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Is the Notion of an Unembodied Mind Defensible?

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"Health for the Holidays" - Does Turkey Make You Sleepy?

Nutritional Biologist, Behzad Varamini, from Biola University puts the question to rest: Does turkey make you sleepy?

Squanto & the Miracle of Thanksgiving (Full Story)

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Intelligent Design Under Fire, Critics Respond

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Richard Swinburne - The Probability of the Resurrection of Jesus

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Today’s Thanksgiving feast has its origins in an English Reformation tradition carried on by the pilgrims who arrived at Plymouth in1620. In an affront to the Catholic liturgical calendar, Puritans celebrated days of fasting and days of feasting—notably the day of feasting at the end of the fall harvest—in gratitude for God’s provision. In an age where consumption of food is often far removed from fields where it is produced, a growing number of evangelicals have reinterpreted the holiday as a time not only to thank God for abundance, but to examine where abundance comes from and the ethics of food, hunger, and environment.

Faithful Thinkers: Thanksgiving, Evolution, and Design

Thanksgiving In America Thanksgiving is a holiday that I see has lost a lot of its meaning in American society. I remember being taught that Thanksgiving was a time to stop and thank God for everything that he has bestowed upon us (be it material goods, health, understanding or anything- even suffering ). It seems quite difficult to do such a thing when America has abandoned belief in a personal God who affects our lives or has abandoned belief in God completely. I would hope that I would be able to see people at least showing gratitude to each other for something, but I don't even see that anymore. Instead, I see people calling it "Turkey Day", almost in an effort to remove the idea of being thankful to anyone for anything- which is a direct logical conclusion of America's narcissistic materialism ("its all about me"). I think that Americans have been trained to be unsatisfied with what they have and to always want more. This desire for more is so strong that it minimizes the recognition that the person has many reasons to be thankful to God and other people.

3 How Can Christ Be the Only Way to God? | Reasonable Faith

Now it would, indeed, be fantastically improbable that by happenstance alone it just turns out that all those who never hear the Gospel and are lost are persons who would not have believed the Gospel even if they had heard it. But that is not the hypothesis. The hypothesis is that a provident God has so arranged the world. Given a God endowed with knowledge of how every person would freely respond to His grace in whatever circumstances God might place him, it is not at all implausible that God has ordered the world in the way described. Such a world would not look outwardly any different from a world in which the circumstances of a person's birth are a matter of happenstance. The particularist can agree that people generally adopt the religion of their culture and that if many of those born into non-Christian cultures had been born in a Christian society instead, they would have become nominally or culturally Christian. But that is not to say that they would have been saved. It’s a simple empirical fact that there are no distinguishing psychological or sociological traits between persons who become Christians and persons who do not.

The Danger of Worship without Thinking

Whether or not he is poor man, choosing to sit in judgement on scripture, to sit in judgement on God does not sound to me as impertinent as presuming to sit in judgement for God. The first can be described as simply a masterless Samurai deciding which new Daimyo to take. The second is actually putting oneself in the Daimyo's Judgement seat. Why cannot God decide for Himself who is offending Him? In point of fact all of us here are to some degree guilty of speculating on someone else's thoughts as if we were telepathic. That said, the Bible is from a foreign tradition. That it still speaks to us in translation, tells not only of the fact that is good writing but of the usefulness of parallelism as a poetic machine which gets the Psalms through. It's wording comes off well in singing and oratory especially for those who know how to use it well like Lincoln and Churchill. Some of it's metaphors adapt strangely to the heritage of converted Mediteranean city-states and Northern tribesmen who built Western Civilization. Angels in prophetic literature come off as Eldritch Abominations compared to the more humanoid ideas of what a converted Greek or Viking would think of as a benevolent super-being(if prophecy scripture comes off as weird think what Near Eastern Pagans were like, compared to Greeks and Vikings which we at least remember).

