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God Is the Best Explanation for the Origin of the Universe

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Faithful Guide To Philosophy 8: Moral Argument - Peter S. Williams

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Life Re-Imagined

Soon after beginning her sentence, Beth found out she was pregnant with her third child. “By the grace of God,” she says, she was able to serve the rest of her sentence in the Baby and Mother Bonding Initiative (BAMBI) unit in Texas, where she could keep her newborn son with her to form a healthy parent-child bond. This rare state-run program allowed motherhood to be part of her transformation into the woman God had planned for her to become.

Photo of Cop Hugging Boy at Ferguson Protest Tells Poignant Story

Amid the nationwide protests over the failure of a grand jury to indict a white police officer for shooting an unarmed black teenager in Ferguson, Mo., freelance photographer Johnny Nguyen snapped the picture above during a demonsration in Portland, Ore., on Nov. 25.

3 Living Waters Publication - Evangelism Resources

Evangelism INSPIRING, EQUIPPING, FULFILLING. That is our three-fold vision and call to action. It is our vision to Inspire and Equip Christians in Fulfilling the Great Commission. Our mission is to accomplish this through training and evangelism outreaches like The Way of the Master television program, our Heart Changer documentaries, our daily The Comfort Zone show, Aguas Vivientes, the online School of Biblical Evangelism, Living Waters speakers, and all of our unique tracts, CDs, DVDs, and other evangelism resources. Likewise, our desire is that you would take what God gives you through this ministry and do the same within your church and community - Inspire, Equip, and Fulfill. The call for evangelism is clear. Have you answered that call? International Agencies  

Grace to You

You may say, “Those are good principles, but they don’t tell me where I ought to go to school or whom I should marry.” But if you’re saved, sanctified, submissive, suffering, and saying thanks, you can do whatever you want! That’s what the psalmist meant when he said, “Delight yourself in the Lord; and He will give you the desires of your heart” (Ps. 37:4). Does that mean He fulfills the desire? Yes, but before He fulfills it, He puts it in your heart. If you are living a godly life, He will give you the right desires and then fulfill them.

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The Gratitude Advantage: Four Ways Giving Thanks Improves Your Life

A wonderful and timely post to remind us we have what we need. I am so thankful for a supportive and loving family, caring friends, wonderful clients and work that allows me to help others. I’m not without moments of thinking about what is missing, but about a year ago I set a reminder on my phone with the simple question, “What are you thankful for?” Now, each day around 4 PM, I get that gentle jolt to flip the switch to gratitude. The statement, “by focusing on what we do not have, we are less likely to give thanks for what we do”sums it up quite nicely. Thank you!

C.S. Lewis' 3 Most Controversial Beliefs

[Aslan] answered, Child, all the service thou hast done to Tash, I account as service done to me. Then by reasons of my great desire for wisdom and understanding, I overcame my fear and questioned the Glorious One and said, Lord, is it then true ...that thou and Tash are one? The Lion growled so that the earth shook (but his wrath was not against me) and said, It is false. Not because he and I are one, but because we are opposites, I take to me the services which thou hast done to him. For I and he are of such different kinds that no service which is vile can be done to me, and none which is not vile can be done to him. Therefore if any man swear by Tash and keep his oath for the oath’s sake, it is by me that he has truly sworn, though he know it not, and it is I who reward him. And if any man does a cruelty in my name, then, though he says the name Aslan, it is Tash whom he serves and by Tash his deed is accepted.

8 The TC Apologetics Daily

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How to Shop Ethically This Christmas

Can’t find any information about your favorite store? Email them or ask to speak to a manager/owner. Ask them about their ethics policies. Ask them where they source their items. Ask them about their employee policies. Ask them if they recycle, are involved in community projects, or have programs that combat human rights violations. You might not get the answer you want, but you may learn something new that can inform your future shopping ventures.

What's the Big Deal With Race?

