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Living by Faith in Future Grace

Though our faith is founded on past acts of redeeming grace, the way faith works now is by looking to the boundless fountain of future grace.

Accidental Courtesy and the Difficult Call to Love One’s Enemies | Think Christian

Daryl Davis' outreach to the KKK represents biblical love in a radical, complicated way.

The Greatest Gift God Can Give

If you make much of yourself, you distract others from what matters most. But when God makes much of himself, he gives us what we need most.

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1 The Poached Egg Apologetics Daily

18 Reasons Christian Leaders Should Be Apologists

1. Just as theology flows naturally from worship and confession, apologetics is the natural outcome of evangelism. At some point the Christian moves from proclaiming the Gospel to persuading the unbeliever; once this move takes place, the Christian has moved from evangelism to apologetics. In any case, the unbeliever will soon ask “why should I take anything you say seriously?” The Christian will have to state some reason for the hope that is within him; so his answer had better be good.

7 Reasons I Believe Jesus Rose From The Dead

For though we live in the world, we do not wage war as the world does. The weapons we fight with are not the weapons of the world. On the contrary, they have divine power to demolish strongholds. We demolish arguments and every pretension that sets itself up against the knowledge of God, and we take captive every thought to make it obedient to Christ.

How to Be Busy but in Balance

Not surprisingly, too many of us cannot say this little two-letter word. Everything seems worthy of our attention. But for me—as a husband, father, and disciple of Christ—the reality is I just don’t have time to say “yes” to everything that others might ask of me. While saying no might be particularly challenging given the pressure we feel to please and accommodate, we simply cannot allow others to dictate and decide how we manage our time.

5 The TC Apologetics Daily


TODAY, 7pm at #AARSBL17 : @Dru_Johnson on "Must Our Philosophy Conform with Scripture?"  #scripture #bible #christianphilosophy @TheKingsCollege #analytictheology #ETS2017 #AARSBL2017 #SBLAAR17 #SBLAAR2017


Prompted by the amount of victims of sexual abuse, assault, harassment and exploitation within the past several weeks coming forward with their accusations against persons (predominantly men) in positions of power and authority, we first, as followers of Jesus Christ, and second, as Alabama Baptist pastors, find it incumbent upon us to make the following statement:

Three Bad Arguments against Life Beginning at Conception

A recent article on Romper argues “3 Ways Science Proves Life Doesn’t Begin at Conception,” and the arguments are not good ones. To begin with, the author is not actually arguing that embryonic humans are not alive (this is clear, since she also argues we should be allowed to kill them). Rather, she’s arguing that these reasons prove embryonic human beings are not valuable human life.

It's Easy to Believe in God: Atheism is Impossible

26 Powerful Reasons Why Scholars Know Jesus Existed

If Jesus really were a non-existent figure of history it would be expected that some anti-Christian group would have made this known at some point. In fact the most hostile group towards Jesus and early Christianity were the Jews, yet they affirmed Jesus’ existence by trying to accuse the disciples of stealing Jesus’ body from the tomb ( Matthew 28:13 , Justin Martyr’s Dialogue with Trypho , 108; Tertullian’s On Spectacles , 30)).

You Don't Understand the Old Testament

And that’s okay. The OT writings are thousands of years old. They consist of various literary genres like history, poetry, and prophecy. And what about all of those weird laws? Why do Christians like to cite restrictions against homosexuality but ignore the ones against eating shellfish and wear polyester? (You’ve never heard that before, right?)

The Important Differences Between Christianity and Mormonism (Podcast) | Cold Case Christianity

In this podcast, J. Warner reviews his recent Utah Missions Trip and talks about several important points of contrast between Christianity and Mormonism, including the distinct differences related to the nature of Jesus, God and Salvation.


