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How to Smoke a Turkey -- And Some Thoughts on the Theology of Thanksgiving

Video details the process of smoking a turkey on a Weber kettle grill, without any special equipment. Also offers some often overlooked thoughts on the theol...

[Dr. Craig Evans] First Century Fragment of Mark

The 2014 Apologetics Canada Conference was held at Northview Church in Abbotsford, BC and Willingdon Church in Vancouver, BC Canada on March 7-8. The confere...

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1 Fine-Tuning and the Prior Probability of Theism | Reasonable Faith

Second, you could argue that theism is not intrinsically much more improbable than atheism. For the prior probabilities Pr (G) and Pr (¬G) are not, despite appearances, computed in a vacuum. Rather these probabilities are computed relative to our background information about the world. You subtract the information about the fine-tuning of the universe from what we know about the world, and whatever is left is our background information. That information will include the evidence featured in all the other theistic arguments, such as the contingency of the universe, the beginning of the universe, the objectivity of moral values and duties, the applicability of mathematics to the physical universe, intentionality, the facts concerning the resurrection of Jesus, and so forth. I think that we should be prepared to argue that the prior probability of theism is much greater than that of atheism relative to our background information. In that way we successfully argue that theism is much more probable than atheism given the fine-tuning of the universe.

The Missing Voice in the Adoption Conversation

I believe incorporating adoptees’ stories can also help balance the discourse around adoption for Christians, too. We can do more to recognize that tragedy is inherent within adoption. Even when an adoption plan is the best option for an adoptee, having a “better” family does not negate our complex feelings for our first families. I feel compelled to address some of the uplifting narratives and clichéd phrases I hear in Christian circles—and challenge us to think not only what they say to the world about adoption, but how they can come across to adoptees themselves.

How pornography works: It hijacks the male brain

At the same time, any understanding of how sin works its deceitful evil is a help to us, and understanding how pornography works in the male mind is a powerful knowledge. Pornography is a sin that robs God of his glory in the gift of sex and sexuality. We have long known that sin takes hostages. We now know another dimension of how this particular sin hijacks the male brain. Knowledge, as they say, is power.

4 EQUIP, Christian Articles, Bible Answer Man | CRI

Who is the Antichrist? For centuries Christians have speculated about the identity of Antichrist. Likely candidates have included princes and popes of the past as well as potentates and presidents in the present. Rather than joining the sensationalistic game of pin–the–tail–on–the–Antichrist, Christians need only go to Scripture to find the answer. First, the apostle John […]

Oxford students shut down abortion debate. Free speech is under assault on campus - Telegraph

What it also proved is that elements of the Left are working hard to define new parameters for freedom of speech. You are free to speak so long as it doesn’t offend certain sensibilities, which of course amounts to no real freedom at all. I’m reminded of the old Puritan ethic that a human being had liberty only in so far as that liberty led them to salvation. Any practice of liberty that led away from God represented slavery to lies and was thus outlawed – for the good of the so-called sinner. Many on the Left imitate the very authoritarian mindset of the people on the religious Right that they claim to hate, likewise trying to safeguard their definition of freedom by eradicating contrary ideas. On the subject of abortion, the Left can enjoy that authoritarianism because contemporary society broadly agrees with them. But a day will come when they try to argue for something that proves unpopular and they, too, will be gagged. And I’ll be there to defend their right to say something that I disagree with.

6 The Poached Egg Apologetics Daily

The Poached Egg Apologetics Daily, by Greg West: updated automatically with a curated selection of articles, blog posts, videos and photos.

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Passion 2015 Passion exists to see a generation leverage their lives for what matters most. Show less

9 2015 The Gospel Coalition National Conference April 13-15, Orlando FL

La iglesia hispanohablante se encuentra en lo que parece ser los inicios de un avivamiento. El Siglo XXI presenta oportunidades sin precedentes, y a la vez trae consigo sus propias dificultades. Tiempos como estos requieren una renovada confianza en el evangelio que de una vez para siempre fue dado a los santos, como está revelado en las Escrituras. A través de tres plenarias, tres paneles de discusión y un servicio de adoración en conjunto, en esta primera conferencia en español de The Gospel Coalition (Coalición por el Evangelio), estaremos animándonos unos a otros a que nuestros iglesias y ministerios tengan siempre en su norte a la persona de Jesús. 