Interestingly, Aaron and Miriam’s accusations against Moses invoked the racial identity of his wife as evidence against his calling as a prophet of God. They cited her race as a way of delegitimizing Moses’ authority. But God’s response should tell us something. He summons the three siblings together at the Tent of Meeting and speaks to them, reaffirming his unique relationship with Moses and warning Miriam and Aaron. But not only that. We’re told that “the anger of the Lord was kindled against them” (Numbers 12:9). When God’s presence is removed from them, Miriam discovers she has been afflicted with leprosy and her skin is now “like snow.” We shouldn’t miss the irony here. Miriam, who had indicted her sister-in-law for her blackness is now judged. And her judgment takes expression in her whiteness. As John Piper has pointed out, it’s almost as if God says, “Oh, you think your skin color makes you superior? You think white is better? I’ll make you so white your skin will literally rot.”

Innovative Apologetics: Rebutting Bill Nye's Evolutionary Oath

Pastor, stop being afraid of fear

It is the compulsive force of the fear of the Lord, which is also explained as the love of Christ that dominates, compels, and controls Paul’s life and ministry. Fear has been transformed from negative dread of the future to a Christ-centered delight-filled anticipation of the future—no matter how present circumstances appear. Fear is always eschatological. It is either dread of the future (worldly fear) or delight in the future (the fear of the Lord). Jesus tells us that there is fear to be banished and the fear to be cultivated: “And do not fear those who kill the body but cannot kill the soul. Rather fear him who can destroy both soul and body in hell” ( Matt 10:28 ). Pastor, choose you this day whom you will fear ( Gal 1:10 ).

13 Vestigial Organs—Evidence for Evolution?

Vestigial organs have long been one of the classic arguments used as evidence for evolution. The argument goes like this: living organisms, including man, contain organs that were once functional in our evolutionary past, but that are now useless or have reduced function. This is considered by many to be compelling evidence for evolution. More importantly, vestigial organs are considered by some evolutionists to be evidence against creation because they reason a perfect Creator would not make useless organs.

What Black Friday Looked Like in 1996

While the look of the Macs may have changed over the years, the prices sure haven't. And the modern ones don't even come with a digital answering machine anymore!

Truthbomb Apologetics: Phil Fernandez on the Moral Law

"If the moral law is merely subjective, then no one can declare the actions of another to be wrong. If the moral law is produced by nations, then no nation can condemn the actions of another nation. The moral law could not even be the product of world consensus. The world consensus of the twentieth century could not condemn the slavery of the nineteenth, first, or any other century since world consensus favored the practice of slavery during those times. The moral judgments of men do not make sense unless the moral law stands above all individuals, all nations, and any supposed consensus of the world. The moral law is universal; it applies to all mankind. The moral law is also eternal; it does not change with time. Therefore, there must exist an eternal moral Lawgiver who stands above all men. Prescriptive laws only come from lawgivers." [1] Courage and Godspeed, Chad Footnote: 1. Dr. Phil Fernandez, The Moral Argument, May 97.

16 Acknowledge and Engage Doubts - Stand to Reason Blog

Believers should acknowledge and wrestle with doubts—not only their own but their friends’ and neighbors’. It is no longer sufficient to hold beliefs just because you inherited them. Only if you struggle long and hard with objections to your faith will you be able to provide grounds for your beliefs to skeptics, including yourself, that are plausible rather than ridiculous or offensive. And, just as important for our current situation, such a process will lead you, even after you come to a position of strong faith, to respect and understand those who doubt.

WORLD | Repetitive history | Roberta Green Ahmanson | Dec. 13, 2014

Muslims and Catholics are fighting over the last days of James Foley, beheaded by Islamic State on Aug. 19. Foley had said his Christian faith sustained him when he was a captive in Libya for 44 days in 2011. He told Marquette University’s magazine that “prayer was the glue that enabled my freedom, an inner freedom first and later the miracle of being released.” But a Belgian Muslim, Jejoen Bontinck, who spent time with Foley during his second captivity, says the journalist converted to Islam. 

