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Taylor Swift’s False Reputation | Think Christian

On Reputation, Taylor Swift embraces a vision of womanhood defined by sensuality and bitterness.

Who Does God Love Most?

God must love whatever is most valuable in the universe — otherwise, he’d be an idolater.

Redemption and Restoration on HGTV’s Fixer Upper | Think Christian

At its best, the HGTV show points to the place God is preparing for us.

Do I have to know Greek to understand the Bible? — Southern Equip

VIDEO: We do not need Greek to read the Bible, but the original languages help us gain new insights and deeper clarity.

8 Worship Covers You Need to Hear

You may want to add some of these to your playlists.

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The Poached Egg Apologetics Daily

Thoughts on urgency and apologetics

I am often moved to prayer when I look at that view, for that mass of sparkling lights represents over a million people and many of them aren’t aware there is a God who truly loves them. When I look at that huge expanse of sky, I can’t help think how small we truly are compared to God and how just one drop of His glory could flood a city. Yet despite this, Jesus called us to spread His glory, to share His good news in the darkening world we live in (Matthew 28:18-20). The Bible exhorts us to be ready in season and out with the reason for our faith (1 Peter 3:15). Much of God’s glory is found in what we do and what we say. God gave us the honour of being part of His story by both living it and sharing it. His works in our lives create rich narratives of incredible love and redemption and are always, always meant to be shared.

Did Paul Create His Own Version of Christianity?

In Acts 21, Paul is described as partaking in Jewish rituals to show the Jerusalem Church that he has not strayed from the Law of Moses. Gerd Luedemann takes this as evidence that the early Church was essentially Jewish in nature and thus that there was a division between early Jewish Christianity and Pauline Christianity. It would seem then that we are given Paul’s version of Christianity which differed from other versions of Christianity.

The Main Ingredient in Personal Growth

The aggressive sway of this sin-sick world, and the power of the Spirit within us, affords Christians no place for standing still. We’re either growing or shriveling. Either being carried forward by grace or carried away from the truth.

5 Live | C.S. Lewis Institute

Founded in 1976 in the legacy of C. S. Lewis, the Institute endeavors to develop disciples who will articulate, defend, and live their faith in Christ in personal and public life.

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Wife of California shooter found dead in home … #TheSift @lmlangdon @KileyCrossland

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Why Are Christians So Defensive?

How can I claim that Christians are so insecure? For the past decade, I have been role-playing an atheist at camps, conferences, churches, and other Christian events. I have done this in youth groups of ten students and in stadiums up to six thousand people. And I have done my role-play with parents, youth pastors, businessmen, and a variety of other groups from a myriad of denominations. During the presentation, I put on my “atheist glasses,” do my best to make the case for atheism, and then have two volunteers take microphones out into the audience so people can raise questions and challenges. People typically ask questions about morality, the origin of the universe, and evolution. And I simply respond back with the answers many of my atheist friends have given me.

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Today's 'Christians in sport' edition of quote of the day comes from professional Soccer player, Clint Dempsey. Listen live to #PremierDrive  @MLS @iClintDempseyfc #soccer #football #forward #striker

What is the Meaning of the Cross? | Cold Case Christianity

The Cross Reconciles (Pays) Our Debt The Bible acknowledges an important truth: all sin must be punished. God is just, and justice requires wrongs to be punished. We know this is true, even in our temporal experience as humans. When we break human laws, we expect to be punished in some way, and this punishment is proportionate to the authority we’ve offended. When we break our parent’s rules, we received one level of punishment; when we break the laws of the federal government, the punishment is appropriately harsher. God also has a set of Holy laws (called “Commandments”). When we violate these laws we offend the greatest of all authorities. Justice must be satisfied if God is to remain just, and the Bible reminds us of the gravity of our violation : our sin is punishable by death. The cross provides a solution, however, and demonstrates the mercy of God, even as it accomplishes His justice . The cross is the place where Jesus (God) paid the price for us, and in doing so, He offered us a way to be united to God, in spite of our moral imperfection:

New: Free Online Courses from TGC

In a world that is noisier than ever, we want to be a trusted voice directing you toward the God of the gospel. We want to be a place where your  Sunday  school and small group can dig deeper together, a place where you can discover the best lectures and books and essays to enrich your spiritual life. One of the core ways The Gospel Coalition serves the church is by providing biblically faithful web-based content for personal and group use. So, today, we are excited to introduce you to a  brand-new and totally free online learning platform . TGC Courses Are: Trustworthy – All course content abides by our Foundation Documents. Easy – The site design is clutter-free, simple, and mobile-friendly. Free – These courses are free of charge, free of ads. No signups, logins, or payments are required. Shareable – Each section of each course has a unique URL, making it easy to share with classmates and friends. Varied – We have partnered with dozens of your most trusted publishers, seminaries, ministries, and others to co-produce hundreds of courses on a range of subjects. Whether you’re a novice or expert, you’ll find material suitable for your learning level.

