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How ‘Peanuts’ Took Faith to Culture

The deeper message of Charlie Brown

10 Live Worship Songs That Will Vastly Improve Your Week

Kings Kaleidoscope, My Brother and I, The Brilliance and more.

Is It Time to Retire James Bond?

The famous spy isn't necessarily a hero we should get behind.

Dan Rather's 'Truth' Flops at Box Office

"Truth" is flopping at the box office in its attempt to validate discredited CBS reporting on President George W. Bush during his 2004 bid for re-election.

Ben Carson Campaign Calls Politico Report on West Point Scholarship 'Outright Lie'

Ben Carson's campaign refuted Friday that they admitted to Politico that he lied about being offered a "full scholarship" to attend the U.S. Military Academy at West Point.

Presidential candidate Ben Carson: Pyramids built by Bible's Joseph - premier

Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson is standing by his belief that Egypt's great pyramids were built by the biblical figure Joseph to store grain.

U.N. Launches #EarthToParis Campaign Ahead of Climate Conference

The United Nations Foundation has launched a new campaign in an effort to send a strong message to world leaders ahead of the COP21 Paris Climate Conference this December. The massive event will host nearly 50,000 leaders from around the world to discuss climate change and what future policies may look like. They’ve partnered with GOOD magazine to create this video that explains the campaign, and why coming climate conference is so important.

Watch the Kid President Team Explain How ‘Peanuts’ Inspired the Viral Series

The duo behind YouTube’s most inspiring series, Kid President, recently visited with the family of Peanuts-creator Charles Schulz to discuss the legacy of the comic and how the series has inspired quirky art like their YouTube series. For fans of Charlie Brown or Kid President, Robby Novak and Brad Montague’s thoughts on creativity and childlike humor provide for an interesting short watch.

Japanese ‘Star Wars’ Trailer Contains New Footage From ‘The Force Awakens’

Well this is an unexpected Friday surprise. Even after J.J. Abrams announced that there wouldn’t be any more Star Wars trailers released leading up to The Force Awakens premiere, Walt Disney Studios Japan went ahead and posted one. Though much of the footage was in the last teaser, there are some new clips that have once again, caused a stir among Star Wars fans. (Where is Luke?!) Enjoy, Jedis.

This Department Store Christmas Ad is the Sweetest Thing You'll See All Day

U.K. department store John Lewis has become known for their touching Christmas commercials, and this year the store went above and beyond, setting their ad in outer space. It's not the most logical commercial, and it might leave you with a lot of questions (How can that old man breathe on the moon without an oxygen tank? How is that little girl's telescope so powerful? What exactly are they trying to sell?), but it will also warm your heart. And after all, isn't that the real point of Christmas ads?

Coldplay Announces Album Release Date, Debuts New Single

Today’s a big day for Coldplay fans. Not only has the band confirmed the release date of their new album A Head Full of Dreams on Dec. 4, they’ve also released the single they teased earlier this week. You can check out “Adventure of a Lifetime” below.

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World Leaders Admit Russian Plane Likely Destroyed by ISIS Bomb

U.K. Prime Minister David Cameron has said that evidence recovered by investigators from the downed Russian passenger plane in Egypt strongly suggests that a bomb was responsible for the deaths of 224 people.

2 The Decline of Fundamentalism

send to a friend #3  Posted by Ed  |  Friday, November 6, 2015 at 9:52 AM The fight for the truth of the gospel must never cease. The entire Bible is the truth. A short creed does not encompass all that is contained in God's counsel. Nevertheless, it can't be ignored that a new convert or one that is being drawn in by God knows all the specifics and details of the gospel and the grace of God. God's standards remain in Scripture and He raises the bar because He is holy and perfect, and we are limited and weak. The true teachings of Scripture must continue because the battle for the truth has not ceased. While I am not a christian well-read in the writings and defences of all the fundamentalists of the past century, I certainly want to know about them (by the way, I am a christian). I want to know about the battles for the truth that have occurred since the early fathers.

Roman Catholic Conflicts in Context

My guest on this week’s podcast is Gregg R. Allison , professor of Christian theology at the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary and an elder at Sojourn Community Church in Louisville, Kentucky. Allison has taught at several colleges and seminaries, including Western Seminary in Portland, Oregon, and Trinity Evangelical Divinity School in Deerfield, Illinois. He has written numerous books, including Roman Catholic Theology and Practice: An Evangelical Assessment . He joined me to try to make sense of the conflicts between liberal and conservative Roman Catholics following the recent Synod on the Family, and to answer the question of how much power the pope actually has to transform the church.

