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607. Is God's View Of Sex Victorian?

Bobby looks at whether or not God's view of sex is too old fashioned for today's culture.

George Jones - LIVE "He Stopped Loving Her Today"

Contact for license or original footage Rest in Peace, dear Possum. Rest in Peace. Ronnie Prophet toured with the legendary country...

Is There Evidence for God? William Lane Craig vs Lawrence Krauss

William Lane Craig debates Lawrence Krauss on the evidence for God. North Carolina State University, Raleigh, North Carolina -- March 30, 2011 We welcome you...


Does God Exist? How Did Everything Begin? Who Am I? Why Am I Here? What Happens After I Die? Cabbages and puppies don’t think about this stuff…but people do....

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The Briefing 11-06-14

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Faithful Thinkers: Book Review: The Case For Life

I have been quite excited to read Scott Klusendorf's The Case For Life: Equipping Christians to Engage the Culture ( paperback , Kindle , GoodReads , Video Trailer , Interview , Life Training Institute ). From my elementary school days, I have been exposed to pro-life Christians who have faced ridicule, fines, physical harm, and even jail time for their commitment to the unborn's right to life. It was not until my exposure to Christian apologetics that I became aware that the fight was more than each side just emoting at one another. In this book, Klusendorf provides the scientific case for the humanity of the unborn and the objective moral wrongness of killing them. He addresses many common and powerful challenges to the prolife position. The book is divided into four parts and is 243 pages in length. This review will provide a chapter-by-chapter summary then conclude with my comments. Part 1- Pro-Life Christians Clarify The Debate Chapter 1- What Is The Issue? Klusendorf begins by clarifying that there is one issue that is up for debate- the one issue that will make or break the case for the pro-life position.

Way Past Nickel-and-diming: How Prisons Are Unnecessarily Burdening Families

A mom finds out that her son hasn’t been brushing his teeth at camp because he can’t find the toothpaste he packed. The mom runs to the store, buys the toothpaste, and tosses it in the mail. Problem solved. The cost of making sure her son keeps his pearly-whites clean? About $8—around $3 for the toothpaste and maybe $5 for the postage.

4 Grace to You Radio

Below is a listing of the resources we've offered free of charge on our radio broadcast recently. For more information and to request your free item, click the button below.

5 EQUIP, Christian Articles, Bible Answer Man | CRI

Does the Bible make a distinction between Israel and the Church? At the heart of a currently popular end–times theology is the belief that God has two distinct people—one of whom must be raptured before God can continue his plan with the other. Rather than teaching that God has two categories of people, Scripture reveals […]

Roma Downey, Mark Burnett Reveal First Photos of NBC's Bible Based Series 'A.D.'

Joel and Victoria Osteen from Lakewood Church also chimed in, saying, "We're excited about 'A.D.' the new television series from our friends, Mark Burnett and Roma Downey that tells the story of the birth and growth of Christianity. These are the stories of those first believers who, in the face of persecution, persevered through faith, giving rise to the greatest movement of God the world has ever seen. We believe it's going to stir people's hearts as they discover that the Gospel is still as relevant today as it was two thousand years ago, and we encourage everyone to watch and experience this powerful message of faith, sacrifice and victory."

Rice: Dem racial attacks 'appalling'

“The idea that you would play such a card and try fearmongering among minorities just because you disagree with Republicans, that they are somehow all racists, I find it appalling. I find it insulting,” she said on Fox News.

Alex and Brett Harris Are Doing Hard Things

“I feel like Alex’s and my stories thus far are two different testimonies to the power of doing hard things and rebelling against low expectations as teens,” Brett said. “Alex is demonstrating the incredible momentum that you can have, and the level of competence and character that can be achieved, if you start pursuing them at a young age.”

WORDFM Listen Live

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10 The Poached Egg Apologetics Daily

The Poached Egg Apologetics Daily, by Greg West: updated automatically with a curated selection of articles, blog posts, videos and photos.