Begin to Hope Again

But the hope at the heart of reality does guarantee something: change is not only possible, but surely coming. Jesus’s empty tomb stands as a solid, immovable witness that brokenness is beaten. With the God of hope running the world, the risen Christ at his right hand, and their mighty Spirit living inside you, no brokenness can stand forever. One day, our hope will reach its fulfillment in the coming of the Son and the dawning of eternity, and he will speak the final word that exiles brokenness from the earth. No more splintered countries, no more icy marriages, no more floundering ministries, no more depressed saints.

Why It's Important to Guard Against Your Presuppositions

When I was an atheist, I held many presuppositions that tainted the way I investigated the claims of Christianity. I was raised in the Star Trek generation (the original cast, mind you) by an atheist father who was a cop and detective for nearly thirty years before I got hired as a police officer. I was convinced by the growing secular culture that all of life’s mysteries would eventually be explained by science, and I was committed to the notion that we would ultimately find a natural answer for everything we once thought to be supernatural.

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Starting FRIDAY, 3pm @ #AARSBL17 : Evangelical Philosophical Society sessions on "Human Flourishing" "Penal Substitution Atonement Theories Today," "Engagement with Scripture in Philosophy and Analytic Theology," "Erik Wielenberg's Robust Ethics" #ETS2017 

"It's not the Current Year" Is not a Sound Moral Argument

But following Lewis’ lead, let’s take it one step further: What if we in 2017 are wrong, and our benighted ancestors were right? What if our self-deception is deeper than we’d ever dare to admit on a large scale? What if we’ve papered over and medicated and anesthetized ourselves to keep from feeling the true damage inflicted by our immorality? What if we’ve covenanted together to kill the inconvenient fruits of our enlightened revelries and silence the voices of those hung out to dry in our post-morality culture? And what if–worse still–we’ve stopped our ears and closed our eyes to shut out the memory of God, whom we really know is there, and of Hell, which we still know is a real place, in order to satisfy our lusts while we look down our noses at those bigoted denizens of our cemeteries and their puritanical moral scruples?

Can Reason Lead Us To A Relationship With God?

“As it applies to Christianity,” I persisted, “some of what we know about God can be inferred from observations. This is referred to as ‘general revelation.’ Consider what we see of the universe: it is spatially and temporally immense, beyond our ability to understand and grasp; it is well-ordered and predictable, with set laws such as logic and math, physics and chemistry, all operating flawlessly, consistently and seamlessly. It contains examples of breath-taking beauty, such as the inherent beauty of music and nature, and heart-pounding emotion, such as the joy of first love or the miracle of birth. But it is also quite deadly, or at the very least quite inhospitable to humans. Despite its immense size, it appears that we can live only in a sliver of air on a remote planet, and even there, most of the planet is exceedingly dangerous to us. You see, my ability to reason can lead me to some generalities: God must be immensely powerful and intelligent; he must be artistic and love order. He must be capable of great love. But is he …  harsh ? Uncaring? Why is this creation so dangerous? And, most importantly, what comes next? Reason cannot lead us to any answers here.

Episode 443: What’s the Next Most Courageous Step for You // Chris Quilala // Bob Goff

On this episode of the Catalyst Podcast, Tyler Reagin sits down with Chris Quilala from Jesus Culture for a conversation about how to prepare our hearts for worship and then Tyler sits down with Bob Goff at Catalyst Atlanta to chat about how to live a courageous life.

The Consequences of Putting Second Things First | Stand to Reason

We need to keep first things first. There are essentials and there are non-essentials. For example, the physical resurrection of Jesus is essential to Christianity. There is no Christianity without the resurrection of Christ. The apostle Paul explicitly states, “And if Christ has not been raised, then our preaching is in vain and your faith is in vain” (1 Cor. 15:14). Therefore, at the foundation of Christianity lies the physical resurrection of Jesus.

1 John 1:5–10: How Do I Walk in the Light?

Walking in the light is a matter of life and death for the Christian. In this lab, Pastor John teaches us what it means and how to do it.

TWR360 | Blog

I believe deeply that "all truth is God’s truth." That historic affirmation means that when we discover and grasp truth in the world and in life we move closer to its divine Author. This approach relies on the Christian idea of God’s two revelatory books - the metaphorical book of nature and the literal book of Scripture. As an RTB scholar I have a great passion to help people understand and see the truth and relevance of Christianity's truth-claims. My writings and lectures at RTB focus on showing how the great doctrinal truths of the faith (the Trinity, the Incarnation, the Atonement, creation ex nihilo, salvation by grace, etc.) are uniquely compatible with reason. This approach reflects the historic Christian apologetics statement - "faith seeking understanding." I work to help myself and others fulfill Peter's words in 2 Peter 3:18: "But grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. To him be glory both now and forever! Amen." As an RTB scholar I have a great passion to help people understand and see the truth and relevance of Christianity's truth-claims. • Biography • Resources • Upcoming Events • Promotional Items Kenneth Richard Samples began voraciously studying Christian philosophy and theology when his thirst for purpose found relief in the Bible.