Pope releases rock and pop CD - premier

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Exclusive: Carson claimed West Point 'scholarship' but never applied

"fabricated" a "full scholarship" from West Point, but now Carson denies that his campaign’s statement constituted such an admission, and the story and headline were changed to reflect that. POLITICO’s reporting established that Carson said he received a "full scholarship" from West Point, in writing and in public appearances over the years — but in fact he did not and there is actually no such thing as a "full scholarship" to the taxpayer-funded academy. And today in response to POLITICO he acknowledged for the first time that was not the case. Carson never explicitly wrote that he had applied for admission to West Point, although that was the clear implication of his claim to have received an offer of a "full scholarship," a point that POLITICO’s initial report should have made clear.


Questions remain after Politico reports the GOP front-runner conceded a key point in his biography…

7 Grace to You Radio

A one-minute radio feature where John MacArthur applies biblical truth to daily living.

Should Human Stem Cells Be Used To Make Partly Human Chimeras?

"If you had a male mouse that had human sperm in it, that's going to be a concern to some people, especially if it's anywhere near a female mouse that has human eggs in it," Greely says. "To say the least, it's disconcerting to think about two mice making a human embryo."

No, Ben Carson Didn't Lie About West Point. It's Another Media Hit Job.

Editor’s note: POLITICO stands by its reporting on this story, which has been updated to reflect Ben Carson’s on the record response. The original story and headline said that Carson’s campaign had admitted he "fabricated" a "full scholarship" from West Point, but now Carson denies that his campaign’s statement constituted such an admission, and the story and headline were changed to reflect that. POLITICO’s reporting established that Carson said he received a "full scholarship" from West Point, in writing and in public appearances over the years — but in fact he did not and there is actually no such thing as a "full scholarship" to the taxpayer-funded academy. And today in response to POLITICO he acknowledged for the first time that was not the case. Carson never explicitly wrote that he had applied for admission to West Point, although that was the clear implication of his claim to have received an offer of a "full scholarship," a point that POLITICO’s initial report should have made clear.

Team Carson: ‘Politico Story Is An Outright LIE’

The Politico story is an outright Lie. Dr. Carson as the leading ROTC student in Detroit was told by his Commanders that he could get an Appointment to the Academy. He never said he was admitted or even applied.

Eighth graders asked to write about booze, herpes and one-night stands | Fox News

“You had a really rotten day, but lucky for you your best friend is having an awesome party later. You go to the party and start drinking. You have a little too much to drink and start talking to this girl/guy you’ve never seen before. You head upstairs to better acquainted despite several friends telling you that you don’t even know this person. You end up having sex with this person. The next day you really can’t remember everything that happened and rely on your best friend to fill you in. A week later you find out that you contracted herpes from your one night stand and that this is a disease you will have all your life and never known when an outbreak will occur.”

Satan Hunts Among the Hurting

The enemy of your hope and happiness hunts with that same instinct, with a cold-hearted and ruthless hunger for the weak or hurting. Satan prowls like a roaring lion, seeking someone to devour (1 Peter 5:8). And because he’s clever, he spends a lot of his time among the suffering. He lies in wait with lies, wanting to consume the fragile and vulnerable.

4 Keys to Discovering Your Calling

We live in a day and age in which everything must feel right in order to be right. Although I agree that for some people, their calling is based on what they love and are good at, I find that this article completely overlooks and doesn't even acknowledge that for others, their calling is something of a burden for which God's grace alone is sufficient. With that being said, what if your calling isn't something that makes you jump out of bed in the morning? What if you're not particularly good at it? When God gave Moses his calling, Moses wasn't jumping up and down with happiness. In fact he tried everything he could think of to get out of it. Not only that, but he wasn't good at public speaking either. Yet God called him. And God provided for Moses the grace that he needed to fulfill that calling. And about Jonas? God gave him a pretty clear calling. Jonas ran the other way and when he did fulfill the calling, it was with a wretched attitude. But God used him to bring to repentance an entire city. And what about the apostles. Most of them were fishermen, far from the public speakers they were called to be to proclaim the Gospel.

Ligonier Ministries

The mission, passion and purpose of Ligonier Ministries is to proclaim the holiness of God in all its fullness to as many people as possible. Your gift enables our worldwide outreach. Donate Now

The Problem with Saying ‘All Lives Matter’

I wish black lives mattered when it came to abortion. That's the problem. The #hashtag only comes up when a black person is affected by someone who is not black. Why doesn't the #hashtag come up when there is a black on black crime? There needs to be consistency. Your example of the house being broken into is so silly. Of course, if a black man is shot, people are going to grieve and be hurt because of the situation. If my friend John gets shot, I won't look at my buddies around me and talk about how much their lives matter to me. No, I'm going to be focused on John and his life and how much it meant. It should be John's life matters. It should be Trayvons life matters. Your example is saying the focus shouldn't be on all lives but the black lives that are affected. Well in that case, the focus shouldn't be on black lives but the life that was affected. If we focus on every life individually wether black, white, asian, then unity will exist, but if we only focus on one race at a time, then division will exist. I listen to Urban Family Talk every single day and they talk about this from a black persons perspective in a biblical view and they would disagree with everything that you have said.