Grace to You

When you read in the Bible of people fearing God or that fearing God is linked to wisdom, that means a person can’t even begin to be wise until he is first converted. Fearing God is the initiation of a life of faith. As long as a person has only human wisdom, he can’t know God or true wisdom.


Rocker John Schlitt and rapper KB talk about coming to Christ out of very dark…

Baskin-Robbins Honors Vets With Camouflage Ice Cream

But the company is offering a bigger opportunity to veterans themselves with its "veteran's incentive program," which waives the $25,000 franchise fee for vets who want to open a store in the U.S. Baskin-Robbins will also offer a 0% royalty rate for the first two years of franchise ownership, and a reduced rate for years three through five.

14 2015 The Gospel Coalition National Conference April 13-15, Orlando FL

Our 2015 National Conference seeks to stir longing for our ultimate home in heaven as we explore the sweep of redemption from creation to consummation, Genesis to Revelation. Our plenary speakers will unfold the Bible's teaching on eschatology, a topic of burning importance today. Along with these nine plenary sessions we've planned more than 50 workshops and focus gatherings led by speakers addressing topics including evangelism, homosexuality, student ministry, sexual abuse, faith and work, and much more. Join us as we worship God together in word and song with joyful hope that Jesus is returning soon. 

Burning Questions

Episode 1: Is There a God? Perhaps the biggest burning question of them all is this one: Are we alone in a meaningless, purposeless universe or is there some kind of creator – some kind of higher power out there? That’s a hotly debated question. On the one hand, our culture has recently seen a resurgent atheism whose advocates tell us that anyone who even professes belief in a deity is simply insane and irrational. Yet for all of that, belief in God seems alive and well. Over 90% of people in the world say they do believe in a higher power. The question simply will not go away: Is there a God?

Friendliest Students - College Rankings

Friendliest Students ranks 589 colleges based on 84,000 opinions from 55,000 students. A high ranking indicates that students report that their peers on campus are very friendly.

Helping the Hurting

Don’t say unkind things . We often say things with good intentions that end up being unkind. Some of our statements are about as useful as the words to the 80s song “Don’t Worry, Be Happy.” Much of the book of Job documents the unhelpful things Job’s friends said to him after that initial week of silence. They were convinced he must have done something wrong that made God want to punish him. Each friend took turns, pushing and prodding Job to make him figure out what he had done wrong. Job’s friends were speaking out of their misguided theology that believed that if we do good things, we’ll be blessed, and if we do wrong things, we’ll be punished. While that is sometimes the case, it’s not a rule. In fact, Jesus’s death on the cross speaks loudly against such theology. Many Christians think that God only desires for us to be happy. They think he wants us to have the good life here on this earth. So when trials and suffering come, they struggle to fit it into their theology. Sometimes, even if a statement comes from Scripture, such as “God will use this for your good,” it’s not the time to say it.

Burning Questions

Episode 1: Is There a God? Perhaps the biggest burning question of them all is this one: Are we alone in a meaningless, purposeless universe or is there some kind of creator – some kind of higher power out there? That’s a hotly debated question. On the one hand, our culture has recently seen a resurgent atheism whose advocates tell us that anyone who even professes belief in a deity is simply insane and irrational. Yet for all of that, belief in God seems alive and well. Over 90% of people in the world say they do believe in a higher power. The question simply will not go away: Is there a God?

Christian bakery ordered to recant over Bert and Ernie gay marriage cake or face court - Telegraph

Equalities quango to launch legal action against Christian bakery unless it pays compensation for refusing to make cake with Sesame Street characters saying ‘support gay marriage’

WORLD | Transparent sinner | Marvin Olasky | Oct. 18, 2014

The prostitutes knew they needed help. Zacchaeus knew. And Matthew knew. But the Pharisees didn’t know, and the thing that guaranteed Christ was going to die on the cross was His love for sinners, because the Pharisees didn’t think they were part of that group. Yes, of course, we might sin somewhat if we take too many steps on a certain day, but we’re not really sinners. The thing that drove them to crucify Him, of course in God’s sovereignty, was that He didn’t pander to their religion. He told him their religion was the very thing that kept them from God. So we have to not only repent of our badness (I didn’t make this up) but also our goodness. There is nothing more difficult to accept than the truth that you bring nothing to the table except your sin, and He has to bring everything else. 

