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615. Is The Holy Spirit God?

Bobby explains how the Holy Spirit is equal to the Father and Son in the Godhead.

Why Would God Wait So Long to Reveal Himself? (William Lane Craig) - Dr. William Lane Craig answers a question about God revealing Himself to us. A question that was no doubt inspired by atheist Ch...

Are Brain Measurements Capable of Determining the Truth or Falsity of a Belief?

For more resources visit: The motion for this debate was "This House Believes that God is not a Delusion." It took place befor...

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Terry Bean Arrested on Charges of Sex Abuse of a Minor

Terry Bean , a Portland power player in national Democratic politics and the gay rights movement, was arrested today on charges of sex abuse in a case involving a 15-year-old boy.

Top 10 Books For Common Problems | HeadHeartHand Blog

In the next couple of weeks I hope to post a list of my top 10 biblical counseling books. However, today I want to post links to some books that I’ve found useful supplements when counseling people with common problems. Most of these are not Christian books, although a couple of them do have some Christian underpinnings (marked with an *). Read them all through the prism of God’s Word to get the best common grace wisdom out of them.  For more of my Top 10 Book lists go here .

An Essential Bible Commentary for Apologists

This is not a verse-by-verse commentary. The authors were provided an index that identified verses known to be relevant to the topics of apologetics and biblical reliability. They restricted their comments to these verses, plus any others that they recognized as germane to the aims of this project. Typically, each commentary note begins by stating the challenge or challenges regarding the text at hand. We attempt to state the case in all its potency, as a critic would state it. This approach takes seriously the critical viewpoint and helps ensure that the reader feels the full weight of the challenge. The contributors take each challenge seriously and seek to describe viable solutions that support faith and align with a high view of Scripture.

4 Should Christianity be open and inclusive to those who practice idolatry?

Even heterosexuals who have not married are called upon to embrace lifelong celibacy. I am in my 30s and am a virgin because I have not married. I wouldn’t seek to reinrepret the Bible to allow premarital sex just because what I am doing is difficult. I would rather just do what the Bible says than reinterpret it to suit me. And it’s just as hard for me to be chaste as it would be for him to be. In short, it’s a character issue. He takes his right to recreational sex as non-negotiable, and reinterprets the Bible to suit. I take the Bible as non-negotiable, and comply with it regardless of whether it seems to make me less happy. With respect to the purposes of God for me in this world, my happiness is expendable. If I don’t find someone to marry, I’m going to be “afflicted” with the lifelong celibacy that Vines seems to think is torture, but let me tell you – God is happy with the contributions I am making for him, and if I have to be chaste through my whole life, I am 100% fine with that. I serve the King. And not the reverse.

5 Hannah More: Guided by Christian Convictions - Stand to Reason Blog

Hannah encouraged women, and specifically poor women, to get an education to improve their position and wellbeing. She believed that an educated wife was a more suitable companion than a merely ornamental woman. She thought that women could be significant influencers in improving society by getting an education and making wise and moral life choices. British men’s clubs are well known. More endowed clubs for women. Through these clubs, women were encouraged to become self-reliant, taught financial management, and provided services for difficult circumstances.


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Beware of the pleasant view of the fatherhood of God: God is so kind and loving that of course He will forgive us. That thought, based solely on emotion, cannot be found anywhere in the New Testament. The only basis on which God can forgive us is the tremendous tragedy of the Cross of Christ. To base our forgiveness on any other ground is unconscious blasphemy. The only ground on which God can forgive our sin and reinstate us to His favor is through the Cross of Christ. There is no other way! Forgiveness, which is so easy for us to accept, cost the agony at Calvary. We should never take the forgiveness of sin, the gift of the Holy Spirit, and our sanctification in simple faith, and then forget the enormous cost to God that made all of this ours.

8 The Poached Egg Apologetics Daily

The Poached Egg Apologetics Daily, by Greg West: updated automatically with a curated selection of articles, blog posts, videos and photos.

Grace to You

Perhaps you’re asking, “Shouldn’t believers acquire more wisdom?” Yes, we should. No matter how much of God’s wisdom we have, we should always hunger for more. The Bible tells us that we have all the principles we need to walk in wisdom, and yet there’s much more available to us. We should “grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ” (2 Peter 3:18), and we should be more and more conformed to the image of Christ by the transforming work of the Spirit of God. Our wisdom should increase, as should our godliness, but we are given the basic principles at salvation. Even though a person may not know all the truths in the Bible, God’s Spirit, who is resident in him from the moment of salvation, will convict and convince him of righteousness and sin.