3 Prayers We Need to Stop Saying

This prayer must have originated around the time of the Bubonic Plague or some bad food poisoning. If food was making people sick it must be cursed. Might as well put a blessing on it just in case. While I’m all for thanking God before meals, there's no need to “bless” the food, because it already is. When God created the universe, He called it all good—the edible and inedible. When God labels something as "good," that's all the blessing it needs. Fruits, veggies, meat and ice cream—all blessed.

REI Stores Will Close on Black Friday So People Can Spend Time Outdoors

The outdoor gear chain REI (Recreational Equipment, Inc.) thinks people should spend more time actually enjoying the outdoors, even if that means spending less time shopping. The chain has announced a somewhat unprecedented move: It’s closing all of its 140+ stores on Black Friday—traditionally one of the biggest retail shopping days of the year—asking customers and employees to do something outside instead. The idea is part of a campaign REI has launched to get people to use #OptOutside on social media the day after Thanksgiving, to show them doing actual outdoor activities on their day off, instead of just walking around through stores. They’ve even launched a website showcasing local hiking trails to check out on Black Friday.

18 RELEVANT Magazine

U.K. department store John Lewis has become known for their touching Christmas commercials, and this year the store went above and beyond, setting their ad in outer space. It's not the most logical commercial, and it might leave you with a lot of questions (How can that old man breathe on the moon without an oxygen tank? How is that little girl's telescope so powerful? What exactly are they trying to sell?), but it will also warm your heart. And after all, isn't that the real point of Christmas ads?

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Gun to Your Head, Will You Deny Christ?

Fourth, keep it clear in your mind that suffering and death for Christ are not surprising in this world. They are normal and expected. First Peter 4:12, “Beloved, do not be surprised at the fiery ordeal that is coming upon you to test you as though something strange were happening to you.” So develop the mindset that such tests are not extraordinary. They are biblically ordinary. Do not fear what you are about to suffer. Revelation 2:10, “Behold, the devil is about to throw some of you in prison, that you may be tested, and for ten days you will have tribulation. Be faithful unto death, and I will give you the crown of life.” So when it happens, it is not a punishment for us. It is a reward of faithfulness.

Listen to Ben Carson’s Blunt Handling of CNN Anchor When She Presents Her Own Interpretation of His Remarks

Dr. Ben Carson bluntly confronted CNN anchor Alisyn Camerota over media bias on Friday when she pressed him to clarify his comments suggesting the U.S. would be “Cuba” if Fox News didn’t exist.

22 How Suffering Saved My Faith

After leaving that church, I made my own way, and it might be said that I made my own faith, too. As a freshman in college, I actually wrote my own version of the Ten Commandments. Nineteen years old and faux-pensively modifying the Word of God. I guess I had to if I were to find a place for myself inside it. I had already left church for that very reason. I saw no place within its walls for someone like me. God, it seemed, was silent. Could we trust a God who wouldn’t heal, at least not in the way we expected Him to?

How to Pray for the Syrian Refugee Crisis

Pray for daily reminders that each individual is a person with hopes and dreams and a future. Pray for guidance to become the servant God has called each and everyone one of us to be. Pray for God’s love to flow through you and to those in need. Pray for the boldness to do what is right even when it’s not easy.



Pastors, Learn to Forgive People

It was the late 1980s. Our church was buzzing and growing. God was moving powerfully. We had just moved into a new Worship Center and all of a sudden, transition was inevitable. While our numbers gained greatly, we also saw a few individuals and families depart. As any pastor would be, I was troubled.

14 Billy Graham Quotes That Helped Shape American Christianity

This weekend, the evangelist will celebrate his 97th birthday. In honor of the event, here are a few of his most memorable quotes:

Cross Examined

The Cross Examined App features inspiring content from author and apologist Dr. Frank Turek, president of CrossExamined.Org . Featuring a "Quick Answers" section that helps you respond to popular objections to Christianity, the Cross Examined blog, speaker schedule, and radio recordings- this app can help you grow and defend the faith. Share your discoveries via Twitter, Facebook or email. WiFi internet is required for iPod touch. For more information about Cross Examined, please visit: The Cross Examined app was developed with the Subsplash App Platform.

