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Tune In: The President Addresses the Nation on Immigration Reform

President Obama will address the nation to lay out the executive actions he’s taking to fix our immigration system.

Daniel Wallace on Islam and the New Testament Dr. Daniel Wallace is the executive director of the Center for the Study of New Testament Manuscripts and an expert in New Te...

Daniel Wallace on Islam and the New Testament Dr. Daniel Wallace is the executive director of the Center for the Study of New Testament Manuscripts and an expert in New Te...

Christianity and Necessary Objects (William Lane Craig) - Dr. William Lane Craig briefly states his views on Christianity and necessary objects, like numbers, the laws of logic, etc. We ...

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Another Ascending Lark: Ep. 11 - Tim Keller: Why We Need Artists

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What Does It Mean to Be Gospel-Centered?

To be gospel-centered is to live so that you show the glory of God, treasuring above all things the One through whom grace comes.

5 Mistakes People Make When Reading the Bible

I work primarily with teenagers, and I find them repeating the same mistakes I did when reading my Bible when I was younger, and after talking with some peers when doing this Bible study for myself, I realized these mistakes are also common among most adults as well. I’m pretty convinced that, without some guidance, most people fall victim to the same traps when reading the Bible, and unfortunately lose their enthusiasm for God.

5 The TC Apologetics Daily

The TC Apologetics Daily, by TC Apologetics: The latest news and thoughts for the apologetic-minded Christian.

Living in light of the good Samaritan: Giving value to the devalued

Recently, after preaching the  parable of the Good Samaritan at the Gallery Church , I was headed to Harlem for dinner with my girlfriend, Liz. As we were walking up the stairs to exit the subway, I saw him: a nameless elderly man dressed in dirty clothes, begging for change. This isn't out of the norm to see at a subway stop. But for me, this time was different. I watched as people walked by and refused to acknowledge his existence. Yet, he persisted, "Can I have a dollar for a sandwich?" I watched as each person actively chose to look down rather than to look up at the face of the man. Honestly, I have to confess that I also walked by. However, with each step, my feet felt heavier to the point that I could no longer continue. I now heard two voices. One was the faint, defeated voice of the man asking for change. The other voice was my own, reciting the remnants of that morning's sermon I had just preached: "Don't be the Levite, don't be the priest, who walked by and refused to love the man who was vulnerable."

Obama’s Claims on Illegal Immigration Get Fact-Checked

The decline in crossings is not purely, or perhaps even primarily, due to the Obama administration. The deep economic recession early in his presidency and the shaky aftermath made the U.S. a less attractive place to come for work. The increase in arrests since 2011 also can be traced in part to the economy – as the recovery improved, more people came in search of opportunity.

Innovative Apologetics: 'The Essential Trinity: Defending the Biblical Truth and Necessity of the Triune God' new book


Crossway invites you to sign up and receive a daily email devotional to help you prepare your heart for Thanksgiving. Adapted from his latest book New Morning Mercies: A Daily Gospel Devotional, these short devotions from Paul David Tripp only take 5 minutes to read, but will spur you to reflect on God’s Word all day long.

Jesus and Buddha - Christian Research Institute

Popular and prolific Buddhist author Thich Nhat Hanh reports in his book, Living Buddha, Living Christ , that his “personal shrine” contains images of both Buddha and Jesus, whom he deems spiritual brothers, both worthy of veneration. Given the current popularity of the Dalai Lama and books and magazines on Buddhist meditation and practice, it seems many Americans might also hold Hahn’s perspective. Those caught in the strong winds of religious toleration and relativism shrink from logically judging the truth claims of these great religious founders. Instead, people often assume that they were equally significant “spiritual teachers” who taught roughly the same thing. Accepting both Jesus and Buddha as enlightened beings is taken to be nonjudgmental, inclusive, and affirming of both Christians and Buddhists. Why bother considering one teacher above the other — especially in our contemporary pluralistic culture? How should Christians, who worship Jesus alone, respond to this pervasive notion that Jesus and Buddha were great spiritual masters on

Innovative Apologetics: How to Be An Effective Witness for Christ: Evangelism 101

President Obama Cites Exodus on Immigration Reform: 'We Were Strangers Once Too'

"Congress should see the President’s actions as impetus to pass immigration reform that will supersede executive action as soon as possible," said Yang, vice president of advocacy and policy for World Relief. "Every day we wait, we see consequences on families and friends. What we need is a permanent answer to a system that isn’t working. Immigration is a defining feature of America’s history and will continue to be an important issue for America’s future. President Obama and members of both parties in Congress should heed the call to not just change our immigration laws but enforce them in a way that’s in the best interest of families and our country.”

