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What the Craniopagus Twins Teach Us About the Mind and the Brain | Evolution News

Tatiana and Krista Hogan's shared and individual powers of mind are just what Thomistic dualism predicts.

The Persistent Religious Presence in Madame Secretary | Think Christian

On the sidelines of the CBS political drama is an influential voice for faith.

Tom Petty: Our Companion Into the Great Wide Open | Think Christian

Tom Petty was the voice of hope deferred, and longing fulfilled.

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Kindle Deals in Christian Apologetics: This Week's Top Ten Best-Sellers!

Your financial support is vital to this ministry, especially as we approach the end of the year. I hope you will please consider chipping in $5 right now via my donation page to help keep us going—or better yet, please consider becoming a monthly financial partner . Running TPE, along with my additional responsibilities as a member of the Ratio Christi National Staff , is a full time job and your support is vital to keep us going and growing; providing daily resources and articles to help equip you to commend and defend the faith in a world that is ever increasing in hostility toward Christianity. Blessings to all of you and yours as we approach the celebration of the birth of Jesus this Christmas Season! —Greg West (founder/editor of The Poached Egg)

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“History for Atheists”!

In another recent posting, O’Neill tackles the oft-echoed claim that Christianity destroyed ancient classical learning wholesale, as wildly claimed in the recent book by a Catherine Nexey,  The Darkening Age (the strapline:  “A gripping account of how the early Christians annihilated the art and teachings of the Classical world from a brilliant young historian”).  With impressive patience and industriousness, O’Neill produced a detailed examination of the evidence of the library of Photios of Constantinople (ca. 810-893 CE) here .  The results:  Photios’ library include many, many non-Christian, Classical texts as well as Christian ones.  And noting those that survived and those lost, O’Neill shows that the rough percentage of loss was the same for Christian as for non-Christian (Classical) texts.  That is, learned Christians such as Photios continued to read and hold Classical texts; and the chances of Classical texts surviving seems to have been on average about the same as the chances of Christian texts surviving the varied effects of history.

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Top 17 Books of 2017: The Best New Christian Nonfiction

The Protestant Reformation reclaimed a lot of things — including the beauty and value of marriage. The Luthers enjoyed a sweet marriage in many ways, but it was not without challenges. Katharina, the runaway nun, carried incredible domestic responsibilities, but was not meek, and often displayed a very strong will. Martin, the renegade monk, respected women, but made disparaging comments about them too, at times, even once making it clear that his ideal wife would be chiseled from stone as a quiet and obedient woman (cringe). Needless to say, marriage did not come naturally to either of them, but in the end, “Luther found the best possible partner in Katharina, a woman who deeply loved and respected him, yet also managed his volatile moods and his difficult personality and offered him intellectual stimulation and companionship. Luther undoubtedly understood how challenging and difficult he was. Feisty and strong, courageous and smart, industrious and utterly devoted, Katharina was, in fact, the perfect match for Martin Luther, and he knew it” (212). They do complement one another in a beautiful way.

Is Christianity Reasonable? A Review of Forensic Faith by J. Warner Wallace

As with his other books, J. Warner skillfully makes use of both detective stories and visual illustrations. In fact, it’s clear that he has put as much effort in the content of the book as with its visual appeal. And this is no accident, especially since he’s trying to model for Christians how to make an effective case both reasonably and aesthetically.

The Case for Thoughtfully Buying Expensive Things

This doesn’t mean we should simply adorn ourselves in the latest luxury clothing items and spend money we don’t have on expensive things. If we are buying things so that we maintain a certain image or show off how much money we have to spend, it may be time examine our motives. However, we should also be just as concerned about being conscious consumer as we are about conspicuous consumption.

David Limbaugh: Apologetics was a necessary step

We all know [that] embracing Christianity’s truth claims intellectually isn’t all there is to it, but in my case it was a necessary step before I could trust Christ for the remission of my sins and for eternal life. So “belief” in Christ requires more than intellectual assent – but apologetics played a pivotal role in my eventual intellectual assent.

