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All the Scriptures Speak of Jesus | Stand to Reason

One of the most powerful arguments for Christianity and for the inspiration of the Scriptures is the argument from prophecy. This sees Jesus not merely as “predicted” by specific sayings in the Old Testament, but more importantly as foreshadowed by the entire structure of the Old Testament narrative. The Old Testament makes the most sense when viewed in the light of Christ and thus points to its own divine origin.

Ten Divine Attributes of the Messiah


Do You Serve God with Gladness?

If we serve the Lord without gladness, we serve him as if he is not the true source of delight and satisfaction.

Video: The Hebrew Roots Movement by James Walker

In this featured talk,  James Walker from Watchman Fellowship explains the history and  growing popularity of the Hebrew Roots moveme...

Wikipedia Co-Founder Blasts “Appallingly Biased” Wikipedia Entry on Intelligent Design | Evolution News

"It simply cannot be defended as neutral," says Larry Sanger, who launched the online encyclopedia with Jimmy Wales in 2001.

ICYMI: Jimmy Kimmel Tells Viewers, 'I Happen to Be a Christian, Too'

Not only has he been a vocal critic of (now-former) Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore—who just lost the election to Democrat Doug Jones following numerous allegations that he sexually pursued (and even molested) teen girls—Jimmy Kimmel has also been an advocate of healthcare laws he believes best support the families of young children. Earlier this week, Kimmel brought his newborn son to the show after he successfully went through heart surgery, and pleaded with viewers to support legislation that he believes will help more children like his son. But one of the storylines that has gotten a bit lost

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1 Christianity Today’s 2018 Book Awards

“Globalization is a complicated topic. Myers makes dense concepts relatively accessible to his readers and provides theological lenses through which to see the issues at stake. He is most concerned about the intersection of globalization with the poor and with Christian mission. The book explains how globalization is part and parcel of world Christianity, and vice versa. Myers takes a clear-eyed view of globalizing processes, seeing both the good and the evil they bring. One of the most helpful lessons Myers provides is on the role individual humans might play in a globalized society, and how we should not lose sight of an all-powerful God, who is over, above, and in the midst of globalization, even as globalization is part of our fallen creation and is not likely to last forever.” —Stephen Offutt, associate professor of development studies, Asbury Theological Seminary

Denny Burk on Twitter

"Roy Moore Was ‘a Bridge Too Far’ for Alabama Evangelicals" @albertmohler @CTmagazine …

The Poached Egg Apologetics Daily

Q & A with Dr. Craig: Should Parents Let their Children Believe in Santa Claus?

On the one hand, the replacement of Jesus Christ at Christmas by Santa Claus is a sacrilege. Santa Claus is obviously a sort of God-surrogate: an all-seeing person endowed with miraculous powers, who’s making a list and checking it twice in order to find out if you’ve been naughty or nice. “He knows when you are sleeping; he knows when you’re awake. He knows if you’ve been bad or good, so be good, for goodness’ sake!” But never fear: Santa Claus is a kindly old man with a long white beard who never judges that someone has been bad. No matter what you’ve done, he thinks you’re good and delivers the presents. Such a caricature of God is so perverse that one wonders how Christian parents could possibly allow their children to believe in such a being. Christmas, as the word suggests, is supposed to be about Christ, not about this imposter.

Why Do So Many Christians Dismiss Apologetics?

Not being engaged in evangelism . Motivated by my friend Brett Kunkle, I have been taking high school students on apologetics mission trips for the past few years. Inevitably, whenever we meet up with atheists, Mormons, student freethinking groups, Unitarian Universalists or people of other faiths, students become highly motivated to study apologetics. Students often study theology and apologetics late into the evening getting prepared for the next day! In my experience, nothing motivates Christians to care about apologetics more than evangelism and spiritual conversations. After all, once you start sharing your faith, people will inevitably have questions about the Bible, evil, evolution, and more.