Boys, Porn and Education - Crisis Magazine

The headmaster of the all-boys boarding school I attended when I was a teenager was always wary of admitting students to the academy that had been exposed to pornography. Among his reasons for this was that boys who had carnal knowledge—even on the level that pornography affords—very often found it an impediment in the process of their education. Now I am the headmaster of that same boarding school, and I am increasingly convinced of the reasoning behind my old headmaster’s reticence over such applicants. Pornography is a destroyer of innocence, and the innocence proper to certain years of a boy’s life is an important factor in his education—especially if that education is informed by the classical pedagogies of wonder, imagination, and delight. Furthermore, I am increasingly convinced that I am facing a crisis that my headmaster did not face. While he had to consider the possibility that a boy may have viewed pornography, I have to consider the probability that every boy has viewed pornography. The only thing about our respective positions that are the same touching this matter is the grave obstacle of pornography in masculine education.

Not Sentiment, Prejudice, or Tradition: Exploring the Nature of Marriage

Lee and George also argue that it is important not to confuse the marital norm of conjugality with the good to which the conjugal act is ordered, procreation. As they note, several judges in some high-profile marriage cases, have interpreted the arguments for male-female marriage as requiring procreation. But clearly no opposite-sex couple has ever been forbidden by any state to marry if their union cannot produce children or they are unwilling to have children. So, the judges reason, how can one deny same-sex couples legal marriage if they are just as incapable of procreating as some opposite-sex couples? The answer, Lee and George maintain, is simple: conjugal union is not an instrumental good, but an intrinsic good whose perfection is the begetting and raising of children. If the perfection is never actualized, for reasons of age, choice, or sterility, the nature of the act is not changed, just as the nature of the comatose man is not changed simply because the perfection of his rational powers cannot be actualized.

23 Freedom in the Busy

We are busier than ever. In today's technology-saturated world, the rhythm of our lives is go-go-go. Electric lights and screens keep us awake well after the sun goes down. The chirping devices in our pockets ask for our attention 24/7. Our jobs are demanding, whether we’re climbing corporate ladders, taking care of toddlers, or serving coffee to the noon rush-hour crowd. The influx of information and pressures of modern life undercut the rest we need in our souls. When will the break come? How can we find freedom and clarity? And where is God in the busy? Or, maybe the harder question—where are we ?

24 The Daily

The Daily, by updated automatically with a curated selection of articles, blog posts, videos and photos.

The New Atheism and Five Arguments for God | Reasonable Faith

Dawkins does have a bit more to say about the kalam cosmological argument. He asserts, “it is more parsimonious to conjure up, say, a ‘big bang singularity,’ or some other physical concept as yet unknown. Calling it God is at best unhelpful and at worst perniciously misleading.” 14 I take it that the objection here is that something else of a purely physical nature can be regarded as the cause of the universe reached in the argument’s conclusion. But as we’ve seen, this objection won’t work. For the initial singularity is just the beginning point of the universe. So our very question is why the singularity came into being. It would be a fundamental misunderstanding to think of the singularity as some sort of super-dense pellet that has been lying dormant from eternity and that blew up a finite time ago. Rather, according the Big Bang theory, the singularity is the point at which physical space and time themselves, along with all matter and energy, began to exist. So there can be no physical cause of any sort of the Big Bang singularity. So what brought the universe into being? The principle of parsimony (or Ockham’s Razor) advises us not to multiply causes beyond necessity; but the principle of explanatory adequacy requires us to posit such causes as are necessary to explain the effect, otherwise we would never seek any causes for anything.

Finish That Book!

Deep into the novel Mr. Pickwick is incarcerated at Fleet Prison over a financial dispute. Suddenly Pickwick Papers isn’t quaint at all but social satire that skewers the absurd unfairness of debtor’s prison. Dickens cared deeply about that subject and would return to it many times over the course of his career. So when that turn happened in the novel, I felt as though I were watching Dickens become Dickens before my eyes. That sensation more than compensated for the previous few hours of tedium.