UVA students protest against rape in wake of damning Rolling Stone article | Al Jazeera America

The Rolling Stone article, published last week, painted a picture of a campus dominated by wealth and privilege, where administrators and students alike have a cavalier attitude toward the multiple students who have alleged they’ve been raped by fraternity members at UVA. Current female UVA students and alums interviewed in the article reported that both classmates and administrators pressured them to stay quiet to save the reputation of the Greek system and the university, including one current student who described being attacked and violently gang-raped by seven fraternity members at a party in 2012.

Grand jury reaches decision in case of Ferguson officer

For more than three months, the grand jury — made up of seven men and five women, nine white and three black — heard evidence into the shooting. They met 25 times and heard from 60 witnesses, McCulloch said. They considered charges ranging from first-degree murder to involuntary manslaughter. In a criminal trial, jurors must decide a crime has been committed beyond a reasonable doubt. But here, those jurors needed only to feel there was probable cause that Wilson had committed a crime.

Renown Youth Conference

To be a Christian is to be a disciple. Jesus said that anyone who would be a disciple of Christ must “deny himself and take up his cross and follow me” (Mark 8:34). Nobody, however, does this perfectly. All Christians face struggles and obstacles in their walk with Christ. And yet, the New Testament calls disciples of Jesus to “grow in grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ” (2 Peter 3:18).


The Holiness of God examines the meaning of holiness and why people are both fascinated and terrified by a holy God. This series closely explores God’s character, leading to new insights on sin, justice, and grace. The result is a new awareness of our dependence upon God’s mercy and a discovery of the awesomeness of His majestic holiness. Dr. R.C. Sproul says, “The holiness of God affects every aspect of our lives — economics, politics, athletics, romance — everything with which we are involved.”

Kirk Cameron’s latest Lie “Saving Christmas”

Stories about Jesus contain powerful and enlightened truths that would someday prove the undoing of bigots like Cameron. Let me explain. Like a futurist vindicated by events as yet undreamed, Jesus’ message of love was far more powerful than the magical thinking of the writers of the book he’s in. In Jesus’ day the institutions of religion, state, misogyny and myth were so deeply ingrained that the ultimate dangerousness of his life example to misogynists and bigots could not be imagined. For example his feminism, probably viewed as an eccentricity in his day, would prove transformational.

The Dawning of Indestructible Joy

These 25 brief devotional readings from John Piper begin on December 1 and carry us to Christmas Day. Our hope is that God would use these meditations to deepen and sweeten your adoration of Jesus and help you keep him at the center of your Christmas season.

16 - Your source for Christian Apologetics | We are a Christian Apologetic Ministry founded in 2006 is a Christian Apologetics non-profit ministry started in 2006. Our team conducts dynamic I Don’t Have Enough Faith to Be An Atheist seminars on college campuses, churches, and high schools. Led by Frank Turek and other Christian apologists, exists to address the problem that 3-out-of-4 Christian youth leave the church while in college, many because they are intellectually skeptical. In addition to I Don’t Have Enough Faith to Be An Atheist, presenters address other topics faced by young people today.


Crossway invites you to sign up and receive a daily email devotional to help you prepare your heart for Thanksgiving. Adapted from his latest book New Morning Mercies: A Daily Gospel Devotional, these short devotions from Paul David Tripp only take 5 minutes to read, but will spur you to reflect on God’s Word all day long.

Announcing the 2014 Eater Awards for Atlanta

To recap, Eater's local editors in 27 cities nominated candidates for five major local categories:  Restaurant of the Year, Chef of the Year, Bartender of the Year, So Hot Right Now Restaurant, and Stone Cold Stunner . Eater readers then voted to narrow the field to a final three in each category. From that final three, the Eater editorial team chose the winner. Our Eater National brain trust then got together to decide the national winners for those categories. In addition to these main stage winners, said Eater editorial team has named worthy winners in more specialized categories, for myriad notable achievements.