6 Christianity Today’s 2018 Book of the Year

“Trevin Wax is on a quest for deep and enduring joy, and he’s not content to go at it alone. This book is a winsome invitation into the Christian faith and witness that has so much more to say than ‘This is right and this is wrong.’ Rather, ‘This is better.’ Wax is no incurable optimist or jaded cynic. He commends the real God who will satisfy our souls, now and forever, and holds out, as he says, ‘the good news that is true, good, and beautiful.’ ” —David Mathis, executive editor,

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Wednesday, December 13, 2017 — The Briefing

Books - Cross Examined - Christian Apologetic Ministry | Frank Turek | Christian Apologetics | Christian Apologetics Speakers

Correct, Not Politically Correct: How Same Sex Marriage Hurts Everyone Why not legalize same-sex marriage? Who could it possibly hurt? Using sound reasoning and evidence—not religion—award-winning author Frank Turek shows that everyone will be hurt including children, the nation, and even homosexuals themselves. Turek provides concise answers to objections about equal rights, discrimination, and being born a certain way, and he exposes the real reason gay activists are trying to impose same-sex marriage on the country without a single vote from the people. Turek’s message is direct but respectful. It is correct, not politically correct. And it is a message that we must not ignore. For details, see .

Should Christians Be Extremists? Absolutely!

Martin Luther King, Jr. is absolutely right—the key matter for Christians is not whether we should be extremists or not. That question was settled when we signed up to follow a crucified and risen savior. The question is what kind of extremists will we be.

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#Compassion : New Jersey’s ‘housing first’ strategy cuts homelessness … @SouthernFlyer @monarchhousing

God Loves Ministry No One Else Sees

Serving in unseen ways can foster a quiet contentment in our hearts. We need believers like the gentleman who fills our communion cups at church each week. We need those who clean the building and take out the trash. We need pastors shepherding small congregations. We need a myriad of arms to rock babies in the nursery, allowing weary parents to be refreshed by corporate worship. Each of these ministries is vital to the health of the entire body of believers. God values those who are preaching at an assisted living facility to one frail woman in a wheelchair just as much as those preaching to thousands in a megachurch.

Apologetics and Ratio Christi Kept Me from Leaving Christianity

“Apologetics and RC saved me from leaving the faith after high school,” he says. “I had experienced a couple years of extreme doubt and had decided that if I couldn't find any answers with this club then I would be done with Christianity.”

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Did Jesus Ever Do Apologetics?

Awhile back, I got into a conversation with someone on Twitter about apologetics. This person, who had a seminary education and was involved in ministry, was pushing back on a tweet I wrote about the importance of apologetics. One of the things that she said was that we should emulate Jesus, and what he did was tell stories. Telling stories was what we should be doing, not apologetics.

Was Jesus Born of a Virgin?

The miracle of the virgin birth of Jesus Christ has perplexed many people, and has actually kept them from accepting the truth of Christianity. However, the Bible declares that God decided that his Son would have a miraculous entrance into humanity.

Where Evangelicals Fall on Roy Moore vs. Trump, Lauer, Franken, and Six More Men

While they don’t have a vote in Tuesday’s state election, evangelicals at a national level feel strongly about keeping Moore from holding office. According to Politico/Morning Consult polls (which each offer a multiethnic sample of about 600 self-identified evangelicals), half believe that if Moore wins the election, he should be expelled from Congress, while only a quarter believe Congress should seat him. Fewer than half of Republicans and Trump voters (44%) say the same. (Already, two of the other embattled politicians in that survey, Al Franken and Conyers, have resigned prior to congressional investigations.)

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Congratulations to my friend @gregkoukl for his book The Story of Reality winning Christianity Today's 2018 book award for evangelism/apologetics. A great book by a great apologist. @Zondervan 

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Todays Advent edition of quote of the day comes from J. I. Packer  #christmas #advent #corrietenboom #winter #snow #snowflake #season #gift

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The Point: Living on Your Face

This is sometimes called “living on your face,” in other words, making sure that what you present in public is the character you demonstrate in private. Only as Christians, we know that there’s nowhere we can flee from the presence of God, who sees all, and who’s always with us, and who promises that “our sins will find us out.”

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#TheSift : Airstrikes in Yemen kill at least 15 … @onize_ohiks

How Can I Get Back to Being Close to God?

Can you guide me where I should go to get back to being close to God? Connect with Hank Hanegraaff and the Christian Research Institute (CRI): Subscribe to our channel: For past episodes, hundreds of free articles, and carefully curated resources, visit CRI’s website: Facebook: Hank on Twitter: Bible Answer Man on Twitter: Bible Answer Man on Instagram: Bible Answer Man on SoundCloud: Bible Answer Man on iHeartRadio: Subscribe to “Hank Unplugged” on iTunes: “Hank Unplugged” on Spreaker: Stand shoulder-to-shoulder with CRI as a partner: Subscribe to the Christian Research Journal (6 issues for $39.50): Listen to the Bible Answer Man broadcast live, Mon.-Fri.