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Historic Heresies Related to the Nature of Jesus | Cold Case Christianity

Arianism (4th Century) This heresy taught Jesus was a “creature” who was “begotten” of the Father. Only God the Father is “un-begotten”. In this view, only the Father is truly God; He was too pure and perfect to appear here on earth, so He created the Son as His first creation. The Son then created the universe. God then adopted Jesus as a son (because, after all Jesus and God are not supposed to have the same nature in this view). Jesus was worshipped only because of His preeminence as the first creation.

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Did the Apostle Paul “Invent” Christianity?

In summary, Paul did not invent Christianity, but he certainly influenced it perhaps like no other early follower of Christ. Paul’s relationship between early Christianity perhaps might be analogous to Thomas Jefferson and the founding of America. Jefferson was certainly a very well-read intellectual who, in essence wrote down and articulated what America was all about in the Declaration of Independence. But no historian would say that “America” was Jefferson’s invention. In the same way, Paul was the early church’s intellectual. Paul was the early church’s Jefferson. Paul’s epistles (Scripture) would be like what the Federalists Papers were to the U.S. Constitution. They provide clarification and elaboration on what the Gospel of Christ is and how Christians should live and conduct themselves because of it. When understood in its proper context, Paul’s theology is in perfect accord with the Law of Moses and the Old Testament, and not an obliteration of it.


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Without revealing your actual age, what's something you remember that if you told a younger person they wouldn't understand?

What to Do When You Stop Liking Your Church

If loud music could bring someone in who didn’t know Jesus, and as a result they responded to the Gospel and fell in love with Jesus, wouldn’t it be worth it? The truth is: Worship style doesn’t matter. The Bible does not indicate how worship should be done. Nor does it prohibit certain styles of worship. It’s a preference issue. We can cross our arms and protest the “shallow entertainment focus of the church” or we can realize that God doesn’t care if there we are shredding on the guitar or singing acappella. His joy is in the worship. Not in the style we package it in. Certainly there are churches that care more about entertainment than they do about worship. We are often too quick to cast that judgment on them. Just because something is entertaining, doesn’t mean entertainment is the primary focus or goal.

We’re Called to Make Disciples, Not Converts

Converts are new believers. We all start as converts. Too often we stop there. We make Christianity all about what we believe. Converts aren’t bad or wrong. They are like babies. There’s nothing wrong with being a baby. The problem comes when that doesn’t change. When a baby acts like a baby, it’s cute. When a 35-year-old does, it’s sad. As Paul writes in 1 Corinthians 13:11, “When I was a child, I talked like a child, I thought like a child, I reasoned like a child. When I became a man, I put the ways of childhood behind me.”

11 Stats That Will Change the Way You Think About Consumerism

How is the person writing this not including himself in the problem? Does he have the right amount of awareness and disgust to count himself out? The author says “look at all these consumers, so terrible.” but just living in the US means that he is a contributor to the “problem”. What exactly is the point of this article? This is slacktivism folks. Chances are high that this was written on an Apple computer in America. What exactly is the proposed solution to this problem, and don’t say awareness, that doesn’t really solve anything by itself.

592. Why Are You A Christian?

J. Warner Wallace gives the key reason as to why he is a Christian.

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Free Webinar Tomorrow — Stephen Meyer on "Seeing the Signature in the Cell" | Evolution News

It’s the next best thing to being there: Join Stephen Meyer for a live, free webinar, tomorrow from 10 AM to 12 PM, Pacific time, sponsored by the Forum of Christian Leaders (FOCL). It’s “ The Case for Intelligent Design — Seeing the Signature in the Cell .”

What If God Takes It All Away? Trusting Him Through Financial Struggles

In a two-year period, we went from debating how to redesign and remodel our kitchen to wrestling with how we would feed our family of six on food stamps. Both seasons have presented different challenges. In comfort, it was a constant temptation to put our confidence and joy in the false security that wealth gave us. While we desired to honor Christ with all that we had, if I’m honest, it was far too easy to be distracted by the excess.


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Giving Tuesday Is This Coming Week — Please Get Ready to Give | Evolution News

This Tuesday, November 28, is Giving Tuesday — a day designated to contrast with the commercialism of the holiday season. It’s a day to think about things that really matter, like countering the message of despair that twines around advocacy of the theory of Darwinian evolution.