27 Biola Rugby Club

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Lindsey M. Burke - Common Core Loses at the Ballot Box

Douglas told the Arizona Republic she was optimistic about the results, and that “voters were voicing their opposition to Common Core standards, her key issue in the campaign.” And Arizona Governor-elect Doug Ducey has said the state can do better than federally funded standards, which should not be imposed from the top down.

29 Does homosexuality demonstrate that the Bible is antiquated and irrelevant? - Christian Research Institute

A popular sentiment today is that the Bible is increasingly irrelevant in a modern age of scientific enlightenment. Thus, when the Scripture’s condemnation of homosexuality is referenced, it is not uncommon to see expressions of polite exasperation etched on the faces of the masses. After all, the Bible not only condemns homosexuality but also clearly teaches that Sabbath breakers must be put to death (Exodus 35:2).

5 Ways to Set Your Heart on Heaven

Look to him. Behold his glory in heaven, that a sight of it may stir you up the more earnestly to desire to be there. Look to him in his example. Consider how, by patient continuance in well-doing, and by patient endurance of great suffering, he went before you to heaven. Look to him as your mediator, and trust in the atonement which he has made, entering into the holiest of all in the upper temple. Look to him as your intercessor, who forever pleads for you before the throne of God. Look to him as your strength, that by his Spirit he may enable you to press on, and overcome every difficulty of the way. Trust in his promises of heaven to those that love and follow him, which he has confirmed by entering into heaven as the head, and representative, and Savior of his people. And,

God’s Grace Through the Pain of Pregnancy

Basically, it’s morning sickness to the extreme. Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge, is likewise afflicted . She’s being checked by doctors after having been hospitalized for the condition while pregnant with Prince George. (This may be the only thing I have in common with royalty.) During my last pregnancy, I was monitored daily by a home health care agency and was given anti-nausea medication 24-7 through an IV drip in order to avoid a hospital stay. I was still extremely nauseated, though the medicine kept me from throwing up and losing as much weight as I did in my first pregnancy. There were unpleasant complications resulting from the continuous delivery of anti-nausea medicine, and I barely avoided a blood transfusion due to dangerously low levels of iron.

Toughest People to Love

Chuck DeGroat admits his new book will be a disappointment to you if you are looking for a complete manual on "fixing" the problem people in your life. Instead he has provided something much richer: a resource to help all of us deal with the division that brokenness has inflicted on our hearts, and to effectively lead others to do the same. In short, DeGroat invites us to take seriously the lifelong work of pursuing wholeness in Christ and to help the people God has placed in our lives—especially those most broken and challenging—to find in him the answers to their deepest problems. Wholehearted flourishing in Christ, DeGroat contends, is the vision on which we must set our sights—digging deep when it comes to being disciples and making disciples of others. Along the way, the associate professor of pastoral care and counseling at Western Theological Seminary in Holland, Michigan, boldly challenges many of our preconceived notions about just what that flourishing looks like.

Giving International Students an Opportunity for Education

There is a wide range of emotions that walk through my door every 30 minutes. As beautiful as it is to see God’s glory shine through different cultures, it’s also difficult to see systemic effects of sin in them. I see how sin separates us both from God and one another. I’ve never been more aware of prejudice and racism—whether it’s people on campus who treat international students differently or international students themselves who are prejudiced against other cultures. Our tendency is to reject “the other.” I’ve also seen the fallout of recent world events up close and personal. We have dozens of families from Iraq and Syria, for example, and I hear firsthand what is happening to their people. It makes the tragedy very real.

Jesus Changes Everything

Podcasts like “The Briefing” by Al Mohler and “Let My People Think” by Ravi Zacharias play important roles in the life of the believer— instructing us on how we should think about this world and current events with a distinctly Christian worldview. Jesus Changes Everything is a welcome addition to this genre. Dr. Sproul Jr. has a masterful way of helping people think through theological concepts and the implications of our actions and the actions of others on the commands we have been given on how we should live as children of the King in this fallen age. I highly recommend this podcast as a daily primer which is able to help us put on the lenses of a Christian, enabling us to walk and talk in accord with the commands of our Lord.

