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Ken Ham Responds to the State of Kentucky About Ark Encounter

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Harmony between Christianity and Science

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John Coltrane -Transition- 1965

John Coltrane Transition, June 1965. Trane (sax); McCoy Tyner (piano); Jimmy Garrison (bass); Elvin Jones (drum)

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Advent Reflection: December 13

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2 The Dark Side of Christmas

Christmas and the Sting of Personal Loss: An Interview with John Piper and Paul Maier

Ebola Medical Missionaries Named Time's Person of the Year

Medical missions is currently seeing record interest from physicians and medical students. Brantly, a doctor with Samaritan’s Purse and affiliated with the Christian Medical and Dental Association (CMDA), was “one of our most dynamic student leaders,” David Stevens, president of the CMDA, told CT. Before Brantly headed to Liberia, Stevens interviewed him at last year’s medical missions conference in Louisville, where more than 1,000 people committed themselves to careers in medical missions, he said.

Did the early church invent the divinity of Jesus over a long period of time?

Each time we find Paul commenting in his Epistles regarding some aspect the relationship between the Father and Son, he is not also obligated to further comment on their relationship to the Holy Spirit. His failure to mention the Holy Spirit in I Corinthians 8 does not “disprove” anything. If Paul’s stated intention there was to make a definitive statement regarding the disposition of God, then you’d have a point, but there is no indication that that was his intention, so at best your point is an impotent argument from silence.

5 Eric Metaxas

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Rethinking Santa

With Christmas quickly approaching, several Ask Pastor John podcast listeners filled the mailbag with Santa-related questions. Corbin, a listener from Gainesville, Georgia, asked: “Pastor John, should parents allow their children to believe Santa Claus is bringing them gifts on Christmas?”


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Pope Francis Learns What Rick Warren, Russell Moore, N. T. Wright Think about Marriage

[Originally published November 3, 2014, at 4:44 p.m., entitled "Pope Francis Wants To Know What Rick Warren, Russell Moore, N. T. Wright Think about Marriage"]


The mission, passion and purpose of Ligonier Ministries is to proclaim the holiness of God in all its fullness to as many people as possible. Your gift enables our worldwide outreach. Donate Now

Welcome to the World of Uncle Mugsy!

nyone who knows me knows I try to live by that motto. As a writer and creative artist I think there is nothing more important than creating things that are good, beautiful, and true. As a father I see that most of what is peddled toward kids is none of those things — and like any parent I know whatever my daughter or any child is exposed to should be something that is worthy of them. It should be something good and beautiful and true, something that they will want to pass on to their own children someday. So these three Mugsy books — illustrated by my dearest friend and creative partner Tim Raglin — are my most ambitious effort toward that end, toward lighting a candle in the proverbial darkness. I hope parents and grandparents everywhere will want to grab a candle and join us! —Eric Metaxas

What Really Happened to the Dinosaurs?

If we accept God’s Word, beginning with Genesis, as being true and authoritative, then we can explain dinosaurs and make sense of the evidence we observe in the world around us. In doing this, we are helping people see that Genesis is absolutely trustworthy and logically defensible, and is what it claims to be—the true account of the history of the universe and mankind. And what one believes concerning the book of Genesis will ultimately determine what one believes about the rest of the Bible. This, in turn, will affect how a person views himself or herself, fellow human beings, and what life is all about, including their need for salvation.

Moody Radio | Up for Debate | This Week's Program

Moody Radio produces and delivers compelling programming filled with solid biblical insight and creative expressions of faith that helps you take the next step in your relationship with Christ. We desire to be the place where you turn—for truth, direction and hope. Through the power of the Word, you will hear and experience more of the life God intends for you in every moment, in every situation.

A Fresh Look at Calvinism

One year ago the team at Desiring God released “ The Calvinist ” as a visual companion to a poem written by John Piper that bears the same name. The prayer for this resource has been, both then and now, that the greatness and tenderness of a sovereign God would be deeply felt in all aspects of our lives.

Innovative Apologetics: Rebutting Bill Nye's Evolutionary Oath

Russell Moore: Extending John Leland’s religious liberty legacy for Southern Baptists — and everyone else

On the first anniversary of his inauguration as the ERLC’s eighth president, Moore spoke passionately about religious freedom, calling it the ERLC’s “number one priority.” He noted how his doctoral studies at Southern Seminary prepared him to voice concerns for religious liberty on behalf of Southern Baptists by being immersed in the writings of Leland and other Baptist advocates of freedom of conscience.

