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Not One More Muslim 'Refugee.' If Need Be, Shut Down the Government. | The Stream

The Republicans must shut down the government to stop Obama flooding America with potential jihadists.

It's Really Not Rocket Science

Evolution News and Views (ENV) provides original reporting and analysis about the debate over intelligent design and evolution.

René Girard, RIP: A Rare Wisdom

Evolution News and Views (ENV) provides original reporting and analysis about the debate over intelligent design and evolution.

Are You Infected by the Culture of Death?

Evolution News and Views (ENV) provides original reporting and analysis about the debate over intelligent design and evolution.

Stand to Reason | 5 Tools to Equip Your Kids – Watch the Live Event Here

Tonight is my live event: “5 Tools to Help Equip Your Kids with the Truth,” 6:30–7:30 (PT). If you'd like to ask questions during that hour,  join the event on Google+ . Otherwise, you can watch the whole thing live right here tonight (and anytime afterward).

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Shock! Horror! Jesus' Wife!

The Christian world is reeling from the discovery of an ancient document suggesting that Jesus was married. And by "reeling from" I mean "not in the slightest bit affected by." Here's why.

Chuck Missler -Signs in the Heavens, The Hebrew Mazzaroth, and the Stars

Chuck Missler -Signs in the Heavens, The Hebrew Mazzaroth, and the Stars

FREE Social Media Management Dashboard | Twitter/Facebook Marketing Tool |

“..I started using to be more efficient on the way I manage out Twitter communities. My favorite features? The prioritized feed to focus on the relevant members of the community..”

A Tennessee mom to Cam Newton: Here’s what my 9-year-old saw

Panthers quarterback Cam Newton responded to criticism by a Tennessee mom who attended Sunday’s game against the Titans with her fourth-grade daughter. She asserted that his celebration dancing was not behavior of a role model, and Newton says we will have to wait until Sunday to see if he will continue to celebrate Carolina touchdowns.


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Jindal suspends presidential campaign: ‘This is not my time’

Jindal campaign manager Timmy Teepell told reporters Tuesday that at the outset of the race, he did not think that the governor would be "excluded" from the main debates. "I think that this whole debates gambit was a bad idea from the start," Teepell said. "As a party, we should be embracing debates. We shouldn't be afraid of ideas. We shouldn't be afraid of debating."

Five Principles of the New Sexual Morality

In response to the narrative of the rejection of morality, we have seen the replacement of Christian morality by an alternative form. The absolute moral anarchism this narrative envisages doesn’t materialize. However, we do see an elevation of the individual will over against the natural order and divine and social norms, rendering individual self-realization a more central moral end. The narrative of the slippery slope typically lacks a sufficient account of why the rejection of the historic Christian position on same-sex relations will often be accompanied by the rejection of specific further positions, while leaving others intact. When we appreciate that the shift is occurring through the gradual outworking of these principles of a new moral system, the logic will become clearer, as will the positions under threat. For instance, the principles of this moral system will generally produce strong moral opposition to paedophilia, which is seen to involve harm, significant imbalance of power, and the lack of capacity for informed consent. In contrast, the principles offer little resistance to consensual polyamorous relationships.

Martyrs Read Joel Osteen Tweets!

Joel Osteen says awesome stuff will happen to you if you're a really good Christian. Unless you're a really, really good Christian. Then you get your head chopped off. Also, I'm using a broad definition of "martyr" here, so don't nitpick Abel and Samson.

The Fear of Failing Is Hurting Your Career

Disappointment is like that time your dad sat you down and told you the way the world really worked—that one day you’d have to pay your own way, that one day he wouldn’t be there to bail you out. Disappointment is the cold, hard slap of reality. But, as the old adage goes, it’s not about how we fall; it’s about how we get up.

The Lasting Pain of Quick Fixes

My wife and I recently attended a two-day seminar on chronic pain at the Mayo Clinic. We were trying to learn more about how to deal with my wife’s often intense, and very consistent pain. We were caught off guard to hear experts in the medical field (unwittingly) emphasizing things the Bible has to say about our pain (sin and suffering).