Republicans, Democrats, and activist groups can all find something to dislike in the president’s executive…

The Real Roots of Midlife Crisis

In San Diego this summer, I watched as Jeste and Lisa Eyler, a clinical psychologist at UCSD, conducted brain-imaging experiments to learn how older people process tasks related to compassion—an element of wisdom. They greeted J., a 71-year-old business coach, and outfitted her with earplugs, a head-mounted optical device that let her see projected images, a “button box” that let her respond to what she saw, and a panic button to stop the experiment. Then she was swallowed by a massive and impressively noisy functional-MRI scanning machine. She spent an hour performing tasks designed to stimulate both cognitive and emotional centers—remembering letters, matching facial expressions—while computers recorded images of her brain at work. This was followed by half an hour in front of a laptop as a postdoctoral researcher conducted a standardized empathy test, showing J. photos—some images benign, some upsetting—and recording her reactions. Finally came an interview with a clinician. Did J. consider herself a wise person? Sometimes—more so when she had time to reflect than when she was in a crisis.

Abortion Activist Terrance Bean Arrested for Allegedly Raping 15-Year-Old Boy

A nationally-known pro-abortion activist has been arrested on charges of raping a 15-year-old boy. Terrance Patrick Bean is the founder of Human Rights Campaign, a group that pushes other political issues but also takes a steadfastly pro-abortion position.

3 Suggestions for Supplementing a Student’s Education

Yet no one described my studies to me this way. At school, I learned about things like the material world and English literature. At church, I learned about things like personal atonement and salvation. But no one—not my teachers nor my pastors—connected these worlds. As a result, I often felt that I had to choose between them.

Grace to You

Commentator Matthew Henry said, "Though the grace of faith is of universal use throughout the Christian's life, yet it is especially so when we come to die. Faith has its great work to do at the very last, to help believers to finish well, to die to the Lord so as to honor Him, by patience, hope and joy so as to leave a witness behind them of the truth of God's Word and the excellency of His ways."

Renown Youth Conference

To be a Christian is to be a disciple. Jesus said that anyone who would be a disciple of Christ must “deny himself and take up his cross and follow me” (Mark 8:34). Nobody, however, does this perfectly. All Christians face struggles and obstacles in their walk with Christ. And yet, the New Testament calls disciples of Jesus to “grow in grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ” (2 Peter 3:18).

16 The Daily

The Daily, by updated automatically with a curated selection of articles, blog posts, videos and photos.

Darren Wilson Support Video Emerges as Grand Jury Decides Officer's Fate; Criticizes Obama and Late Teen Michael Brown

A new video created by supporters of police officer Darren Wilson is critical of President Barack Obama for not reaching out to the Ferguson officer after the shooting death of Michael Brown on Aug. 9.

GOP senator warns of violence after immigration order

GOP senator warns of violence after immigration order Oklahoma Sen. Tom Coburn warns there could be not only a political firestorm but acts of civil disobedience and even violence in reaction to President Obama's executive order on immigration Thursday. Check out this story on

When Marriage Is No Longer Exciting

When the Apostle Paul spoke to the church in Corinth about what it meant to love each other, he didn’t describe even one characteristic of love that was based on feelings. To be patient and kind is a choice we make often in spite of the emotions we are experiencing. To say that love keeps “no record of wrongs” does not suggest that love has the ability to forget when it was wounded, but that it chooses to surrender those offenses even when it remembers them vividly.

God's Not Dead: God's Not Dead! Nietzsche, Moral Absolutes, and Evolution

Some cultists advance the idea that life is about knocking on enough doors to sell magazines or to participate in enough temple and occult rituals to please God. Selected Hindus suggest one must stay pure to escape the Karmic cycle. The Prussian born Friedrich Nietzsche advanced the idea that life was about attaining power. Nietzsche wrote of the will of power, the Superman, and magnificent destinies. Yet, Nietzsche was a physically and emotionally weak man: headaches, unattractive, bad eyesight—a tragic figure. He ironically asserted, “A casual stroll through the lunatic asylum shows that faith does not prove anything.”[5] A few years later, he fell into insanity and repeatedly declared that he was Jesus Christ.[6]

5 Mistakes People Make When Reading the Bible

I work primarily with teenagers, and I find them repeating the same mistakes I did when reading my Bible when I was younger, and after talking with some peers when doing this Bible study for myself, I realized these mistakes are also common among most adults as well. I’m pretty convinced that, without some guidance, most people fall victim to the same traps when reading the Bible, and unfortunately lose their enthusiasm for God.

