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Holy and Good — But Never Safe

When you catch a glimpse of the grandeur of God’s holiness, you won’t be able to keep the message to yourself.

Tom Petty: Our Companion Into the Great Wide Open | Think Christian

Tom Petty was the voice of hope deferred, and longing fulfilled.

Can You Pass the Objective / Subjective Truth Test? (Cold-Case Christianity Broadcast #27) | Cold Case Christianity

J. Warner Wallace reviews the nature of objective and subjective truth claims and offers a brief test to see if you can distinguish the differences.

What the Craniopagus Twins Teach Us About the Mind and the Brain | Evolution News

Tatiana and Krista Hogan's shared and individual powers of mind are just what Thomistic dualism predicts.

Holy and Good — But Never Safe

When you catch a glimpse of the grandeur of God’s holiness, you won’t be able to keep the message to yourself.

#AnywhereButTARGET Campaign Intensifies Ahead of Christmas as Conservatives Warn of 'Radical Agenda'

"However, despite the impact to their bottom line, Target continues to champion the left's radical agenda. Not only does Target contribute financially to liberal activists, but its dangerous policy of allowing men into women's restroom and bathroom facilities remains in place," Wray said Tuesday.

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Thanks For the Shibboleth

And yet it's not even the action that is the problem: it's that it was done for the cameras, as Leo has found out; a photographer was notified to be there. That's the dealbreaker. “Those kids are commendable in this day and age, those kids are phenomenal,” he says. Sure, there are laws to be enforced, and that's part of an official upholding her duty to the law. But “we do not strut, ever,” he says. She resigns.

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The ESV Illuminated Bible, Art Journaling Edition places the full ESV text alongside over 500 elegantly hand-lettered gold ink illustrations by renowned artist Dana Tanamachi . Printed on thick, cream-colored paper, the Bible’s single-column text setting and wide margins provide generous space for additional notes, prayers, and designs—inviting readers to creatively engage with and reflect on the beauty of God’s Word.


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Were the New Testament Authors Biased?

The sceptic claims a lack of objectivity in the New Testament record. Because the authors were Christians, the sceptic assumes they were therefore not objective in their assessment of the events. Because they weren’t objective, they must therefore make claims that are biased, suffering from “unreasoned judgement.” (1)  Let’s look at the 3 primary motives for personal bias to see whether any evidence for this exists for the apostolic authors. Is there evidence the New Testament authors were intentionally misleading their readers?

Why Are Christians So Defensive?

How can I claim that Christians are so insecure? For the past decade, I have been role-playing an atheist at camps, conferences, churches, and other Christian events. I have done this in youth groups of ten students and in stadiums up to six thousand people. And I have done my role-play with parents, youth pastors, businessmen, and a variety of other groups from a myriad of denominations. During the presentation, I put on my “atheist glasses,” do my best to make the case for atheism, and then have two volunteers take microphones out into the audience so people can raise questions and challenges. People typically ask questions about morality, the origin of the universe, and evolution. And I simply respond back with the answers many of my atheist friends have given me.

Is Christianity Reasonable? A Review of Forensic Faith by J. Warner Wallace

As with his other books, J. Warner skillfully makes use of both detective stories and visual illustrations. In fact, it’s clear that he has put as much effort in the content of the book as with its visual appeal. And this is no accident, especially since he’s trying to model for Christians how to make an effective case both reasonably and aesthetically.

Instagram post by Mikel Del Rosario • Nov 23, 2017 at 7:55pm UTC

Barron and Craig event

I don't think that you could even attempt to quantify the converts each man has made. In any case both will have influence people in different ways e.g. Dr Craig has had a far greater influence on me than Bp Barron, It was hearing about Dr Craig through Evangelical friends that first got me interested in Christian Philosophy. Now since reading Dr Feser's work I have come to reject the moral argument and the Fine Tuning of the Universe as arguments for Existence of God as I don't think that they are very good ones. However I still think that the Kalam argument has a great deal to it, and whilst Dr Craig's current formulation is vulnerable to naturalistic accounts of the Universe's beginning (such as those offered by Alexander Velinken) I think that on A-T Metaphysics those objections cease to have any relevance - my fiancé is currently writing a paper proposing just such a modification to the argument.

I Thank God for My Doubts: A Personal Reflection

Second, and perhaps most important, my doubts drive me to rest in God’s grace rather than my own understanding. When doubts plague me, and I can’t resolve something in my mind, I am driven to God for his mercy. Jude 1:22 says to "have mercy on those who doubt." And I often think of the powerful words spoken by the Apostle Paul, when he reflected on his own weakness: “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness” (2 Cor. 12:9).