First Look: Liam Neeson in Martin Scorsese's Missionary Film ‘Silence’

Some of the team behind the new historical drama Silence dropped by Los Cabos Film Festival to talk about the new Martin Scorsese film. The team also released the first image of star Liam Neeson as Jesuit missionary Father Cristóvão Ferreira. The movie, which stars Neeson, Adam Driver and Andrew Garfield as priests, is based on the acclaimed historical novel about 17th century Christian missionaries to Japan who faced intense persecution for their faith. Though the 1966 book has received widespread literary fame, it's also known for its stirring religious imagery and not-so-black-and-white messages about morality and faith. Studio executive Gaston Pavlovich told Variety , “It’s hard, it’s emotional—I think it will inspire a lot of debate."

Rabalais: 'Strong indications' LSU's Les Miles coaching for his job vs. Ole Miss, Texas A&M

Les Miles has survived a series of crises during his decade at LSU, each calling into question his worth in the opinions of its ambitious purple and gold masses as to whether he was truly the right man for the job.

Image of God (6) – Image of God in discussion with Islam - The Gospel Coalition Australia

Muslims should believe in the image of God because it is the message of all the prophets and not one man. It is spoken about directly or indirectly throughout the Law of Moses, the books of the Prophets, the Psalms, and the books of the Gospel. It is not a Christian idea. It did not begin with Christianity. What Christians believe about God and humanity comes from all of the prophets. Muslims claim to believe all the prophets, though the Qur’an only contains what Muhammad said, and the image of God is the consistent message of the prophets. This is why everyone should believe in the image of God.

The Case For Hope in the Age of Mass Incarceration / Race and Justice in America

The Case For Hope in the Age of Mass Incarceration / Race and Justice in America

Listen Up if You Want to Be More Like Jesus

In The Listening Life: Embracing Attentiveness in a World of Distraction (InterVarsity), Adam McHugh wants us to know that our God is also a God who hears. We should not mistake divine silence for disinterest. “Listening begins when we learn that our heavenly Father listens to us,” writes McHugh. “The pattern of human life may be to listen first, but with the Lord, we are always heard before we hear.” God’s apparent silence is not a mark of his absence. It means that we have his full attention.

Musician Sings ‘Hallelujah’ with Crowds in the Streets of Paris

This weekend, several social media users posted clips of a musician in Paris who led gathered crowds in sing-along renditions of Leonard Cohen’s classic song “Hallelujah.” In the days following the terrorist attacks that killed more than 120, mourners gathered to pay tribute to those who were lost. Mashable has posted several of the clips , filmed near the Place de la Republique, where the singer performed throughout the evening.

The Westboro Baptist Chipmunks

Why is Westboro Baptist Church the cruelest, vilest, nastiest group of people you could ever imagine? Let these furry little hatemongers give you the answer in a fabulously festive fashion. Purchase the song here:

Pastor and Scholar? History Says Yes

A number of things motivated me, the first being preparing pastors for ministry. You couldn’t have taken me away from pastoral ministry except to prepare other pastors for ministry. That was a very significant motivation. The second thing was counsel from friends. Sinclair Ferguson, whom I’ve known since I was a teenager, has never given me advice about where to serve. But out of the blue, he wrote and said, “Ligon, I’m praying it will be the Lord’s will for you to become the chancellor of Reformed Theological Seminary.” He ended his letter, “If not now, when? If not you, who?” I talked to Al Mohler, and before I even got the question out of my mouth, he said, “Lig, you must do this.” I started to explain it and he said, “No, you must do this”—emphatic Al. And Mark Dever—nobody cares more about the local church than Mark—told me he understood why this calling would be important for me. So counsel from good friends was really important to me on a big decision like this.

Putin: 40 Countries Are Financing Islamic State Terrorists

While calling for greater global cooperation on terrorism Monday, Russian President Vladimir Putin said financing for the Islamic State is coming from 40 nations, including some G20 states.

Does science prove everything? - Many atheists naively think that science is the only way to know anything and everything. Dr. William Lane Craig and Dr. J. P. Moreland prove that science (although a great tool to know the natural world) is only one way of knowing the truth. Related: Should We Believe Only What Can Be Scientifically Proven?: and Has Science Made Belief in God Obsolete? (by JP Moreland): Is naturalism the same as science?: Does Science Prove Atheism?: Atheism undermines science: Can Science determine moral values?: Christianity vs Scientific Naturalism: Is there a God? (William Lane Craig's debate with Victor Stenger): Science vs Religion:

Christians and Muslims Unite, Hold Interfaith Vigils for ISIS Terror Attack Victims in Paris and Beirut

Catholics and Muslims in Michigan have come together to hold interfaith vigils in remembrance of the victims in last week's terror attacks in Paris and Beirut.

