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R.C. Sproul (1939–2017)

A look back at the life, theology, and ministry of one of the great popularizers of Reformed theology in our generation.

How God Makes Us Alive

You can’t make the new birth happen on your own. If you’re alive in Christ today, you’re a miracle of God’s word.

Josh Harris Gives a TED Talk About What He Got Wrong in 'I Kissed Dating Goodbye'

For many young Christians, Joshua Harris is a household name. Back in 1997, he wrote the book I Kissed Dating Goodbye, which went on to sell more than a million copies and had a huge influence on Christian culture (for better or worse). Now, 20 years later, Harris has given a TEDx Talk about the legacy of the book, which as he explained, is a complicated one. When he wrote it, he was a formerly homeschooled 21-year-old who'd only been in one relationship. Now, he's reckoning with what he got wrong. In the talk's description, he explains,   If you

Uncut Interview with Dr. Trueman from "95 Theses" Documentary - Westminster Theological Seminary

Watch this interview with Dr. Trueman from “95 Theses,” a documentary considering the importance of the Protestant Reformation. You can find more information and watch additional interviews from the documentary at

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Do Christians Have a Bias to Believe?

But this is not an accurate description of the faith journey of many believers. Indeed, most go through a period of doubt in which they struggle with what they were taught in childhood. That was certainly my experience. Having been raised in the Catholic Church, I was taught doctrines and rituals which were both mysterious and comforting. Until I began law school, though, these beliefs went largely unchallenged, leaving me unprepared to defend what I thought was “the truth.” Encountering highly intelligent people who were not afraid to point out why they viewed my faith as foolish, I began to believe that all religions were pretty much the same – they could provide comfort, but they weren’t really true. Truth, after all, was a relative concept, dependent on one’s point of view and cultural narrative. And science had pretty much shown that there isn’t a need for God. While faith might make a good crutch when bad things happen, it probably did more harm than good in the long run, because it was at odds with reason. These conclusions just happened to coincide with an increasing desire to put the restrictions of Christianity behind me and to put aside whatever feelings of guilt would arise from time to time.

2 Star Wars: Episode II - He Who Lives by the Lightsaber… | Think Christian

Unfortunately, this propensity toward violence creates an unresolvable tension at the film’s heart. Lucas has trained his audience to be thrilled by the lightsaber and the derring-do that it makes possible, but in doing so he betrays a certain attitude toward violence that is incompatible with the Jedi’s peace-loving ways. For a succinct summation of that attitude, look no further than Padme’s hilariously blasé response to Anakin’s confession that he’s slaughtered an entire village of Tusken Raiders: “To be angry is to be human, Anakin.” Oh well!

3 The Poached Egg Apologetics Daily

Does the Multiverse Discount Design? Quick Response.

Distinguished philosopher Robin Collins provides multiple reasons for God’s existence in the context of multiverse theory. First, we should prefer the hypothesis that naturally flows from the evidence, and for which we have independent confirmation. As Collins explains, we already know that minds can produce objects, like Swiss watches, that are fine-tuned. Therefore, positing God as the best explanation fits what we already observe minds can do.

Died: R. C. Sproul, Reformed Theologian Who Founded Ligonier Ministries

Sproul’s legacy lives on in generations of laypeople and Reformed leaders whose theology was strengthened and shaped by Ligonier, the organization he founded in 1971 to fill the gap “between Sunday school and seminary.”

Tabletalk Magazine on Twitter

No one has done more to put the knowledge of the Holy One front and center in the thinking and living of Christians today, and for that I for one am deeply grateful to and for my friend. —Sinclair Ferguson 

The battle for Christmas: Is it Christian, Pagan or Secular?

But this isn't the only threat to a Christian view of Christmas. In recent years there's been a resurgence in people claiming Christmas is entirely pagan in origin. This has coincided with the actions of the current generation of pagans and druids who are re-establishing their cycle of festivals in the calendar.

Eric Metaxas Visits During Christmas at the Billy Graham Library

Over 240 people attended a book signing with author and radio host Eric Metaxas at the Billy Graham Library on Dec. 14. The event was held during the Library's annual Christmas festivities.

The Origin of Life: Dangers of Taking Research Claims at Face Value | Evolution News

The main challenge with these results is that the underlying model is completely unrealistic. No chiral building block of life (e.g. right-handed ribose) has been shown to interact with any substance to self-replicate. On the contrary, in all realistic environments mixtures with a bias of one enantiomer tend toward mixtures of equal percentages of both left-handed and right-handed versions. Goldenfeld “solved” the homochirality problem by creating an artificial world that eliminated all real-world obstacles. All simulations that purport to be breakthroughs in origins problems follow this same pattern. Conditions are created that remove the numerous practical challenges, and the underlying models are biased toward achieving the desired results.

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Tillerson calls on Russia and China to squeeze North Korea … #TheSift @onize_ohiks

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Oxford University Press is offering my book at 50% off & 2-Day Free Shipping! This is a better deal than they give to me! :-0 Enter the code "HOLIDAY17" at 

Australian probe into child abuse calls for end to Catholic celibacy demands - Premier

An Australian inquiry into child abuse has recommended the Catholic Church lift its demand of celibacy from clergy and clarify the extent that the seal of the confession conceals evidence of child abuse.

