both check our emails, or by gathering the whole clan for a nice holiday meal where everyone is fixedly looking down at the text messages on their phones—’tis the season, you know?” McPherson noted he was sad, however, that Grandpa Sam would not be there to stare into screens with them this year.


Murder of NYPD officers rends the city with more pain and upends the conversations around…

10 The Poached Egg Apologetics Daily

The Poached Egg Apologetics Daily, by Greg West: updated automatically with a curated selection of articles, blog posts, videos and photos.

Grace to You Radio

Below is a listing of the resources we've offered free of charge on our radio broadcast recently. For more information and to request your free item, click the button below.

You Will Never Look at Jerusalem the Same Again

A stunning movie put out by National Geographic. Jerusalem as seen through the eyes of the three major world religions. Three young women representing Christianity, Judaism and Islam give viewers a taste of their Jerusalem. It is important to note, that the fact that all three religions are able to coexist and worship freely in Jerusalem is only because the city is under Jewish control. Just a short glimpse into the history of Jerusalem and what is happening on the temple mount or Al-Aksa (under the jurisdiction of Moslem authorities) shows what happened when other religions siezed control of Jerusalem.

What Is Boxing Day?

Boxing Day is observed every year on December 26. Before it took on its feistier name, the holiday was known as St. Stephen's Day. * Many historians think the holiday’s name is derived from the church practice of opening alms boxes the day after Christmas and distributing money to the poor. * Historically, British employers followed the church’s lead by sliding workers and servants gifts or cash on December 26. Merchants tossed servants a few coins, too, for bringing in a household's business. * Why give Christmas gifts the day after Christmas? Because the servants spent Christmas and Christmas Eve scrambling to pull off big holiday dinners for their masters. * Ireland sometimes refers to December 26 as Wren Day, a nod to an old tradition in which poor children would kill a wren, then sell the feathers to neighbors for good luck. In today’s celebrations, the wren is fake. * Despite the name, British observances of Boxing Day involve no fisticuffs. For patricians, however, another sport rules the day: fox hunting. * In other countries, Boxing Day celebrations are more literal.

God Does Exist: Applied Apologetics: The Christian World View: Rational Predispositions That Support Truth

The Man In Black Goes To The County Fair

This was not a good point in Johnny Cash's life. The new album that I asked him about flopped, and he couldn't really get on country radio anymore. "Folsom Prison Blues" had been 12 years earlier and it was another 12 or 13 years before he would have that late-career comeback. But on that day, he was way nicer to me than he had any reason to be. I was just this kid wearing a plaid shirt and a corduroy vest from some local radio station that he'd never heard of, but he took the time to answer all of my questions, even the stupid ones. I didn't fully appreciate it at the time, but that is what I love about this interview all these years later.

The ‘Craziest,’ God-Ordained Real-Life Miracles That This Author Says Will ‘Blow Peoples’ Minds’

“What I say is that people who are skeptics like Dawkins — to be as skeptical as he is — I find there’s a real intolerance and a lack of open-mindedness,” Metaxas said. ”If you have to put that much emotion and nastiness into it, it tells me the arguments are not on your side, the evidence is not on your side.”


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Making Christmas Melancholy Point Hopeward

Each year Christmas night finds members of my family feeling melancholic. After weeks of anticipation, the Christmas celebrations have flashed by us and are suddenly gone. And we sit in the messy aftermath watching the taillights and music of another Christmas fade into the distance.

The Not-So-Easy Steps to Finding Relationship Closure

For the young woman I mentioned above, a huge part of her healing meant grasping the reality that a guy who would lie and cheat is not a guy worth being in a relationship with. It didn’t matter who walked away first—because at the end of the day, it wasn’t a relationship worth keeping. For her to gain closure, she had to be the one to walk away once and for all, closing the door, moving forward and believing that she deserved better—even if she never got answers to all her questions.