Is Religion Inherently Violent?

But, as Armstrong points out in the book, "there is no universal way to define 'religion,'" particularly when it comes to comparing mono- and polytheistic faiths. "In the West we see 'religion' as a coherent system of obligatory beliefs, institutions, and rituals ... whose practice is essentially private and hermetically sealed off from all 'secular' activities," she writes. "But words in other languages that we translate as 'religion' almost invariably refer to something larger, vaguer, and more encompassing." This is an important premise of one of Armstrong's main arguments: It's impossible make a coherent case about the role of religion in warfare and violence throughout history and across the world, simply because religion plays very different roles in different cultures.

The Pope's "Humanum" Conference: An Interview with Dr. Helen Alvaré - Brandon Vogt

BRANDON: The conference line-up features an all-star cast of theologians, preachers, and Church leaders—and not just from the Catholic Church. Many well-known Protestants like Bishop N.T. Wright (Anglican), Rick Warren (Baptist), Jacqueline C. Rivers (Pentecostal), and Russell Moore (Baptist) are scheduled to address the gathering. What is the significance of this being an ecumenical event? And what does it mean, in general, for the Church’s engagement with non-Catholics?


Semper reformanda has been hijacked. It is one of the more abused, misused, and misunderstood slogans of our day. Progressives have captured and mutilated the seventeenth-century motto and have demanded that our theology, our churches, and our confessions be always changing in order to conform to our ever-changing culture. However, semper reformanda doesn’t mean what they think it means.

Christian Couple Killed By Mob In Latest Pakistan 'Blasphemy' Case

Pakistani Christians in Islamabad protest the killing of a Christian couple who were burned alive for alleged blasphemy. Pakistan has had multiple cases of vigilante killings against people accused of blasphemy against Islam. Sohail Shahzad/EPA /Landov hide caption

TV Programs - Cross Examined - Christian Apologetic Ministry | Frank Turek | Christian Apologetics | Christian Apologetics Speakers is a non-profit ministry started in 2006 that conducts dynamic I Don't Have Enough Faith to Be An Atheist seminars on college campuses, churches, and high schools.

What It's Like to Be Third Culture, and Why It Matters to the Church

This is the reality for many immigrants and other third culture people, that we are told that America is a melting pot that freely accepts people, no matter what nation or culture they hail from. But the truth is that despite our best efforts, many immigrants cannot help but feel a profound sense of alienation and otherness in the United States. This holds true for immigrants’ children as well, even though this is the country of our birth. What makes this even more difficult is that this dynamic goes both ways: Not only is it hard for a Korean-American to be American—it is hard for a Korean-American to be Korean as well.

Low Oxygen Suffocates Darwinian Explanations for the Cambrian Explosion

It's not clear why they are stretching back the explosion to 800 million years ago, unless they are tossing in the first eukaryotes. The Ediacaran multicellular organisms exploded onto the scene 635 million years ago in the evolutionary time sequence; the onset of the Cambrian explosion itself (unrelated to the Ediacaran, most scholars believe) began about 540 million years ago. Gramling skirts over this gap: "It wasn't until about 800 million years ago that oxygen again began to rise, causing reactions that triggered global cooling and then -- about 542 million years ago -- a rapid diversification of animals called the Cambrian Explosion."

Hardship as preparation for ministry

After an expected graduation with a master of divinity in worship leadership in 2018, Hurley hopes to serve a church as a music minister and pastor. One of the reasons Hurley chose Southern was because of worship professor Joseph R. Crider. Hurley met with Crider and a music student, Devon Kauflin, during a visit to the seminary. Both of these interactions were further factors in their decision to attend Southern Seminary.