Christianity is a Thinking-Man's Faith | Come Reason's Apologetics Notes

There are many ways that Christianity distinguishes itself from all other religious systems. Chief among these is the central doctrine that God became man to pay the penalty we could never pay and thus reconcile sinful man back to God. But there are many other points where Christian teachings are unique. One of these is just how much Christianity centers on thoughtful examination of belief. When we look through the teachings of scripture, it turns out that Christianity is very much a thinking-man's faith. In fact, in order to be a mature Christian, you are commanded to not just seek God emotionally, but intellectually as well. When asked by an expert in the Jewish law as to what commandment ranks above all others, Jesus quoted from Deuteronomy 6, which is the passage that Jews use to distinguish themselves from their pagan neighbors. Yet, Jesus added something to it. While verse five in the original reads "You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your might," Jesus added the phrase "and with all your mind" in Matthew 22:37.

Christian Dropouts

The future of the church is necessarily dependent on the existence of tomorrow’s Christians. While the statistics may somewhat vary from source to source, anywhere from 59% – 70% of the youth who regularly attended church dropout after they graduate and it is estimated that the return rate on these dropouts could possibly be as high as two thirds (best case scenario) at some later time in their lives. The reality of the matter is that the percentage of dropouts returning to the church is not complete; meaning, some dropouts are leaving for good. The logical conclusion for this decline can only mean a long-term secularization of the United States. While it may not fully affect present-day Christians, Christians of future generations will live in a world where this will become a major problem in how they view the world and how the world views them.

7 The Poached Egg Apologetics Daily

The Poached Egg Apologetics Daily, by Greg West: updated automatically with a curated selection of articles, blog posts, videos and photos.

Grace to You

Because the days were evil, the apostle Paul wanted the church at Ephesus to make the most of their time and walk wisely (Eph. 5:15-16). A little more than thirty years after Paul wrote his letter to the Ephesian church, the apostle John wrote more to them, saying, “You have left your first love. . . . Repent and do the deeds you did at first; or else I [Christ] am coming to you, and will remove your lampstand out of its place—unless you repent” (Rev. 2:4-5). But the Ephesians did not repent, and the lampstand was removed. Their time was shorter than they believed, because the evil was so great. Their church fell prey to the time in which they lived and, not sensing the urgency to return to its first love, eventually went out of existence.

Asking 'Why Me, God?' But in a Different Way

And so as my wife began her treatments, I began to ask this same question but in a different way, asking what I had done to deserve the blessings of my life. I looked at my wife and daughters and had no idea why God had saw fit to give me with such a wonderful family. I witnessed the love and care of my brothers and sisters in Christ who stood by our side and I marveled, knowing that I had done nothing to deserve such constant friends. These and many other blessings surrounded me on a daily basis. I had done nothing to deserve these gifts, and yet here they were, richly piled at my feet. I had been so focused on what I lacked that I had been all but blind to all that I possessed.

Since Michael Brown Died, 981 Black Babies Have Died in Abortion in Missouri, But There are No Riots

Today, a pro-life advocate from Missouri put Planned Parenthood’s targeting of black babies in abortion into perspective. She says that while there are riots over the controversial death of a black teen in Missouri, there are no riots over the death of 981 black babies who have died in Missouri since Michael Brown died. She wonders why no one is speaking up for those black victims of violence via abortion.

Grace to You

That was a graphic demonstration of a lesson every believer must learn: God's provisions are always best. They may sometimes seem foolish to the human intellect—just as "the word of the cross is to those who are perishing foolishness" (1 Cor. 1:18)—but the man or woman of faith trusts God and receives His provisions gratefully.


Crossway invites you to sign up and receive a daily email devotional to help you prepare your heart for Thanksgiving. Adapted from his latest book New Morning Mercies: A Daily Gospel Devotional, these short devotions from Paul David Tripp only take 5 minutes to read, but will spur you to reflect on God’s Word all day long.

13 The Daily

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Clayton on Twitter

“ @ClaytonPruett : I fixed the New Yorker's separated Arch problem #gospel #hope ”perfect.

A Very RELEVANT Christmas, Vol. 4

A Young Chris Pratt Actually Predicted that He Would One Day Star in ‘Jurassic World’

Feds order Bible college to deport 120 Christian students

On Sunday – Pastor Guiler delivered the bad news to his congregation – the federal government had denied their recertification for a program that allows foreign students to attend American schools.