Starting at 7 pm at #AARSBL17 : @Dru_Johnson , Oliver Crisp, Joshua Blander and Kevin Vanhoozer discuss how philosophers & theologians can & should engage with scripture in their philosophical thinking:  #ETS2017 #AARSBL2017 #SBLAAR17 #SBLAAR2017

New stamps commemorate Queen and Duke of Edinburgh's wedding anniversary - Premier

A new set of stamps is being issued to commemorate the 70th wedding anniversary of the Queen and Duke of Edinburgh, including images of their wedding and honeymoon.

Inside the Museum of the Bible

Deploying the high-tech tour guides required developing an indoor navigation system that can locate any digital guide within four inches of its actual location in the museum—a technology that “didn’t really exist” when MOTB began to develop it and that opens new possibilities for museum accessibility, Schneider says. The digital guides can translate English-language placards on the fly and can reproduce signage text onscreen in large fonts or even read it aloud. Augmented reality also gives children a gamified, Pokémon-GO style experience of their parents’ itinerary that involves robots and a quest to dispel encroaching fog.

We Don't Hold the Truth, The Truth Holds Us

Arrogance in action: That’s how a lot of people view Christianity these days. “ Who are you to claim you’ve got the one truth for everyone?” Their charge against us would be right — if we really thought our truth was true for everyone. Then we would be arrogant indeed. But we don’t. In fact, when we say, “I know the truth,” we’re taking a stance of humility.

Every Day Might Be His Last: Drinking from God in the Drought of Suffering

Whether it comes as chronic illness, disability, death, or any of a million other forms, suffering is like scorching heat to the soul. It threatens to turn once-fruitful faith into a wilted husk. But in my own suffering, God’s word has taught me that the heat of hardship can also drive me deeper into the all-sufficient, refreshing grace of God.

When sceptics convert: 3 former atheists walking the path of CS Lewis

When Oxford academic CS Lewis wrote about his adult conversion from atheism to Christianity in Surprised by Joy (HarperCollins) in 1955 it became an apologetics classic, one still read by Christians and seekers to this day.

Unhinging the Extraordinary Claims Require Extraordinary Evidence Mantra

As it is Easter season, skeptic Michael Shermer has an article in appearing in Scientific American entitled, "What Would It Take to Prove the Resurrection?" Shermer writes that as a skeptic, there are propositions he can accept as true, such as the number of pages in a magazine, the extinction of the dinosaurs, and the origin of the universe by a big bang. Unsurprisingly however, Shermer can think of nothing that would count as enough evidence for the resurrection for that particular proposition to be considered true. He claims this is due to the "principle of proportionality," something that "demands extraordinary evidence for extraordinary claims. Of the approximately 100 billion people who have lived before us, all have died and none have returned, so the claim that one (or more) of them rose from the dead is about as extraordinary as one will ever find." 1

In the Age of Sexual Misconduct, How Is Mike Pence a Problem?

Second, variations of the Pence rule protect both sides from reputational harm. It’s a simple fact that observing a married man alone at dinner with a woman other than his wife can start tongues wagging, and it’s also a fact that leaders of Christian ministries have often had to take extreme measures to protect against intentional sabotage of their reputations. I know leaders who never travel alone in part because of actual past hostile attempts to place them in compromising positions (with photographic evidence). If we should understand anything in 2017 it’s that our politics is vicious and poisonous. The more high-profile you become, the more careful you should be.

When Moses Preached the Gospel

The Old Testament purposefully has an unresolved narrative tension in it, and this very tension is the whole basis of the gospel. Narrative tension means you don’t know what’s going to happen and there are opposing forces at work. In other words, “Little Red Riding Hood took her grandmother some goodies” is not narrative. It’s just a report. “Little Red Riding Hood took her grandmother some goodies, but the Big Bad Wolf was waiting to eat her up” is a narrative, because we’ve got tension. We’re led to ask, “What’s going to happen?”

Finding Courage in the Shadow of Cancer

Facing cancer felt a lot like being on that tightrope. I knew God was behind me (and before me), but the intensity of the fear made it difficult to trust him. However, the joy that trumped that fear and pervaded my soul came with meditating on God’s assurance that his grace is truly sufficient for me (2 Corinthians 12:9). If I died, if I lived, if I suffered, if my quality of life declined, I still had him (Hebrews 13:5). The emotion of fear finally bowed down to the God-given action of courage. A deep and satisfying peace mingled with and muted the intense feeling of fear, and I was able to walk safely to the other side.