Unbroken Uncut

Louis Zamperini (1917–2014) was a miracle of a man. He truly lived — better, survived — one of the greatest stories ever written. Nonfiction stories are written, too, you know. “In your book were written, every one of them, the days that were formed for me, when as yet there was none of them” (Psalm 139:16). Some stories wake us up and remind us of this mouth-stopping truth. Louie’s life could only have been born in the mind and heart of God.


One of the most important holidays on the Christian calendar, Christmas is also the most controversial. The so-called “Christmas Wars” garner headlines every year for battles over manger scenes and the use of “Merry Christmas” or “Happy Holidays” (and other seasonal greetings). But Christmas is also a time for theological and spiritual reflection on important foundations of the Christian faith, including the Incarnation and the Virgin Birth.


These marches took place merely four years after the 1960 Kennedy-Nixon debates, to which many historians point as the moment when our presidential politics became defined by the television optics. King is very aware of this. He knows that while President Johnson can implore him in the privacy of the Oval Office to set aside the “problem” for political expediency's sake—the “problem” is that blacks were being functionally and systematically denied their right to vote by the whites in power—he can't ignore it if it's on the front page of the morning newspaper each morning and on the nightly news each evening.

O Subtle Star of Bethlehem

But a growing consensus confirms that the Star of Bethlehem was not a bright object, like a supernova or a comet, as others have argued. "The gospel story is one in which King Herod was taken by surprise," said Gingerich. "So it wasn’t that there was suddenly a brilliant new star sitting there that anybody could have seen [but] something more subtle."

24 The TC Apologetics Daily

The TC Apologetics Daily, by TC Apologetics: The latest news and thoughts for the apologetic-minded Christian.

Metaxas On Miracles

Q: What are your next projects? A: I'm developing a TV talk show, because there are many topics like miracles that we don't seem to be having an honest and civil conversation about. I'd like to change that, as you might guess. It would be like an updated version of the Dick Cavett Show. Dick's a friend and he would be a frequent guest, of course, because he's more fun to talk to than anyone on the planet. But getting a talk show on the air these days would take a miracle. Fortunately I know that they still happen. So I'm counting on it.


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CP Exclusive: 7 NFL Players on Joining Athletes for Charity's 'Holiday Bible Giveaway' to Gift 500 Bibles to Fans

Countless NFL players are focused on helping their teams get to and through the playoffs which is fast approaching, but there were seven Christian athletes in particular who focused on spreading the word of God off of the football field this holiday season.

Welcome To The Christian Attack Culture

There’s no question that the Internet has brought Christianity many wonderful things. Today we have online education available to virtually everyone, social media that encourages people to support great causes, and online communication tools that allow us to connect from the four corners of the earth. But it’s also created something I believe is tearing at the very fabric of our faith. It’s created a culture of attack.

Innovative Apologetics: Rebutting Bill Nye's Evolutionary Oath

‘God plus’ or bust; lose the incarnation, lose it all

That’s why June 3, 2011 was such a wake-up call for me. I was traveling the Middle East with seminarians and laypersons from around the United States, few of whom could be described as conservative evangelicals. Not the sort who’d be caught scribbling “Frequent The Gospel Coalition” site on a New Year’s resolution list, in other words. On this particular day, I was chatting with one of my new friends, a successful 57-year-old businessman from Atlanta. This gentleman—we’ll call him Bill—loosely identifies as a Christian. For him, Christianity is more about global philanthropy and mystical connection with the divine than it is about historical events.

Innovative Apologetics: Science or God? God! Because Science Depends on God

Really Recommended Posts 12/19/14- Christmas Apologetics Edition

Merry Christmas everybody! It’s just around the corner and I wanted to share some apologetics posts related to Christmas and our Lord going into this week. We have some awesome topics and reading here, so be sure to check them all out and let me know what you think!


Misconceptions about God abound. But they don’t have to. God has revealed His character in Scripture, illuminating the attributes that define Him. While we, being finite creatures, can never truly comprehend everything that God is, we should study what He Himself has said.