Healthy Leader, Healthy Church

Ouch! As you read these descriptions of emotionally unhealthy spirituality, do you recognize yourself in any of them? If so, ask Jesus to do a work in you to heal the hurt places, shine light where darkness reigns, and give you courage to embrace needed change.

Achtung! Germany named world's favorite country

Achtung! Germany named world's favorite country Well, it took about 70 years. Yes, from being the world's pariah in the years following Nazism and World War II, Germany is now the world's favorite country, according to the Anholt-Gfk Nations Brand Index. Check out this story on

Is Open Theism Still a Factor 10 Years after ETS Vote?

Much has changed since members of ETS wrestled with open theism more than a decade ago. You will not find papers in defense of open theism being read in seminars at ETS today. Books are less likely to emerge from evangelical publishing houses to debate the merits or demerits of this theology over against the classical Christian view of God. Instead, open theism mainly finds its voice through more popular means. A quick internet search reveals numerous blogs written by pastors and laypersons espousing open theism. Open theism today makes its case not so much through books and refereed scholarly journals, but through the mostly unfiltered voice of the blogosphere.

Evangelism: It’s Too Complicated: A guest post by Trillia Newbell

Most articles tend to focus on how we over complicate sharing the gospel with our words. We over think, fear forgetting something, fear looking stupid, wonder if we even know the good news. So as a result of our muddled mind, we don’t say anything at all. We stumble enough with the words (trust me, I’ve been there) but what about the when/where/how? This aspect of evangelism seems to stump people as much, if not greater than, what to actually say. Perhaps we want an angel to appear and tell us that now is the time. Or wouldn’t it be much easier if someone simply asked you, “How do I become a Christian?” It happens, but not often.

New view of mouse genome finds many similarities, striking differences with human genome

Looking across the genomes of humans and mice, scientists have found that, in general, the systems that are used to control gene activity in both species have many similarities, along with crucial differences. The results may offer insights into gene regulation and other systems important to mammalian biology, and provide new information to determine when the mouse is an appropriate model to study human biology and disease. They may also help explain its limitations.

Matt and Lauren Chandler to Married Couples: God's Design Is for You to Have Children

Couples questioning God's design in their lives should consider their motives, he said. "I think the question I'd like to ask back [is] I want to know why you wouldn't want to have children. I think more often than not what gets revealed is a selfishness of heart or some kind of fear that's either rooted in an experience or not rooted in reality at all."

7 Bible Verses That Remind Us That Babies Are Beautiful Gifts From God

There is no doubt that babies are beautiful gifts from God. When we hold them we fall in love and when we see one it can make a bad day turn into a good one instantly. The Lord gives the world babies to remind us of the beauty and fragility of the young.

Angelina Jolie's 'Unbroken:' WWII Prisoner of War Survivor Louis Zamperini Talks Power of Perseverance; Survived 47 Days in a Raft After Plane Crash (Video)

Angelina Jolie's "Unbroken" hits theaters across the U.S. in Dec., and a rare clip shows war hero Louis Zamperini speaking about the power of perseverance.

I’m 30 and Single. Why Do People Pity Me?

I am not as old, but am in the same boat so to speak. I feel that in this time and season, I am not really caring too much as to what others might think or might be saying. God has put me into this season of singleness because He has to prepare me for something greater. He is readying me to be the girlfriend and wife that He wants me to be. I am in a season of SO many open doors not just with my being single but as well as my being in a job that I need not post secondary education in order to have, and the fact that so much is hidden from my eyes is just even more reason to be trusting God with ALL that I am. With ALL that my future is and will be. I have full trust in God that I am who I need to be and am where I need to be untill He has properly prepared me to be who He needs me to be. It is such a GREAT BLESSING being here and now. I hope and pray that anyone else in our situation will get the great peace, and comfort that I feel God had given me.