Giving Back on Giving Tuesday

Don’t look now, but the holiday season is right around the corner. Thanksgiving is only two weeks away, immediately followed by the retail-driven Black Friday and Cyber Monday, encouraging people to go out and start making their Christmas purchases.

Should We Feel Conflicted about Enjoying ‘Serial’?

I think it is absolutely right to caution listeners to pause and separate fact from fiction, but I also want to praise Sarah and her team for bringing us this very compelling and very TRUE story BECAUSE of the themes that are brought up! Yes, journalism is about the facts in an objective sense, but real life is often complex and sometimes, downright entertaining! I think it's a false dichotomy to always think of media in terms of "true" and "pure entertainment" alone. They can be both! Why do we enjoy shows like "Breaking Bad" so much? Because we recognize the circumstances in it as part of the human experience (in a very dramatic way, of course). That being said, of course we should respect the families of those involved, but what harm is there in seeking the truth? If an "entertaining" medium is used, all the better, because more people will pay attention to this story and what it might mean beyond this isolated incident. I think it's much bigger than that...


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Vatican Strengthens Ties with Evangelicals and Mormons Against Gay Marriage

Skepticism about the other’s faith tends to run deep between Catholics, evangelicals and Mormons. In strict economic terms, the three faiths all compete for followers. They are heavily missionizing, and often they evangelize precisely in ways that distinguish themselves apart from the other faiths. But the Protestant work ethic runs deep in both evangelical and Mormon culture, as does deep commitment to faith convictions that the outside world may not understand. The gathering signals that some Vatican leaders recognize that banding together to support marriage as between one man and one woman may be a smart strategy going forward, especially as they have been standing separately against the western world’s changing sexual mores.

Ravi Zacharias on Twitter

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Loving the Littlest

In the conversation about building safer communities, it’s easy to get caught up in the big topics: record-breaking incarceration rates, headline-grabbing crime trends, and large pieces of criminal justice legislation.

The Local Church and the Supremacy of Christ

The local church is the greatest, most profound collective of which any human could be a part. Your family, your career, your nationality — these all pale in comparison to what it means to be a member of a local church. And of course, this doesn’t make any sense unless we understand what the local church actually is .

Asia Bibi's husband pleads for a pardon – Premier Premier

Ashiq Masih has asked Pakistan's president to overturn his wife's death sentence for blasphemy.


During Jesus’ earthly ministry, one of the primary ways He would instruct His disciples was through parables. People would gather from far and wide in order to listen to what Jesus said about the kingdom of God, and the most common way He would explain the kingdom was in parables. But what does God want us to learn from these parables? In this series, Dr. R.C. Sproul examines several parables of Jesus, exploring the rich truths they reveal about who Jesus is and what He came to achieve through His life, death, and resurrection.

Top 10 Books For Common Problems | HeadHeartHand Blog

In the next couple of weeks I hope to post a list of my top 10 biblical counseling books. However, today I want to post links to some books that I’ve found useful supplements when counseling people with common problems. Most of these are not Christian books, although a couple of them do have some Christian underpinnings (marked with an *). Read them all through the prism of God’s Word to get the best common grace wisdom out of them.  For more of my Top 10 Book lists go here .

23 More than Christmas

If you haven’t looked at a calendar recently (or, in the case of much of the country, looked out the window or walked to your car in sub-freezing temperatures), winter is fast approaching, and Christmas is just around the corner.  And here at Prison Fellowship, that means the Angel Tree Christmas program is well underway, helping to provide gifts—and hope—to children on behalf of their incarcerated parents.

Mike Licona on Twitter

Just had a great evening filled with laughter with David Wood, Gary Habermas, and Alex Blavojevic!

Visiting Churches: Non-Denominational? Or not?

They had “Children’s Church” in which all the children under 12 or so years old went to a different room to have some kind of Sunday School (I only observed in passing on way to nursery with Luke, my son). What are thoughts on children leaving for something like this? I admit I’m not a huge fan because it felt like we’re saying children aren’t a part of the body of Christ until a certain age or that if they’re noisy or something they’re distracting. I think that having children as part of the Divine Service is a blessing for both us and them. But I don’t want to over this without other voices. Do you have experience or thoughts related to a practice like this? I’d love to read them.

How Successful People Stay Calm | HeadHeartHand Blog

They Avoid Asking “What If?” The more time you spend worrying about the possibilities, the less time you’ll spend focusing on taking action that will calm you down and keep your stress under control.