Is My Suffering Meaningless?

A few weeks ago, I met with a friend who believes that while God draws near to us in our trials, people often suffer in ways that God never intended. God reacts to our suffering but never causes it.

Imagine Your Way to Joy

However, dismissing the imagination from the Christian life will neither save us from sin nor help us grow in righteousness. In fact, all hope of putting off the old man and putting on the new rests in a God-given, Christ-purchased, Spirit-empowered redemption of the imagination.

Frank Turek Is Challenged About The Integrity of the Council of Nicea & the Biblical Canon

Frank Turek Is Challenged About The Integrity of the Council of Nicea & the Biblical Canon

Despite Wrong Doomsday Stats, Pastors Holding Up Just Fine

I said it in that post, and I'll say it here again: the people perpetuating these bad stats aren't bad people—they're truly trying to help pastors and do what is right. Sometimes, we just need to be more careful about how we do research and how we present data. Facts are our friends, but if we treat them poorly, they can become our enemies quickly.

What to Do When You Feel Like You Aren’t Growing

Treat your inner change with priority and excitement, because even the decision to renew your mind is a beautiful and hopeful thing. But also understand that this is a process—it can take time for us to release ingrained thoughts and absorb new, truthful ones. Celebrate every step forward—when you get an insight, believe truth more deeply or act in a healthier way. Continue to seek God and remind yourself of what you’ve learned. And if you have the desire, seek out a counselor to walk alongside you.

Supreme Court accepts challenge to health law’s contraceptive mandate

The case pits questions of religious liberty against a woman’s right to equal health-care access, and it will be the fourth time the court has considered some aspect of what has come to be known as Obamacare.

Newsweek on Twitter

Germany and Austria publish a guidebook on local customs for countries' new arrivals

Why I'm Endorsing Ted Cruz for President

I have never officially endorsed a presidential candidate before, but I’m endorsing Ted Cruz for president for three simple reasons: 1) he is a man of unshakable, conservative moral convictions; 2) he is willing to take on the Washington establishment; 3) we need a radical shift in the direction of our country, and his team has asked me to help get out the evangelical vote.

Southern Seminary on Twitter

Learn more about biblical principles & wisdom for Christians in military service:

Why Aren’t There Miracles Anymore?

I’ve been doing a study on the miracles of Christ with a group from church, and it’s made me think a lot about how God works. It seems like in the Old Testament and during Jesus’ time on earth, there was a lot of very obvious, direct divine intervention. Why don’t we see those kinds of miracles happening today?

How I Work: An Interview with Steven Grant

There are many times with work where I've felt out of my depth and questioned my ability, especially within such a fast-paced industry like web development. My dad gave me some perspective: “do it for the Glory of God, honor him in your work, and that'll be enough.” Not everyone can be Zinedine Zidane (one of the best soccer players in the history of the sport); the world needs Bob Malcolm's too (an average soccer player who played locally).

Renewing Your Mind | Jesus Christ, His Only Son Our Lord | November 6, 2015

Although the Son of God possesses the highest dignity, worth, and glory because He shares fully in the one essence of God Almighty, He “did not count equality with God a thing to be grasped” (v. 6). That is to say, the Son, before His incarnation, did not see His status as an excuse to seek His own ends at the expense of serving others. On the contrary, His equality with God motivated Him to make Himself “nothing” and come to earth in the likeness of man to meet the needs of His people (vv. 7–8). This is a reference to His incarnation, the second person of the triune God taking to Himself a human nature in the person of Christ Jesus (John 1:14). Adding to Himself all that is essential to humanity, the Son of God walked the earth as the God-man Jesus Christ in order to meet our deepest need — nothing less than perfect atonement for our sin, that we might be reconciled to our most holy Creator (Rom. 3:21–26). In so doing, He provided the clearest revelation of who God is as One whose very disposition is to go to the ultimate lengths to benefit His people.

20 Ways to Change Your Life in Your Twenties

Emotions are tricky, and they can be trouble. Often, they spring up from our triggered trauma. For example, let’s say (hypothetically) your husband says something about your blog. He might mean it innocently, even positively. But (hypothetically) you hear it differently. You immediately feel threatened, defensive, hurt. All of your (hypothetical) insecurity swells to the surface in an instant. You can go with it. Milk it. Act on it. Hurt him back. Or you can do the better thing and take it back to truth.

Why is the political left so committed to attacking Ben Carson?