How to use thankfulness to fight sin

Thankfulness is a theme in the book of Colossians. Each of the book’s four chapters makes at least one reference to it (1:3-5; 2:6-7; 3:15-17; 4:2). Now, in Colossians three, Paul gives us three verses filled with three different references to thanksgiving. As the peace of Christ rules in our hearts we are to be thankful. As the Word of Christ dwells in us and informs our teaching and our singing we are to be thankful. Then Paul gives the blanket statement — whatever we do, we must do it all in a spirit of giving thanks to God the Father. Thankfulness is a big deal for Paul.

Jesus Changes Everything

Podcasts like “The Briefing” by Al Mohler and “Let My People Think” by Ravi Zacharias play important roles in the life of the believer— instructing us on how we should think about this world and current events with a distinctly Christian worldview. Jesus Changes Everything is a welcome addition to this genre. Dr. Sproul Jr. has a masterful way of helping people think through theological concepts and the implications of our actions and the actions of others on the commands we have been given on how we should live as children of the King in this fallen age. I highly recommend this podcast as a daily primer which is able to help us put on the lenses of a Christian, enabling us to walk and talk in accord with the commands of our Lord.

God's Not Dead: God's Not Dead! Nietzsche, Moral Absolutes, and Evolution

Some cultists advance the idea that life is about knocking on enough doors to sell magazines or to participate in enough temple and occult rituals to please God. Selected Hindus suggest one must stay pure to escape the Karmic cycle. The Prussian born Friedrich Nietzsche advanced the idea that life was about attaining power. Nietzsche wrote of the will of power, the Superman, and magnificent destinies. Yet, Nietzsche was a physically and emotionally weak man: headaches, unattractive, bad eyesight—a tragic figure. He ironically asserted, “A casual stroll through the lunatic asylum shows that faith does not prove anything.”[5] A few years later, he fell into insanity and repeatedly declared that he was Jesus Christ.[6]

21 How could Pharoah be morally responsible if God hardened his heart? - Christian Research Institute

The apostle Paul explicitly states that God hardened Pharaoh’s heart (Romans 9:17–18). That, of course, begs the question: If God determined to harden Pharaoh’s heart, then how is God just in holding Pharaoh morally responsible for his sins?

Map: what we're thankful for, according to our Facebook posts

We don't just tell our family what we're thankful for at the Thanksgiving table anymore. We post our thanks on Facebook, too — and that gives the data analysts at Facebook a trove of data to analyze about what, exactly, we're grateful for.

Planned Parenthood and Margaret Sanger: Agents of Death

So powerful has our delusion about the reality of abortion become – and so powerful the pro-abortion lobby behind Planned Parenthood – that our elected representatives allocate hundreds of millions of dollars each year to Planned Parenthood. This funding has withstood year after year of budget debates and political controversy. Make no mistake about it, however, that money is blood money. Planned Parenthood preys on the fear and ignorance of women faced with unplanned pregnancies as a means of advancing their twisted worldview. Instead of celebrating life as a blessing, even when unplanned, Planned Parenthood’s operatives peddle the myth that pregnancy and parenthood is some kind misogynistic social construct used to keep women dependent and servile. They tell women that the right to choose abortion is a right intricately tied to their female identity, rather than a betrayal of a sacred duty bestowed by the author of the universe. They tell women that choosing abortion is an empowering decision, not one that can impact future fertility and inflict emotional and psychological scars that last a lifetime.

Hundreds of Thousands Without Power Due to East Coast Storm

New Hampshire residents experienced the heaviest level of outages, with more than 180,000 electric customers there reported without power this morning. More than 78,000 customers in Maine lost power, along with 55,000 customers in New York.

TV Programs - Cross Examined - Christian Apologetic Ministry | Frank Turek | Christian Apologetics | Christian Apologetics Speakers is a non-profit ministry started in 2006 that conducts dynamic I Don't Have Enough Faith to Be An Atheist seminars on college campuses, churches, and high schools.

26 The TC Apologetics Daily

The TC Apologetics Daily, by TC Apologetics: The latest news and thoughts for the apologetic-minded Christian.