Died: R. C. Sproul, Reformed Theologian Who Founded Ligonier Ministries

Sproul’s legacy lives on in generations of laypeople and Reformed leaders whose theology was strengthened and shaped by Ligonier, the organization he founded in 1971 to fill the gap “between Sunday school and seminary.”

The Task of Apologetics

Exodus 3 narrates the well-known account of God’s revealing Himself to Moses in the burning bush and commissioning him to tell Pharaoh to release the Israelites from slavery in Egypt. But that was only part of Moses’ mission. The other task to which the Lord called Moses was to address the Israelites. He was to command the Israelites in the name of God to engage in the largest strike in history. In absolute defiance of the power and authority of Pharaoh, they were to leave Egypt and go out to the desert to worship God at His mountain. And, of course, these events ended in the exodus.

Unashamed Allegiance: My Tribute to R.C. Sproul

The impact of R.C. Sproul on my life and ministry is owing to an incomparable combination of his unashamed allegiance to the absolute sovereignty and centrality of God, his total devotion to the inerrancy and radical relevance of the Christian Scriptures, his serious and rigorous attention to the actual text of Scripture in shaping his views, and his jolting formulations of biblical truth in relation to contemporary reality.

Friday, December 15, 2017 — The Briefing

Yes, 100 Christian Kids Are Being Raised by Muslim Families. Here’s the Actual Problem.

We must ask where the church is in all of this. It is surely a stain on the church’s reputation that there are not enough foster caregivers or adoptive parents in our nation. The church has been given very clear instructions on what appropriate worship to God looks like. According to Isaiah 1:15-17, James 1:27, and Matthew 25:31-46, caring for the vulnerable is an essential part of Christian worship.

Honor Your Grandchildren’s Father and Mother

Though we want to be resources in the discipleship of our grandkids, we must not try to do the parents’ job for them. Grandmothers are to be a help, not a hindrance — and not running interference. God has called the parents to raise up their own children in the Lord, and our role as grandmothers is to be a support in all their efforts. Even (and especially) when we might disagree with how they are doing it. And we will.

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Deck the crabs with lots of pompoms, fa la la … wait, what?! … #Beginnings @UDelaware

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Praying for the family of Dr. R. C. Sproul as he has now finished his earthly race and is rejoicing in the presence of His Savior. …

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I never thought in my wildest dreams I’d talk about Taylor Swift on BreakPoint. Just look what you made me do.

Luke 2:1–7: God Sent His Son to a Stable

Most people in the world have no experience of lasting joy in their lives. We’re on a mission to change that. Everything we create and distribute here at Desiring God exists to guide you toward everlasting joy in Jesus Christ.

The Point: Best Books for Christmas

Next for the young-uns: “Cold-Case Christianity for Kids,” approaches the claims of our faith with a forensic eye. Former L.A. detective, J. Warner Wallace and wife, Susie, evaluate and validate the story of the gospels with some of the same tools that cold-case investigators use. This one is written for kids, who will love it!

Five Apologetics Methods | Apologetics Index

It is usually argued that the order of the two phases in classical apologetics is essential. That is, before one can meaningfully discuss historical evidences, one has to have established God’s existence because one’s worldview is a framework through which miralces, historical facts, and other empirical data are interpreted. Without a theistic context, no historical event could ever be shown to be a divine miracle. The flipside of this claim is that one cannot appeal to alleged miracles in order to prove God’s existence. As Sproul, Gerstner, and Lindsley argue, ”miracles cannot provie God. God, as a matter of fact, alone can prove miracles. That is, only on the prior evidence that God exists is a miracle ever possible.” However, not everyone who considers himself or herself a classical apologist will insist on this point, as William Lane Craig makes clear in this volume (…). Craig argues that the classical methodology need not insist on a theoretical necessity in the order of these two steps, but only, given the nature of probabiblity arguments, that this order is the best argumentative strateg y.

He will be greatly missed...

My Personal Journey from Atheism to Christianity (Podcast) | Cold Case Christianity

In this podcast, J. Warner Wallace is interviewed by Alisa Childers on the Alisa Childers Podcast . They discuss J. Warner’s personal story of conversion to Christianity and the role his wife, Susie, played in listening to God’s call. They also discuss the investigative process J. Warner used to examine the claims of the Gospels. For more information about Alisa’s podcast and to listen to other episodes, please visit her podcast homepage .

Cardinal Vincent Nichols: Atheists who throw stones are obstacles to social cohesion - Premier

The leader of Catholics in England and Wales says those without faith who "pick up stones to throw at things they don't understand" are a bigger obstacle to social cohesion than people of faith.