Striking the balance: Shepherding the family and the flock, Part II

If children see that ethos consistently permeate their dad’s life, they will understand and support it. In 1995 when my oldest son was 12 years old, the Atlanta Braves won the World Series. Michael was a huge Braves fan, and I foolishly promised him that if they ever made it back to the Series, no matter how old we were or what we were doing, we would drop everything and go. To my abject horror, I watched the 1996 playoffs knowing that the World Series was scheduled the same week our church had scheduled an evangelist for a revival meeting. When they won the right to face the Yankees in the series, I knew I was going to have to keep my promise. Though I would usually never miss a revival meeting for a ball game, a promise was, after all, a promise. To this day I am not sure that the evangelist ever got over it or that my church understood (even though I did my best to explain), but I know my son learned that his dad was willing to keep a promise even when it cost him.

What 'The Hunger Games' Taught Three Millennials

Matthew: The Capitol clearly still has a lot of power, mostly in terms of military strength and control of information—at the end of the movie, for example, they let the rebel hovercraft escape so they can send Peeta, their weapon, into District 13. But District 13 and Coin have some unique forms of power that they can use unconventionally and asymmetrically—Beetee's technical wizardry and Katniss's stardom mixed with sympathetic anger—to move the needle against the Capitol. Katniss has power that they use, but she doesn't exercise very much agency over it in this movie, or in any of the other movies so far.

Iceman Confirms 'Top Gun 2' Is Happening

Apparently, we're pausing the '90s revival movement to reboot an iconic '80s flick. Val Kilmer, the actor who played Tom Cruise's foil in the 1986 classic, Top Gun , posted to Facebook that he has agreed to reprise his role as Iceman in a sequel. There are few details available about the movie, but we do know that Cruise and producer Jerry Bruckheimer are on board as well. While, sure, this movie could be fun, let's hope the jorts-clad beach volleyball scenes stay in the '80s.

Even in Setbacks, God Is Lacing Your Life into an Infinite Storyline

The name of David for us Christians, and for those Jews reading this book — we know what that name calls up: David, Son of David, Messiah, greatest king that was ever in Israel. And his Son someday is going to be King — new age, peace, righteousness, freedom from pain and crying and grief and guilt. This simple little story of Ruth opens out like a stream into a great river of hope that includes the whole world. And so is not the message: Don’t ever think that what you do in obedience to God in the midst of your setbacks is insignificant?

27 5 Tools to Help Equip Your Kids with the Truth

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Was Joseph Smith a Martyr?

Even though the case for Smith being a martyr has been seriously compromised, outsiders at the Carthage jail unjustly attacked him and he did die as the founding prophet of the LDS faith. While he did attack and reportedly kill some men, he was also acting in self-defense. Should his example not provide evidence for the sincerity of his claims regarding the founding of the Mormon Church just as the deaths of the apostles provide evidence for the sincerity of their claims to have seen the risen Jesus?

Putting the Sizzle Back in Your Marriage (Part 2 of 2)

You can also use the website and that phone number to donate to Focus on the Family. As we reach out and strengthen marriages and save marriages, we need your help. And here's just one illustration of how together we can make a difference. We heard from a man who said, "It's been close to a year since my call to Focus on the Family and my discussion with your staff counselor. I had been unfaithful to my wife and the sin had been eating at me. I ended the affair and confessed my guilt to God, but hadn't told anyone, including my wife. Through prayer I felt that a first step of obedience was confiding in someone and I called your ministry. That day changed everything. Your counselor was caring and compassionate, but just as important, she was straightforward about what had to come next. I needed someone to be firm with me and speak the truth and you gave me that. My wife and I faced this together and God has performed a miracle in our marriage. It's better now than ever before and it all started with that call to your counselor. I pray you'll touch many other lives the way you've touched mine.