Retelling the Tale: A Computerised Oral-Formulaic Analysis of the Qur’an

Is the Qur’an a thoroughly oral document, not merely transmitted orally but composed orally? The classic work exploring oral composition was that of Parry and Lord, who demonstrated that formulaic diction is one key indicator of creation-in-performance. Their theories have been applied to hundreds of traditions and in 2003, folklorist Alan Dundes suggested that their model of oral-formulaic composition might apply to the Qur’an, which is replete with formulaic phraseology. His work was much criticized, chiefly because he worked from an English concordance. But was Dundes’ work dismissed too quickly? Historically, the Qur’an is certainly located in an oral strata. Immediately before, much of pre-Islamic poetry appears to have been composed in performance. Whilst after the Qur’an, oral preachers, the quṣṣās, played a formative role in shaping the Islamic tradition. So what about the Qur’an itself? This paper explores how computerized analysis of the Qur’an, made possible by deploying a morphologically tagged database of qur’anic Arabic, enables us to conduct a systematic formulaic analysis of the qur’anic text for the first time.

Our Father in Heaven

To call God Father is the privilege of those who know Jesus Christ as their brother. The universal fatherhood of God and brotherhood of man may have been hallmarks of 2oth century liberal theology, but they are not exactly biblical categories. We are not born into God’s family as some natural right. We must be reborn into his spiritual family. Only by adoption do we have the right to call upon God as our Father.

Christian Author: If You Don’t Accept Miracles, You’re Intolerant and Closed-Minded

It’s been said before, but the only thing skeptics are intolerant of is bullshit, and being open-minded is fine as long as it doesn’t involve our brains falling out. Metaxas is using the same old irrational Christian apologetics that we’ve all heard repeatedly. He mistakes “miracles” for things we can’t necessarily recreate in a laboratory yet or things we may not have a natural explanation for yet. “Yet” being the key word.

A Junia Thanksgiving: 5 Things We're Thankful For | The Junia Project

Gail, this is such an encouraging report. Some of us have worked hard to empower and educate our congregations and colleagues toward women leadership, both in the top “layperson positions,” such as elders and of course as senior pastors for many years. Perhaps we are picking up some speed. Jesus worked hard to show us that in Christ there is not a difference between a Jew or Gentile in his radical acceptance and association with Samaritans. It took us another 1800 years to make some progress on slave vs. free. Perhaps, we are finally embracing that there is also neither male nor female.

Lifeway Study: Almost a Quarter of American Families Have Turned to Church Food Pantries for Help

A September Lifeway Research survey reveals that nearly a quarter of Americans have received food from a church-run food pantry. Minorities and churchgoers commonly benefit from church pantries, according to the survey.

32 Reasonable Faith $200,000 Matching Grant Challenge | Reasonable Faith

“I recently became a Christian a few weeks ago. I was a hard-core atheist. However, I read your book "Reasonable Faith" and Lee Strobel's "The Case for Christ.” After reading these books, I put some more thought into the arguments, which you and Strobel presented. I came to the conclusion that Christianity is the truth. I am having a hard time telling my friends that I am a Christian, because I was a hard-core atheist and anti-religious. How would you recommend me coming out as a believer?”

What the New Atheism's Gender Gap Tells You

"It's definitely one of their strategies," said [Richard] Cimino. "There is this strong attempt to be kind of irreverent." This is a quality particular to "new atheism," he said, a term for Dawkins-style arguments against faith, which rely heavily on science and invocations of rationalism. "There's a sense that once you make fun of it, you can kind of demystify religion," he added.

George Washington's Thanksgiving Proclamation

In October of 1789, President George Washington issued his Thanksgiving Proclamation, calling the nation to “acknowledge the providence of Almighty God.” Six years after the conclusion of the Revolutionary War, Elias Boudinot of New Jersey brought a resolution to the US House of Representatives requesting that the President set aside a day of public thanksgiving …

Radical on Twitter

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America the Beautiful, America the Violent

What is saddest about this reality is that out of all people, we have the foundation and the language from which to speak prophetically to our country about both race and violence. We are followers of Christ, the one who reached out beyond the Jews and extended grace to Samaritans, Syro-Phonecians, and then to the entire world. He is also the one who commanded us to turn the other cheek and forgive our enemy, and to sheathe our swords lest we die by them. We consider ourselves descendants of the ancient early church, which shocked the ancient world by embracing people of all nations and tongues and legal statuses. The early Believers followed the example of Christ and submitted themselves to violence and persecution, choosing to be crucified upside down rather than dishonor Christ in any way. Their names live on—Peter, Stephen, James—while the names of the men who did violence to them have been long since forgotten.