Now, Ben Carson is not my candidate, but that’s because he doesn’t have the accomplishments in the political arena that I look for. I preferred Walker, Jindal, Perry, Cruz, Rubio over Carson and Fiorina. The latter two are good, but they simply haven’t got the accomplishments to prove to me that they ought to win the primary. However, I certainly would never attack Fiorina or Carson the way the Democrats have. They simply cannot stand black conservatives. As soon as Democrats see a black conservative, they immediately heap all kinds of hatred on him or her, simply because of skin color. Democrats have a prejudice that black people should think a certain way, and when they don’t – look out, here comes hatred.

2015: The Year of Baptist Books

While early Baptists in both the Old and the New World called for literate pastors, historical events conspired to create a call for “spiritual” rather than “educated” pastors—as though the two are mutually exclusive. The prolific literary enterprise of early Baptists, then, gave way over time to generations focused more on the spoken than the written word. Though Baptist theologians never gave up completely on writing books, the pace slowed to such a point that many have stereotyped the movement as filled with “illiterati.” Today, however, the trickle of books has grown into a torrent, and many are freshly reminded that Baptists are indeed a people of books.

Reflections from 40 Years in Pastoral Ministry

Jeff Robinson (PhD, The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary) is a senior editor for The Gospel Coalition. He also pastors a church plant in Louisville, Kenturcky, and serves as senior research and teaching associate for the Andrew Fuller Center for Baptist Studies and adjunct professor of church history at Southern Seminary. Prior to entering ministry, he spent nearly 20 years as a newspaper journalist in Georgia, North Carolina, and Kentucky, covering various beats from politics to Major League Baseball and SEC football. He is co-author with Michael Haykin of the book To the Ends of the Earth: Calvin’s Mission Vision and Legacy . Jeff and his wife, Lisa, have four children. You can follow him on Twitter .

Love One Another Gladly

No one has ever felt unloved because he was told that the attainment of his joy would make another person happy. I have never been accused of selfishness when justifying a kindness on the basis that it delights me. On the contrary, loving acts are genuine to the degree that they are not done begrudgingly.

Why every seminary student should read J. C. Ryle

In the autumn of 1837, while a student at Oxford, Ryle attended a Sunday morning worship service at a nearby parish church. The second lesson of the morning was taken from Ephesians 2. When the lector reached verse 8, he slowed down and made some unusual and emphatic pauses. He read: “For by grace – are ye saved – through faith – and that, not of yourselves – it is the gift of God.” The Word went home to his heart. Later in life Ryle could remember neither the name of the church nor the name of the reader, nor anything about the sermon preached that morning, but he never forgot that morning’s reading of Ephesians 2:8. It converted him. It became the theme of his ministry. It was so central to his life and work that he had it inscribed on his gravestone. You can see it today in the churchyard of All Saints, Childwall, in Liverpool.

Pro-Life Groups Redeem Former Texas Planned Parenthood Abortion Clinic

To say that a former Planned Parenthood facility in Texas has been given new life would be an understatement.

Iraqi Law Forcing Children to Be Muslim Is Driving Christianity's Extinction, Says Bishop

"It is not just a political project. There are also traces of an Islam that wants to eliminate minorities — a faith that prevents you from coming back or change if you are Muslim. If you change your religion, it will be forever. Such a mentality has nothing that is human," al-Qas asserted. "Not only have they taken homes and property from Christians, but now they also want to take their willpower, hope, freedom of religion and freedom to choose for the future."

How Did Animals Spread All Over from Where the Ark Landed?

There is little secret, therefore, how nonflying animals may have travelled to the outer parts of the world after the Flood. Many of them could have floated on vast floating logs, left-overs from the massive pre-Flood forests that were ripped up during the Flood and likely remained afloat for many decades on the world’s oceans, transported by world currents. Others could later have been taken by people. Savolainen et al., have suggested, for example, that all Australian dingoes are descended from a single female domesticated dog from Southeast Asia. 2 A third explanation of possible later migration is that animals could have crossed land bridges. This is, after all, how it is supposed by evolutionists that many animals and people migrated from Asia to the Americas—over a land bridge at the Bering Straits. For such land bridges to have existed, we may need to assume that sea levels were lower in the post-Flood period—an assumption based on a biblical model of the Ice Age.

This Isn't A Culture War. It's A War On Culture

I find myself in the last group. If you want to join a same-sex transgendered polyamorous relationship, mazel tov. Sounds intriguing. We can argue about what that means to society, but no one is going to stop you. That, however, isn’t enough. In contemporary politics, the Left is intent on commandeering your culture, too. They may coerce you to perform services in ceremonies against your faith, pick up the tab on abortions, or bequeath people who identify as the opposite gender state-guaranteed privileges in your private establishment. Or they may just try and shame you.

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