18 Renewing Your Mind | Here I Stand | November 29, 2014

There was once a great man who managed to upset the religious leaders of his day.  They were screaming for his blood because he had both bypassed their own power structure, and had gained a large popular following. He had taught those under his influence that the traditions they had received were wrong, distortions of the Word, and called them to something far older, something far more biblical.  And the world was being turned upside down. Those in authority accused the man of heresy, demanding that he cease and desist.  And then, the most amazing thing happened. The history tells us that “…while He was being accused by the chief priests and elders, He answered nothing. Then Pilate said to Him, ‘Do you hear how many things they testify against You?’ But He answered Him not a word, so that the governor marveled greatly” (Matthew 27:12-14.)

19 “And God Said”

The Scripture has authority because God has all authority. And because God is the author of all Scripture ( 2 Timothy 3:16 ), Scripture is authoritative. God is the basis for the Bible’s authority. Since God has ensured the transmission of the message of His Son and since He reinforces this message by His own authority, mankind has only two choices: to obey Him or reject Him. The fact that God gave us the Scripture is the reason we know that it is accurate and that it is exactly what He wants us to have. And because God has spoken it, we can be confident in the Scripture’s authority. It is true and represents faithfully His offer and promise of forgiveness and eternal life to those who meet His criteria of belief in His Son.

New rules to stop religious artefact trafficking – Premier Premier

Italy has announced new guidelines aimed at cracking down the amount of Christian artwork that is being stolen and moved around the world.

'Up to 13,000' slaves in Britain – Premier Premier

Home Office Chief Scientific Adviser Professor Silverman said: "Modern slavery is very often deeply hidden and so it is a great challenge to assess its scale. The data collected is inevitably incomplete and, in addition, has to be very carefully handled because of its sensitivity.

Use Koran at Charles' coronation, says bishop – Premier Premier

A senior Church of England bishop has said a passage from the Islamic Holy Book should be read out at the coronation of Prince Charles.

Pope urges Muslims to condemn IS – Premier Premier

Pope Francis will hold talks with senior Muslims today where he's expected to reiterate calls for them to openly condemn the actions of Islamic State.

24 Renewing Your Mind | God's Will and Your Vocation | November 28, 2014

Today’s passage tells us we must live our lives by the Lord’s revealed will. Scripture is to guide us in our choice of spouse, vocation, place of residence, and so on. Of course, the Word of God does not tell me whether I should be a doctor or a lawyer, but it does tell me the Lord has given me certain gifts (1 Cor. 12; Eph. 4:1–16) and to seek out wise counselors (Prov. 11:14). Therefore, I should search out my gifts and ask godly friends where my talents lie to direct my choice of vocation. Similarly, the Bible does not tell me whether I should marry Sally or Sue, but Proverbs 31:10–31 describes the godly wife, and so I should look for someone that embodies such qualities. Single women should be this “Proverbs 31 woman” and look for a man worthy of such a noble wife. In any decision, we will not go far wrong if we endeavor to make it according to God’s revealed will.

25 People free to do whatever if they don’t hurt anybody?

The idea that people are free to do what they want as long as they don’t hurt anyone else has many philosophical problems. I will attempt to dissect it and point out its errors. But before we point out the errors of others, we need to be firm in our philosophical foundations. Remember, since God and His Word are the final and absolute authority, if we stand on them, we cannot lose.

Trailer for the new Star Wars movie

Hey, what about some speculations about what travel to other stars is really like, and how are our present star men taking it? Here is a little for your interest, perhaps, I saw my first ufo in the very early 50s (a star changing colors about where the evening star should be, then taking off, angling upward at a speed beyond anything I have ever seen and then it disappeared), and members of my family in the cotton fields saw three flying saucers about a 1000 feet up floating across the fields one bright sunny shiny day. One member of the family was a trained military observer, a intelligence officer on MacArthur’s staff (that does not mean he was hobnobbing with the generals) in WWII, and, of all the members of the family, he never said one word about what they saw that day. I checked with his oldest son more recently, and he repeated that his father never ever said anything about it. I know he did not say anything, for all the others were talking about it when I got back from a trip to the cotton gin (going with grandpa to take a load of cotton). Fast forward to the late 80s: By then I had figured out that not only had we been going into space, but that they must have tried to go to the stars in the early fifties.