Stealing From God - Episode 2: Causality

EPISODE 2 - Causality: How could no one create something out of nothing? ---------- 10-Part DVD set Stealing From God: Why Atheists Need God to Make Their Case What if your best reasons to doubt God show that He actually exists? That’s exactly what Dr. Frank Turek, who co-authored the bestselling I Don't Have Enough Faith to be an Atheist, unpacks in this DVD series named after his book Stealing from God: Why atheists need God to make their case. Dr. Turek uses an acronym to make this teaching memorable. Stealing from God is organized around CRIMES, which highlights the intellectual CRIMES atheists are making when denying God. “CRIMES” stands for Causality, Reason, Information, Morality, Evil and Science. Those are aspects of reality that atheists often say disprove God, when, in fact, none of them would exist unless God did. Learn More: #Apologetics #CrossExamined

Who Was Adam?

Who was Adam? Was he the result of still ongoing natural processes or a unique creation?

Can I be both a pastor and a scholar?

I felt that tension often. Sometimes I’d confess to my fellow elders, “I feel like I’m divided, 70 percent at the church and 70 percent at the seminary.” There’s a keen recognition, at least in my life, that there’s always so much more to do. Where you really face that is in spending time with the people, because if you’re writing, the very genius of writing is being alone. You can’t write in a community. But that means you’re absent from church members for long blocks of time. That’s not the pastoral life. So the only way that works is if you have a team of elders and a congregation who recognize that. However, that’s very rare. I would never pursue that as a model, and I never imagined I would do exactly that for 17 years. For me, there were times I wondered if I should leave the seminary and do pastoral ministry full-time. I came very close to doing that at least twice.

“God is witness between you and me”

The words “God is witness between you and me” should not be taken lightly. God is the omniscient witness. He is ever-present and sees all—all thoughts, all actions, all intent, and all desire. Even the darkness is pure light to Him. Nothing is hidden from His holy eyes, and we should therefore live in the light of such a fearful truth.

Tony Dungy on Twitter

@BenjaminSWatson book came out today. It is thoughtful look at race in America. Check out  to get more information.

The Decreasing Speed of Light - Evidence by Barry Setterfield

The speed of light and rate of radioactive decay have and continue to decrease. This provides evidence for thecreation of the universe as being a rapid expansion as stated in 16 verses in the Bible in both The Old and New Testaments (God spread out the heavens). it also refutes Big Bang theory since this expansion took place at a rate vastly faster than the BB theory could possibly allow. It also discredits the claim that red shift is evidence the universe is billions of years old and provides for a young universe.

Stand To Reason on Periscope: "Online Event with Brett Kunkle"

Crossway on Twitter

The gospel brings us out from under the curse of the law!

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Kenneth Copeland Saves France

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MIT Chemistry Prof. Troy Van Voorhis Shares His Worldview at The Veritas Forum - What do you believe? How do you see the world? And what does that have to do with your work and teaching at MIT? This was the question posed to four MIT professors, 2 atheists and 2 Christians, at The Veritas Forum at MIT. Watch the full-length Forum at!/v... . Learn more about Prof. Troy Van Voorhis: . Over the past two decades, The Veritas Forum has been hosting vibrant discussions on life's hardest questions and engaging the world's leading colleges and universities with Christian perspectives and the relevance of Jesus. Learn more at , with upcoming events and over 600 pieces of media on topics including science, philosophy, music, business, medicine, and more!

National radio host, author to speak at Wilson Hall - The Sumter Item

Eric Metaxas, national radio host and author of four New York Times bestselling books, will be the featured speaker at the sixth-annual Wilson Hall Mission Series on Thursday at 7 p.m. at the school's Nash Student Center, 520 Wilson Hall Road. The …

WORLD | Jindal bows out of GOP presidential primary | Leigh Jones | Nov. 17, 2015

Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal dropped out of the Republican presidential primary race tonight, ending a campaign that failed to gain traction with likely voters and donors.

A Church’s Hospitality Has Power to Persuade

As my friends and family know, I’m clearly an introvert. Growing up, I struggled with shyness, and even today I’m still more at ease among books than I am among people. Upon reflection, I suspect I even battle a certain amount of social anxiety. Nevertheless, as a public speaker and teacher I’ve learned how to be at ease even when addressing and interacting with large audiences. Yet engaging in small talk with strangers remains a challenge.