God's Not Dead: God's Not Dead! Nietzsche, Moral Absolutes, and Evolution

Some cultists advance the idea that life is about knocking on enough doors to sell magazines or to participate in enough temple and occult rituals to please God. Selected Hindus suggest one must stay pure to escape the Karmic cycle. The Prussian born Friedrich Nietzsche advanced the idea that life was about attaining power. Nietzsche wrote of the will of power, the Superman, and magnificent destinies. Yet, Nietzsche was a physically and emotionally weak man: headaches, unattractive, bad eyesight—a tragic figure. He ironically asserted, “A casual stroll through the lunatic asylum shows that faith does not prove anything.”[5] A few years later, he fell into insanity and repeatedly declared that he was Jesus Christ.[6]

Inherent Vice

Pynchon is one of the most well-known of the postmodern novelists, embodying some of the most prevalent features of the literary era: name-checking commercial brand names as a critique of capitalism; an emphasis on form over content; and, most importantly, a mining of the past for devices to use in sometimes-anachronistic ways for a story, an aesthetic style called “pastiche.” Basically, postmodernists are uninterested in what any particular story “gets wrong” about a time period. In a mediated culture like ours, where pictures and images are so important, the past exists as a treasure trove of styles, images, and ideas that they can paste together to make a story.

Emerging Church - Glossary of Emergent Terms For Those New to the Conversation

Salvation - Really, um, this is something that would take so long to explain that it just cannot be addressed adequately in a short, simple definition. Please read all of our books to get a full understanding of this complex term. This glossary entry is not an effort to be evasive. We're just trying to be as helpful as possible. I mean, really, we could not even begin to discuss the meaning of this word in such a brief space, could we?

Faithful Thinkers: Santa Claus and Our Children's Trust

My all-time favorite comic strip has to be Calvin and Hobbes. As a kid I would spend hours reading it and laughing until my tummy and cheeks hurt. I still do that today, but I am much more equipped to appreciate the philosophy that Watterson communicated through his witty characters too. This one gave me pause the other day: ...not because of the questions that Calvin found to be common between Santa Claus and God, or even the fact that he has questions about God. What troubled me is the fact that he has questions about Santa Claus. If someone had not told Calvin that Santa Claus existed, he would not even have such questions about Santa Claus. I want to talk this week about two important things that Watterson has illustrated (...unintended pun left for your enjoyment) for Christian parents.  Kids inherently trust what their parents tell them The primary reason for Calvin's confusion is because he has been told by his parents (and probably the media) that Santa Claus exists, yet there is much mystery (his own words) about this figure. To most kids, their parents are authorities regarding reality.

God Does Exist: Applied Apologetics: The Evidence for the Exodus and Archaeological Enquiry

Truthbomb Apologetics: Book Giveaway- Christ-Centered Apologetics: Sharing the Gospel with Evidence by Joel Furches

I am trying to encourage the ladies in my church to be informed and enthusiastic about apologetics, so the information in this book would be very helpful! I am hoping I get chosen :) I get Truthbomb in my e-mail all the time, and it is wonderful...thank you!

Keep Christ

All donations for the Ark Encounter before the end of the year will be matched, dollar for dollar, up to one million dollars!

WORLD | For Pentatonix, Christmas is heavy on fun, light on faith | Jeff Koch | Dec. 13, 2014

That’s Christmas To Me shows five young people with intelligence and stunning virtuosity. Pentatonix shines in the generic seasonal songs, with creative arrangements that liven up the repertoire with respect and style. Yet the album is light on religious content and even lighter on fervor, all of which is aptly captured by the title track, the group’s only original on the album. With beautifully mellow harmonies, Christmas is summarized by children, dreams, and nostalgia-loaded trinkets, all of which provoke a “Christmas song in my heart / I’ve got candles glowing in the dark / I’m hanging all the stockings by the Christmas tree / … because that’s Christmas to me.” As for faith notions, not a single one is stirring—not even so small as a mouse.

WORLD | Senate OKs new religious freedom ambassador | J.C. Derrick | Dec. 13, 2014

Thursday night the House included a one-year reauthorization in its funding bill. Russell Moore, president of the Southern Baptist Convention’s Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission, told me Congress’ negligence on protecting religious freedom is “unbelievable and outrageous. With the world on fire with religious strife and persecution, they drag their feet on the simple matter of funding the commission that has done the hard work in researching and advocating for religious freedom around the world. This is a matter of human rights and a matter of national security.”

WORLD | Code blue | J.C. Derrick | Dec. 27, 2014

The main thrust of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) is to increase access to healthcare, but on a surprisingly large scale it’s having the opposite effect. Millions of Americans lost their health insurance because their plans didn’t meet the requirements of the law, accounting for a large portion of the 6.7 million 2014 enrollees. Ed Haislmaier, a health policy expert at the Heritage Foundation, estimates a maximum of 2.4 million previously uninsured individuals obtained insurance through the state and federal exchanges. Others have lost healthcare access through hospital closures: Forty-five rural hospitals have shuttered since 2010, including at least a dozen this year, according to North Carolina Rural Health Research Program tracking data. The closures are primarily due to new regulations and cuts to Medicare/Medicaid reimbursement, but rather than helping reverse the alarming trend, the ACA has accelerated the process.