Slaying the Green-Eyed Monster of Envy

We can trust that God is a loving provider. In Luke 11:11–12, Jesus asks, “What father among you, if his son asks for a fish, will instead of a fish give him a serpent; or if he asks for an egg, will give him a scorpion?” The point here isn’t that fish tastes better than serpent, or that eggs fry up better than scorpions. The point is, if a child needs to eat, his father doesn’t harm or poison him—he feeds him. If we don’t have something we want, God isn’t withholding—he’s feeding us with what will sustain us. We ask our Father to give us our daily bread, and he is faithful to provide.


“We need gospel fuel to joyfully serve our families, and that’s what Glimpses of Grace provides. Many days I unload a barrage of law upon my family, when what they need from me is grace, encouragement, and reminders of God’s faithfulness. I thank the Lord for using Gloria to point me to the glorious gospel of his grace so that I might extend the same grace to my husband and children. As homemakers we can be smothered by the ordinary, blinded by the mundane, living in a fog of routine and fatigue, unable to see how to clean messy noses or break up sibling squabbles for the glory of God. In Glimpses of Grace Gloria helps to lift the fog by showing us how the gospel can change our perspective as we serve and love our families.” —Kristie Anyabwile , homemaker; mom; wife of Thabiti Anyabwile, First Baptist Church of Grand Cayman

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#BlackFridayWeek sale starts today on our most popular titles including #MoreThanACarpenter !

Died: R. Judson Carlberg, Christian Higher Ed Leader, Biologos Chair

The Carlberg’s have a wonderful Thanksgiving tradition. They ask each guest to take three slips of paper and write down three things they are thankful for. During his cancer treatments, they weren’t able to have any guests. But Jud and his wife, Jan, still filled in their three slips of paper. On his last slip he wrote, “I am thankful for cancer. James 1:2-3.” As he put it, “Life is richer, trust is stronger and relationships are deeper.”

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Join us Dec 2—equip pastors around the world as they reach people for Christ!  #GivingTuesday

Jesus Changes Everything

Podcasts like “The Briefing” by Al Mohler and “Let My People Think” by Ravi Zacharias play important roles in the life of the believer— instructing us on how we should think about this world and current events with a distinctly Christian worldview. Jesus Changes Everything is a welcome addition to this genre. Dr. Sproul Jr. has a masterful way of helping people think through theological concepts and the implications of our actions and the actions of others on the commands we have been given on how we should live as children of the King in this fallen age. I highly recommend this podcast as a daily primer which is able to help us put on the lenses of a Christian, enabling us to walk and talk in accord with the commands of our Lord.

Mom Enough

The cover of Time Magazine asked this haunting question in bold red letters that hung over the startling image of a young mother breastfeeding her four-year-old. When the issue hit newsstands it re-ignited a longstanding mommy war in American culture. But it turns out this was the wrong question, pointing in the wrong direction. Here is a higher and more essential question faced by mothers: Is God God enough ?

WORLD | Mark Dever: A marked ministry | Marvin Olasky | Nov. 29, 2014

Let’s turn to what you do want to talk about, the nine marks of a healthy church, starting with expositional preaching. A lot of preaching in America is cruddy. It’s terrible in liberal churches because they don’t understand God or the Bible, and terrible in conservative churches because they take it for granted and just want people to have good families. Whether a preacher is a hipster church planter or an overconfident revitalizer who’s going to take care of the last cruddy guy’s ministry, the main work is to open the Bible and tell the people what God’s Word says.