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28 Can Resurrected Proteins Reveal Life’s Ancient Mysteries?

Because of thioredoxin’s consistent geometry, the researchers maintain the “resurrected” versions they attribute to the last common ancestors of various organisms faithfully reflect structures that evolved under harsh conditions four billion years ago and have been conserved all this time. Gaucher says, “A gene can become deactivated by as few as one or two mutations. If our ancestral sequences were incorrectly inferred by having a single mistake, that could have led to a dead gene. Instead, our approach created biochemically active proteins that fold up into three dimensional structures that look like modern protein structures, thus validating our approach.”

Belief in God | Reasonable Faith

As for the disparity of the conditions grounding properly basic beliefs, there’s no reason to think there has to be uniformity here. In any case you misconstrue the model when you say that “on the basis of a few emotions” Plantinga is asking us “to conclude” that such and such a being exists. You’re treating these experiences as something from which a belief is inferred, and that’s not the model. Rather these experiences serve as triggers for the operation of this innate, God-given faculty which forms belief in God (and even then not necessarily including all the superlative theological attributes you mention, of which very few people are even aware). As for the content of Christian beliefs, you’re overlooking the role of Scripture in Plantinga’s model: it is through Scripture that we learn of the great truths you mention, and then the Holy Spirit commends these truths to us. We don’t just come up with them out of the blue; we read of them in Scripture. So, right, I and Plantinga do not think or propose that “belief in the God mentioned above is solely grounded by a mere religious experience.

Josh McDowell on Twitter

Jon: "Today was a release for me. Thanks for showing me that I can forgive & life continues."

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“I made them.” Some thoughts on God’s word and children with disabilities | The Works of God

Do parents have a plan to raise self-sufficient, practical children?

[…] So you have a man like me, who has a BS, MS, a gapless resume and savings, being lectured by an unsuccessful woman on how to make our children successful by following her plan, which is the opposite of my plan. Why is this an attractive value proposition to a man? Kids cost over $150,000 each, and at least in my case, I expect that I would be the one paying for it because I seem to be the only one with savings as opposed to debts. But there is no humility from single Christian women, in my experience. They want me to earn the money, but they want to make the decisions. And they think that their way will work, even when it hasn’t worked in their own lives. […]

Answering Muslims: Pakistan Sentences Bollywood Actress Veena Malik to 26 Years in Prison for Blasphemy

Politicians and the media continue to defend Islam from criticism. Meanwhile, Pakistani courts are sentencing actors to prison for blasphemy. Any idea how Veena Malik will be treated in prison? Veena Malik Fox News—An actress was sentenced to 26 years in jail by a Pakistani anti-terrorism court for "malicious acts" of blasphemy, the U.K.s' Independent reports. Veena Malik, along with her husband Asad Bashir Khan Khattak and Mir Shakil-ur-Rahman, the owner of the network that aired the "blasphemous" television program, have been given 104 years combined in prison by the Pakistani court. The offending program aired several months ago and features a couple reenacting their wedding vows based on the marriage of the Prophet Mohammed's daughter. The judge asked for immediate arrest of Malik, her husband and Shakil-ur-Rahman who are reportedly living in the United Arab Emirates. "26 years! Come on. 26 years is a lifetime...But I have faith in higher courts in Pakistan," Malik said according to Gulf News. (Continue Reading.)

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When Methodist missionary J. Waskom Pickett published Christian Mass Movements in India in 1933, it would’ve been impossible to predict its impact on American evangelicalism. His observations about rates of conversion and church growth among Indian castes may have seemed innocuous at the time, but his interest in outcomes betrayed assumptions rooted in pragmatism.