Historical References to Christ From Non-Biblical Authors

One of the first Gentile writers who mention Christ is Thallus, who wrote in A.D. 52. He wrote a history of the Eastern Mediterranean from the time of the Trojan War to his own time. However, his writings have disappeared, and we only know of them from fragments cited by other writers. One such writer is Julius Africanus, a Christian writer about A.D. 221 One very interesting passage relates to a comment from Thallus about the darkness during the last 3 hours Jesus was on the cross. Julius Africanus writes:

The Cause of the Universe Must Be Intentional

We know the universe began to exist. That fact is agreed upon by the majority of theists and atheists alike. But what else can we know from that fact? By conceding that the universe has a beginning, does that give us proof of the Christian God? Not really, but it gets us closer than you may initially realize.

Finding Purpose in Faith

Many skeptics maintain unquestioned faith that science will solve the world’s problems. Seeing the evidence of chaos throughout the world, often the product of religiously-inspired violence, they conclude that religion is somehow the problem. Authors like Christopher Hitchens capitalize on such assumptions, writing best-selling books that explain how “God is not great” or how religion has “poisoned” everything. By contrast, science has provided “progress,” the sense that things are definitely getting better from a technological sense, as we continue to harness more and more power to make our lives increasingly prosperous and comfortable.

The Blessing of a Bad Reputation

Jesus knows we face this temptation regularly. Our sinful pride is “greedy for dishonest gain” of all kinds (1 Timothy 3:8), and fearful to lose what gain we have. That’s why he warns us that if everyone speaks well of us, something is very likely wrong. We may not be following Jesus faithfully. We may be valuing the benefits we gain by pleasing people more than the benefits Jesus promises us.

China Tells Christians to Replace Images of Jesus with Communist President

The South China Morning Post (SCMP) reports that Communist Party of China (CPC) officials visited believers’ homes in Yugan county of Jiangxi province—where about 10 percent of the population is Christian. They urged residents to replace personal religious displays with posters of President Xi Jinping; more than 600 removed Christian symbols from their living rooms, and 453 hung portraits of the Communist leader, according to SCMP.

Thomas Sowell on Twitter

“The black family survived centuries of slavery and generations of Jim Crow, but it has disintegrated in the wake of the liberals’ expansion of the welfare state.”


"Pope Francis and the Caring Society" receives praise from EPS members Charles Taliaferro and @JPMoreland  #theology #environment #civilsociety #politicalphilosophy #christianphilosophy @IndependentInst

5 Common Objections to the Moral Argument

Stealing from their typical defense of the KCA, when it is argued that that doesn’t result in their god, they agree. The KCA only, in their opinion, confirms a timeless, spaceless, immaterial, immensely powerful, and personal creator of the universe. Now with the moral argument they want to avoid all that and go into their biblical definition of god and how objective morality proves it. They should instead relent that it could only prove an ultimate source of objective morality, not that it is necessarily their god. There is a huge disconnect that they openly acknowledge in one argument, yet side-step it in another. This all flies in the face of their lack of evidence for point 2 and other objections to that premise.

Stand to Reason on Twitter

There's a new sex scandal every day, and it's not stopping. A recent study reveals the damage done by the sexual revolution. Read here: …

The Heart of John Owen’s Hedonism

Roger Nicole said Owen was the greatest theologian to write in the English language, “even greater than Jonathan Edwards.” To some, he was “the Calvin of England.” To others, he was “the Atlas and Patriarch of Independency.” And for our purposes here, the assessment of Charles Bridges stands out: “For a detailed and wise treatment of the diversified exercises of the Christian’s heart, he stands probably unrivaled” ( The Christian Ministry , 41).