On Thanksgiving and Saying “You’re Welcome”

This is not the way I remember it.  Growing up in New England, Thanksgiving was a big deal.  My family would travel to be with extended family in Massachusetts and Maine.  We got out of school early due to the much-cherished “half day.”  Then we drove and drove.  It’s funny what you remember as a kid.  The tightly packed car, cold feet, brief gas station stops, incessant reading with a booklight (I read for hours and hours and hours), and then actually arriving at the destination.  Tired but excited.  Family all around.  Anticipation of being together the next day.

Why Does a ‘Relationship With God’ Feel So One-Sided?

But our communication with God can feel difficult at times. Perhaps we think we are the one doing all of the talking; while we can talk to God through prayer, we don’t (usually) expect an audible voice to respond to us. So we must learn to listen to God in other ways if we are going to have a relationship with Him that runs deep. What does that look like?

I'm a Christian. Why Am I Still So Scared of Dying?

We are put on this earth for a reason. If there was no reason, God wouldn’t have put us here. He doesn’t need us to hang out in this holding pen for 80+ years, there’s room in heaven. But God chose to put us here—and to live. Live abundantly, live gratefully, live justly, and live to accomplish the work of God. Am I afraid of the afterlife? No. But am I just human enough to not be able to fully comprehend heaven and, therefore, be afraid of saying goodbye to my sweet wife, daughters, friends, homebrewing, crisp fall air, laughing so hard I cry, happy little existence that I’ve eked out? Yes. Because this is the heaven I know - and I like getting to live in God’s creation.

Truthbomb Apologetics: Happy Thanksgiving from Truthbomb Apologetics!

Welcome! It's been wisely stated that the way one answers the question, "Is there a God?" defines a life. Here at Truthbomb Apologetics we strive to offer apologetics resources to encourage and challenge both believer and unbeliever. Critical thinking is strongly encouraged, reason is a must, and all are welcomed!

How Jesus Became God in the Flesh - Apologetics Book: Bart Ehrman Doesn't Appear to Understand The Limits of Human Reason

Reason is limited by the finitude and sinfulness of mankind. Bart Ehrman (and all people) lacks the ontological capacity to understand and experience all of the potentialities within the cosmos—there are knowledge and ontic realms he simply cannot experience. His rational ability is inadequate to account for the tools of reason employed to investigate the incarnation of Christ. People cannot understand everything that they encounter and know. All the combined minds of humanity throughout all of history could not understand complete reality, yet atheist Bart Ehrman's scholarship stresses that we should understand God’s word by naturalistic presuppositions. The consequence is an incoherent and unbiblical view of Christ as well as a jaded understanding regarding the ministry of Jesus. Ehrman's presuppositions about the reliability of naturalistic concepts makes it and not revelation his ultimate locus. The logic of these assumptions ends up excluding Christ from a discussion about His own nature and person.

Waiting on Thankfulness

This woman’s well-intentioned mention of thankfulness spoke to the way we can so often short-circuit the long and painstaking work of God towards the darkest parts of our story. Thankfulness may one day come from my daughter in relation to her adoption, but she likely will need to have a brush with God—a long conversation, maybe even over years—around the pieces of her past over which she can’t give hurried praise.