Man Claiming to Be Jay From ‘Serial’ Wants to Set the Record Straight

I f you listened to the wildly popular Serial true-crime podcast, than you are familiar with Jay—perhaps the series' most perplexing character. The state’s primary witness testified against his classmate Adnan Syed, telling the court that he knew Syed was guilty of murdering his ex-girlfriend, Hae Min Lee, because he help to bury her. As the podcast made clear, though he apparently knew key facts related to the case, part of the reason Jay is such an interesting part of the story is that his story changed several times. Though reporter Sarah Koenig was able to track Jay down, he refused to be interviewed on tape, but did answer some of her questions when she showed up at his house. Earlier this week , a man claiming to be Jay, made the following post on Facebook [sic throughout], which has since been deleted:

5 Things Jonathan Edwards Teaches Us about the Christian Life

Toward the end of his life, Edwards was kicked out of his church by a vote of ten to one—by professing Christians, upstanding church members. This, and other trials he encountered during his life, lead me to conclude that the lofty vision of Christian living that he has left to us is not naïve idealism. He felt the pain not only of rejection, but of rejection by close friends and family members who were part of his church. And yet, having his eyes opened to present pain did not close his eyes to future glory.

Study Links Religious Service Attendance to Happiness

The study found that people who attend religious services on a weekly basis are nearly twice as likely to describe themselves as “very happy” (45%) than people who never attend (28%). Conversely, those who never worship are twice as likely to say they are “very unhappy” (4%) as those who attend services weekly (2%).

The Spiritual Side of Dogs | Jim Daly

I was living in AZ with my yellow lab Taffy. A trip to the vet for medicine added an unplanned addition to my house.  A black lab named Tar.  Tar was at the vet looking for a home and my vet thought my home was perfect. Tar turned my world upside-down. He was a wild puppy. His previous owners relinquished him because he was such a handful.  Tar taught me patience of a saint and to never give up.  He constantly reminded me of being broken, but loved, being wild but tamed by desire to be obedient and finally he brought such laughter to my family with his antics.  He tapped his tail all the time when he wanted something, he goosed you from behind and would smile, he was a warrior until his final days when he turned 13.  A soldier to the end; tapping that tail until he could not anymore.  Tar had plans for us now that he's in heaven.  6 months after he passed his compassion brought us to a stray dog who was about to run on the highway. This dog was hungry and covered in ticks. He had a sweet demeanor and was so grateful my husband picked him up off the street. We nurtured him back to health and now have a mini Tar named Cooper.

The Christian Post on Twitter

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The Time Is Ripe for Radical Generosity

Today we are quick to pray for revival in our land. May we, in this vapor of a life, be joyfully pinched and hampered as we lay up treasure in heaven, our true home purchased for us by Christ at the cross. As we keep our eyes fixed on Christ, God just may use us and the greatest wealth transfer in history to—once again—turn the world upside down (Acts 17:6).

Michael Beschloss on Twitter

One of last public photos of Harry Truman, who died today 1972: #Lagesse

Merry Christmas! Here's #8 of Our Top Evolution Stories of 2014: State-Run Museum Covered Up Collaboration with Atheist Groups

In previous articles this week ( here and here ) we saw that New Mexico Museum of Natural History and Science (NMMNHS) worked with atheist groups to put on 2014 Darwin Day events that included anti-religious lectures. While the taxpayer-funded and publicly operated museum actively outreached to evolutionary atheist groups to involve them in the events, the partnership excluded participation by groups with other viewpoints, raising serious constitutional questions about freedom of speech and state endorsement of a religious belief, namely atheism. That's bad enough. The situation was made more egregious by a subsequent cover up by the museum, a division of the New Mexico Department of Cultural Affairs.

Will the Real Unicorn Please Stand Up?

Recent publicity about the Ark Encounter project has unleashed a good deal of ridicule claiming that the ark will feature fanciful unicorns. But the unicorns mentioned in the Bible—not only in English King James Version but also in other languages—are not the fairy tale creatures many people think of nowadays, but real creatures familiar to the people living in those ancient times.