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33 The Best Movies of 2017 | Think Christian

Much was made of the “right” way to view Dunkirk , Christopher Nolan’s immersive World War II rescue film. I was fortunate to first see it in 70mm in a full theater on opening weekend. The immensity of the sound and images was a near-religious experience, as Nolan’s meditation on time and ethics in the midst of warfare moved me to tears. Yet my second viewing was just as affecting, though in a very different theatrical environment: a small, near-empty indie theater in a coastal village in Scotland. Walking out and seeing the waves on the beach was as much a liturgy, a religious experience, as my first viewing. The name Dunkirk literally means “church in the dunes;” the opening title sequence describes the need for hope, for “a miracle.” Though this is in reference to “the miracle at Dunkirk”—in which British civilian ships helped rescue troops who were trapped on the coast of France—it is telling that we are reduced (or elevated) to using religious language for such feats of bravery, courage, and human decency. ( Joel Mayward )

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A #Christian #worldview giant has passed—one who had a great influence on #ChuckColson . #HarryBlamires

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Piper on Sproul: “My reverence for the holiness of God and the truth of his word would not be the same without his influence.” …

How to Serve ‘The Singles’

While I believe all churches should prize marriage and family, I also believe we have to be careful about the unintentional messages potentially conveyed about marriage and family. Both are gifts for this life alone. The one relationship that survives eternally is the one we have as the bride of Christ to our beloved Savior. The relationships that we all have as brothers and sisters in Christ are the ones that will not end — and these need to be cultivated as much as family life is cultivated. Additionally, single adults need to be reminded that God has not withheld his very best from them if they remain unmarried.

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While some American evangelicals celebrate the US embassy's move to Jerusalem, some Middle Eastern Christians feel betrayed …

Apologetics Books, eBooks, and Unique Resources

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Toward Jerusalem: With U.S. recognition of the city as Israel’s capital, dramatic realignments are underway … @mcbelz @POTUS @JohnnieM @philosproject @rwnicholson_

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Hour 1: @ericmetaxas @dlongenecker1 The festive mood around the studio continues when Dwight Longenecker joins the show to talk about his new book, “MYSTERY OF THE MAGI: The Quest to Identify the Three Wise Men”...

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As Americans have their say about Christmas, we see the centrality of history to Christianity @albertmohler #TheBriefing 

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Premier Christian Radio, where faith comes to life! | On AM/MW, DAB, Freeview 725, Online, & on mobile 

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God allows a crisis to get our attention, and then he uses the crisis to develop our character. One thing that signals we’re changing for the better is when we confess that we’re the problem. We stop blaming other people and admit, “I am the problem with my life.” Until we understand this, there can be no major change in our lives. This is the breakthrough God knows we need.

New funding to rescue deteriorating historic churches - Premier

46 Are Christians crying wolf about mistreatment and marginalization?

3. Allen-Ebrahimian claims that Christians can believe what they want so long as “those beliefs are not combined with sweeping political claims.” This is staggering. Christianity is nothing if not a sweeping political claim. We believe that Jesus is Lord and that Caesar is not. That is why we sing at this time of year that he is “King of kings and Lord of lords and he shall reign forever and ever.” We don’t believe these words to be pie in the sky. We really do believe that our highest allegiance is to a crucified and raised Jewish man from Nazareth. We believe that he will judge the nations in righteousness, including the United States. We also believe that there will be sorrow for everyone who comes up short at that judgment. Those truths have sweeping implications for the way we live our lives now as citizens. And there are sweeping political implications for the way we view human dignity, justice, war, and a host of other public issues.

Logic, Aristotle, and the Necessity of Theism

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I am grieved to hear of the death of R.C. Sproul. It is hard to overestimate his influence on gospel-resurgent evangelicalism. …

49 What Creation Reveals about God | Stand to Reason

Writing to the church in Rome, Paul says, “For what can be known about God is plain to them, because God has shown it to them. For His invisible attributes, namely, His eternal power and divine nature, have been clearly perceived, ever since the creation of the world, in the things that have been made. So they are without excuse” (Rom. 1:19–20).

Greg Bahnsen's Apologetics View on Induction

See book Induction is necessary for science, learn how Greg Bahnsen utilized Induction in apologetics.

51 Words Are the Greatest Gifts
52 Swiss church bells can once again chime through night, court rules - Premier
53 A Bright and Burning Light: Robert Charles Sproul, February 13, 1939-December 14, 2017
54 Pew: Fewer Christians Wish for a ‘Merry Christmas’ This Year
55 A year after the fall of Aleppo, Bishop says life is better for Christians - Premier
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59 5 Reasons to Start Your Religious Quest with Christianity
60 2018 Book Award Winner in Apologetics: Greg Koukl's 'The Story of Reality'
61 Does “Faith, Not By Sight” Contradict Apologetics?
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63 St Paul's Cathedral Grenfell fire memorial service to provide 'words of healing' - Premier
64 The Limited Atonement of The Punisher | Think Christian
65 Thursday, December 14, 2017 — The Briefing
66 Thursday, December 14, 2017 — The Briefing
67 Thursday, December 14, 2017 — The Briefing
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70 Common Logical Fallacies and Examples from Social Media
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80 Pastor, Don’t Outsource Discipleship
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87 Should Christians Care if America’s Embassy Is in Jerusalem?
88 Advice to Young Pastors from R. C. Sproul, Tom Schreiner, and Carlos Contreras
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91 Were The Gospels Written By The Disciples Originally In Greek?
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96 US Had Second-Lowest Number of Executions in the Last 25 Years