BreakPoint: Getting in Physical and Spiritual Shape—Together

The Trinity Fitness Centers are spreading fast; they’ve made it easy to start new ones. And I know this isn’t a topic we normally address at the Colson Center or here on BreakPoint. But it’s a terrific example of applying Christ’s Lordship over every square inch, including the sweaty ones… and of Christians working locally to bring restoration in a culture that’s too often bowling alone.

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#TheSift Doug Jones wins in Alabama, Roy Moore refuses to concede … @EvanWilt_

Greg Koukl - Does God "hate sin but love the sinner?"

Taken from our blog, Greg Koukl of Stand to Reason answers the question, "Does God "hate sin but love the sinner?"". For more information, visit .

The First Question to Ask of an Ancient Holy Book: Is It Ancient?

The test of antiquity was incredibly important to me as a skeptic examining the claims of scripture for the first time. As I became interested in Christianity, my Mormon family encouraged me to examine Mormonism as well. I read the entire Book of Mormon before I completed the Old and New Testament. I wanted to determine the “antiquity” of the Gospels and the Book of Mormon before I could examine the question of “divinity”. I needed to know if the New Testament gospels were written early enough to have been written by eyewitnesses who were actually present to observe what was recorded in these accounts. Similarly, I needed to know if the Book of Mormon was an accurate account of the history of the American continent from 600BC to 400AD (as it claims). My first investigation was centered on the foundational question: Are these ancient holy books truly ancient?

The Wrong Jesus: Fact, Belief, Legend, Truth . . . Making Sense of What You've Heard - Kindle edition by Gregory Monette, Craig A. Evans. Religion & Spirituality Kindle eBooks @

Jesus has been a hot topic this year, with the release of Ehrman and Bird et al.’s dueling Christology books this past March bringing about a flurry of blog debates on matters pertaining to historical Jesus and early Christology. All the interaction I’ve seen with the two books have come from academic-types. When the assertions of Ehrman’s How Jesus Became God become popularized among the masses (as is typical with his trade books which have a tendency of become NYT bestsellers), how will the average person in the pew be able to separate truth from error? How can they be equipped to offer a historically responsible rejoinder to the attacks on Christology? Greg Monette’s The Wrong Jesus is a very accessible introduction to the historical Jesus that both addresses perennial apologetics issues in relation to Jesus as well as tackles some of the topics that have come into the spotlight as a result of Ehrman’s latest book. While there is definitely overlap between this book and other typical apologetics books focusing on Jesus and the NT (e.g. evidence for the existence of Jesus, reliability of the NT witness, manuscript evidence and faithfulness of transmission, evidence for the resurrection), what is unique in this book is significant enough and strong enough to merit it a place on one’s apologetics bookshelf.

Neurosurgeon Michael Egnor on the Mind and the Brain | Evolution News

A derivative myth of materialism and Darwinism holds that the mind and the brain are one and the same. Consciousness is an illusion. So is free will. Chemicals in the brain make our decisions for us.

The Poached Egg Apologetics Daily

Q & A with Dr. Craig: Finding a Confident Christian Faith

Q: You make a distinction, which I accept, between “knowing” and “showing” that something is true. But the thing is that I don’t know that the Resurrection is true, therefore, assuming it is, I need to be shown this. The problem is that, from the standpoint of the skeptical but open-minded seeker, as I consider myself to be, when looked at dispassionately the historical evidence is, while perhaps sufficient for corroboration of what one already believes, for the rest of us fragmentary and unconvincing.

Rapid Response: "God Is Not Needed to Explain the Fine-Tuning of the Universe"

In our Rapid Response series, we tackle common concerns about (and objections to) the Christian worldview by providing short, conversational responses. These posts are designed to model what our answers might look like in a one-on-one setting, while talking to a friend or family member. Imagine if someone said, “Christians sometimes point to the appearance of fine-tuning in the universe as proof that God exists. But you don’t need God to explain this fine-tuning.” How would you respond to such a statement? Here is a conversational example of how I recently replied:

Christian peer fears proclaiming Christianity could be a hate crime - Premier


Participate in the 2018 Call for Papers for the National Annual Meeting of the Evangelical Philosophical Society! … … #analytictheology #christianphilosophy #philosophyofreligion

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Commentator @CalThomas has thoughts on the ethical dilemma Alabama Christians are facing.  @MooreSenate (AP image)