Protracted Unrest Between ENCODE Researchers and Junk-DNA Advocates Goes On

Undoubtedly these findings will lead to a great deal of excited discussion about what they mean for evolution or for intelligent design, but the same basic principle applies to Mouse ENCODE that applied to Human ENCODE: much of what Darwinian evolutionists had dismissed as junk appears functional. Non-coding regions of the mouse genome are transcribed, and appear to function in previously unimagined ways, such as regulation of gene expression, chromosomal stability, and maintenance of species identity. Carninci offers further thoughts:

Happy Thanksgiving

Now the Spirit expressly says that in later times some will depart from the faith by devoting themselves to deceitful spirits and teachings of demons, through the insincerity of liars whose consciences are seared, who forbid marriage and require abstinence from foods that God created to be received with thanksgiving by those who believe and know the truth.  For everything created by God is good, and nothing is to be rejected if it is received with thanksgiving, for it is made holy by the word of God and prayer.  1 Timothy 4:1-5

Big Deal Questions

…Questions that keep us up at night, questions that we’re afraid to share with anyone because we’re not sure there are answers. Big Deal Questions conference is a day dedicated to discovering meaningful answers to those tough questions and a chance for you to ask questions you might have. If you’re between the ages of 12 – 18, if you have faith or struggling with it, this is for YOU! So come as we explore the big issues of live and have fun doing it.


There’s a reason why after we are introduced to someone new that we most often ask, “What do you do?” The truth of the matter is that our identity is rightly tied up in our labors. What we do not only reveals, but is part of, what we are. I don’t begrudge people who want to separate their work from their being, but I hope they understand why it’s natural to keep the two together.

W. Bradford Wilcox - The Right and Campus Rape

And yet: I cannot shake the image of “Jackie” being serially raped on a broken glass table by a fraternity gang a few hundred yards from my office at UVA, perhaps by men who have taken a class by me, especially knowing that her rapists have paid no legal or educational price for their heinous deeds. My own sense of horror and outrage is only deepened by what I found out yesterday: In my Sociology of the Family class, in an anonymous survey, seven of the 103 female students that I am teaching reported that they had been “forced into a sexual act against [their] will,” and an additional 33 of these students reported that a “UVA friend” has experienced such a violation. So, in one large class at the University of Virginia, fully 39 percent of the female students report having been directly affected by forcible sexual assault. To be sure, there are important debates about the prevalence of sexual assault on college campuses, but UVA’s experience indicates that there are more cases of campus rape than many might expect.

Giving Reasons for Faith - An Interview with Craig Hazen | Impact 360 Institute

​Now more than ever Christians need reasons for faith. In this interview with professor and apologist Dr. Craig Hazen, we talk about the revival in Christian thinking we are seeing today and the importance of being able to know why we believe. We will also discuss questions like “Are Mormons Christians?” And “How do you engage someone who believes in buddhism?” Don’t miss this episode of the Impact 360 Institute podcast.

Proverbs 31 destroys preconceived "Biblical Womanhood"

(1) and (2) involve a biased approach to a definition of terms. However difficult (if not impossible) it may be to wholly remove one’s biases, it is not nearly so difficult to provide an accurate portrayal of that in which one finds disagreement. Avoiding terms like “alleges” and “shockingly” to describe the opposition juxtaposed with terms like “astonishing” and “destroys” to illustrate one’s own view would be a good start toward a more balanced stance. Yet, more importantly here, avoiding simplistic descriptions that underscore controversy (such as suggesting complementarians insist only men lead or hold positions of authority) can do much more to garner objectivity. But even better would be to consider and include the greater context of the book (not to mention immediate context) in which this essay exists in your analysis, the 1991 Preface (also included in the 2006 edition you cited) by Piper and Grudem (Eds.) includes a “brief note about terms” that more accurately describes what is meant by complementarian: “it suggests both equality and beneficial differences between men and women” (p.

Pyromaniacs: Seven revelations of Ferguson

Fifth : faithful pastors must prescribe and teach these things without prejudice (2 Timothy 2:14; Titus 3:1-2).   What I'm saying won't make the beautiful people love you. They won't. They won't praise you (as a Tweep did John Piper) for being "nuanced." You'll be told you're insensitive, you're ignoring the real problems, you're impractical. But as a minister of the Gospel, you know better. Sin is the problem. Sin is  always  the problem  at some level ; and there's only one solution for sin. The Son's blood buys your freedom (Ephesians 1:7), and the Son's word shows you how to live in it (John 8:31-32). 

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