'Tsunami of Confusion' Exists on Religious Liberty in Military, Argues Panel

A panel brought before the US House Committee on Armed Services' Subcommittee on Military Personnel on Wednesday, November 19, 2014. From left to right: Michael Berry, senior counsel and director of Military Affairs with the Liberty Institute; Dr. Ron Crews, executive director of the Chaplain Alliance for Religious Liberty; retired US Navy chaplain Rabbi Bruce Kahn; Travis Weber, director of the Center for Religious Liberty at the Family Research Council; and Mikey Weinstein, president of the Military Religious Freedom Foundation.

George Whitefield

Coupled with this clarity of style, the book is enviously even-handed. As the first modern celebrity Whitefield was subject to uncritical admiration and bilious opposition, and rarely did people strike a middle road in their opinions of him. This has often been the case with his biographers, but Kidd is a notable exception. Although he admits to having a “high regard” for his subject, it does not lead him to clouded judgement, a pitfall of Whitefield’s hagiographers like John Gillies or Luke Tyerman. For example, Kidd explains Whitefield as a “creative religious entrepreneur” who revolutionized media to his advantage, yet largely avoided the problems often associated with celebrity pastors and was evidently not in the work of revival for the money. And though Whitefield was a major figure in the revivals, Kidd is quick to note that he was not the sole figure and that most conversions and revival meetings “happened without him.”

33 Is asking "Am I going to Hell?" a good response to scientific arguments for theism?

Well, the reason why not is because they interrupt the stream of scientific evidence coming out of my mouth and they start to ask me questions that have nothing to do with what we can know through science. See, evangelism is like building a house. You have to start with the foundation, the walls, the plumbing, the electricity, etc., but you can’t know all the specific details about furniture and decorations at the beginning. But militant atheists don’t care that you are able to establish the foundations of Christian theism - they want to jump right to the very fine-grained details, and use that to justify not not building anything at all. Just as you are proving all the main planks of a theistic worldview with science, they start asking “am I going to Hell?” and telling you “God is immoral for killing Canaanite children”, etc. They want to stop the construction of the house by demanding that you build everything at once. But, it is much easier to accept miracles like the virgin birth if you have a God who created the universe first. The foundation comes first, it makes the later stuff easier to do.

Study Shows Millennials Turned Off by Trendy Church Buildings, Prefer a Classic Sanctuary

Millennials gravitate toward classic, quiet church spaces that feel authentic and provide a break from the busyness of a fast-paced, technological world, revealed a study commissioned by church architectural firms.

The Search for a Better Pleasure

Desire is a tricky thing. It has the power to lead us either to a throne or a tomb, to slavery or freedom, to true joy or mirages of satisfaction.

TGC Intl Outreach on Twitter

When you tweet with a location, Twitter stores that location. You can switch location on/off before each Tweet and always have the option to delete your location history. Learn more

Designing to Draw Attention to Red Light Districts

On a global scale, I've been given the honor of serving "the least of these." Even though India and I are worlds apart, we are still neighbors. I try to love and serve its people by bringing awareness to their needs and urging others to intervene.

TV Programs - Cross Examined - Christian Apologetic Ministry | Frank Turek | Christian Apologetics | Christian Apologetics Speakers is a non-profit ministry started in 2006 that conducts dynamic I Don't Have Enough Faith to Be An Atheist seminars on college campuses, churches, and high schools.

Premier Christian on Twitter

We've got some of the cast of Touched By Grace in the studio on #InspirationalBreakfast

Family Adopts 29 Children and Wants More; 'Our Faith Is the Reason We Do This,' Says Father

Of course, since faith is the reason they are taking in all these children, Jeane and Paul are sure to share that same faith with their kids. It is their hope that the children will come to have their own relationship with God, but they are not forcing anyone to make a decision s/he is not comfortable with. After Jacob, now 26, was brought into their home, they began praying for him and telling him about the Lord. He gave his life to Christ when he was 12.

Physicist Victor Stenger debates William Lane Craig: Does God Exist?

In this debate, Victor Stenger does affirm his belief that the universe could be eternal in his second rebuttal (1:02:30), thus denying the standard Big Bang cosmology. He also denies the law of conservation of energy and asserts that something can come from nothing in his concluding speech (1:33:50). He also caused the audience to start laughing when he said that Jesus was not moral and supported slavery. There is almost no snark in this summary. Instead, I quoted Dr. Stenger  verbatim in many places. I still think that it is very entertaining even without the snarky paraphrasing.