The Gospel Trilemma

When discussing the Gospels with skeptics, many times skeptics will bounce back and forth between different positions of skepticism (one minute they accuse the gospel writers of collusion, the next minute they say the Gospels are full of contradictions, and the next minute they say the text is corrupted, i.e., we have no idea what the original writers wrote).  In short, the skeptic can't get the reason for his skepticism straight; as a result, it's difficult for the conversation to gain traction.  To prevent them from these schizophrenic chameleon tactics, the following trilemma will force them to take a position rather than just play the role of mocker and heckler. ​ Either the gospel writers were delusional men who coincidentally all experienced the same delusion, were unscrupulous opportunists who were trying to spread lies (for reasons beyond historical and rational comprehension),  or men of integrity committed to the truth.  In other words, the driving force behind the gospel accounts was one of the following:

Greg Koukl on Twitter

Set your clock! Greg broadcasts live today from 4-6pm PT with special guest, Greg Ganssle, author of Our Deepest Desires. Call him with your questions 4-5pm at (855) 243-9975 then listen to the interview 5-6pm. … .

Philippians 1:20–26: Should I Always Pursue My Own Joy?

In this lab, Pastor John reminds us that those who make an impact in this world for Christ are those who labor for fruit and desire to be home with their Lord.

Where Evangelicals Fall on Roy Moore vs. Trump, Lauer, Franken, and Six More Men

While they don’t have a vote in Tuesday’s state election, evangelicals at a national level feel strongly about keeping Moore from holding office. According to Politico/Morning Consult polls (which each offer a multiethnic sample of about 600 self-identified evangelicals), half believe that if Moore wins the election, he should be expelled from Congress, while only a quarter believe Congress should seat him. Fewer than half of Republicans and Trump voters (44%) say the same. (Already, two of the other embattled politicians in that survey, Al Franken and Conyers, have resigned prior to congressional investigations.)

What Should Christian Parents Tell Their Children About Santa?

Since Christian parents also teach their children that Jesus is a real person who did perform real miracles, does see you when your sleeping and knows when you’re awake, and really keeps a list of who gets an eternal gift or not, our fear is that if we teach them fanciful, make-believe stories as truth, it could erode confidence in our truthfulness where it really matters. So, we distinguish between lies, secrets, surprises, and pretend for our kids. We ask them not to tell lies or keep secrets, but do teach them that some surprises (like gift-giving) and pretending (like dressing up) can be fun and should be encouraged. We tell them the truth and encourage them to have fun watching Christmas shows on television and even sitting on Santa’s lap for a holiday photo if they so desire. For parents of younger children wanting them to learn the real story of Santa Claus the Veggie Tales movie Saint Nicholas is a good choice.

Early December 2017 Presuppositional Apologetics Links

Wow I’m glad to hear you and your wife are about to dive into Romans! Romans 1 is in my opinion what convinced me biblically of Presuppositional apologetics, with the point of Presuppositional apologetics that people know God but they suppress that knowledge. So our apologetics’ methodology should not begin with the assumption they don’t know God, but that they do but they suppress the truth. I think someday in the future it is worthwhile for you to read a book length discussion on Presuppositional apologetics! I’m willing to send you books!

Christianity Today on Twitter

For black Christians, sexual harassment and assault (yes, even accusations) are as much of a gospel issue as abortion. For them, there is no separation of voting values and a social ethic because they have lived that reality for over 50 years …

44 Wintery Knight on Twitter

#Canada 's military is becoming a joke under the leadership of their progressive substitute drama teacher prime minister Trudeau: … #LiberalParty #socialism #Trudeau

Frank Turek on Twitter

See my Debate NOW: Does Love and Tolerance Equal Affirmation? Topics: homosexuality, racism, biblical interpretation  @DrMichaelLBrown

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If we’re really anxious to help the nation become more godly, we have to act godly even when we think we are unfairly judged, even when the stakes are at their highest …

Michael Wear's Uneasy Call to Politics

As the director of faith outreach for Obama’s 2012 campaign, Wear had a front-row seat to the divide between secular and sacred politicians and voters. It was a divide that would come to define politics in the next election. But as the title of his book, Reclaiming Hope: Lessons Learned in the Obama White House About the Future of Faith in America , makes clear, he still has some faith that these challenges can be overcome.

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Founder and CEO of MAVEN. I think a lot about truth, God, Jesus, Christianity, worldview, culture, theology, apologetics & youth. Will surf for food.

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