26 Do You Live in an Underserved County? (UPDATE: 12/9)

Every year, Prison Fellowship assists churches in ministering to the families of incarcerated parents through its Angel Tree program.  Angel Tree is a ministry that reaches out to the children of inmates and their families with the love of Christ, offering churches an opportunity to share Christ’s love by serving the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of the families of prisoners.

See It: Today at 5 PM Pacific, Stephen Meyer Meets the Platonic Ideal of an Interviewer

Evolution News and Views (ENV) provides original reporting and analysis about the debate over intelligent design and evolution, including breaking news about scientific research.

28 Letter from a Grieving Father | Reasonable Faith

In dealing with cases of apparently pointless suffering like yours, I think it crucial to distinguish between the intellectual problem of suffering and the emotional problem of suffering. This is especially important in cases of bereavement. You surely are aware that those going through the process of grieving typically experience a period of anger just as you have. You have a lot of emotions to process during this time. Your letter leads me to believe that you are suffering from the emotional problem of suffering, not the intellectual problem of suffering. For your letter contained virtually no argument of any sort, just expressions of raw emotions. To deal with this problem you need the help of a pastor or counselor, not a philosopher like me. What I can do is to offer some thoughts concerning the intellectual problem, which may set your mind at ease so that you can deal with the emotional problem in a proper way.

Where is the Interpreter to Learn Proper Hermeneutics? Part 2 - Prince on Preaching

Meanwhile, it is of consequence for us to say, and it is of consequence that it be understood, that this miraculous operation of the Holy Spirit had not the sacred writers themselves for its object—for these were only his instruments, and were soon to pass away; but that its objects were the holy books themselves, which were destined to reveal from age to age, to the church, the counsels of God, and which were never to pass away. . . . What they say, they tell us, is theopneustic: Their book is from God. . . . [It] is always the inspiration of the book that is presented to us as an object of faith, never the inward state of him that writes it” (God-Breathed: The Divine Inspiration of the Bible, 39, 112).

Renewing Your Mind | The Great Exchange | December 13, 2014

Second, however, Wright leads us astray when he says that justification is a legal declaration and hence it is not based on one’s moral character. A couple of things need to be untangled here. In one sense, of course, justification is not based on our moral character, for God justifies the ungodly (Rom. 4:5). If justification depended on our moral worth, then no one would be justified. But Wright fails to state clearly the role that moral character plays in justification, and because he separates moral character entirely from the law court he fails to see the role that Christ’s righteousness plays in imputation. When a judge in Israel declared a person to be innocent or guilty, he did so on the basis of the moral innocence or guilt of the defendant. The biblical text is quite clear that judges render a verdict on the basis of the moral behavior of the defendant. This is clear from Deuteronomy 25:1: “If there is a dispute between men and they come into court and the judges decide between them, acquitting the innocent and condemning the guilty.” For Wright to say, then, that one’s moral behavior has nothing to do with the judge’s declaration flies in the face of the biblical evidence.

Are We Witnessing a Writing Resurgence in Evangelicalism?

But let’s get something straight: you shouldn’t just read Dan’s writings–you or your family members should  come and study with him, me, and others . Maybe under his tutelage, we’ll see a serious surge in excellent Christian writing. Few things would delight me more. Few things would serve the kingdom’s broad purposes better than a resurgence of excellent evangelical writing tackling major apologetic issues.

The Conflict Between Science and Philosophy

Dr. Craig: Sure. And what he points out here in response to that is progress in philosophy will be progress in our conceptual analysis of certain key ideas or in the nature of science. It is not going to be measured by scientific progress in the sense of empirical discovery. After all, we've got science for that, right? Rather, it is going to be a conceptual exploration about why science works, and the nature of science – does science get at reality or does it just give us useful pragmatic instruments for technology? In Hawking and Mlodinow's book, one of the ironies is that, after dissing philosophy, I would say the first third of that book is devoted to philosophical questions of realism versus anti-realism in science. That is to say, do scientific theories really tell us about the world or are they just instrumentalist in nature? Are they just practical models that enable us to use technology and make predictions? Surprisingly, in their book they come out in favor of the anti-realist position. They don't think that there is any more truth to the Big Bang theory of the origin of the universe than to six-day creationism.

Christian elected leader of Scottish Labour – Premier Premier

"It is of no relevance or interest to me that a particular political candidate is Roman Catholic or not. Mr Murphy should be judged on his political views and abilities, not what church he belongs to. It is ironic that of all groups the Scottish Secular Society continues to highlight religious affiliation as though this were somehow a disqualifying factor."