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Three new women speak out against Moore … #TheSift @EvanWilt_

Hillsong leader Brian Houston says his beliefs will not change despite gay marriage legalisation - Premier

Brian Houston, leader of Hillsong, has released a statement ahead of Australia's vote on gay marriage claiming it has "wide-reaching ramifications".

Faith and Reason: Better Together in a Christian Worldview

Have you ever misplaced your trust in something or someone? Maybe even yourself? I remember when I bought my first motorcycle. I had never ridden a motorcycle before and yet trusted myself that I could figure it out. You could say I had faith I could do it. My friends and I picked it up using a van and took it to my house. We unloaded it and walked it into the street and pointed it straight. I jumped on it, strapped on my helmet, and fired it up! A flick of the wrist and I was off. On one wheel. Only by the grace of God, the bike didn’t flip back on me as I rocketed down the street. My street had a boulevard and was fairly busy. As I approached the stop sign, well over the speed limit mind you, I didn’t stop or turn and just went down the opposite side of the road. I don’t think my friends stopped laughing for a couple of days. I walked away with only a bruised ego. My faith in my ability to just ride a motorcycle was unreasonable; I had no real evidence to believe I could do it, or at least do it safely. Imagine that I had taken motorcycle lessons beforehand or had grown up learning to ride motorcycles.

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Religion and the Question of Origins

In the months ahead, we will critically examine the scientific evidence both for and against evolution. Is the evidence for evolution so overwhelming that teachers may be justified in running roughshod over the most cherished religious beliefs of many students and their parents? On the other hand, is there scientific evidence in support of special creation? Finally, can Bible-believing Christians safely make their peace with Darwin? We will attempt to answer these and many other questions on the relationship of science and Scripture. I think you are in for some real surprises.

Why Mommies Matter | The Stream

It’s not surprising that today’s mothers think their babies won’t miss them if they grab their briefcases and go back to a full-time job six weeks after giving birth. They believe what our culture taught them — that they can easily juggle career and motherhood; that babies thrive just as well in daycare as at home with their moms; that mothers and fathers are fungible; that when it comes to motherhood, it’s all about “quality time” — even if it comes at the end of a long workday when mothers are exhausted.

Evolving Icons of Evolution

Peter and Rosemary Grant, the husband and wife pair from Princeton University, have spent 40 years studying four species of ground finch on one uninhabited island of the Galápagos archipelago. They are to be commended for their dedication, and for details that they have published over the years about the birds made famous by Darwin. (Design advocates appreciate the Grants for their findings that undermine neo-Darwinism , although they would not see it that way.)

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The Necessity of Effectively Communicating to Children

Like many, I have watched my fair share of films over the years, and the vast majority have been quite forgettable. There are a small number that I enjoyed enough to purchase in order to watch them again. But there are very, very few that were so powerful in one way or another that they have stayed with me years after seeing them. (I am still not sure I will ever forgive Walt Disney for the trauma inflicted by Old Yeller .)

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Cold-case #detective #JWarnerWallace argues #atheists need to give reasons for why they believe the way the do.

Answering Skepticism: The Logical Conclusion of an Illogical Position

Skepticism, at its core, is a consistently inconsistent position. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. To really answer skepticism, first we should set out to define it. Not-so-unshockingly, this is more difficult than asking Siri. While Siri does have a thought:

Is Biblical faith 'blind faith'?

The choice to put the question to both Christians and Non-Christians was strategic—if Christians disagreed with Boghossian, then it would be sufficient to establish that Boghossian was wrong about what Christians mean. But if Non-Christians agreed with Boghossian, it would do more: it would also imply that non-believers at large were perpetuating a myth about what Christians mean. And sure enough, this is exactly what was established…

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Indonesian court overturns law used for religious persecution … #WorldTour @onize_ohiks @hrw

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Senator Al Franken Kissed and Groped Me Without My Consent, And There’s Nothing Funny About It

Every time I hear his voice or see his face, I am angry. I am angry that I did his stupid skit for the rest of that tour. I am angry that I didn’t call him out in front of everyone when I had the microphone in my hand every night after that. I wanted to. But I didn’t want to rock the boat. I was there to entertain the troops and make sure they forgot about where they were for a few hours. Someday, I thought to myself, I would tell my story.

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Do We Need Another Denzel Washington Christ Figure?