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Worldview and Apologetics in the News

New York Times Permits Intelligent Design Proponents to Speak for Themselves; Yes, Really!

On #ChurchToo, People Share Their Stories of Sexual Harassment in the Church

The wave of powerful, influential men being toppled by the stories of their victims has rolled through Hollywood, Washington D.C. and the highest levels of the news media. Unfortunately, American churches are far from immune from predatory behavior. And now, some survivors are telling their stories … and naming names.

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Recommended: Get @Sean_McDowell 's Evidence That Demands a Verdict: Life-Changing Truth for a Skeptical World on #kindle for $3.99 @Amazon

Top 17 Books of 2017: The Best New Christian Nonfiction

The Protestant Reformation reclaimed a lot of things — including the beauty and value of marriage. The Luthers enjoyed a sweet marriage in many ways, but it was not without challenges. Katharina, the runaway nun, carried incredible domestic responsibilities, but was not meek, and often displayed a very strong will. Martin, the renegade monk, respected women, but made disparaging comments about them too, at times, even once making it clear that his ideal wife would be chiseled from stone as a quiet and obedient woman (cringe). Needless to say, marriage did not come naturally to either of them, but in the end, “Luther found the best possible partner in Katharina, a woman who deeply loved and respected him, yet also managed his volatile moods and his difficult personality and offered him intellectual stimulation and companionship. Luther undoubtedly understood how challenging and difficult he was. Feisty and strong, courageous and smart, industrious and utterly devoted, Katharina was, in fact, the perfect match for Martin Luther, and he knew it” (212). They do complement one another in a beautiful way.

This Is the Will of God for You: That You Abstain from Sexual Immorality

Finally then, brethren, we request and exhort you in the Lord Jesus, that as you received from us instruction as to how you ought to walk and please God (just as you actually do walk), that you excel still more. For you know what commandments we gave you by the authority of the Lord Jesus. For this is the will of God, your sanctification; that is, that you abstain from sexual immorality; that each of you know how to possess his own vessel in sanctification and honor, not in lustful passion, like the Gentiles who do not know God; and that no man transgress and defraud his brother in the matter because the Lord is the avenger in all these things, just as we also told you before and solemnly warned you. For God has not called us for the purpose of impurity, but in sanctification. So, he who rejects this is not rejecting man but the God who gives his Holy Spirit to you.

Pursuing God intellectually: Being honest about our questions

Jesus identified the greatest commandment as loving God with our all of who we are, and Jesus specifically included loving God with our minds. But what does this mean? I suggested that we understand this as pursuing God intellectually in a way that is consonant with other relational pursuits. When we love someone, we want to know things. We are intellectually curious about what makes them tick.

J Warner Wallace (@jwarnerwallace) • Instagram photos and videos

God Mercy and Grace Restores the Soul: No More Scars

Leprosy in the OT and NT was a devastating disease - discover the power of Grace as Jesus heals lepers.

We Are All Eleventh-Hour Laborers

Chapter divisions in the Bible are usually helpful as they allow us to find our way around the Scriptures. Occasionally, however, they can hinder our understanding of a passage if they cause us to look at it apart from its context. This often is the case with the parable of the laborers in the vineyard (Matt. 20:1–16). Because of the chapter division at the end of Matthew 19, we fail to understand the parable in its context of Jesus’ teaching in 19:16–30.


Sometimes I believe that verse, and I try to claim it. I imagine the biggest thing I can pray for and think, “This is really going to impress God.” I pray for it and wait for the “Wow!” from God. Instead I get, “Son, can’t you do any better than that? Where’s your creativity? Where’s your imagination? I can do that with no problem! Why don’t you try believing me for something above what you can imagine?”

Hidden Benefits of a Church-Based Apologetics Ministry

"Apologetics? What are you apologizing for?", "Is that a class that husbands are supposed to take?", "What is that?" These are questions I hear frequently whenever I mention the study of apologetics. It probably comes as no surprise the word "apologetics" is foreign to most people, not only the general public but also those who are a part of the Christian church. Even evangelicals, who define themselves by their passion to follow Jesus' command to "Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations"(Matt. 28:17) usually look quizzically at me whenever I begin discussing the need for apologetics, even though apologetics is an essential part of making disciples. Why would this be?