34 Time and the Kalam Cosmological Argument | Reasonable Faith

They identify two ideas of time: absolute time and relational time. Absolute time (or Newtonian time) they define as "the straight chain of causal events". Relational time (supported by Leibniz and Einstein), on the other hand, states that time doesn't actually happen unless there are "bodies in motion, unless there are things relating to other things...If there is nothing doing anything, there is no time". They also refer to this as space-time. (I hesitate to refer to these as the A and B theories of time, if I understand them correctly, because neither denies the reality of time. Rather, the former seems to affirm the "objectivity"--I use this word very loosely--of time, while the latter deems it as a subjective phenomena). Here is where their argument gets strange. They say that, in your premises, you seem to agree with the idea of relational time. However, when you argue that God is the cause of the universe, they accuse you of switching back to absolute time. This made me scratch my head, as I don't recall such a flip being made nor such a flip being necessary for the argument to work (I recall you specifically saying that the universe had a beginning even though there was no time at which it did not exist).

35 Translations | Reasonable Faith

Articles, Q&A, and more translated from English into the following languages.


Scripture very plainly uses the word “predestined” in reference to the salvation of God’s people. Most denominations and some of the greatest theologians have wrestled with this issue through the centuries and have carefully formulated statements regarding this controversial topic. What do you believe about predestination? In this message, Dr. Sproul introduces us to the doctrine of predestination and explains that “Everyone Believes This Doctrine.”

Kenyan Christian leaders call for action to tackle Islam extremism – Premier Premier

Christian leaders in Kenya have called for their Muslim counterparts to do more to stop attacks on believers in the country.

SPECIAL OFFER: Order ‘The Special Guest’ and Support Angel Tree

Lee Allen, author of the popular book  The Special Guest: A Christmas Story , and his wife Donna Campbell Allen (the illustrator for The Special Guest ) are sponsoring Angel Tree this Christmas season. The Allens‘ goal is to raise $100,000 through a promotion called the “12 Days Before Christmas: $100K Challenge.”

Celibacy to blame for some priest abuse, says report – Premier Premier

A report into abuse within the Catholic Church in Australia says in some cases the policy of celibacy could be to blame for priests committing sexual abuse.

The Case for a Creator - Christian Research Institute

Has science discovered God? At the very least, it’s giving faith an immense boost as new findings emerge about the incredible complexity of our universe. Join Strobel as he reexamines the theories that once led him away from God. Through his compelling and highly readable account, you’ll encounter the mind-stretching discoveries from cosmology, cellular biology, DNA research, astronomy, physics, and human consciousness that present astonishing evidence in The Case for a Creator. ISBN: 0310241448

Dr. Michael L. Brown on Twitter

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ERLC turns to race issue for March summit

Copyright (c) 2014 Baptist Press. Reprinted from Baptist Press (, news service of the Southern Baptist Convention. The original story can be found at ERLC turns to race issue for March summit by Tom Strode, posted Friday, December 12, 2014 (yesterday) Tags: race relationsERLCEric GarnerMichael Brown Tweet NASHVILLE (BP) -- The Southern Baptist Convention's ethics entity has announced a summit on race relations in the wake of grand jury decisions regarding police killings of black men that have provoked widespread protests and a nationwide discussion. The Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission will hold a leadership summit with the theme "The Gospel and Racial Reconciliation" March 26-27 in Nashville, it announced Thursday (Dec.

Massive Genetic Study Confirms Birds Arose in

The non-monophyly of the birds of prey at the deepest branches of the Australaves and Afroaves radiations suggests that the common ancestor of core landbirds may have been an apex predator, followed by two losses of the raptorial trait. Seriema at the deepest branch of Australaves could be considered to belong to a raptorial taxon because they kill vertebrate prey (94) and are the sole living relatives of the extinct giant "terror birds," apex predators during the Paleogene. The deepest branches after Accipitriformes and owl among the Afroaves, the mousebirds and cuckoo-roller, have Eocene relatives with raptor-like feet, and the cuckoo-roller specializes on chameleon prey. This suggests that losses of the predatory phenotype were gradual across successive divergences of each of the two core landbird radiations. More broadly, the Columbea and Passerea clades appear to have many ecologically driven convergent traits that have led previous studies to group them into supposed monophyletic taxa. These convergences include the footpropelled diving trait of grebes in Columbea with loons and cormorants in Passerea, the wading-feeding trait of flamingos in Columbea with ibises and egrets in Passerea, and pigeons and sandgrouse in Columbea with shorebirds (killdeer) in Passerea.

Denny Burk on Twitter

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The Church and Mental Illness Part 1: Aspirations v. Reality | The Exchange | A Blog by Ed Stetzer

Focus on the Family on Twitter

Embrace the heart behind the Christmas season. God loves you. A whole lot.  #Jesus