'The Man Who Invented Christmas' Is Not Your Average Christmas Movie

In Hollywood, Christmas flicks are basically ATMs. Put in your card of B-list stars, punch in the PIN of a thrown-together script, and often as not, a decent amount of cash is spit back out. By New Year’s Eve, even the people who saw the project in theaters likely forgot the major turns of the very thinly constructed plot, but are still glad to have spent two hours awash in nostalgia about lost love rekindled, returning home just in time and whatever other tired tropes were thrown in.

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BP Podcast: Keith Getty – Getty Sing!

On this episode of the BreakPoint Podcast, Warren Cole Smith interviews composer and hymn writer Keith Getty about Keith’s passion—and what he calls a biblical command—for congregational singing.

Did Public Controversy over the Nashville Statement Hurt the Cause?

We now get over 1,200 emails a month from listeners. Thank you — please keep them coming in. And of course we got a few emails relating to the Nashville Statement , which was a public document you signed, Pastor John, on human sexuality. But we actually only got ten emails about the statement in total, and most of those emails were sympathetic. By far, the most articulate pushback came from a listener named Amy in this email. “Hello, Pastor John, thank you for this podcast! I’m sure you’re aware of the criticisms surrounding the Nashville Statement, released back in August from outside the church but also from within the evangelical world, too. It created quite a stir. I know of faithful, orthodox, reformed church planters and pastors working in larger metropolitan contexts who find this statement unhelpful, even as the document contains affirmations and denials that are completely true, biblical, and agreeable to them. It seems to be a matter of two related questions: (1) Is hot-topic orthodoxy, announced and affirmed in the wide-open public realm, appropriate in a ‘casting pearls before swine’ kind of way? and (2) Is it helpful or harmful for outreach to draw public lines in the sand over ideology, which, at worst, is seen as politically motivated by the world, or is at least something that adds a new wall of separation between the Christians in a local church from the liberal, unbelieving neighbors they are trying to reach within a neighborhood, first through relationship building? I hope this makes sense.

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Is Biblical faith 'blind faith'?

The choice to put the question to both Christians and Non-Christians was strategic—if Christians disagreed with Boghossian, then it would be sufficient to establish that Boghossian was wrong about what Christians mean. But if Non-Christians agreed with Boghossian, it would do more: it would also imply that non-believers at large were perpetuating a myth about what Christians mean. And sure enough, this is exactly what was established…

British missionary slain after singing hymn - Premier

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Extraordinary Claims and Extraordinary Evidence

At first this statement may sound reasonable. For instance, I am more likely to believe you if you tell me you had breakfast this morning than I would believe you if you told me that you levitated off the ground this morning without anything holding you up. But does the fact that I believe you if you say you did something ordinary and I don't believe you if you say you did something extraordinary support the statement that "Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence?" Actually, it doesn't. Although I may believe that you ate breakfast this morning, I must obtain supporting evidence if I want to actually determine whether or not that fact is true. If you have cleaned up your kitchen, such evidence may be hard to find. I might have to pump out the contents of your stomach, for instance to see what you ate and when you ate it. It is one thing to say that I believe you ate breakfast because it is an "ordinary" event, but it is quite another to actually find enough evidence to validate your claim. My point is that actual validation of any event requires sufficient evidence.

Interview With A Former Skeptic: 3 Important Lessons

A few years ago my family befriended another young family in our neighborhood. Our kids were the same ages, and we all had a lot in common, so it was a natural and enjoyable friendship. There was one big difference though—we were Christians and they were skeptics. While I had many friendly apologetics conversations with Gavin, the father, he seemed to always have some good reason for doubt. When they finally moved away from our neighborhood in southern California, I remember thinking that he would never come to belief.


Why can I thank God in every circumstance? First, because I know God is in control. I know God can bring good out of evil. I know God can turn even my mistakes into something that works out well — good can come from it. I know that I’m not going to have to live on Earth forever. I know that I’m going to go to Heaven one day. I know I can’t lose my salvation. I know that no matter what happens, God isn’t going to stop loving me. I could think of a hundred reasons to be thankful in any circumstance, even circumstances that stink.