Five Apologetic Topics Every Christian Should Learn About

On more than one occasion, people have asked me what areas should they focus on in their own study of apolgoetics. These are people that want to engage the culture and are burdened for the people God has placed in their lives. In my opinion, while there are many others not mentioned here, there are at least five apologetic areas every Christian should learn about. What I mean is that over the years of talking to hundreds of college students and others as well, these are the continual topics that always come to the surface. So here are some of my picks:

The Case for Thoughtfully Buying Expensive Things

This doesn’t mean we should simply adorn ourselves in the latest luxury clothing items and spend money we don’t have on expensive things. If we are buying things so that we maintain a certain image or show off how much money we have to spend, it may be time examine our motives. However, we should also be just as concerned about being conscious consumer as we are about conspicuous consumption.

Christians and Suicide Prevention

Though the Bible never explicitly commands, “Thou shalt not commit suicide,” it talks repeatedly about life and how we can best live it. Jesus said, “I have come that they may have life, and that they may have it more abundantly” ( John 10:10 ). He wanted to offer us the chance not only to live, but to live more fully than we ever could on our own. In fact, Jesus emphasized that He is life ( John 14:6 ). Apart from Christ, we are dead in our sin; in a way, we are choosing suicide if we reject the gift of salvation, choosing rather to march toward eternal death and suffering in hell. We could say that Jesus raised the ultimate suicide awareness by giving His life so that all who receive Him can have eternal life.

The Art of Christian Persuasion

In the midst of an alarming loss of civility in discussing debated and controversial issues, what’s needed is a restoration of the art of persuasion and reasoned argument. This applies both to the discussion of controversial issues, but also to the gospel message itself. In this second half of a two-part interview, Sean McDowell and Scott Rae talk to Os Guinness about his book Fool’s Talk: Recovering the Art of Christian Persuasion. Dr. Guinness is an internationally known author and lecturer, who has modeled the craft of gospel persuasion throughout his life and work.

Prayer Is Advocacy, Too

For those of us who yearn for justice in the world, we begin here: counting our breaths. Meditating on faith, hope and love. Listening to the voice of God. Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh talks about contemplative prayer or meditation as entering the kingdom of God. I interpret that in terms of the Lord’s Prayer: “Thy kingdom come, thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.”

Kindle Deals in Christian Apologetics: This Week's Top Ten Best-Sellers!

Your financial support is vital to this ministry, especially as we approach the end of the year. I hope you will please consider chipping in $5 right now via my donation page to help keep us going—or better yet, please consider becoming a monthly financial partner . Running TPE, along with my additional responsibilities as a member of the Ratio Christi National Staff , is a full time job and your support is vital to keep us going and growing; providing daily resources and articles to help equip you to commend and defend the faith in a world that is ever increasing in hostility toward Christianity. Blessings to all of you and yours as we approach the celebration of the birth of Jesus this Christmas Season! —Greg West (founder/editor of The Poached Egg)

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Extraordinary Claims and Extraordinary Evidence

At first this statement may sound reasonable. For instance, I am more likely to believe you if you tell me you had breakfast this morning than I would believe you if you told me that you levitated off the ground this morning without anything holding you up. But does the fact that I believe you if you say you did something ordinary and I don't believe you if you say you did something extraordinary support the statement that "Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence?" Actually, it doesn't. Although I may believe that you ate breakfast this morning, I must obtain supporting evidence if I want to actually determine whether or not that fact is true. If you have cleaned up your kitchen, such evidence may be hard to find. I might have to pump out the contents of your stomach, for instance to see what you ate and when you ate it. It is one thing to say that I believe you ate breakfast because it is an "ordinary" event, but it is quite another to actually find enough evidence to validate your claim. My point is that actual validation of any event requires sufficient evidence.

Why J. Warner Wallace Supports Ratio Christi

Cold Case Christianity (Part 1) - J. Warner Wallace at Rutgers University Ratio Christi

Wrap Joy for Under the Tree: Recents Books from Desiring God

As Christmas approaches, we want to remind you of some recent titles from the team at Desiring God. We’ve done our best to take Bethlehem’s good news of great joy and apply it to all of life — from how we read our Bibles to how we date, marry, use our phones, and more. We pray that these books would spread a deep, God-centered joy to you and your loved ones this season.

11 Stats That Will Change the Way You Think About Consumerism

How is the person writing this not including himself in the problem? Does he have the right amount of awareness and disgust to count himself out? The author says “look at all these consumers, so terrible.” but just living in the US means that he is a contributor to the “problem”. What exactly is the point of this article? This is slacktivism folks. Chances are high that this was written on an Apple computer in America. What exactly is the proposed solution to this problem, and don’t say awareness, that doesn’t really solve anything by itself.