Monday, 7pm, #AARSBL17 : Erik Wielenberg offers his "Godless Normative Realism" as an alternative to theistic accounts of moral realism. William Lane Craig, Mark Murphy, Tyler McNabb, Adam Johnson respond to Wielenberg's objections to theistic moral realism 

Instagram post by MaryJo Sharp • Nov 20, 2017 at 1:09am UTC

How (Not) to Stay Lukewarm

I did not have a category for someone thinking they were a follower of Christ and not actually being one. I assumed that if I had any desire to be a Christian, God should welcome me with shouts of joy. I had never read that there would be people on judgment day who would emphatically greet Jesus, calling him “Lord, Lord,” and yet be rejected by him (Matthew 7:21–23). No one ever told me that people could do a lot of mighty works for God and yet still be lost.

Study Bibles Sale on Kindle: 10 Study Bibles from $0.99 to $3.99!

Greg’s Note : Thanks so much to everyone who are purchasing the Christian Apologetics books we offer and to those of you who are shopping at Amazon via our affiliate link . Commissions from your purchases go toward supporting Ratio Christi and The Poached Egg. Your financial support is vital to this ministry, especially as we approach the end of the year. Along with sharing these links to these outstanding (and affordable) equipping resources, I hope you will also consider chipping in $5 right now via my donation page to help keep us going—or better yet, please consider becoming a monthly financial partner . Running TPE, along with my additional responsibilities as a member of the RC National Staff, is a full time job and your support is vital to keep us going and growing! So far this year, commissions from our Amazon sales has reached nearly $2,000—but to me, more exciting than that is seeing the thousands of books (nearly 12,000 year to date with 3,500 of those being freebies) being purchased to help equip you to commend and defend the faith in a world that is ever increasing in hostility toward Christianity.

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The psychological motivation of those who embrace postmodernism

Rather, as I suggested earlier, the motivation for denying realism is a kind of will to power, and it manifests itself in a number of ways. In universities, most notably in various humanities disciplines, it is assumed that, if there is no real world, then science is on the same footing as the humanities. They both deal with social constructs, not with independent realities. From this assumption, forms of postmodernism, deconstruction, and so on, are easily developed, having been completely turned loose from the tiresome moorings and constraints of having to confront the real world. If the real world is just an invention-a social construct designed to oppress the marginalized elements of society-then let’s get rid of the real world and construct the world we want. That, I think, is the real driving psychological force behind antirealism at the end of the twentieth century.

What Does It Mean for a Man to Lead His Family Spiritually?

What is the overall moral vision of the family? He should take initiative, asking that question and pursuing an answer with his wife at his side. What do we believe about God and the world and family and culture? All families stand for something. All families are known for something. All families are called to glorify God according to their gifts. What does that look like? And that is the man’s responsibility. Pursue that. Figure that out. A man feels responsibility to take initiatives to form and carry through that moral vision of the family and, of course, he is doing it through the constant interaction with his wife. She would not be thrilled to be left out of that formulation, but I think most Christian women are thrilled that the husband is taking the initiative and drawing her in to see to it that they have such a moral vision for the family.

Doing Missions When Dying Is Gain

I have one other small parenthesis about J. Oswald Sanders. At 89 years old, he said, “I’ve written a book a year since I was seventy.” Eighteen books after seventy! There are people in my church and all over America abandoning productive life at 65 and dying on the golf course, when they ought to be laying their lives down among the Muslims like Raymond Lull, who was a twelfth-century Oriental scholar and Muslim missionary. As he grew old he thought, “What am I doing? I’m going to die here in Italy. Why not die in Algeria across the Mediterranean preaching the gospel?” And so, knowing that’s what it would cost him to preach publicly, he got on a boat at eighty-something years of age and crossed the Mediterranean. He stayed underground a while encouraging the church, and then he decided it was as good a time as any. So he stood up and preached, and they killed him. What a way to go!