What I Wish Someone Would Have Said When I Was Drowning in Debt

20 years ago we purchased our first house,had our first baby and were living on one income for the first time. Needless to say, money was tight. I was in a women's bible study group at the time, another first. I found out that every time they got together they donated the spare change they had on them and it went to a local children's home. I was mortified! My spare change went into a precious change jar at home that allowed my husband and myself to have an occasional date night. However, the ladies so kindly and graciously and without many words made it clear that no one was ever expected to give. I felt loved. And by the next time we got together, I had adjusted my heart and my purse strings to freely donate my change. It was just change! But it was so much more. I am grateful to these Godly women who set a standard for me of loving me, like Jesus loves me, whether or not I dropped a dime in the offering plate. Thank you, Cherie, for your article.

Homeless Teenager Gradates High School as Class Valedictorian – Awarded America Strong Award

This teenager went through a very tough life of moving from place to place and never having his own home after his mother passed away. Living like that is hard enough, but having to do all your work and get good grades on top of that is even tougher. In 2014, he graduated as a Valedictorian of his senior class with a 4.65 GPA. Griffin is now headed to Florida State for college and says he NEVER wants to live like that ever again.

Christian Couple Beaten Then Burned to Death in Pakistan for Allegedly Desecrating a Quran Were Expecting 4th Child

"It appears that Shehzad and Shama had been severely beaten up at the kiln and locked up in a room. Some witnesses say that Shehzad had died in the beating. Shortly afterwards, when word of alleged desecration was spread to nearby villages and announcements made through mosque loudspeakers, a mob of hundreds headed toward the kiln," it continued.

Potential Presidential Candidate Ben Carson to be Featured in One Hour Documentary This Weekend

In a potential introduction to the 2016 presidential race, an hour-long documentary about retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson will air over the weekend in 22 states and the District of Columbia.

The Catalyst App

Catalyst unifies change makers — equipping you with impactful content and experiences that transform thinking, provoke action and cultivate community. We’re challenging leaders who love the Church to break the bounds of an ordinary existence and find the courage to embrace and radiate bold change.

Int'l Day of Bible to Launch Nov. 24; YouVersion, American Bible Society Among Supporters

Several large Bible ministry groups are calling for the first International Day of the Bible and are encouraging groups of any size to read or articulate Scripture in creative ways publicly or online without any commentary at noon local time on November 24.

'Star Wars: Episode VII' Has a Real Title: 'The Force Awakens'

O n the heels of its final day of shooting and a big wrap party, J.J. Abrams has announced that his 2015 entry into the Star Wars canon has a real title : The Force Awakens . OK. We have a Star Wars movie and we have the Force and it's awakening. That all sounds pretty good. But the real good news is that the movie wrapped more or less on time, despite Harrison Ford's bum ankle . The movie stars Adam Driver ( Girls ), Lupita Nyong'o ( 12 Years a Slave ), Gwendoline Christie ( Game of Thrones ), Oscar Isaac ( Drive ), John Boyega ( Attack the Block ), Daisy Ridley (nothing, yet), Andy Serkis (Gollum) and, of course, Harrison Ford, Mark Hamill, Carrie Fischer and all our old pals ...

German Church Transforms Into Synagogue; First Jewish House of Worship in Brandenburg Since 1938

The first recorded settlement of Jews in the Cottbus area was in 1448 with the first Jewish house of prayer being established almost four hundred years later in 1811, according to Harretz. At that time, there were just 17 Jews living in the city, and in 1902 a larger synagogue was established that was burned to the ground by Nazis on Nov. 9, 1938.

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59 Prominent Scientist Says ‘Religion Will Go Away in a Generation’ If Atheists Use This Tactic to Teach Children
60 US Airstrikes Reportedly Target New Islamic Rebel Group in Syria; US Official Denies Attack
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78 Alumni Academy Winter
79 Church Membership ‘Back Home’ Is Not Enough
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85 Mexico: Mayor and Wife Connected to Disappearance of 43 Students Have Been Arrested
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89 Leaders Collaborate to Help Underserved
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93 God Does Exist: Applied Apologetics: How to Teach Children to be Honest: New Research
94 Get a Copy of the Watchtower and the Word for Free! |