The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part I

As Mockingjay – Part I opens, we learn the fallout of that rescue. Katniss’s fellow tribute, Peeta (Hutcherson) has been left behind and is now either working with President Snow (Sutherland) or being forced into making propaganda videos with Casear Flickerman (Tucci). Plutarch Heavensbee (Hoffman) is convinced that Katniss can be a symbol—the Mockingjay—around which the rebelling districts can unite. But rebel President Coin (Moore) find Katniss’s reluctance suspicious, and is (rightfully) contemptuous of her “demands” on the rebels who want her to participate.

Next Step of Faith for 'Touched by an Angel' Producer: Hallmark Movie 'Signed, Sealed, Delivered for Christmas' (Interview)

It's not too hard to imagine that Hallmark's TV movie "Signed, Sealed, Delivered for Christmas" — produced and written by Martha Williamson, the creative visionary behind the ground-breaking TV show "Touched by an Angel" — premiering on Sunday will become a Christmas classic, early reviews say as much.

Matt Barber - ‘Gay’ DNC Bundler, Founder of HRC Charged with Raping Boy

So here we go again. Yet another high-profile “gay” activist has been arrested for homosexual assault on a child. This time authorities bagged a big fish (a rainbow trout?) in boy-loving real estate mogul Terrance Patrick Bean. Bean co-founded the Human Rights Campaign (HRC), which is one of the world’s largest, wealthiest and most powerful anti-Christian, pro-homosexual organizations. Bean is also a major bundler for the DNC and BFFs with Barack and Michelle Obama (see video below). He helped found HRC for the sole purpose of pushing the extremist homosexual political agenda. While, not surprisingly, HRC rushed to scrub its website of any reference to his existence, even now Bean remains on this extremist group’s board of directors.

Mike Adams - The Campus Crusade for Cash

First of all, I would like to thank you for joining my Facebook fan page and for weighing in on my recent article “The Campus Crusade for Comfort.” It is understandable that you would wish to defend your organization, which I criticized rather bluntly in my article. However, your accusation that my article was “un-Christ-like” and was written in a spirit that undermines “Christian unity” requires a response. Since you chose to proffer your criticism in a public forum, I’ll respond by using my weekly column.

Friends of TGC: Join a Global Gospel Vision

The Gospel Coalition is a fellowship of evangelical churches deeply committed to renewing our faith in the gospel of Christ and to reforming our ministry practices to conform fully to the Scriptures.  We yearn to work with all who, in addition to embracing our confession and theological vision for ministry, seek the lordship of Christ over the whole of life with unabashed hope in the power of the Holy Spirit to transform individuals, communities, and cultures.

17-Year-Old Uses Survival Skills She Learned in School to Save 11-Month-Old Baby

While shopping in a supermarket, 17-year-old Abby heard a cry for help and responds immediately. She rushes through the crowd to get right up close and personal to the scene.

Myles Munroe, Wife to Get Closed Casket National Memorial; Family Makes Decision After Viewing Remains From Crash

Kevin Harris, spokesman for the Bahamas Faith Ministries founded by Munroe, told The Christian Post Monday that while there will be speeches, music and singing among a number of activities, fans of the Munroes will not be allowed to view the bodies out of respect for the family. He said the family made the decision not to have an open casket after they had identified the bodies.

Pastor Gets 'Death Threats,' Sparks Firestorm for Allowing Members to Dance to Secular Music in Church Celebration

An event that was supposed to be a lighthearted celebration of how Christian lives have changed through music at the 138-year-old The House of Hope Atlanta (Greater Travelers Rest) church in Decatur, Georgia, led by Senior Pastor Dr. E. Dewey Smith Jr. has triggered a barrage of criticism and even death threats for the use of secular music by popular entertainers such as Chris Brown and Lil Jon in the sanctuary.

10 Bible Verses That Remind Us to Be Thankful for All God Has Given Us

Throughout the world, Thanksgiving is celebrated in different ways and in some places, not celebrated at all. Regardless of what holiday is celebrated during this time, we all should be thankful for our blessings as often as possible. Dedicating our days to say "Thank You." The Bible has many verses that focus on reasons to praise our great God. So everyone be sure to thank God for all that he has done and all those in your life that have picked you up when you were down.