The Bible Belongs to Every Age

In 1734 and 1735, Jonathan Edwards and the congregation at Northampton experienced a revival. So did many other churches in the Connecticut River Valley in the colonies of Connecticut and Massachusetts. In the fall of 1733, Edwards preached some hard-hitting sermons. One of them, preached in November 1733, has been titled “The Kind of Preaching People Want.” Edwards starts his sermon in the Old Testament, observing that God’s people have had no shortage of false prophets, “that always flattered them in their sins.” True prophets rebuke the sinner. False prophets leave sinners “to the peaceable enjoyment of their sins.” He then turns to the desire that people in his own day had for such false prophets. Edwards continues, “If ministers were sent to tell the people that they might gratify their lusts without danger… how eagerly would they be listened to by some, and what good attention they would give.” He adds, “They would like a savior to save them in their sins much better than a savior to save them from their sins.”

Worldview and Apologetics in the News

When child sex isn't rape: French to set age of consent

The Greatest Thing You Could Do Today

God literally determines whether or not you take another breath. “He himself gives to all mankind life and breath and everything” (Acts 17:25). Could anything be more important than meeting with the One who decides if you live through this day? Could anything be better? How can we not make time to be with the Maker of time?

Why Would A Good God Allow Moral Evil? (Video) | Cold Case Christianity

Many people believe that the presence of moral evil in the world proves an all-powerful, all-loving God simply doesn’t exist, but there may be a relationship between genuine love and free agency requiring the possibility of evil. If this is true, what role does God play in the story of humanity and how will justice be served?

History made as woman performs with the Sistine Chapel choir - Premier

One of Italy's most celebrated classical singers has made history by becoming the first woman to perform inside the Sistine Chapel.


There is nothing mystical about what I’m describing. It happens all the time. It happens to you! Have you ever been in a church service where the pastor is speaking, and all of a sudden you feel like he’s speaking directly to you? You wonder, “How does that guy know I’ve got this problem? How does he know that’s exactly what I need right now?” God took a general word for everybody and made it specifically apply to you. He gave you a rhema .

Mike Licona on Twitter

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48 Vilenkin on the Universe’s Coming into Being without a Cause

Vilenkin, however, infers that “no cause is needed” for the universe’s coming into being because the conservation laws would not prevent it and “according to quantum mechanics, any process which is not strictly forbidden by the conservation laws will happen.” (Vilenkin assumes that if there were nothing, then both the conservation laws and quantum physical laws would still hold. This is far from obvious, however, since in the absence of anything at all, it is not clear that the laws governing our universe would hold.) But even granted that the laws would still hold, why think that, given the laws of quantum mechanics, anything not strictly forbidden by the conservation laws will happen? The conservation laws do not strictly forbid God’s sending everyone to heaven, but that hardly gives grounds for optimism. Neither do they strictly forbid His sending everyone to hell, in which case both outcomes will occur, which is logically impossible, as they are logically contrary universal generalizations. The point can be made non-theologically as well: the conservation laws do not strictly forbid something’s coming into existence, but neither do they forbid nothing’s coming into existence, but both cannot happen.

A Children’s Edition Greek New Testament? A Review of the Tyndale House Greek New Testament (THGNT)

The editors note that at present they are aware of a few errors in the apparatus of the THGNT, and I predict that further evaluation will lead to the production of what might be called the THGNT2 within the next five to ten years. I further predict that the forthcoming commentary on textual decisions will be a landmark event, providing new windows for evaluating especially the paragraph marking features of the ancient witnesses and the scribal habits therein. Because the THGNT does not take into account the use of the scriptures by the Church Fathers or the versions—and limits its textual base to pre-sixth century texts—it will not soon replace the Nestle-Aland tradition as the standard critical edition. But at the moment that is not the intent of the editors. Over time, however, with the forthcoming commentary and revisions, I predict it will doubtless provide scholars a base for pursuing the original wordings of the New Testament and become a necessary tool for both beginning and advanced students of the Greek text. The THGNT will quickly move from the children’s section and begin to traverse the entire bookstore.

Tabletalk Magazine on Twitter

“Hear, O Israel: The LORD our God, the LORD is one. You shall love the LORD your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your might" (Duet. 6:4–5). 

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