Surprised by Religion at the National Book Awards

And yet most people in America paid no attention to the National Book Awards. In fact, three of my friends heard that I was attending this reading, and they thought I meant I was reading from my own book. "Like the Oscars, but for book nerds," I said. Or, as last night’s host at the award ceremony proclaimed, “Like the Oscars, except nobody gives a d***.”

Should Couples Personalize Their Marriage Vows? Russell Moore Says No

The Southern Baptist Convention's lead ethicist, Russell Moore, has said he doesn't allow the couples he marries to write their own vows because he believes the marriage oath should be more than a proclamation of a couple's love, but also a type of pact by which friends and family will hold them accountable.

Arsonists Burn Down Their Former Youth Pastor's Church in 'Little Hope Was Arson,' Exclusive Clip Reveals Agonizing Truth

The exclusive video features James Ellis, a former pastor from First Baptist Church in East Texas, which was one of ten churches to burn to the ground within one month of each other in 2010. In it, Ellis is overcome with emotion as he recalls the moment he learned that the two culprits responsible for the crimes were from his own fellowship.

Beautiful A Cappella Version of 'Mary Did You Know' That Will Light Up Your Day

As soon as this group starts to sing it will light up your heart. You will fall in love with Pentatonix after you hear their beautiful song "Mary Did You Know."

9Marks at Southern

The gospel tells the story of God, man, Christ, and a requisite response. It heralds the news about creation, fall, redemption, and a glorious consummation. And it is the only thing that will build a church. All that other stuff only builds a crowd.

Stephen Nichols Writes History for the Church

We have great models from the past, but also from the present. Look at the folks who are the leaders, the fathers and grandfathers of the movement, if you will, the John Pipers, the R. C. Sprouls, they are all devout churchmen who believe in the centrality of consistent preaching of the Word and sitting under the means of grace. We think of them as skilled authors and great conference speakers, and they are, but they are most fundamentally devoted churchmen. The same thing is true from those great figures from the past. The one institution God promises to bless is the church. It is the agency that emerges out of the New Testament. So the church and pulpit are going to sustain it, faithfulness in both over a long period of time.

48 What is the unborn? A look at the scientific evidence

I still get a lot of people who argue these basic scientific facts, believe it or not. In fact, I just recently had a discussion in which a pro-abort was claiming that unborn babies are just a part of their mother and that the mother’s body builds her baby’s body. This person even said that “Her womb is a factory, not just a garage.” I tried to explain that while aliens in science fiction might grow an extra set of limbs and organs and then divide to become two, humans don’t do that. The unborn child is a separate human being from conception onward.

Obama's Executive Order Will Authorize Work Permits for 5 Million Illegals; Immigration Plan Is 'Unconstitutional' Top Republicans Say

"If we don't act, the dire situation of undocumented immigrants will only get worse, families will continue to be torn apart, people will continue to live in the shadows," said Ms. Boxer on the floor of the Senate on Wednesday after the President's speech was announced. "I say to the president today, as I have said to him in writing, if you act, you will have my strong support, and you will have the support of so many people across the country."

Over 25,000 Ebola Orphans at Risk

In West Africa, the death of parents from the Ebola epidemic has caused a surge in orphans. They are mostly young children age 5 and under. Government officials estimate 25,900 or more of them are in urgent need of comprehensive care in Sierra Leone, Liberia, and Guinea. A very high percentage of these children have lost both parents to the virus. Many of the children are under quarantine. Fearful relatives are shunning or abandoning them as possible carriers of the virus.

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55 We Show Grace Because We Have Been Shown Grace
56 How can Christians legitimize a God that orders the genocide of entire nations? - Christian Research Institute
57 What Happens When You Judge the Church "Now" By the Kingdom's "Not Yet"
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59 What to Do When You Don’t Know a Family’s Immigration Status
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62 Obama's Executive Action on Immigration Will Tear Us Apart
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64 Billy Graham: In Our ‘Lawless and Wicked Age … We've Taught the Philosophy of the Devil -- ‘Do As You Please’
65 17-Year-Old Uses Survival Skills She Learned in School to Save 11-Month-Old Baby
66 California Couple Stops Photographing Weddings to Avoid Having to Shoot Same-Sex Ceremonies
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76 New York, Great Lakes Snowstorm Leaves 7 Dead; More Snow Expected
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