Were the New Testament Authors Biased?

The sceptic claims a lack of objectivity in the New Testament record. Because the authors were Christians, the sceptic assumes they were therefore not objective in their assessment of the events. Because they weren’t objective, they must therefore make claims that are biased, suffering from “unreasoned judgement.” (1)  Let’s look at the 3 primary motives for personal bias to see whether any evidence for this exists for the apostolic authors. Is there evidence the New Testament authors were intentionally misleading their readers?

This Is the Will of God for You: That You Abstain from Sexual Immorality

Finally then, brethren, we request and exhort you in the Lord Jesus, that as you received from us instruction as to how you ought to walk and please God (just as you actually do walk), that you excel still more. For you know what commandments we gave you by the authority of the Lord Jesus. For this is the will of God, your sanctification; that is, that you abstain from sexual immorality; that each of you know how to possess his own vessel in sanctification and honor, not in lustful passion, like the Gentiles who do not know God; and that no man transgress and defraud his brother in the matter because the Lord is the avenger in all these things, just as we also told you before and solemnly warned you. For God has not called us for the purpose of impurity, but in sanctification. So, he who rejects this is not rejecting man but the God who gives his Holy Spirit to you.

Pursuing God intellectually: Being honest about our questions

Jesus identified the greatest commandment as loving God with our all of who we are, and Jesus specifically included loving God with our minds. But what does this mean? I suggested that we understand this as pursuing God intellectually in a way that is consonant with other relational pursuits. When we love someone, we want to know things. We are intellectually curious about what makes them tick.


The ESV Illuminated Bible, Art Journaling Edition places the full ESV text alongside over 500 elegantly hand-lettered gold ink illustrations by renowned artist Dana Tanamachi . Printed on thick, cream-colored paper, the Bible’s single-column text setting and wide margins provide generous space for additional notes, prayers, and designs—inviting readers to creatively engage with and reflect on the beauty of God’s Word.

Hidden Benefits of a Church-Based Apologetics Ministry

"Apologetics? What are you apologizing for?", "Is that a class that husbands are supposed to take?", "What is that?" These are questions I hear frequently whenever I mention the study of apologetics. It probably comes as no surprise the word "apologetics" is foreign to most people, not only the general public but also those who are a part of the Christian church. Even evangelicals, who define themselves by their passion to follow Jesus' command to "Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations"(Matt. 28:17) usually look quizzically at me whenever I begin discussing the need for apologetics, even though apologetics is an essential part of making disciples. Why would this be?

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As a mother of a child with Down syndrome, I was moved to tears during much of @WonderTheMovie , but most intensely in the story of Auggie’s mom …

Worldview and Apologetics in the News

New York Times Permits Intelligent Design Proponents to Speak for Themselves; Yes, Really!

Why Giving Tuesday Donations Could Drop Dramatically Next Year

The end of the year has traditionally been a popular time for charitable giving, both due to holiday campaigns and the desire to qualify for tax deductions within the calendar year. This year marks the fifth Giving Tuesday, an annual observance designed to kick off the year-end giving season. Last year, over $177 million was donated to charities online as a part of Giving Tuesday campaigns.

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William Lane Craig on What Makes for a Good Argument

"...let’s get clear what makes for a “good” argument. An argument is a series of statements (called premises) leading to a conclusion. A sound argument must meet two conditions: (1) it is logically valid (i.e., its conclusion follows from the premises by the rules of logic), and (2) its premises are true. If an argument is sound, then the truth of the conclusion follows necessarily from the premises. But to be a good argument, it’s not enough that an argument be sound. We also need to have some reason to think that the premises are true. A logically valid argument that has, wholly unbeknownst to us, true premises isn’t a good argument for the conclusion. The premises have to have some degree of justification or warrant for us in order for a sound argument to be a good one. But how much warrant? The premises surely don’t need to be known to be true with certainty (we know almost nothing to be true with certainty!). Perhaps we should say that for an argument to be a good one the premises need to be probably true in light of the evidence. I think that’s fair, though sometimes probabilities are difficult to quantify.

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