If Everything Is Awesome, Where Does That Leave God?

We live in a culture of inflated language. Our text messages and e-mails explode with exclamation points and smiley faces—and we suspect less enthusiastic communicators of being sarcastic or curmudgeonly. Our everyday language swells in an era where immediate eclipses thoughtful, where the objective meaning of words is questionable, and where affirmation is prized. Parents, teachers, and coaches praise children effusively for attempting even basic tasks. And our social media statuses daily attract hundreds of thumbs-ups. As they sing in The Lego Movie : “Everything is awesome.”

Thanksgiving Feast With Tiny Hamsters That Will Make You Smile

When you see what this man is doing it will definitely make you a happy person. It's a hamster thanksgiving, and this man is sharing it for the world to see. It is hard to top the cuteness in this video, but when you see what these little fur balls do to food it will make you SMILE. Be sure to SHARE this with all your animal lover friends on for the holidays!

Kay Warren Remembering Her Son on 'Survivor Day': There's Hope as Suicide Is Preventable

Sharing on International Survivors of Suicide Loss Day on Saturday, Kay Warren, co-founder of California's Saddleback Church, recalled that her late son, Matthew, was the funniest and most courageous person she has ever met in her life, and said that while the suicide rate is alarmingly high in the country, there is hope because suicide is preventable.

Reza Aslan Claims Richard Dawkins, Sam Harris Are 'New Atheists,' Don't Represent True Atheism

"In fact, not only is the New Atheism not representative of atheism. It isn't even mere atheism (and it certainly is not 'new'). What Harris, Dawkins and their ilk are preaching is a polemic that has been around since the 18th century — one properly termed, anti-theism ," he asserted.

Pastor Saeed Abedini's Fate Hangs in Balance After Iran Nuclear Negations Are Extended Past Deadline

The fate of Pastor Saeed Abedini continues hanging in the balance following the extension of negotiations between Iran and several nations, including the U.S., on a nuclear deal. The American Center for Law and Justice noted that Abedini has not been "completely abandoned" yet by the Obama administration, and it remains critical that Iran be pressured for his release.

41 How can we be sure about the resurrection of Christ? - Christian Research Institute

First, liberal and conservative scholars alike agree that the body of Jesus was buried in the private tomb of Joseph of Arimathea. As a member of the Jewish court that condemned Jesus, Joseph of Arimathea is unlikely to be Christian fiction (Mark 15:43); Jesus’ burial in the tomb of Joseph of Arimathea is substantiated by Mark’s gospel (15:46) and is, therefore, far too early to have been the subject of legendary corruption; the earliest Jewish response to the resurrection of Christ presupposes the empty tomb (Matthew 28:11–13); and in the centuries following the resurrection, the fact of the empty tomb was forwarded by Jesus’ friends and foes alike. Additionally, as apologist William Lane Craig points out, “when you understand the role of women in first-century Jewish society, what’s really extraordinary is that this empty tomb story should feature females as the discoverers of the empty tomb. . . . The fact that women are the first witnesses to the empty tomb is most plausibly explained by the reality that—like it or not—they werethe discoverers of the empty tomb. This shows that the gospel writers faithfully recorded what happened, even if it was embarrassing.

When Nobody on the Bus Offered Their Seat to A Mother and Child, A Bus Driver Did Something Memorable!

These passengers on this bus got a reminder from the bus driver of how we are supposed to treat others. He rose up to the occasion while a lady and her child had been standing on a bus filled with people.

43 No Writ of Habeas Corpus for Orangutans

Evolution News and Views (ENV) provides original reporting and analysis about the debate over intelligent design and evolution, including breaking news about scientific research.