#9 of Our Top Ten Evolution Stories of 2014: The Ham-Nye Creation Debate: A Huge Missed Opportunity

Identifying all the genes and proteins in an organism is like listing all the parts of an airplane. While such a list provides a catalog of the individual components, by itself it is not sufficient to understand the complexity underlying the engineered object. We need to know how these parts are assembled to form the structure of the airplane. This is analogous to drawing an exhaustive diagram of gene-regulatory networks and their biochemical interactions. Such diagrams provide limited knowledge of how changes to one part of a system may affect other parts, but to understand how a particular system functions, we must first examine how the individual components dynamically interact during operation. We must seek answers to questions such as: What is the voltage on each signal line? How are the signals encoded? How can we stabilize the voltage against noise and external fluctuations? And how do the circuits react when a malfunction occurs in the system? What are the design principles and possible circuit patterns, and how can we modify them to improve system performance?

44 The Top Ten Posts of 2014 - Stand to Reason Blog

2. What’s Missing in Son of God – A review of the film: “One can’t leave out this aspect of Jesus, for it’s only when this strength and authority is present that we truly feel the impact of the unexpected grace He shows to the weak, the hurting, and the sinners—when He welcomes little children and heals unclean women. It’s commonplace to see a mother stoop down to bless a child. It is quite shocking when the King of the universe takes time out of His day to do it. The greater the condescension, the more striking the love and kindness. When filmmakers show only kindness and leave out authority and strength, much is lost.”

The Gifts That Really Count

But God has a gift for you that you won’t want to return. In Matthew 6:25-33 God promised to provide everything you need for the coming year. It might be diffi­cult to admit you can survive without that five-pound box of money, but somehow you’ll make it. In the meantime, God knows your real needs-spiritual, relational, emotional, and material—even those you aren’t aware of. And he loves you so much that he will make sure you never lack those things. You job is to keep living for him and watching him fill your life with his absolute best.

Defenders 3 Podcast: Doctrine of Revelation | Reasonable Faith

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NYPD Officer Rafael Ramos saw streets as his ministry

"He felt that he was protecting and serving his community and that was a sort of a ministry for him. And I totally agreed with him," Marcos said. "He said this type of ministry, the chaplaincy, he could see himself doing this in the future as a full-time ministry after he retired from the NYPD."

Archaeologists discover entrance to Herod's palace near Bethlehem

With Herod now buried in Herodium and with Archelaus eventually ruling over much of his father’s former kingdom as an “ethnarch” (“ruler of the people”), the New Testament noted the change in political leadership (Matthew 2:19-22). The change prompted Joseph to consider a move back to Judea (perhaps back to Bethlehem itself where the family had lived for about two years), but his misgivings about a Judea under the rule of an already unpopular Archelaus and a warning in a dream led him to reconsider. The decision was a wise one. A return to Bethlehem in the “shadow of Herodium” and the nearby royal city of Jerusalem placed the holy family at potential risk.

Why You Should Read Bavinck

Finally, you might be worried that it's theologically above your pay grade; even the brief descriptions of his strengths may strike you as intimidating. I'll admit, Bavinck isn't for the beginner. But for all who consider themselves students of theology—certainly seminarians and Bible students—you should be prepared to challenge yourself regularly. Straining to read above your current level of understanding is one of the only ways to grow. And Bavinck is a wise, thorough, surprisingly accessible teacher even if he does engage at the highest levels. For the still unconvinced, pick up this abridged, one-volume edition of the Dogmatics  that is far more approachable.

Advent: The Plan (2014)

If you’re a parent, think of the protective heart you have for your children. You don’t want any harm to come to them, and you try to protect them from danger and difficulty. You can’t imagine them being crushed or grieved, and you certainly couldn't imagine personally inflicting that pain on them while finding pleasure in it.

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