Gilroy, who wrote the movie with Washington in mind, told a screening audience that he wanted to explore the motivation of an activist who would keep working toward “a better good” without the world’s encouragement. He said the takeaway of the movie is that “we are all agents of change.”

Logic & Light | The Anthropological Argument

The evidence in support of the Anthropological Argument is clear and compelling.  So much so that even evolutionists admit that humanity is of a fundamentally different kind than the rest of the animal kingdom.  And while Christianity’s description of mankind being made in God’s image but tarnished by sin fits perfectly with what we see, Naturalism has numerous inconsistencies and problems it cannot explain.  So as with the Cosmological and Teleological Arguments, we are left with a persuasive case in favor of God, based on logic, scientific knowledge, and everyday observations.

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Drive-Time #Podcast : Greg interviews Douglas Axe – How Biology Confirms Our Intuition That Life Is Designed … . #Biology

Nine Points about Biblical Slavery and Skeptics’ Condemnation of the Bible

“The type of institution that developed in the New World was plantation slavery, and chattel slavery, in which the captives are worked in the fields from sunup to sundown. Chattel means property. Chattel slaves were not thought of as people, but as objects, as property, like livestock. New World slaves had no rights. In the US they could not own or possess property. Families were broken up in forced sales. And worst of all, slave masters sexually exploited slave women as concubines and did not acknowledge their children or set them free. This would have been unimaginable in African or Islamic (Moslem) culture. The chattel slavery that evolved in the New World was an extreme institution that animalized and dehumanized (per David Brion Davis) the slave. It was much worse than what normally existed in the Old World. This is why New World chattel and plantation slavery really cannot be equated with Old World slavery, and why it cannot be equated with African or Islamic or ancient slavery” (Rutgers, n.d.).

Christ painting by Leonardo da Vinci sells for record 450 million dollars - Premier

A painting of Christ by the Renaissance master Leonardo da Vinci has sold for a record 450 million US dollars (£341 million) at auction, smashing previous records for artworks sold at auction or privately.

Family and Politics: Why I'm Against 'Keeping the Peace'

When I notice someone I love making a statement with which I disagree, I’ll often kindly say something like, “Well, I think about this a little differently.” The conversation may end there—which is fine—but if the person wants to pursue the conversation, he or she knows I’m happy to engage further. When it doesn’t feel like it’s the right time to delve deeper into a tough topic, it’s helpful to make an invitation to talk more at a later date. Asking a few questions is also a humble and effective approach; it helps reduce defensive tension, and it allows us to better understand why others believe and behave as they do.

God Never Requires Us to Believe without Evidence - The Benefit of the Doubt

I’ve often asked my students whether they can come up with even one example in Scripture of someone who is asked to believe blindly—that is, to believe without evidence. It’s harder than you might think…okay, I think it’s impossible, since it is not there. But feel free to try. Every time God requires belief, there are experiences that accompany the request. Take, for example, Moses being asked to confront Pharaoh. There’s of course the burning bush as well as other confirming miracles. Or take Paul’s conversion experience on the road to Damascus. He’s literally blinded by an unexplainable light and talked to by Jesus himself. It’s not that these couldn’t have questioned these experiences and disbelieved. In fact, disbelief is always possible with experience (more on this below). The point, however, is it was very rational for them to believe. That is, these extraordinary experiences provided good evidence that rationally supported their beliefs.


Friday at 3 pm in Boston: Join Jay Wood, Steven Porter, Marc Cortez, Greg Forster, Chris Armstrong for #AARSBL17 discussion on "Human Flourishing: Biblical, Theological and Philosophical Issues":  #ETS2017 @WheatonCollege @BiolaU @TIU #humanflourishing

New Report Sheds Light on the Horror That is North Korea | The Stream

From Cradle to Grave shows that Kim Jong-un’s prison camps are a tool of political oppression and control of North Korean citizens. Both elements are necessary for the continuance of the regime itself. The Kim regime’s strategy for survival, the report says, is based on “ensuring the complete loyalty of the people to the Supreme Leader.” It has been said that North Korea itself is one big prison camp. The treatment of the citizens demonstrates that this is true. North Korean citizens cannot live for themselves. They have to live for the Supreme Leader. Tens if not hundreds of thousands of North Koreans die in prison camps. They are starved, worked literally to death, tortured and outright executed. This is not just a by-product of regime survival. It is the deliberate, intentional action of people who enjoy being cruel and inflicting pain.

The Gift of Christmas Was Predicted With the Gift of Prophecy | Cold Case Christianity

As we approach Christmas Day, the impact of Jesus’ gift is sometimes lost in the clutter of the cultural holiday.  It’s a great time to revisit the manner in which Jesus fulfilled Old Testament prophecy. The gift of His birth, life, and death were predicted by the Old Testament prophets and documented by the New Testament authors. This fulfilled prophecy is further evidence of the Divine nature of the New Testament.

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