Lincoln Before the Legend

The Better Angels doesn’t handle religious themes directly. There is only occasional mention of anything directly related to Christianity—a mention of the Bible, a hymn sung while working in a field, and occasional images that suggest religious iconography. Many have written on the link between Lincoln's parents' Calvinism and his sense of history. But Edwards’s film seems to intentionally head in a different direction. If anything, you can’t help but sense the frailty of Lincoln’s life and future. He wasn’t born with a chinstrap beard, a stovepipe hat, and an ironclad sense of conviction. His life might have been otherwise. The frontier might have crushed him. Suffering and loss might have turned him inward and made him bitter. But Sarah Lincoln's arrival in the family not only drew him out, it also drew him and his father toward one another, allowing Tom Lincoln to impart hard-earned courage and strength to his son. In this sense, rather than a theological reflection of the origins and meaning of Lincoln’s life or Calvinistic reflections on the meaning of history, Edwards’s film shows how Lincoln’s future came about as the result of his mother’s character and virtue.

5 Reasons Why Millennials Do Not Want to Be Pastors or Staff in Established Churches

Not all Millennials are averse to serving in leadership roles in established churches. But many of them are. And our churches are approaching a tipping point where many are unable to attract Millennial members or leaders. It will likely soon be a crisis.

Why Two Evel Knievel Wannabes Can’t Get Canyon Do-Over Off the Ground

Well, Jerome, I suggest the businesses of Twin Falls care. BASE jumpers parachuting off Twin Falls' Perrine Bridge bring incredible amounts of tourism dollars to the area each and every day - the only place in America where it's legal (and free) to jump off a nearly 500-ft. bridge. Evel's old ramp is just a few hundred yards away from the bridge, and many people take photos of it - still a tourist attraction 40 years later. And, by the way, you read the article and took the time to comment. Hmmm...who cares?

33 Logical Fallacies Everyone Should Know

As for the comment by A Friendly Atheist, the claim that an atheist merely lacks a belief in God and therefore has no burden of proof assumes that a person can be neutral about the existence of God. A person can be neutral about something like the existence of blue watermelons. He can simply lack a belief in blue watermelons because he hasn’t seen any evidence for them. That lack of belief doesn’t do much to impact his life. (Although we can imagine scenarios where it would force a choice, like if he were a watermelon seller and a customer demands that he order blue watermelons for her to purchase.) But things are different when you are dealing with ultimate commitments rather than watermelons. Specifically, the Christian idea of God is different because this kind of God (unlike deities of Greek mythology, I should point out) rules over every area of life, and thus makes demands in every area of life. There is no area of neutrality any place in the universe. All facts are God-created facts and God-interpreted facts. A person who lacks a belief in God has chosen to reject God’s interpretation of facts with every fact that he confronts.

The Many Altars of Modernity

Against Taylor and the dominant traditionalism of the Christian intellectual world, Berger argues that the real origins of modernity—and hence of the crises of modernity—are in the religions themselves, and the sociology of their encounter with one another. Once the world's great civilizations made the transition from primordial mythology to mature religions, capable both of making truth claims and of accommodating economic and technological advances, it was inevitable that we would someday face the challenge of pluralism. We can denounce "modern ideas" until we are blue in the face, but once adherents of the world's religions start interacting with each other on a daily basis, we cannot avoid the trauma of choice and doubt. The great historic encounter cannot be undone.

Study: Half of Americans, Majority of White Evangelicals Believe Natural Disasters Are Rising Due to 'End Times' Not Climate Change

Nearly half of Americans now believe that the recent surge in natural disasters is the result of biblical "End Times" than climate change, and more than two-thirds of white evangelical Protestants hold this belief, according to a new study.

A Powerful Commercial With Kids Reciting John 3:16

The memorable commercial brings new life to John 3:16. These beautiful children understand what this important Bible verse means, and SHARE it with the world. "For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life." At the end of each and every one of them saying a part of the Bible verse, you will want to throw your hands up in joy!

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61 45 Killed in Suicide Attack at Afghanistan Volleyball Game, Just Days After Decision to Extend US Troops' Stay
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63 Fans of '19 Kids and Counting' Support Duggar Family After Gay Activists Push TLC to Cancel Popular Show
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66 NFL Star Gets Emotional After Scoring Touchdown for Daughter Born Hours Before
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