Jonah & the Savior.

Perhaps in Jonah 2, we have insight into the sufferings of the Savior. The waters of the wrath of God encompassed Him as His soul was made an offering for sin (see Isa. 53:10). A crown of thorns was wrapped around His head as He took upon Himself the Genesis curse. Jesus Himself said that He went into the heart of the earth (Matt. 12:40), into the pit of death.

Star Trek: The Next Generation Season 3 Awards

We’ve now finished watching all of season 3 of TNG and offered individual reviews of every episode. How about taking some looks at the best and worst parts of the season! Feel free to chime in to let us know what you thought. There are  SPOILERS  for Season 3 in what follows.

Framed Morals: The Points and Problems of Subjective Morality

I usually hear subjective morality on a large scale: that the majority rules. This is because on an individual level it falls apart in two seconds. After all, if a rapist think it’s moral to rape we can’t condone that. If you can, you’re probably a sociopath. However if we scale it up and say that all morals are determine by whomever has the most people or the most power, that seems way more legit. Thus we see people usually appeal that the most power and the most people determine what is moral and enforce it on the rapists with laws and police.

WORLD | An immigration fix almost nobody loves | J.C. Derrick | Nov. 20, 2014

Republicans have vowed a legislative response to Obama, but Democrats will maintain control of the U.S. Senate until 2015, when undocumented immigrants can being submitting applications. The move is sure to make immigration a huge political issue for the duration of the 114th Congress and could change the fault lines in the 2016 race for the White House. Potential candidates such as Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul and Govs. Chris Christie, Jeb Bush, and Mike Huckabee would be unlikely to end Obama’s action, while Texas Sen. Ted Cruz would probably make repeal a cornerstone of his campaign. 

Katie Pavlich - Boehner: Obama Has Cemented His Legacy of Lawlessness

“The American people want both parties to focus on solving problems together; they don’t support unilateral action from a president who is more interested in partisan politics than working with the people’s elected representatives. That is not how American democracy works. Not long ago, President Obama said the unilateral action he just announced was ‘not an option’ and claimed he’d already ‘done everything that I can on my own.’ He said it would lead to a ‘surge in more illegal immigration.’ He said he was ‘not a king’ and ‘not the emperor’ and that he was ‘bound by the Constitution.’ He said an action like this would exceed his authority and be ‘difficult to justify legally.’ He may have changed his position, but that doesn’t change the Constitution," Boehner said. “By ignoring the will of the American people, President Obama has cemented his legacy of lawlessness and squandered what little credibility he had left. His ‘my way or the highway’ approach makes it harder to build the trust with the American people that is necessary to get things done on behalf of the country. Republicans are left with the serious responsibility of upholding our oath of office.

Come Reason's Apologetics Notes: Tips for Sharing Your Faith #7 – Be Gracious

 Every year, I attend the meeting of the Evangelical Philosophical Society . The EPS is a collection of professional philosophers and apologists from different parts of the world. Tonight, Paul Copan addressed the audience and gave a talk about emphasizing gentleness and respect when sharing our faith. As it happens, this is exactly the topic I was planning on writing about tonight. The phrase "gentleness and respect" is the second half of 1 Peter 3:15, known as the apologist’s verse. It reads, "Always being ready to make a defense to everyone who asks you to give an account for the hope that is in you, yet with gentleness and reverence." Yesterday, I wrote about the what of 1 Peter 3:15—the "always be ready to give a defense" part. I said that it would take some work on your part to study the common objections that you may hear so you can answer them. Arguments Shouldn’t Be Adversarial Today, I want to focus on that last part. As I said previously , passionate arguments can generate a lot of emotion and it can become difficult to keep one’s emotions in check.

Mindfulness therapy comes at a high price for some, say experts

"There is a lot of enthusiasm for mindfulness-based therapies and they are very powerful interventions," Ruths said. "But they can also have side-effects. Mindfulness is delivered to potentially vulnerable people with mental illness, including depression and anxiety, so it needs to be taught by people who know the basics about those illnesses, and when to refer people for specialist help."

Ministry, Arts, and the Imagination - An Interview With Mike Cosper

In this episode, Dave Harvey interviews Mike Cosper. They discuss:

The Science Of Depression | HeadHeartHand Blog

A video pitched at a popular level explaining some of the recent advances in research into the physical causes of depression and the impact on the brain. We should be thankful that God is enabling scientists to gradually discover more and more of what’s going on inside the brains of depressed people, and also to develop more sophisticated and effective treatments.