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Death toll rises in Egypt’s worst ever terror attack … #TheSift @onize_ohiks

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Emmerson Mnangagwa sworn in as Zimbabwe’s president … … #TheSift @onize_ohiks

10 Creation Essentials: Old Earth or Young Earth?

I frequently hear OEC critique YEC for not being scientific. They sometimes completely ignore scientific discoveries in order to keep their YE perspective. But also, YEC criticize OEC for compromising scripture. It is said that only YEC preserve biblical authority. It is also believed by some that if you accept an old universe then you also accept darwinian evolution. For that reason, we should stick to YEC. What about death before the fall? What about radiometric dating? There seem to be so many objections and points of disagreement between the two sides.

10 Non-Traditional Ways to Celebrate Thanksgiving

It can be expensive to host a big meal and have a Martha Stewart worthy decorated table, so invite friends over to bring a dish. Get a turkey or make some spaghetti and have everyone bring something to share. Gathering around a meal that you have all pitched into is a great way to celebrate the holidays with friends. (And we Midwesterners love the hotdish potlucks.)

My Jesus, I Love Thee

Jimmy Needham is a singer/songwriter and regular contributor to Desiring God. He serves on staff at Stonegate Church in Midlothian, Texas. He and his wife have two daughters and a son. Learn more at .

‘Justice League’ Unites Its Heroes to Save an Erratic, Uneven World

Officially, Justice League shares those films’ director, Zack Snyder. Few aspects of Snyder’s hallmark style actually feature in the final product, however. In his previous films, Snyder favored a “tear-down-and-rebuild” approach in which minimalist, struggling protagonists bulk up, confront critics, scream loud, and punch hard in the dark to become heroic in a world that doesn’t always respond favorably to them.

Six Prayers God Always Answers

If we want to grow and mature in prayer, we don’t need to set a timer. We don’t need to learn new contemplative methods, or build a prayer closet in the woods. But we do need to become better ask-ers. We need to realize that we are all walking disasters apart from grace, men and women who need God every step of every day. We would all make a shipwreck of our life and the lives of those around us if God did not intervene.


"Our Deepest Desires: How the Christian Story Fulfills Human Aspirations" - enjoy the latest from EPS member and Philosophia Christi contributor, Greg Ganssle: … #spiritualformation #christianphilosophy #apologetics #spiritualformation @biolapologetics

How to Be a One Dollar Apologist in the Second Half of Life | Cold Case Christianity

I’m often asked how I’ve been able to contribute consistently over the years as a “ One Dollar Apologist ” (a term I coined to describe our calling as Christian Case Makers ), while simultaneously involved as church leader and Cold Case Detective. I’m definitely a “Type A” over-achiever (I’ve been struggling to find balance my entire life) but much of my game plan at this point in life was formed many years ago when a man named Bob Buford came to the church I was attending and talked about his book, Half Time: Moving from Success to Significance . Buford planted an idea I’ve been watering over the past 17 years: God can use the second half of my life in an even greater way than He’s used the first, if I am willing to position myself accordingly. Buford’s talk encouraged me to see this side of 50 as the best time to impact the Kingdom, and I’ve taken that encouragement seriously ever since. I’ve repeatedly asked myself, “How can I position myself financially, educationally, experientially and influentially to have the most Kingdom impact possible once I’m done with my career as a homicide detective? What can I do now to make my opportunities in the second half of life even greater?” My goal has been to prepare myself for a season of Christian Case Making in the second half of my life, built on everything I’ve learned and achieved in the first half of my life.

Six stages of a dying church — Southern Equip

So, it is with both sorrow and great love for local churches that I share a pattern that is increasingly common. I call it “the six stages of a dying church.”

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If Babies Go to Heaven, Why Oppose Abortion?

Rodrigo from Brazil writes in to ask this: “Hello Pastor John! I’ve seen your effort to combat the terrible abortion policy that has literally ripped apart thousands of precious lives. Jesus says, ‘Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these’ (Matthew 19:14). So my question is: Do aborted babies go to heaven, even not having the chance to be born? And to piggyback on this question, in recent online debates, critics of the pro-life movement say if aborted babies do go to heaven, then why is abortion really a big deal in the end for Christians?”

Jesus saved me, says shark attack survivor - Premier

A mother-of-three whose arm was severed below the elbow by a tiger shark said Jesus saved her life during the ordeal.

48 The TC Apologetics Daily

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